Concilium Bulletin August 2022


Boston Senatus with 9 praesidia was restricted to 20 attendees from March until June. They have held overdue elections. Three praesidia, 9 Curiae and 3 Comitia reported this quarter. Providence Comitium, with 17 praesidia and 2 Curiae attached did praesidium visitation which led to new officer appointments and recruitment drives for weak praesidia.

San Francisco Senatus: Reports were received from 3 praesidia, 7 Curiae and 7 Comitia. Senatus has 2 new praesidia in formation. Utah Curia trained extension workers and San Mateo Curia started 2 new praesidia. Juniors in San Jose gave talks about Junior Legion membership to Confirmation students. The gift of the Centenary Plenary Indulgence was strongly promoted.

Cincinnati Senatus: is working on restructuring of its territory. Chicago Senatus have agreed to govern the legion in Indiana. Arlington Regia has agreed to govern the Legion councils in Southern Ohio and Kentucky Tennessee. Philadelphia Senatus is also willing to help Northern Ohio. Meanwhile, efforts are afoot to start a 2 new praesidia in Ohio, another in Steubenville diocese and 2 in New Albany.

Arlington Regia: In June, they held a junior retreat with 40 attendees. In July a young adult retreat was held with 50 attending. Many recruiting drives featured. One praesidium of 5 members sent 77 Christmas cards to their 77 auxiliaries during Covid. One council reported gaining 100 new members, 38 active adults, 9 junior and 69 auxiliaries for the Centenary year.

Philadelphia Senatus: The Senatus had an ‘E’ Day with 70 attending and 2 recruiting drives. Camden Comitium had a Catholic Literature Table at Cowtown Rodeo, Pilesgrove and Berlin farmers market. Trenton Comitium visits hospitals and prisons. An attached Curia had 884 people view 11 Faith podcasts they prepared. Pittsburgh Regia has 4 councils attached, with a total of 26 praesidia. Post Covid, they still have 138 active and 1291 auxiliary members and do varied works; PVS, CCD, door to door and crowd contact.

Chicago Senatus: Their weekend May Gathering had Council representatives from 5 States present. It included door to door evangelisation in the district adjacent to their conference centre and finished with the Senatus Meeting. Milwaukee Curia assisted by Rockford Curia, started a new praesidium. The 3 Curiae in Joliet diocese comprise multi-ethnic praesidia mainly Hispanic and Filipino legionaries; they are enthusiastic participants in their respective parishes. They celebrated the Legion Centenary together at their cathedral.

Los Angeles Senatus: A new Spiritual Director has been appointed. One council mentioned visitation of their praesidia and has Columban drives planned. One praesidium with 13 members has 86% attendance at in-person meetings. They visited their 51 auxiliaries, taught CCD, did door to door visitation, organised a monthly Mass in a care facility and did crowd contact at a festival.

St. Louis Senatus: Prison ministry has been started with inmates and families. Promoting True Devotion to Mary, recruiting and auxiliary visitation featured. Holy Communion is brought to nursing home residents. Volunteering at Catholic Radio Station and 3 Enthronements to the Sacred Heart was mentioned. Through a marriage counselling apostolate, marriages are being saved and couples are getting married in church.

New York: North Bronx Curia is planning a recruiting drive; likewise, Rockville Comitium. Many reports are missing due to praesidia closures. The correspondent is awaiting minutes to fill in the spaces.

Houston Senatus: One Curia staffed a Catholic Information Booth at the Pasadena Strawberry Festival in May and resumed visitation. A prison praesidium resumed their meetings with new officers appointed. North Curia, home of the very first Legion praesidium in the USA, November 27, 1931, reported on their plans for the 90th Year Celebration in July.


Toronto Senatus: A praesidium in Ottawa contacted the Truckers on border blockage in February using the miraculous medal. A TDM consecration for 33 participants resulted in 4 new members in one curia. A new praesidium of 8 members was set up in Peterborough. A Columban Drive had 56 taking part in another parish. A praesidium of 13 members, inspired by their priest, does door to door and street evangelisation and has a vibrant junior praesidium. A former president of a Curia in Winnipeg has been ordained to the deaconate in preparation for priesthood. The Korean Toronto Comitium has 144 members in 24 praesidia

Vancouver Comitium plan Columban drives to offset the transfer of some active members to auxiliary ranks.

Montreal Senatus: received reports from a Comitium, 3 Curiae, and 6 praesidia this quarter. The 6 praesidia had a total of 40 full and 5 probationary members. An auxiliary function, Holy Communion calls and bereavement support featured. Non-Catholics are told about Our Lady and St. Joseph. An open-air Rosary attracted visitors. During Covid, a Legionary, working in Health Care prayed with patients while offering miraculous medals and rosaries. Extension is being attempted in Quebec and Sherbrooke. Circulation of the French version of “Can We Be Saints” featured in Sherbrooke.

Edmonton Comitium: A praesidium of 8 members organised a Rosary Rally in October 2021. An attached Curia of 9 praesidia with 95 active members undertook pilgrim statue, home and prison visitation pre-pandemic. During the pandemic a weekly virtual rosary was recited with the prisoners. Pilgrim statue drop off was followed by virtual prayers with recipients. Confirmation preparation was done virtually. Legionaries were involved with stewarding efforts for the recent Papal visit.


Santo Domingo Senatus report jail, hospital and housebound visitation. Some attached councils and praesidia have yet to resume meeting-in-person. Santiago de Los Caballeros Senatus is also meeting and is visiting any struggling praesidia or councils attached where necessary. The committed legionaries indicate a great spirit of prayer and perseverance.

Trinidad and Tobago Regia have resumed physical meeting of the Regia as restrictions were lifted in July. Care is exercised as they have had some Covid deaths. They hope to be back to normal by the end of the year.

Haiti Senatus had reports from one Comitium, 2 Curiae, and 5 praesidia, two of which are Seminary praesidia. In spite of Covid, an earthquake and the general instability in that country, home, hospital, and prison visitation continued. Condolence visits, organizing youth praesidia, teaching catechism, preparing people for the sacraments, Holy Communion visits and accompanying priests on sick calls also featured.



Madrid Senatus: The closing ceremony of the Centenary year will be held in Madrid with the participation of Barcelona and Bilbao Senatus. The Papal Nuncio is unable to attend the Centenary Mass but sent a most cordial letter. The summer months in Madrid city are extremely hot. The Senatus has reminded all legionaries of an Allocutio given by a former Spiritual Director titled Open for Holidays. Curia of Granada has 2 praesidia in the city and one praesidium outside the city. Many entire convents of Nuns are Adjutorian members. Street contacts with youth continues as does contacts in the red-light area. A contact work being done after Sunday masses is found to be very valuable. Legionaries in Tenerife, Canary Islands, keep in touch with seminarians with a view to future Spiritual Directors.

Bilbao Senatus: The Senatus has been meeting since November 2021. Reports indicate a decrease in membership and some praesidia have disappeared. However, contact with all the attached councils and praesidia is almost completed.There are reports of new members joining in different areas. In one parish the praesidium wished to close. The parish priest refused permission and he himself recruited 4 new members. They now have 9 members. A former legionary who has moved to another area is setting up a new praesidium in her new parish.

Barcelona Senatus: The president of the Barcelona Senatus, in reply to a letter from Concilium, reported that they had the same experience as most other councils, loss of members due to illness, old age and fear resulting in a big reduction in members of praesidia and councils. The Senatus celebrated the Centenary Mass of thanksgiving. It was a very low key, emotive occasion, they met legionaries they hadn’t seen since before the Covid. However, it appears that the Senatus has not returned to regular meetings yet. The president, in her letter to Concilium, asks for guidance and news from Concilium.


Rome Senatus: Senatus meetings resumed in December but had to discontinue again until May 2022. While attached councils and praesidia have had set backs with loss of members and in some cases praesidia closing, however, minutes indicate a very positive outlook including a request for a praesidium from a Parish priest where a number of new members have been recruited. Councils and praesidia have reported the current situation to Senatus. The Spiritual Director, Monsignor La Rosa was unable to attend the July meeting due to illness but provided a very inspiring Allocutio.

The Correspondent reports that Councils in this territory of (Northern Italy) are not meeting or submitting reports in response to letters and comments as follows:

Trieste: has lost all contact.

Padova: No Meetings by Comitium, Curia or praesidia. Unsure if the same in the whole territory.

Milan: Legionaries are on vacation. Most legionaries are suffering with post-Covid issues. Prior to this report one Philipino praesidium was functioning in Milan, a couple in Pavia and a Curia in Asti, however, no reports were received.


Lisbon Senatus: Mary Immaculate Regia (Porto): Some praesidia have not resumed meetings. The Acies ceremony was held with Mass presided by Dom Januario Torgal Ferreira. Care was given to people living alone and visits made to the sick.

Cenacle of the Holy Spirit Regia (Coimbra): Held the AGM in December 2021. Four Priests were contacted with the intention of starting the Legion. Two new praesidia formed with work ongoing on others including one in Fatima.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Comitium (Funchal) has five attached praesidia and two Curia. They plan to meet the Curiae to implement an extension programme. The Acies was attended by 100 legionaries.

Our Lady Queen of the World Comitium (Cascais): Visits made to the disabled. There are three Pilgrim Virgin Statues used to visit families.

Sancta Maria Curia (Setubal) intends to contact the Parish Priests again with the aim of reviving the praesidia who are not meeting and seeking support for their extension plans. A praesidia of 9 active and 63 auxiliaries were congratulated on their anniversary. A film on the life of Frank Duff was shown as part of their Centenary Celebrations. .


The Correspondent visited Cyprus on the 5th June 2022 and met with the three Nicosia praesidia during a combined meeting. Rev. Sr. Perpetua is their Spiritual Director. Later the same day the Correspondent met by appointment with Rev. Fr. George Kracj, Vicar General in Cyprus. A new praesidium started on the 9th January 2022 in North Nicosia named Our Lady, Mother of Perpetual Help which has 9 active members and 16 on probation. Later contact was made with the Secretary from which communications were established. Fr. George has made his Nicosia address available to assist Cyprus Legion receiving literature from Concilium and will also assist in transferring payments as the legionaries do not have banking facilities. In North Cyprus the praesidium in Kyrenia continue to meet every Sunday, however, the praesidium in Famagusta has folded. Limassol Praesidium remains active though numbers have fallen. It is critical that the Curia returns and elections take place to bring stability, support and leadership to the Legion in Cyprus.


Malta Regia has one Comitium, nine Curiae,1 Junior Curia and eight Praesidia directly attached. Attendance at the Regia meeting is continuing to increase each month.

Praesidia: reports show that much attention is given to Auxiliary members with twice yearly visits, two half year retreats and all functions held during the year. Pilgrim Statue visitation, consecration of homes to the Sacred Heart and teaching Catechism are included in the apostolate. Four Curiae feature in this report. Queen of Peace Curia reported 98% attendance at the Acies, visitation of four of the attached praesidia and two new members gained. In Queen of the Eucharist Curia one praesidium got four new members and another praesidium got three. In Mother and Teacher Curia three praesidia are unable to resume their meetings due to age and illness. The challenge put before the Curia is to try to set up three new praesidia to replace the ones that are unable to return. Some visible results were the baptism of one adult, Pilgrim statue visitation resulted in one family starting to pray the Rosary, a housebound grandmother who received Holy Communion on her birthday resulted in the reconciliation of a grown up family.

Gozo Comitium has 12 praesidia directly attached, three Curiae and three Junior Curiae. Much contact work is done with tourists including those of other faiths. From home visitation great emphasises is put on going to Church to hear Mass instead of watching it on TV. Two retreats recorded attendance of 28 and 33.

Countries under Caretakership


A visit to Albania by the Malta Correspondent and another legionary in August had to be postponed due to a surge in the number of Covid infections in both Countries. The Spiritual Director Rev. Fr. Driton who has been a great support to the legion for some years is being sent to Rome for further studies. On September 3rd the Bishop will celebrate a Mass of thanksgiving during which the new Spiritual Director Rev. Fr. Prela will be introduced to the legion.


Curiae and praesidia meetings are held regularly and a greater presence of Spiritual Directors at meetings was reported. Promotion of the Rosary, recruiting new members, organising adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Catechism classes, and hospital visitation are among the works being done. The Curia held a special function to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Spiritual Director Fr. Anthony Bulai.



Carlow: The Comitium is considering amalgamating three praesidia in the vicinity of Carlow town to build up membership with a view to reopening each one again. Kildare Curia organised a Exploratio Dominicalis project in Johnstown in March with 11 members participating. One Praesidium has a Rosary for children each Saturday before the vigil Mass. Visitation of schools is also undertaken.

Tuam Comitium: The annual report of Maria Asumpta praesidium with eight members and seventy auxiliaries was received. Meetings have not been held since Covid 19. The Rosary was recited at Our Lady’s grotto in March and October and every Friday for the rest of the year. Two praesidia in Tuam are unable to meet at present as their meeting places are not available. A Mass for the Centenary was celebrated in October and was attended by active, auxiliary and former members.

Elphin Comitium: Elphin Comitium meeting was held in July with fourteen members present. Reverend Fr. Douglas Zaggi was welcomed as their new Spiritual Director. The members were encouraged to build up existing praesidia and to extend to new Parishes.

North Elphin Curia is planning a Rosary procession in Sligo on August 28th and have invited legionaries in the Comitium to participate. Centenary celebrations were held in Roscommon Parish Church on June 24th and was well attended. Bishop Kevin Doran was the chief celebrant, assisted by seven Priests. The Concilium was represented by two of its Officers.


Clonfert Curia held the 2nd Curia meeting in May since restrictions were eased. The attendance included four Curia Officers and fourteen members of the attached praesidia. An election was held for Curia President and Sr. Josephine Mulryan was elected unopposed for a first term of three years. All praesidia are meeting each week except Loughrea which is looking for a new meeting room. Praesidia were encouraged to recruit new members to replace those who are not able to return and those who have gone to their eternal reward.

Galway Curia has four praesidia attached. A report was taken on the Mary day in Knock on June 4th which had an attendance of approximately 70 legionaries from the Councils in the West of Ireland. Fr. Declan Lohan Spiritual Director of the Curia gave a talk on the important role of the legion in the new era for the Catholic Church in Ireland. Following on from this meeting the Curia had a day of street contact on July 9th where many good contacts were made.

Achonry Curia: In Achonry there is just one praesidium in Kiltimagh with four members and a Spiritual Director. In Kiltimagh the legionaries lead the Rosary each morning at 9.30 before the 10am. Mass. Visits are made to the housebound and the Pilgrim statue is brought to families on request. On the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel enrolment of the Brown Scapular was organised. Help is also given at Knock Shrine and theLegion Office. Kilalla Curia: Meetings are taking place each month and all four officerships are filled. Some praesidia have not resumed their meetings but amalgamation has taken place where possible. A stall was manned on Ballina Heritage day in July. At Enniscrone open day Miraculous Medals, and bottles of Holy Water were distributed. The annual retreat was held in July.

Ferns Curia: Curia meetings were held in July and August. The Curia has no Spiritual Director at present and the office of Vice President is vacant. The annual report of Our Lady of Knock Queen of Ireland Junior praesidium was given. There are 12 junior members and three seniors. Much work is carried out by the legionaries including door to door distribution of Catholic literature. A retreat for men is planned for October 1st.


Annunciata: The main works of a praesidium in the area are an apostolate to the Muslims, home visitation and street contact. Over the year because of Covid restrictions only one Muslim family was visited. Recently the members have been visiting the hotels and colleges in their area giving out a leaflet with the times of Masses in the local parishes. At a recent Curia meeting a discussion was held about the quality of work reports. It is important to remember that when we report back to the meeting we are reporting on a meeting with a Soul.

Gloriosa: The Curia organised the viewing of a film on Fatima in St. Matthew’s Church Parish Centre, Ballyfermot on July 13th. As there is no praesidium attached to the parish, it was intended to familiarise parishioners with the Legion. The Rosary Garden at Mount Olivet is moving ahead.The new praesdium in Lucan South is progressing well. It has 7 probationary members. The officers of the curia attend the meetings in a supporting role. On the 36th anniversary of Our Lady of Mount Carmel praesidium, members arranged a special mass and promoted the wearing of the brown scapular and after the mass people were enrolled by the priest and the scapular was blessed. Forty scapulars were distributed. Miraculous Medals were also given out. A praesidium promotes the 5 first Saturdays devotion.

Immaculata: The Centenary Mass was held on July 16th. Enrolment in the Brown Scapular took place on the same day. Patricians titles ‘Titus Brandsma’ and ‘The Holy Spirit’ had attendances of 10 and 17 respectively. Recruiting is done weekly by all praesidia and monthly by the Curia. A new praesidium has been set up in St. Mark’s parish. A praesidium organised outdoor public rosaries and was joined by a lady whose child had died from cot-death. On another occasion the praesidium distributed 30 Miraculous Medals to young people who were traumatised by the violent death of one of their friends from stabbing. Contact work is done regularly at Luas stations with a particular emphasis on approaching the 18-40 age group. Two Hearts devotion is promoted on home visitation. This praesidium also has an outreach to members of the travelling community.

Ancilla Domini: Myra House has been registered as a venue for Culture Night which will be on September 23rd this year. Mass to celebrate the founding of the Legion of Mary will be held in St. Nicholas of Myra Church, Francis Street at 7.30pm on Friday September 2nd. The Centenary Concert will be held on Saturday September 3rd at 8 pm in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Project 300 is promoted and recruiting is ongoing.

Mary Spouse Of The Holy Spirit: The Legion of Mary has a table in Firhouse Church each Monday morning which creates an interest among those attending Mass and those coming in to say a prayer or light a candle. Miraculous Medals, Rosaries and prayer leaflets plus backdated editions of Maria Legionis have been offered and accepted. The praesidium has gained a new customer for Maria Legionis by giving out the old editions. The Blessed Sacrament is brought to approx. 25 of the residents of a non-Catholic nursing home each month by two members of Firhouse praesidium, one of whom is a Eucharistic Minister. The request came from the nursing home. The Rosary is also recited 3 Mondays of the month in the home. A ceremony will be held in the Priory Garden Tallaght on Monday, 22 August, the Queenship of Mary, to celebrate the plenary indulgence granted to the Legion of Mary worldwide by His Holiness, Pope Francis. Fr. Donagh O’Shea O.P will conduct the ceremony in church and lead a reflective walk in the historic Priory gardens, commencing at 2.30pm. Auxiliaries have been invited to attend.

Mater Ecclesia: A praesidium’s works include Rosary once a week in the local church; a Grotto Rosary both physically at the Grotto and on Zoom each Thursday evening from May to October; 1st Saturday Rosary in shopping centre. Other works consist of street contact each Saturday morning by one member who pairs with another member from a neighbouring praesidium. One member works each week in the Morning Star hostel. Other members in the praesidium deliver 100 Maria Legionis and have started to knock on doors of subscribers. The Curia has started outreach each month, with Edel Quinn banners to all churches in the Curia area. Three churches have been visited so far. Edel Quinn anniversary Mass will be celebrated on 17th September, in St Patrick’s Church Monkstown. Recruiting is carried out regularly but it is difficult to attract new members.

Praesidia directly attached to Concilium: Holy Rosary praesidium, Greystones, Co. Wicklow, has resumed meetings since January 2022. Works include leading the daily rosary before mass and the weekly Miraculous Medal Devotions on Mondays. Prayer packs were distributed to the First Holy Communion and Confirmation students. Rosary beads and miraculous medals are available in the ‘Spiritual Library’ in the church. Our Lady of Grace Praesidium, Newcastle, Co. Wicklow has resumed meetings since May. One member has become an auxiliary member, leaving 4 active members in the praesidium.



Ibadan Senatus: Ado-Ekiti Comitium reports home, hospital, police station and prison, and rehab home visitation. Two legionaries were among the forty who died in the attack on St. Francis Church, Owoo on 6th of June. May they rest in peace. 201 legionaries took part in an evangelisation project organised by Benin City Regia. 3849 homes were visited with notable follow ups.

Enugu Senatus: Legionaries helped prepare many candidates for the Sacraments. Abakaliki Regia continues to expand with the establishment of 59 senior praesidia and 39 junior praesidia, 377 junior legionaries recently transferred to senior membership. Legionaries attached to Nsukka Regia instructed 12 former prisoners who are now practicing their faith, as well as helping resolve many family disputes they also encouraged many couples to have their marriages blessed. The Regia recently established 8 new senior Curia, 31 senior praesidia and 20 junior praesidia.

Onitsha Regia comprises of many legionaries who assist in the preparations for Baptism and Confirmation. Legionaries encouraged 22 lapsed Catholics who are now practicing their faith. 140 couples had their marriages blessed and Novenas to Frank Duff, Edel Quinn and Alfie Lambe were organised. Jos Regia reported home and hospital visitation, Catechism instruction, marriage counselling and the promotion of the family rosary. 250 legionaries were recently recruited. They asked for prayers as it is not always possible for them to undertake the apostolate due to unrest in the State. Pankshin Comitium presented its first report to the Regia; their works included prison visitation crowd contact, assisting with the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation and encouraging lapsed Catholics to practice their faith and giving religious instruction to converts.

Ikot Ekpene Regia: 2 Senior Praesidia were established in Marian Hill Comitium, 50 probationers recently took the Legion Promise. Cause of Joy Comitium, Calabar reports 12 Baptisms, 6 couples received the sacrament of Matrimony, 5 Lapsed Catholics returned to practicing,5 people were received into the Church and 69 members were recruited.

Lagos Regia: The extension programme is ongoing with Exploratio Dominicalis projects targeting specific areas within the catchment area of various councils. The Regia has renewed interest in the Cause of Michael Stephen Ekeng while encouraging all Legionaries to pray the Michael Stephen Ekeng prayer. The Regia officers recently met with the Archbishop of Lagos who gave his blessing on all legion activity and urged legionaries to be more prayerful and remain dedicated and devoted to Our Lady. Works undertaken include home and hospital visitation, teaching catechism with reports of many receiving the sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation as well as many lapsed Catholics brought back to the faith and many marriages rectified.

Senatus of Uganda: The Senatus adopted the theme “Remember, renew, rejoice recruit for the Centenary year. Celebrations were held in each Diocese. Extension teams were formed and legionaries visited many Dioceses and 18 islands. Several new praesidia and Curiae were set up. Mbarara Regia reported setting up 36 new Curiae, 236 moslems baptised, 142 prisoners baptised, 861 protestants baptised. 22 deacons were ordained, 5 legionaries joined the religious life and 6 joined the senior seminary. Translation of the Rukhonzo handbook is almost complete. The Senatus produced a wonderful book on various aspects of the legion for the Centenary. The Senatus celebrated its diamond jubilee in May.

South Sudan: Archbishop Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla, Archbishop of Juba attended the May Uganda Senatus meeting to thank the legionaries for their support to the legionaries of South Sudan. He wishes to have the legion in all schools in South Sudan when the security is improved. He requested the Senatus to invite the Bishops of South Sudan to the next priests’ conference in Uganda. The Senatus is planning to visit Yambio Diocese for 6 weeks where there are 45 praesidia in one Curia. They also plan to visit Ethiopia.

Senatus of Kenya: His Eminence Cardinal Njue Archbishop Emeritus of Nairobi was the chief celebrant at the annual Mass at Venerable Edel Quinn’s grave. Approximately 2,500 people attended which included two Spiritual Directors and 75 legionaries from Uganda and 20 legionaries from Dar-es-Salaam. Following the division of Kisumu Regia in 2020 there is now great development in the Kisumu Regia area. In 3 months membership increased by 203, 13 new praesidia were established. Outreach to drug addicts, illicit brewers and alcoholics continues. 21 street girls abandoned the life and two witch doctors reformed. 71 attended the monthly prayers at Venerable Edel’s grave.

Tanzania: Dar-es-Salaam Regia: The Regia is planning a congress to celebrate 10 years of the Regia. Elections of officers of attached councils are taking place following a delay due to Covid.

Hai Moshi Comitium report home and hospital visitation, encouraging couples to marry in Church, preparing adults and children for the various Sacraments, helping to settle various disputes and talking to people with drug and alcohol addictions.


Maula Senatus: The Senatus meeting is well attended. Works include teaching Sunday school, visiting lapsed members, the aged and those who are sick or bereaved. Priests were very encouraged by the Centenary celebration, admitting they have come to know the Legion of Mary better and pledged their support for the group.

Blantyre Senatus: The Senatus celebrated the Centenary of the Legion of Mary on the 26th February 2022, with many councils reporting local celebrations in their Parishes. The Senatus Spiritual Director encouraged all legionaries to take advantage of the plenary indulgence granted to the Legion of Mary during the Centenary year. Programs are aired weekly on Radio Maria to inform listeners about the Legion. Retreats for youths and adults are organised as part of the evangelisation program. Works include teaching Catechism whilst encouraging all Catholics to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Holy Communion. Others works include home and hospital visitation, visiting the elderly, helping them with household chores and marriage instruction.


Lusaka Regia: Works include preparing candidate for the sacraments, marriage counselling, visiting the sick and offering support. The Regia regularly visit attached councils, time management, handbook study and no wearing of uniforms as well as cooperation with the Spiritual Director, Parish Priest and Parish Councils are on the agenda. Centenary Celebrations took place Ndola Diocese in May 2022. Several workshops and retreats were organised for legionaries.


Three teams have returned from their projects. So far we have received the team leader’s report from just one project. There were a number of good contacts made for returns to the practice of the Catholic faith and also some interested in learning about the Catholic Church. Some names were also given for future Legion membership.

There were no complaints concerning the Covid aspect on the home visitation

There are three projects still to take place from 20th to 27th August to St. Patrick’s Parish, Bristol, from 27th August to 3rd September to St. Patrick’s Parish, Soho, London, and finally from 3rd to the 10th September to St. Hilda’s and St. Aidan’s Parish, Manchester.

We are planning to hold a combined PPC and Organisers’ Conference at the end of February 2023.

Again, we ask your continued prayers for the success of these projects. Thank you.



There will be a meeting for Correspondents on Saturday 15th October 2022 at 10.00 a.m. in Nazareth Hall, Morning Star Avenue, Brunswick Street, Dublin 7.