Concilium Bulletin April 2023



Banjul Curia: A praesidium reports home and hospital visitation. Legionaries were able to assist in the blessing of a union of a sick patient in the hospital. They also helped 3 individuals to receive the sacrament of baptism and were very active in the radio programme the Legion organised during the Centenary celebrations.


Lagos Regia: The Archbishop of Lagos has given the legion an assignment to work with the committee of the Annual Praise and Worship event organised by the Catholic Church. Many attached councils report home, hospital and maternity hospital visitation, teaching the Catechism, care of children during Mass, care of junior praesidia, crowd contact and marriage classes, visiting brothels and motels and helping to prepare hundreds for the sacraments. Other works include Exploratio Dominicalis, rosary processions and assisting in coordinating BCC (Basic Catholic Community) activities. An attached council organised a Lenten retreat and a talk on Frank Duff and Alfie Lambe.

Onitsha Regia: A Comitium comprising 16 senior Curiae, 9 attached presidia and 5 junior Curiae helped prepare many candidates for the sacraments. 36 couples had their marriages blessed and 59 sick calls were arranged.

Jos Regia: Legionaries in Bauchi Comitium visit a remand home, engage in home and hospital visitation, crowd contact. They give Catechism instruction and visit and care for children. 157 legionaries were recently recruited, a new Curia and 2 praesidia were established. 6 Muslims were received into the Church.

Enugu Senatus: Aba Regia has 7,891 active legionaries. 1,723 praetorian members, 1,405 auxiliary members, 373 of whom are Adjutorians and 3,811 juniors. Many new praesidia were recently established. Legionaries helped prepare thousands of candidates for the sacraments and 55 family disputes were settled.

Ikot Ekpene Regia: Port Harcourt Comitium recruited 134 new members. They report assisting and preparing candidates for the sacraments. 1 broken home was reconciled, and 2 marriages were blessed, 3 lapsed Catholics returned to practice. Refuge of Sinners Comitium helped prepare 22 infants and 37 adults for Baptism, 100 Catechumens for First Holy Communion and reports establishing a junior and senior praesidium and a new Curia. A new Comitium was established in Bodo City, Rivers State.

Abuja Senatus: The legionaries are greatly active in their parishes where they assist in preparing the candidates for the sacraments, particularly baptism and matrimony. Thousands of contacts are made through hospital and home visitations. Conversion and bringing back lapsed Catholics are notable achievements for many councils. The Senatus collaborated with other Marian associations in promoting October Devotions on Radio Maria Nigeria and organizing the end of the month event in the Archdiocese of Abuja. Senatus Evangelization Programs are also taking place. There has been a noted decline in the attendance of some Spiritual Directors during meetings. In the past year 105 new praesidia have been established.

Senatus of Ibadan has many Catechists who helped prepare hundreds of candidates for the sacraments. All attached Councils and praesidia took part in the National Rosary Procession. A Single and Mingle event was organised for single legionaries. Extension work is ongoing with the establishment of many new Curia and praesidia. Works reported include home, hospital and prison visitation, teaching catechism, visiting nursing homes and orphanages, and conducting Sunday School.


Uganda Senatus: The annual programme for 2023 was also received with plans to visit councils ongoing each month. The Senatus have adopted the theme ‘The Legionary must pray as well as work’ for 2023. Tororo Comitium held Congresses in 5 centres with good attendance. Kabale Regia has 5 Comitia including 1 youth Comitium, 177 Curiae and 15 directly attached praesidia. Works include visiting homes, schools and institutions, hospitals and prisons and catechism instruction. Many souls were converted to the Catholic faith and received the sacraments. Regia of Western Uganda reported on work done in refugee camps. Extension work on Ssese islands (84 islands on Lake Victoria) is ongoing. A report given on this work cited many people visited, 120 baptisms both infant and adult, many couples preparing for the sacrament of marriage and a new praesidium. Mary Ark of the Covenant was started in Nkose sub-parish. The Senatus created a prisons committee to coordinate the work done in prisons. The room where Venerable Edel Quinn held the first meeting of the Legion of Mary in Uganda and started the first praesidium, was handed over to the Senatus. Our Lady of Mercy praesidium continues to meet there, in the parish of Nkokonjeru, Lugazi Diocese. This was a fruit of the Centenary celebrations and a committee has been formed to plan how best to preserve this room and make it a place of pilgrimage for legionaries to commemorate the start of the Legion in Uganda.


Two legionaries from Yambio Diocese attended the February Senatus meeting in Kampala.


Senatus of Kenya: The annual Mass at Venerable Edel Quinn’s grave will take place 13th May. About 50 people attend the monthly prayers at her grave each month. Following Covid visitation of praesidia and councils has resumed, correspondents meetings are held regularly. A number of new praesidia and Curiae have been set up. Weak praesidia and councils are visited and help is given to build them up. Efforts are ongoing to set up more school praesidia and also more praesidia in the universities. A youth rally for young legionaries was held on 15 April. All praesidia and councils were requested to undertake their annual audit and to read the section in the handbook dealing with funds.


Dar-es-Salaam Regia. Since Covid the Regia is working hard to rebuild the legion and visiting the legion in distant areas. In advance of elections the Regia Spiritual Director instructed all members to read and study Chapter 28 of the handbook. All elections were properly carried out.

Hai Moshi Comitium: reports home and hospital visitation, encouraging couples to marry in Church and preparing adults and children for the Sacraments.

Songea Comitium: minutes in the Swahili language received via WhatsApp. President Mary, with her limited proficiency of the language was able to translate, adding the minutes contain the Spiritual Reading from handbook, the treasurer statement and praesidia reports.


Senatus of Blantyre: Attached councils report home and hospital visitation, visiting the elderly, counselling cohabiting couples, teaching catechism classes. Counselling children who are misbehaving and causing problems for their families and praying with bereaved families. Legionaries help the elderly by doing minor home renovations and maintenance as well as helping with household chores and fetching water. A praesidium reports distributing 7000 rosaries while conducting lessons on how to pray the Rosary. The Regia recently organised a successful training day for Correspondents. A praesidium reported visiting a traditional Chief who is now undergoing classes to become a Catholic.

Maula Senatus: 25,000 legionaries attended a Mass to mark the opening of the Centenary. The national Centenary closing Mass was held on 3rd December. All attached councils held retreats before the opening and closing of the Centenary year. Works include home and hospital visitation, visiting the elderly, preparing Catechumens for sacraments and encouraging couples to regularise their marriages. Workshops are held to train council officers.


Lusaka Regia: Many attached councils report celebrating the Acies on 25th March. The Regia arranged a meeting in February for junior and young legionaries and conducted workshops for sitting officers. Many matters were discussed including a proposal to organize a Catholic conference for Young Adults. The Legion in Ndola diocese reports strong growth in the copper belt towns. A Comitium reported visiting 70 prison inmates and giving catechism lessons in their parishes. Other works include consoling the bereaved, home and hospital visitation.



Madrid Senatus: Columban recruiting drives feature in many reports. In many such cases the priest from the altar encourages people to listen to the legionaries. The Legion Vexilium and Standard is used in the porch of the Church during these recruiting drives. Former legionaries are visited to encourage them to return. Prayer groups run by the Legion are also used to recruit. Official visits to all praesidia and Councils is well advanced. There are a good number of husbands and wives in praesidia. One such couple prepared a young man who was baptised and received the Sacrament of Matrimony. Mother of Students praesidium has been meeting and working with university students for over 15 years. Legionaries are received with courtesy during contacts including those of other faiths. There was great interest in Radio Maria Ireland’s interview with Alfie Lambe’s cousin, which should help promote his cause.

Barcelona Senatus: The Senatus returned to meetings in November 2022 but attendance is very low. Some officers of directly attached praesidia and Curiae attend but there is no communication from distant councils yet. The president completed her second term in December, elections were programmed for January but there were no candidates. The long serving Spiritual Director, Fr. Josep Gendrau OFM, was present and delivered very encouraging allocutios at the November and December meetings. Sadly, he died on 28th of December. He wasn’t feeling well on 27th of December and after celebrating Mass he went to the local hospital and died unexpectedly the following day. May he rest in peace.

Bilbao Senatus Senatus reports are up to date. Regular monthly letters are now being exchanged with the Correspondent. Elections took place in October and November 2022 for President, Vice-President, and Secretary. Additionally, various reports from curiae and praesidia have been sent, including some annual reports for 2022. An 8-page bulletin by the Senatus, covering each three-month period, is back in production after Covid, a copy is forwarded to the Correspondent. Reports indicate a return to extension and recruitment activities, notably before and after Sunday masses, and at a main train station in Bilbao. The annual report 2022 from the curia “Santa María la Mayor” in the regional city of Burgos details recitation of the Rosary, meditations on each mystery, and the singing of hymns to Mary along a pedestrian thoroughfare each Friday during the summer months. The Correspondent encouraged the members to repeat this work this summer.


Rome Senatus: Almost all councils and praesidia have returned to personal meetings although reduced in numbers. The Curia in Florence is very weak and maybe no longer exists. At the February Senatus meeting a Filipino legionary agreed to contact the Filipino praesidium in Florence, it is understood that they are still meeting. With their help steps can be taken to build the Curia again. The Spiritual Director of the Senatus Mons. La Rosa has invited the seminarians in the major seminary to set up a praesidium. He also gave an encouraging Allocutio at the February meeting emphasising prayer and work. Two attached praesidia have begun extension in two other parishes, so far they have a number of people interested in joining the Legion.


Lisbon Senatus: Sent the 2023 Work Plan, highlighting the orientation to hold a Legionary Congress, call for more attention to youth and young people, create Frank Duff Prayer Groups, challenge each praesidium to found a new praesidium this year. Senatus held a Spiritual Retreat in Fatima on 10-12 March 2023. Extension was done with the founding of a new praesidium. Home visits with services taken to the Hospital and Health Centre, accompanying sick people to Mass and support for the elderly and psychologically weak. A Legionary helped an elderly Ukranian woman and a mother with two children for 4 months.

Regia: Cenaculo do Espirito Santo (Coimbra): Contact was made with 3 priests to establish the Legion of Mary in their parishes ( Meas, Mira, Alhadas).

Regia: Maria Imaculada (Porto): Support for young mothers and refugees who have been referred to social service institutions. Drug addicts were visited. The Curia Mae do Redentor, attached to the Comitium of Braga, founded a new praesidium in Travassos. The Curia Nossa Senhora da Paz, founded a new praesidium in Sao Lourenco de Selho while the Curia of Barcelos founded 2 new praesidia.

Comitium: Maria Rainha dos Apostolos (Ponta Delgada): Plans extension; it was suggested by the priest to visit door to door to found a senior and a junior praesidium.

Curia Santissimo Nome de Maria (Amadora): Of 7 recruited, 4 have made their Legionary Promise. Three legionaries look after children while their parents work.


Malta Regia: two praesidia feature in this report. The apostolate includes home visitation where those met are invited and encouraged to start going back to Mass after COVID. Legionaries prepare children for Confession and Holy Communion. Organise the Rosary in blocks of Apartments during May. Curiae reports: legionaries in Mother of Good Shepherd Curia were instrumental in preventing an abortion and helping a young man to return to his faith. Prison visits and outreach to refugees is also done. In Mary, Queen of the Eucharist Curia legionaries reported that where the Pilgrim Virgin Statue was accepted in homes resulted in miracles of grace for those people. Hope of the World Curia reported visitation of the six attached praesidia and positive contacts during home visitation. Two PPC projects took place to Lourdes in July. Many nationalities were contacted including some of other faiths. Miraculous medals were offered to all.

Gozo Comitium: A new President was elected after being vacant for 4 months. Each Sunday Mass is celebrated in the Legion House for the Philippino Community. Legionaries are teaching them Maltese. In Fontana Parish three Philippino children were prepared for First Holy Communion. During the pandemic the six attached praesidia concentrated on apostleship with people at bus stops, shopping malls and many other places.

Countries under caretakership of Malta Regia:


The report covers the last four months of 2022. The Curia in Istanbul has five praesidia attached. Four of the five praesidia met regularly from September to December. The attendance was very consistent. The apostolate being done is home visitation with the statue of Our Lady, promoting the Rosary, Hospital visitation with an outreach to the poor, the sick, and the vulnerable and many other works of service. The annual pilgrimage to Our Lady’s house in Ephesus was combined with the Synodol Conference in October. The legion of Mary was represented at the Conference by the Vice President of the Curia.


Due to the loss of members and others joining auxiliary membership the Legion in Nicosia has reduced from three to two praesidia. New teams of officers were appointed at the meeting on the 5th March 2023 in the presence of the new P.P. Fr. Theodoro. The Acies took place in Limassol on the 26th March during Mass which was officiated by the Vicar General Fr. Bruno Variano OFM. It is hoped to re-establish the Curia later in the year when the new teams of officers become more accustomed to their new roles. No news from North Cyprus.



Navan: The Acies took place on March 26th in St Brigid’s Church. The procession on December 8th had a big attendance. An advert for new members is included in the Parish Bulletin. One praesidium has gained two new members. The book barrow will be up and running from May 20th at the shopping Centre. Recruitment is ongoing. The junior legionaries day out in Dublin was a great success. They visited Frank Duff house, the Morning Star Hostel and the moving crib. Fr. Colm Mannion lead the tour after which they went for Pizzas.

Dromore: A recruitment drive was held in Rostrevor. In Newry emails are sent to schools to arrange a visit with gifts of the Miraculous Medal. The Comitium received a report from a praesidium in North Dromore . A Reunion with Mass was held to celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception in the Burren with 22 in attendance.

Raphoe: There was a much improved attendance at the Comitium meeting in April. Legion meetings are advertised in the Parish newsletter and personal contact is the preferred method. Miraculous medals and explanatory leaflets were given to students making their confirmation. The four schools in Letterkenny were visited during which 85 medals were distributed to the pupils. The praesidium in Donegal town lost two members due to illness. The legionaries in Killybegs are helping the Praesidium to keep going. The main work is home visitation where the legionaries are getting a good reception. People are being encouraged back to Mass after Covid. During Holy week confession was promoted and the three causes.

Derry: Derry Comitium is now meeting regularly on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. There are just three praesidia in the City and all are back at their legion meetings and apostolate. The praesidium in the Cregan has closed due to sickness and mobility problems. The Comitium is hoping that the Deus et Patria project with a date to be decided in July will be a source of encouragement at this difficult time.

Down and Conor: The report covers the 1st quarter of 2023. Much recruiting is done each week. The report of a newly established praesidium was given with five active members and a Spiritual Director. The extension committee is focussing on the Syro Malabor Community and the Filipino Community. A praesidium of seven members are very active in organising school visitation and children’s rosaries.

Down Curia reported street contact in Downpatrick from 11am to 1p.m. on Saturday with god contacts. The March meeting reported 60 at the General reunion and a day of talks on de Montford by Fr. John Peyton. A visit to North Antrim Curia is being organised.


Armagh: The Acies took place on March 22nd in St Malachy’s Church. Recruiting drives are planned for three Parishes. A discussion item in January was on the importance of auxiliary members. The annual report was from our lady of Knots praesidium with six members and 20 auxiliaries. Visits to the homes of those who have requested the Rosary to be recited is done. More home visitation will take place so as to invite and encourage more people back to Mass.

Dundalk: The Curia meeting was not held in December. With just two praesidia the attendance at the Curia meeting is low. The praesidium in Kilsarn has ten members The Curia is hoping that a praesidium can be set up in Dundalk that will meet in the evening.

Clonmacnoise Curia has two praesidia. One of these is in Athlone and the other is in Mount Temple. The praesidium in Athlone have gained new members and are visiting people in their homes. They are planning to expand their recruiting efforts.

Drogheda: Home visitation recommenced in September after a lapse of two years. Street contact is done very regularly mostly after the morning Masses at the different churches in the centre of Drogheda. Auxiliary members are visited a few times during the year. Book barrow work at the Supervalu supermarket and Scotch Hall shopping centre was also reported.

Kilmore: There is just one praesidium in Cavan town with fourteen active members. Those living alone are visited and two nursing homes where the Rosary is recited with the residents. The legionaries visited confirmation classes in the local schools where each child was given a pack with rosary beads, miraculous medal, holy water and prayer book. Efforts are continuing to get the praesidia in Balljamesduff and Bailieborough restarted.

Leitrim: Permission has been received and plans are in train for a new Praesidium in Rooskey. The Acies was planned for the 25th of March in St.Mels Cathedral and on the 29th of March in Carrick on Shannon. The Alfie Lambe Mass took place in St. Mels Cathedral on January 21st. A report was scheduled to take place from the junior praesidium in March.

Clogher: The praesidium in Enniskillen reported at the January meeting . There are four members on roll. The apostolate includes bringing senior Parishioners to Mass on Sundays and daily Mass, The statue of Our Lady is brought to homes on request, Holy Communion is brought to the housebound on Sundays and holidays as well as Christmas and Easter.


Annunciata Curia: There was no praesidium report at the March meeting but a lively discussion took place on how to grow in Holiness. It was strongly highlighted that the Legion breviary should be used to this end. For legionaries who do not know how to use the breviary an evening explaining it could be arranged. In order to build up the Curia recruiting drives are being held in the Rathmines area, once a month. The Acies has been held. The praesidium in Ballinteer, which has 3 members, delivered its annual report. Members promote the Brown Scapular and on the feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, 16 people were invested with the Scapular, including a young family of a mother, son and two daughters.

Immaculata Curia: The Acies organised for April 23rd and the Curia retreat is planned for May. An Exploratio Dominicalis was held in Crumlin in February. A Patrician meeting on ‘The Gifts of the Holy Spirit’ had ten people in attendance, five of whom were legionaries. A recruiting drive on April 1st concentrated on promoting Confessions. The Curia is planning visits to schools. A praesidium’s works include home visitation, street contact, public rosaries, distribution of Legion journals and Alive paper, promotion of first Saturday devotion and selling religious goods after Sunday masses. Another praesidium recites the rosary at a halting site and distributes miraculous medals and rosary beads in the schools. Members also distribute 40 journals, do home visitation and promote the Two Hearts consecration of homes.

Assumpta Curia: The Acies and Curia retreat were held in a March. A recruiting drive was held in Donnybrook in March and one is planned for Clarendon Street in April. Frank Duff prayer group meets monthly.

Gloriosa Curia retreat and Acies were held in March. There are plans to establish a Frank Duff prayer group. A day of action was held in January. A new praesidium with eight members delivered its first report. Home visitation and volunteering at Morning Star are the main works. Members occasionally do street contact and once helped out at the Regina Coeli Hostel. Members have supported all Curia events.

Mater Ecclesiae: The Acies ceremony took place on Sunday 26th March. The Curia recited legion prayers at Frank Duff’s grave in February. The Curia is planning outreach to parishes in the area during April and May. A praesidium’s works include street contact in Dun Laoghaire every Saturday after 10am Mass. A member commenced work in the Morning Star Hostel and another member brings the Eucharist to parishioners. Two members are on the committee promoting Divine Mercy apostolate and Eucharistic adoration in the parish. Patrician meetings have restarted after Covid. Frank Duff holy hour has recommenced The three causes are promoted in street contact and in casual contact, using packs which contain the 3 causes leaflets, legion zoom cards and times of local praesidia meetings. Two members of a praesidium are correspondents. Works include membership of baptism team and promoting Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes. At the Dublin Curiae officers meeting in November, a suggestion was made that those parishes who do have the legion should have their legion meeting details on the parish website.

Benedicta Curia: A praesidium’s works include Street contact, Home and Auxiliary visitation. A number of members have been lost since the pandemic due to ill health and resignations. One presidium attends a weekly public rosary. One member is due to return to her praesidium. On home visitation members have supported and encouraged a lady whose autistic daughter is making her First Holy Communion. They accepted miraculous medals. The members spoke to a young man who told them that he believes in the occult but he also accepted a miraculous medal. There are seven members in the Junior Curia including Fr. Joseph Wanhui Hao Spiritual Director. The Junior Curia has recently commenced working on street contact with the seniors. They also visit with the Pilgrim Statue and have contacted people from many different countries. They recruited six probationary members.



Cincinnati Senatus have a letter from the Archbishop recommending the Legion to his pastors when planning extension. West Cleveland Comitium, with 9 praesidia, 1 Curia and another being revived has voted its acceptance of supervision by Pittsburg Regia pending ecclesiastical approval. Detroit Regia, with 13 praesidia and 1 Curia attached, have plans for extension.

Boston Senatus still lacks attendance from its 10 attached praesidia; only 10 officers from the attached Curia generally attend. Reports from 1 praesidium, 10 Curiae and the 3 Comitia were received. These reports cited apostolic work such as distribution of 2000 Holy Face prayers, promoting Adoration and Mass, catechesis of sacramental children and prisoners, conversion of an elderly lady and a mother with her new born triplets.

Reports from Chicago Senatus reported on a Spanish Comitium with 200 active members, a Spanish Curia in Rockford with 98 active members who helped 3 young people to convert, a Korean Comitium with 185 active members, a Curia of 25 active members in Minnesota who do weekly recruitment after Mass and Sacred Heart Enthronement and a curia of 22 members in Chicago who organise a monthly Mass in a nursing home.

Philadelphia Senatus reported that Allenwood Curia have 70 active members in 7 praesidia which are functioning well; this includes 1 new praesidium. Closing Centenary events included a Mass and a Congress. Work highlights were CCD and RCIA, Patricians, 13 Sacred Heart Enthronements with their priest officiating. A Curia in Delaware with 50 members did 2 recruiting drives, did crowd contact at an Italian Festival and run a bible study in a nursing home. Scranton Curia started a new praesidium and had 1 return to Faith.

Houston Senatus organised a PPC project in Irving. An attached Curia has a Prison praesidium with 15 active and 37 auxiliary members. They gave out 453 invites for their praesidium meeting and church services. A praesidium held their annual live Nativity walk at Christmas; several hundred people attended Christmas Mass.

Following Concilium advice in December, San Francisco Senatus explores options to increase its directly attached praesidia. Pilgrim statue visits yielded validation of 1 marriage, 1 recovery from cancer and a buddist seeking repeat visits due to favours received. Street contact work in San Mateo Comitium resulted in 3 priests visiting 17 homebound, 5 of whom passed away shortly afterwards. Senatus attempted 3 extension efforts and 5 new praesidia started elsewhere; 2 in Anchorage Curia, 1 in North Utah and 2 in Stockton Comitium.

Los Angeles shows attendance of roughly 50%. Among the good works reported are book barrow, street mission, catechesis and RCIA, pilgrim virgin visits, Sacred Heart enthronements and marriage validation.

In Arlington Regia attendance increased from 56% to 85%. Home visitation is 90% of the work done by one Comitium which recently started 3 new praesidia. 8 of their members did PPC to the Dominican Republic. Congresses, reunions and retreats are mentioned in most reports. Another council gained 25 new senior and 12 new juniors. A praesidium had 150 parishioners enrolled in the Brown Scapular. One Comitium mentioned having 225 members attend their annual reunion in December. One council has only 1 parish without the Legion. One officer of Arlington attended a bilingual Congress in Nashville Comitium.

Miami Regia has average 50% attendance and took reports from 3 praesidia with 29 active members, 3 curia and 1 comitium. They resumed home and nursing home visitation, crowd contact and public square rosary rallies. Bahamas Curia with 13 praesidia were urged to revive 2 dormant praesidia. Broward Curia plan visitation of its 15 attached praesidia for 2023. Ave Maria Curia have 11 senior and 1 junior praesidium. Pensacola Comitium took reports from 4 praesidia.


Toronto Senatus had 7 Spiritual Directors meet with Fr. Moncada over a lunch provided. A new praesidium do Pilgrim Virgin and street contact apostolate and held a Rosary Procession in their town. North Toronto Curia comprises diverse cultures; Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese and most have resumed meeting and work. A curia in Hamilton Comitium started Masses in 4 nursing homes. The Niagara Curia, with 12 praesidia, reported 1 conversion and 1 return of a lapsed Catholic.

Montreal Senatus elected 3 new officers. A praesidium of 6 active and 70 auxiliary members held an auxiliary function comprising Adoration and Benediction followed by a light meal. Members organised their Closing Centenary Mass in the Cathedral on 19th November. Curia reports revealed some Centenary Events in St. Hyacinte and Moncton Curiae and resumption of 9 of the11 praesidia in their English speaking Curia.

Vancouver Comitium reported on an attached praesidium of 8 active and 25 auxiliary members who recruited 2 new members, resumed housebound visits and street contacts, visiting 6 to 8 needy persons each month.

Edmonton Comitium took reports from 2 praesidia with a total of 13 full and 3 probation members.Visitation of care home, a detention centre and 42 Pilgrim Virgin statue visits were highlighted. A new praesidium started in Saskatchewan. The total Korean membership for here and Calgary is 62 active members who give special attention to newly baptized converts.



Santiago de los Cabelleros Senatus is scheduling visits and reports. Post pandemic, an attached Comitium retained only 5 of its 11 directly attached praesidia but its 6 attached Curia are working. They held a closing Centenary Celebration.

Santo Domingo Senatus resumed visitation of homes, the prison (5 times), the sick and counselled 416 people. They held a planning meeting. Their Spiritual Director urged them to live fully the legionary spirit of devotion to Mary in their mission to extend of the Kingdom of God.

Haiti Senatus reported on recruiting and running juniors as well as contact with many religions including those who practise Voodoo. They taught catechism and preparation for the Sacraments.

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Sr. Sile O’Neill has completed her second term as Assistant Secretary. An election will take place at the May meeting.

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The Legion of Mary has been invited by St. Canice’s Parish, Finglas, to assist in an outreach project being carried out in conjunction with the Centenary Celebrations in the parish this year. Legionaries will engage in home visitation from Saturday May 6th to Sunday May 14th inclusive. Legionaries will also be needed for other jobs, such as driving legionaries to/from the visitation area, manning the base, which will be located in the bungalow behind St. Canice’s Church and other organisational duties.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Legionaries of Mary to do what we do best, that is, contact work. Time and time again, we are made aware of the Graces that flow from home visitation and other forms of contact work. Please be generous in volunteering your time. Volunteer forms are available from all Dublin Curia presidents.

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Following the announcement at the last Concilium meeting Professor William A. Thomas came to the oratory in the Morning Star Hostel on Monday 20 March. Fr. Domink Domagala, OMI, Spiritual Director of Gloriosa Curia celebrated the Mass of St. Joseph. At the end of Mass Professor spoke about his association with the Legion of Mary and the great regard the international Church has for the Legion. He said many Bishops and priests in various countries trace their vocation back to their legion membership. He then presented the certificate to the president of Concilium, Mary Murphy. Many legionaries and residents of the hostel attended. We then adjourned to the Concilium kitchen for tea and Professor told us many stories about his travels. It is an honour for the Concilium to receive membership of the Pontifical Marian Academy International.

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We have received requests for five projects from parish priests in the U.K. To date we have 10 Legionaries for different times so we urgently need many more volunteers, so we would ask that Correspondents would appeal to their Curiae requesting them to encourage their members to take part in a project this year.We are still awaiting details of Organisers from the vast majority of Curiae.Please keep all the projects for this year in your prayers.

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The Deus et Patria Committee welcomed a group of Trinity College students to Legion HQ where they received a tour of Frank Duff’s House, the Morning Star Hostel and Chapel. The students heard testimonies from legionaries and enjoyed pizza before they left.

Young Adult Conference

The theme for the Young Adult Conference is “Under Mary’s Mantle”.

Preparations are coming along nicely. We have some great speakers lined up for the event including author and poet Sally Reed, Fr. Aelred McGee who is a Cistercian Priest, Professor William A. Thomas from The Pontifical Marian Academy International and Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan to name but a few.

World Youth Day 2023

The Deus et Patria Committee is looking to take a group of young legionaries to WYD arriving in Lisbon on Friday 4th August and returning Sunday 6th August. The cost per person is €354 which includes flights, accommodation and meals.


A project to Clonmel will take place in May and there is also a project to Derry planned for later in the year.

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Who is She?’ is a day long Conference for Our Lady to take place on Saturday May 13th.

Come to the historic DCU All Hallows’ campus for insightful talks, prayer, mass, good food and great company.

What can we learn from early Irish Christians’ Marian devotion?

And how can we love Jesus as His Mother loved Him?

To find out, come join us on May 13th, from 9.30-4.30 in DCU All Hallows.

Cost is €30.

For more information or to book a place please contact; [email protected].

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