Concilium Bulletin August 2020



In New York Senatus, sadly, some Legionaries died from the virus; R.I.P. Newark Korean Comitium has 783 active members, 1170 auxiliaries and 10 attached Curiae. Church attendance increased by 1090 due to home visitation. Through the parish bulletin, they started a new praesidium with 8 members. A grandmother, reconciled to Church, wants her 13 grandchildren to receive the Sacraments.

Houston Senatus held virtual Senatus Officers’ meetings to maintain contact with all attached units. Texas had suffered a rapid rise in COVID cases recently. Legionaries are promoting a 54 Day Rosary Novena from 15th August to stop Covid spread. The Holy Spirit Conference scheduled for 10th October is cancelled.

St. Louis Senatus: Pre-Covid work included Legion Booths at Adams County Fair and Sacred Heart High School. Legionaries catechised pre-Confirmation children and helped 45 people recovering from addictions. 4 people have returned to the Church and 2 Baptisms were arranged. One member continues evangelisation of Muslims through internet at colleges.

Los Angeles Senatus: Virtual meetings in June and July comprised mainly of prayers as officers are very mindful of confidentiality. Public violence is a concern for Legionaries in regard to any work.

Arlington Regia: Three meetings have been carried out by skype and the latest one physically. Reports were read in private. They had a teleconference with their correspondents. Works included phoning auxiliaries, sending cards to patients in the nursing homes, Bible Study and a virtual presentation on Edel Quinn.

Cincinnati Senatus: In Detroit Regia, the Bishop appointed a priest, Fr. Craig Marion, from among 3 names provided to him by a deacon helping the Regia in this matter. The attached Kokomo Comitium has 44 members; its attached Curia has 25 members. Cleveland Comitium has 216 active members in their 11 praesidia (including 1 junior) and 2 attached Curiae. Knoxville Curia has 5 attached praesidia including 3 juniors. 3 Councils held Acies. Works included a virtual Rosary with a nursing home, “window visits”, growing their praetorian membership, encouraging auxiliary participation in a virtual Rosary rally. A junior group sent 860 notes to the sick and some priests.

San Francisco Senatus held 3 virtual meetings with an attendance of 12 praesidia officers and 10 to 22 council officers. Some prison and convalescent ministry was maintained virtually or by letter writing or using the Pilgrim Virgin Statue to pray outside one nursing home. Rosary making, a virtual Rosary rally for children and a Workshop on “The Legion Handbook as a Catechetical Tool” featured. One council posted letters with a miraculous medal enclosed to lapsed and non-Catholics. In Fairbanks, Legionaries now accompany priest with Holy Communion to housebound.

Philadelphia Senatus meetings were live streamed. Before Covid, Wilmington Curia improved their attendance and planned extension projects. Metuchen Comitium promoted Sacred Heart Enthronements and Bible studies. Pittsburgh Regia will display Maria Legionis in outdoor barrows during the pandemic.

Chicago Senatus held 2 Senatus meetings with live-streaming for those unable to attend due to health concerns. Some pre-Covid works included crowd contact at a County Fair, catechising the deaf and pre-sacramental youths, formation of a new Spanish praesidium and promoting TDM in a parish. The non-Catholic husband of one pilgrim statue host, began reciting the Rosary and is now doing RCIA. Currently, a praesidium assists their pastor, sanitising in the church at weekends.

In Miami Regia, some virtual meetings were held with due care for confidentiality. They won’t rush into anything.

Boston Senatus – A Senatus bulletin covering March to May included reports from 4 praesidia, 9 Curiae and 3 Comitia. Bedford Curia regrouped with help from Providence Comitium. Providence also report pre-Covid Exploratio Dominicalis projects. Three adults were Baptised, and a total of 70 attended their Patrician meetings. Hartford Comitium has 2 prison praesidia among its 8 adult praesidia. Its attached Curia in Norwich has 3 prison, 10 adult, and 1 junior praesidia while 2 other Curiae in New Britain and Litchfield have 7 and 4 adult praesidia respectively. Mystic Valley Curia with 41 members, including 9 praetorians and started a new praesidium while its praesidium in a correction centre teaches the 12 step program. The 6 members in Rutland praesidium made phone calls, face masks and did shopping during Covid-19 restrictions.


Toronto Senatus officers and praesidia meetings are held by virtual means. They display the Maria Legionis in book barrows outside with legionaries socially distancing.

Montreal Senatus resorted to virtual meetings from April to June 2020. All 5 attached Curiae and the Quebec Comitium reported as scheduled resulting in a Senatus Bulletin in June. Pre-Covid works included Catechism, Crowd Contact, Pilgrim Virgin, Baptism preparation and extension. Ville Marie Curia has 11 praesidia with 89 active members, 3 probationers and 210 auxiliaries; this includes a new senior and junior praesidium.

Vancouver Comitium: A praesidium with 10 members and 82 Auxiliaries (5 Praetorian and 3 Adjutorian) had 3 Pilgrim Statues in circulation. During visits to 46 families, legionaries recruited 5 auxiliaries and arranged 4 enthronements to the Two Hearts. A new praesidium of 14 members has a Frank Duff Prayer group. A Curia report to February 2020, showed 10 senior and 4 junior praesidia attached.


Haiti Senatus are doing well despite the Covid-19.

Puerto Rico Senatus: Praesidia members, on meeting days, recite the Tessera alone or by phone links. Also, they phone the sick and auxiliaries. Some members contact people in pharmacies and supermarkets. In the Virgin Islands there is 1 Curia with 6 praesidia.

Dominican Republic:

Senatus of Santo Domingo use virtual means for their Legion meetings. A new young persons’ praesidium meets by WhatsApp. Works included the formation of 3 family praesidia, phone contact with families bereaved by Covid-19, praying with depressive people and auxiliaries. They promoted live streamed Masses to parishioners. Sadly, 38 legionaries, both active and auxiliary, died due to the Coronavirus.

Senatus of Santiago de los Caballeros: Virtual meetings were held. To celebrate the Acies some Comitia prayed the Rosary by telephone or other means of communication.

Regia of Trinidad and Tobago resumed their meeting in July 2020. The 7 active members of a praesidium pray with prisoners and give out small tokens. They conduct a Junior praesidium in a girls’ school. 14 children were catechised for Holy Communion. Their Archbishop gave them a challenge to start 100 new Junior praesidia by 7th September 2021!



Senatus of Madrid. Senatus officers are in weekly contact with each other by video conference and the correspondent join most of these. In June their meeting concluded with Mass celebrated by the spiritual Director. They hope to revive the Senatus meeting in September while observing all protocols. All legionaries receive reflections on the Handbook from the spiritual director, weekly by email. Some praesidium meetings are by Zoon, others by telephone. Contact is also maintained with Auxiliaries and ‘special cases’.

Barcelona Senatus: No meetings have been held since February and members miss being able to attend funerals of Auxiliaries which in normal times, is a standard work for them. Most members are elderly and no initiatives are evident during these times.

Bilbao Senatus: One legionary died through Covid-19 and here again, no special initiatives shown during lockdown and membership is predominantly on the elderly side. Sr. Emiliana Martin, secretary of the Senatus, died on the 20th July.


Comitium of Padua: Reporting praesidium has only 2 members and work consists mainly of organising the Comitium meeting, Legion celebration and all secretarial work of the Comitium. There have been no meetings since February and this area is badly hit by the pandemic. The Secretary who is a doctor at a Padua hospital organises nurses to say prayers and sing hymns for patients also praying with dying patients who could not access a priest. The German speaking Curia at Lana held its meeting in July and had a small Acies ceremony.

Rome Senatus: The last meeting was in February, however, they have kept in touch with the attached councils by means of a monthly letter from the president which includes an Allocutio from the Spiritual Director and this maintains the link with the Senatus. Some councils and praesidia, apart from Rome, have resumed their meetings.

Milan Regia: They are still on lockdown however, attached councils of Pavia and Asti are holding virtual meetings. The trend has been for many years that Legion meetings in this area are not held in July and August, some even in June, due to the intense heat which has a debilitating effect on the elderly Legionaries. Sr. Noelia Garcia has been in touch with intermediate legionaries through WhatsApp messages, as the Regia officers have scant computer skills.

Cyprus Curia: Praesidia visitation has been postponed due to the pandemic restrictions. The majority of members in Cyprus are Philippines nationals and work and meetings can only take place on Sundays.

Lisbon Senatus: Family apostolate gets parents active in catechesis of their children. Legion organises groups to study the gospels and leaflets on the sacraments are distributed. 5 priests were contacted in relation to extension. 65 children were visited on the anniversary of their baptism and parents encouraged to be involved in religious formation.

Malta Regia:

A praesidium for shift workers was setup. 5 Curiae reported and home visitation is done in all parishes and works include home consecration and apostolate to tourists. An entire family agreed to receive Baptism. 4 Patrician meetings were held.

Attached foreign council:

Albania: The Spiritual Director attended the Regia meeting and thanked members for their help over many years. There is much poverty in Albania and people make many sacrifices.



Elphin Comitium: The Comitium and attached praesidia are not meeting at present for health reasons and lack of suitable accommodation. Elphin Curia and some of the attached praesidia are meeting in their Legion house in Sligo. Works undertaken are phone contact and church work.

Thurles Comitium are having a meeting to make plans to resume holding monthly Comitium meetings. For the Centenary they had plans to organise a Mass celebrated by Archbishop Kieran O Reilly.


Achonry: With social distancing, two legionaries in Kiltimagh praesidium prayed the Rosary at Our Lady of Knock Shrine in Kiltimagh each evening in the month of May. Some parishioners attended as well. Permission was obtained from the parish priest to recite the Rosary at 9.30am each morning before the 10.00am Mass Monday to Saturday. They have now started the Novena to Our Lady of Knock. Many parishioners come in early for the Rosary. They organised an Enrolment in the Brown Scapular on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and 93 Scapulars were accepted. During this time of pandemic they keep a special altar in the Church’s Saint Joseph Chapel with the picture of the Divine Mercy and the statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. During the day people come into the Chapel to say a prayer at this altar. The praesidium hopes to resume weekly meetings in September.

Ferns: A few of the praesidia have held their weekly meetings, while one praesidium is using Zoom to meet and say the Legion prayers together. New Ross praesidium reports that the legionaries continue to recite a public Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet each Friday at 3pm at the harbor. Members of Wexford praesidium visit the housing estates and deliver the Frank Duff prayer and the Holy Rosary leaflets. There is no contact made with the residents as literature is put through the letter boxes. Another praesidium recites the Rosary and Legion prayers during the Parish Adoration. Carnew praesidium is also holding its weekly meetings. Ferns has not as yet held a Curia meeting but are hoping to do so very soon.

Galway: Three of the attached praesidia are holding their meetings. One praesidium is doing as their Legion work stewarding at the Cathedral. In normal times they would not do this as Legion work but at present it is helpful to the parish priest. They planned to hold their first Curia meeting since March on Wednesday 12th August.


Ancilla Domini Curia have seven praesidia among 11 parishes and an active membership of 53 legionaries. A Curia meeting took place in July with 50% attendance. A stand was organised at the “Love Dublin 8” festival in February where legionaries spoke with many attendees. Two public Rosaries were held recently at a Sacred Heart statue. A prayer meeting for the Cause of the Servant of God Frank Duff takes place monthly. Plans are underway for improvements to Myra House in anticipation of the Legion Centenary next year.

Assumpta Curia has 6 praesidia among 9 parishes. Curia meetings have not yet resumed and just one praesidium is currently meeting. For the past few weeks, legionaries have been organising a weekly public Rosary at a local grotto.

Our Lady of Fatima Curia has seven praesidia among 18 parishes. The Curia has not yet resumed praesidium or Curia meetings as parish centres are not yet open to the public. It is hoped that praesidia will be able to meet in September and the Curia in October.

Immaculata Curia has 9 praesidia among 10 parishes. A Curia meeting took place in July with just one officer from each praesidia asked to attend with the Curia officers. Legionaries in Brookfield assisted with stewarding before Mass and sanitising seats in the church. Building on this support to the parish, they prepared packs with Holy Water, Rosary beads, Miraculous Medal and prayer cards, 100 of which were left in the church porch and collected by parishioners at the invitation of the priest. They received permission to organise a weekly public Rosary at a local grotto, inviting people to social distance whilst attending or to pray from their house gate or window. 7 people joined the legionaries praying 20 decades of the Rosary at the first week. A planning meeting took place in preparation for Centenary celebrations.

Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia has 5 praesidia among 20 parishes. The July Curia meeting took place with six officers in attendance. Discussion took place on how to regroup after the Covid-19 pandemic. Most praesidia still await permission to meet in their parish. A praesidium in Firhouse recited the Rosary weekly for four weeks at a local cemetery.

Gloriosa Curia has 9 praesidia among 15 parishes. Curia meetings have resumed and 3 praesidia are currently holding meetings – at the parish, at the curia house and in a legionary’s home. A praesidium of 8 students at Maynooth College reported organising several ‘Light Fever’ vigils in the college oratory during the year. Legionaries would go in pairs, encouraging students to pay a visit. Up to 150 students attended in the course of a two-hour period. Members made St. Brigid’s crosses while encouraging students to join them. On Palm Sunday legionaries offered Palm branches to students and encouraged them to go to Mass and have it blessed. Three members have been ordained in the past three years. Two members were research assistants for the Cause of the Servant of God, Frank Duff. The Curia plans to make a special centenary garden in Mt. Olivet House in Ballyfermot. It will comprise of 5 sections representing the five continents of the world and will be based on the theme of the Mission Rosary.

Benedicta Curia has 6 praesidia among 4 parishes. Some praesidia have resumed meetings whilst others are unable to due to poor health of members. Resumption of Curia meeting is planned for August.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia has 6 praesidia among 16 parishes. 3 praesidia have resumed in-person meetings, while due to parish centre closures others cannot meet, with one meeting weekly via Zoom to say the Legion prayers together. Legionaries currently host three public Rosaries each week in Dun Laoighaire, Monkstown and Stillorgan.



Abuja Senatus: February Senatus meetings haven’t resumed although some outlining councils have. Tower of Ivory Comitium, Life Camp, has five Curiae and fifteen praesidia attached reported the establishing of seven new praesidia, six conversions, 25 lapsed returned and 12 marriages regularised. A Curia in Garki reported the establishment of three new praesidia including two in a University.

Lagos Regia: Regia meetings have yet to resume. Abeokuta Comitium reported that eleven couples solemnised marriage after periods ranging from three to eleven years. Two new praesidia were formed.

Ibadan Senatus: The Senatus meeting resumed in July with reduced attendance. A praesidium of ten full and six probationary members reported. Among their works were home, hospital and brothel visitation, catechism teaching and running junior praesidia.

Onitsha Regia

Our Lady Cause Of Our Joy Comitium: Awada has 1,674 members on roll: 1,269 active and 373 probationers, and 2,996 junior legionaries in 13 Junior Curiae: 265 persons (232 adults and 33 infants) received the Sacrament of Baptism, 32 lapsed Catholics returned to the Sacraments, 34 sick calls were arranged, 1,207 persons were prepared for First Holy Communion, 417 candidates were prepared to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, 41 couples were married in Church, 28 lapsed Catholics were helped to return to the faith, 3 family disputes were resolved, 3 persons (2 Pagans and 1 Muslim) were assisted to embrace the Catholic Faith.

Jos Regia held an emergency meeting in June. Normal Legion activities have yet to resume in the Regia area.


Senatus of Uganda: The Senatus has received a good number of emails. The country went into lockdown in March. The Senatus officers have made very good efforts to keep up communications and in the early days wrote to councils with advice and encouragement and a request for prayer for the situation – especially the Rosary. The Senatus is in contact with Legionaries in South Sudan. The Senatus is planning to print some of Frank Duffs writings and other Legion literature for the Centenary. They will also produce a magazine with the history of the Legion and its development in Uganda. The extra Rosaries being recited has led to more people wishing to enrol as Praetorians and members of the Holy Rosary Confraternity.


Dar-es-Salaam Regia: A new Curia was established in Ukonga. A praesidium which was set up by Venerable Edel Quinn has 10 active and two auxiliary members. Their main work is visiting patients in the Cancer Institute and visitation of hospitals. They were encouraged to undertake home visitation and to increase praetorian and adjutorian membership. Visitation of ten attached Curiae has been arranged. The Regia Officers visited Sumbawanga and new officers were elected.

Songea Comitium: Recently the correspondent succeeded in making contact with the Vice Chairman of Songea Comitium. He has now received a report on the council and details of extension work. It has 24 Curiae, 102 Praesidia and 2017 active members. Details of Elections which were held in March are awaited. Three new Curiae were recently established.


Kenya Senatus: The country is in lockdown since March so the annual Mass at Venerable Edel’s grave had to be cancelled. They are delighted to have received the No.1 issue of Maria Legionis. The legionaries were encouraged to deepen their spirituality during the lockdown by daily study of the handbook. All attached councils organise an annual Frank Duff Mass in their area.


Lusaka Regia. The Regia is setting up a French speaking praesidium in a refugee camp in Chilanga. The Handbook is being translated into Chinyanja language. During the lockdown legionaries were encouraged to study the Handbook so that all legionaries are well informed on the spirit and administration of the Legion. The Regia Officers are planning to spend 3 days with the legionaries in Kasama Regia to exchange ideas and to see how they can help each other.


The praesidia are continuing to meet but Senatus and Comitia are suspended due to Covid-19. They hope to resume meeting in September.