Concilium Bulletin August 2011

Concilium Bulletin August 2011

United States
Saint Louis Senatus: The Legion had a booth at the Eucharistic Congress held at the St. Louis University High School and at the Cathedral. Prayer Services were held in Jefferson County jail and in the Juvenile Detention Centre. Confessions were organised. Twelve women prisoners attend RCIA courses and 2 inmates were converted. Two prison guards began Catechism classes. As a result of a Novena to Frank Duff, a lady suffering from arthritis was cured. Details will be forwarded to Concilium.

Houston Senatus: Eighteen legionaries took part in a Peregrinatio Pro Christo project to Arizona. Gallup Comitium rotates their meeting venues to encourage attendance. The Southern Comitium has done extension and hopes to establish new praesidia. In New Orleans Regia, a praesidium had done 538 hours of door-to-door visitation. The Sacred Heart was enthroned in many homes. The Vietnamese Curia is a great support to their community and their priests. In the Bay Area Curia, juniors had a Pets Day in nursing homes. A Chinese Curia organised a Mother’s Day crowning ceremony.

Chicago Senatus: In Rockford Curia door-to-door visitation resulted in 12 converts and 12 returns to the Church. A praesidium in Chicago was instrumental in bringing a priest to hear 16 Confessions in a nursing home. There are 4 prison praesidia and members hope to continue their membership on discharge. Eight prisoners were converted. Contact is done at train stations and a booth was manned at a 6-day fair. Good contacts were made.

Philadelphia Senatus: Metachen Comitium reactivated a dormant praesidium and started a junior one. In Camden Comitium in New Jersey prisons are visited and 4 book-barrows operated. They had 26 returns to the faith, 7 Baptisms and one Marriage validated. A Women’s shelter and prison are visited. In Pittsburgh Regia visits are made to a women’s shelter and a women’s correction centre, curb-side contacting is done in a difficult district. Two new praesidia have been started. The Korean Curia does street apostolate and the Spanish Curia visits a flea market and had 3 returns, 3 Marriages validated and 18 children baptised.

Boston Senatus: Two visitors from New York visited the Senatus in May. Catholics are encouraged to attend Sunday Mass. Universities are visited to encourage the youth to become Catholics and explain the value of the Mass. Prisons are visited and there are some praesidia in the prisons. The Cardinal who was a former legionary visited the Sancta Maria Women’s Shelter and donated a picture of Our Lady of the Wayside.

Cincinnati Senatus: The Senatus continues to visit attached councils.

New York Senatus: A reconciliation day for 7 to 9 and 10 to 13 year olds had 106 in attendance. The day consisted of games, Eucharistic Adoration, Confession and Mass. The attached Rockville Comitium had their officers’ meeting at which they discussed motivating legionaries to set up new praesidia. In 9 years they set up 30 praesidia and lost 35 legionaries due to age and health. They say “Where it is not health and age reasons, they want to stop closures. The supervisory Curiae were told, “That it cannot stand by and play dead. Being wimpy is not being Christ-like”.

Miami Regia: The Regia went to Jamaica where they visited the Immaculata Comitium in Kingston. The Legion is working well in Victoria Curia. They have 6 good praesidia. In the Haitian Curia a new junior praesidium has been set up. A Congress will be held in November.


Rev. Br. Colm Mannion and Pat O’Hora visited Toronto Senatus, Ontario Senatus and Montreal Senatus. A report on this visit is to be found elsewhere in the bulletin.
Toronto Regia: They had a table at a Marian Congress. Visiting residences, hospitals and a club for sea personnel featured. In the club, Catechism is taught and preparation for Holy Communion and Confirmation where necessary. Prisons are visited and they assist at funerals.
Vancouver Comitium: Plans are in preparation to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Legion. An Italian praesidium carried out a Family Rosary Crusade and many are taught how to say the Rosary. Two people were Baptised at Easter. Train stations and areas where the homeless congregate are visited.
Ontario Senatus: Praesidia are engaged in Market Ministry where medals and Rosaries are distributed. They conduct the Liturgy of the Word and visit cemeteries.
Edmonton Comitium: Extension is planned to Devon and Spring Grace. One member has entered the Seminary. A Patrician meeting is held. Home and hospital visitation is done.

West Indies

Santiago de los Caballeros Senatus: Sagrado Corazon de Maria Comitium has 6 attached Curiae. A man who lived a disordered life had his leg amputated and after contact with the legionaries he received the Sacraments and now helps in the Church. Sanctisma Trinidad Comitium has 4 attached Curiae. Their works include home, hospital, prison visitation and preparing children for First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Cohabiting couples received the Sacrament of Matrimony.
Santo Domingo Senatus: Minutes for several months have been received. Excellent work is done. Great attention is given to homes, hospitals and prisons. Reina de los Martires Comitium prepared the sick for First Holy Communion, Baptism and two for Matrimony. Marriage counselling is also reported. Immaculata Corazon de Maria visited 1,500 homes and had adults, infants and youth Baptised. They also reported 7 Confirmation, 100 Confessions, 16 adult First Holy Communions and 3 Marriages regularised.

Notre Dame de L’Assumption Senatus: Two members of the Paris Regia visited the Senatus on behalf of the Concilium. They found joyful, motivated legionaries in face of their suffering following the earthquake and cholera outbreak. Many are sleeping in tents including seminarians and legionaries. They lack everything including Legion literature and equipment.

Trinidad Regia: Contact is done at markets, beaches and rum shops. The Police Station was visited and the prayer to St. Michael was given to those working there.

Puerto Rico Senatus: The attendance at this council needs improvement. Attached are 7 Comitia, 6 Curiae and 7 praesidia. The Comitium in Manati brought 7 women to the Sacraments. They started a school of “Christian Formation” in the Dioceses and had an Evening Mass revived. True Devotion to the Nation features in the reports; a house was obtained through government help for a family after a fire. In the Virgin Islands they help immigrants, a Protestant family was converted and a homeless man reunited with his family in the United States. The Curia in St. Thomas Island has 4 praesidia and in St. John’s Island there is one praesidium.


Rome Senatus: Reports are mostly of involvement in parish works; ministry of Holy Communion, Catechism for First Communion and Confirmation, preparing baptismal sponsors and doing marriage preparation. Legionaries help the Mother Teresa nuns in a hostel for single mothers. In Salerno, the two Curiae report visits to the sick and contact with immigrants. A member in Tivoli maintains a blog to spread the word about the Legion. The report of the first praesidium of Frascati Diocese reveals a very active praesidium of 13 members. Efforts at Latina have resulted in a new praesidium. The Senatus is to have an Audience with the Holy Father on 12th October and legionaries from all over Italy will be there for the memorable occasion.
Milan Regia: Report big attendances at the Rosary said in the courtyards of apartment blocks in May. The lonely and young people met in public places, bars, markets and gardens discuss their many problems. A new Praesidium “Madonna de Fatima” was started.
Padova Comitium: The Spiritual Director, Fr. Don Gino, a de Montfort Father, gave two talks on the Life and Spirituality of Frank Duff. The praesidium Madre della Sapienza recited the Rosary in a public square where drug addicts congregated. Since then syringes are no longer found there. A group of Nigerians have been found using the Handbook and saying the Legion prayers. It is hoped to affiliate them to the Comitium as a praesidium.

Lisbon Senatus: Great work is done at a parish centre in Faro where poor and destitute people are met. A hostel for unmarried mothers is visited. One praesidium has 5 new members resulting from a Columban Drive. Praesidia are involved in Pastoral Programmes where families are having difficulties and also with marriage problems. A separated couple were reconciled. Contact is made with drug addicts, the unemployed and immigrants. School children are prepared for Confirmation.

Madrid Senatus: The Senatus was very active helping with the Youth Day in Madrid. It is accommodating many of the visiting Brazilian legionaries in the Senatus premises. Some of the young legionaries, from Argentina and Brazil plan to visit the Concilium before returning home. A Madrid Curia was instrumental in having a chapel and the Blessed Sacrament installed in a private clinic they visit. The Curia of La Linea has 16 very good praesidia and is active in extension. There is one praesidium in Ceuta, North Africa, and more extension is planned. The Curia of Compostella is engaged in many works. It was suggested to them that they could also approach the many pilgrims who do the Camino. Marisa Pico, who has held many Senatus Offices, and whose life was devoted to the Legion, died in July.

Barcelona Senatus: Virgen de Gracia praesidium teaches Spanish and Catalan to immigrants. The Senatus is promoting devotion to Frank Duff. There are plans to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Legion.

Bilbao Senatus hosted the biannual meeting of the three Senatus councils in Spain. Issues discussed included what can be done for young people and immigrants. It was recognised that there is a need to upgrade the apostolate; works of consolation are the most common. There is a difficulty regarding Praetorian membership due to scarcity of daily Mass.

The 4 praesidia in Cyprus held a joint Acies in Nicosia. They visit rest homes for the sick and elderly who are mostly Orthodox and appreciate their visits. They promote the Rosary through visitation with the statue of Our Lady and by reciting the Rosary at a Grotto in the Church grounds.

Malta Regia: A series of 13 talks on the True Devotion will be broadcast on a local radio station. Twenty three attended a meeting for Spiritual Directors as well as the Archbishop who spoke about the importance of the New Evangelisation and how legionaries need to be prepared to face new challenges. An Italian-speaking praesidium carries out an apostolate to the Italian community. Lent and Advent retreats are organised for them and their auxiliary members. Praesidia reported teaching Catechism, visits to a corrective facility, sea apostolate and visitation of refugee centres. A weekly meeting for unmarried mothers has an attendance of 23. Four juniors joined the senior ranks on reaching 18. Posters were sent to all parishes with details of Masses in foreign languages.

Gozo Comitium: The Bishop attended the annual reunion, the Acies and a retreat for Spiritual Directors. Legionaries joined with members of other lay organisations for a 6-day apostolate to contact people in shops, clubs, etc. to promote the Mass, Sacraments and prayer. A priest accompanied each team.

The praesidium in Thessalonica has 9 active and 25 auxiliary members. Their apostolate consists of home visitation, religious instruction of children, bringing the old and infirm to Mass and other parish activities.

Corrections to the Albanian Handbook are nearing completion and it will soon be ready for printing. Shkoder Comitium continues to meet monthly at the Cathedral. A pilgrimage was held on May 13th to the Marian Sanctuary with a big attendance of legionaries from the attached Curiae of Bajza, Lezhe and Sape.


Enugu Senatus: Owerri and Abakaliki Regiae report many received into the Church and thousands prepared for the sacraments. Twelve legionaries were ordained deacons in Owerri and the Regia established 31 senior and 31 junior praesidia and revived 12. Abakaliki has a fruitful apostolate to Traditional Worshippers and 59 converted to Catholicism. They established 59 praesidia, 8 senior and 6 junior Curiae and 2 Comitia in the last year. A Comitium attached to Onitsha Regia set up a Curia. Reports include much preparation for the Sacraments and encouraging couples to have their marriages blessed. Follow up on Exploratio projects is emphasised and is proving very fruitful. Jos Regia is assisting a Youth Curia, which is in an area where 95% are Adventist. Two Comitia were established.

Ibadan Senatus: A Comitium formed 5 Curiae, had 229 marriages regularised and 55 lapsed returned to the Church. A praesidium in Ibadan University runs Patricians while a praesidium visiting brothels made contact with 120 people. Benin City Regia reported 3 senior and 6 junior Curiae and 28 senior and 6 junior praesidia established. Lagos Regia: In one Curia only 102 of the 1956 members are over 40. One council reported 274 Marriages rectified. One member is 95 years old. Abuja Regia: A praesidia had 10 conversions, 8 Marriages rectified and 4 lapsed returned. A member died in a bomb blast. The Regia had 10,509 conversions including 995 Muslims in a year. Six junior praesidia were set up in a college. Kaduna Regia: In 6 months minutes they reported over 5,900 prepared for the Sacraments, over 2,400 recruited, 23 conversions including 5 Muslims, 220 lapsed returned, 311 Marriages blessed in Church and 70 marriage cases settled. There were many references to council visitation, Exploratio projects, Patricians and the Causes.

Senatus of Kenya: Rt. Rev. Martin Kivuva, Bishop of Machakos was the Chief celebrant at the Mass at Venerable Edel Quinn’s grave on 8th May. There was a large gathering of legionaries including 137 from Uganda of whom 9 were priests. Plans are underway to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Legion in Kenya on 8th December. Thika Comitium reported teaching Catechism, caring for juniors and one traditional brewer left the trade. The Senatus is very diligent about visiting attached councils. Much extension is being undertaken and there are plans for some higher councils. Embu Comitium reported 5 returns to the sacraments.

Uganda Senatus: Many references to youth including news of deacons who train Legionaries in schools. Praesidia and music festivals are run for youth to encourage participation rather than competition. The Legion is being introduced into another university while the praesidium in St. Mbaaga’s Major Seminary is to split. A Schools Curia Reunion had 783 present and another reported the conversion of a Muslim and 8 Protestant students. His Grace, Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, Archbishop of Kampala attended the December Senatus meeting. The piece on the Charism of Frank Duff is being translated into 11 languages. Mass for Alfie Lambe was celebrated on his Anniversary. Legionaries from Kabale Regia participated in a 382 Km pilgrimage on foot to the Uganda Martyrs Shrine.

Blantyre Senatus: The Senatus gives great attention to the 4 Regiae set up in 2010 and has requested all attached councils to submit their plans for the year and give copies to their priests including the Senatus and Regiae. As there were 21 Curiae directly attached to the Senatus, it was necessary to set up more Comitia in Blantyre Archdiocese. Ecclesiastical permission has been obtained and seminars held in preparation. The Handbook has been translated into Tumbuka for the Mzuzu Diocese and the Legion is promoted by youth groups on Radio Maria in southern Malawi.

Banjul Curia recently established 2 new praesidia with 18 and 14 members respectively.

Hai Moshi Comitium reports on preparing people for the Sacraments, teaching children prayers and home/hospital visitation resulting in many returns to the Sacraments and marriages blessed. Following contact with 30 young drug addicts 15 abandoned the habit. Rombo Comitium reported teaching prayers to 2,300 children and 200 adults, 120 lapsed returned to the Church and 460 marriages were blessed. Extension efforts yielded many new junior members in schools and new praesidia in parishes. Mtwara Comitium: One Curia reported 21 marriages blessed and 17 lapsed returned. They pray the Rosary in the outstations in October. Another Curia visits the sick at home and in hospital, works with juniors and promotes the Causes. They have an extension programme for the diocese. Njombe Comitium: They encourage co-habiting couples to have their unions blessed, lapsed to return to practice, prayer for various intentions, and 13 separated couples were reconciled and had their marriages blessed and recruiting has resulted in praesidia being revived.

There seems to be 8 praesidia attached to the Curia and attendance is approximately 17 legionaries. The Curia President recently appealed for improved attendance. Fr. John Keane, who was present at Concilium recently, attends their Curia Meetings. Some praesidia appear good, while others are weak. Twenty-two legionaries with Fr. Keane and a “host” Parish Priest attended a Seminar on Duties of Officers. A Patrician Meeting was also mentioned.

Kasama Regia: Extension is planned, but is hampered by lack of funds. A grotto which they helped build has led to increased Marian devotion.

Visit by Concilium to Canadian Councils
Rev. Br. Colm Mannion and Pat O’Hora undertook the visitation of the Senatus of Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal from the 6th to 27th July 2011.

One of the purposes of the visit was to remind Councils of the importance of Conversion work over Consolation work i.e. the Legion of Mary is first and foremost an apostolic organisation. They visited the Ordinary in each Archdiocese. His Grace Archbishop Collins of Toronto was impressed with the apostolic nature of the Legion. He offered to meet with the Spiritual Director and the executive of the Senatus of Toronto to discuss further plans of apostolic work, including establishing a praesidium in the Seminary and offered the Legion “air time” on “Salt and Light” the multi-media organisation attached to the Archdiocese. This goodwill was also reciprocated in the other Archdioceses.

Overall the two legionaries were impressed with the hard-working active members attached to each of the councils. One of the highlights of the visit was a report from the Scarborough Juniors (boys/girls 12+) who do street contact work with the seniors. Other highlights of the visit included potluck evenings with the active members attached to each Senatus.

There was an excellent Conference in Toronto on Saturday 16th July based on what Frank Duff called the three columns of the Legion, namely Formation, Our Blessed Lady and Evangelisation. The officers of Councils attached to the Senatus of Toronto and the Senatus of Ottawa attended this Conference. Rev. Br. Colm and Pat attended the reception on Sunday 18th July for the raising of the Regia of Toronto to Senatus status. The visiting legionaries would like to thank everyone who made the visit a success.

Sile Ni Chochlain, President of the Concilium, thanked the legionaries for their thorough preparations before the visit, which proved to be very fruitful and will require lots of follow-up.

Visit to Concilium by the Officers of Kwangju Senatus, Korea

On Friday 19th August the officers of Kwangju Senatus and their attached Regiae had discussion with the Concilium Officers; on Saturday they visit Our Lady Shrine in Knock, Co. Mayo and on the Sunday attended the Concilium meeting.

The officers from the Senatus were: Kim John Mary Vianney President, Theresa Lee Minja Treasurer, and the Presidents of the 4 Regiae attached to the Senatus, Francis (Masan Regia), Thomas (Busan Regia), Germano (Jeju Regia) and Michael (Cheon Ju Regia).

Sile Ni Chochlain, President of the Concilium, thanked the officers for coming to Dublin, for the work they undertake for Our Blessed Lady and sent greetings to all the legionaries in Kwangju.

Prayer for the Beatification of
The Servant of God, Frank Duff

God our Father, You inspired your servant Frank Duff with a profound insight into the mystery of your Church, the Body of Christ, and of the place of Mary the Mother of Jesus in this mystery.
In his immense desire to share this insight with others and in filial dependence on Mary he formed her Legion to be a sign of her maternal love for the world and a means of enlisting all her children in the Church’s evangelising work.
We thank you Father for the graces conferred on him and for the benefits accruing to the Church from his courageous and shining faith.
With confidence we beg you that through his intercession you grant the petition we lay before you …
We ask too that if it be in accordance with your will, the holiness of his life may be acknowledged by the Church for the glory of your Name,
through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

This prayer can be obtained from the Legion of Mary website

All Legion Councils, praesidia and individual legionaries are encouraged to actively promote the Cause of the Servant of God, Frank Duff, through the widespread dissemination of the Frank Duff prayer leaflets, through the organising of Frank Duff prayer groups and the holding of Masses to commemorate his life.

If you need Frank Duff prayer leaflets, please contact the Concilium.

Favours attributed to the intercession of
The Servant of God, Frank Duff

Should be reported to:

Legion of Mary,
De Montfort House,
Morning Star Avenue,
North Brunswick Street,
Dublin 7, IRELAND.

Prayer of the 50th International Eucharistic Congress

Lord Jesus,
You were sent by the Father
to gather together those who are scattered.
You came among us, doing good and bringing healing,
announcing the Word of salvation
and giving the Bread which lasts forever.
Be our compassion on life’s pilgrim way.

May your Holy Spirit inflame our hearts,
enliven our hope and open our minds,
so that together with our sisters and brothers in faith
we may recognise you in the Scriptures
and in the breaking of bread.
May your Holy Spirit transform us into one body
and lead us to walk humbly on the earth,
in justice and love, as witnesses of your resurrection.

In communion with Mary,
whom you gave to us as our Mother
at the foot of the cross,
through you
may all praise, honour and blessing be to
the Father
in the Holy Spirit and in the Church,
Now and forever.


In 2012 the JUNE Concilium Meeting will take place on
SATURDAY 9th June 2012 at 3.00 pm