Concilium Bulletin August 2016


Boston Senatus: A prisoner went to Confession due to prison visitation by legionaries. New Bedford Curia, with 31 members and Merrimack Valley with 43 members, report home visitation. Nursing home visitation fruits were: 2 conversions. Mystic Valley Curia organised a Festival for Our Lady, including a day Retreat. A Curia organises ACTS Mission Retreats. One Comitium reports 8 Baptisms of non-Catholics and 4 returns to the Church. Evangelisation-days, home visitation and Enthronement of the Sacred Heart featured. Two legionaries are to do a 2 week extension project in Maine. The Senatus and 2 attached Curiae report a total of 5 new praesidia.

New York Senatus: 65 attended a Patrician meeting in St. Patrick’s Cathedral on the subject of the Shroud of Turin. Rockville Centre Comitium has 49 praesidia. Newark Korean Comitium 9 Curiae, 99 praesidia in 7 parishes. Weak praesidia are to be given help. The Senatus held a May crowning of Our Lady in Cardinal Cooke Catholic Centre on May 6th attended by a large group of legionaries. Hudson County Curia celebrated its 40th Anniversary with a three-day Retreat. 181 legionaries and auxiliaries attended.

Philadelphia Senatus: The Seminary praesidium has 9 members. Works include visiting the city-centre homeless. The Marian Day in the Seminary had an increased attendance of over 250 this year. The Hispanic Curia attached to Metuchen Comitium, NJ, reports the return of a Jehovah family to the Church and of three others, due to Legion contact. Archbishop Chaput officiated at a Mass in honour of Our Lady of Guadalupe, organised by Regina Pacis Curia, with an attendance of 2,000 from 6 parishes. An ‘E’ Day in Sinking Spring, PA, had 623 homes visited, with 274 contacts made. 3 more requests from parishes are lined up for Sept/Oct. In Delaware Co. South Curia, a former Legion member was ordained to the priesthood. They started a new praesidium.

Arlington Regia: During a day of evangelisation, 30 pairs met 326 people; 44 were lapsed. Due to prison visitation, 10 female inmates returned to the faith. An Extension worker went to Cuba at the Bishop’s request. 11 priests are ready to promote the Legion there. An extension worker started a praesidium with 16 members in Grand Turk. Mother of Light Day Centre for homeless men and women has just opened, caring for spiritual and physical needs 6 days per week, with daily Bible study, discussion, spiritual help from a priest and a Chapel for Mass. A young adults’ praesidium has started in Christendom College. Campus ministry is carried out in an Academy and in an adult Detention Centre with one return to Sacraments. The Regia suggested organising workshops, picnics, outings and Pilgrimages for attached council members.

Houston Senatus: The Senatus meetings are back in Fatima House after extensive renovations due to flood damage. 6 legionaries and a priest took part in a PPC to Gallup, NM in May. They called on 600 homes and had wonderful contacts. A praesidium arranged for a nursing home to be enthroned to the Sacred Heart. A long-time contact with a Buddhist lady of 91 years finally resulted in her Baptism. Legionaries visit immigrants at a Detention Centre.
Chicago Senatus: There was a good turnout for this year’s ‘May Gathering.’ During the weekend, many street contacts were made in Millennium Park. Woman of Revelation Curia, Joliet, IL, has 18 praesidia attached, of which, 2 are Hispanic and 2 are juniors. They recruited 15 new auxiliaries at the Filipino Fest. The South Curia, Joliet, IL, has 12 praesidia, which include 3 Hispanic. Among their works is home visitation. 222 contacts were made and 600 Rosary Beads given out at the Filipino Fest. St. Paul Comitium, Minnesota, had a booth at the Ramsey Co. Fair, making good contacts. They have started two junior groups at two Churches. In Peoria Curia, IL, among their 773 auxiliaries, they have 16 Adjutorians. They report 2 conversions and 5 returns to the Church.

St. Louis Senatus: Four new praesidia were set up, including a junior group. Many works of consolation were reported in nursing homes and hospitals, resulting in 28 returns to the Sacraments. Due to Prayer Services conducted in prisons and detention centres, 9 people were received into the Church. Some of the inmates have taken on auxiliary membership.

Cincinnati Senatus set up a praesidium in Gary Diocese, Indiana but it was affiliated to Chicago Senatus so that praesidium officers are nearer to a higher council meeting. A family of 8 signed up for the home Rosary promotion work done by Lafayette Comitium. Cleveland Comitium evangelised at Cuyahoga County fair, praying with people and offering blessed sacramentals. They promote the Rosary in October and offer Rosary packs to school children.

San Francisco Senatus: In Sacramento, the Bishop presided at the Acies. The Legion carries out evangelisation to the crowd as well as housebound ministry. A new Spanish Curia reported that 639 families welcomed the Pilgrim Virgin, allowing personal contact with the families. 25 members teach catechism to 92 people, including adults and children who are unable to attend the catechism class in the Church. Approximately 21 couples were prepared for the Sacrament of Matrimony. In San Mateo Comitium, 172 homes were visited by the Seminary praesidium; fruits include; the return to practice of a lapsed family and conversion of a Muslim. North West Korean Comitium has 5 Curiae with 52 senior praesidia, three juniors and one intermediate praesidium with a total membership of 475 active, and 510 auxiliaries. Works include house-bound ministry, Pilgrim Statue and family Rosary.

Los Angeles Senatus: A praesidium with 13 members has 8 Praetorians; works include prison ministry and book barrow where Mass schedules are distributed. A Columban Drive was held in East L.A. Spanish Curia. Legionaries asked recovering addicts and homeless persons to pray the Rosary with them.

Senatus of Toronto, with the help of their Spiritual Director, Msgr. Sheehy, organised a successful Spiritual Director’s Conference, at which 22 clergy participated. Queen of the Family praesidium has 14 members. Their Spiritual Director attends the senior and junior meeting. Works include home visits with their junior praesidium. Another junior praesidium had two of its Adjutorian members ordained to the priesthood this year. Our Lady of the Prairie, Winnipeg Curia, do prison ministry in two Correctional Facilities. They have two new junior praesidia, adding to 8 already in existence. Hamilton Comitium did two Columban Drives. With the help of Scarborough Comitium, they made 558 contacts on street apostolate. In a Detention Centre, 4 inmates attended a prayer service and requested Confession. The Curia in St. John’s, NFld, organised a series of True Devotion to Mary Retreats.

Montreal Senatus: A Haitian praesidium with 13 members is doing visitation of the sick, teaching Catechism and helping with Church services. A praesidium of 16 members reported 3 catechumens baptised and 1 lapsed person resuming Mass attendance. Another praesidium organises weekly Eucharistic Adoration in their parish and visits the sick. St. Hyacinthe Curia organised 5 Pilgrimages. They host a religious video on 13th day of each month and also distribute sacramentals and visit the sick. A praesidium in Quebec led a public Rosary every evening in May at a Marian grotto. Ville Marie Curia and 2 priests from attached praesidia celebrated with their Curia Spiritual Director, Fr. Michael Mc Kenna, on his 60th Anniversary as a priest.
Vancouver Comitium: Our Lady of Charity praesidium has two Pilgrim Statues in circulation all year round. 30 homes were visited, 10 for the first time, one was enthroned to the Sacred Heart. Contact work was done at bus and train stops and at the Church before and after Masses. Mary, Mother of Unity Curia reports that former legionary of Our Lady of Love junior praesidium, was ordained a Deacon. The reports from three praesidia: Handmaid of the Lord, Mary, Gate of Heaven and Mary Queen of Martyrs shows each doing a great variety of works in the service of the elderly, the young and poor. The latter has 185 Auxiliaries attached. Many legionaries are giving their time in teaching catechism to both young and old and also through local radio and T.V. Mother of Apostles Curia reported the ordination of Fr. Sung Min Choi.
Edmonton Comitium has 10 attached praesidia, Extension is always on the agenda with legionaries allocated to contact 4 parishes; one of which has started a praesidium and another Korean praesidium did likewise. A new Korean Curia with 4 praesidia is now attached to Comitium. The Korean Curia in Calgary report 21 returns to practise and enrolling 13 people for Catechism classes through home visitation.

Senatus of Santo Domingo: 66 legionaries, participated in the annual Holy Week project organised by the Senatus, going to remote areas and conducting the Easter Triduum for 18 deprived communities in two parishes in the Diocese of San Juan de la Maguana. Legionaries visited 905 homes, also liquor taverns, and made street contacts to encourage people to attend the Easter Ceremonies which, in the absence of a priest, the legionaries led in the local Churches.

Senatus of Santiago de los Caballeros: The Comitium Inmaculado Corazón de María, Porto Plata formed a Patrician group with an attendance of 30, with the aim of them receiving Christian formation and one day, becoming legionaries. The Comitium Nuestra Señora de La Altagracia reported two Adventists received into the Church and joining the Legion. The Regia of La Vega prepared 150 children for Confirmation and 4 pairs for Matrimony and has 8 new praesidia in formation. The Comitium Madre del Divino Niño reports a young Protestant received into the Church.

Haiti Senatus: There are two large praesidia in the Seminary, whose works include visits to homes, hospitals, care homes, the elderly, prisons and an apostolate to youth and the marginalised. Other reports included similar work and over 6,000 were prepared for the Sacraments. A new Curia was raised. A high priority is given to youth activities and a weekend Retreat was planned for 13 – 18 year old legionaries and a day Retreat for those under 13. Visitation of councils and praesidia is on-going.

Puerto Rico Senatus: The 65th Anniversary of the Legion in Puerto Rico will be celebrated on the l0th Sept. The Comitium of Manatí, with 7 Curiae attached, has a praesidium organising a Patricians with l5 attending. A “mini-camp” was held for autistic children for 8 days. They helped in invalids’ homes, and the homeless, visited abused women and got 3 people back to the practise of the faith. A Columban Drive is planned. Works in Comitium of Canavánas includes a True Devotion to the Nation project, helping with building, plumbing and electricity problems; they plan to clean rivers, beaches and forests.

Regia of Trinidad and Tobago: Many junior praesidia were started. Woodbrook Curia has 8 senior praesidia with 75 active and 454 auxiliaries, also 3 junior praesidia. Works include street contact, home and hospital visitation. Legionaries conducted First Holy Communion and Confirmation classes at which 337 children were instructed. A praesidium with 13 members visits the sick in their homes and in hospital. Works of another praesidium include, street contact, resulting in 6 lapsed Catholics returning to the Church. Weekly visits were made to a Catholic Girl’s school and the Rosary was prayed with 64 children resulting in the formation of a junior praesidium.


Madrid Senatus: The reporting Curia’s works include visiting the Red Light Area and making contact on the University Campus. They have also made extension visits to two areas. The Senatus made recommendations for legionaries who leave the city for the summer to join and work with a local praesidium, to be always on duty, to ask priests to start praesidia, to recruit active and auxiliary members; and to read the Handbook.
Barcelona Senatus: Three praesidia, with memberships of 10,12, and 14 reported in June. The elderly are visited in their homes and in residences. Book-barrows are widely used in Alicante during the summer. Catechism is taught and one praesidium had 7 children for First Communion and adults were prepared for Confirmation. They keep in touch with released prisoners, and their families. Legionaries are members of Parish Councils, are Ministers of the Eucharist, and assist in 2 Food Centres. They help to keep Churches open as many are now closed during the day.
Bilbao Senatus: Leon Curia, with 13 praesidia held a Triduum to Frank Duff in March and plan to form a junior praesidium from Confirmation candidates. They visit immigrants and teach them Spanish, visit the prison and read the Bible with the prisoners. Burgos reported having a good meeting with their Archbishop. Basauri Curia, with 7 adult praesidia, one junior and one pre-juvenile, has 3 prayer groups and four book barrows. l2 juniors’ attended a 3-day event, consisting of prayer, etc., and l5 attended a similar event run by the Jesuit Fathers.

Lisbon Senatus: A praesidium of 7 members visits homes, assists families experiencing difficulties, helps old people to get to Mass, and leads the Rosary and Way of the Cross in a local Chapel. Extension on the islands of The Azores and Madeira resulted in two new praesidia and also a senior praesidium developed out of a junior one. The Senatus provided all members with a leaflet containing a summary of the life of the Servant of God Frank Duff.

Rome Senatus: The April Concilium Bulletin with a progress report on the Cause of The Servant of God Frank Duff excited great interest and resulted in details being submitted of two cases of apparently miraculous interventions. One was of a legionary’s mother who received emergency surgery for an aneurysm in the brain but afterwards had an impediment in her speech. The praesidium had recourse to Frank Duff for her. When her daughter visited her in hospital with a leaflet on Frank Duff, of whom she had never spoken to her before, the mother exclaimed in astonishment “I know this gentleman. He came with my two grannies and spoke to me”. Her speech had returned and she is today a faithful auxiliary member. The other case involved a wayward son who after his First Communion became violently anti-Catholic, disrespectful towards priests, and tried his best to prevent his mother and younger brother from going to Church. His mother prayed for him to Our Lady. Then when a praesidium was formed locally, she joined it and began to plead his case with Frank Duff. At the age of 24, he suddenly asked to go to Confession to the praesidium Spiritual Director and is now preparing for Confirmation with the intention of also joining the Legion. Janua Coeli Curia in Florence and Mater Maria Nostra Comitium of Sardinia gave their reports to Senatus. Concern was expressed at the lack of junior praesidia.

Legionaries joined a Pilgrimage to the Maronite Community of Kormakitis for the opening of the Holy Door. Four Sisters helped in a nursing home in Nicosia where they helped to feed the patients, encouraged them, and prayed with them. Crowd contact was carried out in a park in Nicosia. Contacts included members of the Sri Lankan community and a Buddhist.

Malta Regia: There are 858 active legionaries on the Island of Malta and 422 on Gozo. A successful PPC was carried out to Paragonia, near Catania in Sicily. The accompanying Spiritual Director spent hours hearing Confessions. The Parish Priest said that they made a positive impact on the local legionaries and parishioners. Malta Island: The Italian-speaking praesidium celebrated its 25th anniversary. A praesidium assists African immigrants. Reports feature Consecrations to the Sacred Heart and many returns to the Sacraments. The Pilgrim Statue is brought to classrooms in schools where the Rosary is promoted. Members of a junior praesidium work with seniors inviting shop owners to take the Pilgrim Statue. Another praesidium has an outreach to young adults having difficulty with their faith.
Gozo Comitium: A meeting of Spiritual Directors was held in January. 23 legionaries and 2 Spiritual Directors participated in a recruiting drive which yielded 12 names for active membership and 18 auxiliaries. One lady asked for Baptism for her son and a number of youths asked for Confession. A Retreat for female auxiliaries had an attendance of 32 and another for males had 20. An English resident was instructed and baptised.

TURKEY (Under Caretakership of Malta Regia)
The 4 praesidia in Istanbul meet regularly and carry out an apostolate. Their correspondent stopped briefly in Istanbul while in transit elsewhere, and met the Spiritual Director and some legionaries. They were given some Legion material and the Maria Legionis and encouraged to keep up their good work.



Carlow Comitium: A course on Child Safeguarding took place in Carlow on 28th May. Works of Paulstown praesidium include Church cleaning and distribution of Miraculous Medals at various functions. They provide religious books for the book rack in the Church. Kildare Curia reported at the April meeting. A lot of school visitation is being done.
Tuam Comitium: Six pairs of legionaries participated in an afternoon extension project in Glenamaddy in May. The Office at Knock Shrine is staffed by praesidia on a rota basis. Lackagh praesidium has 5 members and 34 auxiliaries. Legionaries are well received on home visitation. The Parish Priest is assisted whenever requested, especially at Christmas, Easter and on special occasions. Kilkerrin praesidium has 7 members and 35 auxiliaries. Works include sale of Catholic newspapers, taking Holy Communion to the housebound and one member is on the Baptism team. Home visitation was carried out. The intermediate praesidium in Tuam has 7 members. They visit a nursing home, chatting and entertaining residents and promote the Rosary and Miraculous Medal to junior classes by showing short videos, promote devotion to Mary by setting up May altars in the school. Claremorris Curia has 6 senior and 5 junior praesidia with 37 seniors, 110 juniors, 62 auxiliaries 11 Praetorians and a number of Adjutorians. Works include Pilgrim Statue visitation, visitation of the sick, elderly and Primary Schools, promoting the Pioneers, working with youth clubs, asylum seekers and staffing the Knock Office. The junior’s works include Mass-serving, collecting stamps for the Missions, distributing bottles of Holy Water and promoting family prayer by taking small statues of Our Lady to homes and saying a decade of the Rosary with the families. All praesidia had a planning day.


Achonry Curia: Kiltimagh praesidium has 5 members and 9 auxiliaries. Works include home visitation with the Pilgrim Statue, two nursing homes and they take a parishioner to Knock Shrine for a weekly visit. The Curia officers visited Monsignor Johnson with a view to getting a praesidium again in Charlestown. Clonfert Curia: The Curia has 10 praesidia working in 9 of the 23 parishes in the Diocese. A praesidium with 9 members and 60 auxiliaries promote and recruit for Adoration in the Church. Their main works are hospital, nursing home and housebound visitation. Many parish duties are also carried out by the legionaries. The Correspondent has been encouraging the praesidium in the work of home visitation. A priest from Nigeria who is attached to the parish attends the meeting each week and he has spoken about the major role by legionaries in Nigeria in the work of evangelisation.
Ferns Curia: A praesidium in Wexford Town has 6 active members. Their works include the organisation and promotion of Eucharistic Adoration. Miraculous Medals, 300 Rosary beads and leaflets were distributed to local school children. The Rosary was taught to the children through the use of slides. On home visitation one family has returned to the Church after an absence of 19 years. A night vigil was organised by the Curia for the intentions of the Legion. Two legionaries from the Curia were present at the World Youth Day.
Galway Curia: The main work of one praesidium is home visitation. Another reporting praesidium undertakes home, hospital and nursing home visitation and visit ill ex-legionaries. Br. Declan Lohan, former President of the Curia and recently ordained a Deacon attended the June and July meetings.
Killala Curia: Templeboy praesidium has 6 members on roll and 15 auxiliaries. Among their works are Pilgrim Statue visitation, presentation of religious packs to school children and parish activities. Knockmore praesidium has 7 members and 50 auxiliaries. They have a junior praesidium which distributed Miraculous Medals and leaflets to children involved in exams at a special exam Mass in May. They are always ready to help the Parish Priest and carry out many different works of service in the parish. Two Patrician meetings were held in Belmullet with attendance of 11 on “Forgiveness” and 12 on “The Our Father”. A Corpus Christi Procession was held in Ballina on 29th May. The Administrator asked the Legion to become involved and to bring their banner.
Kilkenny Curia: Fr. Colm Mannion attended the June meeting along with their Spiritual Director, Fr. Harney and 14 members. Fr. Mannion spoke about his life in the Legion and how that led to the priesthood. He also offered the Curia some words of encouragement.


Assumpta Curia reported an attendance of 50 patricians and 16 legionaries at 4 Patrician meetings. A praesidium does home visitation and organises Masses in a Day Centre after which they serve tea to the residents.
Ancilla Domini Curia: 10 Catholics and 2 non-Catholics attended the Pauline Circle to hear a paper entitled “The Christian Scientist” while a paper on “Eucharistic Miracles” had a similar attendance. The Joy of Israel praesidium is discussing the establishment of a Youth Group in Myra House on Saturdays.
Annunciata Curia: The second oldest praesidium in the world reported on their apostolate to 80 women involved in prostitution, 11 of them contacted for the first time. The recent acquisition of a mobile phone dedicated to the apostolate has proven a big success. Eleven women attended their Annual Retreat. The Curia recently held a recruitment drive. 49 patricians and 17 legionaries attended 6 Patrician meetings.
Gloriosa Curia: One praesidium promotes membership of the Rosary Confraternity during home visitation. They visit a local Day Centre to recite the Rosary every Wednesday and sing with the elderly attendees, thirty of whom have joined the Confraternity. Their other main work is street contact outside shops using a book barrow; an Intentions Book has proved very popular and gives an opportunity for the legionaries to develop the contacts; typically 20 to 25 people enter prayer-intentions in the book each week. The praesidium in Leixlip gained one member. The Parish Curate acts as Spiritual Director. Home visitation is the main work during which Frank Duff’s Cause is promoted; separate Masses are celebrated in the parish for each of the three Legion Causes.
Mary Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia: One praesidium prepares the altar in the local shopping centre’s Oratory for Mass each Friday. They also sell Catholic newspapers with the help of two parishioners.
Immaculata Curia: An extension project in Blessington is scheduled for October following a meeting with the Parish Priest there. Twenty four legionaries and twenty patricians attended five Patrician meetings. A praesidium with six full and one probationary member has four Praetorians. Attendance at their Patrician meeting has increased from an average of 8 to 15. Street and park contact is done; a recovered drug addict, after receiving an explanation of the Miraculous Medal promised to go to Confession. Three Muslims contacted had never heard of St. Charles of Mt Argus and promised to visit his shrine. A praesidium of seven full and two probationary members, some mothers of young children, undertake running the fortnightly Children’s Group, started last winter on Frank Duff’s Anniversary; up to fifteen children attend. Twenty people signed up for the 33 day preparation for True Devotion to Mary leading up to the 300th anniversary on 28th April of St. Louis Marie de Montfort’s death. A new initiative was the “Light a Candle” campaign whereby parents were encouraged to visit the Church as they drop children off to school.
Mater Ecclesiae Curia: A praesidium undertakes weekly apostolates to Leopardstown Hospital and a nursing home. During home visitation a statue of Our Lady of Fatima is offered as well as a short DVD on Children’s Adoration.
Our Lady of Fatima Wicklow Curia: The praesidium in Kilmacanogue has 73 auxiliary members. Visitation is done to the housebound, hospitalised and those in nursing homes. A Pilgrim Statue is offered and often requested. Each of the children in the school’s Sacrament classes was presented with a religious pack. The Greystones praesidium continues bringing daily Communion to 50 nursing home residents. As a result of legionaries speaking in the schools, seven Confirmation students became Pioneers.
Benedicta Curia: In Our Lady of Dublin praesidium, works include home visitation and some street contact. One member is on the Parish Council and is a Minister of the Word and of the Eucharist. 29 Maria Legionis are distributed.


Senatus of Kenya: His eminence Cardinal Njue was the chief celebrant at the Mass marking the 72nd Anniversary of the death of Venerable Edel Quinn. Thousands of Kenyans and legionaries from Uganda and Tanzania attended. Works undertaken are home and hospital visitation, resulting in large numbers returning to the practice of their faith, others enrolled in catechism classes and thousands prepared for Baptism.

Blantyre Senatus: A five-day Conference for Senatus, Regia, Comitia and Curiae officers with Spiritual Directors was held in Mangochi Diocese from 15-19th August. One new English-speaking praesidium has been set up in Maula. There is great focus on youth. The Patrician movement is being studied by the legionaries with a view to setting up groups among young people. Every Sunday, prison visitation is undertaken and special efforts are made to pray with young prisoners.

Uganda Senatus: The year commenced with a Retreat for the officers of the Senatus. Also in January Kabale Regia held a Year of Mercy Pilgrimage to the religious sites of Kampala Archdiocese; 353 participated and they attended the Senatus meeting at which their council reported. This Regia has over 32,000 active adult members and over 34,000 youth. Later, a report was received from the other Regia, that of Western Uganda, with over 65,000 active Legionaries, including over 11,000 youth. 70 travelled to Nairobi on Pilgrimage in May for Venerable Edel’s Anniversary Mass. The Anniversary was also celebrated in Uganda. Two Seminary and two prison praesidia reported. Their wide outreach has led to many receiving the Sacraments, conversions, lapsed returning to the faith, plus praesidia and councils being established.

Abuja Senatus: The annual report reveals active membership of 29,484 (an increase of 4,000) and that the work has become increasingly difficult as people are reluctant to open doors to welcome strangers because of general insecurity. One Comitium reported 44 new praesidia in the last 3 years, 71 marriages rectified and 158 lapsed returned to the Sacraments.
Ibadan Senatus: The Senatus has had the Handbook printed in the Yoruba language. Membership of one Regia increased by over 200, to 6,500. As a result of Legion contact a lady left a brothel. Lagos Regia: Members of many attached councils and praesidia have very good attendances at all meetings. Seminars and Workshops are held. One Comitium had 101 marriages rectified.
Enugu Senatus: .One Regia has almost 19,000 seniors and 56 junior Curiae with almost 9,000 members. Reports included 2,923 prepared for Baptism, 519 non-Christians converted to the Catholic faith, 659 marriages blessed and 685 family disputes settled. Onitsha Regia: A Curia reported over 160 lapsed Catholics returned, many prepared for the various Sacraments, and 30 couples helped to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony. Jos Regia: A Comitium is making efforts to revive praesidia and Curiae that have been closed down as a result of the political crisis. The Comitium with the help of the Military and Civilian Soldiers in Maiduguri were able to visit some towns in the hope of re-starting their Legion meetings. They ask for prayers. There is relative peace in some parts of the State. Ikot Ekpene Regia: Reports included 75 prepared for Baptism, 18 received First Holy Communion, and 13 marriages blessed.

Hai Moshi Comitium: Works reported on include home and hospital visitation, contact with drug and alcohol addicts, encouraging couples to marry in Church and preparing adults and children for the Sacraments. One Curia has been split, creating a new one.
Kahama Comitium: This council is preparing an extension programme. The Acies ceremony was very well attended and was preceded by a Eucharistic Vigil and a day Retreat.
Songea Comitium. There are 20 Curiae, 58 praesidia and 1,177 legionaries in this council. Works include home and hospital visitation and encouraging the lapsed to return to the Sacraments. A priest in Tabora Archdiocese has written for permission to start a praesidium.
Mtwara Comitium: Legionaries are praying for the world-wide Legion and their own needs through the intercession of the Servant of God Frank Duff.

Lusaka Regia: One Curia with 9 attached praesidia report visiting homes, hospitals, prisons and those in police cells. They have a special apostolate to the lapsed and are planning to translate the Handbook into a number of the local languages.

Freetown Curia: The Spiritual Director is in contact with the correspondent.

In a newsletter from Fr. Gary Jenkins about his work in Liberia there was word that legionaries from Monrovia had visited his parish on an outing and the correspondent has asked him if he could get some up-to-date contact details for the Legion and send them on.

Banjul Curia: .Works include, home and hospital visitation and teaching of Catechism. The Curia is trying to establish praesidia in parishes.