Concilium Bulletin January 2023



Douala Senatus: The reports mention home, elderly, auxiliary, hospital and prison visitation as well as visits to orphanages. Many councils have junior groups, but the Senatus Spiritual Director asks for the legionaries to put extra emphasis on getting more juniors. They also mention well over 100 converts and also many getting catechesis. One new Curia is being set up in December. A congress and 3 Exploratio Dominicalis projects were organised over the period. The plenary indulgence has been widely promoted and has been organised by most councils. Where possible the closing Ceremony Mass in the Pro-Cathedral, Dublin was followed online. Yaoundé Regia got over 60 new active members and 16 juniors. The annual audit for the Senatus was done


Lomé Senatus: Many councils report on doing week-end evangelisation work in various parishes, which resulted in many active and auxiliary members joining the Legion. Also, numerous Exploratio Dominicalis projects were organised. Other works include home, hospital, prison and auxiliary visitation, street contact as well as numerous catechumens being taught. The Legion plenary indulgence was also widely promoted and availed off. During this period, 8 new adult and 6 junior praesidia, 4 new adult Curiae and 1 junior Curia were set up. Several abortions prevented and 9 conversions took place. A Congress for adults and 1 for a junior Curia were also held.

The 2 following Councils are under caretakership of Togo:


Dakar Comitium, has 10 Curiae with 24 attached praesidia. Three new praesidia were set up. Home and hospital visitation and catechesis as well as prison visitation are mentioned and as a result, 15 inmates were converted. They also organised a visit between the parents and an inmate, which they hadn’t seen for10 years. A Marian concert to celebrate the Centenary was also organised.


Conakry, Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Comitium has 4 adult Curiae and 7 attached praesidia with 1016 active and 305 auxiliary members. Home and hospital visits are being undertaken.

Brazzaville Senatus: Work reports include visits to the sick at home and in hospital, visiting prisoners, widows, orphans and the poor, home visitation, teaching catechism and preparing the liturgy. People contacted are invited to pray in the local Catholic Church or to enrol in catechesis. During a two-month period, two Curiae and five praesidia reported the reconciliation of 28 couples, one request for Baptism, 6 people enrolling in catechesis and one marriage in the Church. In Pointe-Noire, reports included contacting 6,000 people, with the result of 63 returns to the sacraments and 37 people enrolling in catechesis. 35 legionaries took part in a formation day organised by Curia on ‘The duties of legionaries and officers’. One Comitium organised a triduum on the theme of ‘Revitalising distant directly attached praesidia and affiliated councils’

Malabo Comitium: Two praesidia and 3 Curiae reported.Some legionaries are still discouraged but steps are taken to help. A new praesidium was set up in one of the Curia.One of the praesidia was has 15 members visiting homes, including the homes of legionaries who have left the Legion. Another Curia has recruited 33 members recently. Legionaries help the disabled and housebound with house cleaning.



Mexico City Senatus: Four new Senatus Officers were elected in December, they are very dedicated and very active. Street contact has resulted in preventing a number of abortions. Two attached Comitia reported 2 new praesidia and one junior set up recently while another Curia reported reduction from 11 senior praesidia to 6 and two junior praesidia to one. A young man, who was away from the faith was contacted, went to Confession and received the Eucharist and after 3 months he died. His family was very grateful to the Legion. A contact went to Confession after 20 years and now attends Mass and is an auxiliary member.

Merida Senatus. Three Comitia with 23, 19 and 8 Curiae respectively reported. All three report widespread home visitation with positive results, 690 baptisms and large numbers returned to the practice of the faith. Jail visitation is done and in one Comitium they report a praesidium in the men’s jail. Two praesidia reported Consecration of Homes to the Sacred Heart as well as the usual works. Approximately 1,500 homes of families who have changed to another religion or sect are visited regularly.

Monterrey Regia; three Curiae and 2 praesidia reported. Praesidia and councils are slowly returning to meetings and work in person. On home visitation legionaries read the gospel of the day and lead the rosary if requested to do so. The legionaries are helping with parish work. The Frank Duff prayer is said by all legionaries and promoted among friends and on visitation.

Guadalajara Regia: Two praesidia, 1 Curia and 2 Comitia reported. The 2 Comitia report 10 Curiae each attached. Some praesidia have few members after the Covid. A new praesidium was set up in the jail. Legionaries help teaching catechism in the parishes. Four adults who have no faith are also being instructed at theire request.

Hermosillo Regia: After the Pandemic some praesidia are regrouping, some have not started yet, there is one praesidium in formation and a number of new members have been recruited. The curia officers are visiting praesidia and councils to encourage all groups after the Covid. An attached Curia with 21 praesidia has been advised to consider forming another curia.

Durango Regia: The Regia seems to have difficulties getting reports from attached councils and the members seem to have difficulty attending the Regia meeting. There are difficulties maintaining the praesidium working for the Social Rehabilitation Centre due to the age and health of the members. That praesidium was initially requested by the bishop. In September a Parish Priest requested a praesidium, he had already recruited members but needed legion material and help to start.



San Salvador Senatus: A praesidium facilitates both the parish priest and parishioners with transport to Mass. They also telephone bereavement families who has lost a family member. Children and parents are prepared for First Holy Communion. During the Pandemic legionaries led the rosary and prayers at wakes. An attached Regia with 13 Comitia, 3 Curiae and 7 attached praesidia has 8,000 legionaries. Two new praesidia were set up and 118 couples regularised their marriages following regular visits by legionaries. A young protestant converted and is now a legionary.


Senatus of Tegucigalpa: Attendance at the Senatus meeting continues to be low but the officers are encouraging the members. Elections took place for president and treasurer of the Senatus in November and elections for Vice president and Secretary were announced in the December meeting. At an Advent retreat the Spiritual Director spoke about spiritual and human values and encouraged study of certain concrete points in the handbook. The Senatus would welcome the opinion of the Concilium to raise a council in the north of the country to Regia or Senatus. It would be more convenient than travelling to Tegucigalpa.

Regia of Panama: The Regia organised the closing of the Centenary with an attendance of 420 legionaries with the motto “without true humility there is no sanctity”. It was a joyful occasion with music and exchange of experiences and finalised the occasion with the celebration of the Eucharistic. A number of priests have requested a praesidium in their parishes.


Senatus. Reports continue to reflect the activities of the legionaries during the restrictions especially the contact with auxiliaries and people in remote areas. They encourage the recitation of the rosary in centres for the elderly and one praesidium visits an orphanage where they recite prayers with the children. They do street contact and home visitation. They also visit the homes of children who have not made their First Communion to encourage both children and parents.


Regia of Managua: There was no meeting in September due to the pandemic but meetings have taken place every month since. A praesidium reported losing two members during the pandemic. The remaining 6 members continued meeting and working.

Comitium Reina de las Paz has difficulties with the distant councils of Juigalpa and San Carlos. The Youth Curia of “Nuestra Senora of Cuapa” has 24 active members and 21 on probation. The Regia congratulated them for the great outreach work they are doing. In the report of the Curia “Estrella de la Mañana”, they commented on the visit to the workers of a financial institution, with due permission to promote the Legion of Mary, and highlighted the testimony of a Protestant person who has found in the Blessed Virgin Mary the love and protection of a mother.



Navan Comitium: Our Lady of the Visitation praesidium reported works of home visitation, the housebound, nursing homes, auxiliaries and former active members. During Covid the legionaries recited the Rosary outside Navan Shopping Centre followed by street contact. They also did crowd contact at the Fleadh Ceoil in Mullingar and helped to set up a junior praesidium. A book Barrow apostolate is organised where people from all walks of life who might never be encountered on home visitation are spoken to and given Miraculous medals.

Dromore Comitium: The Diocese of Dromore is administered by Archbishop Eamon Martin. It consists of 23 Parishes. North Dromore Curia has ten Parishes. The apostolate includes visiting primary and secondary schools where miraculous medals are distributed. In some cases the Rosary is also recited. Much work around the Church is also undertaken. Two members do Pilgrim statue visitation.

Derry Comitium The last Comitium meeting was held on November 15th where all Officers were present including Fr. Thomas Canning, Spiritual Director. A new Secretary and Treasurer were elected. Minutes are awaited so that they can be ratified. The December meeting was cancelled due to bad weather and unsafe driving conditions.

Down and Conor Comitium: Following and Exploratio Project a new praesidium was set up in Ballymurphy. A retreat for men was held at the end of November with over 50 in attendance. A retreat for women had 40 in attendance and each praesidium was asked to organise a retreat for 2023. The October Rosary procession was well organised and attended by 200 people. The legion stall is out every Saturday afternoon on the streets where good contacts are made.

Raphoe Comitium: All praesidia have resumed their meetings. Visitation of the auxiliary members has been completed. Four new members joined who were recruited through personal contact. A praesidium in Letterkenny has been visiting a Psychiatric Unit for the past year until restrictions were introduced in the last few weeks.


Drogheda Curiae: The praesidium in Laytown took part in two recruiting drives at Scotch Hall Shopping centre. In Clogherhead the praesidium delivered Baptismal Certificates to 21 families of new babies with Miraculous Medals. The Rosary was recited at the Harbour on 15th of August to pray for people lost at sea and for the safety of those working on the sea for their living. On the same day, to mark the Legion Centenary they had an outreach to people for three hours offering Miraculous Medals and giving information on the legion. Two legionaries reported on PPC projects, one in London where 2400 homes were visited and one in Manchester where 2000 homes were visited.

Clonmacnoise Curia: The three praesidia in the Curia are meeting regularly. Visits are continuing in the nursing homes where the Rosary is recited with the residents. Public Rosaries at the Grotto in the Car park is also being done. The praesidium in Athlone visited the Community College in Moate with Catholic Magazines for the students. Two new members were recruited for the praesidium in Athlone. .

Dundalk Curia: Curia meetings did not take place in August, September and December The praesidium in Kilsarn celebrated 85 years of unbroken weekly praesidium meetings. It was planned to have a Mass on the 8th of September to celebrate this record. Contact was made with the Parish Priest of Blackrock Parish and he is supportive of the idea that the legion should be re-activated in the parish.

Armagh Curia: The praesidium in Portadown has resumed its meetings. Ballygawley and Coalisland have not yet had permission to start back again. The annual report of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Armagh has four officers and a new Spirtual Director. The junior praesidium of 15 members is up and running with three senior members in attendance each week

Leitrim Curia: The Curia organised a Maria et Patria project in Carrick on Shannon over the week end of October 30th and 31st. The Parish Priest gave his full support to the project. Six hundred and eighty homes were called on. Some interesting contacts were met and some names were given to the Priest for follow up. Two Patrician meetings were held. One on Confession and one on the Eucharist. Clogher Curia: the attendance at the September and November Curia meetings was very small. The Curia organised a Coach for the legion Pilgrimage to Knock in September .

Kilmore Curia: There is just one praesidium of 13 members in Cavan town and efforts are being made to restart the praesidia in Ballyjamesduff and Bailieboro. For the Centenary of the legion Mass was celebrated in St. Clare’s Church at which the Spiritual Director and Curia Spirtual Director were present. A large Bus was arranged for the annual Pilgrimage to Knock in September. All non-legionaries on the bus were invited to become active or auxiliary members.


Veneranda Curia is planning two recruitment projects in Finglas in May. There is a constant stream of people to a book barrow at St. Canice’s Church where miraculous medals are distributed as well as Catholic literature. Contacts are encouraged to pray the Rosary and to return to Mass and the sacraments, the praesidium organises regular public rosaries. The attached junior praesidium has 6 members. At the request of the parish priest of Berkeley Road parish, legionaries will visit every home in the parish during Lent. Another praesidium that used to do prison visitation has been informed by the Prison Service that this is no longer permitted. Members volunteer in the Morning Star Hostel. Consolata: The annual reunion on November 27th was well attended. Planning meeting has taken place. Curia members will meet in February for mass and Holy hour to pray for new members. The Curia started these quarterly gatherings before Covid and many praesidia in the area have increased their membership significantly. Malahide has 11 new members. Mass will be celebrated for Alfie Lambe on January 16th at 10 am in St. Cronan’s, Brackenstown. Title of November Patrician meeting was ’Why do we pray for the dead in November’. A praesidium’s work includes home to home visitation offering miraculous medals and leaflets, handing out mass times, encouraging parishioners to return to mass. They stress the importance of the use of Holy Water, prayer, confessions and Eucharistic Adoration. They promote the Rosary statue which is available for the homes. Auxiliary members are contacted by phone and invited to upcoming events. Junior praesidium meetings continue in St. Cronan’s parish, Brackenstown. Another praesidium recites the rosary every hour for 12 hours on the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes. They also organise a May procession, with four groups starting at different parts of the parish, praying the rosary as they walk towards the church, where mass is celebrated. Two praesidia join together to host a monthly prayer meeting in honour of the Servant of God Frank Duff.

Presentata: The Frank Duff prayer group meets every month in the Morning Star Hostel. A praesidium with 16 members is engaged primarily in assisting with the running of the Morning Star Hostel. This includes preparation, cooking and serving food; cleaning and tidying bathrooms and dormitories; maintaining outdoor areas. Members also help with interviewing, admitting and welcoming new residents. They also assist with the mens’ shed, where the residents can develop new skills. Trips to museums and other places of interest are also organised. Engaging with, and chatting to the residents is a vital part of the work.

Bethlehem: Mass was offered for deceased legionaries in November. Frank Duff prayer meeting has recommenced since November. Street contact is regularly undertaken. A Polish praesidium has 4 full members and 3 probationary members. Works include visitation to Mother Teresa hostel which includes guard duty and distribution of meals; street contact; volunteering at Regina Coeli hostel; weekly Rosary at the Spire; visitation to disabled man in Mater hospital; assisting with cleaning of churches.

Exaltata Curia organised a project in Fortlawn and Blanchardstown. Fourteen legionaries participated and four hundred homes were visited. The day started with mass followed by Adoration of the Blessed Eucharist. Confessions were available. During this time contacts were made outside the church and rosaries and miraculous medals were distributed. People of different nationalities and faiths were met as well as those who had no faith or who had lapsed. The lapsed were encouraged to return to the practice of their faith and some promised that they would. Lots of interesting contacts were made and some are to be followed up.



Fr. Bernardo, 2 officers and 1 member of the Curia in Yerevan came to Dublin to participate in the closing Mass for the Centenary. They were uplifted by all they saw and commented on the warm welcome they received when they reported back to the Curia. They organised a Mass in December at which the Irish Consul for Armenia and the Ambassador for Argentina attended. The Curia is in contact with priests and former members in Georgia and hope to re-establish the Legion there.


Curia and praesidia met throughout the year. Legionaries prepare children for First Communion and train altar servers. In one curia many of the children have now become junior members. A wide variety of works are done by legionaries in Beiruit among the poor, the sick and the elderly.


Most members are Urdu speaking with just a handful English speaking. There is a delay in having minutes translated and suggestions have been made to overcome this. The possibility of forming a second Curia is being explored.

A legionary visiting Dublin recently left details of their Centenary celebrations.


Myo Tho Comitium works in an area where just 2% are Catholics. They arranged 107 Baptisms (adults and children) and assisted 57 couples to have their marriages blessed in Church. 40 new active and 58 new auxiliary members were gained. Saigon Curia works in 6 parishes in an urban area with complex social needs, having 12 praesidia with 124 active, 50 Praetorian and 571 auxiliary members. They recruited 25 new members.


August minutes show 17 present at the Senatus meeting.


65 were present at the September Senatus meeting. After regular follow up 6 returned to practice and 5 couples had their marriages blessed in Church. 2 non-Catholics attended religious instruction and 1 was baptised. Contact is made with taxi drivers, prisoners and those living in slum areas. They also look after 4 Curiae working in western Laos.


Visitation of councils is underway. Banmaw Curia was raised to Comitium. Myitkyina dioceses situated 1,000 miles from Yangon was also visited. Legionaries living in camps for the displaced encourage family prayer. Those working in paddy fields and fish farmers are also visited. Prayer is sought for this country still in the throes of civil war.


Kerala Senatus: Some councils are active. The Spiritual Director of Trissum Comitium is actively encouraging full return to meetings and extension. Where resumption has taken place home and hospital visitation is done and catechism is taught. One praesidium organised a Rosary novena with the intention of raising funds to complete the construction of the parish church which was achieved.

Pondicherry Senatus has not been in touch for a considerable period of time.

Chennai Regia has 13 directly affiliated praesidia, 18 Curiae and 6 Comitia as well as 1 Comitium in the Andaman Islands. Coimbatore Comitium carried out visits to 17,000 homes of Catholics, Hindus and Moslems. 136 homes were Consecrated to the Sacred Heart and 377 conversions to Catholicism took place.

Visakhapatnam Regia: The Legion is working in all 6 dioceses. People of all creeds are visited, people are prepared for the Sacraments and catechism is taught. Due to distance 7 of the 15 praesidia do not regularly attend.

Mumbai Senatus 52 were present.

Calcutta Comitium has 9 senior and 2 junior praesidia as well as 5 Curiae. The Legion is working in 8 out of 18 parishes.

Kottar Regia: A visitor to the Concilium from the Kottar area reported that the Regia is working well. 4,500 attended the Centenary celebrations. The Regia President died in November. Minutes are awaited to enable ratification of elections.



Paris Senatus: The Senatus is continuing to visit praesidia post covid to ascertain membership details and to check that officerships are in order. Membership of a praesidium reporting was 11 full, 3 probationers and 7 auxiliaries. Works include visitation of the sick at home and in nursing homes and visitation of the elderly. During the Summer the praesidium undertakes catechesis to children.


Frankfurt Senatus: The Senatus officers pay great attention to the visitation and care of Councils. A book barrow apostolate is carried out and regular street contact is undertaken by praesidia in Bonn, Oberhausen and Dartmund.

Berlin Comitium has 83 active members with 21 praetorians and 7 adjutorians. A Ghanian praesidium is progressing well.

Curia Darmstadt: A young adult praesidium has 7 members. Membership is declining in the Korean Curia.

The Comitium of Freiburg carries out an intensive street apostolate. Evenings of praise and worship are organised and nursing homes and the housebound are visited


Zurich Comitium: In 2022 almost all praesidia undertook Exploratio Dominicalis. Extension efforts are ongoing. Legionaries in Neuss set up a legion stand at the Christmas market.

The Curia of Bergen (Norway) has 7 praesidia. The Missionaries of Charity are Spiritual Directors and the legionaries assist them in ministering to drug addicts, prisoners and the elderly and infirm.

Curia of Siberia has 5 praesidia and works are visitation of the sick and delivery of parish newsletters.


The country has 6 praesidia totalling 30 members. All are active in their parishes. Visitation of the sick is undertaken.


Amsterdam Regia: reporting praesidium does home, auxiliary and elderly visitation, run a Patricians meeting. The Cape Verde Curia in Rotterdam does homes and prison visitation and encourage those lapsed return to the Church.


Antwerp Regia: the closing Centenary Mass was celebrated by Vicar General Ikeobi Emmanuel and 2 other priests.There was a reasonable attendance and new contacts were made.Since the last report 5 members have made the Legion promise. 3 members went to Lourdes; one helping the invalids and the other two worked in the Permanence.


Brentwood Regia: a praesidium reported that 3 of its auxiliaries had become active members. A mother, recently moved into the area, met on visitation was keen to have her children baptised.

West Middlesex Curia: Only one officership is filled 3 of the 6 praesidia have not resumed activity since Covid. Home visitation and crowd contact work is being done. The Spiritual Director of one praesidium encourages evangelisation and sometimes accompanies legionaries on this work.

Southwark Comitium has 5 Curiae and 10 praesidia attached. The legion was represented at the Diocesan Evangelisation Exposition. Extension is being attended to and currently there are 2 praesidia in the process of formation. A former legionary has been ordained to the priesthood.

Central London Curia has been divided with the new Curia in East London having its 1st meeting in October. Officers have been elected. There are plans to divide further with another Curia in West London. Annual reports were taken from 3 praesidia. A variety of works are being done including visitation in a red light area and crowd contact. A praesidium in Jamaica which is attached to this Curia, sent in its first report. It has 7 members.

Liverpool Senatus: membership in reporting praesidia varies from 4 to 10 and works include, crowd contact, homes, hospital and care homes visitation and promotion of Enthronement to the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart. Night fever with Mass and Confession is carried out on 1st Friday.

Manchester Comitium reported the starting of a new praesidium with plans for four others.

Sweden: The Curia has 6 praesidia attached. A very successful congress was held in September.

Birmingham Senatus Attendance at Senatus meetings is still quite low. Four praesidia featured in reports, one of the works included is assisting the priest at Baptisms, this is found to be a good way of getting to know parents for follow up. Outreach to those of other faiths and none was reported by another praesidium. Exploratio Dominicalis featured in reports from Coventry and West Birmingham Curiae with good contacts in both. Where there was no reply a parish newsletter was dropped in and this resulted in a person who was lapsed returning to practice. Apostolate to homosexuals in pubs resulted in some good contacts.

Swansea Curia has 6 praesidia with membership ranging from 3 to 11. Much help is given to newer praesidia by the Curia.

Northampton Comitium: Legionaries met with the newly ordained Bishop David Oakley who was formerly a legionary in the Senatus. He encouraged the legionaries in their work and was very positive about challenging works such as home visitation. He promised to help with securing a Spiritual Director.

Senatus of Scotland: Sr. Moran the new president of the Senatus attended the Centenary Closing Mass in the Pro Cathedral, Dublin and the November Concilium meeting. The Wayside club had a Mass of Thanksgiving offered for 90 years of existence. Another praesidium reported a great variety of works which included home visitation and visitation of schools. In the course of the school visitation they brought a Monstrance to explain its use and purpose with the aim of imparting a greater understanding of and reverence for the Blessed Sacrament They supported a lady who wished to become Catholic and one member was her sponsor on her reception into the Church. No Curia meetings have taken place yet in Ayrshire Curia since lockdown.

Praesidia directly attached to Concilium


Tonsberg: Our Lady Queen of Peace has 5 full and 2 probationary members and 24 auxiliary members. The legion Centenary was celebrated with Holy Mass. A new member has been instructed in the faith and has received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Drammen: Our Lady of the Rosary has a membership of 6 active and 17 auxiliaries. The apostolate includes visiting those who are sick and mentally ill and those who are seldom seen in Church. They are invited and encouraged to attend Mass. A 9 Day Novena in preparation for Christmas was organised.


Peregrinatio Pro Christo

The PPC Committee are planning to hold the Organisers’ meeting in the morning and PPC Conference in the afternoon on Saturday 25th February 2023.

Mass is at 9.30 a.m. in the Capuchin Church, Church Street for those intending to be present at the Organisers’ meeting.

On the PPC programme for 2023 there are 5 enquiries for projects in parishes in England and one confirmed request.

We would be grateful for your prayers for the success of both of these functions.


Exploratio Dominicalis

‘Exploratio Dominicalis’ is the term by which is known what might be called a mini-Peregrinatio and which might be translated as the Sunday search for souls.

Every praesidium in the world is urged, if possible as a body, to devote at least one Sunday in the year to an expedition to some place - possibly a problem area – at a little distance away, but at the same time not so far as to absorb undue time in travelling. The Exploratio need not be limited to one day; two or three days might be found possible. Exploratio Dominicalis enables the majority (in many cases all) of the members of a praesidium to undertake such a venture. It is recognised that even with the best of will, the Peregrinatio Pro Christo itself is not a possibility for the majority of legionaries.

Experience shows that it is necessary to stress, what the Concilium has repeatedly emphasised, that is, that Exploratio Dominicalis is essentially a praesidium project. Councils and praesidia are asked to keep this point in mind when Exploratio Dominicalis is being organised.” (Handbook 40:9)

It is strongly recommended that Exploratio Dominicalis should be one of the items to be considered when a praesidium is planning for the year ahead. If all the members are to take part, something which is very much desired, the choice of date, well in advance, will be of great importance. If a date is not agreed on at an early stage, it is likely that the Exploratio may be deferred, perhaps several times, and possibly omitted altogether.

The praesidium, obviously, will require permission from the parish priest and the Legion Council, which is responsible for the parish in which it is proposed to carry out the Exploratio. It seems desirable, therefore, that the praesidium should work through its own Curia (or other council to which it is directly –affiliated) when planning the Exploratio. If the Exploratio is being carried out in another council area, then the praesidium’s own council should liaise with the other council. It is important that each council’s area of jurisdiction should be respected. It should not be necessary to add that if the Exploratio is planned for a parish in which a praesidium already exists, then, of course, the permission of that praesidium, also, should be obtained.

While new members may be recruited or even the nucleus for a new praesidium obtained in the course of an Exploratio, extension is not its main purpose. The handbook describes it as “the Sunday search for souls” (see above). It is evident, therefore, that the Exploratio should reach out to people with the aim of “bringing the full riches of the Church to every person.”(Handbook 37; 9) As the carrying out of an Exploratio calls for the self-sacrifice and a valuable contribution of time and effort on the part of the legionaries it is desirable that it should be directed as far as possible to areas of greatest need. The Exploratio can be a valuable asset to Legion councils in having an intensive apostolate carried out in areas which, otherwise, might be partially or totally untouched.

As a praesidium may succeed in having only one Exploratio during the year, it is desirable that a full day, at least, should be devoted to it and that a substantial portion of that day, after attendance at Mass and the recitation of the Legion prayers and Rosary, should be spent on the actual work of visitation or contact.