Concilium Bulletin April 2017

Kenya Senatus: About 30 legionaries attend the prayers at Venerable Edel Quinn’s grave each month. 900 legionaries and students from 18 Secondary Schools in Nairobi attended a one-day Conference organised by the Senatus. A praesidium does home visitation, also officers two junior praesidia and has contact with 100 patients in a psychiatric hospital. Kisumu Regia visited 2,862 prisoners, contacted 28 street girls and 7 gave up the street-life. 147 babies were baptised, 566 returned to the Sacraments and 253 former legionaries returned to membership. Ecclesiastical approval was received to set up 2 new Comitia. A Comitium visited 13 lapsed praesidia and all are now active again.

Uganda Senatus: Over a four-month period reports were received from 2 praesidia, 1 Regia, 5 Comitia, 9 Curiae including some in Seminaries, Tertiary Institutions and schools. Works include visits to homes, hospitals, prisons, clinics, barracks, shops, and contacting people at satanic shrines. They also have an apostolate to street girls and homeless people, organise juniors and teach catechism to children. The Anniversary Mass for the Servant of God Frank Duff at Senatus level had over 1,000 present and as it was held towards the end of the Year of Mercy members entered by the Cathedral’s Holy Door. Much visitation of councils and praesidia and also extension is undertaken, resulting in many new praesidia and councils being set up. The Senatus audit has been carried out.

Maula Senatus: One Comitium is making efforts to set up a praesidium in a Refugee Camp. The Senatus is encouraging all its councils to pay special attention to junior praesidia and to encourage them in the apostolate. Dedza Regia had an attendance of 5,505 at its Acies ceremony. The Senatus organises workshops for attached councils. The correspondent has encouraged them to hold Congress’s at Curia level.
Blantyre Senatus: The Senatus regularly visits attached councils and encourages them to do likewise for their attached councils.

Abuja Senatus: Otukpo Regia reported 27 conversions and 68 new praesidia established.
Ibadan Senatus: Better attendance of council meetings is encouraged.
Enugu Senatus: One Comitium reported over 3,291 senior members, 867 of whom are probationers. Works resulted in 156 infant Baptisms, 4 non-Christians converted to Catholicism, 96 marriages blessed, and 44 lapsed returned to the Sacraments. One senior Curia and 5 praesidia were established. 7 of its former members were ordained to the priesthood. Lagos Regia: A praesidium reported meeting 571 Muslims and only 33 Catholics on home visitation. One Comitium held Novenas to mark Frank Duff’s birth and death and Tridium prayers for Venerable Edel Quinn and Servant of God, Alfie Lambe. Onitsha Regia: A Comitium with 20 senior Curiae and 15 praesidia has 2,640 senior members, an intermediate praesidium and 20 junior Curiae with 2,617 members attached. Many contacts were prepared for the various Sacraments, including 1,572 for First Holy Communion. Ikot Ekpene Regia: Reports from one Comitium included 67 prepared for Baptism, 4 returned to the Sacraments and a good number of people taking instruction in the faith. Three new Curiae were inaugurated; three senior and a junior praesidium were established and 2 weak praesidia revived. Jos Regia: One Curia reported having a junior Curia, and 13 senior praesidia attached; it has 40 Praetorians and 89 probationers. Works include home and hospital visitation, catechism instruction, caring for children at Mass, looking after junior praesidia, crowd contact, marriage counselling and family Rosaries.

Lusaka Regia: Changes have been made in the re-organisation of the Legion in Lusaka Archdiocese without consultation. This is being followed up by the Correspondent. The Regia is arranging to print 1,700 copies of the English-language Handbook and to translate it into several local languages. Recently the Regia Officers gave talks on the Legion to seminarians.

Dar-Es-Salaam Regia: Works include visits to homes, hospitals, centres for elderly people, orphans and teaching catechism, resulting in 58 Baptisms, 21 First Communions, 26 Confirmations, 15 marriages blessed, 2 lapsed returned and a priest was brought to 53 people. Youth work is greatly encouraged. A number of successful soul-searching projects have taken place and a follow up visit was made to Mafia Island where a PPC project took place earlier in 2016. Legion equipment and literature were supplied to the area. Good use is made of the Concilium Bulletin to get ideas about work. Mtwara Comitium: Works reported included visits to the sick and former legionaries, organising juniors and caring for children during Church services. Council and praesidia visitation and extension are undertaken. More Swahili Handbooks are needed in the region; The Regia is working on a reprint of these Handbooks. Hai Moshi Comitium: Works include home and hospital visitation, contact with drug and alcohol addicts, encouraging couples to marry in Church and preparing adults and children for the Sacraments. Particular attention is given to contact with youth and establishing junior praesidia.

SIERRA LEONE: 47 legionaries were present at the Acies. The Curia, Stella Maris, Freetown, like many other councils elsewhere agreed to have St. Raphael added to the Legion prayers.

Madrid Senatus: Visitors to a Church are contacted to recruit them as Legion members. Salamanca Comitium had 7 recruiting drives. They have 4 Curia attached one of whom has 7 praesidia, 20 Praetorians, 635 Auxiliaries, and 547 Adjutorian members. The families of recently Confirmed children are visited. The local Seminary was visited and two seminarians offered to help. They are in contact also with former legionaries, pray with them, and keep them up-to-date with Legion news. Cadiz Curia does home and Pilgrim statue visitation. They are planning to go on PPC to North Africa.
Barcelona Senatus: Some praesidia say their members are very old and this affects the type of work they do. Catechism classes for children are held before and after Holy Communion. The Filipino praesidium has 7 members, including 2 probationers. They are preparing a series of talks on the Rosary. There is a good Patrician group in Valencia.
Bilbao Senatus: Santander Curia has 57 members. They are very involved in parish affairs. They enquired if the day and time of the Senatus meetings could be changed as they are expected to attend parish functions. Burgos Curia has only 3 praesidia. Basauri Curia operates 4 book-barrows

Lisbon Senatus: Five new praesidia were set up and one revived. Help is given to weak praesidia. Benfica praesidium has 3 Praetorians among its 11 members. Parishioners are visited on the Anniversary of their Baptism and marriage. Cascais does Pilgrim statue visitation and also teaches the recitation of Lauds from the Divine Office. Two families were reconciled by legionaries. The Senatus plans a National Legion Pilgrimage in October to celebrate the Centenary of the Fatima Apparitions. The Senatus proposes to send a delegation to Dublin in 2021 for the Centenary of the Legion’s foundation. It will also hold a special Eucharistic celebration for the Portuguese legionaries.

Rome Senatus: This council has moved to its new Headquarters in the Vicariate of Rome. Following the visit of Senatus Officers to the Concilium in October the map of all the Dioceses in the Senatus area is being studied with a view to extension. The legionaries in Taranto are helping the Legion in Lezhe, Albania. Padua Comitium: One praesidium was advised to resume home visitation. A praesidium of 9 members, with 6 Praetorians, does excellent home visitation. Their work is greatly appreciated by their Parish Priest. One Curia visits each of its praesidia twice each year. Pilgrim statue visitation features in several reports. Comitium officers visited each attached Curia Reunion giving a report and showing slides of their visit to Dublin in October 2016. An African praesidium of 18 members visits mainly African nationals.
Milan Regia: A Comitium commended for visiting the elderly and sick was asked to commence home to home visits. The Regia is promoting the formation of Patrician groups in their attached councils. The Legion assisted during the visit of Pope Francis to Milan. A Comitium was advised to introduce a new work such as ‘Night fever.’ It was suggested that some elderly members become auxiliaries as their prayers would be valuable to the Legion.

Legionaries from the four praesidia in Cyprus attended the religious Profession of a former legionary, Rev. Sr. Maria Saida Millard, in St. Catherine’s Church, Limassol. Sr. Millard joined the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart four years ago. Nicosia legionaries visited Materia Senior Living Community at Christmas. They visited the patients in all the wards and concluded with a sing song. Mother of Perpetual Help praesidium, Nicosia, celebrated their 25th anniversary in October. Legionaries from all four praesidia shared in the celebration. The attendance included Papal Nuncio Lazarotto and the new Parish Priest and Spiritual Director, Fr. Andrew Verdote.

The Regia held an exhibition in the Legion House, Valetta, on 10th February, the Feast of St. Paul. Following street contact many tourists including Chinese, English, German, and Irish, visited the house and good contacts were made. A praesidium visits homes, shops and offices with a statue of Our Lady. They also visit auxiliaries and contact tourists. Another praesidium teaches catechism, visits families, and has a junior praesidium. Star of Evangelisation praesidium organised two Retreats for auxiliaries. Other praesidia reported a number of Moslems accepting the statue of Our Lady, an adult prepared for Confirmation, and several returns to the Sacraments. Mother and Teacher Curia reported 2 Baptisms and a number of people under instruction, including a person, in another country, through correspondence. Two Sicilians and a Hungarian were prepared for First Communion and Confirmation. Queen of Peace Curia had 2 Retreats for married people. Mother of the Maltese Nation Curia reported 10 Consecrations to the Sacred Heart and several returns to the Sacraments after some years’ absence. Extension and recruiting are on-going.

Istanbul: Three of the 4 praesidia report regularly. They visit the sick at home or in hospital. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is organised and the Rosary promoted on home visits with a statue of Our Lady. A Retreat was held.

The Spiritual Director confirmed to the Malta correspondent that the Legion is doing relatively well. Malta legionaries are to visit Albania from 18th to 29th May. Prayers are requested for the success of the visit.

The legionaries In Athens are elderly and are having difficulty in attendance and doing weekly work. In Thessaloniki a group of Albanians meet weekly to pray the Rosary.


DromoreComitium: Burren praesidium has 6 members and 60 auxiliaries. They visit the First Communion children in schools. The DVD on the Miraculous Medal is shown and 30 to 40 children recite the Rosary each Wednesday in a Grammar school. Their junior praesidium has 4 members. A recruiting drive was held in Newry Cathedral and 700 Miraculous Medals and 400 Legion leaflets were distributed.
Derry Comitium: The first meeting in their new premises was held in February. A reporting praesidium has 4 members and 35 auxiliaries. Works include home and Pilgrim statue visitation. The Comitium hosted a regional PPC Conference on Sunday 5th March. The main work of praesidia in Zion Curia is hospital, residential home and family home visitation. Legionaries also attend wakes and funerals and visit the bereaved.
Raphoe Comitium: Stranorlar praesidium has 8 members. They organised a Pilgrimage to Lough Derg on 7th May for the Year of Mercy. In the course of home visitation they explained what the Year of Mercy meant and how to gain the indulgence. They distribute 50 Maria Legionis quarterly. Falcarragh praesidium members visit the community hospital regularly. Miraculous Medals are distributed on home and nursing home visitation. During Lent they promoted the Divine Mercy and Confession. Raphoe praesidium has 4 members and their main work is instruction of children for First Holy Communion and Confirmation from mixed-marriage families and who are attending a non-Catholic school. Packs containing a Miraculous Medal and leaflets on the 3 Causes are given to the First Communion and Confirmation children.
South West Raphoe Curia hosted the annual PPC Conference in Donegal.

Leitrim Curia: Edgeworthstown praesidium, which restarted last year meet people from various countries and of various religious faiths on home visitation. The cause of Frank Duff is promoted at each house. The praesidium in Kiltoghert parish has 5 members and 32 auxiliaries. A public Rosary is recited weekly with 10 to 14 people taking part. A small number of houses are visited on a regular basis. Mohill praesidium has 9 members and 30 auxiliaries. Works include home visits to local Estates with the Pilgrim statue. Rosary beads are given to teachers for First Holy Communion children.
Clogher Curia: One praesidium gained a new member.
Kilmore Curia: Bailieboro praesidium has 6 members and 21 auxiliaries. The Rosary and Legion prayers are recited with when deaths occur in their area and families appreciate this gesture. The members also assist in other parish activities and at Pioneer Total Abstinence functions.
Clonmacnoise Curia: The works of the 3 praesidia attached include home visitation with the Pilgrim statue. Primary Schools in the area are visited before Confirmation. Contact is made with the Principal of the schools before they visit. The Miraculous Medal is given to each student who holds it in his/her hand while the legionaries explain it to them.
Drogheda Curia: (Archdiocese of Armagh) A reporting praesidium with 7 members has 39 auxiliaries. Their principle apostolic works are Pilgrim statue visitation, plus home and nursing home visitation. Fr. Joe Heffernan, O.P., their Spiritual Director, blessed 4 homes during the year. On Good Friday they prayed the Stations of the Cross in a nursing home with 25 residents taking part. Ardee praesidium with 9 members and 24 auxiliaries meets on Sunday evenings at 7.30 p.m. It is a very active praesidium and much involved in parish works. They recite Rosaries in many graveyards in November; they have a Patricians group and during State Examinations take part in prayer at the local Community School. The Curia had its prayer Vigil in Mel’s Cathedral for the New Year.
Dundalk Curia: A reporting praesidium has 5 members and 10 auxiliaries. Homes of elderly people are visited. During May and October they organised recitation of the Rosary each Monday at 7p.m. in the Church, concluding with the Frank Duff prayer, which is made available to everybody attending. They distribute Miraculous Medals to the school children at the annual school Mass. Another reporting praesidium has 10 members, 3 of whom are Praetorians and they have 89 auxiliaries. Works include visitation of homes and nursing homes and organising the rota for Eucharistic Adoration. For Catholic Schools Week they invited Antoinette Moynihan of “Children of the Eucharist” to give a presentation on the Blessed Eucharistic Adoration for the First Communion children. The Curia hosted a Catholic Youth Conference on 25th February with 20 to 30 young people attending. The programme included: talks and workshops on Confession, the Eucharist and Chastity. Priests were available for Confession. There were positive responses from those who attended.
Immaculata Curia: (Diocese of Down & Connor). The Curia has an extension committee and is happy to report interest among several priests in having the Legion started in their parishes. A Curia website is in the course of formation. The Curia operates a stall at the Five First Saturday devotions to promote the Fatima Centenary and a rota of members has been organised to ensure the stall is staffed at all times. Many useful recruiting efforts were made on this project.
Down Curia: In Kilmore praesidium family prayer is promoted and Fatima statue visitation is done. Reports of returns to the Sacraments and improvement in health issues have been attributed by many families to the power of prayer and the presence of Our Blessed Lady in the homes.
North and Mid Antrim Curia: Works of Cloughmills praesidium include home and Pilgrim statue visitation, and helping with the children’s liturgy. Junior Pioneer badges and certificates are given to the Confirmation children. The junior praesidium in Portsteward has 19 members and 2 seniors. They visit the sick and elderly at home and in nursing homes. In May they gave book markers to First Holy Communion and Confirmation class children. On the Feast of the Miraculous Medal they distributed medals and Rosaries to the entire school and gave a talk on the Miraculous Medal. At Christmas 2016 they sent a Mass Bouquet to Pope Francis and each legionary wrote a letter to him. He replied with photographs and an Apostolic Blessing to all.

Ancilla Domini: The Curia organised a weekend recruiting drive on 8/9 April in one parish. Two Patricians and 4 legionaries attended a Patrician meeting. At the Curia meeting there was a discussion on how to promote family prayer. The Pauline Circle had a paper on the “Existence of God”. 14 attended including 3 non-Catholics. The inner city project will take place from 29 May -2nd June.

Benedicta Curia: One praesidium visits St. James’s Hospital where many former legionaries are met. Miraculous Medals are distributed and the 3 causes are promoted. A DVD on the Miraculous Medal was shown to three groups of 3rd class students, 60 in all. All the children were given a Miraculous Medal and the school authorities were very pleased. The members also visit the Senior Citizens Complex.

Gloriosa Curia: The Curia is setting up a praesidium in one parish. The new praesidium in another area organised a successful Acies ceremony for the Curia.

Immaculata Curia: The Curia organised a very successful Congress with Holy Spirit Curia. 34 Patricians and 30 legionaries attended 9 Patrician meetings. The main work of a praesidium of 6 members is home visitation. 27 of their 36 auxiliary members take Maria Legionis. They organise a weekly public Rosary in May and October. A Faith and Fun meeting for children had an attendance of 18 children in one parish. Another praesidium does home visitation in its parish. They have 25 auxiliary members and 53 probationary auxiliaries. Among their contacts was a lady whose mother was dying; she said it was no coincidence that the legionaries called and accepted a Miraculous Medal. When promoting a Parish Mission, one lady said she wasn’t interested in attending as she had no belief, but when the legionaries explained the Miraculous Medal she accepted it and said she would go to the Mission.

Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia: A praesidium with 60 verified auxiliary members, in conjunction with the Parish Council helped to organise a parish outreach to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the parish. 20 parishioners and 49 legionaries from all over Dublin participated in the home visitation. Two members visited people of different faiths during Church Unity Octave Week, inviting them to pray for Christian Unity. The Curia is continuing to make efforts to set up a new praesidium.

Annunciata Curia: A lengthy discussion took place about reviving the junior movement and a number of schools and colleges in the area are to be approached. 43 Patricians and 13 legionaries attended 5 Patrician meetings. The Curia organised a monthly book barrow in one region. A reporting praesidium does home visitation in its area and distributes 35 copies of Maria Legionis.

Assumpta Curia: 41 Patricians and 11 legionaries attended 4 Patrician meetings. A praesidium of 8 members and 3 auxiliaries does street contact work in the City Centre area where the faith is discussed with many young people. The legionaries have revived the First Saturday outreach in the same area, which concludes with a public Rosary. During Advent and before Christmas a portable crib is brought onto a main street, which attracts many people, including children. A monthly DVD is shown on some religious topic which attracts between 12 and 20 people. A discussion on the theme follows. The praesidium visited 3 Primary Schools and gave Miraculous Medals and Rosary beads to the First Communion and Confirmation classes.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia: On Saturday 11th February a Mass and function was held in one Church where the shrine to Ven. Edel Quinn and Mother Mary Martin was officially blessed. Many legionaries did contact work on two Saturdays before Easter in another area, giving times of Confession and the Easter ceremonies. A Patrician meeting had an attendance of 33. A praesidium of 6 members with 42 auxiliaries and 6 Adjutorians does home visitation in one parish; the legionaries also visit a Centre for people with disabilities, and hold a weekly Frank Duff holy hour.

Our Lady of Fatima: A praesidium of 7 members and 18 auxiliary members working in one parish does home visitation and visits Newcastle Hospital where Venerable Edel Quinn was once a patient. Two members visit the unit for elderly patients each Wednesday and recite the Rosary. Two other members are part of a parish team and attend meetings for parents of children being prepared for First Communion and Confirmation. On average about 100 parents attend each meeting. They also organises a monthly Edel Quinn prayer meeting which focuses each month on a particular African country, praying for the needs of that country i.e. the plight of the kidnapped girls in Nigeria. At the request of the priest, 13 legionaries took part in home visitation in another parish on 4th March. The purpose of the visitation was to encourage families to attend Sunday Mass.


Boston Senatus: A monthly recruiting/extension report is taken and 1 new praesidium was started. A praesidium of 11 members visits the bereaved to pray Novenas and recite a monthly Rosary for the dead. A praesidium of 5 prayed the Rosary on Boston Common, making good contacts there and joined a Chinese praesidium to evangelise in Chinatown. 2 attached Curiae and a Comitium organised Confession in their apostolates.

Philadelphia Senatus: Allentown Curia reports a gain of 10 members and a new praesidium in Reading, PA. Mother of Mercy praesidium in downtown Philadelphia has a book barrow on the sidewalk outside their Church where they make contact with passers-by. On Ash Wednesday, they invited their contacts to receive ashes. Norristown Comitium, with Montgomery & Chester Counties attached, has a varied range of works, including visiting a prison, and a Residential State Hospital. Specialised praesidia operate a drop-in centre twice a week for homeless men. Mater Dolorosa Curia had an increase of 5 praesidia during the past year. The Seminary praesidium has 9 members. Works include operating a book barrow outside the Cathedral, teaching catechism in a local Catholic school, and an outreach to a Hospice. The annual Marian Day, they organised, had Fr. Mark Mary MFVA of EWTN fame, as main speaker.

Chicago Senatus: Mary, Woman of Revelation Curia, Joliet, IL, has 22 praesidia. They did crowd contact in three cities, distributing over 1,000 pieces of literature and Rosaries. Morning Star Curia, Joliet, IL, with 11 praesidia, knocked on 306 doors in their parish, making useful contacts. The Chicago Korean Comitium made 52 contacts at two marts. There were 155 at their Annual Reunion. Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal praesidium, St. Aloysius Parish, does prison ministry; conducting Rosary and Bible study. They distribute Miraculous Medals at the Gay Pride Parade each year. A new praesidium in N. Judson, IN, arranges Enthronements of the Sacred Heart in homes. They assisted a couple to have their marriage blessed in Church and in one Baptism and two Confirmations. They plan to start a second praesidium.

St. Louis Senatus: Legionaries organised a public Rosary in Francis Park, contacting the youth. They have a Day for Edel Quinn and a Day for Frank Duff in their parish. Home to home visits are in all reports. Rosary and Eucharistic Adoration and auxiliary membership are promoted, also visits are made to the housebound, hospitals and nursing homes, distributing Miraculous Medals and Legion literature.192 homes visited, resulted in getting 1 new member and 31 auxiliaries. They promote the 3 causes.

New York Senatus: Newark Korean Comitium aimed at 100% attendance at praesidium meetings and many praesidia achieved this. 544 active and auxiliary members attended an outdoor function organised by the Comitium representing 9 Curiae. 616 attended the Acies Ceremony. Seven parishes held Retreats organised by the Legion. Many praesidia do crowd contact before and after Mass. Rochester Comitium has an extension committee and recently established a new praesidium in St. Jerome’s Church. They now have 11 praesidia attached to the Comitium; five members serve in more than one praesidium to help their progress. A presentation on the Holy Shroud of Turin was held on 2nd March at St. Patricks Cathedral and facts about the shroud were circulated by the Cathedral praesidium.

Arlington Regia organised a Blessed Virgin Mary Birthday Mass and a Spiritual Directors appreciation picnic. 38 Inmates attended a 4 day Retreat in a women’s prison. The former president became a Permanent Deacon in January. All councils host regular Congresses.

Houston Senatus: A praesidium in Tyler Texas recruited 14 new members at a recruiting drive. A new Curia (Northwest Houston) was ratified and held their first meeting on January 24th with 8 praesidia attached. This also includes a new praesidium. Many praesidia have arranged Masses, processions and other functions to celebrate the Centenary of Fatima. Albuquerque Comitium Spiritual Director visits all attached praesidia. Fort Worth Korean Curia lists a lot of works for the 4 attached praesidia.

Los Angeles Senatus: 8 praesidia did Exploratio Dominicalis. The Tijuana Curia gained 3 praesidia. They host a monthly public Rosary in front of the Cathedral. One praesidium led Holy Doors Pilgrimages across all 5 pastoral regions and one praesidium held their Annual Auxiliary Breakfast function with a Consecration to Our blessed Lady in the parish hall.

Cincinnati Senatus: Dayton Curia is continuing extension efforts.

Miami Regia: Their apostolate is taking many forms: home, hospital, nursing home, hospital and prison visitation, Pilgrim statue, and Eucharistic ministry. Street evangelisation is also done. The Haitian Curia with 20 praesidia has 20 junior praesidia attached.
San Francisco Senatus: “No One Dies Alone” Apostolate (NADA) at a hospital and 3 monthly crowd contact events were among apostolic highlights. In Oakland junior members do door to door and Pilgrim statue visitation with seniors and 4 new recruits were gained in a Columban drive.

The Senatus of Toronto: Workshops were organised by Fr. Moncada, the Senatus Spiritual Director, to train members how to recite the Legion breviary, 68 attended in Scarborough and a large number in N. Toronto Curia. Mississauga Comitium added two new praesidia to their 27 praesidia. Reported are book barrows and crowd contacts, as well as a Rosary programmes in schools. A lady in a long-term facility, through reciting the Rosary with legionaries, became a Catholic. An Evangelical lady also, through the recital of the Rosary, joined the Catholic Church. Peterborough Curia report to their Bishop Crosby was highlighted and praised in his Diocesan newsletter.

Montreal Senatus started up 3 praesidia; one in a nursing home and two in parishes after legionaries spoke at Masses. An English-speaking Curia started a new praesidium and had an apostolate to mariners with Mass for them at Christmas. The Korean Curia engages in a lot of RCIA work.
Edmonton Comitium has 10 attached praesidia and 4 Curiae. Extension efforts to 4 parishes resulted in a new praesidium. A praesidium with 9 active members and 60 auxiliaries took Pilgrim statues to 100 homes and 2 host families reported miraculous recoveries for members with severe limb injuries.
Vancouver Comitium: The Immaculate Conception praesidium has 11 Active and 50 auxiliaries. Among other works they promote Enthronement to the Sacred Heart in homes. Our Lady of Hungary praesidium has 4 active and 66 auxiliary members, including 7 recruited during the past year. Regina Mundi Curia report highlights the 1st Annual Report of Our Lady of Grace praesidium: Their works include 2 members who visit a Female Correctional Centre for prayer sessions weekly. They also visit inmates in the Maximum Security area. Mass is held monthly in the prison with 15-20 attending. Mary Queen of the World praesidium, has 12 members. Six Pilgrim statues are in circulation. 150 families were visited with many reporting favours.

Port au Prince Senatus: Extension /recruiting efforts continue and one council reported two praesidia started with 47 members, while another Curia has 26 probationers. Some activities were disrupted by Cyclone Matthew and reports mention problems with communication. Good attention is given to juniors and one Curia reported having a junior Curia with 160 members. A meeting is being planned for officers of junior Curiae. Organising a junior praesidium is among the works of a praesidium of 17 members, who meet on Sundays after 7 a.m. Mass, and other works include home visitation, visits to sick people at home and in hospital, also visits to families in mourning.

Puerto Rico Senatus has 9 directly attached praesidia. In Santurce a praesidium gained 4 new members. The Comitium in Arecibo had 60 at a Congress. They have 32 Praetorians, and 22 Adjutorians. One junior praesidium is attached. Works include helping with documentation, transport, preparation of meals in homes, and helping in juniors’ formation. The Comitium of Bayamon reported that Columban Drives resulted in l7 active and 24 auxiliaries recruited in one year. A Curia doing much home visitation helps sick people with cooking and set up 2 praesidia. The Comitium in Juana Diaz brought l3 people back to Church, and l05 back to the Sacraments. They have one junior Curia attached.

Senatus of Santo Domingo: Most reports mention visitation of homes and the sick, catechesis, and preparation of children and adults for the Sacraments. Prison and psychiatric hospital visitation is reported. La Anunciación praesidium helped couples who wished to marry to resolve problems with their documentation. Praesidium Maria Auxilio de los Cristianos brought 75 children on a camping holiday. Comitium Santa Maria Madre de Dios has 1,300 members, 911 auxiliaries, 200 Praetorians, and 200 Adjutorians. Two couples whose marriages were regularised became legionaries. Estrella de la Mañana praesidium directs the liturgy of the Word when there is no priest available. Comitium La Natividad, La Romana, visit a drug rehabilitation centre. As part of their treatment the young addicts are invited to attend Mass and 4 have returned to the Sacraments. They also had two returns to the Sacraments after a lapse of 40 years. Inmaculado Corazon de Maria Curia, San Pedro de Macoris visit the homes of the lapsed. 5 families have returned to the Sacraments. They formed a new praesidium of 10 members. One praesidium visits the prison while another visits lepers. A Curia organises the Mass in a commercial centre.
Senatus of Santiago de los Caballeros: Works are mainly visitation of homes, hospitals and prisons, catechesis of children and adults, and bringing Holy Communion to the sick in their homes. Comitium Sagrado Corazón de Maria; Moca reported that two feuding families were reconciled by legionaries. Regia de La Vega: 3 couples planning to divorce were reconciled. 3 adults aged between 50 to 70 years were prepared and received the Sacraments and 20 couples were prepared and received the Sacrament of Matrimony; also 50 adults received Baptism. A priest was brought to a young evangelical who asked for Confession on his deathbed. Comitium Sagrado Corazón de Maria reported that a couple who had received none of the Sacraments, were prepared for, and received the Sacraments of Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation and Matrimony and are now attending Church. Comitium Reina de las Vírgenes has an apostolate to youth with the view to forming praesidia and a junior Curia.