Centenary of the Legion of Mary - 2021

The Legion of Mary will celebrate 100 years in 2021. It will be a time of joy, of celebration and of thanksgiving.

Re: Centenary planning

The Centenary Logo will appear from March on the website, headed paper, Maria Legionis etc.

A regular update to inform those planning to come to Dublin will be provided on the website.

Booking system for events:
A firm that takes bookings will be used in organising events during the Centenary year. As we are not making a charge into these events there is no fee involved. By using this system it will help us to plan in advance for such things as tours of Glasnevin Cemetery, Myra House, Frank Duff House, the opening and closing Masses. This will not affect people who turn up on the day.

A visitors’ booklet is being prepared to be given to all visitors with useful information.

For the tour of Glasnevin Cemetery graves of Legion interest – about 10 in all – these graves will be identified and a short biographical note will be supplied for each.

Competition for students
Art, sculpture, debating, poetry, essay etc. will be tried out in 2 schools in the February/March 2020 term and will be open to all students from September 2020.

Myra House:
The Concilium and Curia will work together to ensure a good visitor experience – some works may need to be carried out during 2020.

Irish Legion councils are being exhorted to start planning events throughout Ireland.

The Concilium correspondents are being asked to take a special interest in this and follow up regularly with their respective councils.

Dublin Archdiocese:

The main celebrations will centre round the anniversary date of the 1st meeting in September 1921.

3rd September 2021: Vigil of Thanksgiving and Opening Mass, followed by light refreshments in Myra House, 100 Francis Street.
During the week it will be possible to visit places associated with the Legion of Mary during the day time and with impromptu musical evenings.
11th September: To facilitate visiting legionaries the Concilium meeting will be held on the 2nd Saturday (instead of the usual 3rd Sunday of the month).
12th September: Closing Mass of Thanksgiving will be celebrated.

Archdiocese of Armagh, Cashel & Emly and Tuam:

It is suggested that a Mass of Thanksgiving be arranged in the Cathedral of these Archdioceses with the respective Archbishops (if available) being invited to be Chief Celebrant. A Social and light refreshments served afterwards would mark the occasion. Active, Auxiliary, Adjutorian, former members and the general public would be invited to attend.

This should not deter each Dioceses (with the Bishop in attendance, where possible) organising a Mass in its own Diocese during 2021. Members (past and present) as well as the general public would be invited to join in the celebrations.

All parts of the world:

The model set out above is suggested for every Archdiocese and Diocese of the world.

All celebrations should be modest. It would not be in keeping with the Legion spirit to put a burden (financial or travel) on legionaries so no charge should be made and the venue should be easily accessible to all.

The celebration of Mass would be the highlight and centrepiece. Light refreshments, the musical and other talents to be shared afterwards.

It would not be in keeping with the Legion spirit either to make use of uniforms or specially made up t-shirts, dresses etc. The member of the Legion of Mary is a leaven in society not someone publicly marked out as a legionary.

Legacy left to the Legion

It would be desirable and important to remind ourselves of the legacy left to us by those legionaries who established the Legion where we are, the officers and members who served, most if not all now deceased.

We should also call to mind the persons who have crossed our paths in the course of our Legion apostolic works. So too should we remember with gratitude the many Bishops, Priests and Religious who have supported the Legion down through the years.

An opportunity to offer the Legion to newcomers

All of us would agree our membership has taught us much, enabled us to gain many extra graces.

The Centenary should present us with opportunities to extend that offer to many more people whose lives could be greatly enriched including primary, secondary and third level students.

Great thanks

Above all, we mark the celebrations by thanking God and Our Blessed Lady for the millions of graces they have showered upon us – members and contacts alike – since the foundation of the Legion of Mary.

Before and after

Be sure to let the Concilium know what your plans are and afterwards to send us a short report and photographs of the celebrations from your place.


Update: March 2020

All Dublin City and County Libraries have accepted and were given a complimentary copy of “Miracles on Tap” by Frank Duff.

All Frank Duff books are being re-printed.

For those intending to travel to Dublin during the Centenary Year – a visitors booklet will be available and the Legion website will be regularly updated.

An Art and Creative Writing competition for Primary and Secondary schools is being piloted in 20 schools this year and will be rolled out to more schools for 2021.

A musical composition is underway by a well-known Irish musician/composer. This will form part of a Centenary Concert which will take place in summer 2021.

Irish Council officers will gather in Concilium on 6th June 2020 to set out their Centenary plans as well as an action plan for Recruiting and Extension of the Legion throughout Ireland.

A media firm is being engaged to take short testimonies from legionaries of all age groups to include on social media and linked to the Legion. Video clips highlighting Legion events from the decades will also be made.

One Dublin Curia, Gloriosa, have undertaken to make a Centenary Garden and hope to involved local residents in its preparation.

All Legion Councils throughout the world are invited to let the Concilium know their plans at local level so that every legionary can attend events local to them so as to incur little, if any cost. Photographs and video clips of these events can be sent to Concilium as they happen.