Concilium Bulletin August 2021



Toronto: 227 new subscribers were signed up for Maria Legionis. An online conference and workshop, in May had 204 legionaries attending. In Ottawa Regia, Zoom facilitated seminars and links with Concilium to ‘Fridays with Frank’, ‘Rosary & Ramblings’ and celebrating St. Joseph’s Year. The Scarborough Comitium had 140 attending a virtual retreat conducted by their Spiritual Director, Fr. Bryk, and with the theme, ‘Call to holiness’.

Montreal Senatus has 19 attached praesidia, 1 Comitium and 5 Curiae. A census in 2019 indicates 200 to 300 active members in total and 700 to 800 auxiliary members. They resumed meeting in-person in June 21with 26 attending. 25 Legionaries attended the Acies while the others joined virtually. They did their treasury audit for 2020. A praesidium of 9 active members and a Curia with 3 praesidia reported in June.

Edmonton Comitium with 10 attached praesidia and 4 attached Curiae have met virtually from January to June 2021. Two attached Curiae are in Edmonton and two in the distant Calgary. One of the latter has 25 praesidia and plans to divide while the other curia is Korean and reports 1 adult Baptism. Acies ceremonies were held in both cities with some joining virtually.

Vancouver Comitium met in person in June. They commenced a 100 day countdown to the Legion Centenary on the 7th September when their Centenary Mass will be celebrated by Archbishop Millar. An attached Curia reported for the period November 2020 to June 2021. There are 25 attached praesidia (13 Senior and 12 Junior). 3 senior praesidia presented annual reports. Zoom used to teach Catechism for Confirmation candidates and other events.


San Francisco Senatus has been meeting in person since May. Their Centenary Mass will be on 25th September with Archbishop Cordileone celebrating. Several attached councils reported their own plans for local Centenary Mass and reported on Acies ceremonies. A praesidium in Fairbanks increased its membership from 7 to 11 members. They promoted online evangelisation, “drive-up” Adoration, pilgrim statue, distributed 300 rosaries at a community event, led consecrations to St. Joseph and Our Lady. Idaho Curia established praesidia in 2 parishes. Street contact helped a girl change her mind about having an abortion.

Boston Senatus scheduled their Centenary Mass for 11th September. Chinese, Vietnamese and Spanish speaking praesidia will also have Masses in their languages. Hartford and New Haven Comitia will host a joint Centenary Mass.

Cincinnati Senatus continues to meet in person. Their Archbishop Dennis Schnurr will celebrate their Centenary Mass on 19th September. In a recent census, there were 49 active members and 762 auxiliaries in the 7 attached praesidia. Attached is Detroit Regia with 3 Curia (including 1 Korean with 100 members. They reported on their Acies and trying to meet-in-person where possible. A Congress is scheduled for 21st August.

Arlington Regia: In-person meetings are to the capacity allowed. They plan their Priest appreciation dinner in September. One Curia has increased its members by 10. One praesidium did a virtual Edel Quinn presentation. 100 people attended a retreat. Many do the Pilgrim Virgin visits in the yard and in one such case, a mother and her two children were helped prepare for reception of the sacraments. They hold many rosary rallies with distancing. The Brown Scapular was used at many parish Masses. In one praesidium of 4, they are sponsors to 4 RCIA catechumens. They arranged for one nursing home resident to get the last Sacraments before death. One council got the Diocesan magazine to do a feature on the Legion for the centenary. One praesidium is giving miraculous medals to the Police and Fire Fighters.

Los Angeles Senatus send Bulletins from their Zoom meetings which are up to date. They are doing the Handbook chapters 1 to 12 to prepare for the Centenary. They are trying to get praesidia to be more active.

Houston Senatus: Northwest Curia continued the October Rosary Challenge for the 5th year by contacting about 600 people by emails, texts, Facebook and phone calls with good results. In May, the Senatus celebrated the 77th Anniversary of the death of Venerable Edel Quinn with a Rosary and Holy Mass.

Chicago Senatus: Senatus Acies had 50 present and 65 online viewers. Sioux Falls Curia have 6 praesidia with 52 active and 158 auxiliary members. A legionary was interviewed on EWTN about the ‘Real Presence’. Catechism and bible studies continue. The Korean Comitium (Chicago) has 8 praesidia and 2 Curiae attached, representing 235 active and 380 auxiliary members. Pre-Covid, 120 lapsed were contacted. St. Cloud Curia reports calls to the enclosed and bereaved, and taking part in two County Fairs. A praesidium in Mankato with 5 active and 42 auxiliaries contacted 30 persons and took part in a rosary rally. St. Paul Comitium, MN has 11 praesidia. Their Korean Curia has 3 praesidia with 75 active and 400 auxiliaries have resumed visits to shut-ins and help with Catechumens classes.

Philadelphia Senatus: The Senatus was commended on keeping their website up-to-date at this time. Works permitted in Pittsburgh Regia included Pilgrim Statue visits, rosary rallies and distributing scapulars and prayer shawls. They held virtual men’s conferences, bible study and phone calls to auxiliaries and the sick. Allentown Curia attended rosary rallies and sent prayer cards to nursing homes and to prisoners. Buck county Curia visited police stations, EMT’s and fire departments with MMs and literature. The Editor of Maria Legionis, Sr. Edel Lukens has maintained production of the journal for the USA during the pandemic.

St. Louis: Legionaries are doing home to home, hospital, and nursing home visits. Phone calls made to those who are ill. Literature is distributed and Bible Study carried out. Extension is mentioned in 3 reports and 2 new members were gained. All have a fine roll of Auxiliaries. Organising Eucharistic Adoration is mentioned in two reports. Two prison praesidia meet every week.

New York: Brooklyn Comitium had about 100 members present for Acies. The Comitium began meeting-in-person (with limited numbers) in May. In North Bronx Curia about 6 praesidia meet in person. They pray public rosaries on the streets.


Trinidad & Tobago Regia: The Regia is trying to keep in touch with as many legionaries as possible and are still holding virtual meetings. Likewise, many praesidia and overseas councils, with the exception of Dominica, are unable to meet in-person but some are keeping in touch on social platforms.

Haiti: A comitium with 5 Curiae reported hospital visitation, family conflict resolution, bringing Holy Communion to sick people, accompanying priests on visits, visiting cohabiting couples and doing acts of service. Another council set up a praesidium with 17 members. Meetings of the Centenary Committee and the Correspondents’ group were mentioned. Attendance was at 35%. Please remember the people of Haiti in your prayers.

Dominican Republic: Santiago de los Caballeros Senatus, some praesidia resumed and communications with all the councils is good. Handbook study is encouraged. Centenary celebrations will begin on 4 September in the Grotto of Our Lady of Altagracia. Different councils will host activities throughout the year. Their weekly radio program transmitted by Radio Light and Facebook is giving great results. A Marian Jubilee year commenced on 15 August to honour the one hundred years of the Coronation of “Our Lady of Altagracia” as their Patron.

Santo Domingo Senatus: Due to the setback in June they returned to virtual meetings. The praesidia are giving instruction by Zoom or WhatsApp. The officers of the Senatus in consultation with the dioceses are to review ways to enable them to do Legion work. The celebrations for the Centenary which coincides with their own 75th Anniversary will commence on 5 September in the Cathedral “Primada de America with the Archbishop celebrating Mass. A number of Television and Radio Channels have been contacted with a view to transmitting the programme. A video on the history of the Legion in the Dominican Republic is in preparation.



Madrid Senatus: Meetings held in Zoom with excellent attendances and participation that included legionaries from councils in the Canary Islands and North Africa. The President explained the absence of 3 officers plus the Spiritual Director due to COVID. The latter sent a recording of the Allocutio. Many praesidia are meeting again in their parishes with spiritual contact possible especially with the youth. Spiritual Directors are encouraging legionaries to learn how to hold meetings using technology. The Archbishop of Toledo, an active legionary in the seminary, is a great help to the Comitium. Plans to hold a PPC are in place. La Linea Curia is teaching Muslim immigrants Spanish and explaining the Catholic Faith. A praesidium recruited 5 new members during the pandemic. Centenary plans include an Outreach to former legionaries. Barcelona and Bilbao Senatus are in lockdown. The Correspondent has been keeping in contact, however, no word from either for almost a year


Lisbon Senatus: An annual report has been received giving details of works done before the outbreak of Covid. The Legion is present in 18 dioceses, which are distributed among Lisbon Senatus and Coimbra and Porto Regiae. There are a total of 11 Comitia, 40 senior Curiae and four junior Curiae attached. There are 17 senior and one junior praesidia attached to Senatus. There are a total of 430 senior praesidia and 26 junior praesidia in the country. There are 3792 senior, 203 junior legionaries and 14074 auxiliary members.


Rome Senatus: while in lockdown sends a monthly newsletter to Councils. Some are meeting and keeping in regular contact with the Senatus. Rimini Comitium started extension in San Marino and Cesena, but difficulty in continuing for the present. The Senatus is unable to fulfil their planned Centenary celebrations. Spiritual Director Mons. La Rosa is arranging for legionaries to join with Pope Francis on the 5th Sept. in reciting the Angelus in St Peters Square after which the Pope will give a short message for the legionaries. Pavia Curia are restricted to meeting at the Church. Legionaries are giving Catechism classes. The Acies to be held later. A visit to Rome on the 5th Sept. discussed. No communication was received from Genoa Comitium. Turin praesidia: Two praesidia in the city, one continues to hold its meetings and organised the Acies. The other started last year, now closed, however, they pray a virtual rosary daily. Asti Curia is holding virtual meetings and are doing a virtual apostolate and help with activities in the Sanctuary. Padua Comitium has 7 praesidia directly attached. Comitium meetings still not allowed. Some praesidia hold meetings however, legion work is not done. Legionaries keep in touch by phone and letters and ask for prayers at this difficult time. Some legionaries have died including Fr. Raffacle who was quite young and a great supporter of the Legion, leaving a huge void.

Milan Regia: Directly attached praesidia still not holding meetings. Some Regia Officers do not leave their homes.


Regia: Centenary plans are progressing. Radio Maria included the founding of the Legion in Malta among 13 half hour programmes. In addition two talks on TV Channels about the Legion, its Founder and how it started including in Malta was so well received that the producer said he would welcome legionaries in the future. Reports from praesidia: Three adult Muslims were instructed and by legionaries and were received into the Catholic Church on the on the eve of Trinity Sunday. They were accompanied by all three legionaries who instructed them Legionaries in a praesidium of 8 members brought the Pilgrim Statue to a home following which the occupant got rid of all undesirable videos, another praesidium with 7 members took part in street contact on the feast of St. Paul, met many tourists, one man who had almost lapsed in his faith was persuaded back to mass and the sacraments. Another of 4 members run Catechism classes, prepare teenagers and children for confession and do hospital and nursing home and home visitations. Curia reports: Mother of the Good Shepherd Curia erected a statue of Our Lady for the Centenary on a busy roundabout with the support of the parishioners and civil authorities. Mother of God Curia report 41 of 66 active members are Praetorians, visitation and book barrow are No reports from Albania, Turkey, Greece or Libya in the last 3 months.the main works.


Comitium: On the island of Gozo there is a legion presence in all parishes. Some junior and intermediate legionaries have not yet returned to meetings. Some non-Catholic families accept the Legion Statue. Much contact done with tourists. A follow up resulted in a young man returning to the sacraments after a long absence.

Countries under Malta Caretakership

No reports from Albania, Turkey, Greece or Libya in the last 3 months.


Nicosia Curia held its last in person meeting on 8/3/20. Virtual meetings only have been held since. Officers of the Curia visited Paphos Praesidium in April and met new members and the new priest Fr. Ismael. Mediatrix of All Graces Praesidium, Nicosia are now holding in person meetings due to loss of members as a number of Philippino legionaries have returned home. Recruiting is difficult until normal meetings are permitted. A number of visits to Cyprus by the Correspondent had to be deferred due to the pandemic. A meeting with Fr. Jerzy Kraj, Latin Patriarchal Vicar for Cyprus, could not take place, however, a letter giving an overview of the Legion of Mary on the island of Cyprus was sent by email to him in early June. The Correspondent communicates with Nicosia Curia on news from Concilium and updates on the Centenary Programme.



Tuam: The Acies ceremony was held on Thursday 13 May in Tooreen church, Claremorris. The Acies was held online for Westport Curia again this year.


Claremorris Curia: Tooreen praesidium, have held their meetings via Zoom since the start of the lockdown. They have five members and recently got a new Spiritual Director, Fr. Jarald David. Their works include manning the rota for 24 hour Adoration in Tooreen church. Ballindine praesidium resumed meetings in the Community Centre in May. They undertake church work, fill Holy Water bottles and sing in the choir.

Westport Curia: Ongoing works include keeping their Legion of Mary Facebook page updated with all things Legion and Catholic. Various initiatives from the Concilium were promoted. Details of Mary’s Channel of Grace was placed in the parish newsletter to encourage others to join the nightly Rosary. They encourage people to take part in Adoration after lockdown. Members included the Miraculous Medal and leaflet with Christmas cards and delivered them to people’s homes. Recruiting is ongoing and one praesidium has recruited three new members.

Clonfert: The Curia Acies was held in Woodford church and included Holy Mass celebrated by their Spiritual Director. Meetings have not taken place since March 2020 but each praesidium recited the Rosary and Legion prayers over the past year. Legion altars were erected in three churches for the month of May complete with Miraculous Medals, Legion literature and Holy Water. Weekly Rosaries are held at the local grotto. The Curia is hopeful that most of the legionaries will resume their meetings again as soon as gatherings are permitted.

Galway: The Curia has been holding virtual meetings each month. The praesidium in Renmore is doing home to home visitation for the past month. They are giving out the times of Masses as there are many new people in the Parish.

Kilkenny: They hope to have a Curia meeting in September.

Dublin Northside Curiae

Veneranda Curia

In Berkeley Road Parish, intensive visitation is being undertaken to facilitate the blessing of the homes and streets of the parish. This began in July and will continue throughout the month of August. Parishioners are very pleased to have their homes and the streets blessed. During this visitation many good contacts have been made including children and adults not baptised also those of little faith and of different religions. A number of legionaries from the Curia accompany the Priest and Deacon on this work.

The junior praesidium hold their weekly meetings on Zoom. Members of the Maria Legionis praesidium work on their administrative duties in relation to the journal accounts. As the Church in Berkeley Road is closed for a short while after Mass, legionaries and some parishioners recite the Rosary in the Curia House. The members of the Irish praesidium have held weekly meetings and continue to work on the Frank Duff library. One member is involved with the work at the Regina Coeli Hostel. Copies of the Maria Legionis are being distributed in two of the praesidia along with Catholic literature. Social distancing is observed in all instances.

Bethlehem Curia

Curia Officers keep in touch with all the praesidia regularly. Most have collected the current Maria Legionis journals. Legionaries were encouraged to take on the 33 days preparation for Consecration to Our Lady, and to tune in to the live stream on the webcam of the Centenary Mass on 3rd September from St Nicholas of Myra Church (Francis St., Dublin at 7.30 p.m.).

Porta Coeli Curia

Members are encouraged to say the Rosary and Legion prayers every day. The members of one praesidium meet in a legionary’s house each week for the Rosary, Legion prayers and a chat. One member tunes in regularly to the Deus et Patria online Rosary and 33 day preparation for the Centenary. A new member is awaiting the customary vetting. One legionary is in monthly contact with his Senatus Council in the Philippines on behalf of Concilium and a member does house-duty each week at Concilium. It is hoped to resume meetings as soon as the Covid situation improves.

Presentata Curia

Most praesidia are back meeting in-person. The Curia plans to resume the in-person Curia meeting in September. Some members are helping with organisation of the online 33 Day Preparation for True Devotion to Mary Consecration. Some of elderly Legionaries are reluctant to resume attendance at the weekly meeting and carry out two hours Legion work, on the other hand some new young members have joined over the last few months. Attendance at the monthly Vigil on the First Friday at the Morning Star is increasing each month, supported by priests who celebrate Holy Mass at 9pm on the Friday night and at 8am on the Saturday morning. Members are looking forward to resuming full Legion membership and are currently planning for the establishment of two junior praesidia.



Banjul Curia: Currently there is a ban on social gatherings as instructed by the Catholic Bishop of Banjul, which has limited the activity of the legionaries. The Curia organised visits to 3 new outstation parishes, namely Darsilami village, Kabekel and Sifoe villages and started the Legion in each of them, with a total of 25 new members on probation. There are 12 active Presidia in the Gambia.


Enugu Senatus:

Abakaliki Regia is composed of 19 Comitia, 149 Senior Curiae, 1,666 Senior Praesidia with a total strength of 26,069 senior legionaries of which 5,015 are probationers, it has 1,847 auxiliary including 290 adjutorians, 90 Junior Curiae made up of 1,035 Junior Praesidia with a total membership of 13,890. 7,015 candidates received Sacrament of baptism, and 2,058 First Holy Communion, 1,173 the Sacrament of Confirmation. 739 marriages were regularised. 489 pagans were converted. 54 junior praesidia, 66 senior praesidia.4 junior curiae 3 senior curiae and1 Comitia was established. 276 junior legionaries transferred on to senior praesidia.

Onitsha Regia: Our Lady of Fatima Junior Curia, Onitsha: comprised of 20 juniors Praesidia with 635 members helped prepare 17 for First Holy Communion, while 9 candidates were prepared for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Ihiala Comitium helped prepare 134 persons (80 Adults and 54 Infants) for the Sacrament of Baptism, 603 for first Holy Communion, 721 for the Sacrament of Confirmation. 84 sick calls were arranged and 27 couples were helped to marry in the Church,

Jos Regia: Our Lady Virgin Most Prudent Curia is comprised of 27 Praesidia,506 active members, 93 of whom are probationers, 24 auxiliaries, 48 Praetorians, 6 Adjutorians, The Curia recruited 107 and helped organise the blessing of 19 marriages during the year.

Ikot Ekpene Regia. Queen of All Hearts Comitium, Eket with membership of 489 legionaries had 8 prepared to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation; 16 Catechumens the Sacrament of First Holy Communion, 113 persons were Baptised and 1 weak Praesidium was revived at Asong. The Regia is hoping to have Holy Mass celebrated by the Bishops in all the respective dioceses and to win souls for Christ during the Centenary Year.

Abuja Senatus: The Senatus plans to have its Centenary Mass on 12th. September. Twelve members are on its Centenary planning committee. The Annual Report to October 2020 reported 387 new Praesidia. A Comitium of four Curiae and thirteen directly attached Praesidia reported 210 lapsed returned, 18 marriages rectified and six conversions.

Ibadan Senatus: The Audit Report for the year to September 2020 was received. The president met with the Archbishop to expedite the appointment of Spiritual Directors to some Curiae. 5,000 copies of the Handbook are being printed.

Lagos Regia has recommended all Praesidia to have their weekly meeting on 7th September this year.


Uganda Senatus: The recent total lockdown has eased but Churches will remain closed for the present. Sadly, a large number of people have died due to the Corona Virus including legionaries and Legion meetings are in abeyance. Legionaries are praying the Legion Prayers from their homes and especially at the time they would be at their Praesidia meetings. A number of Curiae have formed Rosary Groups following the 24 HR Rosary Initiative. On 7th September the Centenary Celebrations will be inaugurated with Mass at Nsambya Parish, where Venerable Edel was received on arrival in Uganda. Mass will be celebrated in English with a small attendance. Legionaries will follow the Mass on Radio Maria Uganda. Concilium will be notified of further Centenary events. In the last few months, the Senatus suffered the loss of the Archbishop of Kampala, His Grace Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga who was very supportive of the Legion and a short while later the Spiritual Director Fr. Walakira died after a long illness.


As the annual Mass at Venerable Edel Quinn’s grave was cancelled due to Covid, each praesidium was encouraged to have Mass offered in their local parish. Immaculate Conception praesidium, which was the first praesidium set up by Venerable Edel in East Africa had Mass aired on Capuchin TV, Nairobi. The Senatus Spiritual Director and Officers went to the grave on the anniversary and recited the rosary and Legion prayers. The first praesidium reported having 12 active and 52 auxiliary members and do home, hospital and park contact work and care for a junior praesidium. The Senatus organised a training day for praesidia officers. Three new correspondents were appointed.


Dar-es-Salaam Regia: The Regia Officers are continuing to visit distant councils to encourage the legionaries in the apostolate. Rombo Comitium no news since last report. Hai Moshi Comitium Works reported on include home and hospital visitation, encouraging couples to marry in Church and preparing adults and children for the Sacraments. A recent letter from the Spiritual Director of the Legion in Kigoma Diocese indicates that the legion is functioning well.


Blantyre Senatus: At the Senatus meeting in June information about the need to protect children was read. Members are encouraged to pray to Frank Duff and report any miracles received. Curia Mtenje attached to the Senatus has 6 praesidia. Works include repairing a house for an elderly lady that was falling down. Of 12 sick people visited, 10 received the Sacrament of anointing. 8 are now recovered and 4 have since died. One praesidium tilled a garden for an elderly couple and prayed with them. 8 lapsed Christians visited are now back in the Church. All praesidia visit and pray with elderly people. Domasi Comitium has 5 Curiae and 19 Praesidia, with a total of 343 legionaries. Works for attached praesidia include visiting hospitals homes and prison, visiting lapsed Catholics and helping elderly people with chores. One cohabiting family visited received the Sacrament of matrimony. Namulenga Comitium has 7 praesidia and 4 Curiae with a total of 493 active and 21 auxiliary members. 17 active members are youths. Legionaries visited a village Chief who did not belong to any church, the Chief was baptised into the Catholic Church. Lapsed families were visited and have since returned to Church. 3 cohabiting families received the Sacrament of matrimony. St. Louis De Montfort Comitium has 12 praesidia and 4 Curiae, with 402 members. Works include visiting the sick in Hospital. Children are prepared to receive the Sacraments. Januale Comitium has 5 attached Curiae and 10 praesidia. Works include instructing Catechumens. Chiwale Curia has 5 attached Praesidia. Works include consoling bereaved families, visiting the sick and praying with the elderly.

Maula Senatus are making preparations for the Centenary.

In Malawi the Catholic Bishops are organising a national Mass to celebrate the Centenary of the Legion of Mary, which was started in Malawi by Venerable Edel Quinn in 1940. The theme is “A call to Holiness through service and collaboration in the Church”. The Mass will be celebrated on 16th October 2021 in Maula Podium and a large attendance of the 250,000 active members is expected. There will be a number of Masses at parish level to facilitate all legionaries to participate at some level of the Centenary celebrations.


Lusaka Regia: Centenary celebrations have started in some Dioceses and Comitia. The launch was done in the Parishes that were allowed to conduct their Acies around the 25th of March. TV and radio programmes have been recorded and aired. The final celebrations will be held in various Cathedrals on the 8th of September. A Zoom meeting with the Concilium correspondent and Concilium officers took place in May. The meeting was very fruitful and gave the correspondent a better understanding of the Legion in Zambia. Since then the government of Zambia has introduced tighter restrictions because of the coronavirus, all Legion activity is suspended until the situation improves.

Kasama Regia: no recent news