Concilium Bulletin July 2008

REPORTS - Europe
Scotland: Scotland Senatus: Extension efforts are progressing. Reporting Curiae in Edinburgh and Greenock have a total of 23 praesidia. Homes and schools are visited. A book barrow is operated in Paisley and Greenock from May to October. A Curia in Glasgow reported that 4 of its praesidia do school contact and one of these gave out 33 presentation packs to children preparing for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Confirmation. A Glasgow praesidium organises a bus to the Shrine at Carfin on a monthly basis.

Birmingham Senatus: A new praesidium was set up in St. Patrick’s parish, Dudley. Visits were made to two Mosques by legionaries in a parish, which is mainly Muslim. Those contacted were very open for discussion. The main work of 2 city praesidia is home visitation where many lapsed and those of other faiths are met. One person was received into the Church and a lapsed Catholic returned to practice after many years. The membership of Birmingham Junior Curia is 26. A half-day retreat was organised for juniors in Lent. Bristol Curia uses a book barrow in Bristol City centre twice monthly with good contacts. At the request of the Spiritual Director of Cornwall Curia, two Priests from Ireland - Fr. Michael Kennedy and Fr. Michael Ross were invited to give a presentation on the Legion at a Deanery meeting at which 16 priests were present. Three of the priests present have expressed an interest in starting praesidia.

Liverpool Senatus governs 16 attached praesidia, 5 Comitia and 8 Curiae. Newcastle Comitium has 30 senior and 1 junior praesidia attached and a new praesidium was set up in Gateshead after a P.P.C. project. Manchester Comitium reported the visitation of residential homes where residents receive very few visitors and the organisation of Rosary evenings in homes on special occasions (anniversaries or deaths). One praesidium attended 33 Baptisms and helped lead the responses. Another praesidium organised 24-hour exposition of the Blessed Sacrament to promote the Cause of the Servant of God, Frank Duff. Most praesidia have a large number of auxiliary members who subscribe to the Legion publication - Maria Legionis. The Senatus was visited by a Concilium officer and the Concilium correspondent in April.

Westminster Archdiocese: The new Westminster Curia is doing very well. Many of the praesidia have been visited and encouraged. One reported visitation of homes, hospitals and a prison. A new praesidium has been set up at Hackney.

Brentwood Comitium held a recruitment drive in Becontree and one of the 2 attached Curiae has gained 6 new members. A Mass to commemorate Venerable Edel Quinn was held in Hainault.

Southwark Comitium has new praesidia in South Bermondsey and Walworth. Recent reports included one from an intermediate praesidium with 35 members whose works are centred on church related activities. One praesidium visited 120 non-practising Catholics inviting them to Church events leading up to Christmas.

Northampton North Curia has 6 attached praesidia and Northampton South Curia has 4 with 28 members. Works in both Curiae include visitation of the sick organising public Rosaries and involvement in parish Sacramental programmes. Daily lunchtime Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is organised/promoted by one praesidium.

Leicester Curia supported the May ecumenical procession which is in its 7th year and which had 350 people in attendance.

Cardiff Comitium with 5 attached praesidia also governs Gwent Curia with 3 praesidia. An appeal by the parish priest of Abergavenny resulted in 18 new active members and 15 auxiliaries.

Swansea Curia: There are 4 praesidia attached and 4 Parishes have been approached for extension. Street contact continues in the City centre.

Wrexham Curia: Bishop Edwin Regan attended the Acies ceremony.

Munich Senatus: 23 members attended the winter school and after a session of discussion they visited the homes of First Holy Communion and Confirmation children. In April a talk was organised on “Europe and Christianity”. A praesidium of 14 members gives their auxiliaries great attention, does street apostolate, contact prostitutes and visit bars. A large Nursery group is organised in Curia Amberg-Weiden and Patrician meetings are held. Curia Altoetting has set up an emergency interpreting service for foreigners and Augsburg Comitium visits university students on campus and helped to instruct a Bolivian student to become a Catholic.

Frankfurt Senatus: The Korean Curia has 8 praesidia. One of its works is to follow up newly baptised people who lapse from church.

Cologne Regia: Curia Moenchengladback reported it has 4 praesidia whose works include prison visitation. The junior praesidium in Neuss has 3 Croatian members. Through a book barrow in Bonn, 5 new members were recruited.

Berlin Comitium comprises a Korean Curia and 6 directly attached praesidia. Some Senatus officers visited the Nuncio in Berlin who praised the Legion for its apostolate to people, which is carried out with an appropriate sensitivity.

An officer from Curia Zurich attended a Frankfurt Senatus meeting. The Curia has 7 praesidia and 29 active members plus 17 probationers. An information afternoon in Winterkur resulted in the recruiting of 3 new legionaries. The praesidia in Bern and Zurich contact Jehovah’s Witnesses and visit the Red light area. Each of the Curiae in Luzern and Olten has 3 praesidia

Legionaries from the Frankfurt Senatus hope to visit the praesidia in Aschinsk, Bogotol and Krasnayarsk in September.

Paris Regia: a new praesidium of 13 members who are mainly from the Ivory Coast organised a function for 50 priests and religious from the Ivory Coast who are studying in Paris. Another new praesidium in Amiens for people from Capo Verde is making good progress.

Valence Regia: Mgr. Lagleize, Bishop of Valence presided at the Acies. A praesidium at Montelimar with 11 members, who visit hospitals and nursing homes, organises a prayer meeting and recitation of the Rosary. The two junior praesidia at Chateauneuf de Galaure are composed of boarding school students including 19 girls and 7 boys.

Mont de Marsan Regia: Legionaries in Lourdes bring a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes to the homes to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the apparitions. The praesidium at Saint Sever, which was established 50 years ago, has 9 active and 100 auxiliary members and the one at Seignosse, which is a year old, has 6 members. Strasbourg Senatus: A new praesidium has been set up at Trimback in Northern Alsace and there is another one for youth at Brumath. One legionary made a presentation on spiritual combat for youth preparing for World Youth Day.

The praesidium in Tonsburg continues its apostolate.

One of the 5 praesidia in the country has 10 members, an increase of 6 since last year. A Filipino priest in the parish recruited many of the new members.

12 members in the Copenhagen praesidium visit the sick, teach catechism and organise a family rosary crusade.

Brussels Senatus: 16 Filipino members of a praesidium in Molemback carry out a varied apostolate among their compatriots. Other legionaries contact refugees and visit hospitals.

Antwerp Senatus Beringen Curia reported the visitation of old folks, catechetics and contact with young people being prepared for the sacraments.

The Netherlands
Amsterdam Senatus: The Korean Curia has 4 praesidia, 2 senior and 2 junior and the praesidium started in Africa House 2 years ago has 8 zealous members. Legionaries who visit street girls reported that 2 of them have reformed.

Middle East

Jerusalem Comitium reports cover solid apostolic work.


Accra Senatus: Visitation of the prisons has recently commenced. A praesidium carries out an apostolate to fishermen and fishmongers. Good reports of contact work and preparation for the Sacraments by all praesidia and Councils reporting. Two praesidia in the university of Ghana established another Praesidium. A newly inaugurated Curia carried out a project and were well received.

Kumasi Regia (1 Comitium, 11 Curiae, 12 praesidia) has 1872 members, established 12 new Praesidia. They organised a successful weeklong project, doing home visitation and contact work in the markets etc with 275 legionaries participating in 15 teams to parishes in Mampong diocese.

Benguela Senatus Mass was celebrated on 13th April 2008 in the Cathedral to mark the inauguration of the Senatus of Benguela. The retiring Bishop of Benguela, Mgr. Dom Oscar Braga, and the Archbishop of Lubango, Mgr. Dom Zacarias Kamwenho, concelebrated the Mass with more than fifty priests. The large attendance included Deacons, Religious Sisters and Brothers, Seminarians, representatives of other apostolic movements along with officers and legionaries from all over the Senatus area. The Governor of the Benguela Province and his wife, other members of the Provincial Government and some members of political parties also attended. Also present was the Pastor of the Evangelical Church of Benguela. Bishop Dom Oscar said it was an occasion for great joy and thanks to God and Our Lady and he thanked the Concilium for raising Benguela to Senatus. Archbishop Dom Zacarias also thanked the Concilium for raising Huambo, where he was born, to Regia, and Lubango, where he is Archbishop, to Regia.

Maputo Regia: There has been no recent news from the Regia, however, some time ago the Lisbon Senatus sent on a letter from a Consolata Father in the Lichinga Diocese in the north of Mozambique, who found the Legion in the parish when he arrived there. He had one handbook, which he has studied a lot, and has developed the Legion in several parishes and now has three Curiae with 13 praesidia and he was enquiring about where to affiliate them. Father writes that he finds the Legion is a good instrument of the Church in their country that it is nurturing and revitalising their Christian communities and by the nature of the Legion’s vocation, the zeal of the legionaries is spreading to other faithful who were rather cold in their faith. Lisbon Senatus is hoping to get some Legion literature out to him. Father had a very fruitful and encouraging meeting with the Spiritual Director of the Maputo Regia, who is now in a parish about 50 miles from Maputo.

Lesotho Senatus: There are only five directly attached praesidia. Mother of the Church Comitium has 4 directly attached praesidia and 3 curiae which has a combined attachment of 9 praesidia. Immaculata Conception Curia reported 107 children taught catechism.

Hwange Comitium The rosary is promoted on home visitation and couples are encouraged to marry in church. Attendance at Comitium is poor but legionaries have to travel long distances and transport is a problem. Mutare Comitium: A letter was received in May from the Comitium. The Comitium is continuing to meet but life is very difficult for the legionaries. Home visitation is undertaken and legionaries have started visiting the outstations. Many lapsed are encountered. In August 07 the Mutare legionaries had a mini Congress, which the Bishop attended. He was very encouraging to the legionaries and reminded them that they are instruments of the Holy Spirit and are part of the international Legion.

South Africa
Matatiele Comitium One praesidium reported 74 preparing for First Communion, 3 marriages validated, and 17 baptisms

Durban Comitium: A praesidium of 8 members visited 110 non-catholic homes, 75 were received into the church, some were from other churches and some non-Christians.

Marianhill Comitium: The meetings are well attended and lively.

Capetown Senatus: Home Visitation. Visits are centred on the aged, lapsed Catholics, the sick and dying, the disabled and bereaved families. Visits are also made to non-Catholic and Muslim homes at their request for prayers at time of sickness and needs. A legionary facilitates a literacy class at Victoria Hospital and on a farm in Paarl. A hostel for the blind and a number of hospitals are also visited.

Asia and Oceania

Sydney Senatus: Legionaries will be on duty during World Youth Day. Solomon Island: A new praesidium was set up in the Seminary. A retreat organised by the Vietnamese legionaries had over 400 present.

Melbourne Senatus: Masses were offered for The Servant of God Frank Duff and Venerable Edel Quinn. In Hobart, Tasmania an outdoor function attracted Africans. Kiribati carried out an Exploratio Dominicalis in another village. Brisbane Comitium held a recruiting drive and 10 people were interested in Legion membership. A Patrician meeting had an attendance of 25. Legion of Mary packs were prepared to distribute to young people on World Youth Day.

New Zealand
Auckland Senatus: A junior Curia with 6 praesidia and 82 members help run a piety stall, visit elderly, circulate 6 pilgrim statues and visit First Communicants to explain the Rosary. Two Comitia, 2 Curiae and 5 praesidia reported distributing Rosaries in schools, giving assistance at funerals and making follow-up visits to the bereaved. One lapsed person returned to the practice of the faith and is now in the Legion.

Papua New Guinea
Madang Regia: Legionaries in this Regia are involved in helping people disengage from witchcraft and sorcery. Many conversions from the sects are reported.

Cebu Senatus: Twelve junior praesidia were set up in a convent and a new Curia is to be formed. Juniors are encouraged to join the senior ranks when they reach the age of 18. Legion awareness activities in the University attracted 100 nurses. Many converts from other faiths were reported and extension is ongoing.

Bicolandia Senatus: Promotion of the 3 Causes was introduced on jail visitation. A campaign for enthronement of the Sacred Heart in homes was undertaken. Encouragement was given to the sick to receive the Sacraments and also to youth to attend Mass and the Rosary was promoted - all featured in reports. A family, who converted to a sect, was through regular visitation brought back to the Catholic faith. Wonderful work was done in repairing chapels destroyed by Typhoon Reming. This is certainly True Devotion to the Nation.

South Philippines
Cagayon de Oro Senatus:Conversions, regularisation of marriages, preparing people to receive the Sacraments figure prominently in most reports.

North Philippines
Manila Comitium: Legion membership has increased and 9 juniors graduated to senior ranks. Two Patrician meetings were organised in the City jail. A former active legionary of Vigan Comitium was ordained a Priest and 2 legionaries entered the seminary. Makati Comitium: Of the 371 non-Catholics encountered, 20 converted to the Catholic faith. A Congress was held last October. Three legionaries entered religious life. An Exploratio Dominicalis and extension drive resulted in some inactive praesidia being revived.

Plaridel Comitium A Congress was held in August 2007.

San Fernando Comitium had a new Curia established comprising 7 senior and 2 junior praesidia.

Baliuag Comitium had 812 children and 110 adults baptised, while 200 persons were confirmed and 17 marriages validated.

Novaliches Comitium had a massive campaign to recruit male members. An extension committee was organised to oversee the recruiting and training of new members. Maria Legionis was promoted and sales increased.

Election of Concilium Vice President
Nominations were sought for the office of Vice President of Concilium as Síle Ni Chochláin’s first term of 3 years had expired. Síle’s name was proposed and seconded and as there were no other nominations, she was duly elected Vice President of Concilium for a second term.

Election of Concilium Assistant Treasurer
As Aileen O’Donoghue’s first term of 3 years as Assistant Treasurer of Concilium responsible for literature had expired, nominations were sought for this office. Aileen’s name was proposed and seconded and as there were no other nominations, she was duly elected Assistant Treasurer of Concilium for a second term.

The Concilium President, Tommy McCabe, congratulated both officers on their re-election and wished them every grace and blessing.

Elisabeth Kriss - Extension Worker in the Ukraine
Elisabeth Kriss reported 3 new Curiae were established in the Ukraine since the last Concilium Meeting.

On 18 June, Mary of the Morning Star Curia, Lugansk was established and 4 officers elected. There are 2 praesidia attached.

On 28 June, a new curia in Donetsk was established and 4 officers elected. There are 4 praesidia attached.

On 5th July, Mary of Perpetual Help Curia, Nikolaew was established and 3 officers elected. There are 6 praesidia attached.

She has been granted a visa for Belarus and plans to go there at the end of July for a short visit to meet the legionaries in Minsk and Baranowitchi. She returns to Austria on 5 August.

Bernardo de Nardo - Envoy for Central Asia
The great news from Armenia is that the Bishop was happy to give permission to start the Legion throughout the whole country. The first praesidium has been started and has had 3 meetings. This praesidium is in Yerevan, Capital of Armenia.
In the interview with the Bishop, Bernardo explained how the Legion trains the laity to take an active part in the apostolate of the Church. The Bishop had seen the Legion in action in Greece, Brazil and France and also some nuns at the Bishop’s palace had worked with the Legion in Syria. The parish priest of the Cathedral suggested a campaign of prayer for the success of the start of the Legion in that country. Bernardo has been recruiting after Masses in the Cathedral as well as working with the new legionaries. He hopes in a little while to take some of these new legionaries with him to different parts of the country to start more praesidia.

Bernardo is overjoyed at the Bishop’s permission and of having the privilege to be present at the first Armenian praesidium. He asks for many prayers for the new Armenian legionaries and their Spiritual Directors.

Extension Workers for Argentina
Edel Garcia and Laura Rodriguez continue setting up praesidia of young people in the Cordoba Senatus area of Argentina. In most cases local legionaries have helped them.

Edel and Laura are putting the final touches on the Youth Conference. Some young legionaries from the outlying councils attached to the Senatus have promised to attend. This would be the first time the young legionaries of the Senatus would have met together. Over the weekend the legionaries hope to do crowd contact with youth on the streets and plazas in the area where the Youth Conference will take place. It is hoped that Edel and Laura will visit the Regia of Corrientes and make a visit to a neighbouring country before they complete their 6 months extension.

Prayer for the Beatification of the Servant of God Frank Duff
God our Father, You inspired your servant Frank Duff with a profound insight into the mystery of Your Church, the Body of Christ, and of the place of Mary the Mother of Jesus in this mystery. In his immense desire to share this insight with others and in filial dependence on Mary he formed her Legion to be a sign of her maternal love for the world and a means of enlisting all her children in the Church’s evangelising work. We thank you Father for the graces conferred on him and for the benefits accruing to the Church from his courageous and shining faith. With confidence we beg You that through his intercession you grant the petition we lay before You….............. We ask too that if it be in accordance with Your will, the holiness of his life may be acknowledged by the Church for the glory of your Name, through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

Favours attributed to the intercession of
The Servant of God, Frank Duff should be reported to:
Legion of Mary
De Montfort House
Morning Star Avenue
North Brunswick Street
Dublin 7