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The Vexilum which is the logo of the Legion of Mary
Quote of the Day
Frank Duff maintained that the Legion proposes a way of life more than just the doing of a particular work. It gives a formation that is meant to influence every department of life and every hour of that life.

The legionary who is only a legionary for the duration of the meeting and the work assigned to him is not living the spirit of the Legion. They must bring their Legion formation into their daily lives whether it be in the world of politics, finance, art, culture, trade unions, factory, business, teaching or nursing or whatever their particular way of life: The Legion's purpose is to help its members and all those in contact with them to live out their Christian vocation to the full.

That vocation has its source in Baptism. By Baptism one is made another Christ or as St. Augustine puts it: 'We have not only become other Christs but Christ himself.'
Fr. Bede McGregor, O.P., Concilium Spiritual Director