Concilium Bulletin February 2017


Reports indicate a multifaceted apostolate. Praesidia promote De Montfort’s True Devotion among the people and they have a youth movement called “Friends of de Montfort.” They organise the cultivation of parish fields to cover maintenance of the Churches and provide shelter for the homeless, and held a rally for second and third level students. The Spiritual Director reminded legionaries that it was the ambition of Fr. Achille Denis that Burundi would belong totally to Our Blessed Lady.

Bengui Senatus: Minutes include many traumatic accounts of legionaries helping orphans and widows and even adult men reduced to desperation after the war in various parts of the country. Former Senatus President, Bro. Ouagaza before his unexpected death had drawn up a plan for the revitalisation of Christian life in the country. The Senatus, before the invasion had 5 Regiae in the Provinces and an estimated active membership of over 30,000 in the whole country. The Holy Father had visited Bangui in November, in the midst of the crisis.

Senatus of Butembo: Reports were given from 22 Comitia, 2 Regiae and praesidia attached to these councils. Reports included; Baptism for over 1,200 children, 67 of whom were from single mothers; 634 adults made their First Communion and 731 were Confirmed; 222 couples were blessed and 66 marriages reconciled; over 35 lapsed returned to the Church; 215 contacts joined the Legion; the sick, the poor and prisoners were visited; young people were persuaded to give up the use of mascots (fetishes) and others were helped to join Catholic movements. A new youth Curia was set up. Protestants were converted and taught to say the Rosary. A new Comitium was established in the Diocese of Wamba in December 2016 and a second and third are planned for Bunia Diocese. The Senatus is about to complete the building of the Frank Duff Community Centre.

Senatus of Bukavu: The social situation in Kivu is characterised by great instability caused by the presence of armed groups. This state of affairs impacts directly on the functioning of the Senatus and its attached councils.

Regia of Goma: No visitation of councils is possible due to large armed groups located around Ouganda, reducing to a minimum the Legion activities. The city of Bukavu and its environs are relatively calm. Works in this area include: visitation of prisons, homes of the ill, aged, widows, orphans and impoverished.

Kinshasa Senatus: This council has a total membership of 30,000 active and 10,000 auxiliaries. The Senatus is proposing the formation of two more junior Comitia to cater for the increase in junior membership.

Kisangani Senatus: Many days of Legionary formation have been organised by the Senatus, focusing on different aspects of the Handbook. 4 Comitia, 1 Curia and 1 praesidium presented reports. Great emphasis is being placed in all councils on recruitment, especially of youth, which has resulted in 54 new juniors, plus 28 junior probationers and 125 adults. An apostolate to ex- members resulted in the return of 159 to the active ranks of the Legion.134 adults and 104 children received Baptism. 190 pagans were converted and 109 families were reconciled. 793 visits were made to the sick. 146 people in difficulty were aided. Two officers of the Senatus attended the inauguration of the new Bishop of Isangi, Dieudonne Madrapile.

Lubumbashi Senatus: One Comitium organised a visit to a prison with 31 legionaries participating and during the four and a half hour visit they tried to meet with as many as possible of the 3,000 inmates, 655 of whom are minors. A letter of gratitude was sent to Concilium for the trust that has been shown in the ratification of the Senatus.

Mauritius Regia: All Regia officers and officers from 2 Comitia, 4 Curiae (including 1 junior Curia) and 11 praesidia attended the January meeting. The Acies is fixed for 26th March at Loreto Convent, Curepipe. The usual works of consolation e.g. visiting nursing homes are carried out. Msgr. Maurice Piat CSSP, Bishop of Port Louis was congratulated on his elevation to Cardinal.

Senatus of Kigali: Many councils report that a high number of their legionaries are aged 18 to 45. One Comitium has 37 attached praesidia, 30 Curiae, 12 praesidia in Secondary Schools and 8 junior praesidia totalling 5,500 legionaries. Some councils need to be split or raised to a higher status. Among the works are prison, hospital and auxiliary visitation and they also contact street girls and street children. The Senatus website, which is in French and the local language, got over 1,000 visits in one month.

Osaka Senatus: A praesidium inTamastsukuri Church had its 3,000th meeting in July 2016. Fr. Masakawa spoke spoke of how, when first asked by the Bishop to become a Spiritual Director, he was assured that the laity had woken up to their responsibilities and were assisting their priests to make the apostolate more fruitful. A Curia in Ikona Church has 5 praesidia, 5 Korean and 1 Japanese. Works include Sunday school, visiting hospitals and nursing homes. Takatsuki Church praesidium celebrated its1500th meeting with former members and Spiritual Directors. Their works include, reading for the visually impaired, and visiting the sick with the Blessed Eucharist. Kohri praesidium delivers religious magazines to the lapsed and cared for an elderly lady until her death’

Kuala Lumpor Regia: Works include visitation of the aged, sick, bereaved families and the lapsed. A lapsed lady, seeing the devotion of legionaries visiting her mother, returned to the Church. A couple had their marriage regularised in the Catholic Church. Legionaries organised Pilgrimages to Holy Door Churches in the Year of Mercy. Various councils reported works of home and hospital visitation, visits to orphanages, Bible study, teaching catechism, Sunday school, attending wakes and funerals. They also attended a ‘walk of faith’ for people of different faiths.

Singapore Senatus reported a growing number of dedicated legionaries who served as active members for decades and are now on the auxiliary roll due to various illnesses. Reports were received from 4 Comitia in East Malaysia, plus from English and Chinese-speaking Curiae in Brunei. A junior Curia has 16 praesidia, 7 in St. Patrick’s School, 7 in St. Joseph’s Institution, 1 in Canossian School and 1 in the Convent of Holy Infant Jesus. Their works include, assisting at Secondary School Retreats, a Pilgrimage to the Holy Door and leading morning prayers. Two gave talks on the Legion at another school; they organised an outreach programme and a Legion camp outing.

Seoul Senatus: Chuncheon Regia has a total of 4,040 members, including 46 juniors and 4,331 auxiliaries. A praesidium visiting people living alone reported 3 people aged 84-89 years old being baptised. Nowan Comitium has 1,079 members and 2,293 auxiliaries. 100 attended a Retreat for Presidents.

Daegeon Regia has 15,877 members and 532 juniors; they recorded 2,594 Baptisms. A University praesidium has 12 members. East Seoul Regia recorded 3,691 Baptisms, including a 103 year-old lady and her son. Mid Seoul Regia has a total of 12,271 members, plus 272 juniors and 2,004 Praetorians. A lady lapsed for 40 years returned to Confession, bringing a lapsed friend back with her to the Sacraments.

Gwangiu Senatus: A Comitium in Haenan was commended that in spite of a decreasing population, 45 people were baptised, 42 joined the Legion and 2 praesidia were set up. The Spiritual Director said that without the Legion the Church would be in a difficult situation. Busan Regia recruited 50,000 catechumens and recorded 3,672 Baptisms. Jeonju Regia recruited over 25,000 catechumens and recorded 3,672 Baptisms. 59 out of 126 Curiae in Jeonju Regia held Congresses.

Daegu Senatus: Yonggye Comitium formed a new praesidium of military personnel. Three youth legionary Pilgrimages to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Legion in Daegu had an attendance of 703. A big increase in junior membership was reported. The Senatus has requested that each council should visit institutions where abandoned people live. Each Comitium was asked to conduct an annual audit each December. Andong Regia reported 72 returns to the Sacraments. Daehae Comitium reported 82 Baptisms.

Malang Senatus: Visitation of councils and praesidia is on-going. Works include, visitation of the old, the blind and sick and cleaning of their homes, also visiting prisons and an orphanage. Auxiliaries are visited. Catechumens are prepared for Baptism and Confirmation. A new junior praesidium has been set up in a Secondary School and a number of other junior and senior praesidia, plus 2 new Curiae have been established.

Jakarta Senatus: Councils and praesidia are visited. One council reported a meeting held each month with young people where the Rosary is recited; as a result, some of the youths are interested in joining the Legion. Help is given in one parish to clean a grotto; also a catechism quiz is held.

Taiwan Senatus reported the setting up of 10 new praesidia; these are looked after by older praesidia until they are fully developed. Legionaries are very conscious of Praetorian, auxiliary and Adjutorian membership; this is reflected in the large numbers of such membership. Home, hospital and nursing home visitation is carried out extensively, also street contact, especially in shopping malls and transport outlets. All aspects of parish work are undertaken.



Carlow Comitium: Graiguecullen praesidium has 8 members and 10 auxiliaries. Works include nursing home and Pilgrim statue visitation. In one nursing home some residents indicated that they would like to have the Sacrament of Confession. Five schools in the area were visited over the 3 month period. On Saturday 11th February a joint officers meeting was held in Portlaoise comprising 3 officers of the Comitium, 3 officers of Kildare Curia, 4 officers of Laois Curia, the Concilium Correspondent and Concilium Officer in charge of Ireland. The Comitium has 5 praesidia with 23 members. Laois Curia has 4 praesidia with 25 members and Kildare Curia has 5 praesidia with 26 members. The 3 councils are conscious of the need for extension and efforts are on-going in each council. Home visitation is being done in the 3 areas but not on a regular basis. Visitation of Primary Schools is carried out extensively and Kildare legionaries have been given permission to speak to 6th year students.

Elphin Comitium: Our Lady of Aparacida praesidium, composed of Brazilians, presented their report in January. They have 10 members and 12 auxiliaries. They organise a house Rosary in a different home of the community each week where members of the community gather to pray and socialize. They organise the Brazilian Mass twice monthly and a recent addition is a men’s Rosary where men only gather to pray the Rosary. The praesidium also has a weekly Bible Study group. Another initiative, a Catholic meeting for Brazilians held by the Roscommon community and joined by other nearby communities had 180 at their last meeting including 10 persons of other religions.
North Elphin Curia: A great amount of street contact was done by legionaries in Sligo with a very good reception. Legionaries from one praesidium commented that from 382 homes visited many didn’t know where the Church was. One lady enrolled in the RCIA course and one new auxiliary was recruited.

Tuam Comitium: There are 10 senior praesidia with 48 members and one intermediate praesidium with 7 members. Westport Curia has 46 members in 7 senior praesidia and 17 members in 2 junior praesidia, Claremorris Curia has 6 senior praesidia with 37 members and 5 junior praesidia with 100 members. A Vigil was held in October in Knock Shrine and was very well attended. Glenamaddy praesidium has 20 auxiliaries. Home visitation is done with 2 Fatima statues. The Rosary and Consecration of the family to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary are promoted. The Fatima statue was taken to the Primary School in May. Corofin praesidium has 56 auxiliaries. Works include home visitation with the Fatima statue and new residents are welcomed to the parish. A senior citizen’s party was held on November 27th at which the Miraculous Medal was explained and offered to those interested. One member is an officer in the intermediate praesidium in the Presentation College, Tuam. An intermediate member received the Papal Cross award from Archbishop Neary at Knock Shrine in November.


Achonry Curia: Swinford praesidium has 35 auxiliaries. House to house and hospital visitation are undertaken. Four people have signed the form in the Adoration Chapel in Charlestown as willing to get involved in the Legion and one person has come forward. Msgr. Johnson attended a Curia meeting.

Clonfert Curia: The November Curia meeting was held in Alfie Lambe’s house in Tullamore and was followed by the Annual Reunion. A very inspiring talk was given by a legionary who knew Alfie. A praesidium in Loughrea has 5 members, 2 of whom are Praetorians and 20 auxiliaries. The apostolate includes visitation of nursing homes, the housebound and those living alone. Transport is provided for bringing people to Mass. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is organised weekly. Cappataggle praesidium has 8 members and 15 auxiliaries. During the month of May a Legion altar was erected in the Church sanctuary during which efforts were made to recruit new members.

Ferns Curia: A praesidium with 8 members distributes Catholic newspapers, organises the Eucharistic Adoration rota and public Rosaries.

Galway Curia: Ballinfoyle praesidium has 5 members and 14 auxiliaries. Many of those met on home visitation have no interest in attending Mass. Miraculous Medals are distributed. On a call back they were delighted to hear that one young man had returned to Mass. The Legion had a stall at the Christmas Market and gave out 900 Miraculous Medals.

Killala Curia: An Exploratio Dominicalis Project in Ballina had 20 legionaries taking part in it. They visited 160 homes and encouraged the lapsed Catholics to return to practice. Patricians on the subject of “Purgatory” had an attendance of 10 and “Putting Christ Back into Christmas” had an attendance of 13. A praesidium in Knockmore parish has 5 members who do nursing home and hospital visitation as well as assisting in the parish. They have 100 auxiliary members. The First Saturday devotions were due to start in the Cathedral in January with the juniors leading the mysteries of the Rosary.


Ancilla Domini Curia: A praesidium of 7 members including 1 Praetorian and 36 verified auxiliaries has as its main work crowd contact each Saturday in Temple Bar. Many young people are contacted; the Miraculous Medal and Rosary beads are explained and distributed. They also speak to the young people about Confession and direct them to the Blessed Sacrament Church where there is Eucharistic adoration. They also do home visitation. The praesidium has 2 Concilium correspondents. At the February meeting the Curia had a very fruitful discussion on recruiting and discussed ways of making more use of Myra House. A recruiting drive is planned for March.

Benedicta Curia: Our Lady of Mercy which was the first Legion of Mary praesidium presented its 95th annual report at the January Curia meeting. The praesidium has 19 auxiliary members and had 7 visitors to the praesidium during the year. They do home to home visitation and deliver the Pilgrim statue to some houses and flats. One contact credits Our Lady of Fatima with helping her to give up smoking and alcohol. The Rosary is recited each Wednesday evening at Our Lady’s statue. Regular visits are made to the psychiatric unit of St James Hospital.

Holy Spirit Curia: A discussion took place at the January meeting about planning for the 5 attached praesidia. It was suggested that more Fatima statue visitation take place to promote the Centenary celebrations, devotion to the First Saturday and to show the Fatima DVD at coffee mornings. This Curia has a Frank Duff and Edel Quinn meeting each month. A praesidium has restarted. The Curia will hold a joint Congress with Immaculata Curia in March.

Gloriosa Curia: A praesidium does home visitation, street contact work, visits Glenaulin nursing home weekly and Clover Hill prison once a month. They organise a monthly Venerable Edel Quinn prayer meeting, organise the Rosary at the Grotto on the Fridays in May and October. On some Sundays they erect a Legion altar outside the Church and contact people before and after Mass. On St. Patrick’s Day and also on 4th December, feast of St. Nicholas they organise tea and refreshments for parishioners after Mass in the parish centre. Efforts are continuing to set up the Legion in another parish. 33 parishioners in Leixlip Parish undertook the 33 Days preparation for the True Devotion to Mary.

Annunciata Curia: A praesidium of 5 members including 2 Praetorians and 29 auxiliary members promote the Pioneers and sell Catholic newspaper on Sunday mornings. The praesidium also does home and auxiliary visitation. 42 Patricians and 11 legionaries attended 5 Patrician meetings. A book barrow is taken out in once a month. A very good discussion on the role and development of officers was held at the December Curia meeting. Firstly, the importance of attending the monthly Curia meeting was stressed and also that Curia is a School for Officers. Efforts to re-start the UCD praesidium are on-going.

Assumpta Curia: A praesidium of 7 members, including 1 Praetorian, 6 auxiliary members and 4 Adjutorians run the parish book shop and the Patricians. Among their contacts was a young Chinese lady who had purchased a Children’s Bible for her son and returned to ask if there was a Baptism Group in Chinese. 45 Patricians and 15 legionaries attended four Patrician meetings.

Immaculata Curia: A praesidium of 5 members, including 2 Praetorians do home to home visitation and deliver 50 copies of Maria Legionis to auxiliary members. They have an outreach to people with special needs. 33 Patricians and 29 legionaries attended 8 Patrician meetings. The Curia had an outreach at a shopping centre encouraging people to go to Confession for Christmas. On hearing of the Parable of the lost sheep, one person who hadn’t been to Confession for years, agreed to go.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia: Cribs were displayed in 3 shopping centres on 3, 12 and 13 Decembers and times of Reconciliation Services in nearby Churches were distributed. On 23 December times of Christmas Masses were distributed. Curia members supported the prayers for Christian Unity held each day in the Church of the Carmelites in Kilmacud.

Our Lady of Fatima Curia: At the request of the Parish Priest this Curia will carry out a day long visitation of all the homes in the parish with a view to encouraging families and parishioners to attend Mass. The Curia had a discussion on “Control of the work by the praesidium.”

Buenos Aires Senatus: The Comitium of General Pico is preparing very well for their official visitation from the Senatus. They have made out a list of projects and questions they intend to discuss with the visitors. The body of the Senatus proposed and agreed that a finance committee composed of legionaries would be set up. Sister Isabel, one of the notaries for Alfie Lambe’s Cause, had a meeting with the Postulator, Fr. Califano in Rome.

Cordoba Senatus: One of the two city Comitia report visiting nursing homes and showing religious films. They also visit homes with a statue of Our Lady. The legionaries give pre-baptismal and pre-marriage talks. Children with learning difficulties are helped and illiterate adults taught to read and write.

Salta Senatus: One Curia has three Patrician groups. Most of their junior legionaries pass into adult praesidia on reaching 18 years of age. Home visitation is done on a wide scale as well as visits to local shops. Young legionaries doing their military service have been able to continue their active membership in praesidia where they are stationed. The former President of the Legion Youth group in the Senatus has gone to Madrid to study. The Legion in Madrid has been a real family to her on her first time to leave home. Corrientes Regia: The Legion in Goya, a town 200 km. south of Corrientes, has grown in recent years from one Curia to a Comitium of five Curiae. A praesidium in Roque Saenz Pena continues to meet during afternoon siesta hours, even in the heat of summer, because their work hours prevent any other meeting time.

Belem Senatus: Return visits were made to homes of eight Protestants. A Curia organised preparation for the True devotion to Mary of St. Louis de Montfort.
Belo Horizonte Senatus: Reports show visits to a prison bringing the image of Our Lady from cell to cell, conversing with inmates and reading the Bible to them. Over one thousand visits were made to the sick in their homes, providing domestic services. Legionaries prayed the Rosary with members of the homeless community living on the streets. One person was very thankful and has returned to his family; he is now working and frequents Church.

Fortaleza Senatus: Reports show the Baptism of 150 children and 18 adults, First Communion of 311 children, Confirmation of 11 children and 18 couples receiving the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Ponta Grossa Senatus: Three praesidia were founded, including two of young people. Legionaries promoted the Pilgrim statue visit to hospitals and public services. They formed 128 groups of reflection. There were 226 Enthronements of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in homes.

Recife Senatus: 400 young legionaries from the three relevant States took part in a Senatus Conference held in a town of the State of Alagoas. The Bishop and three Spiritual Directors took part. 18 priests took part in a meeting for Spiritual Directors. Also present was Bishop Edson, representative of the Brazilian hierarchy to the Legion.

Senatus of Rio de Janeiro: An apostolate is directed to couples preparing to take part in celebrations of communal marriages. The Regia of Niteroi reports recitation of the Rosary in barracks of the Military Police. A member from Western Amazonia is helping with extension in the central Amazonian capital, Manaus. Young members are taking a more prominent part in Senatus activities.

Salvador Senatus: Araci Curia and Maragogipe Comitium held Congresses. The Senatus promoted the State Meeting of Officers of Curiae, Comitia and Regiae, from 11 to 13 November. They organised the Legionary Youth State Meeting with 48 young people from the interior of the State of Salvador da Bahia and some young people from a Curia in Águas Claras. The purpose of this meeting was to organise the Legionary Youth Secretariat. 21 persons, including active and auxiliary legionaries in the Aracaju Regia/SE and other lay people, made the total consecration to Our Lady according to St. Louis Marie de Montfort on the day of the Nativity of Our Lady.

Santa Maria Senatus: The correspondent, on concluding a visit, was given a copy of the Minutes of all the last two years’ meetings. A weekend Retreat for young members is planned for March.

São Luís Senatus: There were 11,319 visits to families with 4,270 return visits to families with problems. 120 were prepared for Baptism; 31 for First Holy Communion; 12 for Confirmation and 4 for the Sacrament of Matrimony.

São Paulo Senatus: A Comitium in Matão through home visitation contacted 200 practising Catholics and 150 non-practising; 30 Protestants; 15 spiritualists and 20 of other religions. The Senatus hosted the meeting of officers of higher councils in Brazil in the Frank Duff House of Formation in Mogi das Cruzes prior to the dedication of the Church there under the title of Nossa Senhora das Graças on Sunday 29 January 2017 by the Bishop of Mogi das Cruzes, Dom Pedro Luiz, who was Chief Celebrant at the Mass. Also concelebrating were Dom Edson Castro Homem, Bishop of Iguatu/CE, Liaison to the Legion from the Bishops’ Conference, and several priests. There was a large attendance of legionaries. It was a great joy to have present, also, Bro. Luiz Inácio Machiavelli, a former Treasurer of the Senatus. Regia of Brasilia: A person suffering from depression received 24 hour attention from legionaries on ten occasions. In the distant town of Araquatins, in the State of Tocantins, legionaries coordinate the pastoral programme for children. Several officers attended the São Paulo Conference and showed eagerness to accept guidance from Concilium representatives.


The new edition of the German Handbook is being distributed. A meeting for priests was held on 20 January. Reports were received from 10 attached Curiae and 4 Comitia. Works include home and prison visitation, also contact with lapsed and homeless people. A student praesidium and a junior praesidium both had to split because of big numbers. A woman has converted from Buddhism. A woman with cancer was brought to the Sacraments before she died.

CZECH Republic
Prague Comitium plan a new Curia from some of their 14 directly attached praesidia. Olmuetz Comitium, with the help of Hollabrunn Comitium is organising a Retreat for street girls.

Sr. Elizabeth Kriss aided by other Austrian legionaries spent a very fruitful 7 weeks in Ukraine: Councils were visited; A Summer School was organised; A P.P.C. project was held in Kiev; The Legion was promoted in the Greek Catholic Church and steps were taken to split the African Students’ Curia because of high numbers of legionaries. Visits were made to Zhitomir Comitium, 3 Curiae and 4 praesidia.

Regular visit are made to their 8 praesidia.

The officers of the new Curia in Svischtov have been ratified.

Zselic Comitium organised bicycle trips for young people. Tranava Curia: 150 went on Pilgrimage and 37 from 6 praesidia attended the Annual Reunion.

The Senatus organised a Training School for the Legion in Bucharest Curia.

Extension efforts continue; 2 new junior praesidia were established. Some of the works undertaken – Visitation of sick and elderly parishioners, visits to nursing homes with the priest, veterans’ homes, preparing residents for Confession. They also visit the construction site of a Church building. Legionaries were encouraged to set up prayer groups entitled “Love, Truth, and Release” with encouragement from Archbishop Kondruseivich. Bishop Josef Stanevsky of Grodno attended the December Comitium meeting, thanked the legionaries for their work and encouraged them in their devotion to Our Blessed Lady and the Rosary. News is awaited of the setting up of the 2nd Comitium in Baranovichi.

Zagreb Regia and Councils under caretakership: The 65th anniversary of the Legion in Croatia was celebrated with a Pilgrimage to the Croatian Martyrs Shrine in Udbina. There was an attendance of 800, which included 11 priests and the retired Bishop of the Diocese. 2 Comitia, 6 directly attached Curiae and 7 directly attached praesidia are covered by this report. Excellent apostolic work is being done. A praesidium in Zagreb reported 441 people receiving the Sacraments following encouragement by legionaries. Some other fruits of the apostolate mentioned were 3 returns to the Sacraments after 30 years and a couple married after 50 years.

Sarajevo Curia: This Curia has 7 praesidia, all engaged in home and hospital visitation.

Three Officers were appointed by the Regia to the new praesidium in the town of Grosuplje.

Budapest Regia: Reports were received from 5 Comitia, 10 Curiae and 7 praesidia. One praesidium of 10 members was set up. Bishop Antal Spanyll was visited and permission sought to extend in his Diocese which has 3 praesidia attached to the Regia. Legionaries in Nagybatony Comitium helped 47 children to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. They organised Pilgrimages to Hungary’s National Marian Shrine in which 400 walking pilgrims took part.

LATVIA: A praesidium in Riga is coming across a lot of Jehovah Witnesses in the course of home visitation. The Miraculous Medal is promoted. A recently formed discussion Group for young people continues with attendances from 6-10. A praesidium of 7 in Rezekne Curia visit the sick and housebound and take 4 elderly people to Mass each Sunday. They hold a public Rosary each Friday in June with attendances of 20. Liepaja Curia has 2 praesidia. The Comitium has organised recruiting drives for March.

Kaunas Comitium: has 3 attached Curiae and Telsai Comitium has 2 attached Curiae. Much visitation to homes, hospital, nursing homes and Mental Institutions is carried out. The Rosary is recited at funerals, a service for which families have been particularly thankful. In their outreach to the homeless they give out phone numbers of shelters and encourage prayer and return to Mass. The sick, elderly and aged are visited; where necessary works of service are done and visits of the priests arranged. The legionaries are responsible for numerous returns to the Sacraments, some after periods ranging from 20-50 years. 3 adults between 40-50 years prepared for 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation. A Legion stand erected in a shopping centre in November attracted great attention and Patricians meetings in Kaunas drew large attendances.

Warsaw: A Praga praesidium distributed 115 Miraculous Medals in the course of street contact. Much of the rest of their apostolate seems to centre on conducting Rosary Circles of which there are 100 in the parish. Praesidia reporting at Warsaw-Metro Curia had good numbers of auxiliaries for which they conduct bi-monthly meetings. Other apostolates mentioned were visiting the sick and Church work.
Lublin Regia: 4 new praesidia were set up. Their apostolate comprises contact with the lapsed and instructing their children for the Sacraments, contacting drug addicts, alcoholics, cohabiting couples and Jehovah Witnesses. The Legion in Poland is represented on The National Council of Catholic Movements.

Satu Mare Regia: Legionaries visit the sick and housebound and arrange for them to receive the Sacraments.