Conference: A New World of Mary - November 2020

Victory Through Mary

The fourth Zoom conference in the series ‘A New World of Mary’ will be held on Sunday November 8th 2020 at 19:00 GMT.

The title of this month’s conference is ‘Victory Through Mary’

In the Old Testament, the figure of Esther is seen by the Church as foreshadowing the figure of Mary. It was Esther who won mercy for her people from King Assuerus by her beauty, gentleness and prayers and Mary has all of these qualities and more.

Yet, the Church has also seen Our Lady prefigured in Judith. Like Mary and like Esther, Judith was exceedingly beautiful and devout. She was also a warrior who saved her people from massacre by beheading the evil and tyrannical general Holofernes. When we think of Mary, perhaps the figure of Judith does not immediately come to mind even though, in our daily recitation of the Catena we are reminded that Mary is ‘terrible as an army set in battle array.’

Mary has been invoked in many battles throughout Christianity, from Constantinople in 718 to Lepanto in 1571, to name just two. On a smaller scale she has been the victor in many personal battles such as the conversion of St. Augustine. On an even smaller scale, we are all familiar with the constant war she wages on behalf of our own souls and the souls of those near to us. She does not work alone but with an army of helpers both heavenly and earthly. As Fr. Basil Cole O.P. said in last month’s Mary Conference she is Queen of the Angels - she commands them and they wait on her. She is greeted as ‘Full of Grace’ by Archangel Gabriel and yet she continues to grow in Grace. Her Victory over Satan, first mentioned in Genesis 3:15 has been revealing itself in the history of mankind for two thousand years.

Guest speakers at the next Mary conference include Maria Steen and Br. Benedict McGlinchey. There will be prayer and music as well as testimonies and some quiet time for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

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Meeting Password: 709252

Sunday November 8th 2020 at 19:00 GMT