Child Safegarding


Notification was received from the Dublin Diocese that the fee per form is to be increased from €10 to €15. This will come into effect, for the Legion, from the 1st January 2020.

A revision of the Legion of Mary Child Safeguarding Policy will commence shortly. A recommendation will be made whether to include Vulnerable Adults in the Policy or to have a separate one – as is the case for the Dublin Diocese and which is available on the website of the Archdiocese.

A change has taken place over the summer period in how Garda Vetting forms are transferred to the Archdiocese for processing. However this has been implemented recently by the Legion. So far it shows that forms are being processed more quickly. For those who are waiting for word back in order to fill in their on-line forms please ensure that you check not only the email address provided but also Junk Mail as it seems a number of forms are finding their way into it.

Thank you to all for your co-operation.


All Legion councils and praesidia are advised that where there is a policy by either Church or State or both in respect of Children and Vulnerable Adults, members of the Legion of Mary must be in compliance with and adhere to the Policy in their country/diocese and have it implemented for all members.

The Concilium is currently updating its Policy for the Legion of Mary for Children and Vulnerable Adults in Ireland and it should be available early in the New Year. Some or all of it may be of assistance to legionaries in other countries.