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The Philippines
January 2010
New Regia for Northern Philippines

The Concilium approved, subject to ecclesiastical permission, the raising of Lipa Comitium to Regia. The territory of the Regia to cover the Archdiocese of Lipa, its 3 suffragen dioceses, 2 Apostolic Vicariates and 1 Prelature and to affiliate it to Manila Senatus. The new Regia to comprise 21 Praesidia, 1 junior and 6 senior Curiae and 3 Comitia.

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Mary is still today with our Church as it is charged to witness to Jesus in a culture where the presence of God is constantly being pushed back into the corners of public life and also into a position of less relevance in the lives and the hearts of many individuals. She accompanies the apostles of today in the New Evangelisation.

As at Pentecost she is there with us encouraging us to be present in our secularised culture, witnessing through the integrity of our lives to the love of Jesus through works of service and of evangelisation.

She sustains us to be present in that world untouched by worldliness.
Most Reverend Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin