Concilium Bulletin April 2020

Africa B

Ibadan Senatus: Audit Report for year to Sept. 2019 was presented to the February meeting. A Curia reported that members of ‘vibrant’ praesidia are helping ‘weaker’ ones and had a congress with 175 attendees. Also 18 praesidia organised Patrician meetings with a few non-legionaries present.

Abuja Senatus: Lafia Comitium formed eight new praesidia and one Curia. Otukpo Regia reported 205 conversions including 21 Muslims, 27 new praesidia, 2 new councils and 2 new out stations. A praesidium of 17 active members and 6 probationers and a 77% average attendance reported 17 lapsed Catholics returned and 2 conversions. At the January Senatus meeting four were nominated for the position of secretary and another four for treasurer.

Lagos Regia: Ikeja Comitium reported 14 lapsed Catholics returned and 14 marriages rectified. Ijebu-Ode formed four new praesidia . A praesidium in Coker village, Lagos reported 74 marriages rectified.

Kaduna Regia: Three new Comitia were set up. The Hausa handbook has been reprinted. Suleja Comitium with 12 directly attached praesidia and 8 Curiae has 130 praetorian members and 48 auxiliary members reported recruiting 548 probationers. Sabo Comitium reported regular home visitation where people of many faiths including Catholic, Muslim and traditional faiths are met. There are very many junior legionaries.

Uganda Senatus: Reports were received from one Regia, 8 Comitia, 7 Curiae of which 3 are in Seminaries and 2 are in Tertiary Institutions. 4 praesidia reported, including one whose members are seminarians in different religious orders. As usual much visitation of councils was undertaken and many congresses held, including one for prisoners with an attendance of 180. There is need for more prison extension workers. Patricians are greatly encouraged and recently a group was set up in a university. Anniversary Masses for Frank Duff and Alfie Lambe were held around the country. Good planning has gone into preparing for the Centenary Year of the Legion. The theme for the year is “Remember, Renew, Recruit and Rejoice” and they plan to start on 7th September 2020. Four legionaries from Juba, South Sudan visited Kampala from the 25th November to 9th December. They attended meetings, visited shrines, attended the Reunion and while they face many challenges they hope to implement what they learned especially regarding youth.

Kenya Senatus: Kisumu Regia: Work Done: 33,018 patients were comforted in hospitals and at home; 1767 Catholics had the Priests called and received the Sacraments, 329 were baptized in danger of death and 295 died later. 1072 cohabiting couples were advised and 359 marriages validated in church. 6206 people were invited for religious classes and 1904 received baptism and First Holy Communion. Catechism instruction classes was given to 4200 catechumens, 2002 received Confirmation following advice. 80 conflicting families were advised and are now living happily. Parents of 2010 children were advised on their baptism and 1471 children were baptized. 3498 lapsed Catholics were advised and 1146 returned to practice. Of 1337 non-Catholics advised 359 joined instruction classes and 260 were received through the Sacrament of Baptism and also received first Holy Communion, 587 lapsed legionaries were visited and 197 returned to the meetings, 364 illicit drink brewers and drug addicts were advised and 115 have changed their habits. 46 witchdoctors were talked to and 3 agreed to quit the vice as did 52 who were practising prostitution. Prisons were visited 79 times and inmates encouraged. Extension was reported as: 1 Curia and 3 presidia in Homabay Comitium, 1 praesidium in Siaya, 2 Curiae and 3 praesidia in Kitale and 8 presidia in Mumias.

Machakos Comitium: Work done: 3137 patients visited in homes and hospitals; 2212 were Catholics, the Priest was called for 90 patients who received Anointing of the Sick and other sacraments. 331 legionaries were visited and 163 returned to the meetings. 632 lapsed Catholics were advised and 571 returned to practice, 5 others were advised on the Sacrament of Reconciliation and they all did. 20 conflicting families were advised and all are living in harmony. 423 people were invited to the legion and 193 joined. 658 Protestants were invited to join our faith and 14 joined. 415 cohabiting couples were advised and 152 solemnized their marriages in church, 56 parents were advised on their children’s baptism and 39 were baptized. Children were taught prayers 18 times and Sunday school 81 times. Catechism classes were conducted 8 times. Council Officers were reminded to change account signatories when new officers were elected.

Members were encouraged to deepen their spirituality by daily Handbook study during the Corona virus lockdown.

Tanzania: Dar-es-Salaam Regia reported setting up one new Curia and one praesidium. The Regia is visiting distant councils in Tanzania and giving great encouragement to the legionaries in remote areas. Tanga Comitium has 835 members. Included in their work is home and hospital visitation.

Malawi: Blantyre Senatus: A praesidium of 20 active members and 5 auxiliary members hold their weekly meeting after 600.a.m. Mass. Zomba Comitium reported setting up a new praesidium in the University of Malawi.

Maula Senatus: The praesidia of St. Francis Curia taught Sunday school classes and 181 have been baptized; 325 have been confirmed and 465 are receiving the Eucharist; visited and encouraged 30 members to continue in their membership and those who had regressed in their Legionary work and once again are active members; visited and prayed with the sick for 20 times; the Curia has also established one new praesidium.

Zambia: Lusaka Regia: The handbook has been translated into Chinyanja language. The Regia keeps in touch with distant councils and has a programme of visitation.

USA/Canada &West Indies

Boston Senatus: Two praesidia of 5 members each, do street contact and set up the Legion table after Mass weekly to recruit for Legion and Adoration. One helps run the Mental Health Support group at the Cathedral. 4 parish retreats were organised by a praesidium of 10 members. A praesidium of 8 members co-ordinated the Lady of Guadalupe Novena in December and prayed with the bereaved. A praesidium of 4 organises block rosaries regularly, visits a prison and does marriage counselling. Providence Comitium do the full range of Legion works including RCIA in nursing homes. They guided a Jewish lady into the Catholic Faith. Hartford Comitium supports its prison praesidium while Litchfield Curia held a Congress and does regular book barrow contact outside a Church.

New York Senatus: The Newark Korean Comitium have 783 active members and 1,170 auxiliaries. Nine of its 10 Curia were visited in the past year. The Comitium officers arranged an “Education Day” for new members. Thirty legionaries accompanied by a priest visited lapsed parishioners. Eight new members were recruited through the Parish Newsletter and a new praesidium started. A Congress held in June 2019 had an attendance of 125 legionaries. 620 members attended the Acies. East Harlem Hispanic Curia has nine praesidia and 79 active members and 151 auxiliaries. Some works: Praying and talking to families: 562 visits. Nursing Home visits 268: Book Barrows: 9. Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in 137 homes. Funeral Home visits: 23. Exploratio Dominicalis in Jefferson Park. Monsignor Aquino emphasised the importance of speaking to people about Christ and the Gospel message.

Philadelphia Senatus: In Allentown Curia, due to prison visitation, an ex- prisoner and her friend joined an RCIA program. This praesidium also visits a rehab facility, and do street apostolate, PVS and RCIA. Delaware South Curia visits two prisons and a correctional facility. They have 9 praesidia and 435 auxiliaries. Mother of Mercy in St. John’s downtown, invites passers-by to receive ashes on Ash Wednesday, also they have a book barrow each week, on the street. Norristown Comitium gained some new members in their 12 praesidia; among their works listed are visits to prisons, conducting the Brother-house, two nights a week for street people. Their attached Curiae, East Montgomery and Immaculata, report street evangelising and crowd contact. The praesidia in St. Charles Seminary has 18 members; Fr. Giuffre is their Spiritual Director. They have done door to door evangelising in 4 parishes and helped successfully to stage the annual Marian Day, open to the public. Harrisburg Comitium has two new praesidia. Lebanon Curia organise a monthly Patricians and Frank Duff prayer group.

Chicago Senatus: One praesidium called on 210 doors and made 73 contacts. Milwaukee Curia, reports staffing a county booth for 6 days, where they catechised 60 youths and adults. On door to door visits they gained 10 new auxiliaries. The Last Rites were arranged for a fallen-away Catholic before death. Mary, Woman of Revelation Curia, sponsored a booth at DuPage Co. Fair. They held a rosary-making class, where 60 parishioners helped make 340 rosaries. A new Curia, Mother of Love and Mercy, Peoria, have Spanish and Vietnamese among their 12 praesidia. 50 attended their Reunion in December. In Our Lady of the Rosary Curia, Peoria, IL, a praesidium organised an auxiliary rally; showing a DVD on the Legion with refreshments afterwards. The Lake Station Curia, IN, started a new praesidium in Hammond, with 4 members attending each week. The Korean Comitium had many returns to faith among 48 contacts. The praesidium in North Judson, IN, reports many returns to the sacraments in their nursing homes, some after 20 years.

St. Louis Senatus are visiting homes, hospitals and nursing homes, promoting Rosary in Family and outdoor Rosary also. One praesidium gained a Spiritual Director. Jail Ministry included 181 males and 99 females. Extension and recruiting were stressed in two reports. RCIA classes and PSV are mentioned in two reports. They visit new parishioners and lapsed Catholics. One praesidium is setting up a Junior praesidium. They had marriage validations, 3 Baptisms and one conversion to the Church.

Arlington Regia: Potomac Comitium had a workshop on how to evangelise. Many mention Patricians on good topics; eg. “How to keep your kids Catholic”, “Why Catholics can’t be freemasons”, etc. Many report RCIA enrolments, marriage validations. Washington DC is working to establish Patricians in the Catholic University. The Regia is planning a PPC to Banica, Dominican Republic. A lady, currently free from addiction, attributes it to the legionaries visits. An elderly lady, given a short time to live, after a visit of the Pilgrim Virgin, now 2 years later she is walking and enjoying life. Visiting Auxiliaries is often done on Saturday mornings when many are at home. One young Presbyterian, was so impressed by his visit to a praesidium that he signed up for RCIA. He was welcomed into the Church at Easter and is now a Legionary. One praesidium did a parish-wide Total Consecration to Our Lady with 80 attendees.

Cincinnati Senatus had 3 legionaries staff a Legion Booth for 4 days at the Indiana N.C Youth Conference which had 20,000 attendees. A praesidium of 7 active and 195 auxiliaries hosted a T.D.M. study group. All participated in the Legion Booth at Montgomery Fair. In one rest home they arranged the funeral service of a lady who had no other family members. Many Baptists attend their weekly prayer gathering in another home. One resident received Confession after 60 years away from the sacrament. Detroit Regia, with 12 praesidia and 3 councils attached celebrated their golden jubilee and did extension. A junior praesidium of 35 members distributes sacramentals. Senatus advised that they aim to divide into 3 praesidia.

Houston Senatus plan a Holy Spirit Conference for October. In Our Lady of Unity Curia, a praesidium in a maximum security prison, reported that some inmates did the RCIA program and have been baptised and confirmed. Our Lady of Corpus Christi Curia hosted 2 PPC projects in 2019. Comitium “Nuestra Senora Reina Y Madre” hosted an Advent Retreat for more than 100 participants. In New Orleans Regia, the Lafayette Comitium is working with Radio Maria to set up a Legion radio program. One small praesidium in Laredo prayed the Frank Duff prayer for new members, and now they have 18 members. Tyler Comitium had a Lenten Retreat themed “How the Cross Conquers Sin” with two sessions on “Seven Deadly Sins” and “Seven Virtues”.

Los Angeles Senatus: The fruits of developing legionaries to praetorian and adjutorian degree was evident in the 3 praesidia reporting this quarter; for a total of 25 active members, there were 13 praetorians (52%) and for the total of 154 auxiliaries, there were 25 adjutorians (16%). Works included home visitation, P.V.S, enthronement of Sacred Heart, Eucharistic ministry to shut-ins, nursing home visits, street contact and catechesis to children. Centenary planning is under discussion and their 12 correspondents encourage good attendance and extension in attached councils.

San Francisco Senatus: An Extension trip resulted in a new praesidium in Reno. One praesidium brought the Pilgrim Virgin Statue to 86 families in the 3 apartment blocks visited. Some contacts required CCD, RCIA or the sacraments, especially the Anointing of the Sick. Seven enthronements to the Sacred Heart, and an average attendance of 25 at their Patrician group. Their Rosary Making Club for Auxiliary Members made 2,500 rosaries. One of their goals is to do a marriage validation project. Another praesidium co-ordinates Eucharistic Adoration and had 50 attend a Novena for Divine Mercy. A weekly Public Square Rosary featured in Stockton. At least, 6 new praesidia have started in attached councils in Sacramento, San Mateo, San Jose and Portland.

Miami Regia: Recent reports indicate that most senior praesidia have junior praesidia attached. Street contact in the Miami City area and surroundings is done regularly by the praesidia on a rota basis and a new Curia has been set up for the Southwest Florida area.


The Senatus of Toronto: Two new junior praesidia were started. St. Augustine Seminary has re-established its seminarian praesidium. Scarborough Comitium visit a prison. A new English praesidium and a junior praesidium have begun in Etobicoke Korean Comitium. Extension in North York gained a junior praesidium. Mississauga Comitium, with 8 praesidia and two curiae, has a total of 295 active and 1679 auxiliary members. Crowd contact was done in a public square, making over 100 contacts. Winnipeg Curia has 148 active and 620 auxiliaries. Durham Curia, a newer council, is progressing very well with 8 praesidia and a juniors attached.

Montreal Senatus and an attached curia formed 2 new praesidia with 5 and 7 members. They help with Baptisms and provide a Bible study group. A praesidium of 6 visits the sick, recruits for altar servers and for Legion regularly. A new praesidium of 5 members pray with couples in difficulty and contact non-Catholics. Another of 11 members, with 75 auxiliaries, hosted an auxiliary rally and assists regularly with extension, and have catechised a new convert. The 5 praesidia in the Korean Curia bring non-Catholics on pilgrimage. Senatus discussed greater promotion of Frank Duff prayer meetings using the Concilium pamphlet available.

Vancouver Comitium: On visiting the 2 Korean Curiae, an English translation was provided in order to understand the meeting; other councils plan to do likewise. Efforts to improve attendances include communicating with the relevant Vice Presidents. Mary, Mother of Unity Curia with 10 Senior and 4 Junior praesidia have 161 active and 1121 auxiliary members with average attendance of 75%. A 25 year old praesidium reported having 7 Pilgrim Statues in circulation. The attendance during the previous 6 months was excellent but use of notebooks for reports was encouraged. Another praesidium gained two new members and have three adults preparing for Baptism.

Edmonton Comitium had 50 legionaries at a Legion workshop which helped clarify many issues and Fr Paul Moret (Spiritual Director) was thanked for his inspiring talk. One curia had 120 children at a junior retreat. Fr Paul, in an Allocutio reminded all of Jesus’ words “Be not afraid”; he cited how cheerfully St Peter Chanel of Oceania worked despite not seeing any good results in his lifetime.

Dominican Republic:

Senatus of Santo Domingo: Curia Inmaculado Corazón de Maria counselled unmarried couples and a family to reconcile. Curia María Inmaculada evangelised 1245 and brought 60 adults to mass. One praesidium works with young people. The Curia N.S. de Lourdes visits widows and plans to start a junior praesidium.

Senatus of Santiago de los Caballeros: The Comitium Reina de las Vírgenes de Cristo Rey with 488 active members, 23 praetorians and 222 auxiliaries reported 12 adults catechised for all the sacraments and 56 children baptised. The Comitium Santísima Trinidad de Villa reported 7,107 homes visited with catechesis and a census carried out. 200 children were taken to Mass, 100 baptized, 191 confirmed. 8 couples were prepared for marriage and had a group wedding. The Comitium Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Santa Ana with 157 members, 175 auxiliaries, 19 Praetorians and 9 Adjutorians reported a blind couple prepared for marriage. An 80-year-old woman was prepared for Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation. 15 new members were recruited.

Regia of Trinidad and Tobago: Among the works undertaken by 2 Curiae were home, hospital, prison visitation and street contact. Religious instruction given in two schools and 8 children were prepared for sacraments. One praesidium with 12 active 30 auxiliaries, doing home and hospital visitation took the pilgrim virgin statue to 12 homes in October. Barbados Curia does house to house visitation and organised a 24-hour rosary on Our Lady’s birthday. 17 children were prepared to receive First Holy Communion. A junior legionary encouraged 3 teenagers to attend mass and one of them has joined the junior choir.

Haiti Senatus: Recent minutes indicate plans to start their Legion Centenary celebration with Mass on 7th September 2020. There will be a particular emphasis on young legionaries in view of their importance in the Legion. They plan to hold training sessions in various councils and to inform their bishops of these activities.

Puerto Rico Senatus: is still having earthquake tremors; however, the Legion seems to be working well. The Comitium in Juana Diaz, with 7 adult praesidia and 6 curiae have had many conversions and returns to the sacrament. The Comitium of Bayamon reported l8 receiving Baptism, one protestant converted, 3 marriages blessed and 38 recruited to the Legion.




Dromore. The annual Reunion was held in Burren in December with Holy Mass. One praesidium has very small numbers but keep going doing good work such as visiting the housebound. They organised an overnight pilgrimage to Knock, held a Retreat and promote the Pioneers and St. Joseph’s Young Priests’ Society. Another praesidium has 5 members including a new recruit. Their wide variety of works are sadly drastically curtailed at the moment. These include all types of work within the Church building and many others around the parish. Home visitation features in a number of ways, Fatima statue visits, promotion of the Mass and general home to home visitation. Visits are made to local schools where promotion of the Rosary and the Miraculous Medal and other activities like the Pioneers are made. They promote Eucharistic Adoration and pilgrimages. They have auxiliary members with whom they keep in touch and many activities such as producing 500 St Brigid crosses.

Navan: There are 7 praesidia attached. The works of a praesidium with 4 members and 18 auxiliaries include visitation to the elderly in their homes, as well as hospital and nursing home visitation.

Trim Curia has 6 praesidia. Rathoath praesidium has 7 members and 97 auxiliaries. They undertake home and Pilgrim Virgin visitation on a regular basis. Mullingar Curia has 7 praesidia. The works of one praesidium with 3 members include hospital and nursing home visitation. Bottles of Holy Water are left in the church and much appreciated by parishioners.

Raphoe: During the current crisis the Comitium members join the Bishop on webcam each night at 9.15pm for recital of the Rosary. The audit for 2019 has been completed. Stranrolar junior praesidium has 6 members and 2 senior members attend along with them. Works include serving at Mass, helping the upkeep of the cemetery and they are encouraged to help their parents and grandparents and to pray for the sick and homeless.

Diocese of Down & Connor: Immaculata Curia: The annual reunion which was held in January was well attended but there was only a small attendance at the Alfie Lambe Mass. At the Outreach Apostolate contact was made with several Muslims and a lady who had been away from the Church for 40 years said she would like to attend Confession. A discussion took place as to how to make a good contact when speaking about the Faith. A reporting praesidium has 7 members and 42 auxiliaries. Works include home visitation and a Children’s Rosary Group. Members also visit the schools and distribute First Holy Communion packs to the pupils. They have also given talks on Lourdes, Fatima and Knock. Two legionaries make contact with the homeless in the city centre. Included at the Extension Committee meeting were discussions on the Youth Conference for 2020 and the forthcoming Centenary programme for the Legion. Down Curia gave their quarterly report which covered November 2019-January 2020. A praesidium with 12 members, 1 praetorian and 30 auxiliary members undertake home visitation. One member resigned recently after 70 years of Legion membership. Another praesidium has a membership of 7 and 46 auxiliaries. The members visit the Medical Assessment Unit of the New Down Hospital where many non-Catholics are met and offered the Miraculous Medal. Works also include home and school visitation.


Leitrim: A copy of the most recent audit was forwarded to the correspondent. The Slovakian praesidium in Longford has 9 members. They work among their own Slovakian community. They prepared two adults for Baptism and some adults for Confirmation. They help their people, especially the older ones, to prepare for Easter Confession. They performed a staging of the Way of the Cross on Good Friday in St. Mel’s Cathedral. They join Polish and Irish communities on parish missions. They organize Consecration of homes and families. They visit some Czech families and teach the children to pray. Clogher: There are 10 praesidia attached, 3 of these belonging to the former Mid Clogher Curia. All of the 5 members of Irvinestown praesidium are praetorians. They visit housebound people and assist with shopping when necessary. Transport to Mass and some hospital appointments are provided when required. The Rosary is recited at wakes and follow up visits made to bereaved if they are living alone. The statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is available to homes when requested.

Archdiocese of Armagh:

Armagh: At February meeting they discussed ways in which every praesidium can mark the forthcoming Centenary at local level while also planning a central event at Armagh itself. Members were asked to ensure sufficient volunteers for an extension drive at Coalisland to help build up the Legion there.

Drogheda: A praesidium with 4 members and 3 probationers, has 45 auxiliaries. Their principal apostolic works are the pilgrim statue and nursing home visitation and street contact. On Good Friday they prayed the Stations of the Cross in the Oratory with an attendance of 25 residents. The prayers were relayed by intercom to the rooms for those who were unable to come to the Oratory. Auxiliary members are invited to the Acies. Ardee praesidium has 6 members and 35 auxiliaries. They circulate 40 copies of Maria Legionis. Their works include home visitation on a regular basis, visitation of those living alone and 2 nursing homes. They held some Patrician meetings and had prayers in the Community school during State examinations. They support the Fatima Rosary in the various estates each month.

Dundalk: One praesidium was closed recently leaving 5 praesidia in the Curia. The praesidium in the Holy Redeemer parish has 9 members, 4 probationers and 109 auxiliaries. Home visitation is carried on in the parish which has 2500 homes. The praesidium helps organize Eucharistic Adoration 3 days a week, facilitate the “Children of the Eucharist” programme in the parish and help with the “Do this in Memory” Mass. They keep a book barrow stocked with Legion literature in the foyer of the church. The First Saturday devotions are promoted.


Immaculata Curia hosted 30 Legionaries from 8 Dublin curiae for a visitation project in the Springfield, Brookfield and Jobstown parish cluster. A total of 630 homes were visited with about 320 replies received. In addition, parishioners were contacted after weekend Mass with a Legionary speaking on the value of Legion membership in the first instance. The approach on home visitation was to appraise parishioners of Parish Mass times using the parish calendar, bulletin or a small flyer which displayed the choice of Mass times in all churches in the parish cluster. Each home was offered a house blessing based on a Consecration Prayer to the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary and invited them to display this picture in the home. Contacts were also invited to consider undertaking a 33 Day prayer preparation for True Devotion to Jesus through Mary. At least 200 miraculous medals and explanatory leaflet were accepted. Many were reminded of its associated miracles during the Cholera epidemic in France in the mid1800’s; thus pointing to its relevance today for seeking Our Lady’s protection in dealing with the modern corona virus pandemic. Where faith discussion went well, people were invited to visit the existing Legion meeting in St. Aidan’s Parish or to think about starting a new praesidium in Springfield parish. Some 15 people gave their names and contact details to consider active Legion membership while 4 people signed up for auxiliary membership. There were 3 special cases for follow up and a number of people would consider the 33 Day preparation for True Devotion to Mary. Special thanks to the 30 Dublin Legionaries, (some travelled quite a distance) who took up this great opportunity to evangelise with great joy, giving spiritual support and encouragement to those they encountered. Little did we know then, that lockdown conditions were fast approaching! The local legionaries were glad that those contacted were blessed by that special visit from Our Lady in advance of the current pandemic.

A praesidium of 3 active members and 55 verified auxiliaries undertake home visitation, outdoor Rosaries and school visitation. 17 families participated in a Community Rosary during May and October. 20 legionaries attended a special home visitation project in September and two ‘Faith and Fun’ events for children were organised during the year.

Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia: A praesidium of 3 active members undertake journal and auxiliary visitation, Regina Coeli hostel work, home visitation and organise a Ven. Edel Quinn prayer meeting. The Rosary is recited twice yearly in a local cemetery. Members organised the showing of a religious film, the ‘Bible and Beads’ series, a pilgrimage to Knock and offering of Miraculous Medals after Mass, all of which were greatly appreciated by parishioners.

Assumpta Curia: 30 Patricians attended two meetings. Mater Ecclesiae a presidium of 3 active and 2 probationaries undertake home and nursing home visitation. A Holy Hour takes place for the Cause of the Servant of God Frank Duff. Public Rosaries were held on the first Saturday and weekly during May and October. A Miraculous medal and prayer booklet were offered to the families of all who were baptised in the parish during the year.

Ancilla Domini Curia: Members undertake apostolate among their Filipino community. On street contact, the Miraculous Medal is promoted as well as speaking to contacts about the Rosary, the Sacrament of Confession and offering the prayer for the Cause of the Servant of God Frank Duff. A recruiting drive took place at the Blessed Sacrament chapel where legionaries spoke to a number of young people about Legion membership