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Election of Vice President of Concilium
August 2017


An election took place for Vice President of Concilium. Nominations were taken and Sile Ni Chochlain was proposed and seconded for this office. As there were no other nominations, Sile Ni Chochlain was declared elected for a three-year term

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Quote of the Day
The next impression I had of him was of being a man of deep prayer. However interested he was in a human being he was even more deeply interested in the Lord himself. In the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, and especially during the celebration of the Eucharist everything else was excluded for the duration.

An abiding memory I have is of him kneeling on the right hand side of the oratory in the Regina Coeli Hostel, completely absorbed.
Síle Ní Chochláin, Vice President, Concilium Legionis Mariae