Concilium Bulletin February 2022



Senatus of Gitega has been very blessed to be able to continue their praesidia and council meetings and apostolates unhindered throughout 2020 and 2021. They will be holding Senatus elections in March 2022. The following are the most up to date statistics available: the Senatus has one Regia at Bujumbura, a combined total of 98 Comitia, 598 Curiae, 4,480 senior praesidia, 17 university or schools praesidia, 170 junior praesidia, 44,585 active legionaries, 3,632 probationers, 93 praetorians, 110 adjutorians, 5,769 auxiliaries. The Senatus meeting is conducted in the Kirundi language. Comitium Mtita, Archdiocese of Gitega has a total of 8 Curiae, 86 praesidia with 1,110 active Legionaries and 35 Auxiliaries. They gained 2 new praesidia and 13 new active members. Works include promoting the Rosary to 180 people, and much other spiritual work, visiting more than 1,000 sick people, most of whom were in hospital, consoling over 500 bereaved families, visiting 79 elderly people, and building a home for a poor person.


Senatus of Lubumbashi: reports that elections for new officers of the Senatus were held in January and details are awaited in minutes.

Senatus of Butembo: Pro-Regia from Bunia has 8 Comitia. Apostolic work include visits and support of the sick, elderly the poor, prisoners, refugees, orphans, pregnant women. Catechism taught to children, conversions, youth counselled, babies baptised.

Contact was made with other religions. Some Protestants were converted, abandoned children taken in by Legionaries. Male polygamists changed their life styles and prostitutes returned to a moral life. Addicts desisted and alcoholics gave up, divorced couples resumed marital relations. Terrorists have massacred large numbers in the region of Beni and Uturi and a bomb thrown into a church on Christmas Day killed 8 people and injured several.

Following Pope Francis’ call for unity in missionary outreach and evangelisation, a system is to be developed for 2022 to establish dialogue and unity between generations. Education and work must be related to the family and community. Recitation of the rosary is the way to ensure blessings on their work.

Senatus of Bukavu: The President of the Senatus has sent in a very detailed report which shows great work from all attached Councils. They are back to normal Legion activity. Senior members are exhorted to bring on the junior members by their spirit and example. In October last there were Masses celebrated for the 3 martyred Bishops, Cataliko, Mboa and Munzihirwa. In spite of the lockdown, many Masses were celebrated to mark the Legion’s centenary by many local Bishops in their own dioceses, attended by many Legionaries. On 5th February the Senatus welcomed a new Spiritual Director. Many members died in 2021, including 3 who were Presidents of Comitia, for whom prayers are requested. Sr. Leonie Mulamba, President of the Senatus, sends greetings and thanks for prayers for her recovery from the Corona virus, for which she was hospitalised.

Senatus of Kinshasa: The latest news is the appointment of Abbe Sebastien Makombo as the new Spiritual Director, appointed last November. All Legion activity was restricted from March to September 2020. A High Mass was celebrated in St Mary’s Cathedral to mark the centenary, all spiritual directors attending, plus auxiliary Archbishop Vincent Tshumbe. In July 2021 they lost their beloved former Archbishop Mosengo. Hospital visitation now in place since June 2021.

Senatus of Kisangani: In January a training day was held with the theme of “Mary, our Mother”, conducted by the Spiritual Director of the Senatus, Abbé Maximilien Lobanga, with 578 Legionaries present, of whom 80 were juniors. Various Legion apostolates were carried out during the last few months, bringing many back to the faith, and 57 new members were gained. 26 Legionaries visited 4 religious orders of Priests to establish praesidia in their convents. Other works included visitation of prisoners in the central prison of Kisangani, 43 couples married in church, 32 families reconciled, counselling of 65 families in trouble, and many other works of consolation were carried out.

Senatus of Kananga: The Senatus is composed of 3 Regiae. In the city of Kananga alone, they have 5 Comitia, 34 Curiae, 104 Praesidia, and 2,620 Legionaries. The Centenary was celebrated with Holy Mass in October by the Bishop of Kananga, Mons. Marcel Basanguka, in the military camp of St Augustine, in the presence of 8,200 Legionaries. A report taken at the January Senatus meeting from one of their Curiae “Mary Mother of Lourdes” shows a vast amount of Apostolic work, including recruitment of new members, Juniors and Auxiliaries, promotion of Eucharistic Adoration and the Rosary, outreach to the sick in homes and hospitals, and care of orphans.


Regia of Rodrigues:

Regia meetings are held, but with limited numbers, as omicron virus is still affecting many people. Some members lost their lives to the disease. Many Masses of thanksgiving were held on September 7th for the Centenary of the Legion, and members were able to join in the Dublin celebrations by live internet link. The Acies which was deferred was held belatedly on 27th November in Curepipe, and 2 other parishes. Their Spiritual Director Pere Robert Delais celebrated 60 years in the Priesthood, and we join in thanking him for his direction in the Legion, as we welcome the new Spiritual Director Pere Octavian. Main works include organising prayer groups and Rosaries in communities and families.


Senatus of Kigali: During 2020 and 2021, more or less all activities had stopped and it’s only recently that just half of the Comitia have resumed Legionary activities, as well as most of the Curiae. The Centenary celebrations were celebrated on a low key and where possible the Masses were presided over by the local Bishops. The booklet “Can we be Saints?” will soon be available in the local language. As regards the setting up of the 2 Regiae, everything is more or less ready and they are waiting for an opportune moment when circumstances will allow, as the green light was given at the Episcopal Conference in Rwanda.



Jakarta Senatus: The first in person meeting took place in January, with a small attendance. Previous meetings were on Zoom. The Senatus organized a webinar on the Handbook and a Seminar on Venerable Edel Quin which attracted 163 participants. Two Curiae in East Kalimantan, (Borneo), travelled 120km in bad weather conditions to attend their Centenary Mass.

Malang Senatus: Semarang Regia, which has 2500 members attached, reported holding Zoom meetings with some in person meetings recommencing. Communication with the three Curia in Indonesian West Papua is difficult.

Kaupang Senatus covers the west coast of Timor. A young legionaries Conference was held in Nela, in the Diocese of Atambua. The Senatus organized some events to celebrate the Centenary including poetry and coloring competitions. The Senatus lost many members from Covid and natural disasters, but some auxiliary members are joining the active ranks.


Kuala Lumpur Regia: Two Comitia held Centenary Masses, on 14/15th and 18th December respectively. The Regia plans to have its celebration on 20th March. No praesidia meetings have been held since March 2020, but members have met on line weekly for Rosary and spiritual reading. Some apostolic work is being undertaken on line such as teaching catechism, RCIA and prayers. One Curia held a daily Rosary in Mandarin from May to December 2021.


Singapore Senatus: Visitors attended virtually from Brunei English, Chinese and Filipino Curiae. 109 participants attended a day of Recollection organized by an attached Curia in October. A day of recollection for active and auxiliary members held on 7th November was attended by 80 participants. The programme included a quiz on Frank Duff. Legionaries manned a booth at the Fair organized to mark 200 years of Catholicism in Singapore. Good contacts were made. Kuching Comitium, Sibu Comitium and the 4 Curiae in East Malaysia held no meetings. Some Zoom meetings were held and the Rosary was recited.


The Comitium resumed meetings in October 2021 when regulations permitted. However apostolic works are not yet permitted. The Annual Reunion was held in December with restricted numbers. A Committee to plan the Centenary has been established. Extension is prioritized in future plans which include establishing a second Comitium as most Curiae have between 17 and 27 praesidia attached.


Osaka Senatus: Senatus meetings recommenced in October, but had to be cancelled in February due to increase in Covid infections. Where Councils could hold Acies ceremonies they did so. A praesidium attached to Hirakata Church gained a new member from publicity in the Church newsletter. Another praesidium attached to Imaichi Church celebrated its 1700th anniversary meeting. Another praesidium, attached to Hirakata Church, holds a discussion group where believers and non-believers held open discussion on faith matters. When meetings were not possible, members have kept in touch by phone and mail.


Seoul Senatus: Elections for four Senatus Officers were held in November. Minutes have been delayed pending the appointment of a new Correspondent.

Gwangju Senatus: Between October and January one Regia, four Comitia and three Curiae presented reports. Despite the Pandemic works were undertaken, resulting in many Baptisms and returns to the Sacraments. The Legion of Mary Centenary Mass was celebrated on 8th January at Sanjung-dong Basilica Minor. The Archbishop of Kwangju Diocese was chief concelebrant and 300 attended. In his homily the Archbishop encouraged legionaries to ask Our Lady to pray for legionaries to try harder and devote their lives to the growth of the Legion of Mary. Centenary Masses were also held by Busan, Jeju and Jeonju Regia. In each case the chief celebrant was the Diocesan Bishop, and large numbers, in one case as many as 2000, people attended.


A National Curia officers’ meeting was held by video link in November. All presidents gave a 3.5 minute’s presentation on the current Curia’s situation. Two new Curiae were established in October, each has full complement of officers and a Spiritual Director. This development was a source of great joy to the Legion in the country particularly as it coincided with the Legion’s Centenary. An on line Rosary was recited from 1st to 31st October. Mass was celebrated to commemorate the Centenary with the active involvement of Curia officers and Spiritual Directors.



Carlow: A Comitium meeting was held in December 2021 but none since. The President is in touch with praesidia but only one praesidium appears to be meeting weekly. The Acies is planned for March 27th. It is hoped that it will be possible to resume Comitium meetings after that. Kildare Curia: praesidia have resumed meetings and Curia meetings have been held. Newbridge praesidium has got a number of new members. They hope to start a Patrician meeting. A Rosary for children has been started in Sallins where 8 to 10 children attend. Portlaoise Curia: There has been no Curia meeting since pre Covid. It is planned to resume in March. The Rosary booklet which the Curia published for the Centenary was a Christmas gift wrapped and sent to four schools. Now the Rosary is being recited in the schools and one school has purchased 120 copies.

Elphin: Two of the praesidia in the Comitium have resumed their meetings. An officers meeting was held on January 31st and the plan is to resume the Comitium meetings in April and the Acies in May. Ballinameen praesidium which has been meeting since September gained two new members. They recite the Rosary before Sunday and week day Masses. Legionaries have been very busy helping with extra parish duties. Elphin praesidium continues to support the two churches in the parish with Eucharistic Adoration and other duties. Roscommon town legionaries sent Christmas Cards to the residents in the Sacred Heart Hospital. They also assist with duties in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel and recite the Rosary daily before Mass. North Elphin Curia has been holding its meetings since October 2021 with a low attendance. Recruitment for the Legion in the Curia is ongoing.

Tuam: A few praesidia held meetings before Christmas but none have re-opened since. It was suggested that the officers have a planning meeting. Local nursing homes are only allowing window visits at the moment but they expect this will change very soon.


Achonry: Kiltimagh praesidium is meeting weekly. For the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes they erected a beautiful altar in the Church which was left there for three days and visited by a lot of parishioners.

Clonfert: A praesidium of 8 members has been holding its meeting each week since October but due to restrictions the normal apostolate was not permitted. The other praesidia in the Curia have not been meeting as access to meeting places are not yet available. Many legionaries are unwell and some praesidia are reduced to just a few members. The Acies is planned for March 27 in Cappataggle.

Galway: One praesidium takes care of the Legion stand at the Cathedral after the 11am Mass daily and talk to visitors about the Legion of Mary and discuss the faith with them. The praesidium also delivered over 100 Maria Legionis and spoke to auxiliaries, maintaining the social distance. Another praesidium recite the Rosary at the local church grotto during the month of May and every Saturday before Mass. A praesidium is running a children’s Rosary every Monday after school starting off with 2 children and now they have up to 13 attending. A small number of parents also attend.

Ferns: The praesidium in Wexford is meeting but no further details.

Killala: praesidia meetings have only just resumed.


Ancilla Domini Curia: Much work was done in preparing Myra House for the centenary. Acies was held during 2021. Also, during the last year, recruitment drives were organised in Bawnogue and Donore Avenue. The Curia hopes to resume monthly Frank Duff prayer meeting in Myra House. A Congress was held on March 12th. Praesidia are getting back to normal. Joy of Israel praesidium, which was founded 82 years ago to work with the Jewish community presented their annual report. Pillar of Fire and Patrician meetings have not yet restarted. The main work is street contact.

Annunciata Curia: At the last meeting, a lively discussion took place on the state of the Curia. A number of suggestions were made such as: building up the curia by doing street contact work in the Rathmines area; taking out the book barrow on a Saturday morning; getting permission to speak at the Masses in the Curia area and having a number of legionaries recruiting after the Masses; holding more open air rosaries; inviting ex-members back; putting up a banner of Frank Duff in the churches; asking for help with street contact from other Curiae. Eucharistic Adoration has started as a way of building up the spiritual life of the members.

Assumpta Curia: The Curia meeting and all praesidia meetings have resumed and the Zoom meetings for praesidia and Patricians have been discontinued. However, not all the members are back. The work programme is not fully back either: prayer meetings, Patricians, church bookshops and nursing home visitation are not yet up and running. Some home visitation and street contact is carried out as well as weekly Adoration and the Rosary. Members are supporting other praesidia that have no officers. A Mass in thanksgiving for the Legion Centenary was offered in all seven parish churches in the Curia area with recruiting after and the Frank Duff banner was displayed at the church for the week following these masses. There was a good response but follow up needs to be done. The Acies ceremony is planned for March 27th at 3 pm in Our Lady Queen of Peace Church, Merrion Road.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia has six praesidia. Three of the six are meeting in person. Two are holding their meetings on Zoom. One praesidium joins one of the Zoom meetings. Works include participating in Baptism team in one parish, Zoom Rosary and Rosary from two different Grottos: one weekly and one monthly. One praesidium leads the Rosary in their church and does regular recruitment. All journals have been delivered. One member goes to the city centre for the Saturday morning street contact. The last three Curia meetings have been held on Zoom for a variety of reasons.

Benedicta: meetings are now being held again and work done. The Legion journal is being distributed. One presidium has a table outside a supermarket each week with miraculous medals and literature on it. Passers-by are contacted, and many miraculous medals are being distributed and the story explained. Many fine contacts are being made.

Gloriosa: a praesidium engages in contact work near the local supermarket. Miraculous Medals, rosaries and leaflets are given out. The three Legion causes are also promoted on these occasions. Each praesidium organises its own Frank Duff mass each year. Two praesidia have teamed up and done contact work in a shopping area in Ballyfermot. The rosary is recited every Friday at the local grotto. Attendance can be up to 12 people. Copies of Alive newspaper and the Pioneer Magazine are distributed. The Curia has asked each praesidium to plan for a special mass in their parish for the centenary celebrations. The Curia is mindful of the recruitment target of 300 active members and keeps it in mind while in contact with parishioners. The Curia organised rosaries round the crib in Maynooth, Leixlip, Celbridge and Lucan during Christmas and the New Year. The parish priest of Divine Mercy Church, Lucan expressed an interest in establishing a praesidium there and members of the Curia are very anxious to do so.

Immaculata: Public rosaries were held during May and October and weekly at Immaculata House. Recruitment drives were held in November and December. During Advent the rosary was prayed in St. Aidan’s Church in thanksgiving for the Centenary of the Legion. Journals are delivered to auxiliaries and any surplus copies are left in the church. The Legion was promoted at a local church and a Filipino lady who was at the mass attended a meeting. Works include school visitation, home visitation and crowd contact. A Fatima prayer meeting is held monthly. The Curia have set up a planning committee to plan for 2022. One member hosts a programme on Radio Maria.

Mary Spouse of the Holy Spirit: A praesidium with four members which distributed 70 journals and visited two nursing homes ceased to exist last year. The monthly Venerable Edel Quinn prayer meeting was held on February 1st with 9 people in attendance. The meeting, which lasts about an hour, consists of seasonal readings, prayer and music, petitions and a short piece from one of Edel’s biographies.



Buenos Aires Senatus: An amazing number of Legion activities have taken place all over the Senatus area. Public Rosaries have attracted many participants. Before and after the Rosary contacts are made. The youth committee organised this year’s 18-year-old plus retreat for youth. Parish retreats have achieved both infant and adult baptisms. Great joy was visible when the news arrived of the Centenary Plenary Indulgence. Alfie’s graveside celebration on 21st January again attracted huge crowds. They included non-stop rosaries in groups at the graveside, Mass in the local church and many street contacts.

Cordoba Senatus met again physically in September with an attendance of 44. A Curia reported Rosaries are recited in various locations including businesses and they have seven prayer cenacles. Statue visitation includes reading a piece of scripture. The Sacred Heart was enthroned in six houses with the priest present. They visit the red light district. True Devotion to the Nation includes cleaning a grotto, recycling plastic bottles. They speak to youngsters about the dangers of alcohol and drugs.

Salta Senatus: Junior legionaries 12 to 15 years of age organise True Devotion to Mary for children as young as 6 and 7 years of age. Young adult legionaries are in constant contact by social media with legionaries of their age all over South America. To highlight the Legion Centenary there have been many outdoor parades on the streets with Legion banners and pictures of Frank Duff, Edel Quinn and Alfie Lambe. Both Buenos Aires and Salta Senatus have been busy promoting the cause of Alfie Lambe. A three-hour symposium promoting Alfie’s Cause was done with the help of legionaries in the nine countries where Alfie worked. This was viewed by hundreds from the Spanish-speaking countries. Live testimonies were shown from a few of the remaining legionaries who had worked with Alfie. 24 hour continual rosaries are said praying for Alfie’s beatification.

Corrientes Regia: Virtual meetings continued in September, October and November 2021. The December meeting was a mix of physical and virtual. The annual pilgrimage to Itati, an apparition shrine of Our Lady, took place in November with 600 in attendance, including 40 youths. The Comitium of Paso de los Libres has two senior and 1 junior curiae in the town, and in Gobernador, 200km away, there is a senior curia of five praesidia. Their Spiritual Director, Deacon Jose Antonio Mendez, appointed in November 2019, was heroic in attending all his duties and died from Covid in April 2021, may he rest in peace. A praesidium directly attached to the Regia gave extensive help to a youngster who was suicidal and now he has good faith and is on a spiritual journey.


Belo Horizonte Senatus: The Legion Centenary was celebrated with a Mass of Thanksgiving in several Dioceses of the State of Minas Gerais with the participation of legionaries. In the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Belo Horizonte the Archbishop Dom Walmor Oliveira de Azevedo presided at Holy Mass on 5 September 2021. Due to the restrictions of the Pandemic there was a reduced attendance of about 250 legionaries, however the Mass was transmitted live on TV Horizonte, the television transmitter of the Archdiocese, allowing the remote participation of legionaries in the whole State of Minas Gervais. The Senatus resumed meetings on 8 January 2022.

Ponta Grossa Senatus: Among works mentioned in reports were teaching Catechism to 18 teenagers, assisting 11 refugees and accompanying 11 elderly people to Mass.

Salvador Senatus: Works reported on included the preparation of parents and godparents for the Sacrament of Baptism, holding a Rosary in a public square in the month of the Rosary and accompanying funeral processions to cemeteries having presided over the Rosary in them. The Senatus set up a Curia in Santa Luz-Ba.

São Paulo Senatus: Reports show some councils and some praesidia have resumed meetings but many have not although some still have meetings online. There are reports of attention being given to the elderly and infirm and making contact with Auxiliary members by telephone.



Senatus meetings are taking place each month as well as most other councils but with a reduced attendance. Council meeting attendances are low in all reporting countries. Extension efforts are continuing. 2 praesidia are meeting regularly, apostolate includes street and park contact, statue visitation night adoration, and an apostolate to street girls.

Comitium Ybbs with 5 praesidia and 2 Curiae reported all praesidia meeting weekly.

Curia Vienna West reported Patricians, book table apostolate and plan to visit the non-practising.

Countries under the care of Austria:


Curia meetings have resumed and a visit by the Correspondent was discussed at the Senatus.


Good efforts are being made to revive praesidia. The Curia celebrated the 10th anniversary of the legion in Bulgaria. There’s much interaction with the Bishop. The Auxiliary Bishop visited one of the attached praesidia.


Most councils are working normally again. For the 100 anniversary celebrations, Frank Duff’s favourite prayer was translated and printed for distribution. The African Curia in the Ukraine still consists of 4 praesidia.


Minsk Comitium: The Comitium has 8 directly attached praesidia and 7 Curiae. Extension efforts and visitation of praesidia were reported. A praesidium with 5 members and 26 Auxiliaries invite all to the Acies, retreats and Centenary celebrations. They also keep in touch with non-Church goers and encourage them to receive the sacraments at home.

Baranovichi Comitium: The Comitium has been unable to hold any meetings since August 2021 due to the upsurge of Covid19. A few of the praesidia have been holding their meetings by Zoom.


Zagreb Regia, its attached praesidia, Curiae, and Comitia are all holding meetings. Three praesidia feature in the report with 11, 6 and 4 members. Street apostolate and visitation with Pilgrim statue are included in the works being done. 3 Curiae reports are covered with 10, 7, and 10 Praesidia attached. In one of the Curiae 3 auxiliary members joined the active ranks and 17 new auxiliary members were enrolled. Returns to the sacraments were recorded after long and short periods. Centenary Celebrations were held in Zagreb with Mass celebrated by Episcopal Vicar and 4 Priests. There was a very big attendance of legionaries and representatives from other lay organisations. Celebrations were also held in Zadar and Osijek Comitia as well as many other places.

Petrinja Comitium: Covid restrictions are gradually being eased. Some elderly members have not returned to active membership yet. Those who are meeting are restricted in the apostolic works they can do. The effects of the earthquake are ongoing. Many people were displaced and are quite despondent because the reconstruction work is so slow. Legionaries are visiting them and offering encouragement and help.


Budapest Regia: The October Regia meeting had 15 present and reported that due to illness and the fourth wave of the epidemic in the country many officers were unable to attend. January minutes received showing 11 in attendance. The Regia President reminded legionaries that meetings could only take place in parishes with the permission of the parish priest.


The legion in Latvia have not resumed meetings. Restrictions are only starting to lift. Legionaries are keeping contact with members and auxiliaries by phone. It is hoped to restart meetings by the end of the month and to hold a Comitium meeting.


Kaunus Comitium: Most councils are back at meetings. A praesidium of 5 active members in the Diocese of Panevzys visited the local hospital 23 times during the Pandemic and arranged for the priest to administer the sacrament of the sick to 14 patients. The legionaries gave out the Miraculous Medal and a leaflet on the importance of Confession to patients. A praesidium in the Kaunas Archdiocese with 8 members brought 3 disabled auxiliary members to Mass and Confession.

Telsiai Comitium: One praesidium has 11 active (6 are Praetorians) and 560 auxiliary members, The Youth Praesidium organized a Pilgrimage on the Feast of the Visitation, to the Žemaičių Kalvarija Shrine, on foot (35 km.) with a group of 14 young people, praying the Rosary, singing hymns, and sharing faith experiences. An abortion of twins was prevented by two Senior legionaries and a person is being prepared for first Holy Communion. The legionaries of the curia of Klaipeda encouraged 4 families to baptise their children. Centenery Celebrations with Holy Mass were held on 7th and 21st of September.


Lublin Regia: On 7th September legionaries from the Diocese participated in the Mass for the Centenary which was celebrated by the Archbishop and 26 Priests with several hundred people in attendance. Masses of thanksgiving were also celebrated in many of the other Dioceses. Reports were taken from 3 praesidia, 3 Curiae and 3 Comitia. Legionaries are engaging in talks on the faith to Parishioners, visitation of apartment blocks and giving much help in Parishes. 8 people were brought to the Sacrament of reconciliation.

Warsaw Praga Comitium: A Mass of thanksgiving for the Centenary was celebrated by the Bishop with a good attendance. Comitium meetings are held. Extension: Plans are in progress .The apostolate includes an outreach to the lapsed and those without the sacraments as well as many other Parish activities. One of the attached Curiae reported visitation of its 11 attached praesidia.

Warsaw Comitium: The main Diocesan Centenary celebrations were held in the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Warsaw. The chief Celebrant was the Archbishop, many Spiritual Directors, legionaries and others were in attendance. Comitium meetings are held monthly. The average membership of the 5 praesidia that reported in three months was 8. From two Curiae reports one has 10 praesidia and 82 auxiliaries and the other Curia has 13 Praesidia and 120 auxiliaries. The legionaries are engaging in a good apostolate.

Romania: Satu Mare Regia In the 3 months from June to August the attendance at the Regia meeting was very low. Some praesidia were back to meeting in person again which they said was so important for the support of each other and for the apostolate. Legionaries prayed and supported a young man who was ordained to the Priesthood.


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