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Proposal to Raise the Regia of Paris to Senatus Status
April 2016


A proposal to raise the Paris Regia to Senatus status was passed by Concilium.
Following permission to explore the possibility of raising Paris Regia to Senatus the other Legion councils in France were consulted and all replied with a positive response. Paris Regia itself sees this as a great privilege and are at the service of the Concilium in this regard.

The Paris Regia currently comprises 25 directly affiliated praesidia, across the Archdiocese of Paris and the Dioceses of St. Denis, Nanterre, Creteil, Evry, Pontoise, Versaille, Reims and Renne. It also has 3 Curiae: one of 2 praesidia in the Bayeux Liseaux Diocese, one Curia of 8 praesidia in the Sens-Auxerre and Troyes Dioceses and the Vietnamese Curia of 9 praesidia. The Paris Regia has also been caretaking 2 Comitia in the Caribbean – Martinique Comitium with 5 Curiae and Guadeloupe Comitium with 4 Curiae.

To be affiliated to the new Senatus would be: The Regia of Valance with 1 junior and 11 senior praesidia, a Curia each in Montleimar and Nice; Aire et Dax Regia, which consists of 8 praesidia, and 2 Curiae (in Bordeaux and Lourdes), and Strasbourg Comitium, which has 13 praesidia in Strasbourg and one in Dijon and they also care-take the praesidium in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Added to this would be the Legion of Mary in Réunion currently affiliated to the Concilium, which council also looks after Madagascar and Paris also suggest that they take on care of the Legion in French Guyana and Corsica – as all of these are Departments of France. Relevant permissions to be sought as well as ecclesiastical sanction.


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