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Queen of Apostles Comitium raised to Regia Status in Osasco, Brazil - January 2017
February 2017


A proposal was put forward to elevate the Comitium, ‘Queen of Apostles’ to Regia status to govern the Legion in the Diocese of Osasco, which has at present six Comitia, 21 Curiae and 64 praesidia, and be affiliated to the Senatus of Sao Paulo. The Bishop of Osasco, Dom Frei Bosco Barbosa de Souza, OFM has given his approval. The Comitium has three Curiae, and 15 praesidia, including two junior praesidia directly affiliated to the Diocese of Osasco, which is part of Greater Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Diocese is composed of 85 parishes, 594 Communities and 6 Pastoral areas.
The submission was proposed and seconded and the Concilium body gave its agreement.


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Quote of the Day
Mary teaches us that love has an order to it. Contemplating Mary, Star of the New Evangelisation, is perhaps a gentle invitation to us to live out the various aspects of life in a harmonious way, recognising that what matters is to do the will of God who loves us immensely. And so we can find time for prayer, exercise, looking after our health, attending to correspondence, engaging in continuing formation.

All of these aspects can be opportunities to express our love for God and neighbour. Focussing on doing the will of God provides a unifying thread to our day because we see things in terms of the will of God not as something we have to do or to which we have to resign ourselves, but as a divine adventure of being able to love God and moment by moment co-create and co-redeem the world with him, in the little and the big things. It's not the what we do but how we do it that matters.
Fr. Brendan Leahy, Professor of Dogmatic Theology