Concilium Bulletin August 2008

REPORTS - Europe
Austria: Senatus of Austria and Countries under their care:The Senatus has approximately 1,000 active legionaries. Comitium Innsbruck held a meeting for Spiritual Directors at which 5 attended. Twenty-five attended a similar meeting organised by Comitium Hollabrunn. Sixty auxiliaries attended a day of recollection in Oststeiermark (Comitium Graz). A junior praesidium in Vienna, invite children to spend 15 minutes at Eucharist Adoration.

Comitium Zagrebwith 22 directly attached praesidia and 4 Curiae have started 3 new praesidia, 2 of which are in Varazdin diocese. Curia Zagreb South has obtained permission for the Legion to start in Macedonia.

Bosnia and Herogowina
Legionaries introduced the Legion to students in Sarajevo and a junior praesidium was started in Zepce. Ill and elderly Orthodox people met during visitation are put in contact with the Orthodox Priest. Muslims met are happy to accept the Miraculous Medal.

The Archbishop has appointed a Spiritual Director to the Curia of Ljubljana. A Peregrinatio Pro Christo project there in June brought much fruit.

Curia Trnava has 9 praesidia with 68 active legionaries. Comitium Zseliz has 23 directly attached praesidia with 151 active members.

The Curia comprises 10 senior and 1 junior praesidia with a total membership of 114 legionaries.

The Comitium and attached Curiae are all making extension efforts. New praesidia have started in Molodechno and Glubokoye Curiae. A legionary in Glubokoye Curia has entered the Convent. Baranovichi Curia reported the joyous news of the ordination of the first priest since pre-soviet times. In a praesidium in Stolbtsy, legionaries visited a paralysed lady for 6 years. A junior praesidium has 7 members in the 14-16 age group who are doing substantial work.

Budapest Regia:four new praesidia have been set up, one Curia split and a praesidium closed. Works carried out are recitation of the Rosary on Catholic radio, preparation of the sick and abandoned for Easter Confession and bringing priests to the dying.

A praesidium of 3 with 46 auxiliary members visit the women’s prison in Riga twice monthly where they pray with the inmates and distribute religious literature. The Comitium established a new praesidium in Talsi. The Bishops attended the Acies ceremony in each of the 3 Curiae in their respective dioceses.

A praesidium of 10 active members with 84 auxiliaries reported on visitation of homes and hospital. Items discussed at Comitium were visitation of praesidia and organising retreats for legionaries.

Lublin Regia: two Spiritual Directors celebrated Jubilees of their priesthood. Canon Climinski of Zamosc Comitium 40 years and Canon Josko of Katowice Comitium 50 years. Chelm Curia reported that 2 years visitation of a couple by legionaries resulted in the reception of the Sacraments of Penance and Matrimony after 40 years.

Zhitomir Comitium: The Bishop was present at the 15th Anniversary celebration of the founding of the first praesidium in Zhitomir. Ten people were prepared for the Sacrament of Penance and some for First Holy Communion and Matrimony. Developments in the rest of Ukraine are contained in the report of Elisabeth Kriss elsewhere in the bulletin.


Enugu Senatus: There were more than 10,000 legionaries at the inauguration of the Senatus. They are preparing for a Spiritual Directors’ Conference in 2009.

Ibadan Senatus: The University Curia organised a retreat for non-Catholics. Benin City Regia reported 294 marriages ratified, 414 lapsed returned, 433 converted and 33 praesidia established. Lagos Regia: One Comitium set up 29 senior and 20 junior praesidia and a junior Curia in a year and a 90-year old convert joined the Legion. One Curia reported a brothel manager resigned after contact with legionaries. Abuja Regia: Three Curiae had a total of 31 converted including 18 Muslims, 23 lapsed returned and 7 marriages regularised. Jos Regia: Two Curiae prepared a total of 69 for Baptism, 128 for First Communion and 91 for Confirmation and 6 couples had their marriages blessed. Onitsha Regia: A Curia helped 12 couples have their Marriages in Church, prepared children for the Sacraments, established a new Curia and had 19 returns to the Sacraments. Kaduna Regia: A Comitium reported having over 2,000 active members and 5 junior Curiae attached. Works include hospital and hostel visitation and 1,500 were baptised and many Legionaries recruited.

Senatus of Uganda: In one area it was noted that minutes in Venerable Edel’s writing still exist. Acies reports included those from two Curiae, which had a combined total of 1,058 students from 32 schools at their ceremonies, while Acies ceremonies in 5 prisons had a total of 320 in attendance. Activities of the Legionaries in Ggaba Seminary include work in the seminary and visitation of the sick in the community, two hospitals, a baby’s home and Kampala University where they train students how to conduct meetings.

The Ugandan legionaries visited there in the spring. There is great poverty and unrest in the country, but devotion to Mary is very strong. They got a good welcome and found the praesidia they started were working well. Legion knowledge is very variable from place to place and there are many languages.

Blantyre Regia: At the request of the Catholic Secretariat, a meeting was held with the Regia Officers and Legion Chaplains for all the Dioceses. Among topics discussed were Legion funding, elections, etc. This meeting was found to be beneficial and another is due to be held in 6 months.

Lusaka Regia: The Regia has 22,631 active, 1,794 juniors and 824 auxiliaries members. Officers continue to conduct training workshops. Members visit a psychiatric hospital and pray with the patients. Five non-Catholics were instructed in the faith and one joined the Legion and a Jehovah Witness has started instructions. Twenty children were prepared for the Sacraments.

The Legion in Banjul Curia is growing slowly. A new praesidium has been set up in a village.

Hai Comitium: Works include visiting Christian Communities, the sick, schools, teaching children to pray, organising youth praesidia and members visited Nairobi for the Venerable Edel Quinn Mass. Mtwara Comitium: A letter received told of a Mass of Reparation on 8th December with 73 legionaries present. A seminar, retreat and night adoration were also held. Dar-Es-Salaam Comitium: A visit to Zanzibar showed good work being done, despite the Moslem environment. Kilema Comitium has 10 Curiae and 9 praesidia attached. One Curia has 5 praesidia in out-stations. All Curiae are holding Masses to commemorate Venerable Edel Quinn.

Senatus of Kenya: His Grace Archbishop Ndingi, retired archbishop of Nairobi, was the chief celebrant at the Mass at Venerable Edel Quinn’s grave in May. There was a large gathering of legionaries from Uganda and Tanzania. Kisumu Regia reported 1629 catechumens were baptised and 1213 catechumens recruited for instruction. A former witchdoctor is under instruction. Many are reconciled with the church on their deathbed. The second praesidium set up by Venerable Edel Quinn had a very successful Exploratio Dominicalis project.


Hong Kong
Hong Kong Comitium: Two praesidia attached to the Comitium are responsible for catechism classes in four parishes. In the past year 42 adults and 12 children were baptised, 2 Protestants were converted. Monthly visits are made to a prison where prayer and hymn singing take place. Preparation of pupils in a primary class, where all were baptised, but have yet to receive Holy Communion. In his Allocutio of May the Spiritual Director Fr. Lok said that we learn from De Montfort and abandon ourselves from self-satisfaction.

Singapore Senatus: Works carried out include helping at catechism classes; one Moslem was converted to the Catholic faith.

Taiwan Senatus: spanThree new praesidia were established with the encouragement of the Bishop and Spiritual Director. Seventeen people, including 2 children were baptised through instruction by legionaries. Instruction in the faith is being given to both juvenile and adult inmates in prisons.

Osaka Senatus: A praesidium attracted many new members through its challenging works. Three new praesidia have been set up in Nagasaki Curia and one praesidium undertakes the visitation of the lapsed as its main work.

Kuala Lumpur Regia: Works include visits to a home for HIV patients; also to Catholics and non-Catholics in a Leprosarium, weekly book-barrow, Catechetical ministry, Sunday school, RCIA and BEC activity, befriending and visiting lapsed Catholic families.

Jakarta Senatus: The Campus Curia (University) has 15 praesidia, the main work is contact with youth.

Bandung Comitium has a praesidium in the Army. A Curia in South Bekasi undertakes the visitation of an orphanage and people suffering with strokes.

Malang Senatus: The officers’ attendance at the June meeting was 100%. Atamba Comitium is preparing to form two Curiae.

Seoul Senatus: Suwon Regia has 2 new Comitia, 5 new Curiae and 271 new praesidia, including one junior praesidium. They now have 31,309 active members and 1,797 juniors. Inchon Regia reported an increase of 9 Curiae and 74 praesidia including 5 juniors. Their active membership rose by 887 to 24,168. Wonju Regia has a new Comitium and a new Curia with 16 new praesidia and 5 junior praesidia. Reports from 7 Comitia show a total of 15,816 senior and 711 junior members. Praetorian, Adjutorian and Auxiliary membership show increases. Reaching out to those who have not got the Catholic faith is a major part of the Legionary apostolate.

Gwangju Senatus: Three Comitia have 14 senior and 4 junior praesidia. Reports show people being invited to the Church and being invited to receive the Sacraments

South America

Buenos Aires Senatus: On statue visitation the legionaries teach the families how to say the Rosary. Most families including those who belong to the sects accept the statue. New praesidia are being set up especially in the La Plata Regia. Eleven priests, 4 permanent deacons and 2 religious sisters attended the annual meeting for Spiritual Directors.

Cordoba Senatus: There was an attendance of 29 at a conference for young adult legionaries, many of whom had their first introduction to the Legion Breviary. Many were interested in becoming Praetorians. A Spiritual Director was available for Confession. After the talks each day, the legionaries did street contact and home visitation and many valuable conversations were held with young people who frequent internet cafes.

Salta Senatus: A prison Chaplain has praised a men’s praesidium for halting the advance of the sects amongst the prisoners. A special work is the recruiting for 24-hour Eucharistic Adoration. Among the results were: one man gave up gambling and a complete family returned to the Sacraments. A praesidium did Exploratio Dominicalis a few times during the year.

Rosario Regia: For the centenary of Venerable Edel Quinn all praesidia had Mass celebrated. A Curia with 13 praesidia reported 29 adults receiving Baptism and 25 returns to the practice of the faith. The sick are visited at home and in hospital. Another Curia with 14 praesidia gained 21 new members and prepared young people for the sacraments.

Belo Horizonte Senatus: Weekly visits, recitation of the Rosary and Gospel reflections, encouraging parents to send their children to parish catechesis and prayers in apartment blocks are works undertaken. Works of service include bathing of the sick and cleaning their homes. Prayers are said with street children and beggars in the city bus station.

Fortaleza Senatus: The Comitium of Crato had 68 Enthronements of the Sacred Heart in homes. Sobral Curia reported 22 adults receiving Baptism and First Holy Communion. Three of their praesidia carried out Exploratio Dominicalis. Natal Regia, which set up three new Curiae, reported 39 Enthronements and João Pessoa Regia had 75 Enthronements and had 37 children and 30 youths prepared for Baptism and 17 youths Confirmed.

Ponta Grossa Senatus: Most Rev. Dom Sergio Arthur Braschi, Bishop of Ponta Grossa, was the Chief Celebrant at Mass in the Cathedral on the occasion of the formal and joyful inauguration of the new Senatus of Ponta Gorssa, which took place on 10th May 2008. A report shows 1,277 Bible groups meeting weekly. Lages Regia reported on the preparation of many for the sacraments and the return of sick people to the sacraments.

Recife Senatus: Newly established in April, the Senatus got off to a good start with one new Comitium and two new praesidia set up in the first month. In a new parish the Legion helped to set up a catechetical centre, school of Faith, with 93 enrolements. Legionaries bring Holy Communion to the sick and provide a nursing service.

Rio de Janeiro Senatus: Reports show the conversion of a former Pentecostal Pastor and his son, a Spiritualist leader. Belem Regia has 3 new praesidia, 3 new Curiae and 4 new Comitia. Vitoria Regia reports extension in the capital and the São Mateus diocese. In Amazonia, 3 new Curiae were set up.

Salvador Senatus: An apostolate to youths at risk is carried out. In Maragope, legionaries prepared 80 children for the Sacraments and 50 youths for Confirmation. The latest minutes show the setting up of 2 Comitia, 2 Curiae and 3 praesidia. Apostolate to the sick, as well as promoting their spiritual welfare, includes nursing care.

São Luís Senatus: The Senatus reports Christian marriage of 102 couples and the holding of 82 courses teaching the use of the Bible. 162 Legion officers from 13 diocese of the new Senatus attended a two-day conference with talks by Spiritual Directos and other Legion officers.

São Paulo Senatus: Reports show an apostolate to street girls, to people on the street and to prisoners and their families. In Cuiabá, 20 youths and 13 adults received First Holy Communion and 32 youths and 10 adults were Confirmed.

Brasilia Regia: Extension is ongoing in three dioceses. One of the Bishops said he would welcome the Legion with open arms.

Visit by Officers of Lithuania Comitium
The Officers of Lithuania Comitium, President Janina Placinskiene, Secretary Davia Butkevicienc, Treasurer Dane Basangova, Fr. Feliksas, Spiritual Director of a Curia, Adomas Palys, who was the translator, were present at the August Concilium meeting and were in Dublin to have discussions with the Concilium Officers. The President Janina said that there are 22 praesidia and 6 Curiae directly attached to the Comitium. Some of the works undertaken are home and hospital visitation, recitation of the Rosary on Radio Maria, preparation of contacts for instruction and the Sacraments, Patrician groups, contact with youth and there is one junior praesidium attached.
Thanks was expressed to the Concilium for establishing the Legion in Lithuania and Tommy McCabe, President of the Concilium, thanked the legionaries for coming to Dublin and for the work they are doing to promote the Legion in their country.

Elisabeth Kriss - Extension Worker in the Ukraine
Elisabeth Kriss arrived in Dublin on Wednesday 13th August 2008 having spent the past year doing extension work in the Ukraine. Her amazing work has resulted in the Legion being extended to many cities of the Ukraine.

Elisabeth arrived in Kiev in September 2007 and during her first month worked in the South-West part of the Ukraine where some of her achievements were to start a junior praesidium in Kamenets Poldolski, met the legionaries of the Hungarian speaking praesidia in Mukatschewo, hold a one-day school for legionaries at which True Devotion to Mary was explained, arrange to have the Tessera, Frank Duff prayer leaflet and other Legion material translated and printed in Ukrainian. After meeting with Bishop Leon, he wrote a letter recommending the Legion of Mary to all Bishops in the Ukraine.

When Elisabeth was working in Eastern Ukraine a praesidium was started in the main parish in the city of Zaporoschji and praesidia were established in Donetsk, Makeew, Torez, Gorliwko and in Krasnoarmejsk. In Lugansk a prayer group was transformed into a praesidium and in this city a Curia was established on the 16th June.

The Curia Kamenets Podolski was split and resulted in a new Curia in Slobidka Rachnowtska with 5 senior and one junior praesidia which had its first meeting on 16 April 2008 and a new Curia in Tschernwisti was also set up on the 23rd April with 5 praesidia. One of Elizabeth’s last undertaking was to establish 3 new Curiae in Lugansk, Donetsk and Nikolaew.

She met with several Bishops and priests, all of these encounters were useful and productive and the Bishop of Bronislaw invited her to address the Priests’ in Easter week; she also attended the Priests’ Conference, which was very fruitful and a priest in Odessa, attending this Conference, brought her immediately to his parish where she started a new praesidium.

The first Legion summer school was held from the 5th to the 8th June in Letichev where 40 legionaries from all over the Ukraine were present. There was evidence of great joy and friendship where all aspects of Legion spirit and government were discussed.

She said it was a year of grace, but Our Lady was with her! What a wonderful accomplishment she has achieved for the Legion and more importantly for Our Blessed Lady. The Concilium express their deep gratitude to Elizabeth for her dedication and hard work and the contribution she gives to the Legion apostolate for the Church.

Bernardo de Nardo - Envoy for Central Asia
Bernardo de Nardo has been working with the legionaries of the first Praesidium set up in the capital Yerevan, Armenia. While training the new legionaries, Bernardo is helping them not to become discouraged if they do not see instant results. The seeds for success are being sown at this time. There are three young members in this praesidium and they are doing an apostolate of contacting their own age group encouraging them to come to Church and also start a young adult praesidium.

Other work being undertaken with the new legionaries is the visitation to a home for elderly who were delighted to have the visits. This work will be done once a month, as home visitation is a priority at the moment. Also, the new legionaries visited a home run by Mother Teresa’s congregation who care for handicapped children.

Bernardo met the Patriarch of the Armenian Catholics, His Beatitude Nerses Petros XIX who resides in Lebanon.

Special prayers are asked for the new legionaries of Armenia and their neighbours, Georgia, who are experiencing hardship.

Extension Workers for Argentina
Edel Garcia and Laura Rodriguez have finished their work in the Cordoba Senatus area and are preparing to spend the last weeks of their 6 months extension period in the Corrientes Regia area of North East Argentina.

They are giving great importance to the training of the new officers of the youth praesidia they set up during their stay in the Senatus. The main works they have taught the new legionaries are home-to-home visitation as well as street contact.

Prayer for the Beatification of the Servant of God Frank Duff
God our Father, You inspired your servant Frank Duff with a profound insight into the mystery of Your Church, the Body of Christ, and of the place of Mary the Mother of Jesus in this mystery. In his immense desire to share this insight with others and in filial dependence on Mary he formed her Legion to be a sign of her maternal love for the world and a means of enlisting all her children in the Church’s evangelising work. We thank you Father for the graces conferred on him and for the benefits accruing to the Church from his courageous and shining faith. With confidence we beg You that through his intercession you grant the petition we lay before You….............. We ask too that if it be in accordance with Your will, the holiness of his life may be acknowledged by the Church for the glory of your Name, through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

Favours attributed to the intercession of
The Servant of God, Frank Duff should be reported to:
Legion of Mary
De Montfort House
Morning Star Avenue
North Brunswick Street
Dublin 7