Concilium Bulletin February 2020



Senatus of Burundi: This Council is based in the centrally located diocese of Gitega. For some time now, the Regia of Bujumbura has not been submitting reports regularly to the Senatus. The Senatus had plans to complete some extra facilities at its Headquarters. which is used extensively for catechesis, among other things.


Senatus of Bangui: After a period of serious political unrest throughout the Central African Republic, which also included the death of their President Br. Jean Ouagaza, correspondence with the new Senatus President Br. Doumely is under way, towards arranging the visitation of all councils to restore them to working order. However, for twelve months now, no further word has come from the Senatus. Consideration might now be given to arranging a visit by a neighbouring Council from either Congo or Cameroon or from Concilium to make contact and report.


Senatus of Lubumbashi: 120 new members were recruited and 62 made their Promise. 14 members of other faiths became Catholics. After visiting 326 homes, 2 Methodists and 1 Muslim became Catholic. Four prisons were visited. Other works included visiting widows and orphans.

Senatus of Butembo: 7 Comitia and 2 praesidia from Diocese of Wamba gave reports at December meeting. 1 Regia, 4 Comitia, 2 praesidia from Diocese of Butembo-Beni.. and 1 Regia, 3 Comitia and 2 praesidia from Diocese of Butembo-Beni gave reports in Jan 2020. A new Comitium was set up in Diocese of Butembo-Beni. A new Curia was set up in Mukena - Kasesa. Senatus of Butembo officers with 12 legionaries visited the diocese of Wamba in Nov/ Dec 2019 for 4 days to train 230 officers for Comitia. They were welcomed by Bishop Janvier Kataka and priests from the parishes they visited. The founder of the Legion in Goma, Marie Specieuse has died, and the first President of the Regia of Butembo, Bernard Kakurusi, (before it became a Senatus) has also died, RIP. Visitation of the sick, the handicapped, the mentally ill, widows, orphans, war refugees, displaced people and prisoners was carried out everywhere. Over 700 children were baptised and 1,369 taught their prayers. 136 marriages were blessed, peace was restored in 114 families; 20 divorced couples renewed their vows and over 50 young people gave up on loose living. 5 men gave up Polygamy. 136 Christians joined the Legion. 36 people returned to Sunday Mass. 18 Protestants, 3 Adventists and 2 Moslems converted to Catholicism. Due to the unrest in their country, their Bishop asked legionaries to organise 40 days of Adoration, with Rosaries, Stations of the Cross for various intentions, prayers for Christian Unity in Jan, and other prayers. A request was made to all legionaries worldwide to pray for peace.

Senatus of Bukavu: In spite of general unrest, and journeys to the interior being almost impossible owing to general insecurity, the meetings and work of the Senatus and lower councils continue with days of prayer, retreats, Bible study, etc, In October they organised a Pilgrimage to the Cathedral to mark the month of the Rosary. The Frank. Duff prayer has been translated into the local language, Mashi. A new Comitium has been set up.

Senatus of Kinshasa: A report received shows growth of the Legion membership in the Senatus as a result of active Apostleship during the last year, citing the following numbers at the end of 2019: active members 225,765; auxiliaries 1,310;

juniors, 5,408. Works: 3,971 couples were married in Church; 10,259 non-Catholics were converted to Catholicism. Extensive visitations to homes, hospitals and prisons, with baptism of infants took place.

Senatus of Kananga: A junior Comitium has 4 Curiae and 5 praesidia, with 328 members. Works include recruitment of juniors and visiting the sick. 247 members attended a Day of Recollection.

Senatus of Kisangani: Three Councils reported: 34 couples married in Church; 135 young people and 254 adults baptised; 36 legionaries recruited, including juniors; 39 families reconciled; 75 resuming former membership, and 80 brought to Confession.


Rodrigues Regia: Recent reports show that the Regia is functioning well and is actively involved in many projects for the young. They keep contact with a nearby isolated island, which they visited to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the Legion there. They held their Acies in March, with Legionaries from all over the island participating. A three-day Retreat for adult members and auxiliaries was held with the theme “Let us be Mary’s Missionaries.” A youth Retreat was held. Legionaries were out in force working as ministers of the Eucharist on at the visit of the Pope Francis in September This Mass was concelebrated by their Cardinal Maurice Piat, successor to Cardinal Jean Margeot, the young priest newly ordained, who was Spiritual Director to Edel Quinn on her arrival in Mauritius in 1941. Their 80th Anniversary will be on the 15th August.


Senatus of Kigali: During the past year and a half, the number of active legionaries increased by over 1,000, while the auxiliary membership increased by 5,300. At the meeting for Spiritual Directors last August it was agreed that they would get more involved in the Legion activities. Preparations for the installation of the 2 new Regia are at an advanced stage. Works among the street children and street-girls are very successful. Some children have gone back to their families and many girls have returned to a proper life. Several prisoners joined the Legion. Many Curiae exist in the prisons, for example the main prison in Kigali has nearly 250 legionaries, while similar situations are being reported in Rilima and Mpanga prisons.



Seoul Senatus: Large numbers of active and auxiliary members were reported. Street missions and visitation are methods of evangelisation. Catechumens, the newly baptised, and lapsed Catholics are mentored.

Gwanju Senatus: A Comitium in Hakwoon-dong has set a ‘day of missionary work on the street’ on the last week of every month. Legionaries in Seogyo-dong Comitium assist in the Joseph University for the Old which was established by a former Spiritual Director.

Daegu Senatus: Group weekly praesidium meetings being held in some Councils attached to Burmo Comitium; this is not in accordance with the Legion Handbook.


Malang Senatus: Works include visits to the lapsed, children’s faith development, public Rosaries, and prison visitation. The Senatus reports an emphasis on extension, with 20 new praesidia established in Bali. Legionaries in Jayapura Curia, Indonesian Papua, perform good works in their parishes.

Kaupang Senatus in West Timor held its inaugural meeting on 8th September. The Correspondent has recommended that Senatus meetings, which can last up to 4 hours, be shortened. Works include visitation to prisoners, fishermen and scavengers. Jakarta Senatus: Visitation of the elderly in nursing homes has seen an increase in faith development and returns to the Sacraments. The visits are much appreciated by the residents. Visitation of Councils by the Senatus Officers is on-going and many new praesidia have been established. Seminars are organised for junior legionaries to deepen their faith and prepare them for senior membership.


Kuala Lumpur Regia has 5 Curiae with 47 senior praesidia comprising 371 senior and 796 auxiliary members; 4 praesidia are directly attached with 46 active and 81 auxiliary members. Works include home and hospital visitation and catechism classes which resulted in the recruitment of new members and returns to the Sacraments. Refugees from Myanmar are visited by a praesidium of 17 members.


The Senatus will be celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the foundation of the Legion in Taiwan this year. To coincide with this, legionaries are striving to establish a praesidium in every parish in the Senatus area. 5 new praesidia have been established over recent months. The Senatus is also making concerted efforts to extend the Legion in the more remote and mountainous areas in the north.


Hong Kong Comitium: The Senatus President and Secretary visited Concilium in October and had wide-ranging meetings with Concilium Officers. They have written to the President to express their gratitude to the Concilium for the advice and clarifications they received on the occasion.


Reports embrace a wide variety of substantial legionary work including home and hospital visitation, crowd contact, and book barrow. The junior Curiae carry out assignments in schools and colleges. Preparations for the Centenary are on-going. The Senatus intends to make use of their website, which they are updating.



Carlow Comitium: There are 5 vacancies in the 6 attached praesidia. Child Safeguarding is being attended to and on the agenda of each meeting. Paulstown praesidium has 5 members, including 2 Praetorians; they have 7 auxiliaries. Weekly Eucharistic Adoration is organised and they keep the book stall in the Church stocked. Miraculous Medals and Rosaries were distributed to the Confirmation children at the Ceremony of Light. They recruited auxiliaries at the Legion Fair Day stand and at a recruiting drive in the parish. A parishioner who attended the Youth Conference has recently visited the praesidium. On the birthday of Frank Duff his picture was placed in front of the Ambo in the Church before Mass. The Parish Priest blessed it and spoke about Frank and read the prayer for his beatification. A report was given by Kildare Curia at the October meeting.

Elphin Comitium: The Annual Retreat had an attendance of 40 and was considered a great success. Roscommon legionaries had a showing of Frank Duff DVD on 28th November. It is planned to show it in other venues. They also had a function on the eve of the 8th December in the parish Church to promote the Legion. North Elphin Curia: A recruiting drive is being organised by Boyle praesidium.

Tuam Comitium: The mini-Vigil in thanksgiving for Peregrinatio Pro Christo projects was held in Knock on Friday 29th November. There was a very good attendance including 32 who came by bus from Kilkee. Corofin praesidium has 5 members and 50 auxiliaries. Home visitation is done. The 3 Causes and the Miraculous Medal are promoted and the Pilgrim statue offered. The lapsed are invited back to the Church and the parish newsletter is distributed. Skehana/Menlough praesidium has 9 members. They organise a Communion service, which includes a weekly Rosary and Adoration in both Churches. They visit nursing homes and the housebound and were encouraged by the Comitium to undertake home visitation and start Patrician groups


Achonry Curia: Ballymote praesidium which was founded in 1932 has 6 members. They visit people confined to home, patients in a nursing home, and outreach houses from a psychiatric unit. In May they organised the recitation of the Rosary at a grotto in the grounds of the nursing home as well as a continuous all day Rosary for peace; both were well attended.

Clonfert Curia: Efforts to re-activate the praesidium in Portumna are to resume in the spring. Loughrea praesidium has 5 members, including 3 Praetorians and they have 20 auxiliaries. Hospital and nursing home visitation, plus organising Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament are among their works. The Spiritual Director attends occasionally and shares his experience of the Legion in Nigeria. Another reporting praesidium has 3 members and 10 auxiliaries. They place bottles of Holy Water in the Church porch for collection, visit bereaved families, housebound and hospitals. The Parish Priest attends the weekly meeting.

Ferns Curia: Enniscorthy praesidium has 5 members, including 4 Praetorians and they have 26 auxiliaries. A public stall was set up outside the Cathedral in July and August where Catholic literature was on display and members promoted an awareness of the Legion. This has proved a great success as many of the public approach them and speak with them. At the request of the local priest they bring patients to Mass each Saturday morning.

Galway Curia: Works of a praesidium with 7 members and one probationer includes weekly home visitation. There is a large student population in the area and many discussions are held with them. They also visit a nursing home and 4 Simon Houses where they are well received by both staff and residents. They distribute 120 copies of Maria Legionis. Street contact is carried out with a book barrow. For the Centenary celebrations it was suggested that the Curia hold a May Day in Knock before the Pilgrimage season starts in April. As there was no praesidium report at the Curia meeting in November and December there was a discussion on the duties of the praesidium Vice President in November and the Secretary in December.

Kilkenny Curia: Reporting praesidia have 7 and 4 members. Works include recitation of the Rosary at statues of Our Lady during May, promoting Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, sale of Catholic magazines, visitation of a housing estate and the elderly at home and in nursing homes.


Assumpta Curia: All praesidia were visited by the Curia last year. Works by two reporting praesidia include Patrician meetings, running parish bookshop at weekends, Pilgrim statue visitation and street contact. In the past year, an average of 20 Patrician attended Patrician meetings. The parish bookshop provides a point of contact for Mass-goers at weekends and legionaries meet the steady demand of requests for Holy Water. A young woman who was unemployed and suffering from addiction to alcohol has turned her life around after speaking with legionaries.

Immaculata Curia undertook outreach at shopping centres and on street contact to promote Confession and publicise Christmas Mass times in the local areas. Recruiting took place at weekend Masses in one parish. 3 Patrician meetings took place. All praesidia were asked to discuss planning for the Legion Centenary and report back to the Curia. Presentations on the Miraculous Medal were made to children of several local primary schools. A praesidium of 5 active and 52 auxiliaries promote Enthronement of the Sacred Heart on home visitation. Pilgrim statue, and promotion of the Maria Legionis magazine and Radio Maria are among other works.

Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia: A discussion took place at the Curia meetings on “The Meaning of Christmas” and “Planning for the Legion Centenary”. The Venerable Edel Quinn prayer meeting, now in its 17th year, continues monthly. A joint-Curia reunion took place with Annunciata Curia where a talk on the role of the Correspondent was given.

Our Lady of Fatima Curia: Included in their works are organising Prayer meetings monthly for the Causes of Venerable Edel Quinn and the Servant of God Frank Duff.

Benedicta Curia has 6 praesidia and an active membership of 24. The junior Curia has two praesidia. A praesidium of five active and thirty auxiliary members undertakes home and hospital visitation, street contact, and Pilgrim statue visitation.

Gloriosa Curia: A Christmas Crafts and Carols event for children took place in the Curia house. One praesidium gained a new member. Six legionaries undertook street contact at Luas tram stops to mark the Anniversary of the Servant of God Alfie Lambe. Good contacts were made and many people accepted a Miraculous Medal and leaflet. One person expressed interest in visiting the local praesdium.

Annunciata Curia: Weaknesses and strengths of the Curia were discussed at a recent Curia meeting and concrete points to work on resulted, namely, approach to schools, development of new works and a serious look at recruiting. Six Patrician meetings took place with an average of four patricians in attendance. Much effort and planning took place for the Anniversary Mass for the Servant of God Alfie Lambe.

Ancilla Domini Curia: Efforts are on-going to establish a praesidium in one parish. Two non-Catholics attended the Pauline Circle meeting where a legionary presented a paper. A Frank Duff Prayer meeting and Hour Hours are organised. Two reporting praesidia have 3 and 5 active members, The Consecration of homes to the Sacred and Immaculate Heart is promoted on home visitation as well as invites to Eucharistic Adoration. Members met the priests and religious sisters of the parish and outlined the praesidium’s work. Members of the praesidia visit residents of local hospitals.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia undertook street contact in the weeks leading up to Christmas. 1,000 leaflets with Mass and Confession times in the locality were distributed. The Cause of the Servant of God is promoted with weekly and monthly Holy Hours. The Curia has an active membership of 40 among six praesidia.



Buenos Aires Senatus: Alfie Lambe Anniversary celebrations had many legionaries and friends at his graveside and at Mass in the local Church. The Comitium of Rio Gallegos, possibly the most southern Comitium in the world, has many juniors. When the Comitium officers come to a Senatus meeting in Buenos Aires it is a two and a half days bus journey. In spite of severe cold in winter and huge distances the Comitium keeps in contact with its outlying praesidia and councils. Some legionaries work voluntarily on a farm for recovering drug addicts. A strong spiritual programme is part of the recovery process.

Cordoba Senatus: A Comitium in the city lists among its many works several weekly public Rosaries, hospital visitation, visiting the elderly and bringing Holy Communion. They made 583 street contacts. Works in Alta Gracia Curia include catechesis in the parishes and in a prison.

Salta Senatus: Large numbers attended Anniversary celebrations for Alfie Lambe. The Senatus youth group, similar to Deus et Patria, carries out weekend missions to youth in rural and poor barrios. Corrientes Regia: The town of Itati, on the river Parana which forms the border with Paraguay, is home to the Basilica of Our Lady of Itati and one of the biggest Pilgrimage destinations in South America. A Curia of three praesidia operates in the town.


Belem Senatus: Reports show hospital visitation and 265 visits to the sick at home and 229 visits to the elderly. Legionaries are excited and happy getting organised for the Legion Centenary celebrations.

Belo Horizonte Senatus: One Comitium reported 2,498 visits to families and another Comitium reported 2,230 home visits. Other reports show visits to 462 sick people at home and 608 in hospitals. One Comitium had a Congress with the participation of 240 legionaries.

Ponta Grossa Senatus: Legionaries made visits to homes, hospitals, nursing homes and prisons. 457 homes were visited. They prepared 26 people for Baptism. An evangelical was converted and a couple returned to the Church after 34 years.

Recife Senatus: Several new praesidia were set up, including one as a result of a Peregrinatio Pro Christo. One Comitium reports revival of a praesidium. Juniors help in extension. Several new Curiae were set up. Several youths were Baptised and 45 received Confirmation, also they arranged Baptism for 34 children. The affiliated Regia of Maceio has 17,740 active members, including 200 juniors. Special attention is given this year to Alfie Lambe.

Rio de Janeiro Senatus: A Comitium in the State of Espirito Santo reports almost a thousand families visited and in a city adjacent to Rio assistance was given to 264 Bible study groups. 622 legionaries took part also in122 Bible groups. The families of drug addicts are visited. A praesidium was revived. A praesidium was entrusted by the Parish priest with the formation of 95 catechumens. Many lapsed Catholics return to the Church after visitation. A Comitium in the Amazonian region organised 21 Exploratio Pro Christo projects. Two members visited the distant zones near Bolivia.

Salvador Senatus set up a new Curia and a Comitium started two new praesidia. One Curia made 408 visits and return visits to homes; one Comitium visited prisons and hospitals. They also organised public Rosaries.

Santa Maria Senatus encouraged its members to promote the three Causes and follow the examples of the three whose Causes are promoted. In one parish legionaries, active and auxiliary keep watch in the Church during the day. The sick are accompanied going to hospitals for treatment. Home visitation is one of the Legion’s most fruitful works resulting in returns to practice and conversions.

São Paulo Senatus: One Comitium reported 3,856 visits to homes and 2,194 visits to the sick. They reached out to people living on the street, drug addicts, people away from the Church and those of other religions. The sister of a legionary in Itaquaquecetuba reported that an injury to her leg was totally cured after prayers through the intercession of Our Lady and Frank Duff.

Brasilia Regia: As part of the preparations for the Legion Centenary the Regia has asked each parish to have a Mass on the 12th of each month. The Archbishop of Brasilia, Dom Sergio da Rocha offered great support from the Archdiocese to the Legion and stressed the importance of following faithfully the rules and norms of the Handbook. A praesidium in the central Curia of the Regia reports over 1,200 contacts on home visitation. There were three projects promoting vocations.


On behalf of Concilium, Sr. Christine Wallace travelled to Cuba and went first to Cienfuegos and Matanza to meet with the Bishop of Cienfuegos and to visit Deacon Ariel who has maintained the Legion for 15 years but has not been visited for at least five years. They have had no recent communication with Havana to whom they were connected previously. It is a separate Diocese, but they were attached to the Comitium there. Father Troadio over the years had worked to found praesidia throughout the Diocese of Havana and in Matanza. The Legion in that Diocese was relatively functional four or five years ago under Merida and they sent their correspondence regularly to Merida. In the last 5 years the Legion in Havana has declined. The Cardinal and all the priests and people of the area see Fr. Troadio as the voice and authority of Legion. There is no concept of a higher council which offers direction and guidance since the correspondence to a higher council has not existed for the last year. At this time, it will be difficult to continue in Havana without the Legion having to report to a higher council and have regular correspondence with Ireland. Connection was made with two of the Comitium officers who were able to give a list of the praesidia. Currently the Legion in Havana has 24 praesidia. Matanza has 3 praesidia. Bishop Domingo of Cienfuegos requested a 5-year plan to sustain the Legion in Cuba, e.g. in the next 5 years he wants the Legion to provide an extension worker and organise teams of legionaries to visit the country four times per year, maintaining the praesidia, providing formation and listing the areas to be targeted in a systematic manner. Sr. Laydy Buenfil from Merida Senatus joined Sr. Wallace for the month of February.



Centenary preparations are in full swing. They expect legionaries from all over Austria to come to Vienna and to be housed if possible in the homes of legionaries. A new praesidium for evengelisation of homosexual persons was formed and is visiting bars and leisure establishments where they gather. Members in Bregenz helped the Parish Priest to recruit over 100 for the Alpha course in their parish. Innsbruck has enlisted the help of African members living in Vienna to recruit Africans.

Councils under caretakership. Czech Republic: Prague Comitium has 15 attached praesidia and has published ‘Can We Be Saints?’ in Czech. Olomouc Curia attached to Prague has 6 praesidia. They were advised to expand to home and street evangelisation. Slovakia: The Comitium is mainly Hungarian-speaking with 15 attached praesidia and 170 legionaries. The smaller Curia attached is mainly Slovak-speaking. Pilgrim statue visitation and Communion preparation are the main works of both Councils A Legion Retreat had 35 attending, and an auxiliary rally 100.

ROMANIA has 1 Curia with 6 praesidia attached, 4 in or near Bucharest and the other 2 are a 2-hour train journey away. An Autumn School was conducted and 21 attended. The new edition on the Handbook in Romanian will soon be published.


The Curia in Chisinau has 9 praesidia and they are very active in parish work. Conversion is also carried out while Rosaries, Miraculous Medals and Catholic literature are widely disseminated. They will have an Autumn School in 2020.

BULGARIA has 4 praesidia, 1 formed only recently which visits the Roma community. A Spring School is planned for April.

UKRAINE: 160 legionaries accompanied their Bishop recently on a Pilgrimage. A wide range of apostolic works are done. A two-day Congress was held in Kiev and Retreats were organised in 3 towns. Mary Peffleys book ‘A Woman of Faith’ has been published in Ukrainian. Two African Curiae with a total of 11 praesidia is comprised of students at Kiev University, who evangelise on the Campus.


Baranovichi Comitium: Five praesidia reported with membership of 4 to 7. Works: visitation of elderly/lonely at home and hospital, non-practising families who have children baptised, and pro-life apostolate. A praesidium with 13 members was set up. Minsk Comitium: The spiritual outreach covers homes, hospitals, parish duties, organising Pilgrimages, and extension efforts which resulted in a new praesidium in the devastated Gomel region. Minsk police asked the help of the legionaries in dealing with difficult youth. They responded by organising a Pilgrimage to the national shrine of Our Lady of Budslav for the youth and their parents.


Zagreb Regia: The Regia Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Kondilo took place in September with a large attendance. The chief Celebrant was Cardinal Puljic, Archbishop of Sarajevo. 5 praesidia reported with a membership of 34. Works include street apostolate, home and Pilgrim statue visitation, and visits to a shelter for the homeless. Many returns to the Sacraments were reported. Visitation of a family for over two years resulted in the Grandmother receiving Confession and Holy Communion for the first time in 30 years, and the rest of the family starting to pray. In another praesidium the legionaries were instrumental in 1 person receiving Confirmation and another receiving the Sacraments after a long period. 7 Curiae reported with efforts to extend the Legion included in reports. Zagreb East Curia enrolled 15 auxiliaries. Zagreb South Curia: One praesidium had a function for auxiliaries, In Dugo Selo Curia a lady was persuaded not to have an abortion. In Rijeka Curia, 44 new auxiliaries were enrolled. All Curiae reported returns to the Sacraments after long and short periods and anointing of the sick. Split Comitium: As the number of praesidia has increased in the Diocese of Sibenik the Comitium is planning to establish a new Curia. Prison visitation is done to individual prisoners accompanied by a Guard. They also pray the Rosary with a group in the Prison, resulting in 2 persons being baptised, 1 receiving Confirmation and 31 receiving the Sacraments after long periods. The Comitium Zadar is planning extension in Udbina in the Diocese of Gospic-Senj at the request of the Parish Priest. Comitium Osijek reported plans for extension in 6 Parishes.

BOSNIA HERZGOVINA: (under Caretakership by Zagreb Regia). Sarajevo Curia has 6 praesidia attached. Home, hospital and visits to the housebound is done. Petrinja Comitium: 300 attended the Youth Festival. 7 priests were available to hear Confessions and celebrate Mass. Bishop Vlado Kosic gave the final address and thanked the legionaries. Lasinja Curia gave its 2nd Annual Report. They started a junior praesidium and 2 more parishes are in line to start. They held a Legion Congress at which 60 attended. 5 and 7 attended new praesidia in Zazina and Dragonozac parishes. There are many Nazareth groups. The Church was full for the annual Frank Duff Mass. In Sisak North Curia 16 are preparing to take their Promise; 2 more took their Promise during the year.

SLOVENIA has just one praesidium with 7 members


Budapest Regia: Reports were received from 6 praesidia, 9 Curiae and 5 Comitia. Extension efforts feature in each report and 1 new praesidium was set up. Attendance at the Regia meetings continues to be low. Works include visitation of the sick and elderly in their homes and nursing homes, helping them to receive the Sacraments. Legionaries are involved in all Church duties and help out in Radio Maria.


Comitium Riga has 12 directly attached praesidia and 2 Curiae. All 12 praesidia have Spiritual Directors. Visitation of praesidia and recruiting efforts were reported in all Minutes. Extension efforts in the Jalgava Curia resulted in 2 new praesidia. Works include home, and nursing home visitation plus street contact. 33 residents in a nursing home went to Confession and the legionaries arranged a Mass there.


Comitium Kaunas has 9 praesidia and 7 attached Curiae. A praesidium reported arranging for the priest to visit 9 sick people in their homes and administer Holy Communion. In the hospital 78 patients went to Confession and 66 received Holy Communion. Telsiai Comitium: Extension efforts to new parishes are on-going. 3 praesidia reported with works of visitation to homes, a hospital, nursing homes, and Block Rosaries, Contact work is done in public places and outside Churches. From the visitation of a sheltered accommodation center 16 residents are now auxiliaries. 1 lady was baptised on Holy Saturday. Due to hospital visitation with the priest 7 people went to Confession after lapses of up to 7O years, A praesidium visits homes promoting family prayer. There are 3 Curiae attached to the Comitium. 1 Curia in addition to its other works has 3 prayer groups and 4 Rosary groups. Returns to the Sacraments were recorded. In another Curia, home, hospital and housebound visitation is done. Tourage Curia is working hard at extension to new parishes. A hospital is visited where 92 patients received the Sacraments.


Satu Mare Regia: A new Spiritual Director to the Regia was appointed. At an open day in the Diocese, contact work and adoration was organised. Some praesidia do work with Radio Maria, and help the sick and housebound to receive the Sacraments, Comitium Carei: Tasnad Curia helped the Parish to organise a Guitar Camp with over 100 young people present. Comitium Oradea closed 1 praesidium due to low membership, legionaries transferring to the auxiliary degree. Curia Biai Mare organised an open day for auxiliaries and all those interested in the Legion, the day including Mass, seminars, prayers and talks. Warsaw Comitium has 9 praesidia and 2 Curiae. Wolomin Curia consists of 11 presidia with 113 active, 11 Praetorian and 178 auxiliaries. All presidia have been visited. Works include visiting hospitals, the sick, and lonely. Legionaries from 3 praesidia have visited the Hospice in Wolomin for the past 23 years. Many legionaries in Wolomin and Duczki have done Spiritual adoption of the unborn for the past 16 years. A presidium in Siennica has 12 members. Works include the Miraculous Medal apostolate


Lublin Regia is functioning very well. Works include: home visitation, street contacts, care of the sick and the addicted, plus recruiting. Included in their plans for the Centenary celebrations is a Pilgrimage to Ireland. Warsaw Comitium: Sopot praesidium uses Exploratio Dominicalis to train members in apostolate. Bydgoscz Curia has grown to 63 active members in 9 praesidia. Their Spiritual Director, Fr. Joseph Orchowski, stressed the importance of Curia meetings and visitation of presidia. Two priests stationed outside Warsaw have requested praesidia.


Our Lady of Mercy Curia has 8 praesidia attached, 5 in the Stockholm area and 3 in Southern Sweden. Two of the praesidia are Arabic-speaking and the prayers are recited in a mixture of Swedish and Arabic. A new praesidium was started in Jacobsberg, a Salesian parish with Parish Priest, Fr. Kristian as Spiritual Director. Works include visiting the sick and housebound, hospitals and nursing homes. Street contact is carried out in the Stockholm centre where Miraculous Medals are distributed. One praesidium operates a book barrow outside the shopping centre in Haninge once a month. Legionaries lead the Rosary in various Churches and also the First Saturday devotions. The Curia organised their second Congress in September which was well attended by people of many nationalities who spoke different languages. His Eminence Cardinal Anders Arborelius OCD, Bishop of the Diocese of Sweden has been most supportive in efforts to extend the Legion in Sweden and always makes himself available to meet legionaries. It has been a blessing to have the Handbook translated into Swedish. Also, the fact that it corresponds to the pages of the English edition is beneficial to the different nationalities who struggle with the Swedish language. The booklets on the lives of Frank Duff, Edel Quinn and Alfie Lambe have been translated and will shortly be published.