Concilium Bulletin April 2018



Senatus of Kenya: Preparations for the Annual Mass at Venerable Edel Quinn’s grave commenced in February. Recently the Senatus, in conjunction with the Archdiocese of Nairobi, organised a Conference for young people. Over 600 young people attended and the topics discussed were 1. ‘Our Lady’. 2. ‘Legion Functions’ and 3. ‘Vocations’.


Senatus of Blantyre: One Comitium reported recruiting 116 members for youth praesidia. The legionaries also visited a Chief who was encouraging a traditional anti-Christian dance. The result was that 63 returned to the Church. 21 couples had their marriages blessed in Church and 42 are in the Catechumen class. Many of them are now active in the Church.

Senatus of Maula: In February the Senatus organised a one day Conference for correspondents. One legionary in each council has been given specific responsibility for the promotion of the Cause of Frank Duff whose prayer leaflet is available in the Chichewa language.


Uganda Senatus: The report includes two visits made on behalf of Concilium, by Ugandan Legionaries to South Sudan. During October and November they visited two Dioceses there, one with two Curiae and 41 praesidia and another with 22 praesidia, but as yet no councils. The Legionaries there face many challenges in addition to the instability in the country and the visitors have been invited to return to give further training. The Senatus Minutes give details of 2 Comitia and 7 Curiae incorporating Seminaries, schools and Tertiary Institutions. 178 members attended a Congress in a prison and the Annual Reunion in December had a large attendance.


Abuja Senatus: A praesidium of 11 full active members and 11 probationers had 20 at the Acies and reported 9 lapsed returned to practice of the faith and 2 marriages regularised. 14 praesidia were formed in one Comitium area in 2 years.

Ibadan Senatus: One council had a difficulty with the bank account due to a delay in change of signatory. The Senatus advised all councils to arrange a change of signatories immediately after a change of officership occurs.

Lagos Regia: A lady gave a gift of land to the Regia to build a Legion house and the Correspondent has urged caution with the building regarding size and specifications.

Enugu Senatus: Aba Regia prepared 2,995 people for First Holy Communion, 1,886 for Confirmation and had 461 marriages blessed. 20 new praesidia and 2 new Curiae were established. A Comitium with 1,160 members of whom 367 are probationers reported 909 infants and 444 catechumens baptised, 21 lapsed returned to the Sacraments, 624 prepared for First Holy Communion, 456 for Confirmation and 127 marriages blessed.

Jos Regia: A Comitium with 1,850 members, 300 of whom are probationers reported on home, hospital and hotel visitation and crowd contact, 5 praesidia were revived and 2 new ones established.

Ikot Ekpene Regia: One Curia reported 8 prepared for Baptism, 14 for First Holy Communion, a lapsed person returned to the Church and 2 praesidia revived.

Kaduna Regia: Works include home, hospital, orphanage and prison visitation, caring for juniors, and teaching catechism. The combined works resulted in many receiving the Sacraments, marriages reconciled and blessed in Church and lapsed returned to the Sacraments. Acies ceremonies, Annual Reunions, enclosed Retreats, Patricians plus Frank Duff and Edel Quinn Masses featured in reports. Many Exploratio Dominicalis and extension projects were reported.


Dar-es-Salaam Regia: Works reported on include visiting homes, hospitals and elderly people in their centres, various parish activities and a new task for one Curia is regular visits to a red light district. The Regia undertakes an extension project each year and during the project in October, they promoted the Legion after Masses and among the places visited were the leprosarium, two hospitals, a school and 4 small Christian Communities. A Seminar on the Legion was held and a praesidium started. A new Curia has been inaugurated in the area where last year’s extension work took place. The Kiswahili Handbook has now been printed.

Mtwara Comitium: This is one of the councils which will greatly benefit by the availability of the Kiswahili Handbook as the lack of Handbooks has caused difficulties with training and setting up new praesidia. Low membership in some areas is a challenge, but efforts are being made at planning and visitation of praesidia.

Hai Moshi Comitium: Works reported on include home and hospital visitation, encouraging couples to marry in Church and preparing adults and children for the Sacraments. A meeting of the three Comitia - Hai Moshi, Rombo and Kilema was organised, the correspondent has asked for more details.


Lusaka Regia: There was no Regia meeting in January due to an outbreak of cholera and all meetings were cancelled. Elections for Regia Officers took place in March and Minutes are awaited. The Regia recently forwarded Frank Duff prayer leaflets in 3 Zambian languages to Concilium. They are translating the Handbook into Lozi, Nyanja, Tonga and Bemba languages.



Madrid Senatus: “Veteran legionaries”, in addition to their weekly work, visit praesidia having difficulties. Praesidia are encouraged to keep the Parish Priest informed of their work.

Comitium of Las Palmas, in the Canary Islands, is doing extension in Lanzarote, where the Parish Priest is anxious to have the Legion. A parish Church, about to be closed, was kept open thanks to legionaries who visited parishioners and organised Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The Curia of La Linea, in the south of Spain, has 9 praesidia, 2 of which are in Ceuta, North Africa. Their 93-year-old Spiritual Director is of immense help to them.

Barcelona Senatus: The praesidium in Monserrat has 10 members. Its President is aged 97 and is still doing her Legion work. Their main work is visitation of the elderly. One member is a catechist and another is a Minister of the Eucharist. On Good Friday they had a public Stations of the Cross in the street. They gave an excellent report, including helping drug addicts and their families, getting employment for prostitutes, and helping immigrants. They request prayers for the political situation in Catalonia.

Bilbao Senatus: Some councils have no Spiritual Director. Reports show that works of consolation are the predominant apostolate.


Lisbon Senatus: Five praesidia reported with a total of 65 active and 238 auxiliary members. Works include visiting nursing homes, the elderly living alone, and prisoners. A lady who was lapsed returned to the Sacraments. Legionaries visited 100 families with the Holy Family statue and prayed with them. Street contacts were made. New praesidia were affiliated to the Senatus and to the Comitium of Braga, while a new junior praesidium started in the Comitium of Viana do Castelo.


Rome Senatus: Recruiting efforts resulted in a marginal increase in praesidia numbers. Extension is being undertaken in the amalgamated Diocese of Ariano Irpina-Lacedonia. Two young praesidia Presidents in the Calabrian Comitium entered a seminary to study for the priesthood.

Milan Regia: The recently elected Secretary and former President of Milan Regia, Sr. Augusto Mengo, collapsed and died during the February Regia meeting. This had a traumatic effect on the Regia. May she rest in peace. The new Archbishop of Milan wrote to thank the Regia for their work and hoped that the Legion would develop and grow in the Diocese. A praesidium in Loreto, of mostly elderly people, was rescued from closing by the arrival of 2 young members who have rejuvenated it.

Padua Comitium: A new Curia was set up in Verona. All its members are of African origin. Comitium officers conducted the election of the officers and a party was held afterwards to celebrate the first meeting. The main work of one praesidium is contacting and befriending alcoholics. The Comitium is encouraging stronger praesidia to help the weaker ones by recruiting in their areas.


Handmaid of the Lord Curia, Nicosia held its first meeting on 4th. March 2018. The Concilium correspondent chaired the meeting until the new officers were elected. The 4 praesidia which had been directly attached to the Concilium are now attached to the new Curia. A fifth praesidium in Paphos, in the west of Cyprus, is being established following a meeting with the Parish Priest and 4 potential members. This praesidium will also be attached to the new Curia.

Malta Regia: The Regia Officers met the Archbishop who told them that he had found his vocation through membership of the Legion and going on PPC projects. A praesidium reported on contact work with tourists outside Churches, also visitation of homes, shops, and offices with a statue of Our Lady. Contacts are invited to become active or auxiliary members. 21 auxiliaries were recruited. A praesidium had a good attendance at a day Retreat for auxiliaries. 5 members teach catechism to children. A junior praesidium with 6 members, aged 13 to 17, is attached. They visit the elderly, accompanied by senior legionaries. Mother and Teacher Curia reported 3 contacts instructed and received into the Church, and many returns to the Sacraments.

Mother of Good Shepherd Curia members visited 632 homes in a parish during a week of intensive visitation. Many parents were concerned that their children were not attending Mass. Blessed Mary junior Curia had an attendance of 12 at a day Retreat for young people. Queen of the Eucharist Curia reported the confirmation of a 15-year-old boy following visits to the family. Queen of Peace Curia had a Reunion for members, relatives, and friends with a view to gaining new members. Two praesidia in Hope of the World Curia had Exploratio Dominicalis projects. All 13 praesidia in Handmaid of the Lord Curia do home visitation.

Albania, (under caretakership of Malta Regia):Fr. Manwel Cutajar who is Spiritual Director to several praesidia attended the Regia meeting. He said that the visits of the Maltese legionaries to Albania were very important as many praesidia lack Spiritual Directors. The Legion in Shkoder is doing well.



Dromore.Comitium has 5 senior, one junior praesidium and one Curia attached. Warrenpoint praesidium has 4 members and 50 auxiliaries. They undertake all kinds of Church works, weekly Rosary in a school and bring residents in wheelchairs to Mass in a nursing home. They visit schools to show the DVD on the Miraculous Medal. Hilltown praesidium helps with the Senior Citizens Christmas Party, and youth work. Another praesidium had 14 men at a day Retreat. Newry praesidium visited Banbridge Primary School, showed a DVD on the Miraculous Medal and gave Rosary packs to 25 boys and girls making their Confirmation.

Navan Comitium: A praesidium with 6 members visited over 250 homes promoting the faith and bringing the Church bulletins highlighting local Mass times and parish events. In March they organised a float in Navan’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The float had a statue of Our Lady of Fatima and statues of the 3 children decorated with fresh flowers. They organised the ‘All Saints Family Party’ with parents and children dressed as their favorite Saints. Trim Curia has 6 praesidia. Rathoath praesidium has 6 members, 2 Praetorians, 49 auxiliaries and 4 Adjutorians. They make good contacts on weekly home visitation and some people have returned to the Sacraments. A Retreat for men had 22 in attendance. They also organised an All Saints Party. Mullingar Curia has 7 praesidia. Castlepollard praesidium has 5 members, one Praetorian and 33 auxiliaries. They did home visitation in 2 Estates to plan for house blessings and so far, a house blessings has been carried out in one of these.

Derry Comitium: Long Tower praesidium has 4 members and 37 auxiliaries. Works include home visitation, Pilgrim statue, sick and elderly visitation and school visits. The praesidium in Galliagh is making an effort to start a junior praesidium.

Raphoe Comitium: The junior praesidium in Creeslough has 3 members whose works include serving Mass, singing in the choir on occasions and attending Eucharistic Adoration. Stanorlar praesidium has 9 members who undertake home visitation, visit the sick, the elderly and the bereaved.

Diocese of Down and Connor

Immaculata Comitium: A reporting praesidium has 6 members and one probationer. They visit 7 nursing homes in 2 parishes, run a children’s Rosary group, undertake home visitation and monthly street apostolate. The Rosary is promoted in May both in the parishes and within the schools. The head of religion in one school requested an extra statue of Our Blessed Lady to place in the foyer during the month of May. In June the Sacred Heart devotion is promoted. The praesidium had a stand at the Parish Open Day for all parish organisations. They designed a special Miraculous Medal leaflet suitable for primary school children. Down Curia reported that the Alfie Lambe Mass was celebrated in January. A family from Latvia is undergoing the RCIA course.


Leitrim Curia: Mohill praesidium has 7 members, 2 of whom are Praetorians and 20 auxiliaries. They take charge of the Adoration rota on Thursdays and promote the Pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima and distributed 200 copies of the ‘33 Days to Morning Glory’ booklet. Two nursing homes are also visited. Children in the Communion class in Mohill Primary School were given Rosary beads, Rosary prayer cards and copies of CARE packs containing leaflets on Confession, Adoration, the Rosary and the Eucharist. They had a stand to promote the Legion at Mohill Community College, speaking about the faith to students and distributing Rosary beads, Scapulars, Miraculous Medals and CARE packs.

Clogher Curia: Derrygonnelly praesidium has 5 members. Works include visitation of a number of housebound people bringing them copies of the Parish Bulletin and religious magazines. There was a special welcome back to Fr. Connolly, Curia Spiritual Director, at the November meeting following a long illness. During nursing home visitation they recite the Rosary with residents. Four officers were appointed to the revived praesidium in Eskra at the November meeting.

Archdiocese of Armagh

Drogheda Curia: A praesidium with 5 members, 3 probationers and 45 auxiliaries undertake Fatima statue apostolate, home visitation and street contact. A praesidium which began in 1932 has 6 members who visit a nursing home, a hospital and do street contact. Ardee praesidium, which meets on Sundays at 7.30p.m., has 10 members. Works include home and nursing home visitation, organising Rosaries in many graveyards in November and holding Patrician meetings. They promoted the Fatima Centenary by having a Rosary outside the Church on 13th of May and after that on 13th of each month in various estates. There was a report on the street contact project at the Scotch Hall Shopping Centre on 9th December.

Dundalk Curia: A Catholic Youth Conference took place on 14th April. A reporting praesidium has 8 members, 4 probationers, 4 Praetorians, 97 auxiliaries and 5 Adjutorians. They organise the Eucharistic Adoration rota, visit homes and a nursing home. They have set up the COTE programme where children who are due to receive First Holy Communion have a presentation and a follow-up of a half-hour Adoration each month with teachers and legionaries. A praesidium working in Faughart parish consisting of about 1,600 homes has one pair on home visitation weekly. Many people of other faiths especially Muslims are met. During Corpus Christi they organised Forty Hours Adoration in the parish from 8.00am on Saturday to 12 midnight on Sunday. It was well attended even during the night hours. In preparation for the Novena of Hope in November a project took place with 33 legionaries visiting the whole parish.


Assumpta Curia hosts two monthly prayer meetings for the Cause of the Servant of God Frank Duff and recently organised a talk on De Montfort’s ‘True Devotion to Mary’. Street contact, with a particular outreach to young people, is the main work of a four member praesidium in Clarendon Street. One man, homeless and with a gambling addiction, returned to Confession and received Holy Communion after speaking with legionaries. During the Christmas season a portable crib brought into Grafton Street attracts many children who, leading their parents over to see it, like to hold and pray with the Baby Jesus figurine. A monthly catechetical DVD evening has an average attendance of 15. 43 Patricians attended four Patrician meetings.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia undertook visitation to shops and offices in Blackrock to publicise a lunchtime Mass in the area on weekdays. Legionaries accompany the chaplain at the National Rehabilitation Hospital to visit patients. Street contact took place on two weekends before Easter at which times of Reconciliation services and Easter ceremonies were distributed. Two praesidia operate a ‘twin’ arrangement to facilitate members with variable working hours who find it helpful to alternate between a morning or evening praesidium meeting. Works undertaken by another praesidium include nursing home visitation, monthly public Rosary, monthly Holy Hour for the Cause of Frank Duff and supplying Baptismal gifts (consisting of Miraculous Medal and prayer book) to the newly baptised in the parish.

Our Lady of Fatima Curia: Legionaries do weekly prison visitation which is much appreciated by inmates, one of whom likes to prepare tea for the legionaries on their arrival. A weekly Rosary in a nursing home, the highlight of the week for many of the residents, is also attended by some staff. Many patients with dementia join in the prayers as the Rosary is recited. Four ‘Hours of Prayer’ were organised during the year with an average attendance of thirty people. All examination students in the locality were visited and invited to a Mass offered for them.

Ancilla Domini Curia: A praesidium of 8 active members in St. Nicholas of Myra parish, with 6 Praetorians, organise a monthly Pauline Circle inviting Catholic and Protestant speakers on various topics of discussion. A recent topic was an account of the conversion of the father of a Hong Kong legionary immediately before his death. Home visitation, public Rosary in local flats and organising a monthly Holy Hour are among other works. One member oversees the Inner City Children’s Club at Myra House. Members of a praesidium in another parish visit homes, three hospitals and two nursing homes.

Immaculata Curia promoted their recent ‘7 Sundays with Mary’ series of talks and discussions based on the writings of the Servant of God Frank Duff with home visitation, street and weekend Mass contact, parish bulletins and on Radio Maria. 25 probationary auxiliaries were recruited by another praesidium during the past year. Works include home visitation, organising community Rosary, school visitation and promotion of home Enthronement to the Sacred Heart.

Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia: Works undertaken include home visitation, aftercare of auxiliaries, Regina Coeli hostel work, Rosary in a cemetery and hosting a monthly Venerable Edel Quinn prayer meeting. The World Meeting of Families Prayer was distributed on home visitation as was the Church Unity Octave leaflet to many homes of different religious denominations during the Octave. To mark the Centenary of the apparition of Our Lady in Fatima, the Fatima Pilgrim statue was recommenced last year, which proved to be very fruitful.

Gloriosa Curia: One new member was recruited following a recruiting drive in Leixlip; two more new members joined two praesidia in the Curia. Promotion of the Causes of Frank Duff, Edel Quinn and Alfie Lambe is on-going.

Benedicta Curia: Our Lady of Mercy praesidium, with six active members, nineteen auxiliaries and three Adjutorians gave its 96th Annual Report. Their main works are home and hospital visitation and a weekly public Rosary. Nine visitors attended during the year and one has joined. A new praesidium, Our Lady of the Eucharist, which meets in Benedicta House, has been affiliated to the Curia. Pilgrim statue visitation is among the works of the junior praesidium, who find it challenging to recruit members due to the many activities children are already engaged in.

Annunciata Curia undertakes a regular book barrow apostolate and is exploring new areas in their locality for crowd contact. Praesidia are encouraged to promote the Prayer for the World Meeting of Families on home visitation. Discussion took place on the approach for offering the Consecration of homes to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts.


Boston Senatus: With the help of their Spiritual Director, a Chinese praesidium organised the Sacrament of Sick monthly in a nursing home resulting in the Baptism of two residents. They held an Auxiliary Rally for 20 auxiliaries. Vietnamese legionaries organise Confession for the sick. New Bedford Curia reported 6 Praetorians among 24 active members and 51 Adjutorians among 239 auxiliaries. They have written to parishes seeking permission to start the Legion. A Curia in New Haven started 3 praesidia.

Philadelphia Senatus: Allenton Curia does extension and works with Spanish-speaking praesidia. Mother of Mercy praesidium helped to distribute Ashes to parishioners and passers-by during Ash Wednesday. Mater Dolorosa Curia operates book barrows in various city sites. Eastern Montgomery Co. Curia does street apostolate at a train station. The Seminary praesidium has eleven members and is faithful in fitting the Legion meeting and activities into the seminarians’ busy schedule. Harrisburg Comitium continues to have a Catholic Information table for ten days at the Annual York Fair and two days at the Pumpkin Fest in Enola, making excellent contacts with passers-by. Their works include prison ministry, religious education and door to door apostolate.

Chicago Senatus: They participated with a booth at a FOCUS Conference with excellent contacts. Mary, Woman of Revelation Curia, Joliet, IL, has 180 active and 240 auxiliary members in 23 attached praesidia. Patrician meetings average 20 attendees. One praesidium operates a book barrow at a train station and distributed Miraculous Medals and Rosaries to passers-by. Our Lady of the Angels Curia, IL, has two junior groups among their 12 praesidia attached. In Sioux Falls Curia, the Spanish praesidium uses Sunday scripture to catechise truckers on the road by radio link. Another praesidium works in a correctional centre with Bible study and accompanies the chaplain each week to conduct a prayer service for women inmates. Crowd contact is done at train stops. Dekalb Curia reported a conversion through the Sacrament of Matrimony, where a husband who wanted to receive Holy Communion on his death bed, married his partner, and was reconciled to the Church.

St. Louis Senatus: Extension and Recruiting is on-going, including visits to auxiliaries and Adjutorian members. One auxiliary has joined the active ranks. Attempts were made to start a junior praesidium. There are 2 praesidia in a prison. Visitation of homes, nursing homes and prisons were reported. A person is interested in converting to the Catholic faith following a visit by legionaries. They had 3 conversions and one marriage validated. Outreach to lapsed Catholics, and recruiting for Eucharistic Adoration are also done.

New York Senatus: Newark Comitium has 566 active members in 5 attached Curiae with 53 praesidia, including 5 junior praesidia. Works include home, hospital and jail visitation, book barrow, and CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) work. Newark Korean Comitium has a total of 1,831 active legionaries in 9 attached Curiae with a total 97 praesidia. Their apostolate includes, home and hospital visitation as well as inviting neighbours to Retreats and parish functions. 3 praesidia were restarted in South Bronx Curia.

Arlington Regia held a Congress, a Frank Duff Mass, a Reunion, an adult Retreat and the Acies since the last report. 8 of the 11 correspondents participated in their first teleconference for correspondents. Teams organise extension and recruiting with regular mention of praesidia in formation. Baltimore operated a booth in the Mid-Atlantic Conference and many councils host booths at local county fairs. Pilgrim statue visitation and Enthronement of the Sacred Heart feature widely, resulting in many returns to the Sacraments, marriages validated and conversions. They bring the Pilgrim statue to auxiliaries as well as to families.

Houston Senatus: One praesidium has 22 active and 56 auxiliary members, of which they number 3 Praetorians and 3 Adjutorians in their ranks. Youth work features prominently in the report. Bay Area Curia conducts a booth at the University of Houston twice-monthly. Good contacts are made among the staff and students. A praesidium, TX City, has 12 members. They do home/hospital visits. Each May they take part in the CIB Strawberry Fair with a table of Catholic literature and distribute sacramentals. Their outing was to a seminary. The Spanish Comitium, with 5 Curiae attached, does much evangelisation and works of consolation. Sulphur Curia had 13 legionaries taking part in a mini-PPC visiting 44 homes, and discovering 20 Catholics. A praesidium in Chalmette has 12 members and organises a weekly ‘Movies on the Move’ DVD library on religious themes for students, parents and teachers.

Miami Regia has been buffeted by the bad weather and is now catching up. The newly elected President and his Officers are trying to get everything in order again.

Los Angeles Senatus: San Diego Comitium a praesidium visited 255 homes, had 2 Columban Drives and is doing book barrow weekly at a local park. They also facilitated Baptismal Seminars. In Ventura County Curia, a new praesidium hosted a Peregrinatio Pro Christo team in October. A praesidium of St. Jane Frances de Chantal Catholic Church gave its 1st. Annual Report. Tucson Comitium is doing extension work and has added 3 praesidia. In West San Fernando Valley Curia works include: juvenile detention ministry and book barrow. Los Angeles Korean Comitium has 12 Curiae attached and 149 praesidia, comprised of about a thousand active legionaries. Works: visiting the sick, apostolate to the crowd, reaching out to non-Catholics and lapsed Catholics. San Gabriel Valley Chinese Curia reported two persons baptised. Another praesidium made 10 visits to non-Catholic Christians.

San Francisco Senatus: Among the apostolates reported by praesidia are the organising, ‘No One Dies Alone’ ministry, marriage validation, and tourist contact. Forest fires in Napa Valley made outdoor work difficult in autumn. Stockton Comitium gained 11 active members from a Columban drive while Sacramento Comitium started 2 new Spanish-speaking praesidia. San Jose Curia report 275 Rosary beads distributed at a book barrow in a State University campus. Solana Curia tries to annually host 2 Columban Drive.

Cincinnati Senatus is scheduling 4 reports annually for their councils and has 5 Correspondents. Dayton praesidium helped prepare for the Senatus Congress, staffed a Legion booth at a large Catholic Youth Conference and organised a True Devotion to Mary study group as well as auxiliary visitation. Nashville Comitium formed 1 senior and 1 junior praesidium, which gives them 15 directly attached praesidia (includes 3 juniors) and 1 Curia in Memphis. They run 2 book barrows, visit the elderly and a prison. Juniors make Rosary beads and visit nursing homes.


Senatus of Toronto: In the Scarborough Comitium area a lot of extension projects have been completed. A Columban Drive was organised in Port Perry. 27 turned up to an information meeting. A similar drive at Orangeville had 45, arising from which, a praesidium resulted with 9 attendees. At a recent Congress the theme was ‘The Mystical Home of Nazareth’; good participation was reported. A praesidium did crowd contact, meeting a Muslim and a Born Again who accepted Miraculous Medals. Mississauga Comitium has praesidia doing book barrow work and crowd contact. They organise a lot of social activities for their juniors.

Montreal Senatus: The 4 directly attached praesidia reporting have a total of 34 active members. One legionary spearheads extension efforts. Exploratio Dominicalis was conducted at 4 Masses in 3 parishes in support of a newly formed praesidium. Visitation of a nursing home, the housebound, transporting people to Mass, circulating the Pilgrim statue, visiting funeral homes, assisting immigrants, and organising the weekly Stations of the Cross in Lent were some works mentioned. The parish council invited Sherbrook Curia to organise the “Hour of Grace” prayer event on the 8th Dec. They also presented blessed Miraculous Medals or a Crucifix to 30 children preparing for Confirmation. The Frank Duff canonisation prayer is available in French, English, Spanish and Arabic and they have recommended that each praesidium run a monthly Frank Duff prayer group.

Edmonton Comitium: A praesidium noted that a growing number of families welcome the Pilgrim statue and that often it is the children who lead the prayers. Mary Queen of Martyrs Curia noted that as a result of approaching 16 auxiliary members, 10 were recruited to active membership.

Vancouver Comitium: 13 praesidia and 2 Curiae were visited. One praesidium visited 29 homes with the Pilgrim statue. Two members greet parishioners and visitors, distributing the parish bulletin before and after weekend Masses. They use this time to promote the Legion of Mary and recruit new members. Every Friday they help in the showing of religious movies in Holy Rosary Cathedral basement. 85 visits were made to hospitals and nursing homes. Mother of Unity Curia lists two junior praesidia presenting their Annual Reports. Their works include acts of kindness that teaches them compassion and service to others. They promote the Legion to classmates and invite them to visit their praesidia, and encourage friends and relations to become auxiliaries.


Senatus of Santo Domingo: The Comitium Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe with 6 attached Curiae has 612 active members, 308 auxiliaries, 25 Praetorians, and 11 Adjutorians. They visit the sick at home, in hospitals and in clinics. 3,296 children were prepared for Baptism and 667 for First Communion. There were 4,124 prison visits and 105 to psychiatric hospitals. A praesidium with 13 members organised a camp for 75 children and plans to form a juvenile praesidium. They gave 9 pre-baptismal catechisis classes to god-parents.

Senatus of Santiago de los Caballeros: The Regia of La Vega orgainised 6 Retreats in different parts of the city. 93 children were baptised and 237 prepared for Confirmation. 6 couples were prepared for and received the Sacrament of Matrimony. In addition, 7 marriages came from their Patrician groups and the 7 pairs are now legionaries. The Comitium Inmaculado Corazón de Maria de Puerto Plata reported on hospital and prison visitation, 250 children baptised, 200 confirmed, 502 received First Holy Communion, and 12 adult Baptisms. 44 couples were prepared for marriage. A Protestant lady and her son were prepared for Baptism. The Comitium Reyna de las Virgenes prepared 9 couples for marriage, which was jointly celebrated; the couples are now joining the Legion.

Haiti Senatus:Many reporting praesidia and councils are long established with two Curiae having been set up in the 1950’s. There is much emphasis on extension/recruiting and 2 Senatus members recently carried out a 3 day training session in an attached Comitium. 35 people attended an information meeting on the Legion and two praesidia were set up. A praesidium which started juniors some years ago has helped to launch a senior praesidium. Among the works of another praesidium are first aid, visits to bereaved families, sick people at home and in hospital and accompanying the priest on sick calls. Contacts are made with people of many religions and none. One Curia reported preparing around 50 children and adults for First Holy Communion.

Trinidad and Tobago Regia: Our Lady Refuge of Sinners Curia, San Fernando has 7 praesidia attached with 75 active and 461 auxiliaries and 6 junior praesidia. Among works done are home and hospital visitation and teaching catechism. The Regia is recruiting-conscious, and 6 Catholics schools were visited with the hope of starting a praesidium. Mother of the Church Curia, with 8 senior and 2 junior praesidia, carries out home and hospital visitation. 15 lapsed Catholics were brought back to the faith, 15 adults received Baptism and 45 children made their First Holy Communion.


The hurricane caused great damage. They are finding it difficult coping with the disasters. The Virgen Islands has l Curia and 4 praesidia. Much prayer is needed.