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Visit to Brazil
March 2017


Bro. Paddy Fay and Bro. Tadgh McMahon, Sr. Maria Isabel and her husband Bro. Manuel Cacao visited Brazil on behalf of Concilium. Included during the visit was attending the Senatus meeting in Sao Paulo and visiting 8 higher council meetings, journeying several thousand miles from north to south, meeting with officers of attached councils, correspondents, youth Legion representatives and attending several praesidium meetings.
One of the features of the visit was the great interest in Frank Duff. At the Senatus meeting of officers in the Frank Duff House of Formation in Mogi das Cruzes, following the showing of a DVD, Bro. Fay and Bro. McMahon spoke on some of their memories of Frank Duff. This happened also at Sao Paulo Senatus and praesidium meetings. Before leaving Mogi das Cruzes they had the privilege of attending the Dedication of Our Lady of Graces Church in the House of Formation. They also paid a visit to the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora Aparacida, who is Patroness of Brazil.
Special thanks are due to all who looked after the four visitors on their visit, especially the Secretary of the Senatus, Lucinda Fonseca and her husband Antonio, who accommodated them in their home, and the Senatus President, Nelson de Moraes and his wife Angelina who were most helpful.
Sr. Maria Isabel and Bro. Manuel Cacao, Portuguese Concilium Correspondents, were thanked for their wholehearted and enthusiastic participation in the visit. They said they found the visit very beneficial.

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Quote of the Day
Now I wish to speak briefly of the most fundamental of all models Frank Duff uses for explaining the nature of the apostolate: it is the union of the Holy Spirit and Mary that gives Jesus, the eternal Word made flesh to the world. We have already said that there is nothing in Mary that is not a reference to Christ.

She is totally Christocentric and if our devotion to her were to terminate in her it would not be a true devotion. We go through and with Mary to Jesus. There is a similar movement in Mary to the Holy Spirit. She is totally open to the Holy Spirit, completely under his influence. He is the primary agent in her mothering of Jesus and His mystical Body. He is the primary agent in all evangelisation. And the position of the Holy Spirit in relation to Mary is the principal paradigm for the Legion of Mary.

The Legionary makes his promise to the Holy Spirit. Everything in the Legion is subject to his influence and overshadowing. It is because the spirit of the Legion is the spirit of Mary that the Holy Spirit has the absolute primacy in the life of the legionary. And it is the combination of Mary and the Holy Spirit that makes the apostolic person most adapted to bringing Jesus into the lives of others.
Rev. Fr. Bede McGregor, O.P., Concilium Spiritual Director