Concilium Bulletin December 2022



MADRID SENATUS: Brs. Pat O’Donoghue and Noel Lynch attended the Closing Centenary Ceremony of the Madrid Senatus. The members shared the occasion over two busy days with the wonderful legionaries of the three Senatus in Spain. They conveyed the greetings of the Concilium and shared the main topics of the closing of the Legion Centenary year. Included in their suggestions were recruiting for the Legion amongst the huge South American immigration, many of whom are now legionaries in Spain. The Cardinal concelebrated the Mass with over 15 Spiritual Directors. Among the many messages the Cardinal said, “Come back, the people are waiting for you.” This was an invitation to restart the Legion meetings and apostolic works post pandemic. Apart from their street contacts in the red light area and youth street contacts, they mentioned inviting the Orthodox to join the Legion, Apostolate to the Seafarers, long distant truck drivers, circus visitation.


ROME SENATUS: The Senatus now has the Concilium bulletin translated into Italian each month by Sr. Clelia Corteggiani. It is circulated to all attached councils and praesidia. Sr. Clelia has been translating the Concilium correspondence recently also. Some praesidia indicated recruitment of new members, however a praesidium in an attached Curia closed and the remaining members enrolled as auxiliary members in another praesidium. Two praesidium lead two outdoor rosaries in different areas. Mass for the close of the Centenary was celebrated with a good attendance. There are still a number of officerships at council and praesidia to be filled.

Milan Regia: The Regia is planning to have a meeting in December to see how many are active members. In Genova there are just two praesidia holding meetings. In Torino there is a Filipino Praesidium and a Curia in Asti. In Pavia there are two praesidia who are also holding meetings. Elections are due to be held in January for the four officers of the Regia.


Lisbon Senatus: The apostolate of directly attached praesidia teach catechises, accompany people to medical appointments, daily evangelisation for Jehovah Witnesses, literacy classes, teaching to read and write.

In Coimbra Regia two priests were contacted in the Diocese of Coimbra and one in Leiria. A new praesidium has been set up in the shrine of Our Lady of Fatima.

The Comitium of Leiria closed the Centenary with Mass concelebrated by four Priests and attended by members of all the praesidia. The annual outing to the shrine of Nossa Senhora was attended by two priests who celebrated the Eucharist at the Shrine. Ninety two legionaries participated.

Legionaries in the Comitium of Evora have recommenced home visitation.


Malta Regia: Attendances at the Regia are continuing to grow each month. During their summer outings two Curiae had a talk on Alfie Lambe and distributed his prayer leaflet.

Praesidia Reports:
Mary, Mother of Hope praesidium reported many good works of service during the Pandemic when the normal apostolate was not permitted. Home to home visitation resumed where eighty families were visited with the Pilgrim Statue. Auxiliary members were visited and were invited to consider active membership. Four accepted, but for health reasons only one attends the weekly meeting. The Praesidium is responsible for organising an hour of Adoration each week.

Curiae Reports:
Hope of the World Curia reported good membership in all of its seven praesidia. The legionaries have a good outreach to those of other faiths and none. A Hindu and a Syrian were instructed by the legionaries and have received Baptism and Confirmation by the Archbishop. The children of a non-practising family were brought to confession.

Mother of the Maltese Nation Curia had 28 in attendance at a day retreat. Home visitation, visitation of Auxiliaries, Catechises classes and the Patricians are included in the apostolate.

Mother of God Curia: The legion banner was displayed in each of the parishes for a week during the centenary. Contact with tourists, promotion of the Rosary and aftercare of auxiliaries are included in the apostolate

Malta Regia: – Countries under Caretakership –


A monthly report is received by the Malta correspondent but it does not give a clear picture of what is happening. The number of members has dwindled and many elderly legionaries have left the legion. A visit planned for August 2022 had to be cancelled due to an upsurge of Covid in both Countries. A visit for 2023 will be discussed.


Limassol: Our Lady of Immaculate Conception praesidium celebrated 25 years of legionary service during mass in St. Catherine’s Church on the 11th December 2022. The Legion in Nicosia with three praesidia have each suffered a significant loss in membership with many unwilling to accept the role of officer. This was learned in frank discussions with the Correspondent during a meeting on the 4th December 2022. Efforts have commenced to support and assist the legionaries in the immediate future. The Correspondent met with the newly appointed Vicar General of Cyprus Fr. Bruno Varriano of the Franciscan Order who spent some time in Merchants Quay. His appointment commenced on the 8th December 2022.



Toronto Senatus report that Ottawa Regia have 13 praesidia and one juniors. They had 100 on a retreat and plan a door to door project throughout the city. Newfoundland Curia has 5 praesidia meeting and their RCIA classes resumed.

Mississauga Comitium has 8 praesidia and two Curiae. In one Parish a Legion project invited 56 contacts back to Church. Their Pastor is very supportive to the juniors and takes part in their contact work.

Montreal Senatus had an average of 50% attendance for the 14 attached praesidia present. In September, they affiliated a new praesidium of 7 members, including 4 officers. The 5 attached Curiae include Moncton, Sherbrooke and St. Hyacinthe, a Korean Curia with 35 active members and an English speaking Curia with 80 active members. Quebec Comitium struggles to survive at present.

Edmonton Comitium, who also supervises the Legion in Calgary, resumed meetings in August 2022. In October they held 3 first term officer elections and ran a Congress. They have 4 attached Curia; 2 English and 2 Korean speaking. In Calgary the English speaking Curia has 116 active members while its Korean Curia has 57 members.

Vancouver Comitium: A Columban Drive in August resulted in signing up 6 active and 34 auxiliary members. Praesidia at the Cathedral plan to move to adjoining parishes in January 2023 so as to support and grow the Legion Apostolate there. In their Closing Centenary Mass in September, Archbishop Miller described the Legion of Mary as a gift.



The Senatus of Haiti: They suffered a lot as a result of earthquakes in 2010 and again in 2021 as well as Covid19. They are in need handbooks and altar equipment supplies. They also need help to restore 2 Legion houses. Despite the loss of some praesidia, they persevere. Due to their excellent planning their Closing Centenary Celebration in September was a wonderful spiritual and cultural occasion. They now plan their own 75th anniversary in 2025.


Santo Domingo Senatus reported praesidia lost due to Covid. However, some parishes have requested a praesidium. Local Legionaries in San Pedro Santana were uplifted by a project involving 10 from the USA accompanied by the Senatus Officers.

Santiago de los Cabelleros Senatus are encouraging attached councils to resume meetings. Some works include catechesis, prison visitation and rosary recitals in homes and open-air. In a discussion they highlighted three qualities which every legionary should develop – loyalty, courage and obedience.


Trinidad and Tobago Regia had an excellent article on their Centenary Children’s Art Competition published in the latest Maria Legionis.


Philadelphia Senatus had many good reports. In Holy Family Curia, they have 5 adult and 10 junior praesidia who work together successfully. The Lebanese Curia in Harrisburg Comitium host a Patrician group and took part in their St. Patrick‘s Day parade. They staffed 2 Legion Tables at 2 fairs. Legionaries in Trenton organised a Corpus Christi procession as a powerful witness.

Chicago Senatus: The Spanish Comitium has two Curiae attached, with 11 and 14 praesidia respectively, amounting to 206 active and 578 auxiliary members. Catechesis in parishes, assisting at funerals and Pilgrim Statue visitation are the predominant works. In 1 Curia, they had 4 returns to Church and a Jehovah Witness is preparing to convert. The Korean Comitium has 207 members. They prepare parishioners for the sacraments; 7 were baptised. In July, 40 attended a Legion Congress.

San Francisco Senatus: Out of its 13 directly attached praesidia, only 6 are nearby; these had about 30% attendance at Senatus. There are 8 Curiae and 7 Comitia attached. There are 15 correspondents. New praesidia are being formed in Anchorage, Alaska and Santa Rosa.

Cincinnati Senatus is ensuring the various ecclesiastical approvals necessary for its restructuring are being sought. They will offer the gift of a Handbook to a group of Seminarians. The booklet “The Priest and the Legion” will be sent to all 57 pastors in the Archdiocese. Extension efforts in Ohio, Nashville, Detroit and Knoxville gave a total of 5 new praesidia.

Boston Senatus, with 10 attached praesidia, struggles with attendance; only 12-15 Officers present. Extension shows a new praesidium in New Bedford and Providence. New Bedford Curia hosts a weekly book barrow and did home visitation in 3 towns.

Houston Senatus celebrated the 90th anniversary of the first praesidium in the USA, in Raton, New Mexico. One praesidium recruited 9 new auxiliary members and 2 active members at the parish ministries fair. A correspondent was appointed for Belize where a Pastor has been working diligently to restart their praesidia. A visit is planned for Spring 2023.

St Louis Senatus reported on Hospital and Nursing Homes Visitation; one lady received the last rites before she died. All praesidia care for a good number of Auxiliaries. Some fruits from a wide range of works included 2 Baptisms, 5 returned after long absences to the Church and 3 new praesidia formed. A junior praesidium strung miraculous medals and made 9,000 Rosaries.

Los Angeles reported on a PPC project. Praesidia need much encouragement to resume meetings and reports.

Arlington Regia had a Centenary closing ceremony in October and a PPC to Banica in August. They held clergy appreciation dinner in September. Their contact work at Arlington Fair reached 472 contacts; 162 rosaries and 157 medals were distributed. The Spanish version of Insights of a Legion of Mary Priest was printed.

Miami Regia had reports from 2 praesidia and 10 attached councils this quarter. Being unable to elect officers, Jacksonville Comitium closed. St. Petersburg Comitium, with 8 praesidia and 4 Curia attached, did home and hospital visitation, crowd contact and prayed at wakes and funerals.



Thurles Comitium reported a new praesidium of seven members in Tipperary. Oola praesidium has five members. The legionaries were well received in Littleton where efforts are being made to start a new praesidium. In Murroe Curia five of the fifteen Parishes in the Curia have the legion. Membership is small in each of the five praesidia. In Tipperary Curia two praesidia reported the membership of seven and three . The apostolate includes distribution of Miraculous Medals and Church cleaning. Two praesidia that amalgamated with twelve members have three pilgrim statues on home visitation to families. The praesidium in Thurles plan to visit the primary school with the Pilgrim statue.

Cork Comitium: The only work being undertaken by a praesidium of five members is recitation of the Rosary before Mass and at the Grotto. Regular work has not yet resumed. Another praesidium recites the Rosary at various Grottos and on one occasion did contact work prior to the Rosary with good results. The Edel Quinn group has restarted with six non legionaries and a Priest attending. Efforts to start a praesidium in UCC are ongoing. Queen of Peace Curia have three praesidia. Home visitation has resumed. Culture night was supported and public rosaries in Turners Cross are planned.

Cloyne Comitium has fourteen praesidia which includes the two attached Curiae. Since Covid, the Comitium has lost eight praesidia. Works being carried out are Fatima Statue visitation, Rosaries in nursing homes and two Spanish speaking legionaries do great work in Cobh Cathedral promoting the Miraculous Medal. West Cloyne Curia has three praesidia and have not been holding Curia meetings.

Kerry Comitium: Contact has been made with Priests in the area of Kenmare and they are happy to start the legion when the PP has recovered from illness. A praesidium in Killarney has 15 active members and four probationers. They bring the Pilgrim statue to homes each week. They gave the statue to pupils in the school who were encouraged to bring it home to promote family prayer. A faith camp for children was held which included daily Mass, Adoration and Confession . Eighty one children attended with thirty one young adults helping out. The first meeting of a new praesidium held in August in Tralee was established by Sr. Louise Hanlon following recruiting and help from other legionaries. The praesidium is doing contact work in local parks and reciting the Rosary there.

Mid-Clare Comitium has not be meeting for some time due to illness and legionaries who were unable to return following Covid. In Ennis there is a praesidium of nine members and a Spiritual Director. In September permission was given by the Parish Priest to do street contact and later home visitation.


Waterford Curia organised a five day event to honour the centenary of the legion from 5th to 9th of September. There was Mass each night. The Mass had a different theme each night and a legionary gave a brief talk after Holy Communion. On Our Lady’s birthday there was a special Rosary procession through the town carrying the statue of Our Lady. On entering the church Bishop Cullinan blessed the statue aided by Fr. John Harris. Bishop Cullinan gave a lovely homily on the legion of Mary and Frank Duff.

Lismore Curia has two praesidia attached. Reports from these two praesidia will be taken in early 2023. The November Mass for Deceased legionaries has been offered and plans made for their Christmas Social event.

Limerick Curia: Curia meetings have resumed with small attendance in June and July. A praesidium of four members have started their meetings in the home of one of the legionaries.

Ross Curia: There are seven praesidia in the Curia and all but one have resumed normal meetings. Two praesidia have gained new members - one got three and the other got two. There was an attendance of seventeen at the October Curia meeting. The Curia Officerships which expired during lock-down have now been filled.

Birr Roscrea: Seven praesidia in the Curia are now holding their meetings including one in Borrisekane. The praesidium in Roscrea town have started home visitation. There is no praesidium now in Birr. The Curia would appreciate some outside help to restart the legion in this big urban area.


Gloriosa Curia: Recruitment drives were held recently in Lucan, Straffan and St. Mathews Ballyfermot. Efforts are continuing to establish a praesidium in Straffan. The first meeting was held and there is one person interested. Centenary Masses were celebrated in Inchicore, Palmerstown, Celbridge, Maynooth, Bluebell and Straffan. A praesidium organised a public Children’s rosary during May which was attended by 20-25 children each week plus their parents. A poster of the 15 promises of Our Lady to those who pray the Rosary has been put up permanently in the grotto at Palmerstown church, and is clearly visible from the road. The Curia Reunion was held on 4th December.

Benedicta Curia: One presidium attends a weekly public rosary. Three Presidia and also members of Junior Curia are now taking part in Street contact at the shopping centre in Rialto. Two members are manning a book barrow and six other members are now doing street contact. One member spoke to a group of five young men (aged about 16 years). One chap told the member that his mother was killed in a car crash three years ago. The member explained the story of the miraculous medal and they all accepted them and put them around their necks there and then. One member spoke to a man from Romania, he said that he is Orthodox, but his wife is Catholic. He was asked if he would like to be Catholic, he said that it is just the same. He listened to the story of the miraculous medal and accepted medals for himself and his family.

Ancilla Domini Curia: The Curia visit to Frank Duff’s grave in Glasnevin Cemetery took place in August. The legion prayers and rosary were recited. Every Saturday a group of legionaries engages in street contact in the Temple Bar area. A book barrow is used containing Catholic literature. All nationalities are met there. The legionaries distribute miraculous medals, rosary beads and prayer cards. The three causes are promoted. People are encouraged to say the rosary and always wear the miraculous medal. Membership of the legion is mentioned and also the possibility of becoming an auxiliary member. At the conclusion a public rosary is said by legionaries and members of the public have joined in at times. A member of a praesidium carries out his apostolate in the Morning Star hostel. A new praesidium has recently been started in Bawnogue.

Annunciata Curia: At the last Curia meeting, since there was no preasidium report, members had a discussion under the heading ‘How we can increase our membership and help with the synodal pathway’. The following suggestions were made:- 1) Hold a Patrician style meeting in the Legion House and explain the faith to people, 2) Carry out more street contact, explaining the messages of Knock and Fatima, 3) When doing contact work, ask people if they believe in an afterlife, 4)Suggest to people that they watch EWTN.

Mary Spouse Of The Holy Spirit Curia: The praesidium in Firhouse organised an Advent gathering in their parish church on December 6th. Fifteen parishioners attended. The programme included:- Opening prayer to the Holy Spirit; a short reflection from the Jesuit booklet Sacred Space; the history and symbolism of the Advent Wreath; lighting of the candles, followed by a short discussion. It ended with reading of and reflection on the following Sunday’s Gospel.

Assumpta Curia: A praesidium carries out weekly home visitation and recruited four new members - three of which left before taking their promise. The fourth new member has taken the promise. Another praesidium also carries out weekly home visitation, most recently in a large flat complex where there are many social problems. The praesidium also does Statue visitation. Talks are ongoing with some parents to form a junior praesidium.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia: A praesidium has 6 full members, and all officerships are filled. The Parish baptism team is made up solely of legionaries. This work entails preparation meetings with parents and godparents, where legionaries go through the rite explanation each stage of the ceremony. Legionaries emphasize the importance of carrying out the promises they make to bring up their child in the faith. All the children baptized and their families are invited for a special blessing at the crib at Christmas. Baptisms are celebrated singly for each family hence the baptism team is in constant demand. The praesidium has been supporting Eucharistic Adoration in a nearby parish. Legionaries contacted all 95 adorers in the parish and organised a recruitment drive with the support of the Dublin Diocesan Eucharistic Committee. The intention was that a new parish Adoration committee would be formed but due to lack of volunteers it reverted to the legion. Another praesidium in the Curia area has recently taken over this work. The Curia retreat was held on 12th November with 26 present including parishioners. The Curia reunion was planned for Saturday December 10th but due to weather conditions it was postponed until January. The Curia hope to approach primary schools in the New Year with the intention of making Edel Quinn better known. Recruiting is planned for each month in the coming year in six parishes where praesidia are weak. Extension is planned for the 10 parishes where there is no praesidium. Street contact work is carried out each Saturday morning in Dun Laoghaire. Frank Duff holy hour was restarted on the 10th November. The 3 causes are promoted in street contact and in casual contact. We have 3 Causes leaflets in pack with legion zoom cards and times of local praesidia meetings. The Curia hopes to restart Patricians in January.

Immaculata Curia: The titles of the last two Patrician meetings were ‘Knock -a vision of Hope’ and ‘Miracles’. Eleven people attended each meeting. Every praesidium organises a weekly or monthly Public Rosary. The Curia have set up a committee to organise the annual Alfie Lambe Mass. Curia visited Frank Duff’s grave in November. A recruiting drive took place in Harold’s Cross.



Banjul Curia is making great efforts to establish or revive the legion in various parishes.


The Senatus of Ibadan Annunciata Regia reports visitation of homes, hostels, brothels, hospitals and a prison yard. Teaching of catechism, the taken of a parish census and crowd contact, praying the rosary for the sick and the growth of the legion. They have 29 voluntary Catechists. Our Lady Queen of Victories reports giving spiritual guidance to some lay and pious organizations and societies such as: St. Vincent De Paul, Nigerian Federation of Catholic Students, and the Dominican Lay Fraternity.

Rosa Mystica Comitium conducted a project with the following results, 782 homes visited, 2523 contacts made, 1921 were of other Christian faiths, 10 marriage cases, 4 infants baptised. Mass migration and attacks of Christians are some of the challenges they face.

Enugu Senatus:
Seat of Wisdom Comitium
reports 7 legionaries were ordained to the priesthood. 1 legionary took her religious vows, 61 adults were received into the Church, while 29 lapsed Catholics returned to the sacraments. Legionaries helped prepare many candidates for the sacraments of First Holy Communion, Baptism and Confirmation. 5 Block Rosary Centres were established.

Onitsha Regia: Our Lady Mother of Perpetual Help Curia has 20 Senior praesidia including 3 praesidia at the Blessed Iwene Tamsi major Seminary, a Junior Curia and 2 college praesidia at All Hallows Minor Seminary with 60 members. Legionaries helped prepare 52 for the Sacrament of Baptism, 362 for first Holy Communion and 383 candidates for the Sacrament of Confirmation. 6 Lapsed Catholics returned to the Faith, 3 marriage disputes resolved and helped 45 couples to receive the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

Jos Regia: Queen of Martyrs Comitium has 2,376 senior members 273 of whom are Probationers, and 174 junior members. Their apostolate includes Home, Hospital and Prison visitation, Catechism instruction, marriage counselling and caring for the aged.

Ikot Ekpene Regia:
ueen of The Universe Comitium establishment 3 new praesidia including one in a female correctional centre.

Our Lady of Lourdes Comitium helped prepare 15 infants and 19 adults for Baptism, 48 Catechumens for First Holy Communion and 12 for Confirmation and 4 couples for the sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

Lagos Regia: Visitation of attached councils is done monthly. Celebrations to mark the closing of the Centenary took place in Abeokuta. The Bishop encouraged legionaries to keep up the good work saying the legion is a gift to the church. A Comitium with many legionaries recently established two new praesidia. Their works include mission work assigned by the Parish Priest, visitation of homes, shops, hospitals and maternity hospitals. The council has 51 catechist who helped prepare many candidates for the sacrament as well as conducting marriage classes.

Help of Christians Comitium reports visiting drug hangouts, brothels, crowd contact and the visitation of parlour bars. Masses for departed legionaries took place in November.

Abuja Senatus: Legion activity has resumed despite some post pandemic challenges. Works include home, hospital and prisons visitation. The Council reports numerous conversions to the Catholic faith, including a Muslim man who received the Sacrament of Baptism and died the following day. Several Legionaries were recently ordained Priests.

Queen of Apostles Comitium held a retreat which saw 500 members in attendance. To mark the end of the Legion Centenary a Rosary Carnival took place at the Papal Grounds in Kubwa.


Senatus: Centenary celebrations have taken place in all 19 Dioceses with good attendance. Hioma Diocese held a Spiritual Directors Conference in August with 26 priests in attendance. Kotido Diocese were experiencing famine so Senatus members were supporting them.

Zumbo Comitium has 1,897 members, they helped thousands of children prepare for the sacraments while encouraging 85 couples to receive the sacrament of matrimony. 205 lapsed Catholics return to practice while 50 non Catholics were received into the Church. A new Curia was established at Jang-Okoro parish. Extension work has continued to the islands as far as the border with Kenya and Tanzania, with the latest project reporting visitation of 150 people, 43 infant baptisms, 25 couples preparing for matrimony and 5 people converting to the Catholic faith.

Kabale Regia is setting up two Comitia – one in Kisoro and one in Rukungiri.

Kampala Comitium has started a Patrician group in Bhuna with 28 members.


Senatus of Kenya: The closing Centenary Mass was held in St. Teresa’s Church, Eastleigh, which is the parish where Venerable Edel Quinn died. A recruiting drive was held in advance in that parish and 100 new members were enrolled. An extension team from Senatus visited Kitui diocese in an effort to rebuild the legion there. 30 new members were recruited.


Dar-es-Salaam Regia: Following Covid the Regia is making great efforts to extend and develop the legion in the Regia area. In August 17 legionaries visited 12 parishes in Dodoma Archdiocese and enrolled 222 people in active membership. There are also great efforts being made to develop the Junior movement.

Rombo Comitium: Apostolic works include teaching children Catechism and how to pray the Rosary.

Hai Moshi Comitium works include home and hospital visitation, encouraging couples to marry in Church and preparing adults and children for the sacraments.

Songea Comitium continues to implement their expansion plan.


Senatus of Maula reports home visitation, bereavement counselling and visiting the sick. An attached Comitium formed a new praesidium while helping 5 cohabiting couple regularize their marriages and giving religious instruction to lapsed Catholics, they help prepare many children for the sacrament. Elections took place across various councils in January. Large numbers attended the Acies ceremony.

Senatus of Blantyre: A Curia reports visiting an orphanage, praying with the children and encourage them to work hard in school. Other works include marriage counselling and encouraging cohabiting couples to receive the sacrament of matrimony. Legionaries visit bereaved families, the sick and aged and conducting Catechism classes for students preparing to receive the sacraments.


Lusaka Regia commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Lusaka Regia. Holy Mass was celebrated at the Cathedral of the Child Jesus, Popes Square. The Cathedral was full, with more than 1500 in attendance. The festivities moved to a local youth hall where legionaries sang and danced. A document detailing the history of the Legion of Mary in Zambia was produced and will be translated to local languages. All councils in their respective parishes organised open Rosaries to mark the occasion.

There is no news from the Kasama Regia.

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Election of Concilium Officer

We are pleased to announce the election of Br. Emmanuel Bourke as Assistant Secretary with responsibility for the Bulletin, Maria Legionis and PPC liaison. Br. Bourke was proposed by Br. Declan Lawlor and seconded by Br. Gerry Ward.

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Peregrinatio Pro Christo

The PPC Committee are planning to hold the Organisers’ meeting in the morning and PPC Conference in the afternoon on Saturday 25th February 2023.

Mass is at 9.30 am in the Capuchin Church, Church Street for those intending to be present at the Organisers’ meeting.

On the PPC programme for 2023 we have had 5 enquiries for projects in parishes in England and one confirmed request.

We would be grateful for your prayers for the success of both of these functions.

We wish all a very happy, peaceful and blessed Christmas and we would like to thank you for all your support.

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