Centenary Year 12 Week Handbook Study

To mark the Centenary Year of the founding of the Legion of Mary, we would like to invite all legionaries to take part in a special study of the Legion Handbook.

We hope that such a study would be very rewarding and fruitful for legionaries and surely bring a renewal of spirit in Legion membership.

In fact, Chapter 33 (10) of the Legion Handbook outlines positive results from such study as increased efficiency, growing interest, quality and quantity of legionaries!

The Handbook also has a ‘catechism value’, affording a simple presentation of the Catholic Faith.

With this in mind, we are proposing in this year a systematic 12-week study of the Legion Handbook along the lines of the study guide- attached below.

Legionaries are invited to read and reflect on a chapter each week, and to discuss the questions outlined with one or more legionaries either by telephone, in person or via online study group.

Members may also invite non-legionaries to take part if they wish. We encourage all taking part to record their reflections in a little notebook or ‘Personal Legion Centenary Journal’.

We intend to begin on the week of 14th February 2021.