Concilium Bulletin December 2018



Madrid Senatus: Many legionaries from the Senatus took part in the international PPC in Salamanca and were congratulated for their efforts. The Senatus Spiritual Director in his Allocutio stated that daily Mass for legionaries, will lead them to full Praetorian membership. A Curia organises a weekly Rosary in a school to which they invite pupils, parents, and teachers. They also helped legionaries to resume home visitation, and instructed a Muslim woman for Baptism.

Barcelona Senatus: It is now difficult to visit private homes. A praesidium visits their auxiliaries. One legionary is on the Parish Council, and two are in the “Pastoral de la Salud.” Works include visiting the sick in hospital and convalescent homes.

Bilbao Senatus: News is awaited on details of the election of an Assistant Secretary.


Lisbon Senatus: New praesidia were set up in the Regia of Coimbra, the Island of Madeira, and in Braga Comitium. 175 members and some priests attended a Congress in Madeira. 500 young legionaries took part in the Annual Legion Pilgrimage to Fatima. Works include home visitation, support for the bereaved, prayers in mortuary chapels, helping at mealtimes in a Home, welcoming visitors to the Church and giving security so that the Churches can stay open.


Milan Regia: A praesidium meets weekly at various times to suit shift workers. A praesidium which closed was revived. A young priest, recently appointed to a parish, wants to start a praesidium of young people with help from the Regia.

Padua Comitium: Auxiliaries attend social and religious events. The German-speaking praesidium is low in membership. The Curia established in Verona this year is flourishing. The members are all Africans and visit both Italian and African homes.


The Concilium Correspondent visited Cyprus recently to meet the praesidia and set up reporting structures. A praesidium in Nicosia has 9 active and 4 auxiliary members. A praesidium, Kyrenia, North Cyprus, has16 active members, and a praesidium in Famagusta, North Cyprus, has 14 active members, all in 3rd Level Courses studying at Master’s and Primary Degree level; a Mass that followed this meeting included music of a strong African tradition, lasting an hour and a half. Both of these praesidia are attached to Concilium. Communications with North Cyprus can be difficult, and help may be needed from the Curia in Nicosia.

Malta Regia: PPC projects were carried out to Coventry, Sicily, Israel and to the Permanence at Lourdes. A praesidium offers the statue of Our Lady to those met on home visitation. Two members prepare children for First Communion. They invite their Auxiliaries to the Acies and other functions. One Curia keeps in contact with a Japanese convert and with a Hindu woman, with three children, who wish to be baptised. The 13 praesidia in another Curia visit homes with the statue of Our Lady. They visited 241 homes and contacted 121 families in a week of apostolate at Hamrun. Another Curia reported two returns to the Sacraments, one after 7 years, the other after 5 years. A praesidium organises Mass and Adoration each year in a tent on the Sea Promenade, with confession available. Talks on the True Devotion to Mary were organised by another Curia. Legionaries distributed Flyers, giving the times of Masses in different languages, at the Airport, hotels, Churches and other places frequented by tourists. They made many good contacts and one person was baptised.

Gozo Comitium: 20 legionaries volunteered for PPC. A former prison inmate returned to the Sacraments and has started a new life. 845 tourists visiting Gozo were contacted. Junior Curia members accompanied by seniors visited the families of those who had recently made their First Communion or Confirmation and recruited 6 junior members. Meetings for two adolescent groups were organised.



The Malta correspondent, another legionary, and the Spiritual Director, visited Albania from 25th September to 6th October. They organised two Congresses one for the Comitium and a Curia, and the other for 2 Curiae, with attendances of about 130 at each. The visitors attended the Comitium meeting in Shkoder at which elections for officers were held. The number of members in praesidia is very good. The apostolate in the cities includes teaching catechism, visiting the elderly, and helping at funerals. In Tirana legionaries visit the female prison, and hospitals, and also do street contact. The two praesidia in Kosovo with memberships of 17 and 23 respectively were visited.


The Malta Regia President, another legionary, and a Spiritual Director visited Greece in October. There are praesidia in Athens, Rhodes and Thessaloniki.



Boston Senatus: A praesidium promotes prayer for vocations. An attached Curia organises Novenas, Adoration and arrange anointing and Confession for the housebound. Several favours were reported at these events. An attached Comitium brought 10 people back to practise of the faith due to visitation.

New York Senatus: In Brooklyn-Queens Comitium, to celebrate Our Lady’s Feast-day 5 book barrows were co-ordinated in downtown Brooklyn. The Hispanic Curia had a procession through the streets that lasted 2 hours with a police escort. This Curia also organised a True Devotion to Mary Retreat conducted by Fr. Gillespie.

Philadelphia Senatus: The Senatus, which on behalf of Concilium, oversees the printing of the Handbook and literature for the Legion councils of America, wish to inform all that after some delay, the 2014 edition of the Handbook is now available in hardback at a cost of $7 each, which includes delivery. One praesidium does crowd contact in a dangerous part of town, meeting with youths, making friends with them and distributing Miraculous Medals and. Delaware Co. Nth. Curia with 14 praesidia has started a new praesidium in St. Pius X Parish. They operate a book barrow and do home visitation. Regina Pacis Curia opened a new praesidium in Atlantic City, NJ. At Christmas time they bring the spirit of the Holy Family to their district with music and carols.

Chicago Senatus: The Hispanic Comitium has 11 praesidia and 2 Curiae attached totalling188 active and 529 auxiliary members. There is predominance in work of consolation; however, 8 couples had their marriages blessed in Church. St. Cloud Curia had a booth at Stearns Co. Fair for 4 days, with much literature and Rosaries given out. Duluth Curia has 5 praesidia in prisons. Milwaukee Curia had a booth at the Washington Co. Fair and a picnic as an outdoor function. A Curia in Juliet, IL evangelises at a train station and at a booth at Du Page Co. Fair. A praesidium in Sth. Juliet, IL. Curia called on 344 homes, making 134 contacts, and a praesidium with 11 members and 90 auxiliaries does crowd contact in Jefferson and Millennium Parks in summer with good results. St. Paul Comitium is forming a new Vietnamese praesidium.

St. Louis Senatus: Home enthronements and 1st Saturdays devotion to the Sacred Heart, are promoted. Homes, hospitals and nursing homes are visited. Juniors work with seniors resulting in an increase in visits and encouraging Catholics to return to the Church. Newcomers to the parish are contacted. One person is interested in converting to the Catholic faith. 75 Attended a Day Retreat. Prison and jail ministry are carried out. Two lapsed Catholics have returned to the Church, RCIA is promoted. A convert was encouraged to persevere on her journey. 5 new active members were gained. Plans are afoot for a new senior and junior praesidium.

Arlington Regia held a Leadership Conference in September for all the officers of the Regia and Councils. They organised a successful PPC to a parish in San Francisco Senatus. 20 Regia members were joined by 10 locals. They held a ‘Priest Appreciation’ picnic in September. Newly baptised babies’ families were visited and many returned to attending Mass. One Comitium reported 101 children enrolled in religious education and 5 adults for RCIA. A junior Curia has 3 praesidia attached and each held a celebration for Our Lady’s birthday. Another Comitium reported having 2 praesidia for young adults with a total membership of 19. They held a Retreat for young adults in July, and 25 were present at a wonderful discussion around a bonfire.

Cincinnati Senatus: Nashville Comitium has 14 senior 2 junior praesidia and 1 Curia attached. Senatus agreed to explore Concilium’s suggestion to expand Nashville’s care to include Knoxville Curia due to its proximity. Indiana Curia reported extension and was advised to split a Spanish praesidium of 44 members into 3 praesidia. Detroit Regia has 11 praesidia, and 4 Curiae attached. All have correspondents. They hosted a Legion Booth at 3 crowd events, one of which took 5 days. In praying the Rosary in nursing homes, they attract many non-Catholics, especially Baptists.

Houston Senatus: Sr. Sharon Reese having completed two terms as President was thanked for her wonderful service. A praesidium gave its nineteenth Annual Report. They have fifteen active members. Three priests visit the prison each month for Confessions and Mass. Cardinal DiNardo Confirmed six men joining the faith this past year. Senatus, officers were pleased to see in the Immaculata Regia New Orleans, how passionate the legionaries were about the works they do and to see the love shown between legionaries. In the Spanish Comitium quarterly report a junior praesidium has 12 active members between 4 and 7 years old who celebrate different Feasts related to our Blessed Mother, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Lent, and Christmas.

Miami Regia: This council is hoping to have a bilingual Acies next March and is due to discuss the matter with Archbishop Wenski. The Correspondent has suggested that they avail of the occasion to express the hope that they will be able to strengthen the Legion in the Cathedral Parish. The new President and officers have been reviewing their total area of the Regia.

Los Angeles Senatus: A praesidium of 13 members has 6 Praetorians, 11 Adjutorians and 91 auxiliary members with 20 on probation. At a book barrow in July they made a total of 2,278 contacts which included 1,009 practicing Catholics, 71 non-practicing Catholics, and 490 of other faiths. Another praesidium has 6 active members including 2 on probation and 3 Praetorians, also 58 auxiliaries including 4 Adjutorians. On home visitation, they promote Sunday Mass attendance, marriage validation, house blessings, and Enthronement of the Sacred Heart. A Congress had an attendance of 52.

San Francisco shows low attendance which they attribute to the fact that 16 of the 28 praesidia are out of state. A praesidium held a Columban drive in June and does apostolate to the crowd, including tourists. After a 5 day Parish Mission on True Devotion to Mary (given by Deacon Cody Miller), 18 parishioners attended a new praesidium. His talk in St. Patrick’s Seminary got 18 seminarians interested in the Legion. Seattle Comitium had Legion stands at 3 Fairs.


Senatus of Toronto: In consultation with Concilium, the Senatus has just printed the English Handbook to supply to all councils in Canada at a reduced cost. A website is also being planned. At a Legion booth at the Steubenville Conference for youth, 29 senior and 27 juniors took part, making 314 contacts and sharing their Legion experience. Mississauga Comitium organised an officer’s workshop at which 40 attended. A praesidium with11 members and 72 auxiliaries does crowd contact in a park. Ottawa Regia is planning Columban Drives as a means of extension. The Korean Comitium had a large turnout at a recent outdoor function and a Retreat. They have 221 active members and 492 auxiliaries between them and their 3 attached Curiae.

Edmonton Comitium: A Curia in Calgary has grown from 16 to 19 praesidia, with a potential addition of two more praesidia being soon established.

Montreal Senatus encouraged implementation of items learned at a Congress. A monthly recruiting report shows 5 active members per month recruited. Visitation of praesidia and councils is done. With support from the priest, one praesidium was revived after a 2 day visit to his parish with a legionary speaking at Masses. One praesidium arranged Sacrament of Sick for 4 patients before death, and prayed the Rosary at a care centre for women. A mother was encouraged to have her daughter baptised. A monthly Frank Duff prayer meeting is held.

Vancouver Comitium: 100 Legionaries attended the Day of Recollection organised by one Curia in September. Bishop David Monroe, Spiritual Director of the Comitium encouraged everybody to aim at Sainthood. Officers from the Comitium gave advice on preparing Annual Reports and how to use the Breviary. Another Curia visited 8 praesidia and 5 others gave their Annual Reports. Five praesidia held Columban Drives in St. Jude’s and Corpus Christi Parishes with successful outcomes. Regina Mundi Curia had their Summer Picnic, a Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Lourdes on Heritage Mountain, and a weekend silent Retreat. A praesidium reported 10 active and 13 auxiliary members. Most of their work is of consolation. Officers support a junior praesidium of 15 members who meet every Monday after school.


Puerto Rico Senatus has five Curiae in the city of San Juan, and 10 in other Dioceses. The Curia in St. Tomás, Virgen Islands, has suffered badly from two hurricanes; they are getting the Concilium Bulletin, and using Fr. Bede’s Allocutios. Works include consoling families where many suicides were reported and helping with Radio Maria. They have one group of Patricians in Manati.

Regia of Trinidad and Tobago: A praesidium has been revived in Gasparillo. One praesidium has a membership of 7 active, 138 auxiliaries and 2 Praetorians. Works include hospital visitation. A Curia with 4 attached praesidia and a membership of 57 active members and 47 auxiliaries makes visits to the sick and housebound. A Curia in San Fernando has 7 senior and 6 junior praesidia attached. In their Outreach Programme legionaries inform people about the true meaning of Christmas and distribute literature. A new praesidium of 4 members was set up in Morunga.


Senatus of Santo Domingo: A plan for 2019 activities is in place. The Comitium Reina de los Martires has 359 members, 68 Praetorians, 400 auxiliaries, 23 Adjutorians, and 4 Patrician groups. They visit the sick in their homes and in hospital, preparing them for the various Sacraments. The council recommends that all praesidia undertake Exploratio Dominicalis projects. One praesidium recites the Legion Prayers after Mass to teach parishioners the Rosary.

Senatus of Santiago de los Caballeros: All praesidia do home visitation. The Comitium María Señora Inmaculada reported 180 Baptisms, 60 Confirmations, 425 First Communions, 634 visits to prisoners, and 84 visits to widows. A Curia prepared 3 couples for Matrimony. A seriously ill 19-year-old youth was prepared for Baptism and died 4 days after receiving the Sacrament. The Comitium Madre de la Creacion formed two new Adult Curiae and a junior praesidium.

Haiti Senatus: 5 Comitia, 3 Curiae and 4 praesidia including 2 in the seminary reported. Much visitation of homes, hospitals, prisons and markets is carried out including visits of condolence, accompanying priests on visits to the sick. They are also engaged in an apostolate to the marginalised and to youth which includes organising juniors. People of many different religions are met and many were prepared for the Sacraments and some lapsed returned to the Church.



Cloyne Comitium recently visited West Cloyne Curia. The Curia is presently without a President and Treasurer. A joint officers meeting of Comitium and the 2 attached Curiae was planned for November.

Cork Comitium: A praesidium with 6 members does home visitation, street contact, have an Edel Quinn Prayer Group and organized the Young Adult Conference in Cork. Two of the members made a contact on the train with a lady who was lapsed for 30 years. After a chat and accepting a Miraculous Medal she agreed to see a priest which the legionaries arranged and she was reconciled with the Lord. Members do duty during Night Fever. During the night that the Leaving Cert results came out 100-200 young and old paid a visit and a few availed of Confession or a chat with the priest. Queen of Peace Curia: A reporting praesidium with 10 members do street contact, show Religious videos and promote the Fatima Saints in the schools of Cork city. Another praesidium with 4 members do home visitation, Eucharistic Adoration, street contact, weekly public Rosary, hospital visitation and have 2 statues in circulation. The Curia had a very lively discussion on new approaches to evangelization. Annunciata Curia: Visitation of praesidia was undertaken. Coronata Curia: The works of the 3 reporting praesidia include home, hospital visitation, street contact and legionaries in one praesidium train the altar servers.

Kerry Comitium: Three young adults were sponsored by the Comitium to attend the Youth Conference. They were most impressed by the workshops on the Rosary, the Miraculous Medal and Eucharistic Adoration. The last Procession with the Fatima Statue and recitation of the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet was held on the 13th October. Many legionaries took part in the Procession and did contact work. The Frank Duff Prayer Meeting now in its second year continues to have good attendances with many non-legionaries present. Two visitors who attended the praesidium meeting in Killarney parish were not Catholics and were invited to become Catholics which they accepted. They will begin their instruction in January with the parish priest, the President and Spiritual Director of the praesidium.

Mid Clare Comitium: A new praesidium has started in Ennis in November. During the Willy Clancy Week legionaries did contact work with a caravan. They distributed 900 Miraculous Medals and had the Legion altar on display. The Polish praesidium in Ennis with 8 members presented its report at the November meeting. They conduct the meeting in Polish. Works include Pilgrim visits to homes, and propagation of Catholic magazines, visiting the sick in hospital and distributing Miraculous Medals. A Concilium Officer and the Correspondent attended the November meeting.

Thurles Comitium: Holy Cross praesidium has 9 members who undertake home, hospital and Pilgrim Statue visitation and they take part in all parish activities. The 3 attached Curiae were represented at the October meeting and 2 Curiae at the November meeting. Legionaries in a praesidium in Cashel Curia instructed a Lithuanian man in the parish and a legionary was his sponsor at his Baptism.


Birr/Roscrea Curia: Works of a praesidium in Roscrea with 10 members include nursing home visitation, helping people with special needs and visiting students in the Cistercian College. Birr praesidium has 4 members who undertake nursing home visitation, organising Eucharistic Adoration and distributing Catholic literature.

Limerick Curia: One praesidium visits housing estates in Newcastlewest and in Ardagh village. They have just received permission to do home visitation in Rathkeale town which they are to start shortly. On home visitation they promote the Rosary, the Miraculous Medal and the Sacrament of Confession.

Lismore Curia: On the 6th and 7th October the Curia held a promotional campaign. Two young legionaries from Dublin spoke at all the Masses. As a result 2 new potential members are attending the Dungarvan praesidium meeting.

Ross Curia: A Child Safeguarding course took place in October and was well attended. A young girl attended the Young Adults Conference in Dublin and found it very beneficial and was pleased to meet like-minded people. Skibbereen praesidium has 16 members who visit a psychiatric hospital, a hostel and the local hospital. The sick and disabled are visited in their homes. An ‘open night’ was arranged for explaining the importance of celebrating the Centenary of Our Lady of Fatima and to tell people that the praesidium had a blessed statue of Our Lady available to their homes. This was received very favourably and many parishioners have taken up the opportunity to have the statue in their homes. About 250 copies of a Newsletter, prepared by the praesidium are sent to local emigrants on a quarterly basis. Many letters of appreciation are received from exiles.

Waterford Curia: Glenmore praesidium has started visitation of homes with the Pilgrim statue. If requested they recite the Rosary prior to funerals and also in the home of the deceased. A Rosary Rally was held in September. The Curia had 2 buses for the Legion Pilgrimage to Knock Shrine, with 40 on each bus.


Assumpta Curia: 16 Patricians attended two meetings on ‘Parish and Community,’ and ‘The Rosary’. Discussion took place on praesidia plans for 2019. Low membership and difficulty in recruiting were cited as the reasons for not meeting praesidia goals for 2018.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia: Two reporting praesidia have a membership of 6 and 8 active members, 2 probationers, with 7 out of the 8 officerships filled. Works include weekly street contact with homeless people and drug addicts, a weekly public Rosary, home and nursing home visitation, Parish Bookshop and Parish Friendship club. Average attendance at Patricians over the past year has been 20. 44 pilgrims travelled to Knock Shrine for the Annual Legion Pilgrimage.

Our Lady of Fatima Curia: A monthly prayer meeting takes place in Arklow for the Cause of the Servant of God Frank Duff. The discussion at the Curia meeting centred on, ‘The Mystical Home of Nazareth’.

Ancilla Domini Curia: A Spiritual Director is being sought for the newly-established praesidium of seven full and five probationary members. Street contact and work in Cuan Mhuire Treatment centre are carried out. Extension to two colleges and a local parish is planned. 4 Public Rosaries had an average attendance of 22. 9 active members undertake apostolate to the Jewish community through Pillar of Fire meetings and to the Protestant community through the Pauline Circle.

Immaculata Curia: Two reporting praesidia both have 5 active members and two officers. Works include promotion of Catholic literature after Mass, Patricians, home visitation, street contact and Pilgrim statue visitation. Over 150 homes were visited by 14 legionaries on a recruiting drive in one parish. A lapsed Protestant lady accepted a Miraculous Medal and expressed interest in learning more about the Catholic faith. Promotion of a public Rosary on Radio Maria led to an increase in attendance. A statue of Our Lady in a housing estate was repaired by the city council at the request of local legionaries. 9 Patricians attended 4 Patrician meetings.

Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia: A monthly apostolate continues outside an Oratory. A praesidium of 6 active and 20 auxiliaries undertake home, hospital and nursing home visitation, Patricians, Adoration group and a monthly prayer meeting for the Cause of Frank Duff. Discussion at Curia meeting focused on recruiting new members. The Curia hosted a stand at a meeting of South Dublin Deanery.

Annunciata Curia: A praesidium of 4 active, 66 auxiliary and 5 religious Adjutorian members undertakes home, hospital and nursing home visitation, visits to non-Catholics and assist in parish activities. Recruiting and contact work is found to be effective at Churches and Luas rail stops. The promotion of EWTN is encouraged. 45 Patricians attended 6 meetings. A Mass of Thanksgiving was offered for the recently retired Curia Spiritual Director, Rev. Fr. O’Keeffe.

Gloriosa Curia: Two reporting praesidia have a total of 8 active, 70 auxiliary and 35 probationary auxiliaries. Of the 5 visitors to one praesidium during the year, 2 have taken the Promise and 2 are probationers. Promotion of Catholic newspapers and recruiting for Eucharistic Adoration takes place at the weekend Masses. Home visitation and Morning Star hostel are among their works. Members keep in touch with the Travelling Community and two children were recently baptised, following encouragement from the praesidium. Street contact is undertaken with a table for literature, Miraculous Medals and a book for people to write in prayer intentions. A prayer vigil was held outside shops on the main street on Good Friday. 12 students attended the first praesidium meeting of the new academic year in Maynooth and four officers were recently appointed by Curia.

Benedicta Curia: Home visitation is the main work of 4 members in one parish who, when engaging in discussion about the Mass, ask contacts how they would explain the Mass to someone else. This usually provides opportunity to elaborate a little and lead the contact to a deeper understanding. Members reported over 120 private efforts at recruiting over a two-month period. One member took the Promise. Curia members discussed promoting Eucharistic Adoration in their four parishes.



Senatus of Kenya: Nairobi junior Curia recruited 14 young people for the Legion, doing works of service for the elderly and recruited 3 young people to undertake instruction in the faith. A praesidium of 17 active members including 4 Praetorians and 18 auxiliary members reported that as a result of home visitation 13 couples had their marriages blessed in Church and 7 children were baptised. The monthly prayers at Venerable Edel’s grave have an average attendance of 20. The Senatus recently organised a Congress for its attached praesidia.


Senatus of Uganda: The Senatus organised a very successful priests’ Conference for 3 days in August. 156 Spiritual Directors from the 19 Dioceses in Uganda participated. 2 priests from Juba Archdiocese, Southern Sudan also took part. His Excellency, Archbishop August Blume, Apostolic Nuncio opened the Conference and His Grace, Archbishop Emmanuel Obbo, Tororo closed it. The theme of the Conference was “The Young must be specially sought for and catered for.”


Blantyre Senatus: Three members from the Senatus attended the Annual Mass at Venerable Edel’s grave in Nairobi in May. A praesidium assisted 20 families to have their children baptised and encouraging two couples to marry in Church. The Senatus has a good team of correspondents who keep in regular touch with their councils. Training is provided for new Comitium officers. Great efforts are being made to start junior praesidia and to attract more young people into the Legion.

Maula Senatus: The Archbishop has appointed Fr. Matthews Potani as the new Spiritual Director of the Senatus. A praesidium of ten members reported on home visitation where six couples agreed to have their marriages blessed in Church. The couples had all their children baptised. 30 families returned to practice of the faith.


Lusaka Regia: One Comitium has translated the handbook into the Bemba language. Legionaries are encouraged to buy Handbooks and to give one to the priest in each parish. The Regia Officers are working hard visiting the legionaries in distant dioceses and organising training courses for them. In their Annual Plan for 2019 they will celebrate a Mass for Frank Duff, Edel Quinn and Alfie Lambe. The legionaries in Lusaka have a special prison ministry.


Enugu Senatus: A Comitium: with 2,183 active and 635 probationers and 13 junior Curiae comprising 2,825 members, reported many prepared for the various Sacraments, 92 marriages blessed, and 110 former legionaries recruited back to the Legion. Awgu Regia recruited 232 members, established a number of new praesidia and a new senior and junior Curia. As a result of Exploratio Dominicalis projects 60 non-Catholics converted to the Catholic Faith, 65 lapsed returned, 46 Legionaries were recruited, 177 infants were baptised and 37 marriages were solemnised. Onitsha Regia: One Comitium reported many prepared for the various Sacraments, including 578 for First Holy Communion, 60 for Confirmation, 157 Catechumens received Baptism and 63 couples had Marriages blessed. A family of five were received into the Church.

Ikot Ekpene Regia: One Comitium prepared 77 for Baptism and 84 for First Holy Communion. The Regia is working on the Efik translation of the Handbook.

Jos Regia: Active works carried out by this council includes: home and hospital visitation, catechism instruction, care of children at Mass, care for junior praesidia, crowd contact, Marriage counselling and family Rosary. Army Engineers Curia reported 118 prepared for First Holy communion, 116 for Confirmation and 12 for Baptism and a Muslim converted.

Abuja Senatus: Makurdi Regia reported 263 conversions and 21 new praesidia. A Curia had 35 marriages regularised.

Ibadan Senatus had a Congress for its attached praesidia in September. One Curia with 339 members has 35 over 40 years of age. 4 marriages were regularised.

Lagos Regia: One curia reported a gathering of Muslims and other non-Catholics at which the Rosary was taught to them.

Kaduna Regia: No minutes have been received for a long time. The correspondent has asked for Minutes as a matter of urgency.


Dar-es-Salaam Regia: The Swahili Handbook has been published and six copies were received in Concilium. Two legionaries from the Regia spent a week visiting the various Curiae and praesidia in Mtwara Diocese. They received a great welcome especially from Bishop Titus Mdoe who put a car and driver at their disposal for the week. They built up a great relationship with the Comitium officers who were full of admiration for the dedication of the Dar legionaries. This week the Dar legionaries are visiting the Legion in Songea Archdiocese. The President of the Legion in Sumbawanga attended a Congress orgainsed in Dar-es- Salaam. There are 9 Comitium in this Diocese. They receive the monthly Concilium Bulletin but are not in touch with Concilium. Hai Moshi Comitium: Works reported include home and hospital visitation, contact with drug addicts, encouraging couples to marry in Church and preparing adults and children for the Sacraments. One Curia reported 16 lapsed returned, 2 non-Christians baptised and following visitation 20 children were baptised. Rombo Comitium: No news for many months and the Spiritual Director has been written to. No news has been received from a number of other Tanzanian councils for a long time despite regular letters from Concilium.


Banjul Curia: After a silence of some length an email was recently received with new contact details.


Freetown Curia: It was encouraging to note that they received a recent parcel of literature from Concilium and that there was an improvement in attendance at the November meeting, which they attributed to the recent visit of praesidia by the Spiritual Director and Curia Officers. This visitation of parishes during which they spoke at Masses and encouraged praesidia is now completed. Fr. Carew, the Spiritual Director emphasised the need for regular attendance at Curia, submission of Annual Reports, study of the Handbook and promotion of all grades of membership.

LIBERIA: The Legionaries are active and when Concilium Bulletins were sent to them they were acknowledged some time later.