Concilium Bulletin August 2018

NORTH AMERICA - (USA/Canada &West Indies)


Boston Senatus: A praesidium promotes 1st Friday Adoration and had 2 prison inmates Confirmed. A Spanish praesidium of 12 members arranges Confession for the sick and elderly and prepare youths for the Sacraments. Recruiting is done at a Legion table in a coffee room after Sunday Mass. A Vietnamese praesidium includes prison visits in its works and arranges Confession for inmates. Merrimack Valley Curia does home visitation. Crowd contact at restaurants and public places featured. Hartford Comitium contacts parents bringing children for Baptism. They have a book barrow apostolate, some prison praesidia and visit nursing homes.

Philadelphia Senatus: Don Taggart, President of the Senatus was welcomed to the May Concilium meeting. He met with the Maria Legionis board. The Senatus is responsible for production of the North American supplement each quarter. The Senatus arranged a successful luncheon for 30 Spiritual Directors, to show the Legion’s appreciation of their faithful service and inspiration. Trenton Comitium gained a new praesidium. Their works include book barrow, teaching religion classes, RCIA apostolate, and a Bible school. Pittsburgh Regia has 4 attached councils with a combined membership of 298, of whom 41 are juniors. Their Legion house is now a drop-in centre at weekends for street people. Camden Comitium, NJ, reports visits to prisons, plus book barrows on boardwalks and beaches during summer. Also they have tables at farmer markets at three sites, making good contacts. In Bucks Co. Curia, when juniors were asked why they were in the Legion, answered, that they made friends with other grades in school, and they liked the prayers and were accepted, no matter what happened during the day. A lady returned to the faith due to Legionary visits.

Chicago Senatus: 100 attended the annual weekend, ‘May Gathering’ in Chicago, at which officers and members from 5 States participated in discussions, crowd contact and a plenary meeting of Senatus, where reports were taken from distant councils. Our Lady of the Angels, Lake Co. has 12 senior and 2 junior praesidia. The juniors serve Mass and are catechists assistants. Four former juniors are interested in pursuing a vocation to the Priesthood. One praesidium had two members doing crowd contact at the Gay Pride Parade in June, distributing many Miraculous Medals. Sioux Falls Curia, SD, had a table at a women’s Conference in the Diocese, displaying Legion literature. One praesidium visits a homeless shelter weekly. A praesidium in Chinatown had a stall at the Annual Summer Fair, where they made contact with visitors. Our Lady of Guadalupe Curia, Lake Station, IN, arranged for 47 families to be consecrated to the hearts of Jesus and Mary.

St. Louis Senatus: One Curia visits up to 500 inmates, including women prisoners recovering from addictions. Many report visiting nursing homes and door to door evangelising. Two new adult praesidia and one junior praesidium were formed. 159 homes were consecrated to the hearts of Jesus and Mary. Legionaries taught and assisted at catechism classes and gave instructions for reception of the Sacraments. There were 6 Baptisms and 7 returned to the Sacraments.

Arlington Regia has 12 directly attached praesidia. They did recruitment efforts in 4 parishes, and held events for auxiliaries. They have correspondents for all attached councils and hold monthly teleconferences with them, completed an Officer database, and organised a Retreat for young people mainly junior legionaries and their friends, and had a young adult Retreat on 7th July.

Miami Regia plans a new Curia in North Palm Beach and one in South Carolina. In the Miami metropolitan area there are several language groups e.g. the Regina Pacis Comitium with its 46 praesidia which are Spanish-speaking and the Haitian Curia which is French-speaking. There are numerous reports of legionaries doing hospital visitation and house to house outreach.

Houston Senatus: In North West Curia a praesidium reported that they held their 4th annual coffee event in April. Father Clark spoke about his experiences in the Legion while as a seminarian in Rome. Over 30 parishioners attended the event. In Mary, Mother of God Curia (Vietnamese Curia) a praesidium with ten active members, reported that a seriously ill man they contacted who was lapsed for many years received Confession and Communion before passing away peacefully. Father Ryan at Saint Gertrude Parish in New Orleans invited the Regia to establish a praesidium in his parish, arising from his experience in his previous parish.

New York Senatus: Mother of the Redeemer Korean Comitium has 451 active and 678 auxiliary members, of whom 46 are Praetorians and 18 Adjutorians. They report home visitation, visits to nursing homes, hospitals and organising funeral services. They were responsible for 24 Baptisms, 4 becoming members of the Legion. Chelsea Curia arranged anointing of the sick and RCIA recruitment during hospital visits. They gained 18 active and 55 auxiliary members at book barrows.

Los Angeles Senatus: A praesidium gave their 53rd Annual Report. Their main works include door to door evangelisation, religious education, visitation and Eucharistic Ministry to hospitals and convalescent homes. Tijuana Curia increased in number from 20 to 23 praesidia. They have 300 active members in 17 parishes. Another praesidium gave its 59thAnnual Report. They have 11 active members and 1 junior praesidium with 5 members. Mexicali Curia is planning to have Legion tables set up at parishes to recruit new members and reopen praesidia. West Fernando Valley English Curia: Works include, door to door evangelisation and book barrow apostolate. One person visited by legionaries joined R.C.I.A. programme and received Confirmation aged 65 years. The Korean Comitium has 12 Curiae attached with 153 praesidia, comprised of about 1,249 legionaries. San Diego Comitium has 32 praesidia in 98 parishes. They report organising festivals and Columban drives. A Curia attached with 15 Senior and 3 junior praesidia, made visits to 10,219 homes, had 313 home enthronements, and visited 412 homes with the Pilgrim statue. They have 8 Patrician groups. Tucson Comitium with 12 praesidia is doing extension.

Cincinnati Senatus: Out of the 6 senior praesidia in Knoxville Curia, 3 have junior praesidia attached. Senior members provide catechesis for the juniors, who also assist at Mass, visit nursing homes with seniors and make Rosary beads. In its 19 year existence, 1 priest, 1 nun and a current seminarian came primarily from the junior Legion. Nashville Comitium held a Congress in May. West Cleveland Comitium has 262 active members and 1,522 Auxiliary members. They made over 59,000 personal contacts and gave out 22,000 religious items. Active works include visiting hospitals, nursing homes, jails, enthronement of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, R.C.I.A, vocations promotion, Pilgrim statue visitation, Bible study and communal prayer.

San Francisco Senatus: A new praesidium in Alaska was affiliated and a Columban drive was done in a city parish. Monthly tourist contact apostolate yields good results. Officers from Portland Curia were inspired about home visitation after attending a Congress at Seattle Comitium. A Vietnamese Protestant cancer patient was taught to pray to Our Lady and now wishes to become a Catholic. Oakland Comitium consistently promotes the De Montfort True Devotion to Mary and recently a 93 year old lapsed lady received Confession and the Sacrament of the Sick after being 40 years away from the Church. Apostolate to the crowd by 9 praesidia yielded 8,000 contacts. A Spanish Curia visited 300 homes during a parish mission.


The Senatus of Toronto acknowledged Msgr. Sheehy’s retirement as their Spiritual Director after 45 years. Their Korean Comitium, with 3 Curiae attached, conduct religion classes, visit the sick and welcome newcomers. The Curia in Niagara has 17 senior and 2 junior praesidia attached. An extension project had 38 legionaries visiting 990 homes, making contact with 65 Catholics and 216 non-Catholics. A lady and a family returned to the Catholic Church from the Pentecostal Church. A lot of contact was made through a Legion booth at the Steubenville Youth Conference and also at a ‘Men of Faith’ Conference with 20 men participating.

Montreal Senatus held a successful Congress. They started a junior praesidium of 9 members aged between 12 and 17 years. Their works include child-minding during adult meetings, making a power-point to display the Sunday gospel in Arabic and French, and organising a spiritual evening for other youth. Another praesidium guided 1 non-believer to his Baptism and marriage in Church.

Edmonton Comitium: A praesidium reported the promotion and organising of junior Retreats for boys and girls aged 7 to 16 years. They reported great enjoyment in the various activities in the Retreat programme, ‘Joyful Catechesis’. A praesidium reported contacting people after setting up an ‘Evangelisation Booth’ during the Chinese New year celebrations. Another praesidium had success in recruiting new members for the Legion by approaching auxiliary members and asking them if they would consider another form of service to Our Lady.

Vancouver Comitium: A praesidium with 11 active members and 20 auxiliaries gave its 38th Annual Report. They visited 48 homes with the Pilgrim statue and made 150 contacts at buses and train stations. The 81st Annual Report of a praesidium shows they have 4 active members, 110 Auxiliaries with 9 Adjutorians. They mingle, listen and show compassion with women who suffer depression, alcohol addiction, transgender issues and family problems. Most accept a Miraculous Medal and leaflet. Every Friday two members assist a priest to arrange Mass in a nursing home, bringing wheelchair bound to and from Mass and networking with the other residents. Mary, Mother of Unity Curia has 10 senior and 4 junior praesidia attached. Visitation by Curia Officers to praesidia has improved communication on Legion matters. 120 attended a Lenten Retreat by Bishop Emeritus Monroe.


Puerto Rico Senatus: Little news from the Curia in San Thomas (Virgin Islands) and other parts, because of the destruction caused by two hurricanes. Arecibo suffered badly. They report visits to the jail, taking prisoners to Mass, giving them Retreats, also helping children and old people to get to Mass. Columban drives are planned. Aguadilla Comitium: Maximum security prisoners were visited; also summer camps and a junior group were organised. Manatí reported Patricians.


Senatus of Santo Domingo: 53 legionaries participated in the Annual Holy Week project “la Jornada de Semana Santa” organised by the Senatus. Legionaries, at the invitation of a priest, go to remote areas of a parish and conduct the Easter Triduum. This year they visited 21 remote communities, contacting 1,452 homes; they also visited 210 sick people, and places where alcohol is consumed, and cockfights. Contact was made with 56 couples married in Church, 354 couples in irregular relationships, also 583 baptised and 195 un-baptised children. The Comitium Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe with 7 attached Curiae has 631 active, 254 auxiliary, 28 Praetorian and 31 Adjutorian members, with 24 on probation. They recently formed a new Curia and another in formation. They have no vacancies at Comitium, Curia, or praesidium level. The junior praesidium La Milagrosa presented its 1st report. It has 9 active and 25 auxiliary members. Works include visits to the sick and elderly, and teaching catechism.

Senatus of Santiago de los Caballeros reported 68 marriages regularised, 619 Baptisms, 1045 First Communions, and 2082 Confirmations. Regular visitation is undertaken to the sick, widows, and prisoners. The Comitium Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza recruited 15 new members and formed 2 new praesidia while during the same period 16 members died. They have a prison apostolate and bring the priest to celebrate Masses in Spanish and Creole. They helped to build a home for a Haitian family, visit those with terminal illnesses such as AIDS and advise them on prevention and seeking medical help. All praesidia and councils have annual Masses for the Beatification of Frank Duff, Edel Quinn, and Alfie Lambe.



Madrid Senatus: A book barrow apostolate has been started outside a local parish Church. 85 legionaries attended the Annual Legion Retreat preached by their Spiritual Director, Padre Carlos. A praesidium reported that 5 non-believers were prepared for the 3 Sacraments. Home visitation is done. The Archbishop has a well-attended monthly meeting for youth. Legionaries mingle with those attending inviting them to join the Legion. During July and August many legionaries make prior arrangements to join a local praesidium while on summer vacation. The legionaries in Galicia had a recruiting drive directed at people under the age of 50.

Barcelona Senatus: Many praesidia have representatives on Parish Councils. A praesidium of 11 members visits the elderly, and looks after the Church altar linen. A new member was gained through the Parish Bulletin. A Curia holds courses on formation, promotes visits to the Church, and Night Adoration. The Filipino praesidium had several young people for Confirmation.


Lisbon Senatus: Extension continues with 3 new praesidia in mainland Portugal and 1 in the Azores. In Braga and Viana the Legion succeeded in getting young people to prepare for and receive the Eucharist. Legionaries prepare youths and children for Confession, the Eucharist and Confirmation. A junior Curia in the Azores has an apostolate to youth for whom they arrange meetings on religion, the dangers of drugs, and sex education. Preparations are being made for the Annual Legion Pilgrimage to Fatima. There are over 4,000 active seniors and over 300 junior members in Portugal. The Legion was able to arrange nursing home placement for several older people.


Senatus of Rome was invited to send two participants to a Day of Spirituality held by the Major Pontifical Seminary in Rome, Sr. Antonella Gervasi speaking on “Our Lady and the Annunciation” and Bro. Gino Doveri, a former President of the Senatus speaking on “Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

Milan Regia: The 16 members of a Filipino praesidium have their meetings and work on Sundays as they work 6 days per week. They visit compatriots and make the occasional visit to others. Turin has 2 praesidia composed mainly of elderly people. It was suggested they initiate challenging work to attract younger people to the Legion. The Comitium ran a Pilgrimage to the birthplace of St. Pope John XX111.

Padua Comitium: A praesidium changed its meeting time to late evening to facilitate shift workers and their number has since increased. A praesidium of 9 lost a long-serving member and, within a week of her funeral, they got 2 new members. This praesidium sends birthday greetings to their auxiliaries, which is greatly appreciated by them. Another praesidium invites auxiliaries to attend their meeting with a view to them becoming active members. They are already the biggest praesidium in the Comitium, having 17 members. Another praesidium does a great deal of parish work. It was pointed out that the work has to be assigned at the meeting. Catechism is taught to children. It was stressed that there must always be a second adult present on Legion work for security/child safeguarding purposes.


Handmaid of the Lord Curia, Nicosia held its second meeting in June. The recently established Our Lady of Apostles praesidium in Paphos, has 7 members. The 3 Nicosia praesidia participated in St. Joseph’s Convent bazaar.


An Exhibition was held in the Legion house during Holy Week. Those met during street contact were invited to attend. The consecration of homes is widely promoted. All are encouraged to renew their consecration annually and to attend a Mass of special celebration. Two half-day Retreats for auxiliaries had attendances of 52 and 55. A praesidium reported an outreach to those of other faiths and those with no faith. An adolescent was prepared for Confirmation. A lapsed elderly woman was encouraged to accept a visit from the priest. She received the Sacraments and died a few months later. Mother of God Curia reported the Baptism of a six-year-old boy following the acceptance by his parents of the statue of Our Lady. During a week of evangelisation in a parish the legionaries in Mother of the Maltese Nation Curia enrolled 20 new auxiliary members and encountered 31 ‘special cases’ for follow up. Mother and Teacher Curia reported returns to the Sacraments, one after 20 years. Holy Mary junior Curia has 7 praesidia in different parishes. Most of the young legionaries are aged between 14 – 17 years. The young legionaries enjoy the work and good social activities organised for them.

Gozo Comitium has a Legion presence in all parishes. A meeting for Spiritual Directors had an attendance of 15. A Mass for immigrants to Gozo is celebrated every Sunday. 40 young adults participated in the Way of the Cross and the celebration of the Last Supper during Holy Week. A Curia closed two praesidia and set up two new ones. Tourists visiting the island are contacted. One person was helped to become a Catholic and a lapsed Catholic returned to the Sacraments thanks to contact by legionaries. The Comitium joined recruiting drives in two parishes on Malta Island. A half day Retreat was organised for juniors. 21 juniors attended a Seminar which included discussions/talks on the life of Alfie Lambe.

ALBANIA (under caretakership by Malta Regia)

Shkoder Comitium: The Malta Correspondent and another legionary are planning to visit Albania in October.



Carlow Comitium: There are 5 praesidia plus one recently revived. Child Safeguarding is being attended to with forms being completed on line. Graiguecullen praesidium has visited the 5 schools in its area. A teacher in one school was very interested in the Legion. Tullow praesidium has 4 members and 32 auxiliaries. Pilgrim statue visitation is done each week during which Miraculous Medals are distributed. The cause of Frank Duff, Edel Quinn and Alfie Lambe are promoted. Two members bring Holy Communion to the housebound, and the praesidium gives religious instruction to people wishing to become Catholics. Kildare Curia reported that all 6th year classes in the Christian Brothers School have now been visited. Miraculous Medals and faith cards were distributed amongst 140 boys.

Elphin Comitium: Ballygar praesidium with 5 members and 22 auxiliaries. Works include: hospital, nursing home and home visitation with the Fatima statue. At Ballygar Carnival they distributed Miraculous Medals, prayer leaflets for the 3 Causes and tried to interest people in the Legion of Mary while operating a book barrow. A praesidium in Roscommon has 6 members and 30 auxiliaries. They engage in home, hospital and nursing home visitation promoting the Rosary and requesting prayers for the cause of Frank Duff. As a result of their recitation of the Rosary in one nursing home 16 residents now recite it each evening.

North Elphin Curia: Geevagh parish is planning a Columban Drive.

Tuam Comitium has 8 senior praesidia, one intermediate praesidium, and about 330 auxiliaries. Members spoke at Masses in Mulranny and are hopeful of getting a praesidium started there in September. Lackagh praesidium has 5 members who undertake home and statue visitation. The local nursing home is visited weekly where the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet are recited and Holy Communion is distributed. The Parish Priest is assisted when requested. 1,000 bottles of Holy Water were filled for the Easter celebrations. In Caherlistrane praesidium, which recently re-commenced after being closed for a year, work consists mainly of organising Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament weekly and visiting former members. The intermediate praesidium in the Presentation College, Tuam has 7 members from Transition, 5th and 6th year students with a Religious Sister as Spiritual Director and 2 senior officers. They help with school Masses, choirs, readings and morning prayers. Some members visited a nursing home and helped at a mini-Vigil in Knock. Westport Curia has 6 senior and 2 junior praesidia. Extension efforts are being undertaken to get Balla praesidium back on track and they are recruiting for a new praesidium in Castlebar. Claremorris Curia has 5 Senior and 2 junior praesidia.


Achonry Curia has 3 praesidia attached. Two people have expressed an interest in the Legion in Foxford so it is hoped the praesidium there may be re-opened.

Clonfert Curia: A praesidium of 9 members and 70 auxiliaries in Ballinasloe presented its 57th Annual Report. The statue of our Lady of Fatima and consecration prayer is promoted at the homes. Hospital and community homes are visited as well as housebound elderly people and the bereaved. Miraculous Medals, leaflets and religious magazines are distributed. Much recruiting is done for Adoration which is held 4 days each week. The Curia has sent in its Annual Audit.

Ferns Curia: Davidstown junior praesidium has 8 members aged from 7 to 15 years and 3 seniors present. Works include visiting the local hospital where the juniors assist with walking some of the elderly patients back to their wards and the visitation of the homes of elderly in the parish. They participated in the ‘Rosary on the Coast’ project and worked with the seniors in the distribution of Miraculous Medals at a project in Wexford. They also help with the filling of Holy Water bottles and collecting the Mass leaflets at the end of Mass.

Galway Curia: The work of a reporting praesidium is street evangelisation with the book barrow. This is very challenging and the people they meet are polite but many are not interested in the faith. Another praesidium undertakes home and hospital visitation. They held an all-day Rosary on the day of the referendum in May and also on the feast of the Holy Rosary in October. Work continues in Doughishka and to date 877 homes have been visited. This project is undertaken by the Curia.

Killala Curia: A praesidium in Ballina of 5 members has 2 Pilgrim statues for visitation. They organise the Patricians and write the paper when necessary. Templeboy praesidium has 6 members who prepare pacts for First Holy Communion children and visit with the Pilgrim statue when asked to do so. It was suggested that people would take on the role of explaining Adoration to the children making their First Communion after getting the Parish Priest’s and Principal’s permission. After the initial introduction 2 people will do this work once a month. Several priests have already requested the visitors to come to their parish schools. The 5 members of Dromore West praesidium visit the bereaved and sick with the Pilgrim statue.

The Legion Stand at the Heritage Day in Ballina on July 11 was a great success. Officers of the Curia attended a Diocesan assembly which was part of a new listening process in the Diocese with the theme “Placing Hope in Faith”.

KilkennyCuria: The Acies was well attended by both active and auxiliary members. The Legion was involved in the Fatima Novena in the Black Abbey preached by Fr. Colm Mannon O.P.


Assumpta Curia: On home visitation, legionaries promote the World Meeting of Families, encourage family prayer and invite parishioners to participate in parish activities. Discussion took place at the Curia meeting on the upcoming Centenary of the Legion of Mary. Thirty six parishioners attended a public Rosary organised in response to Pope Francis’ request for prayer for peace during the month of May. Miraculous Medals and holy water are offered on home visitation. Sixteen Patricians attended a meeting on the World Meeting of Families.

Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia: A praesidium which has thirty auxiliaries undertakes visitation to parishioners who live alone, Pilgrim statue visitation, aftercare of auxiliaries and sale of Catholic newspapers. A book on a Legion topic is read each month by legionaries and then discussed at the Curia meeting. A table with Legion literature and prayer cards set up outside the oratory in a shopping centre received much interest from passers-by and some good contacts were made.

Gloriosa Curia: Works of a praesidium of four active and one hundred auxiliary members included the instruction of four adults in RCIA and seven children for Baptism, at the request of the Parish Priest. Two members lead Morning Prayer of the Church and Rosary in the parish daily. Home and nursing home visitation and organising a Holy Hour are among other works. An Exploratio Pro Christo project was undertaken in one parish. Home, prison and nursing home visitation are undertaken by a praesidium of five active members in another parish. The cause of Frank Duff, the praying of the Divine Office and EWTN are promoted.

Annunciata Curia: A praesidium of six members engages in a city-wide apostolate to Moslems through street contact, home visitation and meeting people in cafes. Home visitation is carried out in a parish, where the Two Hearts Consecration is promoted, as well as the three legionary Causes for Beatification. A special work is the visitation of a nursing home. Three Patrician meetings took place with an average attendance of five patricians and three legionaries.

Our Lady of Fatima Curia: In one parish the Rosary is recited before weekday Mass and a prayer service is organised once a week. Sixth Class pupils were provided with Rosary beads, Miraculous Medals and prayer leaflets. A discussion took place at the Curia meeting on the recruiting and aftercare of auxiliaries.

Ancilla Domini Curia: Eighty-three legionaries took part in the week-long Inner City Legion Project where many homes were visited and received the Family Consecration prayer card. Contact work is undertaken by four legionaries at a train station and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is promoted. Street contact is undertaken weekly in Temple Bar. Nine visitors visited three praesidia in the Curia during the month of June. A preparatory meeting to organise a Catechism class for adults and children took place in Myra House.

Benedicta Curia: Following contact with legionaries, one man returned to the faith. Junior members promote the Rosary, distribute religious leaflets, encourage and attend First Friday and First Saturday devotions. Both senior and junior praesidia are prioritising recruiting and one senior praesidium has gained two new members.

Immaculata Curia: In preparation for the World Meeting of Families, a praesidium of six active and one probationary member in one parish offer the Two Hearts Family Consecration prayer on home visitation and invite people to a public Rosary in their locality. Other works include crowd contact, monthly visits to a local nursing home, Pilgrim statue, Faith and Fun children’s group, school visitation and promotion of the True Devotion to Mary. Fourteen legionaries took part in an Exploratio project. The seven active members in another parish make use of the Church bulletin on home visitation as a means of opening up discussion on faith and encouraging reception of the Sacraments. Their new work of Pilgrim statue visitation is proving very successful and one lady reported finding it a great help to enable her to pour her heart out to Our Lady about her son who is suffering mentally.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia: Two probationary members in one parish took the Legion Promise during the year, bringing the active membership to nine. Their main work is on the parish Baptism Team, which involves five to six contacts with each Baptism family, including home visits. Catholic newspapers are sold after weekend Masses and a daily Eucharistic Adoration rota is co-ordinated. To mark the birthday of Alfie Lambe, legionaries did outreach at Luas and Dart train stations. A weekly Rosary for Peace is recited by legionaries in another parish since the Papal visit in 1979 and has never been missed; this brings great blessings on the contact work undertaken afterwards on the streets. Two Halting Sites for Travellers, where tragedies had been experienced, were consecrated to the Sacred Heart.



An e-mail has been received from Monrovia stating that the Curia is functioning.


Abuja Senatus: Tower of Ivory Comitium has fourteen praesidia and five Curiae and reported 55 conversions, 15 marriages rectified and 117 lapsed returned to the Sacraments. They had Venerable Edel, Frank Duff and Alfie Lambe Masses.

Ibadan Senatus: Many reports show a small percentage of Catholics met on homes visitation. A praesidium of eleven active members and two probationers visits homes, a hospital and brothel; they give catechism instruction and have a junior praesidium.

Benin City Regia: A total of 1,228 legionaries took part in four-week-long evangelisation projects, three of which were held on the same week in different areas.

Enugu Senatus: Queen of the Holy Rosary Comitium: Reports included 1,226 prepared for First Holy Communion, 180 marriages blessed, 13 non-Catholics and 10 non-Christians received into the Church, and an armed robber converted. Nsukka Regia has over 20,000 members; almost 6,000 are probationers. Reports included 54 prostitutes changing their way of life, Confession arranged for 166 hospital patients, 15 prisoners received into the Church and 2 new Patrician groups started.

Onitsha Regia: Awada Comitium: Many people were prepared for the various Sacraments, including 1,200 for First Holy Communion, 273 for Baptism. 178 couples had Marriages blessed and 29 lapsed returned to the Sacraments.

Ikot Ekpene Regia: Reports from Calabar Comitium included 73 prepared for Baptism, 2 lapsed Catholics returned to the Sacraments. A number of people are undertaking Instruction and 46 were recruited to the Legion.

Jos Regia: Active works carried out by this council includes, home and hospital visitation, catechism instruction, care of children at Mass, care for junior praesidia, crowd contact, marriage counselling and family Rosary. A Curia reported 118 prepared for First Holy communion,116 for Confirmation, 12 for Baptism, and a Muslim converted


Senatus of Kenya: In May the annual Mass at Venerable Edel Quinn’s grave had a large attendance of legionaries from Uganda, 11 from Tanzania, 3 from Malawi and many Kenyans. Despite torrential rain in the week leading up to the ceremony they were blessed with sunshine for the Mass. The first praesidium set up by Edel Quinn reported having 22 active members and 134 auxiliary members. Their works include home and hospital visitation, park contact work and officering a junior praesidium. Kisumu Regia reported that in the course of hospital visitation the priest was brought to 2,223 patients and 755 were baptised. Over 5,000 homes were visited resulting in 398 couples having their marriages blessed in Church. Over 5,000 people were recruited for instruction classes and 2,447 were baptised. 1,703 infants were baptised and 2,087 adults returned to the Church.


Senatus of Uganda: The National Spiritual Directors’ Conference takes place from 21-24 August in Ggaba Major Seminary with His Excellency Michael August Blume, Papal Nuncio to Uganda opening the Conference. Nebbi Comitium reported setting up 6 praesidia in Secondary Schools, 23 marriages blessed in Church, a couple from the Protestant Church married in the Catholic Church, 90 infants baptised, 1 witch doctor converted and 4 satanic shrines closed down.


Dar–es- Salaam Regia: In February each year Seminarians help with a Legion of Mary promotion in the parishes, resulting in and many new members. One Curia got 61 new members. The Swahili Handbook is ready for printing. The Regia has also translated “I know Edel Quinn” by a Carthusian Nun. The Regia is undertaking visitation of the Legion in other Dioceses with a view to setting up higher government of the Legion in those areas.

Hai Moshi Comitium: Works reported on include home and hospital visitation, contact with drug and alcohol addicts, encouraging couples to marry in Church and preparing adults and children for the Sacraments. Particular attention is given to contact with youth and establishing junior praesidia.


Blantyre Senatus: There is a great focus on setting up praesidia in Secondary Schools. The attached Regia is in Ulongwe and the Auxiliary Bishop feels that it would be better based in Balata. This is now being considered. They will discuss it with the Bishop and will come back to Concilium before any decision is made.

Maula Senatus: The Senatus had a successful training day for correspondents. An attached praesidium of 12 members has 6 youth members and teaches catechism, does home and hospital visitation and keeps in touch with auxiliary members.


Lusaka Regia: New Regia officers have been elected and they are working hard to restructure the legion in the Regia area


There are two Curiae functioning in Juba Archdiocese and they had a very successful training day in July and another one is planned. The Senatus of Uganda are helping the legionaries in Southern Sudan but they have been asked to defer their visit to the Yambio Diocese due to difficulties in the country. The Legion is present in the 22 parishes in Yambio Diocese but there is no Curia. Uganda has invited two priests from Sudan to their priests’ Conference in Uganda.