Concilium Bulletin - December 2016


Madrid Senatus: The members of a praesidium in the Faculty of Law in Madrid University make contacts on the campus. Another praesidium contacts men in the red light area and also has a Patrician group. Despite slow progress, great efforts are being made to start new praesidia. South American legionaries studying in Spain are invited to join a young adult praesidium and share their experiences. Planning for the Centenary of the Legion has started. Legionaries who leave Madrid during the intense summer heat are encouraged to bring their Handbooks with them; to contact the local Legion wherever they go; to encourage priests and nuns to start the Legion; and to make time for prayer and spiritual reading, including the works of Frank Duff.

Barcelona Senatus: A book barrow is staffed in Alicante A praesidium in Palma de Mallorca requested a copy of the Legion Statutes. They held a Retreat given by the Auxiliary Bishop of Barcelona and had a 3-day “reflection” in Montserrat. A praesidium in Huesca reported helping the Parish Council, and ironing clothes for the Red Cross.

Bilbao Senatus: In Durango Curia 11 members have retired to the ranks of auxiliaries due to their age. Extension is on-going. In Portugalete, a praesidium with 8 members has 1 Praetorian. They do some evangelising, clean the Church, have a vigil every First Friday, bring Holy Communion to the sick. Another praesidium visits the blind and distributes Miraculous Models. In Baracaldo, legionaries run a Bible study group and are trying to set up another praesidium with former members.

Lisbon Senatus: One praesidium gives technical and psychological assistance to people in debt. Following a preparation of 8 weeks to celebrate the Year of Mercy, 240 prisoners received the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Eucharist at a Mass celebrated in the prison by the Auxiliary Bishop of Lisbon, Dom Joaquin Mendes. Help with extension is being given to Evora Curia, which was the first Curia in Portugal. In one Lisbon parish special efforts are being made to strengthen the two existing praesidia and to set up a third. Following Columban Drives on the Island of Madeira, praesidia were set up in 5 parishes. In Massama the sick and elderly are brought to the weekly Eucharist. The parents of recently baptised children are visited. There was a large attendance at the Legion’s national Pilgrimage to Fatima in October.

Legionaries from Queen of the Most Holy Rosary praesidium, Nicosia, befriended a Filipina lady who had joined a religious sect and gently led her back to the practice of her Catholic faith. They visit an elderly blind man who looks forward to their visits. A Cypriot lady, injured in an accident, who refused to go out with the aid of a walking stick was helped by legionaries to overcome her shyness and to use the stick when leaving home.

Malta Regia: Many good contacts were reported from PPC projects to Israel, Italy, and Birmingham, where five families requested Baptism for their children. There was a big attendance at a Marian Manifestation organised by the Regia. Fr. Robin, a former legionary, in his address urged all to study the Handbook carefully, to obey it, and to have a True Devotion to Mary. Efforts are being made to set up a praesidium in the Filipino Community. The apostolate includes consecration of homes to the Sacred Heart, home and Pilgrim statue visitation. 55 auxiliaries attended two half-day Retreats. There was a return to the Sacraments after a lapse of 55 years. A praesidium of 10 has 7 Praetorians. A statue of Our Lady was brought to the local school where 27 young people enrolled for daily Bible reading. Four Columban recruiting drives were held. Queen of the Eucharist Curia set up a new junior praesidium and reported having good contacts with the Indian and Filipino communities. Queen of Peace Curia reported one Baptism and a number of returns to the Sacraments. Handmaid of the Lord Curia has two Patrician groups.
Gozo Comitium: 40 attended the first of a series of talks on the True Devotion. Former legionaries are being contacted with the view to their re-joining. A Year of Mercy Pilgrimage was organised to the Path of Mercy at Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary. Their apostolate includes contacting tourists, visits to shops, bars, and clubs. 16 homes were consecrated to the Sacred Heart. English is taught to immigrants.

An e-mail was received from the President of the Damascus Curia which has 11 Senior and 5 junior praesidia. Arranging Curia meetings on a regular basis is difficult due to the war. Photographs were received of the Acies held in Damascus. Aleppo legionaries are now living in Zahle, Lebanon, and are in contact with the Legion there.

Contact can only be made with the Legion in Rhodes through Facebook.

Senatus of Rome: Mgr. La Rosa and the Senatus Officers have reported to the Senatus on their meetings with the Concilium Officers and Mgr. La Rosa has called on greater adhesion to the Handbook while remaining alert to the realities of life and the call of the Holy Father for an outreach in mercy to those most in need. Sr. Giovanna Turrini was thanked for her 6 years as Senatus President.


Boston Senatus has 8 directly attached praesidia. The Vietnamese Curia, with 147 active members, promotes the Rosary in apartment blocks and conducts Bible study in prisons. Norwood Curia, with 21 members organise Mass for 2 nursing homes, circulate a Vocational Cross among parishioners and promote the Miraculous Medal Novena for newly baptised. The Cape Verdean Curia, with 121 active and 10 probationers, do home visitation. The Senatus appointed 3 correspondents. A recruiting report is taken each month from directly attached praesidia, showing an average of 5 new probationers monthly and the start-up of 2 new praesidia. A praesidium of 17 members reported visitation to 55–75 people per week and 12 enthronements of the Sacred Heart.

New York Senatus gave approval to establish a Hispanic Curia in Manhattan, due to the growth of Hispanic praesidia. Staten Island Curia has 11 senior praesidia and one junior praesidium amounting to 93 active and 314 auxiliary members, which includes 7 Praetorians and 5 Adjutorians. Newark Comitium reported that Essex Hispanic Curia organised a Pilgrimage to St. Anthony’s Shrine, Garrison, New York; 450 attended with two priests. 300 people received the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Two praesidia closed and two new senior and one junior praesidium were set up. Many councils reported recruitment drives, Pilgrim Virgin visitation and enthronement of homes to the Sacred Heart. In November a Spanish Evangelisation Day Conference was held.

Philadelphia Senatus: 54 attended a recent Congress, at which members took an active part in discussions. Gettysburg Curia hosted a ‘landing’ program for fallen-away Catholics interested in returning to the Church. Trenton Comitium, NJ, have increased their membership by 12 to a total of 172 active and 325 auxiliary members. One praesidium has an apostolate to young men who hang out at street corners, befriending them and giving Miraculous Medals. Delaware Co. Nth. Curia has a table at a Flea Market. One of their contacts was a Muslim man who asked, ‘what have you for a non-believer?’ they gave him a C.D, on ‘Who is Jesus?’ In Metuchen Comitium, the Hispanic Curia evangelised 50 families. 3 couples received the Sacrament of Matrimony, 3 adult were Baptisms and 10 Confirmations took place.

Arlington Regia: 7 praesidia (50 legionaries) from Korean Fairfax Comitium did street contact to young adults so as to strengthen their 26 young adult and 34 juniors groups. Extension work in Grand Turk Island is continuing. In Cuba, a Curia was established for 8 praesidia. One Comitium hosted a ‘priest appreciation’ dinner in September. Washington Archdiocese is encouraging pastors to promote the Legion. On Sept 8th, they had a talk in Christendom College promoting the Legion. They intend to do a PPC project to Iceland next July in Hafnarfjordur. Their President will be ordained a Deacon in January.

Houston Senatus: The P.P.C team organised a project to New Orleans. Some had not been to Church since Hurricane Katrina. Many who had lost everything were grateful for the visit; 1,027 homes were visited. One praesidium conducts an apostolate to the homeless from Fatima House, which has become a haven of hospitality and Prayer for the marginalised. Bay Area Curia has conducted a Catholic information table for 25 years with amazing results. Many praesidia have Patrician groups, Pilgrim statue, nursing home and hospital visitation.

Chicago Senatus: The Korean Comitium recruited 9 new active and 12 auxiliary members. Crowd contact was conducted at 2 Marts with 24 legionaries making excellent contacts. Their Annual Retreat had 194 present. Rockford Curia participated in crowd contact in Millennium Park. They reported 3 returns to the Church, including one after 30 years away. A Legion booth at a 5 Day Event at DuPage Co. Fair was staffed from 10am till 10pm each day. 400 Miraculous Medals and 500 Rosary beads were distributed. A praesidium of 21 members in Morning Star Curia, S. Joliet, IL, has door to door visits as a main work, resulting in a remarkable increase in Mass attendance.

St. Louis Senatus: Extension is on-going in Springfield and Quincy IL. Visits to nursing homes and hospitals resulted in 2 returns to the Sacraments. Numerous conversions were reported due to a 3-day Retreat conducted in a prison and prayer services in detention centres. Some of the inmates have taken on auxiliary membership.

Cincinnati Senatus: Two persons returned to the Faith, another undertook the RCIA programme. The Rosary is taught to non-Catholics and some members did PPC. A presentation on the Legion was given to 7 priests in Munchie. Knoxville Curia updated the parish census, and gave the Maria Legionis to every Seminarian; they have 3 junior praesidia. South Bend Curia has 24 active and 337 auxiliary members. Works include home visitation and Legion booths at 4 Fairs. Nashville Comitium has 98 active and 198 auxiliary members and a Curia with 15 praesidia. Kokoma Comitium hosted 2 Marian Conferences.

San Francisco Senatus: One praesidium led a crowd-contact project, and liaised with a priest to offer Sacrament of Confession in 2 prison ministries. Extension efforts in Portland are on-going and in Anchorage and Oakland. 2 praesidia visited 1,289 homes. In Anchorage, a 91 year old Vietnamese woman was catechised and received all Sacraments before she died. In conjunction with other Catholic groups, legionaries helped to organise a very successful Annual Rosary Rally where several priests heard Confessions. North West Korean Comitium reported 288 practising and 157 lapsed-Catholics met out of 2,500 homes visited on PPC to Half Moon Bay.

Los Angeles Senatus: A new praesidium was set up with 7 active and 6 auxiliary members. Honolulu Comitium has 9 senior praesidia and 2 attached Curiae. East Los Angeles Spanish Curia held a Congress. Phoenix Comitium has 5 Curiae, 26 adult and 4 junior praesidia attached. They contacted 10 parishes as part of their extension work. Works include, home visitation, Eucharistic ministry to the elderly and the sick, enthronement of the Sacred Heart, Pilgrim statue visitation, religious education and book barrow apostolate.

Miami Regia: A Retreat was conducted by the Auxiliary Bishop of Miami, Bishop Peter, with 140 present. Reports from praesidia indicated door to door work, Pilgrim statue visits, nursing home visits and work with juniors.

Senatus of Toronto: In Ottowa Regia, the 8 praesidia in Kingston Curia report staffing a Legion booth at a market on a rota basis, making good contacts and handing out Rosary beads and literature in French and English. One work of a praesidium with 14 members is crowd contact. Our Lady of All Nations Curia, Niagara Region, jointly, with Hamilton Comitium, did street contact, meeting 1,650 visitors and distributing 800 Miraculous Medals and Legion literature. Hamilton Comitium had a successful Congress with 60 attending. An inmate in a detention centre is seeking Baptism due to legionary contact. Our Lady of the Prairies Curia has 16 senior and 9 junior praesidia attached. A praesidium giving its 2nd annual report, did home visitation, calling on 142 homes. Newfoundland Curia meetings rotate occasionally to two distant praesidia in Marystown and Carbomear.

Montreal Senatus: Monseigneur Lepine, Archbishop of Montreal was the main celebrant at the Mass for the 95th Anniversary of the Legion on Mary. A monthly extension report shows 6 new recruits and 2 new praesidia. 2 legionaries helped at a Conference for Canadian Chaplains to Mariners. A Korean Curia contacts the bereaved at cemeteries.

Vancouver Comitium held a very successful workshop for Officers. A praesidium with 10 members gave their 4th Annual Report. They visit homes, also retirement homes, take Holy Communion to 135 housebound, help at funerals and Masses, and bring the wheelchair-bound to the Church and back. Two adult legionaries officer a junior praesidium.

Edmonton Comitium: A Congress was held for the Year of Mercy. Attempts to start 2 new praesidia are on-going, and a new praesidium started in an attached Curia. An Auxiliary Rally was held. A praesidium with 50 auxiliaries had 19 at a junior Retreat.

Senatus of Santo Domingo: A wide range of works is carried out. Frank Duff, Edel Quinn, and Alfie Lambe Commemorative Masses were celebrated. Home, hospital, prison visitation, and street contact resulted in many Baptisms, marriages regularised, and returns to the Sacraments. Two legionary doctors donate their services in disadvantaged communities. Legionaries help to prepare breakfast and care for old people in a home for the elderly. Some elderly are washed and attended to daily in their homes. Families are consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. A couple were reconciled.

Senatus of Santiago de los Caballeros: Works include home, hospital and prison visitation and catechetics. The Comitium Nuestra Señora de Fatima prepared 90 children for the Sacraments. In the Comitium Nuestra Señora del Pilar 17 legionary catechists prepared 400 children for the Sacraments. A praesidium consisting of 10 children aged 8 to 12 years enact liturgical and Biblical scenes and are encouraged to share toys with poor children. The Curia Santísima Trinidad, with 114 active, 126 auxiliary, and 23 Praetorian members recruited 20 new active and 7 auxiliary members. The practise of sorcery has ceased in one location. A dying woman, who had left the Church, was visited by legionaries, confessed to the priest, and died in peace. A protestant woman was catechised and received into the Church.

Haiti Senatus: One Comitium has 11 Curiae and 6 praesidia with 1,400 active members. Works include home, hospital and prison visitation, visits to co-habiting couples, elderly people, orphans and those with disabilities, street contact and organising catechism courses. 572 lapsed returned to the faith. Another Comitium held a Congress for the first time with 200 present, including the Bishop and 5 priests. Retreats for juniors, youth and seniors were held. Part of the country was badly damaged by Cyclone Matthew and the Senatus is considering how to help the legionaries in the affected areas.


Cloyne Comitium: Midleton praesidium, with 9 members do home visitation. The Pilgrim statue is taken to some homes. They erect a May altar in the Market Green and in their outreach, Miraculous Medals, prayer cards, Rosaries and information on Mass times are offered to all. The Comitium is making efforts to re-establish the Legion in Castlemartyr. West Cloyne Curia: Newmarket praesidium has 5 members who visit nursing homes and undertake home visitation to people living alone.

Cork Comitium: During home visitation a praesidium promotes the Mass, Rosary and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and did street contact to promote the Year of Mercy and also during the Jazz weekend. Annunciata Curia has 5 praesidia attached. A discussion was held on, “Is the Legion relevant in the Parish today?” Queen of Peace Curia: A praesidium doing weekly street contact, also shows religious DVD’s and has a Patrician group. A Rosary week was promoted between 7th and 13th October, also Eucharistic Adoration is promoted. A praesidium which does home visitation, and visits the Filipino community, also has an Edel Quinn prayer group and does street contact. Efforts are being made to set up a young person’s praesidium. Recruiting was carried out in June and September in two parishes. Coronata Curia: 19 legionaries attended a day Retreat. One praesidium does street contact, weekly Eucharistic ministry to the sick and elderly in their homes, daily to one parishioner and assists the Parish Priest in various other duties.

Kerry Comitium: An information meeting on the Legion of Mary was held in Listowel; 10 people attended, including two priests. The following week a meeting was held with 6 new members and a retired priest acted as Spiritual Director. Similar meetings are continuing each week. Garda vetting has been applied for and they are recruiting auxiliary members. Two legionaries from Killarney also attend each week to support the new praesidium. The Administrator and other priests in Killarney are continuing with the call backs of those contacted through their Maria et Patria project. Legionaries have made contact with 3 more schools in the Diocese. A Talk on True Devotion to Our Lady given by Fr. Michael Kennedy had an attendance of 75. Four local young adults attended the Youth Conference in All Hallows and said it was a beautiful Conference with a good balance between fun, prayer and serious talks. The Comitium hopes to organise a one-day Youth Conference.

Mid Clare Comitium: An update was given on the Polish praesidium established on 10th May 2016. They arranged accommodation for a homeless person, organise the recitation of the Rosary in Ennis Cathedral daily, take 3 Pilgrim statues to 30 Polish families, do hospital visitation and for Halloween they organised a children’s party called “Holy Wins” where they dressed up in the costume of saints instead of witches. They praesidium also arranged meetings about marriage and families for married couples. Bishop Fintan Monaghan was the chief celebrant at the Mass for their Annual Reunion which had an attendance of 59. He told them he had been an active member of the Legion and went on PPC as a clerical student and also as a priest. At the November Comitium meeting West Clare Curia presented its Annual Report. They have 26 members in 6 praesidia. Works include visitation of nursing homes and hospitals, Pilgrim statue visitation and crowd contact in Miltown Malbay during the Willie Clancy Music Festival in July.


Birr/Roscrea Curia: Members of one praesidium did contact work during the Ploughing Championship. They promote the cause of Alfie Lambe, are involved in running the Parish Hall and help in most Church activities. A praesidium in Roscrea has 10 members who visit nursing homes and the sick in their homes and they bring the Blessed Sacrament to the housebound. They are involved in the catechetical outreach to the junior boys in the Cistercian College. Birr praesidium has 6 members and 12 auxiliaries. Their works include organising Eucharistic Adoration. They assisted at the Youth 2000 in Mount St. Joseph’s, support the junior legionaries in the College and 4 members did crowd-contact at the Ploughing Championship. They continue to promote a Divine Mercy prayer group started by a former member who has now entered religious life.

Limerick Curia: A reporting praesidium has 10 members and 45 auxiliaries. Works include home and nursing home visitation, co-ordinating Adoration and assisting with Church duties. Members of another praesidium visit homes in housing estates in Newcastle West. They also do street contact, distributing Catholic literature, Rosaries and offering Miraculous Medals.

Lismore Curia: Following the recruiting drive in Lismore the praesidium there now has 10 members. The Curia sponsored 2 young people to attend the Youth Conference and they gave a very interesting and favourable report on the event. One of their comments was that Fr. John Harris “lit up the room with his enthusiasm.” The Curia has been in contact with Mount Melleray in relation to starting a praesidium there.

Ross Curia: Leap praesidium has 6 members who distribute Catholic literature, take care of Church linen and do hospital and nursing home visitation. Miraculous Medals were presented to First Holy Communion classes in 3 schools. Darrara praesidium has 9 members who do Church cleaning, hospital and nursing home visitation and drive neighbours to Mass and assist the elderly with shopping.

Waterford Curia: The Curia held a Procession (Sept. 8th) in honour of Our Lady’s birthday, whose statue was carried from Ballybricken Green to the Cathedral, ending with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Bishop Cullinan in his homily spoke of the Legion of Mary and its good work. There were 4 priests present. Glenmore praesidium has 6 members and 2 Adjutorians. If requested, they recite the Rosary prior to funerals in the home of the deceased.


Ancilla Domini Curia: A praesidium of 6 members has 3 Praetorians, 46 auxiliaries and 23 probationary auxiliaries. They distribute 76 copies of Maria Legionis. A recruiting drive was held for Francis Street area on the week-end 26/7th November. Twelve were present at the monthly Pauline Circle meeting including 3 non-Catholics. Two Patrician meetings were held. A Filipino praesidium of 6 members and 45 auxiliary members works mainly among their own community encouraging them in the faith.
Benedicta Curia: A praesidium with 35 auxiliaries and 15 probationary auxiliaries does home and hospital visitation and runs a Lectio Divina group. Among their contacts was a man who attends Mass regularly but hasn’t been to Confession for 40 years. The Curia has a membership of 20 legionaries.
Holy Spirit Curia: The Curia has 5 praesidia with a total of 23 active members. At the October meeting members had a discussion on the Re-Conquest of Dublin initiative. On 22/23rd October the Curia in a joint venture with Immaculata Curia had an outreach to a parish with a view to setting up a praesidium. 6 parishioners attended an introductory meeting. An Edel Quinn prayer meeting had an attendance of 10 and the Frank Duff prayer meeting had an attendance of 7. Eight attended a Patrician meeting on, ‘The Mass’. A praesidium working in another area does home and hospital visitation, and sells Catholic papers at week-end Masses in two parishes; they also organise a Frank Duff prayer group, a Patrician meeting and Eucharistic Adoration.
Gloriosa Curia: A praesidium of 5 active members and 35 auxiliaries does home visitation, organises Adoration on the First Friday, and has outreach to 60 Settled Traveller families; a member of this community has become an active member. Arrangements are being made to enrol a man in the RCIA programme. A praesidium in another parish does home, and nursing home visitation. They also visit Cloverhill Prison on a monthly basis where they have very good contact with the prisoners. The Curia organised a meeting for all officers of attached praesidia to discuss the Re-Conquest of Dublin programme. Efforts are being made to set up a new praesidium.
Annunciata Curia: A praesidium of 11 members has 4 Praetorians, 4 Adjutorians and 20 auxiliaries. Their main work is home visitation and street contact. Another praesidium has 100 auxiliary members and distributes 70 copies of Maria Legionis. Included in their work is encouraging people to visit the Blessed Sacrament. The Curia also does book barrow work. Six Patrician meetings were held with an attendance 16 patricians and many legionaries.
Assumpta Curia: Many legionaries took part in a week-end recruiting drive in a city-centre parish with a view to strengthening the praesidium there. 29 Patricians and 5 legionaries attended two Patrician meetings.
Immaculata Curia: A Faith and Fun group usually has an attendance of 10 children. Parents who are legionaries help to run the group. The children are prepared to participate in the children’s Mass. As a result of an Exploratio Dominicalis project two homes were consecrated to the Sacred Heart. 17 families recited the Rosary on a rota basis during October.
Mater Ecclesiae Curia: A praesidium of 6 members specialises in contact work with drug and alcoholic addicts in the Stephen’s Green area. Teachers, parents and students from 3 colleges accompany the legionaries on this work. The legionaries give scapulars and Miraculous Medals. Very often a priest accompanies the legionaries on this work and Confession is readily available. One man who usually refused help finally accepted a scapular and said a prayer. He died the next week. A young man who was estranged from his father asked the legionaries to contact his father and the pair were reconciled. The next week the son was found dead in a doorway from an overdose. The father was very grateful to the legionaries for their initial help.
Our Lady of Fatima Curia: A praesidium working in Rathdrum parish, North Wicklow visits the sick and elderly and bereaved families and also visits two nursing homes. A praesidium in Arklow parish visits two nursing homes and Traveller families; they also organise a monthly Frank Duff prayer meeting. A book barrow was used on Sunday afternoon of August week-end. Miraculous Medals and prayer leaflets were distributed and many good contacts were made.


Senatus of Kenya: Councils were reminded to organise a Planning Day and prepare their programme for 2017. A praesidium of 17 active members, including 4 Praetorians and 17 auxiliary members, does home and hospital visitation. As this praesidium is close to Venerable Edel Quinn’s grave they clean her grave every week. The monthly prayers at the grave had an attendance of 37 legionaries and friends. Mass was celebrated in Nairobi to mark Frank Duff’s anniversary and all attached councils also organised a Mass. There was real excitement at Senatus when the officers reported on their visit to Concilium. The Senatus has translated the Frank Duff DVD into Swahili.

Blantyre Senatus: On 27th November the Senatus officers had a planning meeting and discussed some issues to improve the Senatus. Attached councils were reminded to organise their planning for 2017. Members were encouraged to read Chapter 28 of the Handbook on Legion Government. Attached councils presented quarterly reports. 55 legionaries from Blantyre Senatus and Maula Senatus attended the Annual General Conference of legionaries in Mangochi Diocese from 16th – 19th August. Among the topics covered were the life of St. Louis Marie de Montfort, the Sacraments, regular attendance at praesidia meetings and doing weekly apostolate.
Maula Senatus: A junior Curia with ten attached praesidia and 87 members presented its quarterly report. The Senatus is emphasising the importance of recruiting and training young legionaries in the Legion apostolate. Works undertaken include home, hospital and prison visitation and organising Retreats. They also prepare catechumens for Baptism.

Uganda Senatus: Reports included two from Curiae in prisons, a schools’ Curia, a University praesidium and three prison praesidia. The annual celebrations at Nsambya to mark the Anniversary of Edel Quinn’s arrival in Uganda in July 1938 were well attended. They included a procession, Mass led by his Eminence Cardinal Wamala, a talk on Edel and members passed through the door of Mercy to gain the indulgence. A successful Spiritual Directors’ Conference was held from 16 – 19th August. The theme was Mother of Mercy. 131were present, including 113 priests. The Cardinal was very pleased to meet so many priests from all over Uganda. He requested legionaries to say the Rosary daily, if possible praying for the Church and its leaders. A new Senatus President has been elected.

Abuja Senatus: A praesidium reported helping to bring 4 people back to practice and rectifying 3 marriages. A Comitium had 11 conversions, 38 marriages rectified and 47 lapsed returned to the Sacraments. Makurdi Regia has 5,697 senior members, of whom 1,992 are probationers. 26 new praesidia were formed.
Ibadan Senatus: Benin City Regia has 10,311 active members, 2,300 probationers and 5 Curiae. 11 senior and 5 junior praesidia were established.
In one State a legionary was kidnapped and subsequently released. Lagos Regia: A Comitium held a Youth Day Rally for juniors with 1,256 in attendance, while in another Comitium 18 juniors joined senior praesidia. There are nearly 800 juniors in the area.
Enugu Senatus: .One Comitium has over 2,500 seniors and 17 junior Curiae, with almost 1,300 members. Reports included 824 infant Baptisms, 13 non-Christians converted to the Catholic faith, 388 marriages blessed and 43 family disputes settled. Two senior Curiae and 8 junior praesidia were established. Onitsha Regia: A Curia of 13 praesidia with 3 in the Major Seminary and 5 in the Minor Seminary had 10 members recently ordained to the Priesthood. A Comitium with 28 senior Curiae and 11 praesidia reported many people prepared for the Sacraments, including 1,286 for Confirmation. Jos Regia: The apostolate of one Comitium includes visits to homes, hospitals, prisons, remand homes and hotels, catechism instruction, supervision of children at Mass and care of junior praesidia. Ikot Ekpene Regia: Reports from one Comitium included 148 prepared for Baptism, 110 First Holy Communions, and 57 Marriages blessed. They also organised the painting of the Marian Shine at Afaha Obong.

Lusaka Regia: The Regia is planning to have the Handbook translated into Bemba, Tonga, Njanja and Lozi languages. Translators in each Diocese where these languages are widely spoken have been identified.

Dar-Es-Salaam Regia: The Regia has expressed its willingness to participate in visiting councils on behalf of Concilium to help in the re-organisation of the Legion in Tanzania. Each year a PPC/Extension project is undertaken and this year’s successful project was to Mafia Island from 22-30th July. 20 legionaries participated and visited homes, a hospital, small Christian communities and schools and gave talks in the latter two. The majority of those met in homes and schools were Moslems, and the reception was cordial. In the small Christian communities and schools some met showed interest in joining the Legion and there is the prospect of 5 praesidia on the Island. Songea Comitium: New officers have been elected. The Comitium has 20 Curiae with 58 praesidia and 1,177 members. At the November meeting members were encouraged to write an article on a recent Pilgrimage for possible inclusion in Maria Legionis. Hai Moshi Comitium: Works reported on include home and hospital visitation, contact with drug and alcohol addicts, encouraging couples to marry in Church and preparing adults and children for the Sacraments.

Freetown Curia: An e-mail from Fr. Carew, the Spiritual Director described a very successful outdoor Curia function which had 30 present, including auxiliaries. The Curia discussed extension work in Bo and Makeni. A recent letter from Concilium was read at Curia and they were very pleased to get a mention in Maria Legionis.