Cause of Frank Duff: update September 2019

Historical Commission

Three of the full time readers started their assignments of reading the Frank Duff letters for the Historical Commission at the beginning of July. A fourth will start her three months in September. This will quickly help to conclude the reading of the letters.

More than 15,000 letters have been read to date.

Those who have completed the letters assigned to them will be invited to attend a 20-minute session per person to attest they read the letters assigned to them.

The date for this is afternoon 19th and all day 20th November 2019 – notification will be sent shortly to those concerned.

Anyone who still has letters is earnestly asked to complete these by mid-November at the latest please and return them to Evie Monaghan.

We wish to express gratitude to all who undertook the reading of the 15,000 letters.

Frank Duff house – update:
Two legionaries from Veneranda Curia have completed a detailed catalogue of the books in Frank Duff house which belonged to him and his family. Some very delicate books needed extra care so custom-made boxes were obtained for that purpose. Concilium is grateful to those two legionaries.

Prayer leaflet to promote the Cause of Frank Duff: We wish to thank the Togo and Madrid legionaries for translating this leaflet into French and Spanish respectively. Our hope is that this leaflet will be translated into all the European languages and into all languages and dialects throughout the world. This would generate a greater number of prayer groups being established and, God willing, more favours (hopefully even miracles) being obtained through his intercession.

We ask Concilium Correspondents to focus on this in their monthly letters.