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Visit to Chile and Argentina
January 2015


Connie Garcia and Noel Lynch, accompanied by Noelia Garcia, president of Buenos Aires Senatus recently undertook a three-week visit to Chile and Argentina for the purpose of visiting the various councils and attending a Congress. In Chile 295 officers from all the councils attached to the Senatus attended this three-day Congress, which proved a great opportunity to exchange experiences with the legionaries who were very interested to hear about new works done elsewhere. An example of this the apostolate in southern Chile, where native Indians are prominent in the Legion.
The Legion is growing in Chile. Since the last census about 1,000 new praesidia have been set up. There is a great respect for the Senatus and correspondence with the distant councils is very good.

After a week with the legionaries of Chile, Connie, Noelia and Noel flew over the snow-capped Andes to start a two-week visit to the legionaries of the 5 councils affiliated to Concilium in Argentina. They spent 2 to 3 days with each council, travelling by night on the buses and covering approximately 5,000 kilometres. Starting in Buenos Aires, the Senatus officers arranged an interview with the Archbishop and Primate of Argentina, Cardinal Poli. His Eminence was very interested in Connie’s report of her Legion experience in Ireland and her praesidium the University of Bogota He asked for statistics on the Legion in the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires and said he would be very pleased to attend the ceremony marking the closure of the Alfie Lambe Cause, after which all documents will be sent to Rome.

During a visit to Corrientes, the trio attended a general Regia meeting surrounded by legionaries asking questions and exchanging experiences. They also did street-contact with local legionaries. Next they visited Salta Senatus before going on to Cordobo Senatus and Rosario Regia where the Spiritual Director and all the officers are young adults. The final council visit was to Buenos Aires Senatus, perhaps geographically, the largest Senatus in the world, stretching to Antarctica in the South Pole. At the end of the visit to the councils they had a meeting with Isabel Fernandez and Guadalupe Morad, historians for the Cause of Alfie Lambe, both stressing the need to show that there was a real interest in the Cause. A meeting also took place with Irene Sauer, who over many years has done a lot of work on the Cause


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Allocutio at January 2015 Concilium Meeting by Fr. Bede McGregor OP
January 2015


One of the great channels of grace for the Legion has always been its deep love of the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ. And one of the ways we show that love is our fidelity to the teaching authority and guidance of the Church. Another way is our openness to the graces the Church offers us through the celebration of special years. This year we are invited to celebrate the year of Consecrated Life. At the heart of this special invitation of Pope Francis is the conviction that an authentic renewal of the Consecrated Life in all its forms would be an immeasurable blessing for the whole Church. So I would like to share with you some thoughts from Pope Francis and the Handbook as an encouragement to think and pray about the consecrated life in all its forms in the Church and consider how it relates to the Legion.

An obvious way in which religious priests, sisters and brothers and other consecrated persons relate to the Legion is that they often act as Spiritual Directors of praesidia and higher councils of the Legion. We all know from experience how important the Spiritual Director is in the Legion system. The Handbook puts it as follows: ‘As the Legion judges its success entirely according to the spiritual qualities developed in its members and brought to bear by them on the work, it follows that the Spiritual Director on whom the duty primarily falls of inspiring the members with those qualities, is the very mainspring of the praesidium.’ So I suggest that this year we would pray in a special way for our Spiritual Directors, thank God for the ones we have and ask Our Lord and His Mother to give us many more at a time when some praesidia in some parts of the world find it very difficult to get a Spiritual Director.

Another beautiful sign of the intimate relationship between the Legion and the ordained priesthood and the religious life is the magnificent contribution that the Legion makes to consecrated life throughout the universal Church. Legion spirituality not only forms an extraordinary number of men and women, young and old, from all walks of life as lay apostles with an authentic inner life, but it has also proven to be a marvellous breeding ground for vocations to the priesthood and religious life in all its forms throughout the Catholic world. So, I am convinced that religious owe an immense gratitude to the Legion and should have a special predilection for legionaries and their many faceted apostolates. This leads me on to a most profound relationship between religious and the Legion. Priests and religious can be genuine members of the Legion and far from complicating their religious or priestly vocations; this membership will enrich both their vocations and also that of the Legion. The Handbook speaks a great deal about Auxiliary and Adjutorian membership of the Legion. For instance we read as follows: ‘This membership is open to priests, religious and the laity. It consists of those who are unable or unwilling to assume the duties of active membership, but who associate themselves with the Legion by undertaking a service of prayer in its name.’

Of course, the Legion is primarily an association of lay apostles, but it most definitely desires to have priests and religious as Auxiliaries and Adjutorian members. Also priests and religious who are Spiritual Directors at any level of the Legion structures are by that fact also active members and indeed officers in the Legion and therefore should at least be invited to become Praetorian members. Their membership will be a great source of grace for themselves and the Legion.

So, I make this suggestion as a way of Legion participation in the Year of Consecrated Life that every praesidium in the world wide Legion would make a special effort to recruit priests and religious brothers and sisters to some form of Legion membership. And why not recruit Bishops as well. The Legion is present in the vast majority of Dioceses in the world and why not offer their Bishops one of the best things we have to give them, which is Legion membership. Besides a significant number of them were probably legionaries at some stage in their lives. Also, timidity should have no place in the Legion apostolate!

But this recruitment drive among priests, religious and Bishops would obviously require that we restudy what the Handbook has to say on the subject. I found two brief paragraphs particularly helpful in explaining the spirit and practice of this kind of membership of the Legion. They are as follows: ‘This service need not be offered directly on behalf of the Legion. It will suffice to offer it to Our Lady. Therefore it is conceivable that the Legion might receive nothing from it, nor does the Legion desire to receive anything which might do more good elsewhere. But as this service is a legionary one, it is probable that it will incline the Queen of the Legion to have regard for the need of the Legion.

However, it is strongly recommended that this and all other legionary service will be offered to Our Lady as an unreserved gift to be administered according to her intentions. This would lift it to a higher level of generosity and thus greatly enhance its worth. This purpose would be kept in view by saying daily some formula of offering such as the following: ‘Mary Immaculate, Mediatrix of all Graces, I place at your disposal such portion of my prayers, works and sufferings as is permitted to me.’

When the letters of Frank Duff are eventually published, you will find that a substantial number of them are addressed to priests and religious from many different orders and congregations and his gift of friendship with them is truly remarkable. He saw that the Legion had much to receive from them and much to give them. His relationship with the Cistercian monks in Melleray is only just one good example. He especially admired members of Missionary Orders and Societies and was always grateful to them for the way they played a major part in enabling the Legion to exercise its many apostolates to the ends of the world. May this relationship be renewed and deepened in this year of Consecrated Life throughout the Legion world.

Let me quote one passage by way of conclusion that Pope Francis takes from Pope Benedict and which I think has great relevance for everything the Legion seeks to be and do. It goes as follows: ‘It is not by proselytizing that the Church grows, but by attraction. The consecrated life will not flourish as the result of brilliant vocation programs, but because the young people we meet find us attractive, because they see us as men and women who are happy! Similarly, the apostolic effectiveness of consecrated life does not depend on efficiency of its methods. It depends on the eloquence of your lives, lives which radiate the joy and beauty of living the Gospel and following Christ to the full.’ In other words the Legion too will only successfully recruit new members by radiating a spirit of joy, the joy that comes from belonging in a radical way to Mary, the cause of our joy. Amen.


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Concilium Bulletin January 2015
January 2015


Abidjan Senatus: Five praesidia, one Curia and six Comitia made their Annual Reports to the Senatus during this period. These groups have a total membership of 6,214 Active, of whom 563 are Praetorian, 1630 probationers and 1,053 auxiliaries, of whom 198 are Adjutorians. They made 77,150 visits to various locations and also 22,005 visits to the sick at home and 63,354 to the sick in hospitals. The results of this apostolic work are as follows: Families reconciled 241; marriages regularised 161; returns to Mass 256; Baptisms 1,237; Confirmations 1,356; Sacrament of the Sick 607; Catechumens enrolled 3,182, bringing the total of Catechumens to 13,21. 299 legionaries are engaged in teaching the Catechism; five new Curiae were established; 4 Retreats were organised. Plans for expansion of the Legion are regularly discussed and encouragement given to all to keep up their efforts.

The Legion was founded in the parish of St. Anne, Porto Novo in December 1953 by Fr. Grenot SMA. In 1958 Envoy Eileen Sheehy set up 4 Curiae. The most rapid development took place in Cotonou In 1993; Cotonou Comitium was raised to Regia status to govern the Legion in the whole of Benin Republic, including Porto Novo which is the administrative capital. Cotonou Regia, in addition to its national responsibility carries out caretaker ship on behalf of Concilium for the Republic of Niger with its capital Niamey 800 km to the north and the Republic of Gabon with its capital Libreville over 1000 km. to the southeast across the Gulf of Guinea.

Last July, the Regia of Cotonou appointed three legionaries to visit the Curia of Niamey: Jean Noudeviwa (Correspondent), Marcel Accrombessi (Regia Vice-President) and Jean Fonton (Regia Treasurer). The journey travelling due north by bus took 24 hours from the sea breezes of the coast to the desert heat of the Sahara. They were met by Srs. Therese Adjovi and Edith Djibom, President and Treasurer of the Niamey Curia. By next morning, a programme of meetings and discussions was under way, which was to occupy three days. The report quotes the following information: There are two Dioceses in the Niger Republic, the Archdiocese of Niamey and the Diocese of Maradi, 700 km further east. Niamey Archdiocese has 8 parishes and Maradi has 7. Parishes. Niamey has a Curia with 3 praesidia. Niamey has its problems because all the Christians are immigrants, forming only 5% of the population. The visitors also had an audience with Bishop Cartateguy, who explained to them that, as regards the apostolate, debate has to be avoided, the legionaries instead using kindness and concern in their apostolate. The main work is the visitation of the sick in hospital. Officers and members together met the visiting legionaries in a Saturday session, put forward their questions and problems and were happy with the results and the Legion literature supplied. They resolved to expand the Curia to embrace the parishes without the Legion and reach out even to Maradi, promising that the next visit would reveal a renewed and dynamic Legion.

Ouagadougou Comitium: As there is a railway link between Ouagadougou and Abidjan, capital of the Ivory Coast, and as Abidjan expressed willingness to help Burkina Faso in addition to Mali, this might be the moment to avail of the offer. The temporary loss of the French edition of the Concilium Bulletin is keenly felt as the Bulletin is an extra means of communication with this region.
Malabo and Bata Comitia: The two councils have been informed of the Concilium decision to raise the Comitium of Malabo to Regia status and to affiliate the Comitium of Bata to the new Regia. Both councils are very excited about the decision and are working towards the event. A new Curia which was set up in Malabo over a year ago presented its first report to the Comitium. It is working very well, particularly in extension. A praesidium report indicated that it gives particular attention to frequent contact with persons who have joined the sects. Another praesidium reported that it had improved its method of presenting reports.

Lome Senatus: Many Councils report on having organised Exploratio Dominicalis projects (5 by the Comitium in Adidogome). Most Councils have juniors attached and those without are encouraged to envisage starting junior praesidia. During home visitation and crowd contact, many non-Christians and those of the traditional African religion were encountered. Many marriages were regularised. Returns to Mass and the Sacrament of Reconciliation, conversions and catechesis were reported. A junior Curia and praesidia were set up. The vigil to celebrate the 93rd anniversary of the start of the Legion was attended by over 1,500 active and auxiliary members. The Concilium web site is followed closely and they are delighted to receive the French bulletin from Paris. The PPC to Ghana saw 36 legionaries taking part, which included one deacon.

Douala Senatus: The July meeting was held in the new Marian Centre build by the Legion of Mary. There is still money needed to finalise the building and the buying of equipment. A new Curia was set-up, the first one in the new Marian Centre. Two Exploratio Dominicalis projects were held in Eseka. As a result 4 new praesidia were set up. In the Yaounde Regia 6 new praesidia were started and in the Diocese of Bafia a new Comitium was established in Ntui. In Bertoua Regia the Legion of Mary exists in every parish in all of the four Dioceses, except for 2 parishes in the Diocese of Yokadouma. In Bertoua a non- Christian was baptised and accepted in the Catholic Church.

Brazzaville Regia: Reports from three directly attached praesidia of 25, 34 and 10 active members respectively include works of home and hospital visitation, teaching catechism, preparing the liturgy, as well as contact with prisoners, widows, orphans and the poor. In the course of their year’s apostolate, six couples were reconciled and 14 people returned to the Sacraments. Our Lady of All Virtues Curia, founded on the 2nd anniversary of our founder Frank Duff, is composed of 21 praesidia, including one junior. They have 359 active, 18 probationary and 31 auxiliary members and undertake works of teaching catechism, acting as ministers of the Eucharist, preparing the liturgy and parish work. As part of a Pilgrimage to St. Rita’s Parish in August, the legionaries did street contact and home visitation of the area and made over 700 contacts during the day with Catholics, Protestants, Lutherans, pagans, members of sects and atheists.  Comitium Notre Dame de la Garde organised a day Retreat on the theme ‘The New Evangelisation’. Following visitation of councils, days of formation will be organised for certain councils. Translation of the Handbook into Lari and Kituba is underway. Regia officers attended the Diocesan opening of the Pastoral Year 2014-2015 for which the theme is, ‘The Family: Cradle and Source of the Redemption of the world’.


El Salvador: The Senatus comprises 2 Regia, 4 Comitia, 6 Curiae, 19 praesidia and 3 junior praesidia. Works include teaching catechism to all categories from pre-baptismal to marriage. They accompany the priest to the homes to administer the Sacraments to the sick and dying, and for the blessing of homes. Street contact is done and the legionaries conduct Bible-study groups.

Honduras: The Senatus reunion was held in November.

Panama Regia: An attached Curia has been raised to Comitium status with 12 praesidia and 3 Curiae attached. There are plans to set up a new Curia in one of the Dioceses and attach it to the new Comitium. The women’s prison is visited. Works with young people and children are mentioned.
Costa Rica Senatus: This council has 10 Comitia, 18 Curiae and 11 praesidia attached. All the attached Comitia are reporting the setting up of 2 or 3 new praesidia. The sick are visited at home and in hospital.

Nicaragua: The Regia of Managua with 2 Comitia, 4 Curiae, 1 junior Curia and 17 praesidia is working well. The attached Comitium of Granada celebrated its 60th anniversary. The attached Comitium of Leon held its 4th Congress with a very good attendance of mostly young people.

Mexico City Senatus: During this period 3 Regia, 8 Comitia, 14 Curiae and 3 praesidia reported. The family of a man who had rejected visits by a priest accepted an image of Our Lady from a legionary relative and recited the Rosary. During a subsequent visit by legionaries the sick man asked for a Rosary beads and died seven hours later. RIP. The Regia in Acapulco reported contact with the sects. 67 marriages were regularised. Large numbers returned to Confession after an absence of many years. A new praesidium was set up.

Merida Senatus: 4 praesidia, 6 Curiae, 2 Comitia and 1 junior Curia reported all mentioning street-contact where many people who have joined the various sects were met. They report a good exchange of views. Contacts are offered Miraculous Medals with an explanation. The three Causes are promoted. Members of one praesidium reported that they read the Gospel of the day with some families on home visitation. Auxiliaries attend the Acies. A Curia with 13 praesidia reported 44 new members.

Durango Regia: A praesidium which celebrated its 32nd anniversary teaches catechism classes particularly in the preparation of children for the Sacraments. A Comitium conducts an apostolate to prisoners in a half-way house type of prison after a Bishop asked legionaries to do this work. The 3 praesidia in this institution are helped by an outside praesidium.

Guadlajara Regia: 4 praesidia, 3 Curiae and 2 Comitia reported. The praesidia visit the sick and some of the legionaries teach catechism. The attached Comitium of Aguascalientes reported solid home visitation resulting in about 1,500 new auxiliaries. They also do prison visitation.
Monterrey Regia: The Regia is encouraging Exploratio Dominicalis. A few projects have been carried out resulting in great experience for the legionaries as well as fruitful apostolate. An attached Curia carried out a census to enable them to have a better overall picture of the parishes. Most Curiae do street-contact About 80 children were prepared for the Sacraments. Legionaries recruit for and facilitate Rosary Groups.

Hermosillo Regia: An attached Curia recruited for the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association. Legionaries promoted the Miraculous Medal Novena and Masses in the various parishes.


Dromore Comitium: A praesidium in Newry has 5 members and 100 auxiliaries. Their works are hospital and nursing home visitation. Hilltown praesidium has 7 members who run clubs for young people plus parties and outings for senior citizens. A praesidium in Navan Curia visited 400 homes. They spoke about the Mass and encouraged the lapsed to return. Good contact is made with young people. Another praesidium of 9 members has 3 members who are parish safeguarding officers. They recruit and train altar servers and help prepare children for First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Families are visited prior to Baptism and spoken to on the importance of handing on the faith. Once a year they organise a thanksgiving Mass for these families. During the summer the Rosary was recited in 9 Housing Estates. Trim Curia: Home visitation is done in Dunboyne to help build up the praesidium; a former legionary has joined. All members of one praesidium are Praetorians; they have 23 auxiliaries. They assist Redemptorist Missionaries in visiting the sick.

Derry Comitium: Long Tower men’s praesidium has 20 auxiliaries. Works includes home and Pilgrim Statue visitation. Creggan praesidium has recruited two young members through Pilgrim Statue visitation. A city praesidium does home visitation. Legionaries recite a decade of the Rosary in each class at 2 Primary Schools and give Miraculous Medals to each child receiving First Holy Communion. Bishop McKeown spent about an hour with the legionaries during the Comitium Retreat in Termonbacca at which there was an attendance of 65. Inishown Curia has 8 praesidia which are visited twice a year on behalf of the Curia. One man who returned to his faith as a result of being visited by legionaries said the Rosary every night while ill with cancer and had a priest with him before he died. The work of Our Lady of Zion Curia includes visiting nursing homes and a hospital.

Raphoe Comitium: This council has 8 senior, one intermediate and 3 junior praesidia plus one Curia which has 8 praesidia attached. Letterkenny intermediate praesidium has 5 pupils from the Loreto Convent who encourage students in the Secondary School to avail of opportunities for prayer. They had up to 20 students attending their short prayer reflection in the school Oratory on Wednesdays during the second term. The reporting senior praesidium has 11 members and 140 auxiliaries. On home visitation people are encouraged to attend the Adoration Chapel in Letterkenny Cathedral. During the summer months two members did book barrow work in the Market Square. They are in contact with a lady met on this work who is interested in the faith. Five of their members went on PPC during the year.

Leitrim Curia: Reports were taken from 3 praesidia. Edgeworthstown legionaries visit the 8 new Estates with various nationalities and faiths living in them. They meet adults with no English where the children have to translate for them. They gave the picture of the Sacred Heart to 100 homes last year. The Curia Congress took place in Longford on Saturday 25th October. The theme was “The Legion aims to bring Mary to the world as the infallible means of bringing Jesus to the World.” The attendance of 30 legionaries included 4 members of the Slovakian praesidium and four representatives from Concilium. The Congress started with Mass celebrated by Fr. Courtney, Curia Spiritual Director. Bishop Emeritus Colm O’Reilly attended the first session in the afternoon.
Mid Clogher Curia: The Curia organised a bus to Knock Shrine for the Legion Pilgrimage on Sunday 28th September. The praesidium in Annyalla has gained a new member.
West Clogher Curia has9 praesidia attached. Enniskillen praesidium has 6 members and 41 auxiliaries. Works include hospital and nursing home visitation. Holy Communion is brought to the nursing homes and housebound, including Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. Each month 4 members go with the priests on pastoral visits to the nursing homes. Scripture study is done with students and an effort made to nurture in them a love of the Rosary.
Kilmore Curia: At October Curia meeting the members discussed the Kilmore Diocesan Assembly which the Legion was invited to attend and also to erect a stand to promote the Legion on Saturday 25th October. 40 pilgrims travelled to Knock Shrine in September. One Cavan praesidium has 10 members and 30 auxiliaries. The local schools were visited inviting the First Holy Communion and Confirmation classes to take part in the Corpus Christi Procession. The members helped the Adoration Group to organise the Procession. During May the Rosary was recited at the Post Office Square with about 20 people attending.
Clonmacnoise Curia: Works undertaken by the 3 attached praesidia include home, hospital and nursing home visitation.  Primary Schools and a special school were visited before Confirmation. Miraculous Medals were distributed to First Communion and Confirmation classes.
Down Curia: Ardglass praesidium has 7 members 2 of whom are Praetorians, plus 88 auxiliaries and 33 probationers. Homes are visited in both Ardglass and Bright parishes. A total of ten Statues of Our Lady of Fatima are circulated to homes and Enthronement of the Sacred Heart is promoted. Eucharistic Adoration is encouraged and assistance was given to set up Adoration in two churches. Two members assist with Catechism Programmes in Primary Schools.  Drogheda Curia: Laytown praesidium has 5 members and 21 auxiliaries. Their main work is Pilgrim Statue visitation through which people feel they have received great blessings. The praesidium in Clogherhead has 8 members whose works include home visitation with special attention to young families. They delivered Baptismal Certificates to 43 families and included Miraculous Medals and Rosary Beads. At the request of the priest they visited families whose children were making their First Holy Communion and Confirmation. In August the Rosary was recited at the harbour for those who work at sea and those who were lost at sea. The Curia organised a Mass for about 60 residents in Mosney, which has many African residents.
Dundalk Curia: Stabannon praesidium members visited 7 nursing homes weekly. Miraculous Medals were distributed to the First Holy Communion and Confirmation children in the local school.



Bethlehem Curia: 21 patricans and 4 legionaries attended 2 meetings while 12 attended the Frank Duff Prayer Group. Three members of a Polish praesidium moved to provincial Ireland and joined local praesidia. The works of the remaining members are hospital, prison and homeless shelter visitation, Church cleaning and providing weekly English classes. They maintain the grave of a deceased Polish priest in Sallynoggin. Another praesidium with 5 members; 3 are Praetorians; they have 14 auxiliaries. Works include home and nursing-home visitation, plus recitation of public Rosaries during May and October.

Porta Coeli Curia: A praesidium with 7 members, plus 39 auxiliaries does home visitation, using Pilgrim Statues occasionally. The Church bookshop is staffed every day while on the first Sunday of the month, the Pioneers are promoted. The Confirmation classes of two Primary Schools were spoken to and 10 pupils enrolled as Pioneers. A recruitment drive yielded 1 visitor and 3 auxiliary members. Another praesidium visited Traveller Halting Site as part of its parish visitation. Health issues and living conditions were addressed. This praesidium also visited 25 Licensed Premises leading up to publicise the Barman’s Good Friday Retreat. Two Pilgrim Statues are in circulation.

Veneranda Curia: The praesidium in charge of the Maria Legionis accounts liaise with customers in all parts of the English-speaking world. A praesidium with 25 auxiliary members distributes 90 Maria Legionis. A big effort is made to contact non-Catholics before and during Church Unity Octave. 10 residents join in their weekly recital of the Rosary in a nursing home. 2 primary school classes were visited to distribute and explain Miraculous Medals. The legionaries contacted students of St. Patricks College three times during the year including during Society’s Day when the Legion had a stand.

Consolata Curia: A praesidium with 6 full members and two probationers has two Praetorians and 52 auxiliary members, some of whom gather each Thursday to recite the Legion prayers and Rosary. On August 15th each year an Auxiliary Outing to the Papal Cross takes place. The attached junior praesidium has 8 members; a Faith & Fun project attracts around 15 children each week in August. Home and school visitation is done and one member helps in the repository each week. Annual events include a Supermarket Mass involving 40 staff and customers, a May Procession and 40 Hours Adoration in October. 33 families were visited prior to the Mass for the Deceased in November. The main work of another praesidium is the visitation of 2 nursing-homes; in one home, up to 30 residents attend the weekly Rosary and hymns. A talk was given to the First Holy Communion class in the local school.

Presentata Curia: A Morning Star praesidium gained 2 new members during the year, now having 12. As well as caring for the residents, they recite a weekly public Rosary in St. Bricin’s Park attended by some local residents. One member organises a Prayer Meeting every first Thursday in Frank Duff’s House. Stella Maris praesidium of the Morning Star Hostel was formed in 1931. It now has 9 full members and 1 probationer, having gained 4 members during the year, 2 of them transferring from another praesidium. Haircuts and nail-clips are given to residents and donated bread is collected every week from a local supermarket. A Portuguese -speaking member works closely with the Brazilian Community. The Regina Coeli praesidium has 13 full members and 1 probationer; 3 members are Praetorians. The new initiative of weekly catechism classes for residents is proving very popular. Up to 8 residents attend their monthly Patrician meeting.

Exaltata Curia: An Exploratio Dominicalis project was undertaken by 13 legionaries from 5 praesidia; 250 homes were visited with many good contacts. In one praesidium home visitation consists of setting up an altar and inviting residents to join in a public Rosary; the Parish Priest gives a short talk and everyone is presented with Rosary beads and a Miraculous Medal. On one occasion 14 parishioners took part. Over 100 people joined in an August procession followed by Mass and Adoration. One member did duty for the Homework Club in Myra House. A praesidium with 8 full and 2 probationary members visits St. Mary’s Hospital in the Phoenix Park. The legionaries read for incapacitated patients, recite the Rosary and sing hymns, the patients joining in. One member, who is a Eucharistic Minister, distributes Holy Communion. Weekly home visitation is also done; their Pilgrim Statue resided in 20 homes during the year. One member helps out in the Morning Star Hostel. A Recruitment Drive was held during Advent and an Exploratio Dominicalis project resulted in the visiting of more than 100 homes.


Kerala Senatus has 16 Comitia, 11 Curiae and 16 directly attached praesidia. Home, hospital and prison visitation is done. The lapsed are encouraged to return to the Sacraments; instruction is given. The three Causes are promoted.
Karnataka Senatus: Efforts to extend the Legion into 2 remaining Dioceses is continuing. Visits were made to distant outstations. Inter-faith dialogue with members of other faith is on-going.
Mumbai Senatus: Book barrow apostolate enables contact with people of all faiths. New praesidia were formed in several Dioceses. 200 people attended a day for juniors; the Bishop asked the youth to be a leaven in the community. Pondicherry Senatus: 51 praesidia have been set up since this council became a Senatus. Two mini-PPC projects took place. 1,800 families were visited and the Legion was rejuvenated. Suicides were prevented and those with addictions helped. Chennai Comitium reported contacting people of many faiths on home and hospital visitation. Coimbatore Comitium reported that 2 legionaries, one with 54 and the other with 58 years Legion service were honoured at the reunion. Port Blair Comitium: Legion membership in the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean is made up mainly of farmers, fishermen, business men and government officials. They plan to visit the southernmost island which is 400 klm. away and takes 3 days to reach by boat. Tiruchy Comitium reports the enthronement of 112 homes to the Sacred Heart.

Legionaries in the north visit remote areas to share the Word of God and extend the Legion. Bangkok legionaries visit refugee camps and do language teaching. A Comitium of 13 Curiae was divided into three. Catechism is taught to adults, including prisoners.

A meeting with the Bishop and 25 priests has led to a request for the Legion to be set up in a number of parishes. The Legion has been re-established in some places.  Works include Promotion of the Rosary and Enthronement of the Sacred Heart.

Hospitals and homes for the elderly are visited. Two families were reconciled. The Bishop and three priests were met in the hope of re-starting the Legion in Haifa. A praesidium of 16 was set up in a boy’s college.

A new Spiritual Director has been appointed to the Curia, which has 5 praesidia. Two parishes are being visited in the hope of starting the Legion. The sick and lonely are visited. The 2 reporting praesidia have memberships of 8 active and 38 auxiliaries in one and 6 active and 25 auxiliaries in the other. They travelled to Astana to participate in night adoration and the priest encouraged the legionaries to invite other parishioners to come.


Paris Regia has 4 Curiae and 23 affiliated praesidia. Works included are visits to sick and elderly and distribution of Miraculous Medals. Bishop Pascal Delanoy attends a prayer meeting. The Vietnamese Curia with 9 praesidia does street contact work. Versailles Curia mention visitation to retired priests. Legionaries in Valance Regia took part in the Diocesan Synod on evangelisation and made a presentation on the Legion. Nice Curia has 7 praesidia including two in Monaco. French-speaking Martinique, affiliated to Paris Regia reports having 86 legionaries in 20 praesidia.

Birmingham Senatus: Street contact was done in Mell Square. 330 homes were called upon during Exploratio Dominicalis in Oxford where many good contacts were met. One couple had their marriage validated and another is now a regular Mass attender. 21 attended a talk on True Devotion to Mary organised by West Birmingham Curia. In addition, the Rosary is recited in 4 Primary Schools. Juniors attached to Senatus include house Rosaries among their works. Northampton and Leicester Curiae both report instruction for Baptism and other Sacraments.
Liverpool Senatus: Two former legionaries were ordained Priests. Visitation to Buckley Hall prison is a new work. Four non Catholics were received into the Church. The junior praesidium has 11 members. Wirral juniors operate a book barrow in the grounds of St. Andrew’s College during lunch breaks. Central London Curia: 8 members report visiting a psychiatric hospital and distributing Church services leaflets to hotels and guest houses. A “Prayer in the Square” project invited people to pray in the Church. 90 took up the offer, among them people of Christian and non-Christian faiths. Soho praesidium members visit homes and do street contact in the Red Light District. 15 brothels were visited in the lead up to Easter and Christmas. Islington legionaries visited a local prison and have a very good relationship with the chaplain and security staff.
Southwark Comitium: This council has relocated to a new office. 4 Curiae and 8 praesidia reported with 133 active and 312 auxiliary members. Works include, promotion of the Rosary and Three Causes, Baptism preparation, street contact, visiting the housebound and bereaved. Hammersmith Curia celebrated 85th anniversary of the first praesidium started in St. Augustine’s parish in 1929. They have 8 members doing a variety of works. Middlesex Curia: The spiritual Director of the junior praesidium takes great interest in the work of the 8 juniors. They deliver Church leaflets and help with many parish activities.

WALES: Swansea Curia reported on weekly contact at the Railway Station in the city centre. Street rescue and contact with homosexuals continues.

Edinburgh Curia has 90 active and 500 Auxiliary members. Greenock and District Curia members work closely with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul for the homeless and have been invited to speak to those attending the RCIA course. Motherwell Curia report 10 probationers and good contacts at the book barrow on Gala Day in Cambusland. Dundee Curia members describe the enthusiasm and exuberance of the Curia officers. The council has a lively extension programme. Fr. Michael Kennedy (of Tipperary Curia) was in Scotland to speak on True Devotion to Mary. He met Bishop John Keenan and they suggest the holding of a Novena to Frank Duff in preparation for the 2015 Synod on Evangelisation. The Scottish legionaries organised a very successful PPC project to Finland. Gibraltar is also cared for by the Scottish legionaries. The Curia has a new Spiritual Director, Fr. Matthias. The 6 praesidia have a varied work programme. Celebrations included the Edel Quinn anniversary Mass and the Three King’s Cavalcade on the eve of the Epiphany.

Frankfurt Senatus: The web-site is being updated. One of the reporting praesidia visited released prisoners. Dusseldorf Comitium reports that a praesidium has started in Essen Katernberg among the Russian Community. 900 Filipinos participated in a Marian pilgrimage. It was reported that a Korean praesidium has started in Istanbul, Turkey. A City Youth Apostolate took place in Munich. Legionaries in Stuttgart Hofen celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Legion in Germany. Friburg Comitium reported the recruitment of a Bishop as an Adjutorian member. The officers have met the new Archbishop.

Zurich Comitium: Legionaries spoke on cable TV and on Swiss Radio Maria about the Legion. Following a 13-day PPC project in Norway, a new praesidium was established in Bergen.

Sr. Metzler and Sr. Seber visited the October Curia meeting in Atchinsk and the praesidia in Bogotol and Novosibirsk.

Patricians were mentioned in the report from Amsterdam Regia. Praesidia help each other with recruiting drives.

The praesidium in Tonsberg has 10 members and the one in Drammen has 6 members. At “get together” evenings, short inspirational films on Mary and the Legion were shown. Good contacts were met at the monthly coffee mornings after Mass.

Antwerp: An apostolate to the Youth Festival in Hasselt took place, and contact work at the Cathedral had many good contacts.

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The Legion of Mary at the Divine Mercy Conference
January 2015

Legionaries and non-legionaries alike are asked to show their support by visiting the Legion of Mary’s stand at the Divine Mercy Conference to be held on 21st and 22nd February at the usual venue of the RDS Main Hall in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4; this year’s theme is “Forgive us our Trespasses”. The Legion has taken out a stand for many years now and it proves very popular with much literature changing hands and many potentials members spoken to. For more information on the conference visit or call 086-0669203 between 9am and 5pm.

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Allocutio at December 2014 Concilium Meeting by Fr. Bede McGregor, OP
January 2015

Christmas Through the Eyes of a Legionary

The joy that comes with Christmas is eternal. It offers each one of us an eternal destiny of friendship with God and each other. Christmas is the celebration of the mystery of the Incarnation when God became a human being so that every human being can become a child of God and share in His inner life of eternal joy. We can never exhaust the truth and joy of Christmas because it is the Gift of God Himself to each one of us. We celebrate the nearness of God to each one of us, His inseparability from the human race, the intimacy of the indwelling of the Trinity. Christmas really is the greatest and truest story ever told.

This year I would like to put before you three truths that emerge from the Christmas story and are indelibly written in the soul of Legion spirituality. Firstly, the Angel Gabriel said to Mary: ‘Nothing is impossible to God.’ And Mary responds with an absolute: ‘Yes’ to that truth and changes the whole course of history. From that moment the whole world is flooded with God’s grace because God becomes incarnate in human flesh and identifies Himself with us real sinners. Impossibility had no place in the life and vocabulary of Mary. Apart from the mystery of the Incarnation we see Mary’s faith in Jesus as the Lord of the impossible at the marriage feast of Cana.

But where is this spirit of Mary concerning the impossible to be found in the Legion? I suggest it is expressed in the section of the Handbook on Symbolic Action. ‘Recourse to it will explode the impossibility which is of our own imagining. On the other hand, it enters in the spirit of faith into dramatic conflict with the genuine impossibility.’ May I suggest that every praesidium of the Legion in the coming year will re-read the section of the Handbook on Symbolic Action: Incarnation and then ask the question: Is there any genuine case in our praesidium where we are really undertaking symbolic action? We must try not to limit God and our apostolate only to what is seen as humanly possible with proper planning, organisation and resources.

Secondly, Christmas is obviously centred on Jesus Christ. In Mary there is absolutely no self-reference. She sings out: ‘My soul glorifies the Lord. My spirit rejoices in God my Saviour.’ There is no mistake about it: it is God who has worked all those great marvels in her and through her. Mary is absolutely centred on Jesus and not on herself. We find that same spirituality in that great patron of the Legion, St. John the Baptist, who figures so much during the preparation for Christmas. He cries out: ‘Behold the Lamb of God, behold Him who takes away the sins of the world…He must increase; I must decrease…I am not worthy to untie the straps of His sandals.’ He is utterly Christocentric and that is probably the reason why he is one of our special patrons and models. One spiritual writer tells us: ‘The pointing finger directs the gaze not to himself, but to Christ. If the gaze should rest on himself, he is unfaithful to his own nature. That is however the temptation of every apostle.’ The spirit of Mary is without any self-reference and that must be the spirit of the Legion. Let us pray that the Legion will not be too concerned with its own prestige and reputation but only glory with Mary in the Lord who does great things through her.

Thirdly, I want to stress what should be obvious, namely, that Christmas is a profound invitation to renew the spirit of our Christian joy. The first words of the Archangel Gabriel to Mary are: ‘Rejoice most highly favoured one.’ And joy is surely one of the most delightful characteristics of the spirit of Mary. Then we hear the words of the angel to the shepherds: ‘Do not be afraid. Listen, I bring you news of great joy, a joy to be shared by the whole people. Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord. And here is a sign for you: you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger.’ A spirit of joy is inescapable in a truly Christian celebration of Christmas.

If you are fortunate enough to receive the great grace of being a Praetorian or Adjutorian member of the Legion and therefore pray an Office approved by the Church, you may come across this quotation in the Breviary from St, Leo the Great: ‘This is the day our Saviour was born; what a joy for us, my beloved! This is no season for sadness; this is the birthday of Life – that which annihilates the fear of death, and engenders joy, promising as it does immortality. Nobody is an outsider to this happiness. The same cause for joy is common to all, for as Our Lord found nobody free from guilt when He came to bring an end to death and to sin, so He came with redemption for all. Let the saint rejoice, for he hastens to his crown; let the sinner be filled with joy, for pardon is offered to him; let the Gentile be emboldened, for he is called to life.’ As it has been so often said in so many different ways: joy is the only infallible sign that you have really heard and accepted the Gospel and that you have really and truly encountered Christ in living faith and that you are really engaged in the apostolate of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. I must firmly add that joy is the sure sign that you are truly living in union with Mary.

The Handbook quotes the saying that the world belongs to those who love it most. I think that is a true saying, but there is no love that is not accompanied by joy. Joy is so essential to an authentic apostolate as Pope Francis says in his Apostolic Exhortation the Joy of the Gospel: ‘It is not by proselytising that the Church grows, but by attraction.’ The secret of the Legion apostolate must be its spirit of joy that has its origins in an authentic encounter with Jesus brought about by Mary the Mother of us both. Let me give the last words to Pope Francis: ‘The joy of the Gospel fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus.’ And, ’I invite all Christians, everywhere, at this very moment to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ. May you all deepen your friendship with Jesus and Mary this Christmas. Amen.


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Allocutio at December 2014 Concilium Meeting by Fr. Bede McGregor, OP
January 2015

Christmas Through the Eyes of a Legionary

The joy that comes with Christmas is eternal. It offers each one of us an eternal destiny of friendship with God and each other. Christmas is the celebration of the mystery of the Incarnation when God became a human being so that every human being can become a child of God and share in His inner life of eternal joy. We can never exhaust the truth and joy of Christmas because it is the Gift of God Himself to each one of us. We celebrate the nearness of God to each one of us, His inseparability from the human race, the intimacy of the indwelling of the Trinity. Christmas really is the greatest and truest story ever told.

This year I would like to put before you three truths that emerge from the Christmas story and are indelibly written in the soul of Legion spirituality. Firstly, the Angel Gabriel said to Mary: ‘Nothing is impossible to God.’ And Mary responds with an absolute: ‘Yes’ to that truth and changes the whole course of history. From that moment the whole world is flooded with God’s grace because God becomes incarnate in human flesh and identifies Himself with us real sinners. Impossibility had no place in the life and vocabulary of Mary. Apart from the mystery of the Incarnation we see Mary’s faith in Jesus as the Lord of the impossible at the marriage feast of Cana.

But where is this spirit of Mary concerning the impossible to be found in the Legion? I suggest it is expressed in the section of the Handbook on Symbolic Action. ‘Recourse to it will explode the impossibility which is of our own imagining. On the other hand, it enters in the spirit of faith into dramatic conflict with the genuine impossibility.’ May I suggest that every praesidium of the Legion in the coming year will re-read the section of the Handbook on Symbolic Action: Incarnation and then ask the question: Is there any genuine case in our praesidium where we are really undertaking symbolic action? We must try not to limit God and our apostolate only to what is seen as humanly possible with proper planning, organisation and resources.

Secondly, Christmas is obviously centred on Jesus Christ. In Mary there is absolutely no self-reference. She sings out: ‘My soul glorifies the Lord. My spirit rejoices in God my Saviour.’ There is no mistake about it: it is God who has worked all those great marvels in her and through her. Mary is absolutely centred on Jesus and not on herself. We find that same spirituality in that great patron of the Legion, St. John the Baptist, who figures so much during the preparation for Christmas. He cries out: ‘Behold the Lamb of God, behold Him who takes away the sins of the world…He must increase; I must decrease…I am not worthy to untie the straps of His sandals.’ He is utterly Christocentric and that is probably the reason why he is one of our special patrons and models. One spiritual writer tells us: ‘The pointing finger directs the gaze not to himself, but to Christ. If the gaze should rest on himself, he is unfaithful to his own nature. That is however the temptation of every apostle.’ The spirit of Mary is without any self-reference and that must be the spirit of the Legion. Let us pray that the Legion will not be too concerned with its own prestige and reputation but only glory with Mary in the Lord who does great things through her.

Thirdly, I want to stress what should be obvious, namely, that Christmas is a profound invitation to renew the spirit of our Christian joy. The first words of the Archangel Gabriel to Mary are: ‘Rejoice most highly favoured one.’ And joy is surely one of the most delightful characteristics of the spirit of Mary. Then we hear the words of the angel to the shepherds: ‘Do not be afraid. Listen, I bring you news of great joy, a joy to be shared by the whole people. Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord. And here is a sign for you: you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger.’ A spirit of joy is inescapable in a truly Christian celebration of Christmas.

If you are fortunate enough to receive the great grace of being a Praetorian or Adjutorian member of the Legion and therefore pray an Office approved by the Church, you may come across this quotation in the Breviary from St, Leo the Great: ‘This is the day our Saviour was born; what a joy for us, my beloved! This is no season for sadness; this is the birthday of Life – that which annihilates the fear of death, and engenders joy, promising as it does immortality. Nobody is an outsider to this happiness. The same cause for joy is common to all, for as Our Lord found nobody free from guilt when He came to bring an end to death and to sin, so He came with redemption for all. Let the saint rejoice, for he hastens to his crown; let the sinner be filled with joy, for pardon is offered to him; let the Gentile be emboldened, for he is called to life.’ As it has been so often said in so many different ways: joy is the only infallible sign that you have really heard and accepted the Gospel and that you have really and truly encountered Christ in living faith and that you are really engaged in the apostolate of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. I must firmly add that joy is the sure sign that you are truly living in union with Mary.

The Handbook quotes the saying that the world belongs to those who love it most. I think that is a true saying, but there is no love that is not accompanied by joy. Joy is so essential to an authentic apostolate as Pope Francis says in his Apostolic Exhortation the Joy of the Gospel: ‘It is not by proselytising that the Church grows, but by attraction.’ The secret of the Legion apostolate must be its spirit of joy that has its origins in an authentic encounter with Jesus brought about by Mary the Mother of us both. Let me give the last words to Pope Francis: ‘The joy of the Gospel fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus.’ And, ’I invite all Christians, everywhere, at this very moment to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ. May you all deepen your friendship with Jesus and Mary this Christmas. Amen.


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Concilium Bulletin December 2014
January 2015


Madrid Senatus: Both men and women are contacted in the Red Light district. Drug addicts are also met. Legionaries ask only two questions: “What is your name and how are you?” They realise that their work involves dialogue, not monologue, and offer any help the contacts may need. Spiritual topics are always discussed. There is a praesidium of University students in the Maria Medianera Curia and students are contacted in Mosteles. One Curia reports the setting up of a new praesidium in an area they describe as, ‘mission territory’. Patrician meeting topics are based on the Catechism. Recruiting for active members is on-going. Many Spiritual Directors encourage penitents to become active Legion members.
Barcelona Senatus: Palma de Mallorca praesidium has 20 members, some of whom are from Chile, France and Venezuela. Teaching catechism to children resulted in 1 Baptism, 12 First Communions and 9 Confirmations.
Bilbao Senatus: A Bilbao praesidium with 5 active, 2 Praetorians, l4 Adjutorians, plus 94 auxiliary members engages in street contact, which includes speaking to prostitutes; one such person abandoned prostitution. The legionaries help with contact work in other parishes. Visitation is also made to the blind and to Alzheimer’s sufferers. The Rosary is recited on the radio every Thursday alternately by an active and an auxiliary member. The Durango Curia celebrated its 50th anniversary and recruited 2 members and 1 auxiliary in the past year. They have good contacts with immigrants, including two families from Senegal. Leon has a new adult praesidium. There is a book barrow apostolate in Basauri.

Lisbon Senatus: Spiritual and psychological support was given to people suffering distress after having being declared bankrupt. Extension resulted in 3 new praesidia in the Regia of Porto. Two more praesidia are planned for Faro. One praesidium was revived with the recruitment of four new members. In the Parede Curia the Rosary is recited in a Dialysis Clinic. In Portela legionaries visit the Parish Day Centre where they lead the Rosary and distribute Holy Communion. The Azores reports catechesis, promoting the Scouts and involvement in all the pastoral programmes.

CYPRUS: Members of the 3 praesidia in Nicosia went to Larnaca where they visited a Rest Home. They listened to the residents’ personal problems and encouraged them. Miraculous Medals were distributed and gratefully accepted.

Rome Senatus: This council is centred on the Salus Populi Romana Curia with 10 attached praesidia. It has 7 other affiliated Curiae in Rome and 9 Curiae in Southern Italy. In addition there are 3 Comitia, one in Rimini on the Adriatic, one in Sicily and one in Sardinia. A new praesidium was established at Cerenova in Rome. Extension is reported on at each meeting.
Pope Francis on one of his parish visits greeted a group of legionaries and said: “I value the work of the Legion of Mary because the Legion has fighting spirit. Keep on fighting the good fight.” Milan Regia: A Filipino praesidium reported 21 Baptisms, 16 First Holy Communions, 28 Confirmations, and 3 marriages regularised. One praesidium has an apostolate to convicts. A Patrician meeting has an attendance of 12 to 20 young people, some of whom travel a good distance to attend. The Italian translation of the “Life of Alfie Lambe” by Hilda Firtel is being re-printed. Padova Comitium: One praesidium reported 49 Adjutorian members on roll. 45 attended an Auxiliary Rally. A religious painting competition for elementary schools was organised by a praesidium in Lana Curia in the Austrian Tyrol.

Malta Regia: Praesidia report the teaching of catechism and Retreats for auxiliaries. A praesidium with 16 members does home and hospital visitation, and visits auxiliaries. Contact is maintained with a couple in an irregular marriage. Another praesidium reported taking the statue of Our Lady to shops and various clubs, making good contacts. Queen of Peace Curia gained new members from a Recruiting Drive. Another Curia reported that three families agreed to have their homes consecrated to the Sacred Heart. 31 new auxiliaries were enrolled and some names taken for active membership. The new praesidium set up by Mother and Teacher Curia has ten members. An Exploratio Dominicalis project by a praesidium in Mother of the Good Shepherd Curia contacted 40 families, 10 of which agreed to have their homes consecrated to the Sacred Heart. Hope of the World Curia reported that one family was received into the Church. A young woman was persuaded not to have an abortion, and one person returned to the Sacraments after a lapse of forty one years. A junior Curia with eleven praesidia continues its work of extension. The legionaries mainly carry out their apostolate with fellow students. An open air youth Mass had an attendance of between 130 and 150. 60 juniors attended a three-day Retreat, which included Mass, Confession, Rosary, games and various social activities. A very positive feedback was received. Gozo Comitium: The officers had their annual meeting with the Bishop, which lasted one and a half hours. In Holy Week two senior legionaries and two intermediates distributed details of the ceremonies in the various parishes. On 12th April, 41 young legionaries took part in a Via Crucis followed by a supper in remembrance of the Last Supper of Our Lord.


TURKEY: There are four praesidia in Istanbul. In Izmir there is a praesidium with16 members.

GREECE: The praesidium in Athens struggles to keep going; their problem is mainly due to the distances members have to travel to the weekly meeting.

ALBANIA: The apostolate in the cities involves visiting hospitals, Shelters for the Elderly and Mother Theresa homes for children. The priest is brought to people who are dying and also to other families. The catechism is taught. Legionaries pray in groups with families in the villages, visit the elderly and lonely, and participate at funerals.



Boston Senatus: Legionaries did a parish census, invited the lapsed back and distributed Catholic literature. The Senatus has offered the Legion Hostel to the Diocese. Providence Comitium report extension efforts through Evangelisation Days, Legion booths at Fairs and at three Churches. Two new praesidia started at Attleboro. Legionaries in Newton Curia arrange for the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the housebound. A Vietnamese Curia has 142 members in 8 praesidia and 179 auxiliaries. Legionaries show religious videos, conduct Bible study and Twelve-Step-Programmes in their Neponset Valley prison ministry. A similar apostolate operates in a second prison where follow up with released prisoners features. There are excellent efforts to evangelise among the Korean community by Our Lady of Mercy Curia. Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in 13 homes and faith formation work for youth was done by a praesidium of 16 members.
Philadelphia Senatus:, This council is preparing to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Legion in Philadelphia. Archbishop Caput will be the chief celebrant at the Cathedral in June 2015. Also being planned for September is participation in the 8th World Meeting of Families, at which Pope Francis will be present. Evangelisation Days were successfully held in 4 locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. St. Charles Seminary praesidium has 14 members doing a range of works in schools, staffing book barrows and participating in extension. A Marian Day they organised in the Seminary had an attendance of 500. One praesidium organised the funeral arrangements of a life-long legionary, who had no family relations in the USA. Trenton Comitium, New Jersey, held Auxiliary Appreciation Days. The Hispanic Curia reported marriage validations and returns to the Sacraments.
Cincinnati Senatus: The new Portuguese Curia has 7 attached praesidia. New Albany East Cincinnati Curiae are mainly concentrated on consolation work. Dayton Ohio Curia hosted a Booth at three major events; a large Fair; a Diocesan Conference and a Catholic Women’s Conference.
Chicago Senatus: Sioux Falls Curia recruited 12 new members. Our Lady of the Family in Rockford Curia, Illinois, sponsored the movie, Mary of Nazareth, at which over 200 contacts were made. 250 Miraculous Medals were distributed on Thanksgiving Day. Two returns to the faith and one conversion were reported. Mankato Curia had 1,330 visiting their Booth at the Steele County Fair. Many sacramentals and literature were handed out. The Korean Comitium had an evangelising team of 16 at the Chicago Korean Festival, doing crowd contact. A girl contacted by legionaries at Gay Pride parade was thankful for a Miraculous Medal. In Duluth Curia a praesidium has been formed in a state hospital for the criminally insane. The Bishop fully supports their heroic work, which resulted in many returns to the Church. Southern Joliet Curia, Illinois, has 12 senior and 3 junior praesidia. Six persons returned to practice. They report a fellow legionary cancer-free after the Curia collectively prayed through the intercession of Frank Duff.
St. Louis Senatus: 19 new members were recruited in one year. 32 people returned to the Sacraments and 2 families came back to practice. They visit prisons. 3 junior praesidia are attached. For ‘Catholics on the move’, they printed notices, giving directions to nearby Churches and details of Mass times were distributed at Motels in their area.

an Francisco Senatus: Recently 600 attended a Legion of Mary Conference at Santa Clara. Eight legionaries participated in a PPC project in Santa Rosa. A praesidium visited 70 homes and participated in crowd contacts at three city locations. A Patrician group has started. San Mateo Comitium has 18 praesidia and one Curia. A junior praesidium does book barrow work with seniors. 30 people, including parents attended a Retreat organised by the juniors. Mission Excelsior Curia reports a new Frank Duff prayer group. A prison praesidium has 5 inmates evangelising other prisoners. North West Korean Comitium has 8 juniors in a praesidium. Columban Drives yielded 28 active members and 23 auxiliary members. San Jose Curia started a new Catholic Lending Library, operates a book barrow in a Shopping Mall and does crowd contact in the city. In Oakland, a junior group has 21 members. One praesidium visited 1,747 homes, while the attached South Alameda Curia visited 4961 homes.
New York Senatus: A Congress with the theme, ‘New Evangelisation’ was held in November. The Hispanic Curia reports a new praesidium of 20 members. Three people returned to the Sacraments after reading the Legion pamphlet, ‘The Joy of Confession.’ Five new members were recruited in one praesidium. Three contacts returned to practice of the faith.
Houston Senatus: 12 peregrini and 22 local legionaries participated in a PPC project to Salado, Texas. Another twelve-member PPC team worked in Farmington in September with wonderful results. Through Pilgrim Statue visits, 3 people joined the Legion and 3 children were baptised. In their caretaker role, the council plans another visit to Belize.
Arlington Regia: The Legion had a presence at the Arlington Fair. One contact has returned to the Church after many years away. Fairfax Comitium has 8 Patrician groups in parishes. Two new praesidia started in Washington D.C. Comitium.
Los Angeles Senatus: Long Beach, California, has 3 Patrician groups with good attendances. A PPC was held in Needles, California in October.
Miami Regia: The Haitian Curia has 18 senior and one junior praesidium. Broward has 23 senior praesidia with 3 more under formation. The first report from Mary Queen of Angels reveals an active membership of 19 and 201 auxiliaries. Contact with Jamaica and the Bahamas is being maintained. Also attached are Vietnamese and Haitian praesidia at Ocala.

Senatus of Toronto: In Hamilton a prison inmate has taught 4 other prisoners to pray the Rosary. Another prisoner about to be released wants to be baptised. The Korean Comitium teaches refugees school subjects and catechism. Legionaries also do works of service, haircuts, cleaning and cooking. New Brunswick Curia organised a one-week ‘Kids Camp’, with teachings about Mass and Bible stories. Scarborough Comitium reports two nursing home residents returning to practice after 30 years and 17 years respectively. Likewise, two lapsed, including a teenage boy, due to home visitation. Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom juniors, with 12 members and 3 Adjutorians, do a variety of works with seniors, including Pilgrim Statue visitation and Crowd Contact.
Vancouver Comitium: Twelve members participated in a PPC project in Prince George Diocese. Two praesidia were started and another is planned in Fort St. John. Our Lady of China praesidium has 15 members who visit the elderly in their homes and in nursing homes. Mary Queen of Chinese Martyrs 10 active members help out in their parish weekly, doing a variety of duties, including Eucharistic Ministry and taking wheelchair parishioner to Mass.
Montreal Senatus: Extension efforts yielded two new praesidia in Roxboro and St. Genevieve Parishes, Montreal. Hoping to inspire the formation of a praesidium in Laval, legionaries enrolled 130 people for the 33 day preparation for the True Devotion to Mary. In July, about100 legionaries and 2 Concilium visitors renewed their enthusiasm for the Legion at the Tri-annual Gathering in Montreal.
Edmonton Comitium: Home visitation with the Pilgrim Statue was reported. A praesidium completed 3 Exploratio Dominicalis projects in one year.


Senatus of Santo Domingo: The council held a successful Conference for Spiritual Directors in September. All praesidia work in parishes, visiting homes, the sick and teaching catechetics. In the Comitium of Santa Maria, Madre de Dios: 2 couples were prepared for marriage and have since joined the Legion. In an Old Folks Home legionaries dress and feed the residents. A praesidium gives instruction to prisoners and follows up on their conditional release from prison. Reinas de los Apostoles Comitium reports 720 Baptisms and 54 marriages regularised. The Comitium Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe reported 173 Baptisms, 244 First Communions, 131 Confirmations and 306 sick people brought to see a doctor. Members of La Anunciacion praesidium work as volunteers in a hostel for the handicapped.
Senatus of Santiago de los Caballeros: Praesidia participate in the Diocesan Pastoral Plan, visit the sick, bringing them Holy Communion, organise Retreats for those in irregular marriages, instruction of youths for Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, and do prison visitation. An Evangelical, visited by legionaries now joins them in saying the Rosary in the street. A 17 year old youth was prepared for and received his First Communion.12 marriages were regularised.
Senatus of Haiti: Reports were received from 4 Comitia, 1 Curia and 2 praesidia. One of these Comitia celebrated its 50th anniversary this year and another, its 60th anniversary. One Curia has an attached junior Curia with 11 praesidia. The senior Curia has an apostolate to street children. In order that young legionaries would get to know each other, a competition is being run between members of 9 junior Curiae in different parishes. A Retreat had an attendance of 141.
Puerto Rico: Legionaries in Caguas participate in the Diocesan Plan. They visit the Alzheimer’s Centre. Of three young men who attended a “Vocations Retreat,” one signed up. Columban Drives were organised and help was given with the broadcast of Mass, Government documentation and medical reports. The audit is mentioned in some reports.
The Curia in the Virgen Islands has 3 praesidia in San Thomas and one in St. John, with 50 active members and 200 auxiliaries. The Rosary is said in “dangerous places”. Visits are made to the sick at home and in hospitals. Nursing homes are visited. Catechism is taught.
The Curia in Toa Alta, with l2 praesidia, has one junior group. Three juniors did a course for catechesis. Jail visitation features in reports. Two Columban Drives were held, resulting in l6 active members recruited. Another Extension Drive resulted in recruitment of 2 active and one auxiliary member. In Myaguez, they help with students’ homework. One legionary is studying for the Diaconate. Legionaries look after the sick on admittance to hospital and stay with them as needed, day or night. 
Trinidad & Tobago: San Fernando Catholic School was visited and it is hoped to start a praesidium there. Two of the Regia officers visited the Zion Community; they gave a talk on Mary to young children and distributed 25 Rosary Beads with leaflets on how to say the Rosary. The new junior praesidium at Arima girls’ Catholic school is progressing with 4 teachers involved in another praesidium. Home and hospital visitation is done.




Cloyne Comitium: This council has completed its home visitation in Cloyne parish in which 2,500 homes were visited. Reception was very good and Miraculous Medals were eagerly received. Baptisms and house blessings have been followed up. Fr. Joe Rohan, Comitium Spiritual Director, would like the Legion extended to all parishes in the Diocese. West Cloyne Curia: Fr. Dan Troy, home from China, attended their Patrician meeting and gave some news of the Legion in China. Legionaries had a stall at the, Pride of Place Festival in Milford village where they did contact work. East Cloyne Curia: A praesidium has visited three Secondary Schools where Rosary Beads packs and Communion packs were given to the children. A special blessing was organised for the babies baptised during the year. Cork Curia: There are 8 senior praesidia and 4 Curiae attached. Farranree praesidium has 5 members 2 Praetorians and 14 auxiliaries. They visit homes weekly to promote Mass and the Rosary. Street contact is done from time to time. Mayfield praesidium has 6 members, one Praetorian and 11 auxiliaries. The elderly, including former legionaries are visited in their homes and nursing homes. Queen of Peace Curia has 5 senior praesidia. The two praesidia in Ballinlough have a total of 11 members, 3 of whom are Praetorians. Works include visitation of homes and the organisation of a Taize Prayer Group. A city centre based praesidium with 7 members carry out street contact, show religious videos and have helped with home visitation in the Cathedral parish. Turners Cross praesidium has 5 members, 2 of whom are Praetorians. They visit homes and hospitals and do crowd contact. Coronata Curia has 6 praesidia. The three reporting praesidia have 9, 4 and 8 members, 2 Praetorians and 46 auxiliaries. Works include home and hospital visitation. An Exploratio Dominicalis project held in Crosshaven resulted in the recruitment of a new member for Carrigaline praesidium. Annunciata Curia has 4 praesidia in West Cork. Works of the 3 reporting praesidia include home visitation with the Fatima Statue and visitation of the sick and people living alone.

Kerry Comitium: A letter was sent by Bishop Ray Browne to the Comitium informing them that a new Pieta House Centre will be opened in Castleisland and a representative from the Legion was invited to attend. A Mass to celebrate the life of Frank Duff was held in early November in Killarney. Recruiting Drives were held in Rathmore, Tralee and Millstreet. The 5th year transition students along with legionaries visited the hospital and nursing homes and gave great joy to the patients. One praesidium visited 4 schools in the parish to recruit altar servers and 21 pupils signed up. The priest asked the legionaries to help him with organising training sessions for these students. Mid Clare: Canon Taaffe, Comitium Spiritual Director, was congratulated on his Diamond Jubilee. 19 pilgrims travelled on a bus to Knock, Count Mayo for the Legion Pilgrimage. Legionaries in East Clare Curia undertook contact work during the Charismatic Conference at Fanore Beech. North Clare Curia: Kilalloe legionaries organised weekly public Rosaries in Housing Estates during July and August; 25 – 28 people attending each night. West Clare Curia has 30 legionaries in 6 praesidia. Works include, crowd contact during the Willy Clancy Festival, organising Eucharistic Adoration plus visitation of hospitals and nursing homes.

Thurles Comitium: Junior legionaries in Thurles work with the seniors in visiting the local hospital. The works of a praesidium in Thurles include hospital, home and Pilgrim Statue visitation, also contact with the First Communion class in a local school. The 6 members of Templetuohy praesidium make full use of the Pilgrim Statue and the Miraculous Medal. Praesidia in Littleton and Holy Cross undertake home and hospital visitation. The extension effort in Castleiney resulted in the permission of the Parish Priest to start the Legion there. Murroe Curia reported on praesidia in Cappawhite and Cappamore, both mentioning the value of the Praetorian degree of membership. Tipperary Curia reported on 4 praesidia. Cashel Curia: The revived praesidium in Killenure has 9 members. This Curia also has an outreach programme to Clonmel.


Birr/Roscrea Curia: The reporting praesidium in Roscrea has 14 members who visit nursing homes, promote Holy Hours and Faith Development presentations with DVDs. Birr praesidium has 8 members and 17 auxiliaries. Their works include visiting the sick and housebound and promoting Eucharistic Adoration. Each year they organise a Rosary Rally for children in the Primary Schools. The praesidium in Moneygall has 5 members, 3 of whom are Praetorians and also 20 auxiliaries. Works include Church activities and visitation of hospitals and nursing homes.
Lismore Curia: Abbeyside praesidium has 7 members whose works include home and hospital visitation. They are involved in parish activities such as organising Eucharistic Adoration and distribution of Church envelopes to parishioners.
Ross Curia: There are 9 attached praesidia. The reporting praesidia have 7, 5 and 11 members whose works include Church cleaning and decoration, hospital and nursing home visitation and distribution of Miraculous Medals.
Waterford Curia: Ballybricken praesidium has 5 members who undertake hospital visitation and parish duties. On 27th November they organised the distribution of 300-400 Miraculous Medals. All those who showed interest in the Legion during the MEP project last August have been followed up resulting in a new member for a praesidium in Letterkenny. The annual Rosary Procession on 8th September had an attendance of between 300 and 500. 18 youths, along with 5 leaders from the Rise and Shine Youth Group took part in the Dominican Pilgrimage to Knock in October. All went to Confession and attended Mass.

(October & November 2014)

Our Lady of Fatima Wicklow Curia: The Arklow praesidium has 6 full members, 14 auxiliaries and 1 religious Adjutorian. They sell 34 copies of the Irish Catholic. A great friendship has developed with the Traveller Community. With the permission of the RNLI a book barrow was used at the Maritime Festival. In April two legionaries helped visit the families of those baptised in 2008. About 35 parishioners joined their two Pilgrimages to Our Lady’s Island, while 80 attended a presentation on Edel Quinn in September.

Ancilla Domini Curia: Eight Catholics, two Protestants and one priest attended the October Pauline Circle. 17 Catholics and one Protestant were present in November. 9 people attended the Patrician meeting in Donore Avenue. The Filipino praesidium has 5 full members and 2 probationers and 43 auxiliary members. They concentrate on visiting compatriots at home and in hospital.

Annunciata Curia: 25 patricians and 14 legionaries attended 4 Patrician meetings. One praesidium sells 81 Maria Legionis and has 114 auxiliary members. Their works are home and nursing home visitation, plus crowd contact at the Luas train stop. 88 non-Catholics were invited to the Church Unity service in the parish Church. Two of their Patrician meetings had 21 and 26 people in attendance.

Benedicta Curia: The new praesidium gave its first report. The auxiliary list comprises 38 full auxiliary members and 52 probationers. The works are home and hospital visitation. A housebound husband and wife with two adult mentally disabled sons requested Confession. The Parish Priest visited the couple. A woman whose son is in prison requested a Miraculous Medal for him and promised to return to Mass.

Gloriosa Curia held Movie Nights in October and November in the Curia house; 18 attended both nights, about 50% were non-legionaries. The movies had a moral or religious theme. 11 patricians and 11 legionaries attended 2 Patrician meetings. A praesidium doing home visitation met a suicidal man who was listened to with compassion and given information on Pieta House. Cloverhill Prison was visited several times in recent months, bringing sacramentals to the prisoners. The NUI Maynooth praesidium has 5 Seminarians and 15 lay students as members. Home visitation is done in Housing Estates which tend to have student residents. A college discussion had 13 legionaries and 3 non-legionaries in attendance.

Assumpta Curia: 57 patricians and 16 legionaries attended 4 Patrician meetings. Five Spiritual Directors accompanied legionaries on a Pilgrimage to Knock Shrine; also travelling was a wheelchair-bound person and her helper. A young Muslim lady on the same Pilgrimage said she thoroughly enjoyed the visit to Our Lady’s Shrine.

Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia: One praesidium has 8 members. They deliver 140 Maria Legionis and give Rosary Beads to children preparing for the Sacraments in the local school. Their main work is the visitation of two nursing homes; in one they recite the Rosary and distribute Holy Communion; in the other they accompany residents to the local Church for Mass and afterwards to the Community Centre for entertainment. Their annual cake sale raises considerable funds for the Morning Star Hostel.

Immaculata Curia: Public Rosaries were recited in eight areas during October. Five legionaries distributed Rosary Beads to 125 Second-Level pupils and explained the Rosary. At the request of the Parish Priest in one parish, legionaries taught the Rosary to 75 Primary School pupils in preparation for an evening of Adoration on the feast of the Holy Rosary. 44 legionaries and 62 patricians attended 11 Patrician meetings. One praesidium has increased its membership from 5 to 7 despite one member transferring to another praesidium. They have 95 auxiliary members. Their works are street contact, public Rosaries, home visitation, Pilgrim Statue and running a Patrician meeting. They also spoke to the Communion and Confirmation classes in a Primary School.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia: A Patrician meeting attracts an average of 19 people, mostly non-legionaries. Legion works include promoting Perpetual Adoration, helping in the repository and assisting in the running of the Parish Friendship Club.


Blantyre Senatus: Mzuzu Regia, situated 750 kilometres from Blantyre governs 17 Comitia in Mzuzu and Karonga Dioceses. A successful annual meeting for the officers and Spiritual Directors in Malawi was held in Mzuzu in July. The translation of the Handbook into Tumbuka is being edited. There are 16 Comitia in Blantyre Archdiocese. The Senatus organised a Pilgrimage in May. Maula Regia in Lilongwe Archdiocese also organised a Pilgrimage. Arrangements are being made to raise this Regia with 19 Comitia, 6 Curiae and l5 praesidia to Senatus status to govern the Legion in Lilongwe and its 3 Suffragen Dioceses.

Senatus of Kenya: The monthly prayers at Venerable Edel Quinn’s grave are assigned to a different praesidium each month and attendance is usually about 15. All councils and praesidia report having Mass offered for the Servant of God, Frank Duff. Home and hospital visitation is done regularly and people of many different faiths and none are encountered. Many contacts joined the catechism class. Several couples were encouraged to have their marriages regularised. Kisumu Regia reported 155 marriages blessed. A university Chaplain asked that the Legion be started in his College. Two Curiae are being set up in one Comitium. Efforts are continuing to strengthen the Legion in Meru Diocese.

Uganda Senatus: Reports were received from 4 Comitia, 2 Tertiary Institutions Curiae and 4 praesidia, including 2 in a Seminary. The causes of Frank Duff and Edel Quinn are widely promoted. Following last year’s celebrations marking the founding of the Legion there by Edel, 75 years ago, the date of her arrival in Uganda will henceforth be celebrated. As part of an extensive promotion of Frank Duff’s Cause, it is intended to provide each council with an A4 picture of him for use at functions. Two of Frank’s booklets have recently been translated into Luganda, which is widely spoken in Uganda. The 8th Spiritual Director’s Conference was held from 20 - 23 August. One bishop, 103 Spiritual Directors and 12 legionaries attended the Conference.
Abuja Senatus: Makurdi Regia reported 326 conversions and 493 lapsed returned to the faith. 55 new praesidia were formed in the area during 2014.
Ibadan Senatus: In two years the number of senior praesidia in one Comitium has grown from 22 to 28 and junior praesidia from 4 to 12. Lagos Regia: One Comitium had 45 marriages ratified.
Enugu Senatus: Reports indicate great numbers being prepared for all the Sacraments and many lapsed returning to practice of the faith. Three new Curiae were established by a Comitium. Onitsha Regia: 655 legionaries from one Comitium participated in various Exploratio Dominicalis projects. Jos Regia: One Comitium reported 8 marriages blessed, 4 people received into the Church and 127 recruited into the Legion. Ikot Ekpene Regia: Two Comitia held successful Congresses.

Songea Comitium: Two new Curiae were set up this year. Many legionaries have to travel up to 250km to attend their Curia meetings. These distances and financial restraints make it difficult to visit attached councils.
Mbinga Comitium: Legionaries in one parish organised an all-night Eucharistic Vigil in preparation for the Golden Jubilee of evangelisation of their parish. The next day they held a Pilgrimage with an attendance of 206.
Mtwara Comitium: A Retreat was held prior to the Acies. Two praesidia gave reports. A University lecturer expressed a wish to meet legionaries and this is being arranged. The Comitium has received permission to start a praesidium in a Training College and legionaries were asked to visit medical students at a Hospital.
Rombo Comitium: Home, hospital and school visitation are among its many apostolic works.
Hai Moshi Comitium: This council reported on home and hospital visitation, contact with drug and alcohol addicts and preparing adults and children for the Sacraments. An e-mail from Fr. Garry Jenkins in Liberia told of the great fear of Ebola and the effect the virus was having on every aspect of life, social, emotional, and economic. Prayers are requested for those suffering from Ebola and for eradication of the disease.

Kasama Regia: Reports include visits to hospitals, auxiliaries and Legion members who are ill or bereaved. Juniors also visit hospitals, the aged and do recruiting. All councils are being asked to set up monthly Prayer Groups to pray for the three Causes. They are being advised to dedicate each Prayer Group to a particular Cause, so that there will be some groups promoting Frank, some Edel and some Alfie.

Banjul Curia: Members of the Curia are visiting various parishes trying to start and reactivate praesidia.


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Historical Commission for the Cause of Frank Duff
December 2014


Notice was given to the Concilium that on 19th November the Archbishop of Dublin, Most Reverend Diarmuid Martin DD would appoint the Historical Commission for the Cause of Frank Duff. To be appointed are the following: To the Historical Commission itself, Monsignor Ciaran O’Carroll (Rector of the Irish College in Rome) as Chairperson and Micheal O’Fathartaigh and Carmel Connell as members. In addition Fr. Eamonn McCarthy and Enda Dunleavy would be appointed as Consulters to the Cause.


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Historical Commission for the Cause of Frank Duff
December 2014


Notice was given to the Concilium that on 19th November the Archbishop of Dublin, Most Reverend Diarmuid Martin DD would appoint the Historical Commission for the Cause of Frank Duff. To be appointed are the following: To the Historical Commission itself, Monsignor Ciaran O’Carroll (Rector of the Irish College in Rome) as Chairperson and Micheal O’Fathartaigh and Carmel Connell as members. In addition Fr. Eamonn McCarthy and Enda Dunleavy would be appointed as Consulters to the Cause.


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Allocutio at November Concilium by Fr. Bede McGregor OP
December 2014

The Weekly Meeting: The Heart of the Legion

Two words frequently associated with the role of Pope Francis are reform and renewal. Of course there is nothing new in this task since it is as old as the Church itself. The well-known Latin dictum sums it up: Ecclesia semper Reformanda est: The Church is always in need of being reformed. This is true both at individual and community level. And of course, it applies to us legionaries and the Legion itself. The 11 Vatican Council was a magnificent gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church to guide her in her internal renewal and to inspire her mission of evangelisation of the modern world. It was also a potential gift of God to the Legion especially because Frank Duff was invited to the Council and immersed himself in the spirit of the Council as actually expressed in its Documents and post-conciliar magisterium.

After more than two decades of studying all the writings of Frank Duff, our Founder, I have come to the conviction that the last 15 years of his life are in many ways the most significant for the future of the Legion. Of course the very first meeting of the Legion and the providential preparation for it by the repeated and profound reading of ‘The True Devotion’ by Louis Marie de Montfort and his years of experience of working among the poorest of the poor through membership of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul are an indispensable means of entering into the true spirit of the Legion of Mary. And indeed, the whole history of the Legion as it developed through the years is a priceless heritage that we neglect at our peril.

However, after the Council, alongside true forms of renewal there are many false interpretations of the Council with disastrous results for many religious orders, congregations, lay associations of the faithful and many local Churches. During those years suggestions and attempts were made to change things that are essential to the specific charism of the Legion. We are all familiar with these dangerous proposals or temptations. But Frank Duff fought hard to keep the Legion intact and in the Handbook and especially in his letters he has left us really precious guidance for our future.. One of his constant and trenchant principles was to say: ‘By all means make whatever changes you like, borrow what you want, but I beg you do not call it the Legion of Mary.’

Obviously, I cannot within the short compass of a single allocution give an adequate account of the years following the Council and how false interpretations of it attempted to change the Legion and how Bro. Duff responded to them. So let me take just one example: the weekly meeting of the praesidium. First let us recall how the Legion sees this weekly meeting in the Handbook: ‘This weekly meeting is the heart of the Legion from which the life-blood flows into all its veins and arteries. It is the power-house from which its light and energy are derived. It is the treasury out of which its own special needs are provided for. It is the great community exercise, where someone sits unseen in the midst of them according to promise; where the peculiar grace of the work is bestowed; and where the members are imbued with the spirit of religious discipline; which looks first to the pleasing of God and personal sanctification; thence to the evangelisation which is best calculated to achieve these ends, and then proceeds to do the work assigned, subordinating private likings.’

The most obvious thing about a Legion meeting is the Legion altar. We place a statue of Our Lady as mediatrix of all graces among us. This lovely sacramental reminds us of her presence among us and we strive to make everything said and done at the meeting, no matter how heated it might sometimes become, to harmonise with her spirit. The Rosary and the Magnificat also emphasise the Marian atmosphere at the meeting. And from sheer dint of repetition especially when it comes from the inside of the legionary gradually leads to the joyful conviction that we have the tremendous privilege of working with and for Mary in bringing Jesus to the world. He is everything to Mary and therefore to the Legion. Mary is the secret of the Legion both in its prayer life and its apostolate.

Next in importance is the reporting on apostolic work done by each legionary. It can happen so easily that we merely talk about the apostolate; we even fantasise about what we could or should be doing in the apostolate, but in the weekly Legion meeting we must report on the apostolic work we have actually done in the previous week.. This method it seems to me is an infallible way of forming an apostolic spirit – a true lay apostle.

Next we have the planning and allocation of apostolic work for the following week. We must at least aspire to some heroic apostolic work by some of the members and we try to meet the real spiritual needs of the parish or the people we are dealing with. The work is determined by the praesidium under the guidance of the Parish Priest or the Spiritual Director. This weekly practice forms the legionary to be always thinking and loving with the Church and for the Church. We don’t seek to simply act according to our own likes or dislikes. We desire to be always at the service of the Mystical Body of Christ.

The weekly meeting of the Legion is utterly unique. It is not simply a prayer group although it is profoundly contemplative and prayer forms a substantial part of the meeting at its beginning, middle and end. Nor is the Legion a purely apostolic group although it provides an impressive apostolic formation and actually engages in weekly apostolic action. The Legion if true to his/her charism must be a contemplative lay apostle and the weekly meeting is the privileged way the Legion forms us to a life of prayer, faith formation, and genuine apostolate. As the saying goes, the Legion is a school for making saints and minting apostles. The meeting is more like the original cenacle experience. After prayer together with Mary they go out at her instigation to evangelise the world, starting from the place and the people among whom they live and work.

The weekly meeting must be held sacrosanct in the Legion; it is always the infallible means of authentic renewal in the Legion. When the meeting is weak or half-hearted the Legion will be too. Let me give the last word to the Handbook: ‘The legionaries shall therefore regard attendance at their weekly praesidium meeting as their first and most sacred duty to the Legion. Nothing else can supply for this; without it their work will be like a body without a soul. Reason tells us, and experience prove, that neglect in regard to this primary duty will be attended by ineffective work, and will soon be followed by defection from the ranks of the Legion.

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Concilium Bulletin November 2014
December 2014


Melbourne Senatus. Reporting Curiae ranged in size from 6 to 8 Senior and a few junior praesidia. A praesidium was set up for 6 night workers as a result of an extension drive, a Chinese one and another as a result of a PPC project. A junior fun day had 80 children in attendance. Seven Seminarians helped with the programme. A weekend Retreat was held in May based on the True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin. Kiribati Islands were visited by Senatus officers, who found legionaries dedicated to prayer and work and many junior praesidia. Namosi Comitium in Fiji governs 3 Senior Curia and l junior with 7 praesidia. It is intended to have a professional translation made of the Handbook.

Sydney Senatus: Home visitation features in all reports. In one parish there are 12 Pilgrim Statues circulating and catechism classes are conducted. Preparation for the Sacraments resulted in one person being received into the Church. Book barrow apostolate is undertaken and juniors work in parishes with their seniors. In East Timor there are now 5 praesidia with a Curia to be formed. Solomon Islands Comitium has 5 Curiae, including the recently attached Curia on Wagina Island.

Brisbane Comitium: Visitation of councils is undertaken. Three new praesidia were set up in the last 3 months. Works reported included two Enthronements of the Sacred Heart, an Auxiliary Rally and teaching catechism in schools. As a result of the Rosary recited in a nursing home for residents, visitors to the nursing home are now joining in and a Presbyterian lady also, who wants to get to know Our Blessed Lady. A Retreat was held on 7th.September.

Auckland Senatus: Works include the running of a DVD lending library, assisting at funerals, and teaching catechism. A positive feedback was received as a result of home visitation and follow up to the lapsed. Christchurch Curia has 7 praesidia. A recruiting team was set up as membership is low and life has still many difficulties as a result of the earthquakes. South Auckland Curia has 10 senior praesidia attached, plus one junior Curia with 6 senior and 4 intermediate praesidia.

Bicolandia Senatus: The Spiritual Director and the Vice President died, R.I.P. A new Spiritual director has been appointed.

Western Visayas Senatus: A huge variety of works were reported - Baptisms, conversions, regularisation of marriages, visiting hospitals and homes, also Block Rosaries and Exploratio Dominicalis. 7 Comitia, one Regia, two Curia and two praesidia reported. A couple living together for 35 years had a Church wedding and the wife is now a Curia officer. Another couple had their 4 children baptised. As a result of Jail visitation there were 7 converts and a convicted murderer received the Sacraments.

Northern Philippines Senatus: Three Regia reported. Legionaries prepared 400 high school students and 200 elementary students for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. 50 Cadets in the military camps received Confirmation and for the first time in 7 years a non-sectarian school in a military camp allowed legionaries to hold catechesis classes, resulting in 20 students receiving first Holy Communion. Port Moresby PNG has a new Spiritual Director. In preparation for the Acies all councils held a Retreat. The Legion is given a 30 minute slot weekly on Radio Maria. Madang Regia: A project organised by the Regia resulted in 5 new praesidia. One praesidium reported on the conversion of three Moslems to the Catholic faith. A co-habiting couple got married after visits from legionaries. Many hospital contacts who were not practicing the faith and living with partners were followed up after discharge from hospital.

Cebu Senatus: Extension is on-going in many areas. Toledo Comitium has asked for prayers for their work in a new parish.


Senatus of Asuncion: Many praesidia are established in prisons and catechesis of prisoners features in many reports. One Comitium has 1,630 members, 2,883 auxiliaries and 50 Nursery groups for very young legionaries. A junior Curia has 905 active members and 816 auxiliaries. Evangelisation in Centres of Education, especially in Universities is showing good results. Exploratio Dominicalis projects are helping to recruit new members. Many praesidia take Holy Communion to people in hospitals and to the sick in their homes. Home visitation is a popular work. Youths in the Naval Services are contacted while ashore. Many legionaries recite the Rosary with families in their homes and accompany priests when they administer Extreme Unction. A juvenile Comitium has 6 Patrician groups and 70 Nursery groups.

Senatus of Montevideo: The Tessera in Braille is soon to be produced. A new praesidium was formed in June. Visitation of the Military Hospital has begun.

Senatus of Caracas: Exploratio Dominicalis projects and Columban Drives were highlighted in reports. Many new praesidia have been set up and others are in formation, including junior praesidia. A PPC project was held in Maracaibo and 55 juniors took part in a Maria et Patria project in August. Sports events and Retreats are organised for juniors. Temporary shelter is organised for the poor. A meeting of Spiritual Directors took place in Cabinas, while in Carupano a Diocesan meeting was held with Seminarians.

Senatus of Quito, Ecuador: The Legion has begun working in Radio Maria. 11 new praesidia have been set up. Portoviejo has three extension groups resulting in one new praesidium. Talks are given on marriage.

Senatus of Bogota: Councils and praesidia are working well, indicating good numbers of active and auxiliary members. A junior Curia was set up on the 7th September. There are 7 Senatus officers.

Senatus of Lima: The attached Comitia and Curiae report good numbers of active praesidia. A Curia set up one junior and two senior praesidia. The same Curia reported 72 returns to the faith from the sects.

Senatus of Santiago: On Wednesday 29 October Br. Noel Lynch and Sr. Coni Garcia were met at the airport in Santiago by two Senatus officers and escorted to the Retreat Centre, venue for the three-day National Conference. On the evening of Friday 31st October, Archbishop Andrello presided at the opening Mass in the presence of 290 legionaries. All councils attached to the Senatus were represented. Some attendees were immigrants from Peru, Colombia and Guatemala, who continue to be legionaries in Chile. Various discussions were held with different officers such as those of Punta Arenas Curia, who had set off in the snow at 6am by plane from the southern tip of Chile. Br. Noel and Sr. Coni flew to Buenos Aires following the Conference and will remain in Argentina visiting its higher Legion councils until 21st November.


Tuam Comitium: Some members helped with a recruiting drive in Ballyhaunis, Claremorris Curia. Westport Curia had a recruiting drive in Corofin on 18th October. Kilkerrin and Clonberne praesidia have amalgamated. The Mini Vigil in Knock conducted by Fr. Sean Cunningham took place on Friday 10th October. Members helped to staff the Legion Office in Knock. Eight members went on PPC to the U.K. this year. Dunmore praesidium has 5 members whose works include Fatima Statue visitation and organising weekly Eucharistic Adoration. They took the Fatima Statue to a school in May, prayed with the children and told them the story of Fatima. They left the Statue in the school and the teacher continued to pray with the children during the week. Legionaries gave 30 Miraculous Medals and First Communion prayer cards to the children who received their First Holy Communion. Works of the praesidium in Mountbellew include visiting the local nursing home and bringing Holy Communion to the residents. They do Church cleaning when requested by the Parish Priest.

Ferns Comitium: The reporting praesidium has 5 active members, 60 auxiliaries and 7 Adjutorians, who are priests from St. Patrick’s College, Kiltegan. Their works include home visitation. The Miraculous Medal is used on this work and children are delighted to hear the story of the Medal. Visitation of a Cheshire Home is also done. They make a point of reaching out to the volunteers from different countries who work in the Home.

Elphin Comitium: Reports were received from 3 praesidia with membership of 5, 13 and 5. Works undertaken are home, nursing home and hospital visitation, plus various parish duties such as management of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. A new initiative by a Roscommon praesidium visiting a nursing home is the organising of a weekly session consisting of prayer, singing and music. North Elphin Curia: Members of Ballinafad praesidium accompanied by their Spiritual Director, Fr. Alan Conway, visited all the Housing Estates to invite the residents to the parish Mission. This praesidium also hosted a monthly DVD presentation on Catholicism for the Year of Faith. Boyle praesidium brought the First Holy Communion class to the Adoration Chapel on two occasions to introduce them to Eucharistic Adoration. Thirteen members from four praesidia did contact work during the Fleadh Ceoil in Sligo town. 700 Miraculous Medals were distributed and many good contacts were reported.

Achonry Curia: A new praesidium set up in Colloney is being helped by Ballymote praesidium. The new praesidium in Foxford is being assisted by members of Swinford praesidium.

Clonfert Curia: A praesidium of 8 members in Ballinasloe has 66 auxiliaries. Home, hospital and nursing home visitation is carried out and 4 members are involved in setting up Eucharistic Adoration in the Diocese. A second praesidium in Ballinasloe also has 8 members. Hospital, nursing home and Pilgrim Statue visitation are included in the apostolate. Two members manned the Legion Office in Knock for one day during August. Legionaries give help to those with learning disabilities. Members of Taughmaconnel praesidium visit two nursing homes, a hospital and those living alone. They fill and distribute bottles of Holy Water for which there is a great demand.

Galway Curia: The praesidium in Ballinfoyle parish, which was set up in August 2013, gave its first annual report in August 2014. They have 3 full members, 3 probationers and 8 auxiliaries. 450 homes have been visited. Parish Faith cards with Mass times and many prayer leaflets are distributed on visitation. The importance of the Mass is explained to many young people. The father of a Roma family and his eldest daughter attend weekly the parish Rosary Group. He is doing the RCIA course with which the legionaries assist. Another praesidium reported home and hospital visitation as its main works. In April the Curia organised a recruiting drive at three weekend Masses in a parish and did door to door visitation on the Sunday afternoon.

Killala Curia: A praesidium in Ballina continues with works of service in the parish. Two Pilgrim Statues are used on home visitation. Lacken praesidium has 10 members who also carry out works of service in the parish. Two members visit nursing homes. Members of the Curia attended Fr. Colm Mannion’s ordination on 5th July. Fr. Colm was a member of a Deus et Patria team which worked in Ballina 10 years ago. Of that team three men are now priests and one woman is a nun. Legionaries from the Curia volunteered for the Knock Office for three days in August.

Kilkenny Curia: Members of the reporting praesidium visit local hospitals and nursing homes and recite the Rosary at a Halting Site during May and October and organise Pilgrimages to Knock and Our Lady’s Island. Two legionaries from Thurles Comitium attended the September Curia meeting and are planning to help the Curia with extension and recruiting.

(Reports for September & October 2014)

Exaltata Curia: A Regina Coeli praesidium gained one new member during the year, bringing the total to 10, plus one probationer. Holy Hours are organised 3 days a week and Bible Readings on Monday mornings. Classes are arranged for patchwork, making greeting cards and gardening. Residents are also helped to fill forms, attend medical appointments and to improve their English. Another Regina Coeli praesidium has 9 members; 3 are officers and 3 are Praetorians. During their duty they welcomed back a resident who had been sleeping rough for several weeks; as she was unfit to travel to Birmingham for her mother’s funeral, legionaries in Birmingham were contacted and attended the funeral. Another resident said she had returned to the practice of the faith since coming to the hostel.

Bethlehem Curia: Legionaries from various Curiae gathered on September 6th for home visitation to publicise a Parish Retreat; 13 pairs worked in the morning and 9 pairs in the afternoon. The Parish Priest was very thankful. 24 patricians and 4 legionaries attended two meetings. An 87 year-old praesidium has 4 active and 2 probationary members. Prayer, scripture readings and hymns form the basis of their visit to the Phoenix Centre for mentally ill patients. Street contact is done at the G.P.O. and on Henry Street. Home visitation is also done. First year students in St Paul’s School on Brunswick Street were spoken to and given Miraculous Medals and Rosary Beads. A praesidium of 7 members including two Praetorians, runs a Men’s Club twice a week, with around 6 men in attendance. One man was persuaded to take a three month pledge to abstain from alcohol. Weekly Lectio Divina has been recently started.

Porta Coeli Curia: A praesidium with 6 active members has two Pilgrim Statues in circulation. A lapsed Catholic lady from Argentina was intrigued by Alfie Lambe’s story. She had visited La Recoleta Cemetary, where Alfie is buried. Taxi drivers waiting at a rank are given copies of a Catholic newspaper. A weekly prayer vigil is held at an Abortion Referral Centre; one woman contacted subsequently asked one of the members to be present during the birth of her child.

Veneranda Curia: A praesidium with 5 members and one probationer visits Dochas women’s prison two evenings a week. During aftercare visitation, one lady told them of her very enjoyable Pilgrimage to Lourdes with the Dublin Archdiocese. The praesidium distributes 43 copies of Maria Legionis. Some Park contact is done; people are generally in a relaxed mood and willing to engage in conversation.

Consolata Curia: Three legionaries and 6 patricians attended a Patrician meeting. The new praesidium in Donabate gave its first annual report. Home visitation was done. They renovated a kiosk from a previous praesidium and staffed it at Christmas and Easter making contacts and distributing bottles of Holy Water. An all-night Prayer Vigil attracted a good number of parishioners. One hour of weekly Eucharistic Adoration was organised during Lent and a weekly Rosary recited in the local National School. One new member joined the Rush praesidium which now has 8 members and 50 auxiliaries. Their works include home and nursing-home visitation. They also organised Stations of the Cross in a housing estate on Good Friday, acted out by children, with over 100 people present. 28 attended their Retreat for parishioners. 47 went on their Knock Pilgrimage. Another praesidium organised an extension project to a nearby parish, resulting in 4 potential new members coming to subsequent meetings with the view to setting up a new praesidium.

Presentata Curia: One praesidium has 8 full and one probationary member. Since last year’s Outreach they have had monthly meetings with the Parish Priest. A Legion stand at the Parish Open Day attracted 3 visitors to the praesidium. Street contact is done in one area. A lapsed Catholic expressed an interest in coming back to the Catholic Church. Another praesidium of 6 full and 2 probationary members caters for the African Community. Street contact is done where Africans tend to gather, such as Moore Street. Arising from the Outreach Project, a 12 year-old Down Syndrome boy received his First Holy Communion after being instructed by legionaries; to the boys delight his separated parents flew from Spain for the event; his grandparents also attended and his grandmother said it was the happiest day of her life. During June a Frank Duff stand was erected on a busy street and attracted much attention. Two praesidia came together for an Exploratio Dominicalis project to Balbriggan. One girl joined the Legion as a result. 14 attended a Patrician meeting in Regina Coeli hostel, including 10 residents. Another praesidium has 7 full members, one probationer and 20 auxiliaries. Works include home visitation and crowd contact at a Shopping Centre. The praesidium has also become involved with the Camino Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Enfield, encouraging the 14 residents to pray and attend Mass. Eight legionaries on an Exploratio Dominicalis project visited 300 houses; one result was a man who requested Confession and asked to have his house blessed. The Parish Priest offers a monthly Mass for all Legion contacts.


Accra Senatus: The formation of junior praesidia in Second Cycle Schools is progressing steadily. The praesidium in the University of Ghana has been tasked to form praesidia in these schools and other Tertiary Institutions located near the University. During October all praesidia promoted True Devotion to Mary at parish level. A documentary on the Legion was telecast on GTV on 6th September. 80 legionaries from praesidia directly attached to the Senatus participated in a project, visiting Barracks, Lorry Stations and Taxi Ranks.
The Senatus Spiritual Director encouraged all legionaries to seek the intercession of the Servant of God, Frank Duff for the eradication of the Ebola virus.

Benguela Senatus: A National Congress of the Legion of Mary in Angola, with the theme: “Legionaries of Mary Devoted to Evangelisation”, was held in Benguela 10-14 September. 2014. A total of 557 delegates from all 18 Dioceses, including five Archdioceses, took part. Talks were given by the Archbishop of Malanje, the Bishop of Namibe, the Rector of the Major Seminary of The Good Shepherd and the Spiritual Director of the Benguela Senatus. The retired Archbishop of Benguela presided at the Opening Mass and the current Bishop at the closing Mass. A list of fifteen conclusions arrived at include; the promotion of an integral formation among the legionaries; encouraging the recitation of the Rosary and the Catena in legionary families; that the legionaries get to know the Virtues of Mary; that the Councils observe rigorously the Invariability of the Legion System according to the directives of the Handbook in Chapter XX; that the Councils be open to the foundation of more junior praesidia in the parishes; that the legionaries be conscious of the mission to announce the Gospel to all, especially to those who have gone astray.

Luanda Senatus: A Tridium was organised in preparation for the inauguration of the Senatus on 8th June 2014. Members were encouraged to continue to mobilise the families to stick with the campaign of vaccination promoted by the Ministry of health for children.

Cape Verde Regia: There are five Cape Verdean praesidia in New York. Praesidia report increased membership and plan to encourage youths and adults to prepare for the Sacraments.

Hwange Comitium: The junior movement is continuing to grow and the members are very active in the apostolate. Works undertaken include home visitation and encouraging people to receive the Sacraments.

Lesotho Senatus: The August Senatus meeting was held at 7.50a.m. after the members attended an overnight Retreat.

Esogodeni Comitium: There are 16 Curiae attached to the Comitium; the council has no directly attached praesidia.

Johannesburg Senatus: 25 Non Catholic homes were visited and the Rosary recited with them. 23 babies were baptised through the help of the legionaries. A number of new senior and junior praesidia have been set up, including a French-speaking praesidium in Pretoria.

Cape Town Senatus: 160 legionaries attended a very successful two day Conference in Pella, Northern Cape with the theme, “Back to Basics” on 5th and 6th October.



Visitors to Concilium from Croatia gave a report on Zagreb Regia, which takes care of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina:
Out of 16 Dioceses in Croatia, the Legion is present in ten. 22 praesidia are directly attached to the Regia, together with 2 Comitia and 10 Curiae with a total of 1322 active members, 7074 auxiliaries and 152 junior legionaries.
In the last 5 years there was a growth of 25% in overall numbers.
Among apostolates, such as visits to families, nursing homes, there is an apostolate to young people and children, plus visits to prisons and psychiatric hospitals. Street contact is also done. Among visible fruits of the work are many returns to Sacraments.
Zagreb Regia takes care of spiritual formation of the members by organising Retreats, Legion schools and annual Pilgrimages to Marian Shrines, which are numerous in Croatia. The council publishes its own Legion magazine four times per year and once a month has a Legion broadcast on Radio Maria.
Spiritual director of the Regia, Very Reverend Stanislav Vitković passed away after almost 30 years of service in the Legion of Mary R.I.P.


Concilium gave its agreement to raise the Comitium of Malabo to Regia status and to affiliate the Comitium of Bata to the new Regia.
Equatorial Guinea is a Spanish-speaking country on the west coast of Africa. The capital Malabo is situated on a small island and the rest of the country is on mainland Africa. There is one Archdiocese in Malabo and two Dioceses on the mainland, one in Bata and one in Ebeblyin. The two councils (Malabo and Bata) have contact with each other and each council invites the other to its different functions. This has greatly helped to establish a link between the two councils.



The number of projects undertaken by the Irish PPC Committee in 2014 totalled 21 to the U.K. and 1 project to Villenueve, South of France.
The Senatus of Scotland sent a team to Turku, Finland. The Senatus of Birmingham sent a team to Erfurt, Germany and the Senatus of Liverpool sent a team to Sweden.
Five priests, two religious Sisters, one Deacon and one Seminarian, plus 225 legionaries took part in the UK and French projects from Ireland.
The total number of first timers was 23.
Three new praesidia were set up.
At St Mary’s Metropolitan Cathedral, Edinburgh, Monsignor Regan thanked the legionaries for all their work and the group were each gifted with Rosary Beads blessed by Pope Benedict during his visit to Scotland.
During the project to Rutherglen Fr. Pat Hennessy Parish Priest invited Bishop Toale to visit the team. He attended their meeting and was very interested in the work and responses they were receiving; he said this is exactly what Pope Francis is asking for.
Peregrini were told by Fr. Udie from Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Parish, Surrey Docks, London, that the attendance at the Stations of the Cross had drawn the biggest congregation he had ever seen for a service.
On Ascension Thursday over 200 young children from the Immaculate Heart of Mary parish arrived for 9.30 a.m. Mass. Fr. Morris was pleased to report that one of the Legion contacts called in during the week and had her child baptised.
A number of Primary and Secondary Schools were visited on various projects. Miraculous Medals were very well received; almost all the children wore them immediately, with teachers asking to take some home to family and friends. At another School visit, a life-size statue of St Catherine Laboure was displayed.

Sample of special contacts:
A man was overjoyed on discovering two legionaries at his door in Edinburgh. Some years beforehand while living in America and taking cocaine, he was contemplating suicide. Then one day there was a knock on his door. Two legionaries introduced themselves, stayed and prayed with him for two hours and he has never since taken drugs.
A person lapsed from his Catholic faith for many years was delighted to be invited to return and attended the Mass on Friday, went to Confession and received Holy Communion.
A non-Catholic on the same project also arrived at the Friday night Mass.
Another soul humbly got down on his knees and asked the priest for a blessing, promising to return to the Sacraments.
A gentleman who had suffered two strokes went to Confession and said he would like someone to call to him each Sunday with Holy Communion.
A contact in his early 80’s said he had no faith. After a discussion, during which one of the legionaries prayed hard for this person, he said he would like to return to the Church and asked for a Miraculous Medal. Later, he received Confession and Holy Communion after an absence of 62 years!
A grandmother, who at first insisted that Baptism was not for her grandchildren, on hearing about the treasures of the Catholic faith, asked for instruction for her grandchildren.
Another lady living alone went to Confession after a lapse of 60 years.

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Legion of Mary and EWTN
November 2014
has created a new special series entitled, “The Church Universal” hosted by
Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe M.F.V.A.
The series will consist of about 20 half-hour episodes. The
Legion of Mary has two of the episodes, numbers 6 and 13.
Episode 6 will feature Finola Kennedy on the subject of the founder of the Legion of Mary, Frank Duff and
is scheduledfor broadcast on the following satellites: (note that times given are in GMT).

Sunday 7th December at 8p.m.
with repeats on Monday 8th December at 2.30 p.m.
and Saturday 13th December at 3 a.m.

(Covers most of Africa and India).
12 noon Sunday 7th December,
with repeats on Monday 8th December at 8p.m.
and on Thursday 11th December at 5.30 p.m.

(Covers Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Western Pacific Islands).
Saturday 6th December at 2.30 p.m.,
with repeats on Thursday 11th December at 12 noon
and Friday 12 December at 11 p.m.


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Legion of Mary Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock, Ireland
November 2014

The Pilgrimage to Our Lady’s Shrine in Knock on the 28th September was attended by 7,500 to 8,000 pilgrims. Bishop Brendan Kelly of Achonry the Chief Celebrant gave a very inspiring homily starting with the welcome Frank Duff received from the 2,500 Bishops who rose to give him a warm and moving ovation when he took his place as an auditor at the final session of the Second Vatican Council. The Bishop told us that as a young priest he was Spiritual Director to a praesidium of men in Galway who ran a night shelter for homeless men. He was very impressed by the dedication and commitment of these unassuming legionaries. He pointed to the Second Reading of the day in which St. Paul tells us to “always consider the other person to be better than yourself,” which he said is the message the true legionary
brings to the person he or she goes out to meet. He reminded us that Mary came to Knock in 1879 quietly, in silence and without fuss and She is still there. All the legionaries throughout Ireland were thanked for their co-operation in making this a wonderful occasion.

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Visit to Brazil
November 2014

On behalf of Concilium Tadhg Mc Mahon attended the inaugural meeting of the Senatus of Santa Maria which covers 7 Dioceses, formally a Regia attached to the Senatus of Sao Paulo. Legionaries from Sao Paulo, Recife and Brasilia attended. Br. McMahon also attended the Sao Paulo officers meeting and a meeting with correspondents, officers and new Spiritual Director of the Regia of Brasilia.

This was followed by a three-day visit to the Senatus of Ponta Grossa for a conference of council officers from several Regiae and Comitia from 2 States. Bishop Edson (representative of the National Conference of the Bishops of Brazil) gave a presentation on Legion works with particular reference to the challenge of fundamentalist Protestants. The Bishop of Ponta Grossa celebrated Mass which, included an inspiring talk. To round up his visit, Br. McMahon held meetings totalling ten hours in duration with the Senatus officers of Rio de Janeiro. Br. McMahon was thanked for undertaking this mission on behalf of Concilium.


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Concilium Bulletin - October 2014
November 2014

Kuala Lumpur Regia: Languages in the Regia include English, Tamil Filipino and Chinese. Reports were taken from 2 praesidia with a total membership of 31 members. Works include visitation of immigrants, a shelter for orphans, classes for migrants, YouCat and book barrow. 4-5 council reports are taken each month; their works include Sunday School facilitating RCIA in English, home and hospital visitation, helping the handicapped, contact with lapsed Catholics, visiting an orphanage, prisoners, also the Filipino and Indonesian communities.

Osaka Senatus
: The new Archbishop of Osaka was installed. One praesidium visited a man with a long history of alcohol abuse who has since returned to the faith; he has inspired the praesidium to get in touch with their local A.A. branch. Another praesidium does works of service and is helping out in Fucushima, an area hit by an earthquake. A new praesidium has started in Kadoma.

SINGAPORE: Four new Mandarin-speaking praesidia were formed, two in Miri (under Kuching Comitium) and two in Bintulu (under Sibu Comitium). The Legion is now in all four Archdioceses, six Dioceses and one Apostolate Vicariate. Archbishop William Goh has issued a pastoral letter to consecrate the Archdiocese of Singapore to Our Lady, Star of New Evangelisation.

HONG KONG Comitium: Four praesidia presented reports, one being its first annual report. Works include, street contact, Catechumen classes, Sunday School, visitation of hospitals and homes for the elderly. Two Concilium officers, Pat O’Donoghue and Michael Walsh attended the 65th Anniversary celebrations of the founding of the Legion in Hong Kong. Great numbers were present at Mass in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception concelebrated by His Eminence Cardinal Jon Tong and 13 priests. The Cardinal was high in his praise of the Legion since the day of its foundation in Hong Kong by Fr. Aedan McGrath in1949. The Concilium officers also visited Macau and were warmly welcomed by Bishop Rev. Joseph Lai and about 20 legionaries. The Curia in Macau has 6 senior and one junior praesidia.

Seoul Senatus:
The visit of Pope Francis in August was a wonderful event. One million people gathered in the Central Plaza of Seoul, with 2,000 legionaries acting as stewards. 1,300 legionaries attended the opening Mass of Asian Youth Day in Daejeon as representatives of the Seoul Archdiocese. According to reports, during the Pope’s five-day visit, “Korea was like Heaven, full of peace, harmony and reconciliation.” 124 people were Beatified during the Holy Father’s visit. Suwon Regia recorded 9,241 baptisms. Incheon Regia had 4,706 baptisms. A taxi-drivers praesidium of 8 members reported 11 returns to the Sacraments. A bank praesidium of 14 members had 8 baptisms and 5 returns to the Sacraments. ‘Star of the Sea’ Korean praesidium in St. Petersburg was affiliated to the Senatus.

Gwanghu Senatus: Annual reports of 2 Comitia and 3 Curiae showed a membership of 1,186, 309 baptisms and recruitment of 279 active members.

Daegu Senatus: An introduction of the Legion of Mary to newly ordained Deacons had an attendance of 22 Deacons. Bumeo Comitium recruited 361 catechumens and reported 138 baptisms and 55 returns to the Sacraments. Wolsong Comitium recruited 361 catechumens and 281 returns to the Sacraments. Most reports show visitation of hospitals and Welfare Institutions.

Malang Senatus:
The territory covers 5 Archdioceses, and 14 Dioceses, with the Legion of Mary in all but one. Visitation of councils and praesidia is mentioned in all reports. Works include visitation of Catholic families to encourage them to attend Mass, teaching newly baptised and helping with medical care for children. Semerang Regia broadcast prayers on radio and television when disasters such as flooding, volcano eruption and landslides occur. Makassar Comitium set up a new Curia and 2 new praesidia. Works are visitation of a prison and a Rehabilitation Centre for drug addicts, a mental hospital and a house for disabled people. A Curia in Merauke visit sick prison inmates; they also assist the priest with Sacraments for the sick. Kupang Regia has teams to combat disease and drugs; they
also teach catechism to children in various villages.

Malang Senatus celebrated its Golden Jubilee in July.2014.

Jakarta Senatus: The Legion of Mary is in all 5 Archdioceses and 12 Dioceses. A praesidium in Medan Regia reported visitation of stressed and stroke patients in a Mental Hospital. Tangeran Comitium prayed the Tessera prayers with a group of 17 adults and children in a remote area and had Handbook discussions with them; they also have a Patrician group and teach catechism. Kilmantan Curia has 3 new praesidia. Mater Dei Curia in Jakarta conducts a Sunday School and assists, “Vocations Section” seeking vocations for the priesthood and religious life.
AUSTRIA and Caretaker Countries

The Senatus reports covered 3 directly attached praesidia, 7 Curiae and 9 Comitia. More than 800 people attended a Youth Festival. PPC teams went to Slovakia, Lourdes, Berlin and Lemberg in Ukraine. A former legionary was ordained to the priesthood and another became a nun. In Wienerwald Comitium a healing was attributed to Frank Duff. In Linz Comitium 40 children and their parents attended a Nazareth Festival. Tragwein Curia (Muchlviertel Comitium) held a Youth Catechesis with Bishop Schwarz. A praesidium in Guntersdorf prepared a Buddhist woman for baptism. Extension efforts continue. 3 new praesidia were set up.

BULGARIA: Elizabeth Kriss spent one week in July with two extension workers. The Bulgarian Handbook is near completion.

CZECH REPUBLIC: Olmuetz Comitium hold an annual Winter School. Prague Comitium started 2 new praesidia. Works include preparing adults for baptism.

MOLDOVA: Chisinau Curia has 9 senior and 2 junior praesidia. The Bishop, six priests and 100 legionaries attended their Acies. Cemetery apostolate is among their works.

SLOVAKIA: Zseliz Comitium has 34 praesidia spread over 3 Curiae.

UKRAINE: Sr. Kriss worked in the region for 3 weeks. 45 attended a Summer School.

BELARUS: Two praesidia and 4 Curiae reported. Three new praesidia were established. A Minsk praesidium of 23 members has brought numerous people back to the Sacraments. Naliboki Curia organised two men’s Rosary Prayer Groups. Curia Spiritual Director, Fr. Marian carries out evangelisation accompanied by legionaries in nearby villages. 200 legionaries participated in a three-day Retreat in Baranovichi. On 3rd September a plaque commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Legion in the region was blessed by Bishop Jerzy Mazur from Poland, who when a priest in Belarus was the first to welcome the Legion into that country.

CROATIA and Countries under its Caretakership
Zagreb Regia: The Legion’s Radio Maria broadcasts continue monthly and the most recent subject discussed was the Legion Promise. 7 praesidia and 2 Comitia reported. Annual audits were submitted with all reports. Five new praesidia were set up and auxiliary membership is growing. A praesidium in Zadar Comitium visits betting shops. One person returned to the Sacraments after an absence of 30 years, thanks to home visitation. Seat of Wisdom Curia reported that a person associated with performing several abortions was helped to go to Confession and died soon afterwards. Herzegovine: Sarajevo legionaries visit homes, hospitals and an orphanage. They conduct two Prayer Groups and help blind people to attend Mass.
HUNGARY: Budapest Regia reports extension efforts. A new praesidium of 8 members was set up. Much work is being done for youth. Schools are visited where children are taught to pray and prepared for Holy Communion. Miskolc Curia has an apostolate to the homeless.

LATVIA: A junior praesidium in Riga Comitium promotes the faith among its own age group; they have started a public Rosary and promote this among their school friends and families. A new praesidium has been set up in Ogre parish. Legionaries from Rezekne Curia erected a Legion Stand in Algona during the weekend of the National Pilgrimage to the Shrine; this attracted much attention. In Jelgeva legionaries carried the banner during a procession and afterwards did contact work.

LITHUANIA has 2 Comitia, 9 Curiae and 29 directly attached praesidia. Two new praesidia were set up in Kaunus Comitium. The Curia in Siauliai held a Congress in May with an attendance of 53. In Telsiai Comitium extension effort to bring the Legion to new parishes continues. Returns to Confession and the Holy Eucharist after lapses of 20 and 25 years were reported. A 14 year old boy was baptised at Easter and now attends a praesidium while preparing for his 1st Holy Communion. A family of 5 people were visited resulting in 4 being baptised.

POLAND: Lublin Regia has 2 new praesidia; 8 probationers have already taken their Promise. All the usual works are undertaken. 4 people were brought to Confession and 2 couples to the Sacrament of Marriage. In Praga Comitium, Warsaw 3 new praesidia were set up. 8 new legionaries were enrolled in Walomin Curia. Works undertaken were arranging spiritual adoption of the unborn, which was taken up by 55 persons. 30 legionaries took part in a one day street contact project during which 60 Miraculous Medals were distributed. One praesidium works among alcohol and drug abusers and neglected families. Six preasidia visit the blind.

Warsaw Comitium reported an attendance of 10,000 at the Legion Pilgrimage to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, where the Night Vigil was
based on the writings of Frank Duff. Three Bishops and 100 priests concelebrated Mass. The Bishops’ Conference re-appointed Bishop Roman Marcinkowski as Bishop Protector and Fr. Janusz Wegrzecki as Spiritual Director of the Legion in Poland.

ROMANIA: In Satu Mare Regia a praesidium of 14 members in one parish reported that the number of people attending daily Mass had doubled as a result of the Legion apostolate. Carei Comitium, in addition to its other works helps in the operating of Radio Maria.
Dromore Comitium
: Members of a praesidium in Newry visit a home for the elderly. Warrenpoint praesidium is involved in most parish activities. The Rosary is recited in a school weekly and Secondary Schools are visited yearly where DVDs on the Miraculous Medal are shown.

Navan Comitium: A praesidium of 6 members, 5 of whom are Praetorians, visited 100 homes, including non-Catholics. Another praesidium of 8 members and 41 auxiliaries visited 950 homes and a Secondary School. Their Spiritual Director produced a Mass leaflet for them which they give out on home visitation.
Trim Curia: A praesidium of 7 members, 3 of whom are Praetorians, when they meet non-believers on home visitation speak about belief in God. They also discuss the one true Church, the Real Presence and Our Lady when visiting non-Catholics. Mullingar Curia: A praesidium of 7 members with a junior praesidium attached carry out home, hospital and nursing home visitation.

Derry Curia: Creggan praesidium has 10 members and 40 auxiliaries. Their work includes home visitation and street contact. A recruiting drive was held in Lavey parish on 5th and 6th July. Waterside praesidium has 8 members and 34 auxiliaries. Works include home visitation, Pilgrim Statue and Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in homes. The men’s praesidium in Long Tower has 20 auxiliaries. Works include home visitation and Pilgrim Statue apostolate. The Comitium Congress on the theme, “Launch out into the Deep” was held on Sunday 14th September. The attendance included 55 legionaries from the Comitium and attached Curiae, their Spiritual Director, Fr. Tom Canning and Fr. Rory Brady from Letterkenny, who gave the closing address. The first 2 sessions were on the spiritual aspect
of the Legion, devotion to Mary etc. The third session was on the praesidium and Curia and the last session on Legion works. There were 4 representatives from Concilium.

Raphoe Comitium: Raphoe Curia: A reporting praesidium in Letterkenny has 5 members and 87 auxiliaries. They visit nursing homes and elderly people living alone. Another praesidium in Letterkenny has 6 members who visited the Institute of Technology on 4 occasions, distributing Miraculous Medals, Rosary Beads and spiritual material among the students. While on home visitation they had long discussions with lapsed Catholics and non-believers. Creeslough praesidium
has 3 Praetorians and 40 auxiliaries. Works include officering a junior praesidium, home and nursing home visitation. During July and August the Comitium had a book barrow on the market square in Letterkenny on Fridays and Saturdays. The Comitium received a letter of commendation from Bishop Boyce in which he thanked them for the excellent work they are doing in helping out with re-evangelisation in the Diocese.

Leitrim Curia:
An extension drive in Carrick-on-Shannon in June resulted in a new praesidium with 7 members. A praesidium in Longford town has 13 members, 2 of whom are Praetorians; they have 50 auxiliaries. Works include home and hospital visitation and Patricians with an average attendance of 10. A second praesidium in the town has 9 members. Works include the Consecration of families and homes to the Sacred Heart. Sunday Mass and the Sacraments are promoted on home visitation. Primary and Secondary Schools are visited. Legionaries from both praesidia help to run the junior praesidium.

Mid Clogher Curia: Annyalla praesidium members visit hospitals. A Mass to commemorate Alfie Lambe, Frank Duff and Venerable Edel Quinn was organised by the praesidium and celebrated on 18th August. The Concilium officer in charge of Ireland and the correspondent visited the July Curia meeting.

West Clogher Curia: Three members participated in a recruiting drive for Mid Clogher Curia in Monaghan in June. Lisnaskea praesidium has 8 members who bring Holy Communion to the housebound daily and visit 3 residential homes on Sundays. The praesidium in Ederney has 5 members who visit the old and lonely and a Centre catering for special needs patients. The library in the Church is run by the praesidium.

Kilmore Curia: Ballyjamesduff praesidium has 9 members who visit an Estate in the town. First Holy Communion children are given Rosary Beads each year. Drung praesidium members visit the sick and elderly in their homes; they also visit a nursing home and a hospital. An excellent report was received from a young man who attended the Youth Conference.

Clonmacnoise Curia: Works undertaken by the 3 praesidia include home visitation. Primary Schools in the area and a special school are visited before Confirmation.

Immaculata Curia: (Diocese of Down & Connor) has 6 praesidia. A reporting praesidium working in the Morning Star Hostel has 6 members. They serve dinners, pray the Rosary, organise Bingo and help in the Welcome Center each week talking to men and women suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction and mental illness. The first report of another praesidium was given in July. Their duties include working in Primary Schools and promoting the story of Fatima. Another praesidium has 6 members who visit homes and encourage people to attend Mass. They organised a Mass in the Divis Garden on 20th August.

Down Curia has 8 praesidia. The reporting praesidium in Dundrum, which started at the end of 2013 does Fatima Statue visitation. A talk on Fatima by Fr. Michael Maher, SM, was attended by 50 people and 2 members were obtained from it. An Anniversary Mass for Venerable Edel Quinn was celebrated in Kilkeel in May.

North Antrim Curia has 9 senior and one junior praesidia. Rasharkin praesidium has 7 members and 49 auxiliaries. Works include Fatima Statue visitation and organising Eucharistic Adoration. One member prepares the Primary School children for the Sacraments. Coleraine praesidium has 29 auxiliaries. They visit nursing homes and bring Holy Communion to the residents. The First Holy Communicants in the school were visited and given Miraculous Medals. A new praesidium has been set up in Loughguile with 4 members. (Archdiocese of Armagh):

Armagh Curia: The new praesidium in Keady has 5 members who are being helped by the praesidium in Ardee, Drogheda Curia.

Drogheda Curia: The praesidium in Mosney is progressing. The annual commemoration at the grave of Sr. Kathleen Allen, former Legion Envoy was well attended. Legionaries, with the permission of the authorities, restored a statue of Our Lady in the grounds of St. Mary’s Hospital and had it blessed. Dundalk: The works of a praesidium of 6 members include hospital and nursing home visitation.
Mater Ecclesiae Curia:
Two members of the Quinn family attended prayers at Edel Quinn’s grave on Saturday 13 Sept. One praesidium has grown from 4 full members to 7. Auxiliary members join them for a weekly public Rosary. During home visitation a Japanese lady was met and subsequently instructed in the faith by a legionary; on her last day in Ireland she had a Mass said for her parents both of whom had committed suicide many years ago. Two nursing homes made a request that the Legion visit; now residents are delighted by the weekly prayers, hymns and songs.

Our Lady of Fatima Curia (Wicklow): A Deus et Patria weekend project to Brittas Bay included caravan park visitation. In Arklow on the night of Fri 12th September the DVD on Edel Quinn was shown to a group of 80 parishioners following a Mass to celebrate the 70th anniversary of her death. A recruitment drive in Greystones resulted in 1 new member. A Bray praesidium gained two members during the year but sadly 2 others passed away. All 5 members are Praetorians. Four nursing homes are visited and over 50 houses accepted the Pilgrim Statue.

Ancilla Domini Curia: the Joy of Israel praesidium has 5 members and 2 probationers, both recruited as a result of their newest apostolate, the Homework Club in Myra House. Other works include crowd contact in Temple Bar. Another praesidium has 7 active and 70 auxiliary members. They visit parishioners in hospitals and nursing homes. With the permission of the Parish Priest they did home visitation. A 6-member praesidium sets up the altar for two hours Eucharistic Adoration each Thursday; about 8 attend their monthly Patrician meeting.

Annunciata Curia: 16 people visited the Legion House during an Open Day along with 18 legionaries. Four Patrician meetings had 42 patricians and 12 legionaries in attendance. In another praesidium their Pilgrim Statue was requested by the parents of a women bullied at work. They read from Hilde Firtel’s book on Alfie Lambe to a 90 year old blind former legionary from Tullamore. 13 people were enrolled by legionaries in the Brown Scapular on July 19th. At the request of School Principals the Legion supplied 400 Miraculous Medals for distribution to the children at the end-of-year Mass.

Assumpta Curia: 8 legionaries and 22 patricians attended 2 Patrician meetings. Three members of one praesidium are registered to visit the Royal Hospital. Amongst their other works is monthly Grafton Street crowd contact. 3 of the 5 members of another praesidium are Praetorians and they have 9 religious Adjutorians. As well as home visitation, they sell Catholics Newspapers each weekend; one contact went on the Legion’s Lough Derg Pilgrimage and came back with a wonderful report. As a result of their monthly Frank Duff Prayer Group, a Novena was made to Frank Duff for a young woman with cancer and poor
chances of recovery; she is now back at work after chemotherapy. The Parish Priest invites two legionaries to the Pastoral Council meetings.

Benedicta Curia: One praesidium does street contact and home visitation; a lady whose son died from Aids invited them in; she says the Rosary daily.

Gloriosa Curia: the works of one praesidium include running a monthly Edel Quinn Prayer meeting, home and nursing home visitation; in the latter one of the legionaries uses his i-pad to draw and colour. Four secular and four order priests attended and thoroughly enjoyed the Priests Social in the Curia house in August, which included a BBQ followed by a DVD on Pope Francis.

Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia is following up on special cases from the Jobstown Project organised with Immaculata Curia at which 113 volunteers participated in August. An extension drive in St Dominic’s, one of the four Tallaght parishes in September resulted in a new praesidium, which had up to 5 visitors. Another praesidium of 5 members runs a weekly Parish Day which features Bible reflections, music, gardening and baking. Each Friday they open the Oratory in The Square Shopping Centre for Mass.

Immaculata Curia: 34 legionaries and 33 patricians attended 9 meetings. As a result of the Jobstown Project one praesidium has had 2 visitors and another gained 2 auxiliary members. Two baptisms are due shortly. A praesidium with 7 members has 2 Praetorians. A monthly Mass is held for the Rosary Confraternity, which has 150 members.
Two recently ordained Seminarians who were auxiliary Legion members while in the Seminary have been assigned as missionaries to the Republic of Tchad and they request French Handbooks. The minutes are in Kirundu and have to be translated.

Butembo Senatus: Ten reports were given in July from Comitia, Curiae and praesidia: There are 2,037 active members and 851 auxiliaries in these councils. Works reported: Marriages blessed, children baptised, children brought to Mass, visits to sick at home and in hospital, participation in a radio programme for youths and adults. 673 children were given instruction in the faith. In August, the opening celebration of the 25th year Jubilee of the Senatus began with High Mass in the Cathedral, celebrated by Diocesan Bishop Paluka Melkisedech. He reminded those present of all the blessings the Legion had brought them, such as vocations to the priesthood and religious life, which came from legionary families. True Devotion to Mary leads them to give witness to Christ, and to live the example of
Mary. He emphasised the need for young people to integrate themselves fully into the Legion, in order to gain this help. The Bishop and 76 priests took part in a Formation session in August. A new Comitium was set up in the Regia of Beni in October. They request prayers for peace.
Lubumbashi: A mini Congress was held in August this year.

Kigali Senatus:
Over 20,000 legionaries and 30 Spiritual Directors from all over the country are expected at Kibeho, a Marian shrine where Our Lady has appeared. Prayers are asked for a successful day. A very strong junior presence has been noted in Comitium Kiziguru. The Comitium has 23 attached praesidia of which 3 are in schools, 24 Curiae have in excess of 5000 active members, 1684 auxiliaries and 74 junior praesidia with 1500 juniors. Comitium Ruhango has 66 junior praesidia, of which 16 were recently established. Many other councils report on having junior praesidia. Works include prison, home, hospital, orphanage and auxiliary visitation.

Reunion Comitium: June and July minutes of the Comitium show strong and faithful work by Curiae and praesidia: conversions, returns to the Sacraments, suicides averted by prayer, alcoholics rehabilitated, visitation of homes and of auxiliaries. They will be celebrating 70 years of the foundation of the Legion in 2015, and ask if Concilium could send a representative.

Reunion is in touch with Madagascar which has 23 praesidia. Praesidium reports are presented every month. Works include home-to-home contact, visitation of hospitals and preparation for the Sacraments. The Acies was held in the Cathedral of Namagora, with a good attendance of Legionaries.
Buenos Aires Senatus:
Annual reports are to the point and there are also very good comments. Attendance at the Senatus meetings is very good in spite of the long distances that city council officers have to make each month. Many families from the sects ask for their children to be prepared for First Holy Communion. Many of these families accept the Pilgrim Statue and eventually return to the Church.

Cordoba Senatus: In one Curia the members are dealing with children whose parents are in prison and whose grandparents are evangelicals. Another Curia reported two workshops for parents. They mention passing on clothing donated to them to a Children’s Hospital. The audit for 2013 was carried out.

Salta Senatus: Heroic work was started recently when a group of legionaries went down to an area where drug addicts congregate. The legionaries speak with them and pray the Rosary. The Pioneer Total Abstinence Association of the Sacred Heart is being promoted
with these young people.
Corrientes Regia: This council has 13 Curiae and 10 praesidia. There is a praesidium, on the border with Brazil, with an apostolate to Brazilians and
Uruguayans. A praesidium based in Corrientes reported visiting prisoners.

Belem Senatus: Several parishes in the city have Curiae, each with an average of five praesidia. Results from the legionary apostolate include the recovery of 12 young drug addicts and the conversion of a young evangelical. A morning of spiritual formation was arranged for auxiliaries. Legionaries escort the priest to hear Confessions and anoint the sick. Five couples were prepared for communal reception of the Sacrament of Marriage. June minutes report setting up of two praesidia.

Belo Horizonte Senatus: Seventeen priests took part in the Conference for Senatus Spiritual Directors. Also present were Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese, Bishop Wilson and Bishop Edson, representative to the Legion of the National Episcopal Conference. A praesidium in Gutierrez visiting expectant mothers promotes a prenatal spiritual and health programme, stressing the importance of Baptism and natural means of nourishment for the newly born. Fifteen men named Joseph were visited on the 19th of March with legionaries speaking about St. Joseph’s life. In Paracatu an Exploratio Dominicalis project resulted in five new members recruited for a weak praesidium. Two new praesidia also were set up. Three new praesidia were established in the Regia of Uberlândia.

Fortaleza Senatus: A praesidium in Fortaleza carried out 24 projects of evangelisation for adults, gathering 852 residents of several Favellas (shanty towns) for recitation of the Rosary, Gospel readings with meditation and a little teaching of catechism.

Ponta Grossa Senatus: A Comitium reported visiting a prison containing 70 prisoners and doing Bible reading for them. Legionaries in another Comitium prepared two elderly people to receive the Sacraments. Help and support were given to couples with problems and persons with depression. The Senatus has moved into a new premises.

Recife Senatus: The Regia of Maceio covering the State of Alagoas, one of the smallest in
Brazil, has almost 16,000 active members, about 1,000 being juniors. Two new Curiae were
set up. 37 drug addicts were helped through a Recovery Programme.

Rio de Janeiro Senatus: Cardinal Orani Tempesta, Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, paid
tribute to the Legion of Mary on receiving a report of the special Legion event in which
2,000 young legionaries took part in the Cathedral in Rio, following the World Youth Day.
Extension continues with 14 praesidia set up in Tefe, Amazonas. Thirty members took part
in a Retreat in Copacabana, while 400 took part in a day of spiritual formation in the city
of Lages, Regia of Niteroi. Data from the western region of Amazonas shows four Comitia
in the State of Acre with several Seminary praesidia.

Salvador Senatus: In a city Parish in Salvador legionaries are entrusted with carrying
out the obsequies for the deceased. Extension continues with new praesidia set up in the
Senatus area each month. A legionary couple offer a special service of friendship to youths
living in special homes who have suffered abuse. They are brought to family social events.
The Senatus set up a Youth Secretariat.

São Luís Senatus: In one month reports tell of visits to 10,000 families. The sick were
enabled to avail of the public health services, being guided to fulfil the bureaucratic
requirements. Catechetical apostolate included preparation of parents and godparents for 296 Baptisms. Legionaries with medical qualifications provided almost 600 medical

São Paulo Senatus: The Spiritual Director of the Senatus and four other officers attended the Concilium meeting in September and had discussions with Concilium officers. The Diamond Jubilee of the Legion in São Paulo is being celebrated this year. The Regia of Santa Maria in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, affiliated to the Senatus of São Paulo, was raised to Senatus by the Concilium on 17th August 2014 and inaugurated on 28 September 2014.

Brasilia Regia: The Comitium of Anapolis, one of the places where the Legion first started in Brazil, reports the preparation for Baptism of six Adventists. Through an invitation to recite the Rosary a person was helped to avoid suicide. There were 45 visits to Basic Ecclesial Communities. A Comitium reported 155 children prepared for First Holy Communion.

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Allocutio at October 2014 Concilium Meeting by Fr. Bede McGregor OP
November 2014

The Rosary is Truly Irreplaceable

In 1965 our founder Frank Duff wrote an article for Maria Legionis entitled: ‘The Rosary is Irreplaceable.’ It was a robust defence of the Rosary at a time when it was under attack in some quarters. But it is not only a defence, it is also a meditative reflection on how to pray the Rosary that is so obviously steeped in his personal experience of very many years of actually praying the Rosary on a daily basis. It is evident that like Pope John Paul 11 it is his favourite prayer. It would be impossible to think of the spiritual life of Frank Duff without the gentle rhythm of the Rosary as one of its greatest secrets. But why is it so irreplaceable and especially for the legionary?

Well, the Handbook has some truly striking statements about the role of the Rosary in Legion spirituality. For instance, we read: ‘What the breathing is to the human body, the Rosary is to the Legion meetings.’ That is equivalent to saying that without the Rosary the Legion meeting is dead. And of course without the meeting the Legion itself would be dead. But is the Rosary really a matter of life and death to the Legion? The simple answer is Yes. But why is this so? We can get a profound answer to this question from the teaching and example of the saints. St. Padre Pio was once asked by a confrere why he was always praying the Rosary and he
replied: ‘Because the Rosary clamps me to Jesus.’ That is the reason why Mary prayed the Rosary in all her appearances to St Bernadette and why she asked the children at Fatima to pray the Rosary every day. She called herself the Lady of the Rosary because it was her extra special way of bringing us to Jesus. The Rosary is totally Christocentric and that is why it is so fundamental to the Legion.

St. John Paul stresses: ‘Christ is the supreme teacher, the revealer and the one revealed. It is not just a question of learning what He taught, but of learning Him.’ In this regard can we have any better teacher than Mary? But among creatures no one knows Christ better than Mary; no one can introduce us to a profound knowledge of his mystery better than his mother.’ The Rosary introduces us into the Presence of Jesus in the company of Mary and puts us in direct contact with all his mysteries and to the graces proper of these mysteries. The Rosary is first and foremost a prayer that is a lifting of the mind and heart to God and it is in
this process that the faith formation of the Christian takes place, that the seed and growth of holiness takes place. The Rosary is not simply about getting information about our faith nor is it about abstract ideas. It is above all intrinsically interpersonal; it is a simple and effective way of practicing the presence of God and being aware of His Mother too. It is a gentle way of engaging in friendship with Jesus and His Mother.

St. John Paul writes: ‘It would be impossible to name all the many saints who discovered in the Rosary an genuine path to growth in holiness. We need but mention St Louis Marie de Montfort, the author of an excellent work on the Rosary, and closer to ourselves Padre Pio whom I recently had the joy of canonising. As a true apostle of the Rosary, Blessed Bartolo Longo had a special charism. His path to holiness rested on an inspiration heard in the depths of his heart: ‘Whoever spreads the Rosary is saved.’ It is important for us legionaries to remember that inspiration.

However, we all know from experience that there can sometimes be difficulty in praying the Rosary. Let me give you some quotations from Bro. Duff that may be of help in those circumstances. At times of sickness or of exhaustion, there is no other so useful. It comes within our reach. What we then want is restfulness in the spirit of prayer. So let the beads slip through the fingers without concern as to what particular accompaniment the mind is playing, but it is truly resting in God and is attentive to Mary. This is the essence of prayer. Prayer is a state more than it is a recital.’

Then he goes on: ‘We must not make this operation too involved for ourselves. The Rosary must be left essentially simple. Its main idea is a chat with our Mother about her Son, herself, and about all the elements of salvation … Anyone who says the Rosary will have a reasonably complete and vivid idea of the Christian narrative, and I repeat that this is a necessary foundation for all prayer. Indeed, what good are any prayers if they do not rest on that foundation of knowing what they are all about? And finally for now: ‘So there is my contention: the Rosary is a treasure which must be cherished. It combines in itself a host of ingredients, among them being Mary, the Mother of the Church and of every soul in it and outside it. It acknowledges her position. It teaches us the Christian religion and it induces us to pray. If the Rosary be hurt, Mary’s place will be diminished and so will the quantity of prayer in our lives. In practice nothing will be inserted in substitution for that which has been taken out. The Rosary is irreplaceable.

In conclusion let me say. Paul the sixth who was beatified today once wrote: ‘The Church is an evangelizer, but she begins by being evangelized herself.’ The same truth applies to the Legion: the Rosary is a very special gift and means by which we are evangelized and therefore become equipped to be evangelizers. Frank Duff believed this principle with all his heart and inserted it into the non-negotiable core of the Legion. Our founder was absolutely a man of the Rosary and it is surely his prayer that every legionary should also be steeped in the spirituality of the Rosary. In all our home visitations, in our street contact with people, in our works of
consolation especially with the sick, the lonely and the depressed, in our family apostolates, with children and indeed with people of all ages and walks of life we legionaries can offer no lovelier gift than the Rosary. Mary has not given the Rosary into the keeping of the Legion in order to keep it to itself. We are all called to be apostles of the Rosary for it is a splendid instrument of grace for the modern world.

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news | Concilium News
Coming soon: The Legion of Mary on EWTN
November 2014
EWTN has created a new special series entitled “The Church Universal”, hosted by Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe, M.F.V.A. The series will consist of 20 half-hour episodes. The Legion of Mary has two of the episodes, number 6 and number 13. Episode 6 will feature Finola Kennedy on the subject of the founder of the Legion of Mary, Frank Duff and is scheduled for broadcast on the UK/IRL satellite (covering Ireland and the United Kingdom) on Sunday December 7th at 8pm with repeats on Monday December 8th at 2.30pm and Saturday December 13th at 3am.

The program will broadcast on the following satellites too:
- AFRICA/ASIA (covers most of Africa and India) on Sunday December 7th with repeats on Monday December 8th and Thursday December 11th. Please check the EWTN television schedule for the broadcast time in your Time Zone.
- ASIA-PACIFIC (covers Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Western Pacific Islands): Saturday December 6th with repeats on Thursday December 11th and Fri December 12th. Please check the EWTN television schedule for the broadcast time in your Time Zone.

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Concilium Bulletin September 2014
November 2014

Holy Land: One praesidium was responsible for 20 people going back to Confession. Two junior praesidia with 28 students encouraged their families to return to Mass.

Armenia: The praesidium in Yerevan has 5 members. The news was received that a second praesidium has started in Gyumri City, taking the title, ‘Mother of Mercy,’ with Fr. Petros Yesayan as Spiritual Director. They encourage people back to the practice of the faith, do contact work near an abortion clinic and prepare people for Baptism.

Kazakhstan: Sr. Elizabeth Kriss has been keeping contact periodically and when priests from there go to Switzerland. The Legion operates in four parishes. The reporting praesidium has 10 members and 26 auxiliaries.

Thailand: The Miraculous Medal is widely used on home visitation. Work is done in remote areas, also helping recently arrived immigrants. Follow up work is on-going with converts. The Senatus also visits indigenous peoples.

Sri Lanka: 95 legionaries took part in extension drives, contacting 362 families. 5 Comitia, 3 Curiae and one praesidium reported over the 3 months. The praesidia giving statistics reported 1,794 active, 1,125 auxiliary, 65 Praetorian and 7 Adjutorian members.

Burma/Myanmar: Good contacts were made at a Marian Shrine Booth. 30 final year students were met in the Seminary. They continue to pray for their long-time correspondent, Eileen O’Reilly. Visitation of attached councils entails long and arduous journeys. The war has increased the number of refugees.

Karnataka Senatus: Extension and recruiting feature widely in reports. Muslims and Hindus receive the legionaries. Enthronement of homes to the Sacred Heart and funeral ministry are among their works.

Kerala Senatus has 16 Comitia, 13 Curiae and 32 affiliated praesidia. Catholics, Muslems and Hindus are met during home, hospital and prison visitation. Catechism is taught and Enthronement of the Sacred Heart promoted.

Ponticherry Senatus: The president has completed her second term and wrote to say that her life time’s ambition was achieved when she visited Concilium and met the correspondent in June 2013.

Mumbai Regia. Permission (by the Bishops) has been granted to start the Legion in two Dioceses. Legion Family Day had 125 legionaries and their families present. 50 priests attended the Spiritual Directors’ Conference. In addition to home and hospital visitation, very successful street contact is being done. Catholics and people of other faiths are met. The Causes of Frank Duff and Edel Quinn are widely promoted. They continue to visit Nepal, which is under their care, every three months. The number of praesidia in that country is on the increase and the Spiritual Directors gives them great attention.

Brussels Senatus: Two PPC projects were organised. Home visitation and apostolic work among prostitutes continues.

Antwerp Regia: One praesidium was restarted, and another with 10 members did contact work at a Youth Festival. Preparations have started to mark the 300th anniversary in May 2015 of the death of St. Louis Marie de Montfort.

DENMARK: Apostolate includes block Rosaries, monthly Enthronement of the Blessed Virgin, hospital visitation, adult catechesis, leading the Rosary at wakes and funerals.

Paris Regia:
Progress has been made in visiting their 23 praesidia and 4 Curiae. An extension committee has been formed and an audit carried out. In Nice a lady reportedly received help through the intercession of Alfie Lambe. Reports were received from the Haitian, Congolese and Vietnamese praesidia. They care-take Martinique Comitium. In Guadeloupe the Comitium celebrated its 60th anniversary with Mass concelebrated by Bishop Jean-Yves Riocreax and a number of priests. Parish Regia is considering visiting Guadeloupe and Martinique next year.
Valence Regia: Recruiting is on-going. Works include participation in the Diocesan Synod on evangelisation, and good dialogue with nursing home residents. The Vietnamese Curia in Lyons has 4 praesidia and 20 members who visit Vietnamese families. Strasbourg Comitium: 21 legionaries took part in a PPC project, and one praesidium reported the return to the faith by one lady.

Birmingham Senatus: Extension efforts continue and a new praesidium started following a PPC project by Maltese legionaries. A Service of Light in Solihull on Good Friday attracted many young people, some moved to tears, including one drug addict. 933 homes were visited in 6 months by legionaries in Sheldon Parish resulting in one lady returning to the Church before she died. Two caravans of the Travelling Community were blessed and a picture of the Sacred Heart enthroned. A recruiting drive resulted in two new members. One lapsed Catholic returned to the Sacraments, and a lapsed couple agreed to have their two children baptised. Junior legionaries attended the baptism and reception into the Church of one of their friends.

Northampton Comitium has 5 directly attached praesidia and a Curia of 4 praesidia. Auxiliary members are visited regularly, new parishioners welcomed, and follow-up is done to families after Baptisms and First Communion. A recruiting drive was held in Aylesbury. Leicester Curia reported contact work done at the University, and a book barrow in Leicester city centre.

Liverpool Senatus: The junior praesidium at St Anselm’s College has 14 members, and on the Isle of Man the Spiritual Director suggested visiting the parishes of Ramsey, Castletown and Peel with a view to extension. The book barrow yields many good contacts. Praesidia in Middlesbrough Comitium guide children in preparing for the Sacraments. St. Helen’s Curia had a recruiting drive. Our Lady Mother of Good Counsel praesidium is in existence for 81 years.

Brentwood Comitium has a new Spiritual Director, Fr. Robert Page. Tributes were paid to former Spiritual Director. Dr. Fr.Selvini. Following a Congress in June last a questionnaire was distributed and legionaries voted the most popular works were door-to-door visitation, recruitment and care of auxiliaries. The Comitium also undertakes instruction of Traveller children, book barrow, and juniors being trained in visitation.

Southwark Comitium: Br. Ray and Sr. Annette Mulrooney met with the Treasurer while in London on visitation to Brent & Harrow.
Central London Curia has 18 senior praesidia attached. Recruiting and extension feature strongly. 50 attended the Pilgrimage to Aylesford Priory. Three praesidia reported having 4 Patrician meetings during the year. Enfield and Harringey Curia: A chance meeting in Myra House with Fr. Lylia Fernando, OMI resulted in his determination to set up a praesidium in his parish in Kilburn. West Middlessex Curia: The newest praesidium in the Curia formed in Feb. 2013 is the strongest and most vibrant with 20 full members, 6 probationers, 34 auxiliaries and a junior praesidium attached. A Slovakian priest who acted as Spiritual Director for several months was so impressed with the Legion system that he plans to start a praesidium on his return to his own country.

Cardiff Comitium has two Curiae and a total of nine praesidia. Works include conducting Eucharistic Services when a priest is not available. Swansea Curia has 4 praesidia, 26 active and 46 auxiliary members. Night crowd contact has been started at Swansea Train Station. Street rescue, crowd contact and homosexual apostolate are done every week. One contact in a Gay Bar who was offered a Miraculous Medal, went to confession.

Frankfurt Senatus: The correspondent spent 6 days meeting the officers of attached councils. Among the suggestions made was to include Extension on every agenda. 45 attended a Congress on Frank Duff held in 7th June. The Senatus will undertake a visit to Antwerp Regia on behalf of Concilium.

Cologne Regia reports a new praesidium and the Filipino praesidium tells of 8 legionaries taking their Promise. In Munich Regia work reports include contact with street girls and homosexuals. Extension work is widely carried out and a new Curia was formed at Regensburg. Berlin Comitium has 8 praesidia and a Korean Curia. Two PPC projects were hosted from Austria and Munich. In Freiburg Comitium 14 Swiss and German legionaries did street contact work on May 18th, and the Frankfurt Korean Curia, with 14 praesidia had an attendance of 87 at its Acies.

Zurich Comitium report a new praesidium in Untervaz and one is proposed in Davos. A non-Catholic retreat resulted in one Baptism and 3 people receiving weekly instruction. 60 auxiliaries were recruited.

SIBERIA, under the caretakeship of Germany, has 5 praesidia attached. Extension was undertaken and works include promoting the Mother of God Icon and holding retreats. Sr. Birgit Metzler and Sr. Renate Seber visited Siberia in September.

Amsterdam Regia:
The new praesidium in Amsterdam has 5 active and 1 probationary member, plus 7 auxiliaries. In Rotterdam the Cape Verde Curia with 3 praesidia, visited drug addicts, street girls and the families of prisoners, resulting in 18 Baptisms, 3 people Confirmed and 1 marriage regularised.

NORWAY has two praesidia – One in Tonsberg with 10 members and 12 auxiliaries and one in Drammen with 6 members and 17 auxiliaries. Works include catechesis, home visitation, a Marian procession and visiting the sick. Swiss legionaries visited both praesidia following their PPC project in Bergen.

SCOTLAND: Dundee Curia hosted 6 PPC projects in the past 5 years leading to the formation of 2 new praesidia. To encourage a house-bound auxiliary member to pray for the Legion, a map of the world was presented to her. The hosting of the Commonwealth Games kept legionaries busy doing contact work among the participants and attendees. Ayrshire Curia visited an impressive number of schools during May. The Christmas Crib at a Shopping Centre enabled many good contacts to be made.

SWEDEN: Br. Tony Kirstein and his wife Bernie went to Sweden for the formation of the first Curia. A meeting was arranged with Bishop Anders. Reports from praesidia in Malmo and Vaxjo include visitation of people in isolated areas and nursing homes where they are especially welcomed by non-Catholic residents. The Swedish Handbook awaits Imprimatur. Br. Turnbull in Warrington Curia and Br. and Sr. Kirstein have done great work on the new translation.

Cloyne Comitium
: Supplemented by legionaries from Cork legionaries are doing home visitation in 4 parishes. Miraculous Medals are being distributed and homes blessed. Baptisms are being arranged. Two legionaries were present at the 100th birthday celebrations of Ina Griffin, a former active member and still an Adjutorian. Most of the praesidia in East Cloyne Curia do home visitation with the Fatima Statue in addition to other works. The Commemoration Ceremony of the 70th anniversary of the death of Venerable Edel Quinn took place in Castlemagner on 12th May with a very large attendance. Bishop Crean was Chief Concelebrant of Holy Mass and the homilist was Fr. Eamonn McCarthy. Cork: One praesidium is responsible for the weekly running of the Fr. O’Leary Boys’ Club for boys aged 13 – 17. A decade of the Rosary is recited and spiritual contact made with the boys. A decade of the Rosary is also recited at the junior boys club aged 8 – 12 years. Glounthaune praesidium has 6 members and 10 auxiliaries. They visit hospitals and nursing homes, carry out Pilgrim Statue visitation and promote the Rosary. A Mass in honour of Venerable Edel Quinn was celebrated by the Comitium in May. Coronata Curia: Two reporting praesidia do home and hospital and Pilgrim Statue visitation. Queen of Peace Curia: The works of the 4 reporting praesidia with a total of 96 auxiliaries do home and hospital visitation, and street contact. Muire na Gras Curia: One of the three reporting praesidia visited the First Holy Communion children in two schools. Another praesidium visits homes where they recruit for the annual worldwide Rosary Bouquet, which is sent to Fatima for Our Lady’s Birthday.

Kerry Comitium: Milltown praesidium has 5 members who undertake home and hospital visitation and help organise the Corpus Christi Procession. Four of the 7 members of Fossa praesidium are Praetorians and they have 20 auxiliaries. Works include hospital and nursing home visitation, organising 24-hour Rosaries on special occasions and visiting homes with the Fatima Statue. On Wednesday evenings, 7 students from the Community College visit St. Columbanus Home with the legionaries. Four praesidia collaborate in this work.

Mid Clare Comitium: Clarecastle praesidium has 5 members who have a weekly apostolate in a Day Care Centre. They coordinate 14 Advent and Lenten home Prayer Groups through the Church Newsletter and local Newspaper. Members of Ballyea praesidium visited homes in one area. Help was given at the Legion Booth during the Willie Clancy Festival. The MEP Project in Ennis on 9/10 June had 32 legionaries taking part. Of the 623 homes visited, 185 lapsed and 72 non-Catholics were met. Efforts are being made to re-start a praesidium.
Fr. Colm Mannion, OP, their Correspondent before joining the Dominicans, celebrated Mass for the Comitium in Clarecastle Church on Tuesday 9th July


Birr/Roscrea Curia: Members of Kinnitty praesidium sell Catholic Newspapers, do works of service and promote the Pioneers. The works of a praesidium in Roscrea include nursing home and hospital visitation, book barrow in the Church grounds and Patrician meetings. The junior praesidium meeting in St. Joseph’s Guesthouse, Roscrea has 6 girls and 2 boys. They play music for residents in nursing homes, serve Mass in the Cistercian Monastery and help the senior praesidium with their Marian Procession on the Feast of the Assumption. Dunkerrin praesidium tidied up a Mass Rock site with a Church of Ireland parishioner using his machinery. A Mass was celebrated on the site in June with 300 present.

Limerick Curia: At the request of Fr. Ryan, Legion members attended the Diocesan Charismatic Conference and set up a Legion Promotion Stand. The reporting praesidia have a total of 152 auxiliaries. Limerick legionaries had a table at a parish event where 5 auxiliaries were recruited. Hospital, home and visitation of 6 nursing homes is carried out in Newcastlewest and they arranged for a feature on the Legion on local radio. Castletroy legionaries addressed the Confirmation classes in 3 Primary Schools. Home visitation and visits to University Students living in the parish is a feature of their work.

Lismore Curia: Members of one praesidium take Our Lady's Statue to homes in the parish. At the annual Mass at St. Declan's Well, Miraculous Medals and prayer leaflets were distributed. A Commemoration Mass was celebrated for Venerable Edel Quinn on the 14th May.

Ross Curia: Darrara praesidium has 8 members whose works include Church cleaning and sale of Catholic Newspapers. First Holy Communicants are given Miraculous Medals.

Waterford Curia: A copy of the annual audit for 2013 has been received. Their annual May Procession in honour of Our Lady took place on Sunday 25th May. A statue of Our Lady was carried through the city to the Dominican Church. About 300 people including members of the African community attended. An MEP Project took place in Ballybricken and St. John’s parishes on 11/12 August. They visited almost 3000 homes with no replies in over half of them. 20 people gave their names for active membership. 8 non-legionaries attended the Patrician meetings, including a 17 year old boy. One young man aged 21 went to Confession and a sick man had his Confession heard and received Holy Communion.

(Reports for July & August 2014)

Presentata Curia: In the last year one praesidium lost 2 members but gained one, a lady met during home visitation. They also organise a weekly Holy Hour and assist at a Social for those with special needs. 68 Maria Legionis are distributed. Each week a member of another praesidium cleans Presentata House. Monthly visitation of the Phoenix Care Centre, formerly St Brendan’s Hospital, is welcomed by staff, security and patients alike. A Regina Coeli Hostel Patrician meeting had 8 residents and 5 legionaries in attendance.

Exaltata Curia: One praesidium has 9 members; the majority are African and their apostolate is mainly to their own community. They assisted legionaries from Phibsboro in an Exploratio Dominicalis project to Balbriggan in August. Crowd contact is done in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre and in Huntstown. Every week they help with Church cleaning. Home visitation is one of their works. In May the praesidium formed a bi-monthly Prayer Group which was attended by parishioners and the local parish priest. Every week 2 of the 7 members of another praesidium visit patients of St Mary’s Hospital in the Phoenix Park and distribute Holy Communion. Most weeks two pairs do home visitation. The Ceili Community are helped to promote their Parish Retreats. A presentation on the Miraculous Medal was warmly received by 6th class students in two schools.

Bethlehem Curia: This council has 12 praesidia. 12 Patricians and 2 legionaries attended a discussion on the Christian Family while 14 attended the quarterly Frank Duff prayer meeting. One praesidium did contact work at Smithfield Luas Stop on Alfie Lambe’s anniversary. Along with home visitation they called on Public Houses, shops, a hotel, a Medical Centre and a Health Club. Up to 24 attended their quarterly Edel Quinn promoter meeting in Dominic Street. A praesidium with 8 members has 2 Praetorians. Of 4 visitors, one joined another praesidium. Street contact is done regularly; in wet weather the entrance to the Pro-Cathedral is the venue. Many foreign nationals were contacted at a bookstand in the Garden of Remembrance. 21 people attended a two- hour prayer meeting on the eve of the Feast of the Sacred Heart in honour of the opening of the Year of the Holy Name of Jesus.

Porta Coeli Curia: One praesidium with 5 members has 2 Praetorians and 53 auxiliaries, including one Adjutorian. The works include a monthly Patrician meeting, a Frank Duff Prayer Group, promoting Adoration and nursing home visitation. Another praesidium is involved in organising a Corpus Christi procession in the parish. When invited by the priest they undertake a funeral apostolate. 77 Maria Legionis are delivered. Home visitation and visitation of the sick and elderly complete their works.

Veneranda Curia: A praesidium with 6 full members and one probationer has 114 auxiliary members. They are well known in the elderly complex they visit and often invited in. The Legion runs the bookstall in the Church and enrols people into the Lourdes Associate Collection. Another praesidium has 92 auxiliary members. During home visitation they meet people from many nationalities. A Buddhist Vietnamese lady invited them in for bowls of soup and a chat. The praesidium runs a DVD and book lending service in three Churches. An ill man, antagonistic towards the Church, eventually accepted a Scapular and received three Sacraments before a happy death.

Consolata Curia: One praesidium has grown from 2 to 6 members due to publicity in the local Newsletter and promotion over two weekends within the Church. With the help of a religious teacher, an Information Pack on the Legion was distributed in the Secondary School; work is on-going to set up an intermediate praesidium. During nursing home visitation visitors join in the singing and dancing while on another day residents are brought to the Chapel to join in a Rosary, Benediction and silent prayer. During the year 4 new members took the promise in another praesidium, bringing the total to 9. They also had 4 visitors. They have over 100 auxiliaries and one Adjutorian member. Three active members are Praetorians. During home visitation a lady with M.S. is helped with gardening and personal affairs and has become a good friend of the legionaries. The Director of Nursing in a nursing home is keen to expand the Legion’s role. 100 Packs were presented to Confirmation children and the Principal was enthusiastic about the establishment of a Pioneer Group.

Yvory Coast: During the period April to June 2014 four Praesidia, a Curia, three Comitia and a Regia gave their Annual Reports to the Senatus. The combined membership of these groups is: 14,473 Active, (of whom 2,082 are Praetorians); 2,913 Auxiliary, (of whom 1,028 are Adjutorian). They made 210,996 visits to people in their homes and in various other locations. During these visits they contacted 1,698,845 people, the majority of them Catholic, but also Methodists, Jehovah Witnesses, Muslims, various Sects and people with no religion. The result of their endeavours was: families reconciled, 504; marriages regularised, 729; returns to Mass, 984; baptisms, 7,502; Confirmations, 1,493; Sacrament of Reconciliation, 933; Sacrament of the Sick, 273; Catechumens enrolled, 12,000. They also visited 157,308 sick people in their homes and 419,214 in hospitals. The Legion is expanding all the time and they are in the process of procuring a more complete picture of its structure throughout the country. To this end they are trying to appoint correspondents to assist with the work. A week-end Retreat for officers in which it is hoped that up to 1,000 legionaries may take part, is being planned. Ever since they undertook a Mission to the neighbouring country, Mali, in October 2013, they have maintained contact with the Legion there and recently a Spiritual Director from Mali attended a meeting of the Senatus in Abidjan. They are expecting to receive shortly a comprehensive report on the structure of the Legion in Mali.

Senatus of Lome
: A report was given on the meeting with officers of some neighbouring countries held during the first week-end in August. Of the attendance of nearly 50 legionaries, 15 came from Benin, Burkina-Faso, Ivory Coast and Ghana. The Spiritual Director of the Senatus of Ivory Coast congratulated and thanked the Senatus of Lome for hosting and organising the event. Preparations for the PPC to Ghana are on-going. Many Curiae reported on having organised Exploratio Dominicalis projects, most on having junior praesidiae, returns to the Sacraments, marriages regularised and enrolment in Catechism classes, plus conversions. Among those contacted were many Muslims and those of the traditional African religion. Extension is on-going. The general audit was done. The final comprehensive report on the visit of 2 legionaries to Senegal has been received.

Douala Senatus: The July meeting was the first Senatus meeting held in the newly build Marian Centre. Regia Bertoua reported that the Legion exists in every parish in 4 Dioceses and that in Yokadouma Diocese only 2 parishes do not have the Legion. Most Councils reporting have at least 1 junior praesidium, but 3 Dioceses have no juniors. One new Curia was set up titled, ‘Our Lady of Providence’. Following an Exploratio Dominicalis held in the 2 Parishes of Eseka, 50 adults and 38 juniors were recruited, resulting in 4 new praesidia being set-up. Yaoundé Regia reported that 4 new praesidia were set up in the Central Prison. With the existing 2 praesidia a new Curia was established in the prison and was formerly inaugurated with Holy Mass. In the Diocese of Bafia a new Comitium was established in Ntui. The Legion Chaplain complimented the Legion on the great extension work they are doing. Other Exploratio Dominicalia projects and Patrician meetings were reported on. At the general Bishops’ Conference of the Cameroun the Legion of Mary was congratulated. The new Handbook has been printed and is ready for distribution. Some Muslims were converted. Contact with Tchad is on-going.

Brazzaville Regia
: Visitation of councils and praesidia are undertaken regularly, in particular where elections of council officers are taking place. Work reports include home and hospital visitation, street contact, teaching catechism, organising the Liturgy, visiting prisoners, widows, orphans and the poor. A Comitium organised a Day of Formation for their praesidia and Curiae officers. Legionaries of the Regia are encouraged each month to read various extracts from legionary publications for on-going formation. In the Diocese of Owando, 412 legionaries attended the Acies of Our Lady of Victories Comitium. Many legionary activities were organised that same weekend, including the visitation of homes in the parish. 500 people were contacted – Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, pagan, atheist and members of sects. One request for Confession was made; one person promised to come and pray in the Church and a poor abandoned person was discovered.

The average membership of the senior praesidia reporting was 17 and of the junior praesidia reporting to junior Curia was 26. Persons and families of all religions and none are included in the Legion’s outreach with good results in conversions, returns to the Sacraments and marriages regularised. From 30th May onwards, a programme of events to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Legion in the country has been in progress. The Spiritual Director of Comé Comitium asked that council meetings accommodate the local language (in this case, Fon) as well as French.

There are 2 Senatus and 3 Regia in Mexico.
Mexico City Senatus: The praesidia directly attached to the Senatus have increased from 6 to 11. The Senatus has an extension worker who visits councils, attends meetings, officers meetings and so on. A representative of the Body for Lay Movements attended and addressed the Senatus meeting in June. A Youth Conference was also held in June.

Merida Senatus: 5 Comitia, 5 Curiae and 6 praesidia reported during this period. All councils and praesidia report large numbers of active and auxiliary members. Legion works indicate contact with big numbers of families who have joined one or other of the sects; some have returned to the practice of the Catholic faith. They also meet large numbers of Catholics who have just discontinued to practice and they say that this category is the least open to dialogue. A Parish Priest invited the legionaries to set up the Legion and do visitation in his parish to counteract the sects. A number of scripture groups have been set up to help people to read understand and meditate on scripture. There is an improvement in the junior movement including a number of new praesidia for boys.

Durango Regia: Attached presidia and Curiae are visited. The Hierarchy appreciate the help and perseverance of the legionaries. The monthly correspondence from Concilium is read and discussed at the Regia meetings.

Monterrey Regia: Legionaries manned a stand in a gathering of different apostolic movements where they spoke to a large number of interested persons. Some praesidia carried out a home-to- home census. An attached Curia reported the setting up of a junior praesidium with 10 members, while another reported 3 new adult praesidia, each with about 9 members. Another Curia reported book barrow work where they meet large numbers of people and distribute hand-outs with religious formation. During the six weeks of Lent legionaries conducted Stations of the Cross in a housing estate and finished with Mass and refreshments.

Guadalajara Regia: Most of the Legion work is of the consolation nature. 100 Miraculous Medals and leaflets were distributed after Mass on the 27 November. One praesidium reported setting up another paresidium.


Managua: This council comprises 2 Comitia, 4 Curiae and 2 junior praesidia. The legionaries are preparing to set up a Comitium in the Diocese of Santo Tomas de Chotales. The Legion in the Diocese is scattered. A Comitium to govern the Diocese would resolve the problem. Two new praesidia were set up, one in each of the two Comitia. 370 prisoners were visited; 30 went to confession. A Mass attended by all the prisoners was organised by the legionaries.
Regia of Panama: A praesidium recruited 77 auxiliaries. They do the usual Legion works including street contact. 90 homes were consecrated to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Legionaries participate in a radio programme. There are plans to set up a Curia in a new Diocese and eventually a Comitium to govern that area.

Senatus of San Salvador:
A new junior praesidium was set up. The usual Legion works are carried out including an apostolate to cancer patients. 90 prisoners were visited. Legionaries baptised a still-born baby. Children under 5 years of age are taught to say the Rosary and Legion Prayers.

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Maria et Patria Projects in Ennis and Waterford Ireland
October 2014

On 9th and 10th June 32 legionaries took part in the Ennis MEP project. 623 homes were visited. 32 ‘special cases’ were encountered for priests to call. They met 185 lapsed, 72, non –Catholics. 2030 Miraculous Medals were distributed. 9 people said they would be interested in active Legion membership. One person is very happy to join. The others who expressed an interest are to be followed up. Great tribute was paid to Fr. Tom Hogan, Administrator of the Cathedral and Fr. Jer Fitzerald who gave wonderful Allocutios at the meetings.


On 11th and 12th August a team of 40, assisted by Frs. Michael Kennedy and Derek O’Connell did home visitation in Waterford City. 2,840 homes were visited. 20 people gave their names for active Legion membership and 54 for auxiliary membership. 8 non team members attended the 2 Patrician meetings. They distributed 1672 Miraculous Medals and hundreds of information leaflets on the Legion with meeting times and places of meetings, Mass and Confession times and other parish details. A 21 year old man had his Confession heard. A sick man also had his Confession heard and received Holy Communion.

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Peregrinatio Pro Christo September 2014
October 2014

The team of 7 Irish and 5 British legionaries have arrived home safely from their project in Erfurt, Germany, reporting very positive results.
This year, legionaries from Malta will attend the Peregrinatio Pro Christo Annual Conference in All Hallows College, Dublin and report on their projects.
Prayers are requested for a successful Conference on Saturday 8th November.

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Promoting the Junior Legion - a 10-Point Plan
October 2014

“… it should be regarded as a necessary part of the system of each senior praesidium to conduct a junior praesidium.” (Handbook 14:22)
Senior praesidia which do not have junior praesidia attached might give serious consideration to the above words. Obviously, some praesidia experience difficulty in this manner, particularly in regard to providing senior officers for a junior praesidium. Due weight should be given however to the value of the junior Legion to young people and every effort should be made to overcome the obstacles which lie in the way.
The following words taken from the Papal Exhortation, “Christifideles Laici”, which are quoted in chapter 36:22 of the Handbook should be an incentive to senior praesidia in this regard:
“…young people are and ought to be encouraged to be active on behalf of the Church as leading characters in evangelisation and participants in the renewal of society.” (CL 46)
Suggestions as to steps which might be taken by senior praesidia towards setting up a junior praesidium.
1. Consideration by the senior praesidium.
2. Consultation with the senior Curia.
3. Consultation with the Parish Priest and school authorities.
4. Set a date for the first meeting.
5. Members of the senior praesidium pray for this intention and invite their auxiliaries to pray for it also.
6. A small hand-out (information leaflet) might be prepared inviting young people to consider membership.
7. The praesidium canvasses young people in its area through visitation of homes, schools and recreation areas.
8. In the course of home visitation, as well as speaking to the young people they meet, the legionaries inform parents of the proposal and explain to them the value of the Legion membership to their children.
9. One of the senior members is asked to take on the Presidency of the new junior praesidium. If possible, a second senior member should be asked to become Vice President.
10. Consideration should be given to a programme of work for the juniors.

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Allocutio at September 2014 Concilium Meeting by Fr. Bede McGregor OP
October 2014


Recently I became aware that in all my years in the Legion of Mary I had never given an Allocutio on the Devil. He must be delighted with that fact, but extremely annoyed with this Allocutio. Of course the devil is not the central figure of our Catholic faith. The centre belongs to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, to Jesus Christ as the Incarnation of the second Person of the Trinity, to Mary His Mother, the Communion of Saints, the Mystical Body of Christ, the Eucharist and the other Sacraments and all the articles of our faith. But it would be utter foolishness and naivety to ignore or soft pedal the reality of the devil, whose existence we acknowledge by faith and is verified so often in our existence.

Perhaps it would be helpful to quote some words from a document commissioned and recommended by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on ‘Christian Faith and Demonology’: ‘The many forms of superstition, obsessional preoccupation with Satan and the demons, and the different kinds of worship of them attachment to them have always been condemned by the Church. It would therefore be incorrect to hold that Christianity, forgetful of the universal Lordship of Christ, had at any time made Satan the privileged subject of its preaching, transforming the Good News of the Risen Lord into a message of terror.’

From its very beginning the Legion has been acutely aware of the existence od Satan. One of the foundational Biblical texts in Legion spirituality quoted five times in the Handbook is the words of Genesis 3:15: ‘I will put enmity between you and the woman, between your seed and her seed and she will crush your head.’ We know of course that it is Jesus who primarily crushes the head of Satan, but in union with the whole Church we believe in the role of Mary in the battle with Satan. So legionaries give a special place to the image of Mary on the Miraculous Medal, which continues a centuries old tradition of Christian art of portraying Our Lady as crushing the head of Satan. The devil appears in the first book of the Bible and continues to appear in all the other books right up to the last one, the Book of Revelation. Jesus opens His apostolate with a direct confrontation with Satan in the desert and throughout His ministry He encounters the devil and especially in His passion and death. But His triumph over Satan, sin and death is absolute and it is this absolute triumph that the Church celebrates in the great Sign of the Cross and that gives us ultimate confidence in our own conflict with the devil.

It is the forthright and frequent teaching of Pope Francis on the existence of the devil and how to deal with him that triggered this Allocutio. For instance: ‘We are all tempted, because…our spiritual life, our Christian life, is a battle,’ the Pope said. This comes from the fact that ‘the Devil does not want us to become holy; he does not want us to follow Jesus. Of course, one of you will say: but father, you are so old fashioned, speaking about the devil in the 21st century!’ To this Pope Francis replied: ‘Watch out, the devil exists even in the 21st century. And we must not be naïve. We must learn from the Gospel how to deal with him.’ In another homily he says: ‘On this point there is no shadow of doubt. A battle exists, a battle in which the eternal salvation of us all is at stake. There are no alternatives even if at times we hear about ‘pastoral proposals that seem more accommodating. No! Either you are with Jesus or against Him.’ The good legionary will resonate with those words of Pope Francis.

Let us point to that rallying antiphon so loved by the Legion: Who is She that comes forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in battle array?’ So, emphatically the Legion knows it is engaged a battle – the fiercest and most important battle ever waged, a battle over the eternal destiny of souls. Let me repeat: the good legionary is always aware that he is in a battle, a ruthless and relentless one concerned with the salvation of souls. Not to be aware of the reality of the devil, the specialist in dividing people and the telling of blatant or more often the subtlest of lies is living in a fantasy world. But we are the army of Mary and with her and through her we will conquer Satan in our time and place. We remember the words of St. John Paul 11 to our founder Frank Duff: ‘Victory comes through Mary’. Those words were a perfect expression of the profound conviction of our Founder and the spirit of the Legion.

We know that the Legion works in places and cultures in the world where the very existence of the devil is denied and ridiculed and also it works in places and cultures where there is a superstitious preoccupation with the devil sometimes expressed in demonic rituals. So it might be helpful as a basis for discussion at a Patrician meeting or other Legion forum to conclude this Allocutio with two short quotations concerning the existence, nature and limits of the devil. One from the Universal Catechism of the Catholic Church and the other from the Document recommended by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith mentioned earlier.

“Triumph over Evil: It is to Faith in fact that the Apostle Peter leads us back when he exhorts us to resist the devil, ‘strong in faith.’ Faith teaches us that the reality of evil ‘is a living spiritual being, perverted and corrupting.’ Faith can also give confidence by assuring us that the power of Satan cannot go beyond the limits set by God. Faith likewise assures us that even though the devil is able to tempt us, he cannot force our consent. Above all faith opens the heart of prayer, in which it finds its victory and crown. It thus enables us to triumph over evil through the power of God” (Congregation of the Faith)

“The power of Satan is, nonetheless, not infinite. He is only a creature, powerful from the fact that he is pure spirit, but still a creature. He cannot prevent the building up of God’s reign. Although Satan may act in the world out of hatred for God and His Kingdom in Christ, and although his action may cause grave injuries – of a spiritual nature and, indirectly, even of a physical nature- to each person and to society, the action is permitted by providence which with strength and gentleness guides human and cosmic history. It is a great mystery that providence should permit diabolical activity, but ‘we know that in everything God works for good with those who love Him.’ (CCC395)

Let us leave the last word to Pope Francis: ‘Let us ask the Lord for the grace to take these things seriously. He came to battle for our salvation, and he has conquered the devil.’

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Hong Kong 65th anniversary Celebrations September 2014
October 2014

A visit to Hong Kong and Macau was made by two Concilium officers, Pat O’Donoghue and Michael Walsh from 6th to 11th September on the occasion of Hong Kong Comitium’s 65 anniversary celebrations, which took place on Sunday 7th September in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, overflowing with legionaries wearing their ceremonial yellow t-shirts with Vexillum on the crest. Mass was concelebrated by Cardinal John Tong and 13 priests. The Cardinal spoke eloquently about the Legion and how its history in China mirrored the history of the Church. The Legion had started in Hong Kong in 1949 through the efforts of Fr. Aedan McGrath.

During the visit, the Concilium representatives had a meeting with Fr. Lok, who has been part of the Legion’s growth in Hong Kong for 40 years. They also met Sr. Osmund Nydia, who had accompanied Fr. McGrath on his visit to Bishop Valtorta in 1949 seeking permission to start the Legion in his Diocese.
Hong Kong has 7 senior Curiae and 5 junior Curiae.
A visit was also made to Macau, where the Legion of Mary was started in 1952 by Legion Envoy Teresa Su, a native of Hong Kong. Currently, Macau has 6 senior praesidia and one junior praesidium. Bishop Joseph Lai and local legionaries gave the visitors a warm welcome. An extension project is planned for the island with the help of Hong Kong legionaries.


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Raising of Regia of Santa Maria, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil to Senatus August 2014
September 2014

A proposal to raise the Regia of Santa Maria to Senatus was unanimously agreed. The new Senatus is to govern the same areas as it already had i.e. the State of Rio Grande do Sul. The State comprises the 4 Archdioceses of Santa Maria, Passo Fundo, Pelotas and Porto Alegre and their respective suffragan dioceses, totalling 14.

The Regia comprises 6 Comitia, 14 Curia, 12 directly affiliated praesidia with 4,446 active, 6,219 auxiliary, 38 Praetorian and 54 Adjutorian members. Ecclesiastical approval has been granted and the Senatus of Sao Paulo to which the Regia is currently affiliated has also given its approval. It was noted at the Concilium meeting that in an area of over 11 million of population there is great scope for growth and development of the Legion of Mary.

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Allocutio at August 2014 Comitium Meeting by Fr. Bede McGregor OP
September 2014
True Devotion to the Nation (2)

Last month we offered some introductory reflections with regard to the Legion’s deep commitment to the True Devotion to the Nation (TDN). Its entrance into the history and scheme of the Legion met with some stern opposition. Frank Duff records: ‘In 1958 the first TDN Conference took place. There was quite revulsion of feeling at it. Many were distressed, angry; they felt that a menace was being directed at the life of their beloved Society; that time honoured ideas were being hurled overboard and that an unjustifiable revolution was being launched in the Legion. To some extent those fears were allayed before the end of the Conference. They persisted in certain quarters. But where today in the Legion is there a trace of such dissent? However, I think it is worthwhile to revisit the whole question of the meaning and role of TDN in the Legion today. What activities does the average praesidium undertake as an explicit expression of their commitment to TDN? Does the general public see TDN as an inseparable characteristic of the Legion? Is this devotion a frequent theme of our Congresses and Patrician meetings? I leave you to answer the questions.

Let us first remind ourselves that the true TDN is a direct application of the Gospel itself. This love and service of our neighbour is the chief characteristic and the test of our Christian faith. ‘By this shall all men know that you are my disciples that you love one another.’ In the evening of life we will be judged on how we treated our neighbour and that is the explicit teaching of Our Lord on the Last Judgement. The love of our neighbour is not just an emotion but a concrete service. The whole social teaching of the Church is simply an application of the Gospel to the social questions that arise in every generation. And TDN is simply the Legion’s implementation of the social teaching of the Church. The spirituality of the Legion cannot be divorced from the social Gospel as mediated to us through the Magisterium.

The first fear about TDN in the early days of the Legion was that it might obscure the primacy of the spiritual and religious in its apostolate. There were plenty of examples around that took a purely secular approach to social problems or at least had a very muted spiritual dimension. But this was never true of the Legion. The salvation of souls was always given absolute primacy in the Legion and in all multiplicity of activities. We insist on the dignity of the human person who is made by God and for God. A phrase from the writings of St. Alphonsus could aptly sum up a fundamental conviction of the Legion: ‘The most perfect charity consists in being zealous about our neighbour’s spiritual good.’ There is nothing more precious that we can offer another person or community or nation than a meeting with Jesus Christ. There is nothing more enriching that we can offer another person than our Catholic Faith. Until we are utterly convinced of the truth we are not yet fully legionaries. Why? Because Mary has no other purpose or desire except to give Jesus to the world and everything He stands for. As with Mary, so must it be the object of the Legion. So all TDN for us must be within the framework of the motives, methods and scheme of the Legion.

We see this principle worked out in the history of the Legion’s approach to grave social and spiritual problems. For instance, in the case of prostitution the Legion does not get involved in denouncing the evil of prostitution through the media or in other ways, but sees the supreme dignity of the human person involved in this activity and seeks by persevering personal contact and friendship to lead them back to a more human and Christian way of life and happiness. We seek to see and serve the Person of Christ in the spirit of Mary in all those involved in this grave social and spiritual problem. The book, Miracles on Tap gives us a great example of how the Legion deals with this problem.

The same is true of the Legion’s approach to the horrendous problem of abortion. Our primary concern is not with condemnation of the women and the doctors and their co-workers nor with any kind of harassment, but we seek personal contact with the women and all those concerned with this savage evil and seek by constant prayer and personal friendship to dissuade them from abortion or to be a real help in the healing process of those who have had abortions. Of course there are many other approaches to all these kinds of problems and many of them may be necessary and effective, but they do not belong to the spirit and methods of the Legion. Doctors, nurses, family members,teachers, journalists, legislators, Bishops, priests and many Pro Life groups operate according to their special responsibilities and methods and the Legion seeks to play its part according to its own charism within the Church and society

The various hostels run by the Legion throughout the Legion world are a classic example of its TDN. The dignity of the human person made in the image and likeness of God and ina certain way a sacrament of the presence of Christ governs every aspect of the running of these hostels. The legionaries care for the whole person and above all of his or her spiritual needs. The hostels are primarily places of evangelisation and the Eucharist in the Chapel is the great source of motivation and perseverance for the legionaries in an often difficult and thankless work. The ethos of the Legion hostels is a deeply Gospel and Christian one ; the best possible care of all the needs of the residents both spiritual and material. Nor does the work in the Hostels contravene the fundamental Legion principle of excluding the giving of material relief in the course of its apostolate. There is an important distinction between material relief and services. The Handbook insists that the Legion does not wish to rerstrict the range of services that we offer in the course of our apostolates.

The writings of Frank Duff often give us the best available interpretation of the Handbook, so let me finish with a substantial quotation from him: ‘But I insist there is no abandonment of our traditional scheme. There is no dropping of our spiritual programme, but only an intensification of it. We have not relaxed our rule against the giving of material relief. In fact we have become progressively strengthened in regard to it. We believe it to be our bulwark against the mere humanism which has absorbed so much of the Catholic apostolate. Too much of the alleged apostolate of today is but a cult of the material even though a spiritual gloss is imparted to it. With sufficient agencies devoted to the giving of material relief, it is vital that the Legion should remain constant to its aim of seeking first the Kingdom of God. T.D.N. is an effort to do this, and then to reach out to the ‘other things.’ This order of values is essential. The spiritual must be the motive. The prevailing tendency is to rule out that motive and to commit the people’s lives to secular and technical handling. This is not even a distant relation to Christianity, and we must energetically try to impart true balance.

But, ‘material relief is to be correctly interpreted. It does not include that rendering of services to the individual and the community which constitute T.D.N. While our great preoccupation is the spiritual, it must not be viewed too narrowly, for that spiritual concerns all life. All springs from it and ministers to it. If we have to distinguish between what is primary and secondary, it should not result in the neglecting of either. If we are dealing with the secondary aspects stressed in the True Devotion to the Nation, it must not be to the detriment of the primary one. We must not for a moment lose sight of the soul. It is to the soul that we are really addressing ourselves through the means which we use, each of which should be viewed as a lever to uplift faith, to promote moral good.

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Concilium Bulletin August 2014
September 2014

Boston Senatus: A new Portuguese Curia, Our Lady of the Sacred Family has been approved by Cardinal O'Malley. Providence Comitium reported, 5 children of families who returned to the Faith were baptised and received First Communion. Legionaries run a Catholic library which recruits new members. Three evangelisation days were held, booths were set up at fairs, and extension drives at 3 Churches. Springfield Curia visits 2 prisons. New Bedford Curia had 6 Enthronements of Sacred Heart and Pilgrim Statue visits. 2 new praesidia were started in Attleboro. In Hartford Comitium a weekly book barrow is operated in a Market and legionaries serve as Tribunes for prison praesidia. A praesidium in Roxbury Curia reports the return of lapsed Catholics to the faith during Exploratio Dominicalis. A praesidium of 16 members attends to Cape Verdian parishioners. Worcester Curia has 3 attached praesidia with average of 10-14 active and 80 auxiliary members. Works include visits to a hospital, two prisons and home visitation.

Philadelphia Senatus celebrated its 50th year as a Senatus, with 5 Spiritual Directors and two visitors from Concilium present at the May meeting to mark the occasion. Pittsburgh Regia added 4 new praesidia and Greensburg Comitium gained 7, after their Bishop sent letters of endorsement of the Legion to all the parishes. Erie Curia had a ‘Little Red Wagon’ on street evangelisation with positive reaction. Delaware Co. South Curia visits 2 prisons. Norristown Comitium reports juniors staffing a book barrow at the local train station. Camden Comitium, NJ, has a book barrow on Ocean City Boardwalk, also information tables at Cowtown & Berlin Markets, making many good contacts.

Cincinnati Senatus: A praesidium with 5 members visits a nursing home and holds a weekly Communion service for residents. In Kokomo Comitium, a member started a blog to communicate with others about the Catholic faith. 3 persons returned to the Sacraments. Nashville has a Young Adult Recruitment project and gained a new praesidium. Madison Curia includes works of consolation in its apostolate.

Chicago Senatus: A very successful May Gathering was held at which over 100 legionaries from six states participated in a weekend Conference, street contact in Millennium Park and the Senatus meeting. Some legionaries travelled over 900 miles to be present. Two Concilium visitors were also welcomed at the gathering. Mankato Curia, Minnesota, provided 45 Legion volunteers to staff a Catholic Information Booth at the Steel County Fair, and made contact with 1,440 visitors, distributing literature and sacramentals. Our Lady of Mercy, Chinatown, Chicago, provides CCD and RCIA classes for the Chinese community and leads children’s liturgy during the school year. Our Lady of Victory, Fargo, ND, with 10 members has a varied programme of works, including involvement with Religious Education Students. Duluth Curia has a prison praesidium with 8 new members among the ‘lifers’ and 4 converts. The Korean Comitium, Chicago has 9 praesidia, and 2 Curiae attached. They visit 8 hospitals and do crowd contact at Seoul Supermarket and conduct Catechism classes. 10 received Baptism. Milwaukee Comitium and their attached Curia are involved with staffing Booths at the county fairs and Church festivals. In a nursing home that they visit, 2 persons returned to Mass and the Sacraments.

St. Louis Senatus: Ten praesidia have undertaken new works. In one of their nursing homes they arranged for 17 residents to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.16 conversions were reported and 53 returns to the Sacraments. They place emphasis on juniors, having 46 members in 3 junior praesidia.

Arlington Regia: A Marian Encounter was organised by a parish praesidium at which 1,200 attended resulting in 500 going to Confession. Washington University praesidium reported two members entering the Seminary and four others considering a religious vocation. 106 members attended their Annual Retreat.

Los Angeles Senatus: Praesidia reporting over the last four months show a steady rise in active members. Consecration of the homes to the Sacred Heart is a regular item in the reports. Apostolate to the Crowd in popular areas continues to have success as does their prison visitation.

San Francisco Senatus: A 60 year old praesidium gained 2 new members after a Columban drive. All members do book barrow, crowd contact and home visitation. Another praesidium of 5 members has 35 auxiliaries, does book barrow work and visitation to the sick. North San Mateo Curia reports marriage validations and returns to the faith. Daly County Curia gained 9 active members after follow-up of 44 names gathered in a Columban Drive. Seattle Comitium has 9 Curiae (including 1 Korean). 14 praesidia conduct a Shopping Centre apostolate. They also have Enthronement of Sacred Heart and prison ministry. South San Mateo Curia Seminary praesidium has 10 members. Stockton Curia contacted people at the Asparagus Fair and has a Congress scheduled. A lapsed Catholic was brought back and is now a legionary. San Jose Comitium has a Vietnamese Curia of 292 active members and 3118 auxiliaries. They visit families and prisoners.

New York Senatus: Extension Projects are progressing. Mother of Divine Mercy praesidium looks after a book barrow near their Church making good contacts, distributing literature and sacramentals to passers-by. Mother of Our Savour Curia made contact with 700 people at a book barrow at Grand Central Station. One young man asked for confession. An Exploratio Dominicalis yielded 8 lapsed Catholics promising to return to practice.

Houston Senatus:. In Southwest Curia, a praesidium in Corpus Christi parish visits a women’s Correctional Unit. In St. Mark’s parish they do home visitation and lead Baptism and Bible classes.

Miami Regia: Savannah Curia in Georgia with two central praesidia and four distant ones has begun to approach priests in other parishes about starting the Legion. With less than 100,000 Catholics in a diocese with a population of almost 3 million, there is need for an evangelising outreach. West Palm Beach Curia with 18 praesidia attached reported among its many achievements 7 conversions to the Catholic Faith and 11 returns to the Sacraments in a four month period. Mystical Rose praesidium Miami recruited 15 new members in one year. An Atlanta praesidium kept a journal that recorded many favours.

Senatus of Toronto
: Queen of the Holy Family praesidium has 24 members on roll and 248 auxiliaries. Their works include door to door, Pilgrim Statue and Enthronement to the Sacred Heart visits; they also officer two junior praesidia. The Niagara Region Curia has grown from 5 to 18 praesidia in 3 years. Their Legion Congress in May an attendance of 75. Mississauga Comitium introduced 3 new book barrows and a new Patrician group. One of their members was ordained to the Priesthood. Our Lady of The Blessed Trinity has 10 members, 3 of whom are Praetorians and 9 Adjutorians among their 100 auxiliaries. Two junior praesidia are also attached.

Vancouver Comitium: On the 21st June, 2014 the Comitium celebrated its 25th Anniversary. The occasion was marked with a special celebration in St. Francis Xavier Church. The Comitium met with Archbishop Michael Miller, who celebrated Mass to a packed Church, concelebrated by four priests. In his homily Archbishop Miller was very supportive of the Legion of Mary. He spoke about Frank Duff and his love of Our Blessed Lady and expressed appreciation for the presence of the Legion of Mary in every parish in his diocese.
Montreal Senatus: The attached praesidia gained 9 new active members and 12 auxiliaries. A new African praesidium with 12 members was formed in March. A morning praesidium of 10 members does hospital visitation among its varied works. A Haitian praesidium of 15 members reported a range of works in the parish. Sherbrook Curia formed a new praesidium. Ville-Marie English Curia gained 6 active members and 8 auxiliaries. Works include hospital, Pilgrim Statue visitation, pastoral service and catechesis. Moncton Curia has 5 praesidia. A praesidium of 17 members visits the sick and housebound.

Senatus of Santo Domingo: 54 legionaries participated in the annual Holy Week project, “la Jornada de Semana Santa” organised by the Senatus. Legionaries, at the invitation of the priest, go to areas he cannot reach and conduct the Easter Triduum. The visitation found 387 irregular marriages, 241 without First Communion, and 305 not baptised. The ceremonies were held in two centres with attendances varying between 300 and 800 over the three days.

Senatus of Santiago de los Caballeros: All Praesidia are involved in Parish work and in implementing the Episcopal Pastoral Plan of Evangelisation particularly to the poor and elderly. The Comitium Sagrado Corozón de María with 12 adult, 1 junior praesidia, and 6 Curiae attached, has a total of 1,300 members, 30 Praetorian, 7 Adjutorian and 1200 auxiliaries. Their priority is contacting the lapsed and evangelisation. Two men aged over 50 who had never been to Confession were prepared for Confession and Communion. One died soon after and the other is faithfully practising. The priest was brought to another man who was dying. After receiving the Last Sacraments he not only recovered but has joined the Legion. Two non-Catholic youths were converted and are now practicing Catholics. Our Lady Mother of the Church Curia has 8 praesidia attached with 71 active members and 268 auxiliaries. Catechism is taught weekly in the schools. A book barrow is operated by 2 praesidia .11 adults were baptised and 16 received into the Catholic Church. 7 lapsed Catholics returned to the Sacraments and 6 to Mass. On a follow-up visit to Tobago, 2 new praesidia were started. Mary Immaculate Queen Curia has 7 praesidia attached with 75 members, 11 probationers and 500 auxiliaries.

Senatus of Haiti: A new Senatus Spiritual Director, Fr. Francky Desir, was appointed. The postal service now appears to be restored since the earthquake in 2010. A Comitium and a Seminary praesidium reported at the June meeting and works include home and hospital visitation plus visits to people living in tents, catechism courses, preparation for the Sacraments and work for youth.

Puerto Rico: Works of service are reported, e.g., assistance with Government documentation, preparing meals for the elderly and sick, helping with 4 – l2 years old and ll – l6 years; caring for children while their parents are at Mass. Arecibo reported jail visitation and one family brought back from the Pentecostals. Comitium Manati has 36 Praetorians and 50 Adjutorians. Among their works are l0 Patrician groups. They help meet new arrivals in the parish to welcome them. In the Virgin Islands Curia there are 3 praesidia, two in St. Thomas and one in St. John. They arranged for 50 children to receive First Holy Communion. l5 people were invited to Confession. A new praesidium was set up. The Statute of Our Lady of Fatima was accepted in 80 homes. Non-Catholics were visited. One divorce was prevented.

Trinidad and Tobago: Legionaries visited the Zion Community giving a talk on Mary. Rosary Beads and Miraculous Medals were given to young children. A new junior praesidium at Arima girls Catholic School is progressing with 4 teachers involved. Home and hospital visitation is also reported. On a follow-up visit to Tobago, two new junior praesidia were started.


Madrid Senatus. Work with Aids patients resulted in many becoming auxiliaries. Pesca Joven (Fishing for Youth) project includes afternoon and night street contact with youth and is a good way of reaching out to the next generation. Recruiting by personal contact is proving more fruitful than Church door recruiting. Some Patrician groups are held with good participation and attendance. Regarding Legion formation, the Senatus works on the basis of formation at praesidium meetings, visitation of praesidia and councils and not so much on separate formation sessions.
Barcelona Senatus: Barcelona has l0 praesidia with 74 active members. In Alicante the priests depend on the legionaries to prepare children for First Holy Communion. They contact deaf mutes and one legionary is learning sign language to assist at a special Mass for them.
Bilbao Senatus: Basauri Curia has 2 adult and l junior praesidia, l2 Praetorians, l2 Adjutorians, and l40 auxiliaries. It has 4 book barrows in 4 parishes. 6 pre-juveniles joined the junior praesidium and 2 juniors joined the senior ranks. The Curia in Algorta has a new praesidium of Philippinos. Pamplona Curia works with gypsies and immigrants.

Lisbon Senatus:
Bishop Josse Augusto Traquina Maria, new Auxiliary Bishop of Lisbon, and formerly Parish Priest of Benfica warmly received Tadgh McMahon, who paid a brief visit to the parish on his way to Brazil, and acknowledged the Senatus commitment to strengthening the Legion in his former parish. The paesidium reporting at the May meeting has 15 members and 5 Praetorians. In addition to its parish apostolate it works among immigrants from the Ukraine and India. The Comitium of Cascais reports the recitation of a Mystery of the Rosary on visits to the Cancer Hospital. Help is provided to the mother of a son with special needs. An apostolate to older people involves visits to Churches and Art galleries. Catechesis includes preparation of children for Baptism, First Holy Communon and Confirmation. Porto Regia reports three new praesidia with one in the Comitium of Braga, where 65 legionaries took part in a training day for extension workers. In the Azores, 12 priests and 194 members attended a Congress.

The Limassol praesidium joined the three praesidia in Nicosia for a joint Acies which they hope will now become an annual event. Queen of the Most Holy Rosary praesidium, Nicosia, made contacts with Catholics, some lapsed, and Greek Orthodox in Parks and Bus Stations.

Rome Senatus: The reports from the praesidia and Curiae were very encouraging. The Senatus has volunteers for legionary extension in Umbria and Abruzzo. Two legionaries during their visit to Peru made contact with the Senatus of Lima. In the mountainous areas there, men are more numerous than women in the Legion ranks.
Milan Regia: Sunday Mass leaflets are distributed to contacts in parks, gardens and bars. An active and an auxiliary member were recruited in a park. There were big attendances at the Rosary and Benediction held in Apartment Compounds during May.
Padova Comitium: Extension work is continuing in three parishes. Bishop Antonio Mattiazzo sent a message of encouragement on the approval of the Legion Statutes in Rome. In Verona the Nigerian praesidium prepares children for the Sacraments. 11 received First Holy Communion and 19 Confirmation. They visited patients in hospital and called a priest for 2 sick people, one of whom died soon afterwards. They have 13 children ready to start a junior praesidium.

Malta Regia: An Italian-speaking praesidium of 5 with 43 Auxiliaries has an apostolate to the Italian Community. A praesidium of 8, with 4 Praetorians visits families, a Detention Centre and has an Apostolate to Seafarers. A Praesidium of 9, with 4 Praetorians, held two half-day retreats with attendances of 55. Two new families were consecrated to the Sacred Heart. Families renew their consecration annually at two special Masses. The junior Curia Acies, followed by a social evening had an attendance of 80. 40 juniors attended a weekend Work Camp, which included Eucharistic Adoration to which passers-by were invited. Nursing Homes were visited and a Treasure Hunt was included in the activities. A praesidium set up in January in Mother & Teacher Curia now has 15 men. Queen of the Eucharist Curia had good contacts at a Bus Terminus. A return of one person to the Sacraments after six years was reported by Mother of Good Shepherd Curia. Hope of the World Curia reported the baptism and Holy Communion of two children and 5 returns to the Sacraments. Gozo Comitium: The annual meeting for Spiritual Directors had an attendance 19. ‘The Joy of the Gospel’ was the theme of a Congress organised by the Comitium. A PPC information evening for 16/17 year olds had an attendance of 23. Fourteen legionaries from the Comitium took part in an extension drive in Swatar on Malta Island. Contact was made with 101 families which included Muslims and foreign students. Names were taken for active membership.


The Malta Correspondent with another legionary and the Spiritual Director visited the praesidia in Greece in May and were met on arrival in Thessalonica by the Spiritual Director of the two praesidia, one of which is English and the other Greek-speaking. They attended the two praesidia meetings. The legionaries teach catechism, promote the Rosary and visit the elderly or people in difficulty accompanied by the Spiritual Director. Rhodes has one Philippino senior and one junior praesidium.

ALBANIA: The first Legion meeting in Kosovo took place on April 29th.



Carlow Comitium: Works include hospital visitation. Myshall junior praesidium has 6 members aged from 8 to 16 years; three are Mass Servers; others distribute copies of Maria Legionis, also Miraculous Medals and Causes prayer leaflets. Efforts at setting up a new praesidium in Rathvilly are ongoing. Laois Curia: Extension efforts to set up a praesidium in the parish of Carbury are in train and the Curia is receiving great support from the Parish Priest. Kildare Curia: A meeting of the Officers of the Comitium and 2 attached Curiae was held on 21 May. The Correspondent and another legionary attended. Various aspects of Legion government and the need for building up membership were discussed. A Legion Stall will operate at the forthcoming Ploughing Championship.

Ferns Comitium: Works of Riverchapel praesidium with 7 members and 21 auxiliaries include visitation of homes, hospitals and nursing homes, plus Para Liturgy on Mondays and Wednesdays when the priest is unavailable to celebrate Mass. A 13 week course on Catechism organised by the Legion and Parish Priest had an attendance of 18. Ferns Curia: A praesidium of 9 members in Carnew visits the homes of recovering drug/alcoholic addicts.

Tuam Comitium: The intermediate praesidium in Tuam has 10 members who help in many ways in the Church in their various parishes, which includes organising prayers, Offertory Gifts and readings at Parish Church and school Masses. They are also involved in preparing children for Confirmation, helping at a Mini-Vigil in Knock, visiting 2 nursing homes and an elderly lady in her home. Lackagh praesidium has 5 members and 30 auxiliaries. Works include Pilgrim Statue visitation and distribution of Holy Communion to residents in a nursing home. The works of Clonberne praesidium include organising weekly Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and visitation of a local nursing home.
Westport Curia has 49 seniors, 14 juniors, 221 auxiliaries and 12 Adjutorians in its 9 senior and 2 junior praesidia. Works of consolation are included in their apostolate. Claremorris Curia has 44 seniors and 136 juniors, 220 auxiliaries, 18 Praetorians in its 7 senior and 5 junior praesidia. Home and Pilgrim Statue visitation is done by most praesidia. A new praesidium recently established in Knock is doing home visitation to estates in the parish. A Patrician group for men only started in October has an attendance of 15 to 20 each month.

Elphin Comitium: Ballinameen has its first senior praesidium. In the course of visitation they promote Eucharistic Adoration, Advent and Lenten Scripture groups, the Miraculous Medal and Brown Scapular. The Spiritual Director enrols all newly baptised and their families and also all school children in the Miraculous Medal. North Elphin Curia: Grange praesidium has 30 auxiliaries. Reports of Pilgrim Statue visitation tell of many favours received by parishioners, attributed to having the statue of Our Blessed in their homes.
Rathcormac praesidium has 5 members, 3 of whom are Praetorians; they have 13 auxiliaries. Works include the conducting of a children’s weekly Prayer Group in the parish Church, attended by 14 children and some parents. The Rosary is led by the children; hymns are sung and during Lent they do the Stations of the Cross. They also conduct a weekly Holy Hour each Thursday for the protection of priests. Some recipients of the Pilgrim Statue are now regularly praying the Rosary. A new praesidium has been set up in Collooney. Retreats and summer outings have been held.

Achonry Curia: Kiltimagh and Ballymote praesidia visit nursing homes and bring the Statue of Our Lady to homes. Legionaries in Kiltimagh also help Swinford legionaries with their Patricians. A former junior from Kiltimagh is now in the senior praesidium in Maynooth.
Clonfert Curia: The apostolate of Cappatagle praesidium of 10 members, 2 of whom are Praetorians, includes hospital and nursing home visitation and bringing older people to visit their neighbours in care homes. A former member of the praesidium is visited on a regular basis in a Care Home and given copies of Maria Legionis. Members of the praesidium in Leitrim parish visit 2 nursing homes as well as bereaved families.
Galway Curia: The Curia hosted the PPC Conference for the western region on Sunday 11th May. The main work of a reporting praesidium is home visitation where many non- practicing Catholics are met. Another praesidium undertakes home and hospital visitation and also visit sick legionaries. The praesidium in Claregalway at the request of the Parish Priest organised the Rosary at the new Grotto every evening for the month of May with a good attendance. An anniversary Mass for Venerable Edel Quinn was held in the Dominican Church on 22nd May. The Curia had a most enjoyable outing to Concilium, Frank Duff’s house and grave with 16 in attendance on Saturday 7th June.
Killala Curia: Cooneal praesidium does works of service in the parish. The 12 members of the praesidium in Belmullet undertake home and hospital visitation and coordinate the Adoration Rota in the Church. They have 189 auxiliaries. A Patrician meeting on “Miracles of the Eucharist” was held in Ballina


Immaculata Curia: 30 legionaries and 48 Patricians attended 9 meetings. One praesidium set up last year has 3 full and 3 probationary members. A Pilgrim Statue of St. Joseph is used during home visitation, resulted in one lady finding work. Recently street contact in a Shopping Centre has been started. One member is on both the Parish Council and the Baptism Team. A monthly Edel Quinn Prayer meeting has up to 12 in attendance. In March, around 50 people undertook to do the 33 days of preparation for True Devotion to Mary; booklets were made available. 14 Travellers attended a Halting Site Public Rosary in May. Another praesidium has 10 full and 2 probationary members. Patients in the Day Care Unit of Our Lady’s Hospice said they loved the Legion visits.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia: One praesidium gained 2 new members during the year; they now have seven active and 65 auxiliary members. Every Saturday legionaries visit Leopardstown Hospital and bring patients to the chapel for Mass; afterwards patients who could not attend are brought Holy Communion. A monthly Frank Duff Prayer Meeting includes one hour of Eucharistic Adoration. Four hours of Adoration are organised every week in the Oratory of a Shopping Centre; in this same Centre every Advent a huge crib is erected. Rosary Beads and Miraculous Medals are left for people to avail of. Another praesidium has 5 full and 2 probationary members. Two of their 30 auxiliary members help in selling Catholic papers at weekends. As part of the Baptism team the active members make contact with each family 4 times and try to involve them more deeply in parish life; they invited all 46 families to a special Crib Blessing at Christmas. The praesidium is in charge of Eucharistic Adoration in a neighbouring parish and circulates a letter to the 100 adorers four times a year. A recruitment drive in February saw a 30% increase in volunteers and adoration was extended to all day on Saturday.

Our Lady of Fatima Wicklow Curia: An Edel Quinn Prayer Meeting is starting in Arklow. A weekend Deus et Patria project in Aughrim resulted in 3 auxiliary members and many excellent contacts. The Greystones praesidium has 5 full members plus 1 on probation. Every day the Eucharist is brought to about 50 patients in two nursing homes. They gave talks on the Pioneers to Confirmation classes in 4 schools and gave Miraculous Medals and Rosary Beads to the Holy Communion classes. Legionaries are involved in the Parish Committee, Baptism and Funeral Teams, plus other activities.

Ancilla Domini Curia: This year’s Inner City Project resulted in a request for premises in which to run a Homework Club. Subsequently Myra House was made available on 4 afternoons per week. 6 social workers are involved and 2 of them joined the Legion, their duties being to clean the house and do street contact outside. The surge in activity has attracted great interest from shopkeepers, residents and passers-by alike. 3 Protestants and 5 Catholics attended the Pauline Circle in June. A praesidium of 9 full and 1 probationary members does street contact in Temple Bar, often with the Spiritual Director on hand for blessings or Confession. All homes in the parish have been visited.

Annunciata Curia: 15 legionaries and 25 Patricians attended 2 meetings. In a praesidium with an apostolate to street girls, 9 of their 13 members are Praetorians; they have 6 Adjutorians. 10 girls attended the Annual Retreat in October and most spoke with the priest. A girl who left the street life last year continues to attend Mass regularly and Confession on First Fridays. Two other women expressed a desire for Confession and were taken to see a priest.

Assumpta Curia: 64 Patricians and 17 legionaries attended 4 Patrician meetings. During home visitation a Chinese couple expressed an interest in the faith and were put in contact with the priest.

Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia: 1000 recruitment cards were printed with all their praesidium meeting details. A praesidium reported distributing 70 Maria Legionis and visiting 2 nursing homes. 30 and 19 parishioners respectively attended the two Parish Retreats organised by the Legion during the last year.

Benedicta Curia: As well as street contact outside a Supermarket, contact is made in a hospital waiting area; 2 Indian Moslems accepted Miraculous Medals and listened keenly to the story detailing the Medal’s history. A junior Curia praesidium reported 3 new members; their work is performing Block Rosaries, Pilgrim Statue visitation and promoting the three Causes.

Gloriosa Curia: An Exploratio Dominicalis in Celbridge saw 130 houses visited and 1 auxiliary recruited. Over 50 attended an Auxiliary Rally on May 13th where a film on Fatima was shown. On a few occasions the huge industrial estates were visited using leaflets advertising Adoration. One praesidium has a special outreach to a large Traveller Site. One member attended a Traveller Conference in All Hallows College and helped a teenager with the Driving Licence theory test while another member was godfather to a new baby. A legionary is helping with RCIA instruction of a Chinese couple. An Exploratio Dominicalis to apartments enjoyed many good contacts, including a young English woman brought up in an atheist family who is interested in baptism for herself and her baby and a Church marriage to her boyfriend.




Abuja Senatus: The Bishop of Otukpo continues to promote the Legion during his sermons. 66 praesidia were formed in one Comitium in 3 years. In July 46 Patrician chairpersons met, with the effective organisation of Patricians the chief aim; another meeting is planned for October.
Ibadan Senatus: Warri & Akure Comitia have both been inaugurated as Regiae. Warri reported that an 84 year old lady received Baptism and Holy Communion. There were 19 conversions, including two street girls, 35 marriages rectified and 36 couples prepared for marriage.
Enugu Senatus: Reports indicate many returns to the faith, great numbers prepared for the Sacraments and many Block Rosary Centres being established. Nsukka Regia, which has almost 20,000 senior members and over 10,000 juniors, prepared over 4,000 for the Sacraments. 98 prisoners were baptised and 53 prisoners received their First Holy Communion. Onitsha Regia: Legionaries from one Comitium participated in a visitation project to homes in six villages, leaving a lot of follow up on baptisms and marriage cases for the local council. Jos Regia: One Curia with 473 seniors and 988 juniors has 140 probationers. Ikot Ekpene Regia: Five new praesidia have been established in a Seminary. Lagos Regia: This council has 21 Comitia, 4 Curiae and 13 praesidia attached. One Comitium reported, ship, prison and brothel visitation among its works. Another Comitium contacted 8078 practising and 3528 lapsed Catholics on home visitation. Kaduna Regia: In the course of PPC- type projects many lapsed Catholics, other Christians and Muslim were met. They also showed a film on the Passion of Our Lord. There is urgent need for instruction. Many men practise polygamy and many more are not baptised. Contact is problematic due to continued political unrest and lack of email. Prayers are requested.

Blantyre Senatus
: The Senatus Officers met the new Archbishop of Blantyre, who commended them on their work and expressed his appreciation of the proposal to raise Maula Regia in Lilongwe Archdiocese to Senatus level. The Archbishop of Lilongwe arranged to meet the officers of Maula Regia, (which governs the Legion in Lilongwe and has 15 directly attached praesidia, 6 Curiae and 19 Comitia) to discuss the proposed Senatus. The other 3 Regia in Malawi govern a total of 43 Comitia plus Curiae and praesidia. The number of youth and junior praesidia is increasing.

SENATUS OF KENYA: His Eminence Cardinal John Njue, Archbishop of Nairobi was Chief Celebrant at the Mass to mark the 70th anniversary of the death of Venerable Edel Quinn. Over 5000 legionaries from all over Kenya including members from 16 Secondary Schools, a big number from Uganda and some from Tanzania attended. His Eminence encouraged legionaries in their work, especially in their promotion of the Cause of Venerable Edel. A new Senatus President was elected in June. The Legion continues to grow in various Dioceses. Works include preparing children and adults for the Sacraments, visiting prisons and hospitals and encouraging parents to have their children baptised, with amazing results. 75 alcohol and drug addicts plus 2 street girls changed their lives and returned to the Sacraments.

UGANDA SENATUS: Reports were given by two Regiae with a total of 66,000 active adults and over 68,000 youth and junior members, 11 Comitia, 2 Curiae and 10 praesidia. One of the latter praesidia is in a University and another in a prison, while three are in Seminaries; the Seminarians do good work guiding praesidia in schools. Among works reported on were visitation of homes, hospitals, Health Centres, prisons, markets, bars and salons. Street contacts with all creeds and none are made and homes with satanic shrines visited. Catechism and adult education courses were organised, with many conversions. Large numbers of lapsed returned to the Church. Many couples had their marriages regularised.

Dar-Es-Salaam Regia
: Following the promotion of the Legion at Masses in Parish Churches by members from Seminary praesidia, approximately 340 names were given, including names of some students, for active membership. Experienced Legionaries in different councils were then appointed to follow up the new members’ progress. The inauguration of the Year of the Family took place in May. Legionaries were assigned to foster Christian family values and praesidia were asked to conduct retreats for families around 15th August, to promote this theme of ‘Christian Values’. A PPC project to Zanzibar was scheduled for July and the Secretary of Zanzibar Curia said that Legionaries who undertook PPC there last year left good memories, enkindling faith and zeal. Rombo Comitium: Reports include home and hospital visitation and preparation of adults and children for the Sacraments. Hai Moshi Comitium: Works include home and hospital visitation, caring for junior praesidia, visitation of schools, contact with drug and alcohol addicts, helping to settle marriage disputes and preparing adults and children for the Sacraments. Kahama Comitium has 10 Curiae and 4 attached praesidia. Works include visitation of homes, the sick and elderly at home and in hospital. There were many returns to the Sacraments and 3 Curiae were set up. Juniors work well as altar servers. They held a nine-day Retreat.

Lusaka Regia
: Regular visitation of councils is done. One Comitium visiting hospitals, the bereaved and prisoners had 3 lapsed returned to the Church.
Kasama Regia: The Acies and Retreat had an attendance of 412. Council visitation is carried out praesidium to praesidium, Council to Council.

Freetown Curia
: Liberia and Sierra Leone have suffered many difficulties over the years and now they are faced with the spread of the Ebola virus. Please pray for them and the people in the other countries similarly affected.

Banjul Curia: The Curia is working hard visiting parishes, trying to start and reactivate praesidia.

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Newly Ordained
August 2014

Two newly ordained priests, Fr. Colm Mannion and Fr. Luuk Jensen – both Dominicans spoke at the July 2014 Concilium meeting. They expressed appreciation to the large numbers of legionaries from all over Ireland who attended the ordination in St Savours Church, Dominic Street, Dublin on Saturday 5th July 2014.
Archbishop Diarmiud Martin was the ordaining minister. Both priests found their vocation through Legion membership. Both asked for prayers.

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Child Safeguarding
August 2014

Mary Murphy and Teresa Kennedy undertook a Training Day hosted by Waterford Curia for legionaries from Waterford, Kilkenny, South Ossory and Lismore. 18 attended.
It is to be noted that the wording on the Garda Vetting Form has been amended since the 24th of June 2014.

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Legion of Mary Literature
August 2014

The following literature is available from Concilium: ‘Mary Shall Reign,’ a popular book of articles by Frank Duff at a cost of 5 Euro.

Frank Duff as I Knew Him’, by Fr. Tom O’ Flynn, CM, former Spiritual Director of Concilium, is available at a cost of 1 Euro per copy.

St. Francis Xavier’s prayer for the conversion of the world, adapted by Frank Duff and used as the official prayer of the Peregrination pro Christo, is available at 8 Euro per 100 copies.

Words of Life’, by Venerable Edel Quinn costs 50 Cent per copy.

All Councils are urged to ensure that sufficient items of literature are available to legionaries and parishioners.

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Peregrinatio Pro Christo
August 2014

Since the last Concilium meeting teams have returned from St. Mirin’s Cathedral parish, Paisley, Stoke on Trent, South Tyneside and Middlesbrough. A team has recently set out for St. Colmcille’s Parish, Glasgow. Further teams will soon visit Liverpool, Birmingham, Llangollen in Wales and Glasgow.
A team of seven volunteers recently returned from a very successful project in France.
Three teams will venture out from August 30th to 6th September.
The annual Autumn Conference will take place on November 8th 2014 in All Hallows College, Dublin.


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Extension Work in ireland by Sally Chan
August 2014

The Tallaght area of Dublin is the main focus for Sally Chan’s extension work in Ireland. She attends the meetings of and does home visitation with two praesidia in Immaculata Curia, Dublin and four praesidia in Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia, Dublin. These praesidia are either newly set up or have few members. Contacts with parishioners are made after daily Mass. Sally also gives a short recruitment address at designated Masses.
Although her official extension territory is Tallaght, Sally Chan also joined a recent recruiting drive in County Monaghan and got the names of some prospective Legion members while on Pilgrimage to Lough Derg.
A week-end recruitment project will take place in Jobstown, Dublin on 23rd and 24th August.


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Elections of Concilium Officers at the July 2014 Concilium Meeting
August 2014

At the June 2014 meeting an election took place for President of Concilium. Sile Ni Chochlain was proposed and seconded for this office. As there were no other nominations, Sile Ni Chochlain was declared elected for a further term of three years.

An election took place at the July 2014 meeting for the post of Concilium Vice President. Aileen O’Donoghue was proposed and seconded. As there were no other nominations, Aileen O’Donoghue was deemed elected for a further three year term.

An election also took place at the July 2014 meeting for Assistant Secretary of Concilium. Annette Mulrooney was proposed and seconded for this office. As there were no other nominations, Annette Mulrooney was deemed elected for a further three year term.


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Allocutio at July 2014 Concilium Meeting by Fr. Bede McGregor, OP
August 2014
True Devotion to the Nation
One of the fruits of the monthly meeting of Concilium is the growing awareness of the universal presence of the Legion in the modern world. The Legion is present in the vast majority of the countries of the world and in many of them the Legion is thriving. In some countries the Legion is surviving in the midst of truly major difficulties: it struggles but heroically perseveres in war zones, in places of aggressive persecution of Christians, in areas of great poverty, social injustice and underdevelopment and from time to time there are massive natural disasters in parts of the world where the Legion has been planted. The heroic legionaries in those particular areas need the support of our daily prayer and we continually thank God for their heroic Christian witness.

In Europe and North America and perhaps in Oceania too the Legion may be facing even greater challenges because while the majority of the people in these areas may enjoy some degree of material prosperity and representational democracy there is a real danger that the economically developed world is losing its very soul. There is a relentless effort to normalise the evils of contraception and abortion, euthanasia, same gender partnerships, the exclusion of religion from public life, economic policies with little or no moral or ethical dimension. In short one could reasonably argue that there is a profound crisis of faith and basic human values in the materially developed world. Frank Duff quotes in the Handbook one of his great mentors, Blessed Cardinal John Newman: ‘a material advance unaccompanied by a corresponding moral manifestation is almost too awful to consider. The correct balance must be preserved.’ A True Devotion to the Nation is an absolute necessity everywhere in the world today as always.

The question then arises very sharply: what does the Legion have to offer countries of the world where it is present? What contribution if any can the Legion make to the socio-economic, political, and cultural spheres of a nation? What role could the Legion play in a true building up of a Nation, or in the transformation of a culture that has lost its way in so many important areas? The response of the Legion to these types of questions is to be found in its commitment to the True Devotion to the Nation. Our founder Frank Duff gave a great deal of thought to this theme and it remains a rich part of his legacy to the Legion. While much of his writing and the testimony of his life on this True Devotion to the Nation are couched in terms of his experience in Ireland, the basic principles he sets forth are universally valid and are now enshrined in the Handbook. However, I can only touch on a few points within the compass of a relatively short allocutio, but let me make a start and continue our theme in later allocutios.

Let us begin with a working definition: ‘The True Devotion to the Nation i.e. that patriotism is not just a wartime virtue, but more a work of peace; that each individual is responsible for his neighbour; that he must serve his community with self-sacrifice and that is the only realistic way of fulfilling the Christian programme of loving all men.’ He puts the same thought in another way: ‘Each man must think in terms of his neighbour, not only his soul but of the whole man, his body and his environment. This is the centre point of a rightly understood patriotism. All nationhood depends on the proper understanding and application of that rule of thought.’

There can be no surprise in saying that the Legion takes its motivation for True Devotion to the Nation from Mary and the doctrine of the Mystical Body of Christ. We must never tire of reminding ourselves that the spirit of the Legion must be the spirit of Mary. Our idealism and our action must be deeply rooted in our Mother. Bro. Duff writes: ‘Mary was the perfect citizen at Nazareth in order that she would be the perfect mother and model in heaven, loving each of her children individually and being utterly concerned in all their affairs. Note that it is not enough to love people in bulk… Not of that general remote type is Our Lady’s love for mankind. Being in God, she sees each one separately, distinctly, in minute detail. She knows all about us, almost infinitely more than would the most attentive mother on earth. And she devotes herself to each one as if there were no other person. Indeed she goes far beyond that. She loves and tends each one of us as if we were her own Son, Jesus; which in truth we are through the wonder of the Mystical Body… She could not be uninterested in anything which bore on us.’ This spirit of Mary would radically enrich any devotion to the nation and this is what the Legion aspires to do.

Inseparable from the Marian dimension of true devotion to the nation or authentic Christian patriotism is the doctrine of the Mystical Body of Christ. Our founder writes: ‘I begin without further ado by saying that the only root, or ultimate justification which I can discover for patriotism is the Christian doctrine of the Mystical Body.’ Every member of the Body of Christ without any exception is called to play a role in the health and growth of the Body. Any failure on the part of an individual whether seen or unseen contributes to the weakening of the Body. And of course, any good that is done whether noticed or unnoticed benefits in reality the whole Body. The same thing is true of the building up of a nation. Everyone has apart to play and the good or bad we do strengthens or weakens the nation.

To come back to our original question as to what the Legion has to offer in its formulation of true devotion to the nation. Well, it seeks to offer idealism, the strongest possible motivation, selfless action, a person to person methodology and above all a profound Christian spirituality. The Biblical witness is so clear: ‘Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain, (Psalm: 127) or as the Handbook puts it quoting the pungent words of Brian O’Higgins: ‘Men who deny God, who are traitors to God, will be false to every person and to everything less than God, to all things on earth and in heaven.’ History proves this to be so true. Amen.


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Concilium Bulletin July 2014
August 2014

Senatus of Asuncion
: A prison praesidium of 12 members, 12 probationers and 4 auxiliaries in the National Penitentiary teaches catechism and prepares other prisoners for First Communion and Confirmation. Many praesidia visit clinics, asylums and street people. Enthronement to the Sacred Heart of homes is undertaken on a wide scale. On home visitation, Rosaries are recited with many families. One Comitium has 20 praesidia attached, 26 senior curiae and 13 junior curiae, with 5962 active and 5840 auxiliary members and 7 Patrician groups. Masses to commemorate Alfie Lambe are celebrated throughout Paraguay.

Senatus of Montevideo
: Alfie Lambe’s cause is widely promoted. A revised edition of Hilda Firtel’s book on Alfie’s life is soon to be published. They also hope to launch a new book using unpublished material from various sources including the Archbishop’s archives. They mention having shown a DVD on Frank Duff and have asked for copies of Gems of Wisdom for translation. The Tessera exists in Braille. At the Uruguayan Bishop’s Conference a bishop thanked God for the Legion of Mary.

Senatus of Caracas
: Mention was made of two returns to the faith after 30 years. Also a young drug addict converted and made a full recovery. They visit a leper colony. The death has occurred of Bishop Emeritus Mgr. Villasmil of Punto Figo, who held the position of Senatus Vice President before entering the Seminary. Other apostolates include talks to Seminarians, catechesis to indigenous youths, evangelisation of policemen and National Guard members and recitation of the Rosary with professors and students in two Universities.

Senatus of Quito: Much reference is made to the visitation of indigenous peoples. The Comitium of Portoviejo has 25 junior praesidia working well and involved in parish activities. A new junior praesidium has been set up recently and efforts are underway to start juniors in another council.

Senatus of Santiago: Many Spiritual Directors have expressed their willingness to attend the National Senatus Legion Congress in October. Themes are being prepared to ensure a full participation of all those attending. Monthly reports are prepared by the correspondents of distant councils so that the body is aware of how those councils are working. It has been noticed that the number of junior legionaries is increasing and that on reaching 18 all are passing into senior praesidia. There is much contact with street people. The typical attendance at Patrician meetings is 15 to 20. Prison visitation is done and preparation for the Sacraments is carried out by the legionaries.

Senatus of La Paz: Each month contact with non-Catholics is mentioned not only on door to door visitation but especially at funerals. The Comitium of Sucre had a special mission to the sick, which embraced hospitals, private clinics and the house-bound. Legionaries often spend the night with the very sick people they visit. Many legionaries speak the native languages of people in rural areas and have literature to distribute to them. The Chaplet of Divine Mercy is taught to those families visited. Legionaries stress that they are putting into practice Pope Francis’ words to spread the Gospel with joy to all, especially the forgotten and the poor. Children’s Clubs are run by legionaries and are called, ‘Mary’s Little Nest’.

Senatus of Lima
: An attached Curia recently started a book barrow apostolate. They meet many young people and individuals whom they would not normally encounter on home visitation. Three Curiae reported having Patrician Groups. Another Curia reported that of the 54 people recruited during the year 12 made their promise. There are many reports of returns to and preparation for, the Sacraments including the Baptism of 5 children who live in prison with their mother.

Senatus of Bogota: All councils and praesidia have continued to indicate the number of legionaries between the ages of 18 and 40 since the request for statistics. In some cases it is a wake-up call. There are 82 only in this category in a Regia with 3700 active members. However, a praesidium reported that 10 of its 13 members are less than 40 years of age. The same Regia reported that the Legion exists in 43 of the 52 parishes in its area. Legionaries organise the Christmas novena for the market venders. The Legion exists in 21 of the 24 parishes in an attached Comitium. All reports indicate that auxiliary membership is well promoted.


Melbourne Senatus: A Summer school was held in February, titled “What does the Legion of Mary offer to Young People”. Bishop Vincent Long spoke, also a junior praesidium President from Sydney. Eight attached praesidia reported with membership of 5 to 10. Works included, Pilgrim Statue visitation, care of auxiliaries, visitation to sick and elderly at home and in hospital, baptismal work, visits to a prison and Correction Centre. Senatus representatives visited the Legion in Tasmania and Adelaide for its 80th.Anniversary. Catechesis is given to 7 government schools in Albury/Woodonga Comitium. A Patrician group has an attendance of 15 to 25. A Congress was held in 2013. Two new praesidia hold regular meetings for their auxiliary members where they pray the Legion prayers. Reports were received from the Pacific Islands Comitia.

Sydney Senatus: The Vietnamese Comitium promotes Mass, Confession, scripture instruction to children and home visitation with excellent results.

East Timor: .A praesidium of 31 members (with a view to divide) undertakes home visitation. Three extension drives had good results. Solomon Island was visited by boat, a journey which took 7 hours. A Comitium with 15 praesidia and 3 Curiae attached was established.

Brisbane Comitium: Extension resulted in a new praesidium started on 12th.April with 14 members. Works include home and nursing home visitation. In Carina a new praesidium started in May with work also including home visitation. Reporting praesidia had membership of 6,9,14 and undertake home visitation, teaching catechism in schools, training altar servers, praying the Rosary before funerals and helping residents to get to Mass in nursing homes. A Vietnamese praesidium has14 members.


Auckland Senatus: An Officers Training Day had a good attendance of seniors and juniors. Legionaries staffed a stand at the Eucharistic Convention. Christchurch Korean Curia has 8 praesidia and 78 members. Wellington Comitium has 16 senior and 2 junior praesidia with 105 members. A book barrow was organised at a pilgrimage to a Shrine of Our Lady. A prison is visited. A Chinese praesidium of 13 in Auckland include in their work distribution of Catholic information at the New Year Market.


Senatus of Northern Philippines: 2014 has been proclaimed, ‘Year of the Laity’. Monsignor Ditan urged legionaries to encourage youths to become priests, and to prepare for the Jubilee Celebration in 2021. Manila Comitium has 44 parishes with 10 senior Curiae and 127 praesidia. Jail apostolate to 4200 inmates by 7 praesidia was undertaken and there is a Patrician group in the city jail. Contact is made with street dwellers, security guards, seafarers and beggars. In Dagupan Comitium junior Curia legionaries encouraged 10 teenagers who were playing basketball in the street to receive the Sacrament of Confession; they are now members of a junior praesidium. Many reports feature returns to the Sacraments, plus adults and teenagers converted from sects. A man and his daughter were baptised and received First Holy Communion. Makati Comitium reported that one junior member entered a Seminary and three seniors entered a Convent, Four juniors graduated to senior rank. Jail apostolate is successful. Bar apostolate is done regularly.

Western Visayas Senatus: The first two quarterly reports from the Regia of Negros Occidental were received after Bacolad Comitium was raised to Regia. There are 6 Comitia and 8 Curia attached. An Exploratio Dominicalis project took place. A Curia reported the recovery of a sick person after the prayer for the beatification of the Servant of God Frank Duff was recited. Items from reporting Curia included many conversions to the Catholic Faith, marriage validations, reciting the Rosary on the radio twice per week, home visitation, crowd contact, Enthronement of the Sacred Heart, jail apostolate and teaching catechism, After much contact and prayer a couple with 3 children were persuaded to have a Catholic wedding. A convert is now an active legionary.

Mindanao Senatus: Following an orientation course conducted at a Seminary by legionaries, 3 praesidia were restarted comprising 26 Seminarians. Two Jehovah Witnesses families were converted, and following catechesis by legionaries, 3 Mormons were converted. Several unions were regularised and children of couples baptised. A Regia with 6 Comitia and 8 Curiae comprising 5,200 legionaries has 7 directly attached praesidia.

Cebu Senatus: Visitation is regularly undertaken. Recruitment features in reports. Extension is undertaken and weak praesidia are targeted. Two Muslim children were baptised and through constantly praying the Rosary a boy was cured from a serious complaint. A husband over time was eventually convinced to allow his ailing wife to receive Holy Communion, and an elderly lady long absent from the Church received the Sacraments before she died.



Dromore Comitium: One praesidium held a Day of Prayer for Vocations with continuous Rosaries recited throughout the day. At the June Comitium meeting a discussion took place on the praesidium meeting and allocation of work in pairs was stressed. Most praesidia held a Mass in memory of Venerable Edel Quinn. Navan Curia: A praesidium of 5 members do Pilgrim Statue visitation and leave a DVD on the story of Fatima in homes. Another praesidium with 5 members does home visitation and during the months of May and October visit the local National School and recite the Rosary with the children. Many contacts were made during a book barrow apostolate in Navan Shopping Centre. Trim Curia: A praesidium of 7 members carried out home visitation. Street contact is done weekly. Mullingar Curia: A praesidium of 10 members has 5 Praetorians and 323 auxiliaries. They carry out home visitation and organised the Alfie Lambe Mass in June. Down & Connor Curia: Leaflets giving details of Mass times, Confession and Perpetual Adoration are distributed on home visitation. A book barrow is staffed regularly in a local Shopping Centre. Our Lady of Morning Star praesidium has 3 Praetorians among its 22 members. Their duties compliment the work done by the full-time members of staff in the home, which provides accommodation for homeless men. The spiritual programme in the home includes weekly Mass, a series of talks/testimonies for Lent and Advent culminating in a Retreat. A weekly Holy Hour takes place, also a 24 hour monthly Adoration. About 250 people including children were enrolled in the Brown Scapular in Holy Trinity Church. North Antrim Curia: The 3 reporting praesidia have 8, 5 and 7 members and a total of 220 auxiliaries. One of these praesidia has visited 90% of the Polish families in the parish. One new praesidium has been set up with 6 members. Down Curia: Two praesidia reports were received One of these praesidia visited 736 families. A new praesidium has 6 members. Immaculata Curia: Home visitation is carried out. Every home in an apartment block has been visited and a Rosary Group started in a Communal Room there with 5 people attending weekly. A new praesidium has been established with two legionaries from another praesidium attending the weekly meeting.

Derry Comitium: The two praesidia in Creggan visit homes and residential homes. They also carry out Pilgrim Statue visits and school Rosary apostolate. The Comitium was very happy with their Outing to Concilium, Frank Duff’s House and grave on Saturday 7th June. Mater Dei Curia has 13 praesidia. A recruiting drive took place last October for Leckpatrick praesidium. Raphoe Curia: Falcarragh praesidium has 68 auxiliaries. On 8th December 2012 Fr. Paul Gallagher consecrated the parish to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. On the feast of Christ the King legionaries distributed 400 Miraculous Medals. During Lent they promoted the Divine Mercy and the Legion Confession leaflet. Stranorlar junior praesidium has 9 juniors and 2 seniors. The juniors are encouraged to help their parents and grandparents and also to collect stamps for the Missions. Carrigart praesidium has 5 members and 20 auxiliaries. They visit homes of children preparing for First Holy Communion and leave a Child’s Bible with each family for one week.


Leitrim Curia: A junior praesidium has 9 young people and 5 adults. The youngest member is a four- year-old who can pray the Rosary and recites the Catena daily. They make Rosary beads, visit the sick and elderly, fill Holy Water bottles and give Miraculous Medals to friends at school. The Slovakian praesidium has been functioning for 5 years and now has 5 women and 5 men. They visit the homes of Slovakian and Czech people. Those living together are encouraged to get married and one wedding is due in August. After Sunday Mass they accompany a Slovakian priest to bless the homes.

Mid Clogher Curia: Tydavnet praesidium members help in a club for the elderly in the parish and visit the elderly living alone and a local hospital. In the autumn they organised a thanksgiving ceremony for all the babies baptised during the year.

West Clogher Curia: The reporting praesidium organised two pilgrimages to Knock. In May a Statue of Our Lady was left in homes that requested it. Another praesidium is very involved in parish activities.

Clonmacnoise Curia: In Mount Temple parish, Our Lady of Fatima Pilgrim Statue was blessed and launched during the 11.00am Mass on Sunday, 25th May for home visitation by the local praesidium.

Drogheda Curia: A reporting praesidium does home visitation with the Pilgrim Statue. The school-going children in the homes are delighted to take part in the recitation of a decade of the Rosary. The praesidium in Monasterboicre Parish helps elderly neighbours with shopping. Miraculous Medals are given to families with new babies. The Curia had a special day at a Shopping Centre during which 300 Miraculous Medals were distributed and many good contacts made. A similar project took place at another Shopping Centre. A Total Consecration Mass was celebrated on 25th March in the Dominican Church. The annual Edel Quinn Mass was celebrated in Adree on 3rd May.

Dundalk Curia: The Acies ceremony was organised by the new praesidium and had 5 priests present. On 7th June, 14 people travelled to Knock Shrine on a Pilgrimage organised by the Curia.


Consolata Curia: One of the two reporting praesidia has 5 full members and one probationer. A Hindu lady visited the meeting. One of the members is an officer of the attached junior praesidium. They run the Repository at weekends and provide glasses of water for parishioners. They give refreshments to Polish Mass-goers at the twice-monthly Polish Masses. On Christmas morning 600 Faith Cards were distributed. A Patrician Meeting and a Frank Duff Prayer Group complete their works. There are 5 active legionaries in another praesidium with 49 auxiliary members. Three Pilgrim Statues are in circulation. Chinese restaurants are regularly visited, providing the patrons with prayers in Chinese. Occasional street and park contact work is done. Posters for the 3 Causes were given to secondary schools for their noticeboards. Two national schools were visited, DVDs shown and Miraculous Medals and Rosary Beads given out.

Presentata Curia: The Morning Star praesidium recruited 4 new members during the year; 2 members transferred to fill vacancies in another hostel praesidium, leaving 18 full members and 1 probationer. The praesidium looks after administration of the hostel and organises spiritual and recreational activities for the residents. It also finds time for monthly street contact on Mary Street using a book stall. One resident has moved to a country area; another long term resident has overcome his drink problem and is back living with his mother after many years estranged. A praesidium of 9 based in Presentata House maintains the garden and does some home and hospital visitation. The main work is the weekly social for up to 30 patients of the newly opened Phoenix Care Centre, which replaces St Brendan’s Psychiatric Hospital in Grangegorman. At the halfway stage song and dance gives way to a decade of the Rosary and a hymn. Frank Duff cause leaflets were distributed at 2 Shopping Centres. A Regina Coeli hostel praesidium concentrates on the care of resident mothers and children; they have 7 full and 2 probationary members. A baptism in the hostel was followed by a celebration; the mother and child subsequently left but some legionaries keep in contact and attended the child’s First Holy Communion.

Exaltata Curia: The Miraculous Medal praesidium of the Morning Star Hostel recruited 5 new members during the year; one transferred leaving 20 active members. Apart from temporal and spiritual care of the residents, two members do street contact in Temple Bar and another does home visitation with the new praesidium.

Bethlehem Curia: Nine attended an Edel Quinn Prayer Group while 4 legionaries and 21 Patricians attended 2 Patrician meetings. Three members of a praesidium of 7 are Praetorians. Street contact yielded many good contacts, including a Vietnamese man of no religion who was delighted to receive a Miraculous Medal. A Chinese Catholic couple met during home visitation are being helped regularise their marriage. Three hostels for the homeless are also visited. Their Patrician meeting has an average attendance of 11. The praesidium continues the work of visiting Circuses and an outreach to the Spanish-speaking community, apostolates they inherited. Another praesidium had 9 visitors during the year. Their works are weekly street contact in the city centre and a quarterly Frank Duff Prayer Meeting attended by up to 13 people.

Porta Coeli Curia: One praesidium recruited 3 new members during the year; one persevered leaving 8 active members. Wheelchair-bound residents from Sybil Hill are brought into the grounds and prayed with. Two Pilgrim Statues are used during home visitation.

Veneranda Curia: One praesidium has 5 active members. As well as home visitation, a Club for those with special needs is held every Saturday afternoon where games, storytelling and refreshments keep everyone entertained. Another praesidium has 5 members and 1 probationer. 18 auxiliary members were recruited during the year bringing the total to 66. The Parish Priest has asked the Legion to manage the recently renovated Repository. Other works include home and nursing-home visitation.


Accra Senatus
is making great efforts to establish praesidia in the Second Cycle schools and steady progress is being made .Kumasi Regia established 12 senior and 1 junior Praesidium. Legionaries have been assigned to teach catechism in Sunday School, 239 catechumens were instructed. 96 received the Sacrament of Baptism, 91 received First Communion and 126 Confirmation. .475 are currently attending Sunday School in various parishes .A number of the students have undertaken officerships in Cape Coast Comitium and the participation of the younger members is very encouraging.

Cape Verde: Catechetical work is done by 124 legionaries from San Domingo’s Comitium. 237 children were prepared for First Communion, 191 youths for Confirmation, and 197 took part in a Retreat. A praesidium of 18 members, 12 of whom are Praetorians, undertook an Exploratio Dominicalis project resulting in 12 children being recruited for the catechism class.

Benguela Senatus
: The Concilium visitors to the celebrations marking the raising of the Luanda Regia to Senatus met the President of the Benguela Senatus who was attending the celebrations. He gave the visitors a letter of invitation for the Concilium to be represented at a national Legion Congress in Benguela to be held 11th – 14th September this year. The Bishops’ Conference in Angola requested that this be a National Congress. Several of the Bishops will give talks at the Congress and Mass will be celebrated by a Bishop each day.

Luanda Senatus: A Curia with 7 attached praesidia has 352 members. A junior Curia with 13 attached praesidia taught catechism to 1929 adults during 2013. Exploratio Dominicalis projects have been carried out. A new Comitium was set up in Cabinda.

Lesotho Senatus
: Fr. Emile Ts’asane, Spiritual Director of the Legion in Lesotho died on 28th June, R.I.P. He had completed the translation of the Handbook, which has now been published and is available to members. Extension efforts continue with many priests anxious to have the Legion. At the May meeting Mother of the Church Comitium, which has two Curiae and 8 praesidia attached, reported 237 children taught catechism. A praesidium reported that 24 people were informed about the dangers of alcoholism and drugs.

Johannesburg Senatus: One praesidium visited 198 non-Catholics and prayed with them. As a result of home visitation, five children were baptised and two adults returned to the Sacraments. Several parishes were visited to try to establish the Legion. One new praesidium with 15 members was set up.

Cape Town Senatus: The Afrikaans Handbook will be published in September. A conference for legionaries with the theme ‘Getting back to Basics’ will be held in the Northern Cape in September and it is hoped that it will give much encouragement to the legionaries in that area. Great efforts are being made to strengthen the praesidia directly attached to Senatus and there is an increase in praesidia membership. Esogodeni Comitium has 16 Curiae attached, but no directly attached praesidia - a matter to be rectified. Works undertaken include home and hospital visitation, teaching catechism and helping the elderly with their medication.

Hwange Comitium has established several new praesidia despite the fact that many young people are leaving the country.

Egypt: Prayers are asked for the legionaries who are experiencing great hardship at this time.

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Allocutio at Concilium - June 2014 - Fr. Bede McGregor, OP
June 2014
John Paul II and the Legion of Mary

Last month I spoke about St. John XXIII and what he said about the Legion and to the Legion. Now I would like to speak of St John Paul 11 and the tremendous encouragement he has given to the Legion in so many ways. But the deepest reason why I have chosen to speak of these two Popes to Concilium is to remind ourselves of a great truth, namely, that one of the most significant sources of grace for the Legion has been its unwavering fidelity to the teaching authority of the Church. This will certainly be the case also for the future of the Legion. In today’s world when the minds and hearts of many people are formed by the relentless influence of the social media which are often miles away in spirit from the Gospel message and indeed sometimes overtly or more subtly anti-Catholic, it is a powerful gift to be anchored in the authoritative teaching of the Church. Not only the growth, but the very survival of the Legion will always depend on its joyful loyalty to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

In the last lecture before he died Frank Duff began by saying; ‘Sometimes the True Devotion is viewed as a fad; it is anything but that. The false idea is ministered to by the language of extreme devotion, which is De Montfort’s speciality. Sometimes he does appear to be speaking in terms of excess, but it is vital to recognise that there is no theological excess in his propositions. The notable fact that the new Holy Father should at the outset of his reign proclaim himself a follower of that Devotion should be enough to demonstrate this.

Now because the True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis Marie de Montfort is so central to the spirituality of the Legion it is encouraging to know that St John Paul so extensively and so eloquently wrote and spoke about this devotion and the role it had in his own personal interior life. In his book, Gift and Mystery, written on the occasion of the golden jubilee of his ordination as a priest, he wrote: ‘I myself, in the years of my youth, found the reading of this book a great help. There I found the answers to my questions, for at one point I had feared that if my devotion to Mary became too great, it might end up compromising the supremacy of the worship owed to Christ. Under the wise guidance of St. Louis Marie, I realised that if one lives the mystery of Mary in Christ, this risk does not exist. In fact, this Saint’s Mariological thought is rooted in the mystery of the Trinity and in the truth of the Incarnation of the Word of God.’ When we see the impact the True Devotion to Mary had on the youth of John Paul II, we legionaries should not hesitate to introduce it to the young people of today.

Saint John Paul explained many times the meaning of his Episcopal and Papal motto. He writes: ‘The motto,Totus Tuus is inspired by the teaching of St. Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort. These words express total belonging to Jesus through Mary. ‘Tuus totus ego sum, et omnia mea tua sunt.’ St Louis Marie wrote and he translates his words; ‘I am all Yours, and all that I have is Yours, O most loving Jesus and Mary, Your most holy Mother.’ That is the objective of every legionary: to totally belong to Mary in order to belong more totally to Jesus. Young people flocked to John Paul in their millions especially at the WYD’s, but sometimes I wonder have they really discovered one of the greatest secrets of his life – his consecration to Mary. This is one of the great gifts the Legion has to offer the youth of the world. Mary is their mother and so they will respond, but they must be approached.

Besides St. John Paul’s writings on the teaching of St. Louis Marie there is his other very significant writing on Mary and her role in the mystery of Christ and the Church. This body of work would be an immense enrichment of the spirituality of the Legion. On the other hand it would be an impoverishment of the Legion if we were to neglect the development of Marian Theology that has taken place in the teachings of Vatican Council II and the teaching of St. John Paul. The special bond between the Legion and St. John Paul is that we have a common tutor in St. Louis Marie: ‘Mary’s total relativity to Christ and through Him to the Blessed Trinity, is first experienced in the observation; ‘You never think of Mary without Mary interceding for you with God. You never praise or honour Mary without Mary praising and honouring God with you. Mary is altogether relative to God, and indeed I might well call her the relation to God. She only exists with reference to God. She is the echo of God that says nothing, repeats nothing but God. If you say Mary, she says God. St Elizabeth praised Mary and called her blessed because she had believed. Mary, the faithful echo of God once intoned: ‘My soul glorifies the Lord.’ What Mary did then, She does daily now. When we praise Her, love Her, honour Her or give anything to Her, it is God who is praised, God who is loved, God who is glorified, and it is to God that we give, through Mary and in Mary.

Apart from the more casual meetings between legionaries and St. John Paul on some of his many apostolic journeys throughout the world, there were two extended and important meetings with him. I will conclude this Allocutio by referring to the first meeting. It took place in 1970 when the then Cardinal Wojtyla was Archbishop of Kracow. He met with some legionaries on Peregrinatio pro Christo and they had a long conversation about the Legion and their experiences in his Diocese. At one point while leafing through the Handbook he asked about the address De Montfort House. ‘Tell me please, is this significant?’ The legionaries explained to him that the spirituality of the Legion is based on the True Devotion to Our Lady as taught by St. Louis Marie de Montfort and he exclaimed: ‘Ah, that makes all the difference.’ He was obviously delighted with this information. Then towards the end of the meeting he asked another question: ‘The people of Poland are getting a good working knowledge of Devotion to Our Lady from their priests, has the Legion anything more to offer us?’ ‘Apostleship’, replied the legionaries. Then the future Pope said: ‘Ah yes, a sense of person to person apostleship is going to be terribly important here in Poland.’ It seems to me St John Paul went to the heart of the Legion in those words and they are important not only for Poland, but for every Diocese in the world. Apostolicity is the one characteristic of Frank Duff and the Legion that St. John Paul mentioned in his telegram to the Legion at the time of our founder's death: ‘The Association that he founded has made countless lay Catholics aware of their indispensable role in Evangelisation and sanctification and has enabled them to fulfil that role zealously and effectively.

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Concilium Bulletin - June 2014
June 2014

Cork Comitium: There are 9 praesidia plus 4 Curiae attached. The 11 members of the praesidium in Ballyvolane visit homes, circulate 2 Fatima Statues and visit residential homes. In October a statue of Our Lady was taken to an estate with young families where the children and adults gathered for recitation of the Rosary. Glenville praesidium has 7 male members, 3 of whom are Praetorians and they have 70 auxiliaries. 400 copies of a newsletter are prepared each Christmas. 60 copies are sent to emigrants. Mayfield praesidium has 12 members and 20 auxiliaries. Four members visit homes with Pilgrim Statues engaging householders in conversations about the faith. The First Holy Communion classes in local schools are visited and given Rosary Beads and Miraculous Medals. The annual PPC Conference was held in Blackrock in January with about 60 legionaries attending from the Comitium, Cloyne and Ross Curiae as well as Bishop John Buckley from Cork and Ross Diocese and 3 priests.
Muire na Gras Curia has 11 praesidia. They record a total of 134 auxiliaries. Works include home and Fatima Statue visitation, organising of 8th December Procession through the city streets and visiting First Holy Communion classes.
Coronata Curia has 6 praesidia. The reporting praesidia have 9 and 4 members, 12 auxiliaries and 4 Adjutorians. Works include home, hospital and nursing home visitation.
Annunciata Curia has 6 praesidia. The reporting praesidia have 5 and 8 members who undertake hospital visitation, sell Catholic newspapers and organise Eucharistic Adoration.

Kerry Curia Comitium: A successful recruiting drive was held in Millstreet by 12 legionaries at the two Masses, with visitation continued by 16 legionaries on Sunday afternoon. Four of the 8 people who expressed an interest attended the first meeting. Three legionaries trained for Baptismal teams and Pastoral Care in Killarney; they helped to prepare a 7 year old boy for Baptism and keep in contact with Chinese children who were baptised last year. Twenty four members of the Comitium visited Concilium, Frank Duff’s house and grave on Sunday 25th May. Among the group was Fr. Eamonn McCarthy and a former Nigerian legionary now living in Millstreet who had addressed the Comitium meeting in April and said the Legion is the hope and future of Nigeria,. A letter was received in the Comitium from Fr. Pat Breen in Iceland, who had just received a man into the church who years before had been given a Rosary Beads by Fr. Bradshaw.

Mid Clare Comitium: There are 5 praesidia and 2 Curiae attached. Lissycasey praesidium has 6 members and 67 auxiliaries. Works include hospital and nursing home visitation. Two members went on three PPC projects last year. Miraculous Medals and leaflets were given to the Confirmation class. Corofin praesidium has 6 members. 50 Rosary Beads and leaflets on Confession were given to students at the local national school. Three of the 8 members in the praesidium in Shannon are Praetorians. Miraculous Medals and Rosary Beads were given to the First Holy Communion and Confirmation children. 56 homes were visited during the year with 2 Fatima Statues, one of which is circulated among the Filipino community in Shannon.

Thurles Comitium: The praesidium in Borrisoleigh undertakes home and hospital visitation. The 3 members of Ballycahill praesidium undertake home and nursing home visitation and organise Eucharistic Adoration each Monday.
Murroe Curia: Leugh praesidium with 3 members visit the local school, bring the Pilgrim Virgin Statue to homes and do hospital and home visitation.
Tipperary Curia: The report covered the project to St. Oliver’s Parish in Clonmel in which 30 legionaries took part. They laid the foundation for a new praesidium, recruited 39 new auxiliaries, visited 1350 homes, and distributed thousands of Miraculous Medals. The Curia is fortunate to have Fr. Michael Kennedy as Spiritual Director.
Cashel Curia: The praesidium has been re-established in Killenaule after a lapse of 10 years.

Limerick Curia: There are 9 praesidia attached. The Alfie Lambe Mass took place on 26th January. Patricians in February on, ‘Pope Francis Evangelii Gaudium’ had an attendance of 10. The works of a reporting praesidium with 6 members and 20 auxiliaries include home, hospital and nursing home visitation. They gave Miraculous Medals and Rosary Beads to the 5th and 6th classes in 9 local schools. Another reporting praesidium has 5 members who send a newsletter to Abbeyfeale emigrants 8 or 9 times per year.
Lismore Curia: Fr. John Harris, Dungarvan, has agreed to be the new Spiritual Director of the Curia. The reporting praesidium has 9. members. Students in a local school were given Miraculous Medals.
Ross Curia: There are 9 praesidia attached. Skibbereen praesidium has 16 members who visit the elderly and housebound and a number of Special Care institutions. They publish a newsletter by-monthly and 550 copies are dispatched between those living locally and abroad. Timoleague praesidium has 7 members. Miraculous Medals were given to the First Holy Communion class.
Waterford Curia: Six legionaries attended the African Mass and spoke to members of the community. Legionaries in the Curia have been issued with ID badges. The reporting praesidium has 6 members and 10 auxiliaries. Over 200 Miraculous Medals, 50-60 plaques of the Blessed Virgin and the Sacred Heart were distributed. Last June about 80 homes in one estate were visited. 30 to 35 attended an open air ceremony in which the estate was dedicated to the Sacred Heart and animals blessed. They run the Rise and Shine Youth Group with 15 children aged from 8 to 12.


Dublin Southside Curiae report-April & May 2014
Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia
Attendances at the Edel Quinn and Frank Duff Prayer Groups were 12 and 5 respectively. 15 attended an afternoon of prayer for Peregrinatio Pro Christo. One praesidium visits 3 nursing homes and Tallaght Hospital and distribute 30 Pioneer Magazines. Another praesidium has 6 members. Homes, a hospital, nursing homes and schools were visited. Medals and leaflets were distributed to 65 Information Technology students on the feast of the Miraculous Medal.

Immaculata Curia
The 12 Patrician meetings had 41 legionaries and 69 patricians in attendance. A new Patrician Group is starting in one parish at the suggestion of the curate. In an effort to reach out to youth, 2 schools were visited, distributing Sacramentals and showing a presentation on Fatima. 7 Public Rosaries were recited, including one in a Traveller Halting Site. The Curia house was open to the public on May 3rd. As a result of street and park contact, 2 people visited the house for tea and a chat. Henceforth, the house will be open once a month. Another praesidium has 5 members. An average of 10 people attend a monthly DVD showing in the Curia house. A DVD was also shown by legionaries during a school visit. Home and Pilgrim Statue visitation and care of the Curia house make up the other works.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia
One praesidium recruited 2 people and now has 6 full members and 1 probationer. They have 12 Adjutorian members and distribute 125 Maria Legionis. Their works are home and nursing home visitation, a weekly Frank Duff Holy Hour and a monthly Public Rosary. A personalised pack was given to the 39 families with baptisms during the year; the pack included a prayer book and Miraculous Medal. Since 2012 a praesidium doubling as a Pioneer Council, recruited two full pledges, three temporary one-year pledges and ten youth pledges. Four Pioneers were presented with Jubilee pins at a special Mass last September. Monthly prayer meetings are held in two nursing homes.

Our Lady of Fatima Curia, Wicklow
A Bray praesidium of 6 members has 4 officers. Quarterly newsletters are sent abroad to seventy emigrants from Bray, containing 3 pages of news and 1 page of religious content. Two members attend a Youth Club each week. Other works include home visitation, recruiting Pioneers, a Rosary Apostolate and caring for the Curia house.

Benedicta Curia
The Frank Duff DVD was shown at a prayer meeting. There was praise for the large number of juniors at the Acies ceremony. One praesidium has 5 full members and 1 probationer; 2 are praetorians. Works include visitation of homes and a Day Care Centre for the elderly. One member works in a Charity Shop and makes spiritual contacts with customers. Large pictures of the 3 Legion causes are mounted in the shop.

Ancilla Domini Curia
As a result of the week-long Inner City Project in early April, a Homework Club has begun in Myra House. The Pauline Circle in April had one priest, 11 Catholics and 2 Protestants in attendance. In May the “Value of Prayer” was the topic presented by a Protestant attendee. 5 Catholics were present. The Gate of Life praesidium has four Praetorian members. The works are home visitation, organising weekly Adoration and running a Patrician meeting. The Filipino praesidium has 4 members, 1 probationer and 43 auxiliaries. They visit compatriots at home and in hospitals.

Annunciata Curia
This year’s Hour of Prayer for students was held in the U.C.D. campus Church with 19 in attendance including the chaplain, a Chinese non-Catholic student and a legionary from the U.C.D. praesidium, newly formed in February. 34 patricians, 21 legionaries and 2 priests attended 3 Patrician meetings. In another praesidium, home visitation is done during which daily Adoration in the Church is promoted.

Assumpta Curia
47 patricians and 14 legionaries attended 4 Patrician meetings. One praesidium has 7 full and 2 probationary members, 3 of whom are Praetorians. Of 6 visitors, 3 remained. Their works are home visitation, a Patrician meeting, a Frank Duff Prayer Group, running the Repository and showing the Miraculous Medal D.V.D. in local schools.

Gloriosa Curia

More than 100 attended a Mass in Celbridge in honour of Venerable Edel Quinn. The main work of a five-member praesidium is making contact on the street near a Supermarket, using a stand stocked with booklets and C.Ds. A Jehovah’s Witness mother and daughter were spoken to at length and said they enjoyed the contact; a man said he was inspired to write a poem about the work because the legionaries spoke about the love of God. A Rosary Procession organised in May saw 35 process through Ballyfermot with a Garda escort.


Buenos Aires Senatus: On return from Rome, the two Senatus Officers gave a full power-point presentation on the Legion Statutes proceedings. Special emphasis was given to the meeting with Father Califano OFM and his forthcoming nomination as Postulator of Alfie Lamb’s Cause. A Columban Drive, which, included legionaries from many councils was held at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lujan. Over 1,000 contacts with pilgrims and tourists were made.

Salta Senatus: The Regia of Tucuman is currently holding a Year of Alfie Lambe, which takes in many different events promoting Alfie’s Cause. One of the city Curiae report that their apostolate is done amongst the Police and Municipal workers as well as the teachers and students of schools.

Cordoba Senatus: One of their praesidia collaborated with the Parish Council for a Festival of Food. Raw materials were donated by natives and the legionaries helped to prepare the food. They teach catechism and literacy in a prison.

Corrientes Regia: As well as hospital and nursing home visitation one Curia visits a prison where catechesis is given and the priest is accompanied to the monthly Mass in the Youth Wing. Legionaries pray in a Police Station on each First Friday for the intentions of the policemen.

Rosario Regia: One praesidium takes Pilgrim Statues from home to home, visits 22 business premises and converse with the workers. Another praesidium visits a maternity hospital encouraging the mothers to have their babies baptised.

About 80,000 people from many parts of Brazil attended the annual Legion Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida. Two Bishops, 31 priests, eight Permanent Deacons and twelve Seminarians were present at the Sunday Mass.

Belem Senatus: On visits to families, Rosaries are said along with Gospel reading and reflections. Two families returned to the Church after ten years. Legion visits are well received by Evangelicals, with many invitations to return. Castanhal Regia reports distribution of 1,500 Frank Duff leaflets, also jail visits with Bible readings.

Belo Horizonte Senatus: The Senatus has almost 50,000 active members and over 180,000 auxiliaries. 118 Spiritual Directors are actively involved. Reports tell of 12 youths baptised in one town and 10 in another. Hospital visitation resulted in many patients receiving the Sacraments..
Fortaleza Senatus: Visits to families, Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in the homes, bringing Holy Communion to the sick at home and in hospital are mentioned in the reports. One Curia reported 26 adults prepared for First Holy Communion and 25 youths receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Ponta Grossa Senatus: Works mentioned included: visits to a prison, meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, a Retreat for 75 youths, seven of whom received their First Holy Communion and Confirmation, the conversion of an Evangelical and giving help to a young mother where there was a risk of abortion. The baby was born and represented the Baby Jesus at Christmas Mass.

Recife Senatus: Junior praesidia were set up both in the cities of Recife and Petrolina. One result of an Exploracio Dominicalis project was the setting up of a praesidium.

Rio de Janeiro: Directly attached to the Senatus with over 60,000 active members are three Regiae, 39 Comitia and three Curiae in the city of Rio, the adjacent State of Espirito Santo and four States in distant Amazonia. Many Evangelicals are taught the Rosary. Public Rosaries are said in homes and shops, also on public transport and in public squares with the participation of many street-dwellers. Illiterate members are doing literary courses, plus preparing for officerships.

Salvador Senatus: Members were encouraged to attend a training session dealing with the Brazilian Hierarchy’s special pastoral theme this year, ‘The Issue of Human Trafficking’. The importance of contributing to the next highest council was discussed at the February meeting. Good work is done in the affluent, Skyscraper City district and also in a poor suburb.

Sao Luis Senatus: In one month almost 5,500 family visits were reported; the following month reports 60,000 visits in the main Senatus area of Maranhao State. The Senatus area also includes the State of Piaui. A wide range of apostolic work reaches out to every section of society. The aged sick are brought for medical consultations. A hospital treating leprosy is visited and a family suffering from Aids receives attention.

Sao Paulo Senatus: The Senatus continues to carry out a wide-ranging apostolate. One Curia has an apostolate to people living on the street and to the unemployed. A Regia in Cuiaba recorded 3,115 visits to families and 2,520 revisits. A Comitium reported 60 visits to young drug users in their homes.

Regia of Brasilia: 3,000 legionaries took part in the Holy Eucharist celebration on the anniversary of the founding of the Legion in Brasilia, 56 years ago. Young legionaries in the central residential zone of Brazilia contact tourists in the area of the Cathedral; they also visit a hostel for young women who are tempted to terminate their pregnancies.

Kuala Lumpar Regia, West Malasia
Two praesidia with 22 members and 90 auxiliaries reported in February. Works include book barrow, hospital visitation where arrangements are made for a priest to hear Confession, visitation of the terminally ill, a house-bound former legionary, a home for handicapped and follow up visits to a family where a person is receiving instruction in the Catholic Church.
Attached councils are made up of 84 senior and 7 junior praesidia with a membership of 840. Works include visitation of a home for the elderly and an orphanage, teaching catechism, acting as RCIA facilitators, organising area Masses, Rosaries, visiting the sick, elderly, disabled and terminally ill in nursing homes and prisoners. Two new praesidia have been set up and a new Curia is being set up in Kuantan.

Malang Senatus: Visitation of councils is on-going. Works include efforts to revive, guide and develop student and junior praesidia, visitation of families to encourage Mass attendance and recruit for the Legion; also they help children who attend Sunday School and organise prayers for vocations. Extension in Manado Comitium resulted in a new praesidium and a new senior and junior Curia. Works include visitation of the sick and a special Mass each month. A Curia in Merauke set up one senior and two junior praesidia; also in Merauke, two new Curiae are being established. Sick people are visited and children are brought to Mass and Summer School. Maurmere Regiaset up a new Curia and praesidium. The Comitium of Surabaya organised a Conference from 6th-8th September 2013, which was attended by the Archbishop and several priests. The Archbishop stressed the importance of catechesis, the spiritual life, prayer, meditation and living in Jesus. Malang Senatus, with three attached Regia is preparing to celebrate its golden jubilee next month.

Jakarta Senatus: A Comitium in Tangerang conducted a meeting every Thursday evening for their auxiliaries and many new auxiliaries were recruited. A Comitium in Bekasi held a Mass for the elderly, prepared people for Baptism and helped to rectify marriages.

Taiwan Senatus: Prayers are requested for the Spiritual Director Monsignor Wang, who has devoted many years to the Legion in Taiwan and is unwell at the present time. There is a great awareness of recruiting Praetorians, auxiliary and Adjutorian members. Also, much effort has been put into recruiting Adjutorians among retired priests and Religious Sisters, especially in nursing homes. The English-speaking Curia in Taiwan has 8 praesidia with 75 members, who carry out hospital and home visitation and visit work places. They also do street contact and recite the family Rosary in 32 homes. Another Curia visits and looks after Legion members who are no longer able to attend their meetings. Taipei Curia set up 2 new praesidia since its last report.

Seoul Senatus
: Two thousand legionaries are assigned to act as stewards at the Korean Martyr’s Mass in Seoul during the visit of His Holiness, Pope Francis in August. In Western Seoul Regia 30,597 catechumens were recruited and 3,570 were baptised. Cheongiu Regia shows an increase in auxiliaries. Among the works in most Councils are recruitment of catechumens, aftercare of newly-baptised Catholics, visitation of the lapsed and Catholics who are in irregular marriage status, promoting Confession, helping families in mourning, visiting the sick and voluntary services in hospitals and institutions.

Gwangju Senatus; Unam-dong Comitium reported a new Curia set up and increases in active, Praetorian and Adjutorian membership. Recruiting catechumens, seeking conversions of tepid Christians, visitation of homes and training of juniors are undertaken.

Daegu Senatus: About 2,700 legionaries attended a Mass on 11th February to mark the tenth anniversary of inauguration of the Senatus. Gamsan Comitium set up a junior praesidium, which now has 18 members; a split is planned, with Primary School students in one, and Middle and High School students in the second praesidium. At a training meeting for praesidium presidents in one Comitium it was mentioned that one of the problems in praesidia is where former presidents want to keep strong influence over the members. It was recommended that former officers would return to ordinary membership allowing the Holy Spirit to work through the new officers. Reports from most councils show recruitment of catechumens, baptisms and returns to the Sacraments, plus visitation of hospitals and institutions.

Singapore Senatus: A new Curia is in the process of being formed in Kota Kinabalu Comitium. Former members of the Tertiary Curia attended their annual reunion. Mother of Perpetual Succour praesidium was commended for all its good work. A comment on the book barrow was; ‘It is the best way to attract peoples’ attention.’

Hong Kong Comitium: Hong Kong Comitium is made up of 8 senior and 4 junior Curiae. Two Curiae reporting in September have 17 and 19 praesidia respectively, one junior Curia each and a total membership of 379 seniors. Reports from praesidia include street contact, catechism classes, visitation of the elderly, parish work, Sunday Schools, help with funeral rites and visits to prisons and hospitals.


Austria and Councils under Caretakership

Austrian Senatus: 45 legionaries attended a Summer School. Among works mentioned were, preparation of 23 children for First Holy Communion by Ancilla Domini Curia. The Korean Curia invites non-believers to Mass. A praesidium working with street girls report one girl leaving that life. An Austrian-wide pilgrimage to Salzburg was held to celebrate Venerable Edel Quinn’s 70th anniversary. The Curiae of Southwest Vienna and South Vienna have merged. Burgerland Comitium’s 2 Curiae were directly attached to Senatus. Ibbs Comitium did a presentation on Peregrinatio pro Christo in a Seminary. Hollabrun Comitium has 3 new praesidia and started Patricians in Sonnberger Prison. Continuous attention is given to True Devotion.

Czech Republic
Olmuetz Comitium: This council together with Bruenn Curia organised a Winter School.

Two extension workers from Sofia were appointed. Patricians were started in Svischtova. The Bulgarian Handbook is near completion.

Fr. Josef and Sr. Kriss attended a Spiritual Directors’ Conference in Harkov. Nikolaev Curia started a new praesidium in Tawrijsk. In Donetsk Curia all parishes with praesidia held Frank Duff commemoration Masses. 26 legionaries attended a Retreat in Tscherniwtsi.

Zseliz Comitium
did extension work in 10 parishes. Egyhazelle Curia started 2 new praesidia in Kolon. Tornava Curia recruited 117 auxiliaries. The Austrian, ‘Regina Legionis’ is printed in Slovakian.

Belarus Comitium: 300 legionaries attended the Acies ceremony in Minsk. These were from the 9 praesidia directly attached to the Comitium and 2 of the attached Curiae. Extension is ongoing with 2 new praesidia set up and 3 in formation. Works include bringing the priest to ill people at home, in nursing homes and hospitals, contacting young people in parks and other Centres, giving talks in schools and colleges on Pre-Marital chastity and organising prayer groups. This year the Legion in Belarus celebrates its 20th anniversary. Celebrations are planned during the annual Retreat in Baranovichi in August and at The National Shrine in Budslav on 7th September, where a granite plate in honour of the Legion will be blessed and unveiled.

(Zagreb Regia and Councils under caretakership)

Zagreb Regia celebrated its 5th anniversary in December. Reports from 6 directly attached praesidia engaged in visitation of homes, hospitals and nursing homes, gave news of 45 receptions of the Sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion, many after long period and one after 40 years. Among the works of legionaries in Zador Comitium is an apostolate to Betting Shops. In Osijek Comitium a legionary spoke on a Catholic T.V. programme on, ‘The Organisation and Mission of the Legion’. 4 of the 9 Curiae featured in reports each set up a new praesidium. 30 returns to the Sacraments were recorded. In Sisak Curia, 4 former juniors took their Legion Promise. Our Lady of the Snow Curia has 19 senior and 6 junior praesidia.

Slovenia: has one praesidium of 5 members in Ljublijana.

Bosnia Herzgovina
The apostolate of the 7 praesidia in Sarajevo Curia: includes home and nursing home visitation; visits to a Gerontology Centre and an Orphanage. Many sick and elderly were prepared for reception of the Sacraments, some of whom received them after a lapse of 10 and more years.

Budapest Regia
has 22 directly attached praesidia, 10 Curiae and 5 Comitia. Two of the Curiae are in Hungarian-speaking areas in Romania and one Hungarian-speaking zone in Ukraine affiliated to Debrecen Comitium. All minutes report on extension efforts. Works undertaken are Church duties, training children to be altar-servers, visitation of sick and elderly in their homes, visiting welfare homes, hospitals and calling a priest when needed. In Pecs Curia legionaries visited schools and kindergartens and set up a new praesidium.
Debrecen Comitium: Legionaries help priests to organise blessing of the homes. Miskolc Curia in Romania helps the sick get to Mass and organise reception of the Sacraments for them. They contact homeless people and recruited 5 new members.

Riga Comitium
: A new praesidium has been started in Aluksne parish in Riga with 4 members. Leipija Curia has 3 praesidia. In Jelgava Curia a praesidium of 4 members in Christ the King Parish organised a Christmas Party for all groups working in the parish. The evening started with Mass and Rosary. Some non-Catholics and non-believers were present. A new praesidium with 5 members started in Bauska. Bishop Anton Justs visited the praesidium when the legionaries took their Promise. This boosts the number of praesidia to five.

Kaunas Comitium
: A praesidium of 10 members with 4 Praetorians and 2 Adjutorians recite public Rosaries in the main square in Sargenia, which attracts large attendances of various ages. Contact work is done and many non-Catholics are met. A praesidium of 4 members and 69 Auxiliaries in Queen of Peace Curia visited the local secondary school and spoke to the pupils about the Legion. The Headmaster gave permission for a Rosary and Holy Hour to be held once a week during lunch break.
Telsiai Comitium: 11 Praesidia and 2 Curiae are affiliated. The combined number of homes visited by 4 reporting praesidia was 904. A praesidium of 12 made contact with 149 families, 2 of whom had no religious belief. The priest with the legionaries visited 745 flats contacting 218 families. One person went to Confession after 50 years. As a result of Hospital visitation 54 patients were brought to the Sacraments.

Lublin Regia
: In the period of this report 25 new members have been recruited and 13 recent members have taken the Promise. The active apostolate includes home, hospital, Night Shelter and prison visitation. 2 new Praesidia have been set up in Kalish and a new Curia in Hodyshev. Some fruits of the apostolate by legionaries in M.B. Kodenski Comitium include 52 people brought to reception of the Sacraments. 6 legionaries went on Peregrinatio pro Christo to Ostrav. Our Lady of Mercy Comitium Warsaw: This Council governs 10 praesidia and 12 Curiae in the city in addition to 3 distant Curiae and 6 distant praesidia. Total membership is about 500 active and 800 Auxiliaries, with a correspondent for each of its distant Curiae. Works are excellent with visits to hospitals, care-homes, youth Correction Centres and apostolate to the bereaved. At its February meeting the need for door to door visitation was raised and its importance stressed. Extension is on-going but with an extensive territory a broader approach may be necessary.
Warsaw Praga:
Our Lady of Victories Comitium
: 2 Praesidia with 6 and 10 members reported on visitation to sick and lonely people and arranging a priest to visit homes of elderly. They organise adoration of The Blessed Sacrament, teach young children to pray and are involved in ‘Missionary Programme of Educational Support’ for children from Africa. Wolomin Curia has a new praesidium with 13 members. Malbork Curia has 2 Praesidia, each with 10 members. Four members work in the Caritas shop where they distribute Catholic literature.

Satu Mare Regia
has 14 directly attached praesidia, 2 Curiae and 2 Comitia affiliated. Results of their apostolate during the year include, 17 returns to the Sacraments, 3 marriages regularised and 4 conversions. Just before Christmas, Light of The Night Adoration was organised for students in Cluj Napoca. More than 200 students were invited and for many it was their first time ever in Church. Some prayed before the Blessed Sacrament for more than one hour. One young man said it was a most beautiful gift to him as he was celebrating his 26th birthday. Bucharest Curia: There are 6 Praesidia, 2 in Bucharest, 3 in nearby towns and one at a distance in the North. Some of the works are visiting elderly in their homes and keeping in touch by telephone with some elderly contacts.



The excellent work of the Legion at all levels continues with a good Legion presence in primary and secondary schools and a youth movement based on the True Devotion. The Senatus is celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Legion in Burundi at this moment and has its new Legion Centre almost completed.

Central African Republic
Bangui Senatus:
The reports presented indicate a flourishing Legion life with many troubled marriages and family disputes resolved by legionary intervention. The process of rejuvenating the Legion is proceeding well, with Legion nurseries feeding junior praesidia and these in turn sending members on to senior ranks and even officerships.

Democratic Congo
Kasai Senatus celebrated its Acies on 30th March at Kananga. They processed the 7 kilometers to St. Laurence parish where Mass was celebrated. The parish priest, Fr. Roger Matuta, who is also Spiritual Director of the Senatus, was the chief celebrant. The ceremony took place with an attendance of 8,250 including Nuns and Seminarians.

Bukavu Senatus: The Senatus is composed of 2 Regiae, 44 Comitia, 6 Curiae in extension, plus 11 Comitia, 5 Curiae and 3 Praesidia attached. The latest report covers regular apostolic work in parishes, schools and hospitals, including a Seminary, taking the form of Mass, Rosary, recollections and teaching. They salute the large participation of young people in recruiting for the Legion. A formation session was held with Officers of attached councils; topics included the government of the Legion. A 3- day Retreat was held at the Amani Spiritual Centre. They laud the exceptional support of their spiritual director, always available when needed.

Butembo Senatus: In total, 30 reports were received over 5 months from various councils attached, including 4 from Junior or Intermediate Curiae. Two new youth praesidia were set up in February in the city of Butembo. Great expansion is on-going. Two new Comitia were to be set up in Mulo and Mubana in Lubero territory in June, and a new Comitium also in Kashege. Catechism and prayers are taught to young people and children given Bibles. The Rosary was prayed with many family groups and people were motivated to attend Mass and take part in Adoration. 468 people were baptised and 11 Protestants were converted as were Moslems. Marriages were blessed and couples reconciled. Junior Curiae were visited. A young legionary joined a Seminary. Sick people particularly those with mental problems were visited and helped, as were alcoholics. Young people and children were advised to join Catholic organisations. In the month of March, dedicated to women, the Spiritual Director asked for prayers so that women might be respected at all levels of society. In May the Handbook study was on devotion to the Sacred Heart in the home. Vigils were organised at Pentecost to pray for peace and for children sitting examinations in June.

Kigali Senatus: Works include visitation of orphanages, prisons, the sick and auxiliaries. Those who are not baptised are encouraged to take on catechesis. One presidium mentions contacts with street children and street girls. One Curia with 21 praesidia has also 5 praesidia in secondary and higher education establishments.
Kabgayi Comitium has 27 attached praesidia, 40 Curiae of which 3 are in secondary schools and 1 in a prison. One Comitium started 2 new praesidiae in secondary schools. The objective was suggested that each senior praesidium should have 1 junior praesidium attached.

Mauritius (Rodrigues)
Virgin Mediatrix of All Graces Regia: Curia of Rose Hill reported 200 active and 150 auxiliary members and 5 Curiae attached. They organise Retreats and prayer days, bring the sick to Mass and visit the infirm. The Flacq Curia has 7 praesidia. They are involved in choir work and teaching catechetics. The Comitium of Port Louis has 280 active members and an equal number of auxiliaries. They do home, hospital and hospice visitation, say prayers in mortuaries, help in the formation of the young for Mass and the Sacraments and also teach catechetics in schools. Despite recruitment difficulties, they have founded a new praesidium at Baie de Tombeau.


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June 2014

The booklet ‘Some Peregrinatio Principles,’ which includes a chapter of the same name and three other articles: ‘The Spirit of Home Visitation,’ ‘Capharnaum and the Eucharist’ and ‘A Formula for Conversion,’ has recently been published and is available at Concilium along with numerous, ‘Gems of Wisdom,’ by Frank Duff, plus books on Edel Quinn and Alfie Lambe.

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Peregrinatio Pro Christo
June 2014
A project will take place in the parish of St. Vincent de L’armagnac in South West France from 19th to 27th June. A team of volunteers is now ready for this project, including Fr. John Durkan of Swinford. The parish priest who asked for the team is Fr. Pere Eric Lestage, who worked formerly in the Morning Star, Dublin. This year’s Autumn Conference will take place on Saturday 8th November.

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Visit to Senegal by Togo Legionaries
June 2014

Two legionaries from the Senatus of Lome, Togo undertook visitation to Senegal from 29th October 2013 to 28th April 2014 on behalf of the Concilium, attending 29 praesidia meetings and all but three of the Curiae meetings. A Curia at Pikiner was elevated to Comitium on 6th April. Four Curiae in the Dakar Archdiocese were formed mainly of the younger age group. A day-long meeting for council officers was organised for 12th April at which proper running of meetings at all levels, apostolic works, Legion finances and audits were discussed. The visitors worked with local legionaries and visited prisons.

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Concilium Bulletin - May 2014
June 2014

Nicaragua: The Regia of Managua with 2 comitia, 2 Curiae and 17 praesidia is working well. The various reports indicate extension is a priority. There is the possibility of setting up a new Comitium. A legionary has been appointed to the National Council of the Episcopal Conference for the Laity. As a result of crowd contact a young father arranged the baptism of his young son.

El Salvador: The Senatus continues to extend. Two councils and a number of praesidia, including 6 junior praesidia have recently been set up. On home visitation they invite people back to the Sacraments as well as promoting parish activities, including retreats for young people. One young man gave up drugs and alcohol and another left the street gangs and joined a junior praesidium after attending a retreat.

Honduras: A new president was elected in February and a new Spiritual Director was recently appointed.

Panama Regia: The attached Curia of Immaculate Heart of Mary reported the setting up of 5 new praesidia. A praesidium reported the recitation of a public Rosary weekly in the area where home visitation is done. A second praesidium reported extensive visitation of a new area in the parish, informing the residents of the various parish ceremonies and activities.

Costa Rica Senatus: The council is in contact with Concilium and minutes are up to date. As well as visiting patients in hospital the legionaries visit their families and also the patients when they return home. Legionaries also accompany some of the patients to Mass in the hospital.

Mexico City Senatus: Two Regiae, seven Comitia and two praesidia reported. The Comitium of Oaxaca has been detached from the Regia of Acapulco and affiliated to the Senatus with a view to providing extra encouragement and extension. They work in prisons. The first meeting of a praesidium in one prison had an attendance of 30. 150 attended a Congress organised for the Curiae and praesidia attached to the Senatus. The theme was: True Devotion to Mary. An attached Comitium set up three new junior praesidia. A legionary kidnapped for four days was released through the power of prayer. Under True Devotion to the Nation, street cleaning, an ecological campaign, literacy classes and a campaign against the use of foul language are listed. All councils are encouraged to take some steps to put TDN (True Devotion to the Nation) into practice.

Mérida Senatus: During this period one Regia, three Comitia, 4 Curiae and three praesidia reported. The Regia also presented an annual report to the Archbishop. The report indicates that there are 65,000 active and 72,000 auxiliaries, 48 junior praesidia, 4 praesidia in prisons and 7 Patrician groups in the Senatus area. Of 12,000 recruiting efforts, 350 joined and persevered in the Legion. Of the large numbers who joined one or other of the sects, 34 returned to the practice of the faith. Three legionaries from Mérida have just returned from extension work in Cuba and will later report on their efforts.

Durango Regia: The legionaries promote and give talks on the Consecration of Homes to the Sacred Heart. The work of the legionaries is valued in the parishes where there are praesidia, in particular their work as catechists and apostolate to the elderly and sick.

Guadalajara Regia: An attached Curia with 10 praesidia does mainly home visitation and some of the legionaries are catechists.

Monterrey Regia: An attached Comitium works with drug addicts, gives talks to Confirmation classes, does street contact particularly with persons who have joined the sects and distributes Catholic papers to homes. The same Comitium has established two junior praesidia. An attached Curia set up a senior praesidium and a praesidium in another Curia carried out an Exploratio Dominicalis project.
Hermosillo Regia: A new Spiritual Director who hopes the Legion will extend, has been recently appointed.

Sri Lanka: A junior Curia with 12 praesidia has 125 active and 32 auxiliary members. They visit homes of the sick and elderly, recite the Rosary with students, and teach Catechism. At a recent meeting the Bishop and Vicar General thanked the Senatus for the work being done. One Curia is promoting Enthronement of homes to the Sacred Heart. Muslims, Buddhists and Christians are among those met in the course of Legion work.

Mumbai Senatus: Works include, Sunday school catechism, home visitation, attempts to regularise mixed marriages. The Bishop in charge of lay organisations met the Senatus Officers for 3 hours. 400 attended Way of the Cross. Kottar Regia: Extension continues. Family Rosary is promoted. Mentally ill people are visited and catechism classes are arranged. Palaymakottai Comitium is working very well with 1 junior, 5 senior Curiae and 21 praesidia. Home visitation is their first priority where they meet people of many religions and pray the Rosary in homes. Two suicides were prevented. They plan to set up 2 Curiae. Coimbatore Comitium: 430 attended the Acies with the Bishop present. Home and hospital visitation, plus counselling arise in many reports. Conversions from other religions also feature. The Three Causes are promoted, and extension is on-going.

Prison visitation is undertaken. The Good News is shared with prisoners, ten of whom were Baptised. Three couples had their marriages regularised in Church. During school breaks catechism instruction is given to students with the cooperation of priests and deacons. Students from other faiths also attend the catechism classes. Legionaries in rural areas cooperate with Red Cross to teach hill tribes. Visitation to remote areas is undertaken and children whose parents have died due to HIV are helped.

A praesidium in Jasnaja Poljana has 10 members, 2 probationers and 26 auxiliary members. They arranged a meeting for auxiliaries. Work includes helping with parish activities, such as serving breakfast to children who come from distant areas to attend Mass.

Holy Land
A new praesidium with 20 members was set up for business women. One of its works is organising a day retreat. A junior girls’ praesidium has started in Nazareth, with a second in formation. 30 people took up the invitation to go to Confession. Much catechetical work is done by legionaries.

Carlow Comitium: Efforts at setting up a new praesidium in Rathvilly are on-going and two new members have been attending meetings. Some members of existing praesidia are continuing to help. Graiguecullen praesidium has five members. Home visitation is one of their works. Five schools were visited, including one Educate Together school. Holy Communion and Confirmation classes were spoken to.Miraculous Medals were explained and distributed along with prayer leaflets for the Causes.

Elphin Comitium: A praesidium in Roscommon has 7 members and 24 auxiliaries. During home visitation they recruit Adorers for Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. They organised a Christmas party for mentally handicapped persons and a pilgrimage to Lough Derg with 48 pilgrims. Our Lady of Aparecida praesidium in Roscommon, which includes Portuguese-speaking Brazilians recruited 12 new members, bringing their membership to 18. They continue to arrange recitation of the Rosary and various Novenas to Our Blessed Lady in the homes of their communities with daily attendance ranging from 15 to 24. They organise the Brazilian Mass twice monthly. Last year a Mass at Knock in honour of Our Lady of Aperecida had an attendance of 200. They also are involved in parish ministries. At the conclusion of the ComitiumAcies ceremony, which was attended by Bishop Jones and nine Spiritual Directors, a presentation of a Stole was made to Fr. Frank McGauran in recognition of his 30 years as Spiritual Director of the Comitium.
North Elphin Curia:The praesidium in Sligo Cathedral parish took on the Enthronement of homes to the Sacred Heart since the Eucharistic Congress. To date, 26 young families have had their homes consecrated. The 14 members of a praesidium in St. Anne’s Parish undertake home visitation and street contact. They also have a Legion presence in Sligo Institute of Technology. On the day a household received the Pilgrim Virgin Statue into their home, a land dispute was settled. A patient met on hospital visitation was given a Miraculous Medal and shortly afterwards told the legionaries that a family problem had been resolved.
Tuam Curia: Four senior praesidia reports were presented with membership of 7 in Skehana, 6 in Tuam, 8 in Corrandulla and 4 in Kilkerrin. Two praesidia have each got one Praetorian member. They have a total of 120 auxiliaries. Works include visitation of nursing homes, hospitals, the sick and housebound, sale of Catholic newspapers, a weekly prayer meeting, a Patrician meeting and the recitation of the Rosary and Chaplet of Mercy on Church Radio Link for the sick and housebound. Home visitation is done by one praesidium and Pilgrim Statue visitation by another. Bottles of Holy Water are offered at homes and also left in church porches. Stickers with the three Causes are attached to the bottles. A school was visited and 110 Miraculous Medals with explanatory leaflets given to the pupils and teachers. Planning meetings were also held.

Achonry Curia: Efforts are on-going to get the praesidium in Foxford up and running. Patrician meetings are being held in Swinford each month.Recent topics were ‘The Sacrament of the Sick’and ‘The Priesthood.’

Clonfert Curia: The apostolate of the 3 reporting praesidia with 11, 4 and 7 members includes home, hospital and nursing home visitation as well as many parish duties. Bottles of Holy Water are prepared and left in the church porch for collection. Four of the 7 members in the praesidium in Tynagh are Praetorians.

Galway Curia: To celebrate the 500th meeting of the Curia, Mass was celebrated by their Spiritual Director, Rev. Fr. Robert McNamara after the January meeting. The reporting praesidium does home visitation in the estates of the parish. The praesidium has been requested by the parish priest to recite the Rosary daily for the month of May at a new grotto erected near the Church.

Killala Curia: The 8 members of a praesidium in Ballina take part regularly in home visitation with 3 Pilgrim Statues. They have 4 lay Adjutorians and 13 auxiliaries. The 6 members of Kilglass praesidium also do Pilgrim Statue visitation. They are preparing packs (Rosary Beads Miraculous Medals etc.) for the 28 first Communicants and 46 Confirmation candidates this year. A junior praesidium in Knockmore has 3 juniors and 2 seniors on roll. They visit relatives and serve Mass. Templeboy praesidium has 6 members. They advertise their meeting in the Parish Bulletin each week, prepare the Church for weddings and funerals, distribute candles for Easter and Crucifixes before the Good Friday ceremonies.A Patrician meeting in Ballina with the topic, ‘The Blessed Eucharist’ had 8 in attendance.

Kilkenny Curia: The Acies ceremony was held on 20th March. Patrician meetings are planned as a new work for the Curia.

Veneranda Curia: The 6-member Finglas praesidium had 7 visitors during the year, including 2 Travellers who attended for 3 months. A Cameroonian member is resident in the Balseskin Refugee Centre and does much good apostolic work there. One member is a Eucharistic Adoration co-ordinator and another is on the Baptism Team. The praesidium distributes 48 Catholic newspapers each week. Spouse of St Joseph praesidium visits St Patrick’s Institute every Saturday; to their great joy this year they gained access to Mountjoy Prison and visit every Sunday, where they play football or board games, distribute Sacramentals and encourage the prisoners to avail of the Sacraments, especially Confession. Four members work in the Morning Star Hostel each week. They have 8 members, 1 probationer and had 4 visitors during the year.

Consolata Curia: 13 Patricians and 6 legionaries attended 2 Patrician meetings. A recruitment drive was held in Balbriggan. The Priorswood praesidium has 9 members; Three members are Praetorians while two serve on the Parish Council. All officerships are filled. The Fatima Statue apostolate resulted in many graces such as two people who found employment during the week the statue was in the home. A monthly meeting with altar servers comprises a mix of prayer and training; the mothers also attend and the legionaries have befriended them. The other works are supervising the Parish Shop and home visitation. They concentrated on the Travelling Community in the last year. The Skerries praesidium has 7 full members and 160 auxiliaries. They bring Holy Communion to the sick and visit homes including a Hindu family. They use three Pilgrim Statues on home visitation and deliver 50 Maria Legionis. Weekly visits to a Day Centre completes their works.

Presentata Curia has 16 praesidia. The Regina Coeli praesidium is responsible for the overall administration and maintenance of the hostel. There are 2 probationers and 10 full members of whom 2 are indoor sisters, 3 are officers and 4 are Praetorians. There are currently 4 mothers and 7 children but a total of 32 mothers and 45 children have stayed in the hostel during the year. There is also space for 40 single women; during the year 130 single women resided at the hostel. Activities include social events, a weekly Rosary Group involving the children and helping with school homework. Another hostel praesidium, Regina Pacis reported 13 full members and 1 probationer; to recruit they speak at Masses in local churches. Apart from befriending residents and helping them in their spiritual lives, the women are encouraged to learn practical skills. As a result, two young residents succeeded in returning to education and employment in the last year.

Exaltata Curia: The 7-member Blakestown praesidium instigated a daily Holy Hour in the parish church, which they promote. Two units of Connolly Hospital are visited every week where the Rosary is recited and hymns are sung in the Dayrooms. Home visitation, hostel duty and a Patrician meeting complete their works.

Porta Coeli Curia: The Howth praesidium has 4 members and 2 probationers. Works include visiting two nursing homes where they pray, chat and sing hymns with residents. They also visit the sick at home and in hospital and do Pilgrim Statue visitation.

Bethlehem Curia: The 4 member Mother of Good Counsel praesidium do home visitation in the parish using blessed palm and Church Service times leaflets. While running the repository, they recruited 37 probationary auxiliaries, many of them from outside the parish which have been forwarded to the appropriate Curiae. On Alfie Lambe’s anniversary two taxi ranks were contacted and crowd contact carried out at Busaras. 40 attended an Afternoon of Reflection for auxiliary members while the quarterly Edel Quinn Prayer Group attracted an attendance of 10. Another praesidium visits ill parishioners and 3 nursing homes. Up to 25 legionaries of Bethlehem Curia participated in a special home visitation project in another Parish over 5 weeks of Lent, at the behest of the Parish Priest. Contacts were made at 456 homes of which 370 registered with the parish and 300 accepted a special pack. Amongst other items, the pack contained a copy of the 4 Gospels, Easter ceremony times, a bottle of Holy Water, Rosary beads and explanatory leaflet, plus a picture of Pope Francis. 15 children were identified for Baptism, some older children amongst them. A number received the Sacrament of Reconciliation, one after a lifetime away from the church. Three housebound were identified. The Parish Priest is working his way through the 165 homes that requested a visit by him; he blesses the homes and the families during his visit. He was most appreciative of the Legion’s hard work and dedication.
Brussels Senatus: Personal contact continues with people in great need. Legionaries work with the Mother Teresa Sisters, who provide food for the poor. The mission to prostitutes continues with good contacts. Hasselt Comitium has 75 active and 110 auxiliary members.

Amsterdam Senatus: The new praesidium has 9 members and 3 experienced legionaries assisting. The Auxiliary Bishop of Amsterdam & Haarlem attended the Acies and reported on it on his website.

Birmingham Senatus: Street contact is done on Saturdays with many good contacts. Two praesidia organised a True Devotion to Mary seminar; 30 attended. 767 homes were visited between June and October. A fallen-away convert has resumed practise after being visited. 40 attended a school Rosary organised during Lent, May & October. Permission was given for crowd contact at Sainsbury shopping centre. Many lapsed Catholics were met and one returned to Mass. One man encountered on home visitation was received into the Church at the Easter vigil.
Bristol Curia organised a welcome home for the lapsed at Christmas Mass; some non-Catholics attended.
Birmingham Junior Curia works include distribution of Miraculous Medals and Holy Water and a weekly Rosary in two schools.
Northampton Curia has a good aftercare programme for auxiliaries. One praesidium runs an Anchor programme to help parents to pass on the Faith to their children.
Leicester Curia, with 3 praesidia organised a day retreat. Polish and African students are included among their enthusiastic legionaries.

Liverpool Senatus reports lapsed Catholics who want to speak with legionaries. Christmas Cribs, book barrow work and Patricians feature. St. Helen’s Curia celebrated its 400th meeting. Warrington Curia received the report of a praesidium with 19 members. The Senatus announced the news of the preparation of the Tercentenary of the death of St. Louis Marie de Montfort.

Southwark Comitium: Reports cover 2 Curiae, 10 praesidia with 177 members, 16 Praetorians, 4 Adjutorians and 183 auxiliaries. The closure of a senior praesidium was prevented as a result of a PPC team visiting the parish.

Brentwood Comitium: The Brentwood East Curia attached to this Comitium has 9 senior and 3 junior praesidia with 11 probationary active members. Some of the works are home-to-home visitation when lapsed are encouraged to return, non-Catholics are invited to find out more about the Catholic faith and a welcome pack were distributed to residents of new housing areas. The first report of the praesidium in Chingford gives details of 12 active and 3 probationary members doing works at the request of the Parish Priest.
Hammersmith Curia: A praesidium of 9 members visits care homes and the housebound. A recruiting drive in February yielded 49 names; 15 attended the first meeting. A visit was made by the Concilium correspondent.
Central London Curia: An auxiliary rally was organised and a recruiting weekend gained 1 active and 12 auxiliary members. An average of 15 young people and 6 adults attend the Patricians. Discussion is lively. Legionaries also run a book shop, do crowd contact, work with disabled and teach catechism.
Brent & Harrow Curia has 9 parishes, 4 have the Legion with an average of 5 members in each praesidium. Works include visiting nursing homes where the staff often join in the recitation of the Rosary. They held a successful Curia Congress.
Middlesex Curia: A former member is to be ordained to the priesthood. The reporting praesidium has 9 members and 35 auxiliaries receive Maria Legionis.

Senatus of Scotland Joy was expressed at the appointment of Fr. John Keenan as Bishop of Paisley. An Exploration Dominicalis project was carried out and primary and secondary schools were visited. Edinburgh has 92 active, 4 probationary members and 520 auxiliaries. 80 attended a Marian Evening.

Cardiff Comitium: Reports covered 6 praesidia and 3 in Gwent Curia, where legionaries fulfil an important role at funerals. 5 new members were gained. Swansea Curia has 4 praesidia. Street rescue, crowd contact and an apostolate to homosexuals are carried out. One person returned to Mass after 20 year.

Valance Regia: Montlelimar Curia has 2 praesidia, one with 8 members the other with 3. They plan a 4 day trip to Lourdes. Isolated praesidia in Clermont Ferrand and Grenoble have membership ranging from 2 to 7. Pilgrim Statue visitation and a monthly prayer vigil are organised. Some legionaries are involved in meetings to prepare for a Diocesan Synod of evangelisation in Valance.

Strasbourg Comitium governs 18 attached praesidia and 1 Curia. Pilgrim Statue visitation is carried out. A Jewish lady with a love for the Blessed Virgin asked for an image of Jesus which she venerates each day. PPC is planned for July.

Frankfurt Senatus reports cover 5 praesidia, 2 Regia and 2 Comitia. Contact at the railway station, Night Fever Adoration and Mass, a young adult’s prayer group, contact with street girls and homosexuals, and an ecumenical bible circle feature. 20 legionaries undertook True Devotion to Mary. A new Filipino praesidium was set up and one for ethnic Russians is in formation. An 84 year-old former Protestant pastor who came into the Church in 2013 recently took his Legion Promise. Fritz Bellen, at 93 years, is again president of his praesidium.

Zurich Comitium has 13 praesidia. Two praesidia in Bern recently merged. Liechtenstein reports the closure of a praesidium at Schaan as it had only 3 members and no permission to do parish work. Approval has been given to start in a nearby parish.

Siberia: The Curia has 5 praesidia with one planned to start in Abakan. Sr. Birgit Metzler will return there in October and a Russian-speaking legionary is sought to accompany her.

Norway: The praesidium in Tonsberg has 12 active and 12 auxiliary members. They teach catechism visit the sick and lonely and encourage people to attend Mass and Benediction. Draamen praesidium has 8 active and 15 auxiliary members. One elderly lady said it was the first time in 38 years that lay people from the Church called to her. An Easter visit to people with special needs was carried out at the request of the parish priest. A monthly coffee morning after Mass strengthens friendship between legionaries and parishioners.



Our Lady of the Congo Regia, Brazaville: Visitation of councils and praesidia are undertaken regularly and reports include home and hospital visitation, street contact, teaching catechism, organising the Liturgy, visiting prisoners, widows, orphans and the poor. Two praesidia directly attached to the Regia, which were set up in the last two years, have a membership of 24 and 9 full members respectively, with 3 and 10 probationers. Their main work is home visitation. More than half of those contacted are either pagans or members of sects. Two contacts promised to begin catechetical formation.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Curia, St Louis parish, Brazzaville, is still not functioning after an explosion two years ago at a nearby army arms dump where 250 people were killed and over 1,300 people left homeless. Prayers were asked for the return of the faithful to their activities and the reconstruction of the Church of St. Louis Parish, which was destroyed by in the blast.
Notre Dame de la Garde Comitium, set up in 2010, has 600 active members and 62 auxiliaries. 35,000 people were contacted over a three-month period, from which 130 agreed to begin catechesis. 8 marriages were regularised and 69 couples reconciled. 10 people requested Baptism and 20 lapsed Catholics returned to the Sacraments.

Lomé Senatus, Togo: There was a warm welcome for the two legionaries who spent six months in Senegal on behalf of Concilium. Most councils mention having junior praesidia. Mention was made of a new junior Curia being set up and also a new junior praesidium. Exploratio Dominicalis, Patricians and many contacts made among Muslims and those of the traditional African religion were reported on. A three-hour conference on Alfie Lambe attracted 176 people. Efforts are on-going to start a Curia in Kpome. About 100 married Legion couples attended a formation day for Christian marriages. The next PPC to Ghana will take place in August. Organised for the first time, between 7,000 and 8,000 legionaries from nearly all 7 Diocese joined in a Marian national pilgrimage to Kovie.

Ecuatorial Guinea: There are two Comitia in Equatorial Guinea -Malabo and
Bata. Malabo Comitium, situated in the capital of Equatorial Guinea, is progressing and extending. Recently they set up a new Curia and a number of praesidia are due for dividing when suitable officers are ready to be appointed. A very successful Legion Congress, at which there was an attendance of 500 legionaries, including officers from Bata, was held in November. Legion spirituality, loyalty, punctuality and officers duties were among the points discussed. As well as making contact with patients on hospital visitation, the legionaries contact and pray with the families.
Bata Comitium: The correspondent writes every month and she has been in touch by telephone.

Douala Senatus: Every council is encouraged to discuss the points of last years’ Congress. With over 14,500 active members spread over the Diocese in the Cameroon, the Legion is expanding. The annual report gave a total junior membership of 75 praesidia, with 1,086 members. Works include the fight against drugs and prostitution, visiting orphanages and prisons.

Tchad Comitium: (Under the care of Cameroon). A total of 235 participants attended a General National Assembly meeting from 4th – 8th March. Points discussed included: ‘The Legion of Mary’s Origins’. ‘What is the Legion?’.‘The Legion Apostolate’.‘The Legion Meeting’ and, ‘The Legionary Complimenting Missionaries’. On the last day the legionaries got up at 4.45 a.m. to recite the Rosary, have breakfast and attend Mass at 9.15 a.m., before returning home.

Republic of Benin
Regia of Cotonou: The members had the great joy of the return of Fr. Mark Hounon, nominated on his return from studies in Rome as the new Spiritual Director. In November they welcomed a delegation from Togo who are organising a meeting of officers from Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin and Nigeria. The Regia is functioning well, looking after its praesidia and councils, including a junior Curia and the upcountry areas. The new Spiritual Director of Porto Novo Comitium has announced that he will be visiting praesidia and Curiae.

Ivory Coast
Senatus of Our Lady of All Graces, Abidjan: A Regia with five Comitia gave its annual report. The Comitia have 55 Curiae, including 3 junior Curiae reporting to them. There are 96 adult and 7 junior praesidia. The membership is 11,457, of which 9,459 are active, with 439 Praetorians, 1,382 probationers, 616 auxiliaries and 126 Adjutorians. They have 126 Patrician groups. Their apostolate resulted in: families reconciled 582: marriages regularised 185: returns to Holy Mass 662: catechumens enrolled 1,872: Baptisms 1,358: Sacrament of Reconciliation 586: Confirmations 1,242: Sacrament of the Sick 208. The total number of catechumens is 4,784. There are 253 legionaries teaching catechism. Their difficulties are: (a) having a suitable place for their Regia meetings, but a new building is in progress. (b) a shortage of Legion Handbooks. Four Comitia also made their annual reports. They have 23 adult and one junior Curia reporting to them, with a total of 130 adult and 21 junior praesidia. The membership is 4,418 active members, of whom 456 are Praetorians and 369 are probationers. There are 558 auxiliaries of whom 169 are Adjutorians. They reported: families reconciled 69: marriages regularised 62: returns to Holy Mass 99: catechumens enrolled 434: Baptisms 245: Confirmations 173: Sacrament of the Sick 387: Sacrament of Reconciliation 21. The total number of catechumens is 1,432, with 122 legionaries teaching catechism. A comprehensive report was received on a one-week Mission to Mali, which took place in September 2013 led by the Vice-President of the Senatus of Abidjan, Sr. Odette Die, who was accompanied by four other legionaries. Much was achieved by way of reviving the Legion in that country. This work is on-going.


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news | Allocutio
Allocutio at Concilium - May 2014 - Fr. Bede McGregor, OP
June 2014
Saint John XXIII and the Legion
On Mercy Sunday Pope Francis canonized Popes John XXIII and John Paul II. This was a joyous event for the universal Church and the Legion in particular. In this allocutio I want to focus on St. John XXIII and his significance for the Legion.

We immediately think of St. John as the pope who convened the Second Vatican Council. This Council is a magnificent gift of God to the whole Church at a crucial time in the history of salvation and of the world. It was a time when the very soul of a great many countries of the world was deeply wounded by so much cultural, political and religious upheaval. The world witnessed the influence of Communism, Nazism and various forms of Fascism. There was the devastation of two world wars and the bloody wars for national independence in so many countries of Africa and Asia and indeed even in Ireland, the place of the birth of the Legion. There was also the attempt to poison the very mind of the human person through different philosophical forms of atheistic humanism and the effects of the so-called Enlightenment were still with us and indeed also the consequences of the French Revolution. I have only touched upon some of the events and ideas that went into the profound demoralisation of the world in the most literal meaning of the word. The world of the 19th and 20th century had lost its moral compass and was suffering the inevitable effects in a dramatic way. The basic and unavoidable question was: how is the Church to proclaim the Gospel to this modern world?

The response of Saint John XXIII was to call the Second Vatican Council. Pope Francis in his homily said: ‘In convening the Council, Saint John XXIII showed an exquisite docility to the Holy Spirit. He let himself be led and he was for the Church a pastor, a servant-leader, guided by the Holy Spirit. This was his great service to the Church; for this reason I like to think of him as the pope of docility to the Holy Spirit.’ Of course, docility to the Holy Spirit is the primary undertaking of the Legion Promise and the ambience of her total work of evangelisation of souls. There can be no doubt that the Council was primarily the work of the Holy Spirit and not just a purely human project. But the question arises: where does the Legion fit into this epoch making scenario? Well, first of all let us remember that Frank Duff our founder was invited by Pope Paul to attend as a lay auditor the final session of the Council. This in itself is a very significant affirmation of the Legion and its role in the mission of the Church. It is good for us to recall the often quoted words of Cardinal Suenens: ‘When Cardinal Heenan, Archbishop of Westminster, who held the floor at precisely the moment that Frank took his place, saw him enter, he publicly announced the fact to the assembly. The 2,500 bishops rose to give him a warm and moving ovation. It was an unforgettable moment: the thanks of the universal Church to the pioneer of the lay apostolate.’ It was also a remarkable endorsement of the charism of the Legion. But even much deeper than this acclamation by the universal episcopate of Frank Duff and the Legion is the striking harmony between the texts of the Council and many passages in the Handbook and the writings of Frank Duff. I mention these facts because sometimes legionaries ask me what can they say when some priests argue that the Second Vatican Council made the Legion out of date and obsolete. It seems to me to be tragic and enormously ill-informed opinion.

However, the Second Vatican Council did not only provide the Legion with remarkable endorsement but also gave it an enormous challenge. The Legion has a very significant role in the implementation of the Council teaching and vision. We cannot just stand by and see the rank and file members of our parishes in both rural and urban areas deprived of the riches of the Council and the great fruits of the Council such as the Universal Catechism and the rich post-conciliar papal magisterium. Very specifically the Legion is called to exemplify the role of the laity in the mission of the Church. It is gifted in actualizing the universal call to holiness and the universal call to the apostolate. It empowers ordinary men and women to play a major part in the new evangelisation. Frank Duff was raised up by God to be one of the major pioneers in defining the dignity and role of the laity in the Church. It is very inspiring to re-read the memorable talk he gave in Maynooth, at which I was privileged to be present, entitled: Our Potential Membership is the Uncommitted Catholic Population. These and other talks simply echo the call of the Council to the Legion.

We have very briefly touched on the influence of St. John XXIII on the Legion by recalling the Council, but he had other more direct and personal contacts with the Legion in which he tells us what he thought of the Legion and its charism. For instance, in a conversation with Eleanor Butler, the Countess of Wicklow, when Pope John was Papal Nuncio to France, he said: ‘The Hierarchy of France is divided on the subject of the Legion of Mary. I am not divided. I am wholeheartedly in favour of it. Its method is right. It seeks out the individual in the spirit of faith and love and that goes to the heart of the question. An ecclesiastical authority that refuses to use the Legion is betraying the interest of the souls under them.’ As Pope he said to a group of French Legionaries: ‘The Legion of Mary presents the true face of the Catholic Church.’ These words seem to encapsulate the section of the Handbook that reads: ‘The Legion must propagate everything Catholic.’ The Handbook also quotes that other succinct sentence of Pope John when he simply asserts: ‘The system of the Legion of Mary is a most excellent one.’ There are other significant contacts between Pope John and the Legion, especially the private audience he gave to Bro. Duff and two other Concilium Officers.

But I hope I have said enough to indicate the joy the Legion should experience at the Canonisation of Pope John. He has given tremendous encouragement to the Legion and given us an immense challenge. St John XXIII intercede for us that we may fulfil our vocation in the mission of the Church.

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Visit to the United States
May 2014

Raymond Mulrooney and Seamus Rickard will travel to the United States from 15th to 28th May 2014, visiting Legion councils - Boston Senatus for two days, Philadelphia Senatus (celebrating their 50th anniversary), for five days, and Chicago Senatus for five days, attending their Weekend May Gathering, comprising a conference, a crowd contact project in Millenium Park and concluding with the Senatus meeting on the Sunday. The legionaries seek your prayers for a successful outcome and a safe journey.

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Invitation to visit Angola
May 2014

Following the decision of the Concilium to raise the Regia of Luanda, Angola to the level of Senatus, the Regia made plans for the formal inauguration of the new Senatus on Sunday 25th May 2014. Among those invited to attend are the Bishops of the twelve Dioceses in their area. By direction of the President of the Laity Commission, the Bishop of Namibe, the officers of the Regia have invited two representatives of the Concilium to participate in the ceremony. Delma Noonan and Paddy Fay are to represent Concilium.

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Allocutio at April 2014 Concilium Meeting by Fr. Bede McGregor OP
May 2014

Our meeting today takes place on Palm Sunday. It is the first day of Holy Week, the most momentous week of the Liturgical Year of the Church. Indeed, the most momentous week in the life of Christ Himself especially the last three days of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday culminating in the Easter Vigil and joy of the risen Christ. It is the week that shaped the Church at its very beginning and continues to shape the very heart and soul of the Church today. It transforms the deepest centre of every Christian and is of course, of the utmost importance for every legionary. Today I wish to reflect on Good Friday and its place in our lives.

The greatest challenge in the life of each one of us is our friendship with Christ. On Holy Thursday in His last most intimate conversation with his disciples, He says: ‘Greater love has no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends… No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing. But I have called you friends, for all that I have learned from my Father I have made known to you. (Jn:13-15). Now we grow in friendship with Jesus by meeting Him often in the sacraments and by contemplating Him in his words, deeds, and sufferings especially as recorded in Holy Scripture. Above all we come to know Christ in his death on the Cross.

We recall the utter conviction of St. Paul: ‘I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me; and the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.’ (Gal 2:20) or ‘Far be it from me to glory except in the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me and I to the world.’(Gal. 6:14). The centrality of the Cross in the teaching of St. Paul simply reflects the profound conviction of the Christian community from its very beginning. The event of Good Friday has totally changed the whole meaning of human existence and history. The death and resurrection of Christ provide us with the absolute certitude of Christian hope. Our personal lives have no ultimate meaning apart from the sign of the Cross.

But not everyone sees Good Friday as the authentic Christian sees it. St. Paul tells us: ‘The Jews demand signs and the Greeks seek wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified, a stumbling block for the Jews and folly to the Gentiles.’(Cor. 1-20) and today the Islamic world sees the passion narrative of the death of Christ as blasphemous and a scandal. Also, the vast majority of the population of the world have not yet adequately heard the good news of Good Friday.

We are called to be specialists in the basic revelation of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We are privileged to see the very heart of God beyond the sheer brutality of the Crucifixion, beyond the apparent absolute abandonment of Christ and what might seem to be the total failure if his mission. The Cross proclaims that God loves us infinitely, personally and passionately while we are still sinners. This is the radical meaning and message of Good Friday. St. Augustine putts it well: ‘It is not the nails that keep Christ nailed to the Cross but his love for each one of us.’ There can be no better news than that we are called to proclaim this truth to the whole world. It is the love of God revealed in the passion and death of Jesus Christ that is the soul of our Legion apostolate, indeed every apostolate in the Church.

Instinctively, we legionaries look to Mary as our guide and companion during Holy Week. Nobody knows and understands more about the Cross of Jesus than Mary. She will teach us more than anyone else the wisdom and Gospel of the Cross. As a very young mother she was told that a sword would pierce her heart. At Cana she was told that ‘the Hour’ of Jesus had not yet come. Finally, John puts it so succinctly: ‘By the Cross of Jesus stood his Mother.’ For that sentence alone John deserves to be a patron of the Legion because that verse enshrines the role of Mary in our redemption. We cannot leave her out of Good Friday.

It could be said that Our Lord had three thoughts in his mind while He was dying. He was the Son of God, so never stopped thinking of the Father. He was the Son of Mary, so He never stopped thinking of his Mother. He was the Saviour and Redeemer of the world, so He never ceased to think of us poor sinners. Could we not also have these three thoughts in our minds throughout Good Friday in imitation of Christ Himself?

Finally, Good Friday reminds us of the extraordinary value of suffering in our lives; it teaches us that our suffering can be co-redemptive; it is one of the most privileged apostolates in the world. Let me also quote the Handbook: ‘So the legionary will unfold the idea of the apostleship of suffering. The patients should be taught to busy themselves with the spiritual affairs of the world, offering the treasures of their sufferings for its myriad needs, and conducting a campaign whose force must be irresistible because it is at once prayer and penance.’ The apostolate of suffering was the sublime apostolate of Christ on the Cross; it gives life to the whole world and releases limitless grace and hope to all of us.

Let me sum up what I have been trying to say in this allocution with the words of St. Paul to the Corinthians: ‘When I came to you, brethren, I did not come proclaiming to you the testimony of God in lofty words of wisdom. For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. And I was with you in weakness and in much fear and trembling and my speech and my message were not in plausible words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and power, that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.’ (Cor.2: 1-5)

A grace filled Holy Week and a Happy Easter to you all.


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Concilium Bulletin - April 2014
May 2014
Senatus of Kenya
: January minutes received. All attached praesidia and councils report having Mass in November for the Servant of God, Frank Duff. Plans are underway for organising the Mass at Venerable Edel Quinn’s grave on 11th May to commemorate the 70th anniversary of her death. A praesidium at St Teresa’s, Eastleigh where venerable Edel died cares for 3 junior praesidia, prepared 161 catechumens for baptism, undertook an Exploratio Dominicalis project and set up a praesidium in an adjoining parish. They also report many returns to the Sacraments. Attached curiae reports indicate great care being given to junior praesidia, and in the course of hospital visitation people of many faiths and none are contacted, including many Moslems.

Blantyre Senatus
: Minutes to February. Attendance 69% – 76%. Preparations are in hand for the launch of the new Senatus at Maula in Lilongwe Archdiocese. Reports were received from 3 of the 12 praesidia directly attached to the Senatus, with an average of 16 members. They visit the sick at home and in hospital, encourage couples to wed in Church and those who are lapsed to return to the sacraments and they teach catechumens. The Regia governing the Legion in Mangochi Diocese has 15 praesidia, 2 Curiae and 9 Comitia with a total membership of 2,787, of whom 142 are youth.

Senatus of Uganda: Minutes to December. Celebrations which started in July, to mark the 75th anniversary of the arrival of Edel Quinn in Uganda and the founding by her of the first praesidium, continued in various dioceses into the autumn. These events were of a very spiritual nature. A Legionary, who as a student had met Edel participated in one such event and some Senatus Officers have since met her. Two successful regional Spiritual Directors’ Conferences were held, one in Kabale Regia from 21st -23rd August, and the spiritual directors felt they learned a lot through sharing. Those attending the second conference in the Regia of Western Uganda on 14/l5th November said they would have liked a longer conference. The link with the Legion starts early for priests through praesidia in seminaries, e.g. 3 reports in the October minutes involved such praesidia.

Abuja Senatus
: Minutes to January 2014. The Senatus now has 18 praesidia. A third praesidium was formed in Kuje prison. One praesidium reported 20 lapsed returned and a Moslem converted. 2781 attended the Senatus Annual Reunion. It was decided that Curiae and Comitia will hold their own reunions from now on, with a combined one every third year. One Comitium reported 6 conversions and 12 new praesidia, but many members were displaced because of tribal crisis.

Ibadan Senatus: Minutes to February. Warri Regia was inaugurated recently and Akure Regia will soon be set up. 6 of the 14 praesidia in one Curia hold Patrician meetings monthly, while a Comitium reported 50 Patrician meetings had an attendance of 516. One Curia held a workshop on "Courtship and Marriage" with an attendance of 50. Lagos Regia: Minutes to January. It has 6 praesidia attached. One Comitium has only 6% of members over 40 and reported that some praesidia organise Patricians monthly; another reported 96 marriages rectified and 86 lapsed returned.

Kaduna Regia: Minutes to December received. The activities of one Comitium with 719 active seniors and 83 juniors include home, hospital, prison and hotel visitation resulting in 315 baptisms, 363 First Holy Communions, 102 Confirmations, 5 marriage cases settled, 4 lapsed returned to the faith and one person becoming a Catholic. 228 legionaries were recruited. Functions included, Acies, Patricians, Masses for the anniversaries of Frank Duff and Venerable Edel Quinn and for deceased Legionaries. 2 councils reporting on PPC projects had 47 and 52 participants respectively and met over 2,000 people of many religions and none. Problems noted included polygamous marriages and a lack of knowledge of the faith.

Enugu Senatus: Works include home and hospital visitation, looking after junior praesidia, helping settle marriage disputes, preparing adults and children for the Sacraments and teaching Catechism to children. There were many returns to the Sacraments and marriages blessed. A Comitium with 11 praesidia, 13 senior and 14 junior Curiae has over 5,000 senior and 5,500 junior members. 15 Senior and 8 junior praesidia were set up during the year. Jos Regia has printed the Frank Duff prayer leaflet and distributed it widely. The troubles in Northern Nigeria have greatly affected the Regia and its attached councils. Prayers are requested. Onitsha Regia: One Comitium prepared 50 Catechumens for baptism, 174 for Holy Communion, 1,700 for Confirmation. 136 couples were helped to marry in church. 3 senior and 1 junior praesidia were established and a new junior Curia was inaugurated. Another Comitium organised a project during which 1,470 contacts were made resulting in 161 Catechumens Ikot Ekpene Regia organised 6 two-day officers’ workshops at different venues. Attendances ranged from 80 to over 200.

Dar-Es-Salaam Regia: Minutes June to February. A P.P.C. project to Zanzibar was undertaken by 8 Legionaries and a Curia Spiritual Director. A calendar of Regia events for 2014 was given to all Curiae. One praesidium with 30 members is situated in the Major Seminary and while work is restricted due to college activities, Legion promotion has been excellent; following a recruiting drive by members from the Seminary and one Curia, 136 names were taken and 45 came to the first meeting. A Junior Congress was held. There are 2,400 juniors in one diocese. Mbeya Comitium: The Acies was held at Comitium level. As a result of recruiting in 6 parishes, 85 members were gained. Promoting the sacraments of Baptism and Matrimony, visiting the sick and looking after junior members are on-going works. Kilema Comitium has 12 Curiae and 10 praesidia attached. Total membership is 954 seniors and 51 juniors. 90 lapsed returned after a number of visits, 32 separated couples were reconciled and 14 marriages regularised. Children are taught prayers and Catechism. Kahama Comitium: The programme for the year referred to functions, extension, visitation of councils and Praesidia and when reports were due, The Year of Faith was inaugurated for Legionaries with Mass. Hai Moshi Comitium: Works reported on include home and hospital visitation, caring for junior praesidia, visitation of schools, contact with drug and alcohol addicts, helping settle marriage disputes, preparing adults and children for the Sacraments. There were many returns to the Sacraments and marriages blessed. A number of praesidia were established in secondary and technical schools, a university and in parishes. Rombo Comitium: Reports include home and hospital visitation, preparation of adults and children for the sacraments 3 Curiae and 4 praesidia were revived.

Lusaka Regia
: October to December 2013 minutes. Works include visiting homes, hospitals, prisons, orphanages, the bereaved, teaching Catechism, organising juniors, preparing couples for marriage and burying the dead who have no relatives. 4 lapsed returned and a couple where the wife is a Jehovah Witness are now attending Catholic Small Christian Community meetings. Despite the distances involved, council visitation is undertaken and a number of councils have held retreats.
Kasama Regia: December minutes received. The Regia visited Mpika Comitium in October and commended the Comitium for its hard work and good governance. A number of other councils were visited in June to help strengthen the Legion

SIERRA LEONE: Minutes to November 2013. The minutes state that the Curia is due to have a new Spiritual Director, who was a Legionary in the Seminary, confirmed in his post by the Archbishop

LIBERIA: An e-mail thanked the correspondent for keeping in touch.


Madrid Senatus
: Active members are recruited on street contact. A street apostolate is made to youth during the day and also at night. Auxiliaries are given a Legion phone number for contact with active members, are visited at least once a year, and are invited to all Legion functions. The families of children recently Confirmed are visited to encourage them to continue in the practice of their faith and to join parish groups. Extension in Segovia is difficult and a P.P.C. project is planned there for the autumn. Three new praesidia are being set up. There are good discussions at the Senatus meeting. One council was asked how they were preparing future officers. Some of the answers given were that every legionary is a potential officer if properly trained. Don’t wait till an officer's term has expired to start looking for their replacement. Details of three Patrician groups in the city are made available to all legionaries on a monthly basis.

Bilbao Senatus: February minutes received. They help in serving meals to immigrants, give Spanish lessons organised by Caritas, take old people on outings. Legionaries attended a special Mass for former Legion Envoy, Pacita Santos and did extension work in Portugalete. A new youth praesidium was set up in Leon.

Barcelona Senatus: January minutes received. Barcelona City has 10 Praesidia with 74 active legionaries. Homes and jails are visited. Good work is done with drug addicts, street people, H.I.V. patients, South American and Russian immigrants and gypsies. One drug addict is visited at home and sometimes accompanies legionaries to Mass. The Senatus has l2 Patrician groups. There is a praesidium in the convent of a Missionary Society. Some churches were kept open with the help of the Legion. They report follow up visits to ex-prisoners and conduct an apostolate to prostitutes. In Valencia the auxiliaries have a monthly get-together.

Lisbon Senatus
: February minutes received. The President and Vice-President attended a reception in the Nunciature on Pope Francis' birthday. A praesidium in a seaside suburb staffs a book barrow before and after the daily Eucharistic celebration. The 8 members of this praesidium are Praetorians, while 11 of their 28 Auxiliaries are Adjutorians. There were extension reports from 7 areas, with praesidia set up in 6, two of them in the Regia of Oporto. The Regia of Coimbra held 2 Columban Drives. The Azores Comitium junior praesidia had a Day of Recollection. Their Spiritual Director is promoting a programme of extension.

Rome Senatus: February minutes received. A new Curia has been set up in Taranto. The Senatus lost one of the pillars of the Legion in Italy with the death on 20th November of Bro. Giovanni Monti, known in civil and military circles as General Monti, who joined the Legion in Rome in its earliest days and was faithful to the last. He held office at different times at praesidium, Curia and Senatus level, and carried out extension in Sardinia and Southern Italy. He had a huge interest in the Orthodox and had established friendly contact with all sections of Orthodoxy in Italy. There is a photo of him and his praesidium in the company of Bro. Duff during Vatican II and prominently among them is Bro. Sergio Grotoff, of the Russian Orthodox Church. When he could no longer go out, his praesidium met at his bedside and he passed away an hour or so after his last meeting. Mgr. La Rosa, Senatus Spiritual Director, was Chief Celebrant at his funeral Mass which was attended by a large number of legionaries. Br. Monti’s wife and fellow legionary joined him in eternal life a few weeks later.

Milan Regia: The Bishop of Acqui Therme gave the homily on Frank Duff at the Acies. An increase in activities has been attributed to the intercession of Frank Duff. A Patrician group has a rota of 3 priests for its meetings. Visitation resulted in the return to the sacraments of a young parishioner. There has been an increase in Praetorian and Adjutorian membership. Extension efforts are on-going.
Padova Comitium: A Nigerian praesidium in Verona is recruiting among a group from Ghana with a view to forming a new praesidium. A new junior praesidium has been formed by the Nigerians. A praesidium in Lana Curia visits the families of the newly baptised, and new residents are invited to Sunday Mass.

CYPRUS: There are three praesidia in Nicosia and one in Limassol. Minutes are fairly up to date for two of the praesidia. Our Lady of the Rosary praesidium reported public park contact where most people met were lapsed. These were encouraged to return to Mass and confession. At the request of the Parish Priest a praesidium is training children to recite the Holy Rosary at the Sunday evening family Mass. Limassol: December Minutes received. Their apostolate includes the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart, home visitation, visits to the old, sick and lonely, plus works of service.

Malta Regia: February minutes received. A new praesidium has 11 members. A praesidium of six teaches catechism to children and holds half day retreats for auxiliaries. A young person is being instructed for reception into the church and his fiancée, a lapsed catholic, is also being helped. The works of three other reporting praesidia include contacting tourists and drug addicts, home visitation, looking after junior praesidia, Pilgrim Statue visitation to a power station and visits to primary schools, where a Rosary Beads is given to each child. An Exploratio Dominicalis project resulted in six new auxiliary members, contacts with atheists and lapsed Catholics. Contact was also made with a couple regarding abortion. Three praesidia undertook Exploratio Dominicalis projects. A Curia reported the consecration of homes and lapsed Catholics returning to the Sacraments after a number of years. Following many visits, a couple agreed to have their child baptised. In another area members engage in prison and home visitation, and the Apostolate of the Sea. Another report tells of a return to the sacraments after a lapse of 50 years and the consecration of six families to the Sacred Heart. Junior Curia members contact their fellow students and encourage them to go to Sunday Mass and Confession. They also visit nursing homes. Gozo Comitium Officers had a meeting with the Bishop of Gozo. A praesidium for young adults was established in October; their activities included a Marian Rally and an outreach to refugees. A social event was held for all junior legionaries; 36 attended a barbeque.


GREECE: The praesidia in Thessaloniki and Rhodes are continuing to meet and carry out their apostolate. Both Spiritual Directors are very helpful and a source of encouragement to the legionaries. In Athens the praesidium is working away in difficult conditions.

ALBANIA: Mass was celebrated in Shkoder Cathedral on the occasion of the visit of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. The apostolate includes teaching catechism, visits to families, hospitals and asylums. In villages, legionaries teach children catechism, clean up churches and tombs, attend funerals and visit families with the statue of Our Lady. The officers of the two praesidia in Tirana are attending the Lezhe Curia meetings.


Dromore Comitium: There are 7 senior and one junior praesidia and one Curia attached. The junior praesidium in Burren has 6 members who attend Church services, children’s choir, serve Mass, encourage family prayer and make St. Brigid’s Crosses. Their senior praesidium also has 6 members and 50 auxiliaries. As well as running the junior praesidium they undertook home, Pilgrim Statue and hospital visitation, Pioneer Total Abstinence promotion for juniors, showed D.V.D.’s of the Miraculous Medal in schools, organised a day of prayer for vocations and a Rosary Procession.

Navan Comitium: Members of one praesidium spoke to 200 people on the Mass, family prayer and the Rosary and encouraged the lapsed to go to Confession. A Lithuanian man who is not a Catholic was encouraged to join the R.C.I.A. course. Settled Travelling families were visited with the Fatima Statue. The 5 members of another praesidium engaged in home, hospital and nursing home visitation and organised the Corpus Christi Procession. A praesidium of 12 visited 543 homes and Pilgrim Statue visitation was also carried out to 231 homes. They arranged a Legion of Mary Float for St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Navan and it was awarded one of the prizes. Trim Curia: A praesidium of 4 doing home visitation came across some drug problems Another praesidium of 4 members do home visitation and crowd contact. Mullingar praesidium, also with 4 members promoted the Alfie Lambe Cause at Tullamore Show.

Down & Connor Comitium: There are 11 praesidia and 3 Curiae attached. The works of the 5 members of Lisburn praesidium include visitation to 2 parish schools, organising a women’s retreat, Fatima Statue circulation and promoting Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in homes. The praesidium in Derriaghy has 5 members and 42 auxiliaries. The population of the area is mainly Protestant. The Fatima Statue Apostolate is promoted through the parish bulletin. A children’s Rosary group is conducted weekly in a school with about 12 pupils attending. Ligoniel praesidium has 9 members and 43 auxiliaries. A talk on Fatima was given to the pupils in the local primary school. Poleglass praesidium works in a parish of severe deprivation. There are 14 members, 6 of whom are Praetorians, and 45 auxiliaries. Home visitation is done regularly and 10 Fatima Statues are circulated. Two members give talks on the faith in primary schools. The Extension Committee is in contact with a number of parish priests with a view to setting up new praesidia. Down Curia: The reporting praesidium has 9 members and 145 auxiliaries. Works include visitation to update the parish census. 10 Fatima Statues are in circulation. Non-Catholics are informed about the Legion and offered Miraculous Medals. As a result of a recruiting drive in Dundrum parish a praesidium was started there with 6 prospective members. North Antrim Curia: The reporting praesidia have 6 and 4 members and a total of 43 auxiliaries. Hospitals and nursing homes are visited and families are given the Fatima Statue. A new praesidium was set up in Loughguile following a recruiting drive in December.

Derry Comitium: There are 4 attached Curiae. The works of the 5 members of the praesidium in Templemore parish consist of home and residential home visits and visitation of 2 schools. One women met on home visitation requested the visit of a priest to hear her Confession as it was 30 years since she had last confessed. While visiting sheltered accommodation, 4 people were met who requested a visit from a priest and they are now on his sick list. Long Tower praesidium has 4 members and 25 auxiliaries. Many lapsed are met on home visitation. Sick people and the elderly are visited regularly and names are obtained for the priest’s sick list. Great contacts were made by visiting the camp sites during the Fleadh Ceoil in Derry. The camp site organisers were delighted to receive leaflets on Mass times in both the Irish and English language. Our Lady Queen of Peace Curia has 27 members and about 371 auxiliaries in its 5 praesidia. Inishown Curia has 8 praesidia and a total of 50 members. Magilligan prison is visited during the summer months when the ferry operates.

Raphoe Comitium: There are 9 Senior and 2 junior praesidia and one attached Curia. Stranorlar praesidium has 7 members and 145 auxiliaries. Their main work is home visitation in country areas in the summer and in the town in winter; they also help with the outreach programme, which was recently started in the parish. Two schools were visited and Miraculous Medals etc. given to the First Holy Communion children. Their junior praesidium has 10 members. Legionaries recited the Rosary at the wake of the 2 sisters who lost their lives in a fire in Letterkenny. The praesidium in Raphoe has 3 members and 27 auxiliaries. They give catechism instruction to 3 children attending a non-Catholic school. The works of the 2 reporting praesidia in South West Curia consist of hospital and nursing home visitation and the sale of Catholic newspapers.

Leitrim Curia
: Bishop Francis Duffy attended the Curia Reunion in January. Mohill praesidium has 4 praetorians among its 6 members and they have 20 auxiliaries. On home visitation people are encouraged to return to Mass and the Sacraments. The praesidium in Granard has 5 members and 25 auxiliaries. They visit 2 hospitals, a nursing home and people living alone. The recently appointed Concilium correspondent along with the previous correspondent visited the Curia in January.

Mid Clogher Curia: On Monday 17th February Sr. Yvonne Newell and Fr. Owen Gorman took a group of John Paul 11 secondary school children on a visit to Concilium Legionis headquarters and to Frank Duff’s House. The Acies is planned for Sunday 23rd March.

West Clogher Curia: Minutes received to January. Two praesidia reported gaining new members. The praesidium in Ivinestown has 5 members, 4 of whom are Praetorians. On 8th December their priest blessed Miraculous Medals and they distributed them among the people.

Kilmore Curia: Drung praesidium has 4 members who visit nursing homes and the sick and housebound. They lead the Rosary before the Saturday vigil Mass and are involved in general Church work.

Clonmacnoise Curia: There are 3 praesidia attached. Athlone praesidium has 7 members who undertake home, hospital and nursing home visitation. They visited 7 primary schools before Confirmation. A teacher met in one of the schools said she remembered legionaries visiting her school a number of years ago and receiving a Miraculous Medal. She found it a great help throughout her life.

Armagh Curia: Extension is planned for the immediate future.

Drogheda Curia: A new praesidium with 5 members was started in Collon. The annual Night Vigil held in Mell Church on New Year’s Eve from 11.00 p.m. to 1.00 a.m. was very well attended. Ardee praesidium, which meets on Sunday nights at 7.30 p.m. has 14 members, 43 auxiliaries, 3 Praetorians and 8 Adjutorians. Many works are undertaken, including home visitation and Patricians. They organise a weekly Holy Hour in a nursing home retirement village with about 20 present. A Global Living Rosary was organised for school children. Nine primary schools in the area were approached. The Rosary was recited in the Church during Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament with individual children leading the Hail Mary in their own language. About 40 people were present for the annual candlelit Rosary recited on the Feast of Christ the King at the Statue of Christ the King in Ardee. A praesidium in St. Peter’s parish has 4 members engaged in many apostolic works.

Dundalk Curia: The reporting praesidium has 8 members. Works include bringing Holy Communion to the housebound, arranging Eucharistic Holy Hours and helping out at a Senior Citizens Club.


Spiritual Directors of Dublin Curiae met on March 6th for lunch and discussion of Evangelii Gaudium; 9 priests were present.

Assumpta Curia meetings had an average attendance of 79%. 22 patricians and 6 legionaries attended 2 meetings. The 8-member praesidium in Merrion Rd. has all 4 officerships filled. In the Parish Repository, many good contacts are made. An alcoholic Traveller thanked the legionaries for listening to him. Surplus Catholic publications are distributed to surgeries and hair salons. The monthly Patrician meeting attracts an average of 20 patricians.

Spouse of the Holy Spirit Curia
: The Saggart praesidium has 3 members and one officer. Their works include home and hospital visitation, running a Patrician meeting and a Frank Duff Prayer Group.

Gloriosa Curia: The Leixlip praesidium made its second report; they have 2 full members and one probationer; two members from Celbridge also attend. Pilgrim Statue visitation and visitation of the elderly and house bound are the main works. The Maynooth parish praesidium has 8 members and 1 probationer, 109 auxiliary and 13 Adjutorian members. They have re-launched their junior praesidium after a 1 year gap. Home and nursing home visitation feature as their chief works.

Immaculata Curia’s first “Faith is Fun” Day for children had one family in attendance. 34 legionaries and 43 patricians attended 9 meetings. The temporary amalgamation of a praesidium with Mount Argus praesidium has been made permanent. One member was gained at a recruiting drive in Walkinstown in March. The 33-day preparation for True Devotion was started on March 22nd in Brookfield by 5 legionaries and 5 parishioners, most of whom came to the subsequent praesidium meeting. All 4 members of a Clogher Road praesidium are Praetorians; they have 3 officers and 1 probationer. Their main works are home visitation, running the church repository and holding a Patrician meeting. The new evening praesidium in Greenhills gave its second report; 3 of the 4 members are officers. Four schools were visited. During home visitation the Eucharistic League is promoted. A praesidium officers meeting and a social evening have been held.

Mater Ecclesiae Curia: 18 attended an evening of prayer for P.P.C. 19 attended one Patrician meeting and over 30 attended another entitled ‘Journey to the Diaconate’. The 4-member Monkstown praesidium has one probationer. Two members work as part of a parish team bringing residents of a nursing home to Mass each Sunday. Other works include promoting the annual Venerable Edel Quinn Mass and a weekly public Rosary. The 4-member Johnstown praesidium has 130 auxiliary members. Nursing home visitation and helping out with a Meals-on-Wheels project are the main works of the praesidium.

Our Lady of Fatima Curia, Wicklow: The praesidium in Johnstown near Arklow has 10 full members and 1 probationer. 23 altar servers are rostered and trained; 5 former altar servers are to be Ministers of the Word. Amongst other works, Shelton Abbey Prison which is without a chaplain, is visited twice a week and contact is maintained with a former inmate who has turned his life around.

Benedicta Curia meetings had an attendance of 71%. One member gave his testimony to over 3000 people at the Divine Mercy Conference in February and received loud applause at his endorsement of the Legion of Mary. A praesidium of 2 full members and 1 probationer distributed Miraculous Medals to children in Loreto School, while staff and patients alike were contacted in several units of St James’ Hospital.

Ancilla Domini Curia: The 6-member Clondalkin praesidium has one probationer, one officer and 70 auxiliary members. They distribute 100 Maria Legionis. They brought 44 parishioners on the Legion pilgrimage to Our Lady’s Shrine, Knock. Joy of Israel praesidium has 5 full members and one probationer. Two members tend a book barrow in Temple Bar each Saturday. They organise the monthly Pauline Circle and appeal for help to invite more Protestants; the February meeting had one Protestant and 7 Catholics. The March meeting had 3 Protestants and 5 Catholics in attendance.

Annunciata Curia had 45 Patricians and 15 legionaries at 4 meetings. A 6-member praesidium had 3 visitors during the year. There are 40 auxiliary and 14 Adjutorian members. Of the 70 Maria Legionis they distribute, a copy is left in 17 religious houses, at the Library, public baths and a music school. On home visitation they provide a list of the 27 parish organisations; as a result a lady joined the Young Priest’s Society and is now secretary of that organisation. Each Sunday morning the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association is promoted and 3 people took the pledge for life during the last year. 59 blind and partially sighted are visited resulting in 21 attending a retreat and 17 going to Knock, one of whom returned to the sacraments after 20 years. In February the curia had a lively discussion on Confession using confession leaflets and a schedule of local confession times.

Boston Senatus: All meetings were held this winter despite bad weather. Promotion of Catechism, Rosary and Confession in 3 correctional centres resulted in one conversion, one Confirmation, and one lapsed returned. A new praesidium of 18 members organised a Marian Pilgrimage’ A curia circulates a Crucifix to homes geared towards an increase in vocations. Sancta Maria Homeless Hostel is partly run by Legion volunteers.

Philadelphia Senatus; Visitation of migrant camps, prisons, book barrow work on Ocean City board walk and busy markets feature in the report. 255 people attended a Retreat. 100 people celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Legion in Bucks County. The Korean Comitium gained 9 active, 8 auxiliary members. 4 conversions and 8 returns to practice of the faith were reported. Scranton extended the Legion into 3 parishes. A praesidium of 15 had 30 participants in the 33 Days preparation for TDM. On Ash Wednesday, 25 legionaries invited passers-by to visit the Catholic Church. A seminary legionary gave a talk on the Legion of Mary to 465 people.

Cincinnati Senatus: Dayton, Ohio, Curia hosted a book stall at an Agricultural Fair, enrolling one person for R.C.I.A. and one auxiliary member. Recruitment is done through Church Bulletins, display-tables at Fairs, and personal contacts. Legionaries promote Confession on home and nursing home visits.

Chicago Senatus: Circulation of Legion literature at Parish Fairs features a lot. The Korean Comitium assisted 10 non-Christians to do the R.C.I.A. course and later to be baptised. Lake County, Illinois has a new praesidium in Waukegan. A Curia with 32 praesidia will divide. Their many ethnic groups give vital support in their parishes. Sioux Falls had 24 returns to faith from Pilgrim Statue visitation.

Houston Senatus: Many councils report extension. Visitation of homes, hospitals, nursing homes house bound, Enthronement of the Sacred Heart and teaching C.C.E. (Catholic Catechism Education) feature prominently in the reports.

St. Louis Senatus: A new praesidium in Steelville recruited.9 persons for the R.C.I.A. course. Rosary Beads and Catholic literature were distributed at the State & County Fairs. Prison visitation is one of their works. A number of Catholics have returned to the Sacraments. Five conversions were reported, including 3 prison inmates and 2 under instructions.

New York Senatus: 21 legionaries undertook a recruiting drive resulting in a new praesidium of 10 members. A second praesidium began in Holy Family Parish. Realignment of praesidia gave Our Lady of the Valley Curia two extra praesidia. Officers expressed appreciation of Enda Dunleavy’s recent visit on behalf of Concilium.

Arlington Regia, VA: The Korean Fairfax Comitium continues direct approach to non-Catholics. A workshop on the Patricians is being held to encourage growth of the Patrician movement. This is being taken up by all councils, with Fairfax Comitium now having 7 Patrician groups. Extension continues to set up praesidia in a number of councils. 106 legionaries attended the annual retreat.

Los Angeles Senatus: Work includes bereavement counselling and prayers at funerals. Tijuana Curia continues with extension efforts through home visitation, despite growing violence in the city. A Congress, a general workshop and an increase in the number of Patrician groups are planned.

San Francisco Senatus: Legionaries recruited extra priests for Confessions and long queues for the Sacrament of Penance ensued at the annual Rosary Rally. In Stockton, 2 new Spanish-speaking praesidia were set up. San Jose Comitium has English, Spanish and Vietnamese Curiae. In Idaho, a 16 member praesidium will divide. Anchorage Curia gained 4 members. San Jose has English, Spanish and Vietnamese Curiae. 2 Baptist couples became Catholics. A Vietnamese curia in Seattle assisted the dying to receive last rites and is bringing the lapsed back to the Church. New praesidia were set up in San Francisco and North San Mateo Curiae

The Senatus of Toronto gained 5 new members and 3 new praesidia, including a junior praesidium. In Ottawa they visit prisons, hospitals, do crowd contact and gained 11 new members through Columban Drives. A seven- member praesidium with 4 Praetorians had 893 contacts at a book barrow. Mississauga Comitium has 66 Praetorians, 1916 auxiliaries and 69 Adjutorians.
Vancouver Comitium: A praesidium with 4 members visited 769 prison inmates and 5 received the Sacraments. They assisted the Chaplain by contacting 531 Catholics on 39 ships at Port Vancouver. A praesidium of 16 active members does home visitation, promotes the Family Rosary Crusade, and teaches Christian Doctrine to 19 Children. Recruitment at bus stops, and Skytrain resulted in one active member and 20 auxiliaries.

Montreal Senatus A recent Senatus census shows 352 active and 2145 auxiliary members. A priest requests immigrants who are former legionaries to start a praesidium. A new praesidium of 4 members started at Cartierville. A Spiritual Director helped 16 active members and 8 auxiliaries to prepare for True Devotion Consecration. In St. Hyacinthe, work includes youth contact, hospital visitation, bringing sick people to Mass and conducting prayer meetings.



Senatus of Santo Domingo: The 10% increase in membership gives a total 6,000 active members. Also a 70% increase in Adjutorian membership brings the total number to 632. All praesidia engage in extensive visiting of homes, catechesis of children, visiting the sick and prisoners.

Senatus of Santiago de los Caballeros: Legionaries prepared 86 individuals for the Sacrament of the Sick, 8 children and 3 adults for Baptism, 10 youths for Holy Communion A total of 36 adults and people received Confirmation. Visits to psychiatric hospitals were made, plus 348 visits to prisons.

Trinidad and Tobago Regia: Minutes to December. A Curia with 8 praesidia has 71 active members and 268 auxiliaries. Their apostolate includes teaching Catechism in the schools and book barrow work.11 adults were baptised, 16 received into Catholic Church, 7 lapsed Catholics returned to the Sacraments and 6 to Mass. 2 new praesidia were established.

Senatus of Haiti: This report covers 4 Comitia, 3 Curiae and 3 praesidia. All reports focus on contact with the elderly, bereaved, orphans, prisoners and the disabled. People of many faiths are encountered on home visitation. Some councils have junior praesidia attached; other councils organise Catechism courses. 1500 people were prepared for Baptism, 270 for Holy Communion, 990 for marriage and 700 for the Sacrament of the Sick. 387 lapsed returned to the Church.

Puerto Rico Senatus: They help AIDS patients, clean sick peoples’ homes and arrange transport. Students are helped with homework and civics. A junior praesidium started at a children’s hospital. Legionaries visited a prison accompanied by a priest and 9 prisoners went to Confession. Many returns to the sacraments were reported, including 9 people who were close to death. One Curia reported members working in a dangerous area dominated by drugs.


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news | Concilium News
Noticias de abril 2014
April 2014
Consecuentemente a la decisión del Concilium a elevar a Senatus la Regia de Luanda, Angola, la Regia planificó una inauguración formal del nuevo Senatus el domingo 25 de mayo de 2014. Entro aquellos que fueron invitados a asistir están los obispos de las doce diócesis en su área. Por indicación del Presidente de la Comisión de Laicos, el Obispo de Namibe, los oficiales de la Regia han invitado a dos representantes del Concilium a participar en la ceremonia. Delma Noonan y Paddy Fay van a representar al Concilium.

Raymond Mulrooney y Seamus Rickard viajarán a Estados Unidos del 15 al 28 de mayo de 2014, visitando consejos de la Legión –dos días el Senatus de Boston, cinco días el Senatus de Filadelfia (celebrando su 50º aniversario), y cinco días el Senatus de Chicago, asistiendo a su Encuentro de Fin de Semana de Mayo, que comprende una convivencia, un proyecto de contactos con la multitud en Parque Millenium y concluye con la reunión de Senatus el domingo. Los legionarios piden tus oraciones para obtener buenos resultados y un viaje seguro.

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news | Allocutio
allocutio de abril 2014
April 2014

Nuestra reunión de hoy tiene lugar en el Domingo de Ramos. Es el primer día de la Semana Santa, la semana más trascendental del Año Litúrgico de la Iglesia. De hecho, la semana más trascendental en la vida del mismo Cristo, especialmente los últimos tres días, Jueves, Viernes y Sábado Santo, culminando en la Vigilia Pascual y el gozo de Cristo Resucitado. Es la semana que configuró la Iglesia desde sus mismos comienzos y que continúa configurando el propio corazón y alma de la Iglesia de hoy. Transforma el centro más profundo de cada cristiano y es, por supuesto, de la mayor importancia para cada legionario. Hoy deseo reflexionar sobre el Viernes Santo y su lugar en nuestras vidas.

El desafío más grande en la vida de cada uno de nosotros es nuestra amistad con Cristo. El jueves Santo en su última conversación íntima con sus discípulos, Él dice: “No hay amor más grande que dar la vida por los amigos. Ustedes son mis amigos… Ya no los llamo servidores, porque el servidor ignora lo que hace su señor; yo los llamo amigos, porque les he dado a conocer todo lo que oí de mi Padre” (Jn. 15, 13-15). Ahora bien, crecemos en la amistad con Jesús al encontrarlo con frecuencia en los sacramentos y al contemplarlo en sus palabras, obras y sufrimientos, especialmente como los registra la Sagrada Escritura. Y por sobre todo, llegamos a conocer a Cristo en su muerte en la Cruz.

Recordamos la convicción absoluta de San Pablo: "Yo estoy crucificado con Cristo, y ya no vivo yo, sino que Cristo vive en mí: la vida que sigo viviendo en la carne, la vivo en la fe en el Hijo de Dios, que me amó y se entregó por mí". (Gal 2, 20) o " Yo sólo me gloriaré en la cruz de nuestro Señor Jesucristo, por quien el mundo está crucificado para mí, como yo lo estoy para el mundo”. (Gálatas 6, 14). La centralidad de la Cruz en la enseñanza de San Pablo refleja simplemente la profunda convicción de la comunidad cristiana desde los mismos inicios. El acontecimiento del Viernes Santo ha cambiado totalmente el significado entero de la existencia humana y de la historia. La muerte y resurrección de Cristo nos proporcionan la certeza absoluta de la esperanza cristiana. Nuestras propias vidas no tienen ya significado excepto por la señal de la Cruz.

Pero no todos ven el Viernes Santo como lo ve el auténtico cristiano. San Pablo nos dice: “Mientras los judíos piden milagros y los griegos van en busca de sabiduría, nosotros, en cambio, predicamos a un Cristo crucificado, escándalo para los judíos y locura para los paganos” (1 Cor 1, 22-23) y en la actualidad el mundo islámico ve el relato de la Pasión, de la muerte de Cristo, como blasfemo y un escandaloso. Asimismo, la inmensa mayoría de la población mundial no ha oído hablar todavía apropiadamente de la Buena Nueva del Viernes Santo.

Estamos llamados a ser especialistas en la revelación fundamental del Viernes Santo y Domingo de Pascua. Tenemos el privilegio de ver el corazón de Dios más allá de la absoluta brutalidad de la Crucifixión, más allá del aparente abandono total de Cristo y de lo que podría parecer ser el fracaso rotundo de su misión. La Cruz proclama que Dios nos ama infinitamente, personal y apasionadamente cuando todavía somos pecadores. Este es el significado radical, el mensaje del Viernes Santo. San Agustín lo expone bien: “No son los clavos los que mantienen a Cristo clavado en la Cruz, sino su amor por cada uno de nosotros”. No puede haber mejor noticia que la de que estamos llamados a proclamar esta verdad al mundo entero. El alma de nuestro apostolado legionario –de hecho el de cada apostolado en la Iglesia- es el amor de Dios revelado en la pasión y muerte de Jesucristo.

Los legionarios miramos instintivamente a María como nuestra guía y compañera durante la Semana Santa. Nadie sabe y entiende más sobre la Cruz de Jesús, que María. Ella nos enseñará mejor que cualquiera la sabiduría y el Evangelio de la Cruz. Siendo una madre muy joven se le dijo que una espada atravesaría su corazón. En Caná se le dijo que “la Hora” de Jesús aún no había llegado. Finalmente, Juan plantea sucintamente: “Junto a la cruz de Jesús, estaba su Madre”. Por esa sola frase, Juan merece ser patrono de la Legión, porque ese versículo consagra el papel de María en nuestra redención. No podemos dejarla fuera del Viernes Santo.

Podría decirse que Nuestro Señor tuvo tres pensamientos en su mente mientras estaba muriendo. Era el Hijo de Dios, por lo que nunca dejó de pensar en el Padre. Era el Hijo de María, por lo que nunca dejó de pensar en su Madre. Era el Salvador y Redentor del mundo, por lo que nunca dejó de pensar en nosotros, pobres pecadores. ¿No podríamos tener también nosotros estos tres pensamientos en nuestras mentes a lo largo del Viernes Santo, imitando al mismo Cristo?

Por último, el Viernes Santo nos recuerda el extraordinario valor del sufrimiento en nuestras vidas; nos enseña que nuestro sufrimiento puede ser co-redentor; es uno de los apostolados más privilegiados en el mundo. Permítanme también citar el Manual: “Para eso, el legionario les educará en el apostolado del sufrimiento, y les enseñará a interesarse por las realidades del mundo espiritual, ofreciendo todo el valor de sus sufrimientos por el remedio de las innumerables necesidades de este mundo, llevando a cabo de esta manera una campaña irresistible: irresistible porque combina la oración con la penitencia”. El apostolado del sufrimiento fue el sublime apostolado de Cristo en la Cruz; da vida a todo el mundo y nos comunica a todos gracia ilimitada y esperanza.

Permítanme resumir lo que he estado tratando de decir en esta alocución con las palabras de San Pablo a los Corintios: “Hermanos, cuando los visité para anunciarles el misterio de Dios, no llegué con el prestigio de la elocuencia o de la sabiduría. Al contrario, no quise saber nada, fuera de Jesucristo, y Jesucristo crucificado. Por eso, me presenté ante ustedes débil, temeroso y vacilante. Mi palabra y mi predicación no tenían nada de la argumentación persuasiva de la sabiduría humana, sino que eran demostración del poder del Espíritu, para que ustedes no basaran su fe en la sabiduría de los hombres, sino en el poder de Dios”. (1 Cor 2, 1-5).

Una Semana Santa llena de gracias y una Feliz Pascua para todos ustedes.

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news | Bulletins
Boletín de abril 2014
April 2014

Senatus de Kenia: Se recibió el informe de enero. Todos los Praesidia y Consejos afiliados informan que organizaron Misas en noviembre por el Siervo de Dios Frank Duff. También se planea organizar una misa en la tumba de la Venerable Edel Quinn el 11 de mayo para conmemorar el 70 aniversario de su muerte. Un Praesidium en santa Teresa de Eastleigh donde la venerable Edel murió, dirige 3 praesidia juveniles. También prepararon a 161 catecúmenos para el bautismo, han realizado una Exploratio Dominicalis y han dado de alta un praesidium en una parroquia vecina. También informan de muchos regresos a los Sacramentos. Los Informes de las Curiae indican el gran cuidado que se da a los Praesidia juveniles, y durante las visitas a hospitales contactan a personas de muchas religiones, ateos y también a muchos musulmanes.
Senatus de Blantyre Acta de febrero. Asistencia 69% - 76%. Los preparativos están a punto para el lanzamiento del nuevo Senatus de Maula, en la Arquidiócesis Lilongwe. Se recibieron informes de 3 de los 12 praesidia directamente afiliados al Senatus, con un promedio de 16 socios. Visitan a los enfermos en el hogar y en el hospital, animan a las parejas a casarse en la Iglesia y a los que se alejaron para volver a los sacramentos y enseñan a los catecúmenos. La Regia gobierna la Legión en la Diócesis la Mangochi. Tiene 15 Praesidia, 2 Curiae y 9 Comitia con un total de 2.787 activos, de los cuales 142 son jóvenes.
Senatus de Uganda: Acta de diciembre. Las Celebraciones que se iniciaron en julio, con motivo del 75 aniversario de la llegada de Edel Quinn a Uganda y la fundación por ella del primer praesidium, continuaron en varias diócesis en el otoño. Estos eventos fueron de carácter muy espiritual. Una legionaria, quien de estudiante había conocido a Edel participó en uno de esos eventos y algunos oficiales del Senatus desde entonces se reúnen con ella. Se celebraron con éxito dos conferencias de Directores Espirituales regionales, uno en Kabale Regia del 21 al 23 de agosto y los directores espirituales sentían que habían aprendido mucho. Los asistentes a la segunda conferencia en la Regia de Uganda occidental en 14/l5th noviembre dijeron que les hubiera gustado una conferencia más larga. El vínculo con la Legión comienza temprano para los sacerdotes a través de praesidia en los seminarios, por ejemplo, 3 informes del Acta de octubre son de praesidia en seminarios.
Senatus de Abuja: Acta de enero 2014 El Senatus tiene ahora 18 praesidia. Un tercer praesidium se creó en la cárcel Kuje. Un praesidium informó que 20 alejados regresaron y un musulmán se convirtió. 2781 asistieron a la Reunión Anual del Senatus. Se decidió que Curiae y Comitia celebrarán sus propias reuniones a partir de ahora, con cambios cada tres años. Un Comitium informó de 6 conversiones y 12 nuevos praesidia, pero muchos socios fueron desplazados debido a las guerras tribales.
Senatus de Ibadan: Acta de febrero. La Regia de Warri fue inaugurado recientemente y la Regia Akure pronto será creada. 6 de los 14 praesidia en una Curia mantienen reuniones de Patricios mensualmente. Un Comitium informó de 50 reuniones de Patricios y tuvo una asistencia de 516 Una Curia realizó un curso sobre "El cortejo y el matrimonio" con una asistencia de 50.
Regia de Lagos:.. Acta a enero. Dispone de 6 praesidia afiliados. Un Comitium tiene sólo el 6% de los socios de más de 40 e informó de que algunos praesidia organizan Patricios mensualmente; Otro informó de 96 matrimonios regularizados y 86 alejados regresaron.
Regia de Kaduna: Acta de diciembre. Las actividades de un Comitium con 719 personas mayores activas y 83 juveniles incluyen visitas a hogares, los hospitales, la cárcel y hoteles con un resultado de 315 bautizos, 363 Primeras Comuniones,102 Confirmaciones, 5 casos de matrimonios regularizados, 4 alejados regresaron a la fe y una persona se convirtió al catolicismo. Se reclutaron 228 legionarios. Celebran: Acies, Patricios, Misas por los aniversarios de Frank Duff y la Venerable Edel Quinn y para Legionarios fallecidos. 2 consejos informaron sobre PPC con
47 y 52 participantes respectivamente, y se reunieron más de 2.000 personas de muchas religiones y ateos. Se resalta que bastantes matrimonios son polígamos y la falta de conocimiento de la fe.
Senatus de Enugu: Los trabajos incluyen visitas a hogares y hospitales, el cuidado de Praesidia juveniles, ayudando a resolver los conflictos matrimoniales, la preparación de los adultos y los niños para los Sacramentos y enseñar catecismo a los niños. Había muchos regresos a los sacramentos y matrimonios regularizados. Un Comitium con 11 praesidia, 13 de adultos y 14 Curiae juveniles cuenta con más de 5.000 socios juveniles y 5.500 adultos. 15 praesidia de adultos y 8 juveniles se crearon durante el año. La Regia de Jos ha impreso el folleto de la oración de Frank Duff y la ha distribuido ampliamente. Los problemas en el norte de Nigeria han afectado en gran medida a la Regia y sus Consejos afiliados. Se ruega oraciones. Regia Onitsha: Un Comitium preparó 50 catecúmenos para el bautismo, 174 para la Sagrada Comunión, 1700 para la Confirmación. 136 parejas fueron ayudadas a casarse en la iglesia. 3 adultos y 1 praesidia juveniles fueron establecidos y una nueva Curia juvenil se inauguró. Otro Comitium organiza un proyecto en el que se realizaron 1.470 contactos y se consiguieron 161 catecúmenos La Regia Ikot Ekpene organizó cursos de oficiales para dos días en diferentes lugares con una asistencia entre 80 y más de 200.
Regia Dar-Es-Salaam Acta junio a febrero. Se realizó una P.P.C. a Zanzíbar por 8 legionarios y un Director Espiritual de Curia. Se repartió un calendario de eventos de la Regia de 2014 a todos los oficiales. Un praesidium con 30 socios se encuentra en el Seminario Mayor. La promoción de la Legión ha sido excelente; después de una campaña de reclutamiento para el grupo del Seminario y para una Curia, se tomaron 136 nombres y 45 llegaron a la primera reunión. Se celebró Un Congreso Juvenil. Hay 2.400 jóvenes en una diócesis. Comitium Mbeya: El Acies se llevó a cabo a nivel Comitium. Como resultado de la difusión en 6 parroquias, se apuntaron 85 socios. Trabajos: Promoción de los sacramentos del Bautismo y del Matrimonio, visitar a los enfermos y el cuidado de los socios más jóvenes. Comitium Kilema tiene 12 Curiae y 10 praesidia afiliados. El total de socios es de 954 adultos y 51 jóvenes. 90 alejados regresaron después de ser visitados, 32 parejas separadas se reconciliaron y 14 matrimonios regularizados. A los niños se les enseña oraciones y catecismo. Comitium Kahama: El programa para el año indica las funciones, la extensión, y la visita de los consejos y praesidia y la fecha de entrega de los informes. El Año de la Fe fue inaugurado por los legionarios con una Misa. Comitium Hai Moshi: Trabajos: Incluyen visitas a hogares y hospitales, dirigir Praesidia juveniles, las visitas de las escuelas, contacto con adictos a drogas y alcohol, ayuda a resolver disputas matrimoniales, preparan a los adultos y a los niños para los Sacramentos. Había muchos que volvieron a los sacramentos y matrimonios regularizados. Se establecieron una serie de praesidia en las escuelas secundarias y técnicas, en una universidad y en las parroquias. Comitium de Rombo: Los informes incluyen visitas a hogares y hospitales, la preparación de los adultos y los niños para los sacramentos. Se volvió a poner en marcha 3 Curiae y 4 praesidia.
Regia de Lusaka: Acta diciembre 2013. Los trabajos incluyen visitas a hogares, visitas a hospitales, cárceles, orfanatos, enfermos, la enseñanza del catecismo, dirigir juveniles, cursillos prematrimoniales y enterrar a los muertos que no tienen parientes. 4 alejados volvieron y una pareja que la mujer es Testigo de Jehová están ahora asistiendo a reuniones Católicas en una pequeña comunidad cristiana. A pesar de las distancias, se lleva a cabo la visita de los consejos y una serie de consejos han celebrado retiros.
Regia de Kasama: acta de diciembre. La Regia visitó el Comitium Mpika en octubre y elogió al Comitium por su duro trabajo y el buen gobierno. Se visitaron otros consejos en junio para ayudar a fortalecer la Legión.
SIERRA LEONA: Acta de noviembre de 2013 La Curia tiene un nuevo director espiritual, que era un legionario en el Seminario, ha sido confirmado en su cargo por el Arzobispo.
LIBERIA: Un e-mail agradeció al corresponsal su correo y el mantenerse en contacto.

Senatus de Madrid: Se reclutan activos en contactos callejeros. "Pesca Joven" es un apostolado en la calle con los jóvenes durante el día y también por la noche. A los auxiliares se les da un número de teléfono para el contacto con los socios activos, reciben visitas al menos una vez al año y están invitados a todas los actos de la Legión. Se visita a los jóvenes recién confirmados en sus casas para alentarlos a continuar en la práctica de su fe y a unirse a grupos parroquiales. La Extensión en Segovia es difícil y se ha planeado una P.P.C. para el otoño. Se están iniciando tres nuevos praesidia. En la reunión del Senatus se participa y hay buenas discusiones. Se le preguntó a un consejo cómo se debían de preparar los futuros oficiales. Algunas de las respuestas dadas fueron que todos los legionarios son oficiales en potencial, si bien hay que enseñarlos. No hay que esperar hasta expirar el plazo para empezar a buscar su reemplazo. Se informa mensualmente con detalle de tres grupos de Patricios en la ciudad.
Senatus de Bilbao: Acta de febrero. Ayudan a servir comidas a los inmigrantes, dan clases de español organizados por Cáritas, Acompañan a las personas de edad en sus salidas. Los legionarios asistieron a una misa por la enviada de Legión en España, Pacita Santos que hizo trabajo de extensión en Portugalete. Un nuevo praesidium juvenil se creó en León.
Senatus de Barcelona: Acta de enero. En la ciudad de Barcelona hay 10 Praesidia con 74 legionarios activos. Se visitan hogares y cárceles. Se hace Buen trabajo con los drogadictos, los sin techo, enfermos, inmigrantes sudamericanos, rusos y gitanos. Un adicto a las drogas es visitado en su casa y, a veces acompaña a los legionarios a Misa El Senatus tiene l2 grupos de Patricios. Hay un Praesidium en el convento de la Sociedad Misionera. Algunas iglesias se mantuvieron abiertas con la ayuda de la Legión. Informan de visitas de seguimiento a los ex prisioneros y realizan un apostolado con prostitutas. En Valencia los auxiliares tienen una reunión mensual.

Senatus de Lisboa: acta de febrero. El Presidente y el Vice-Presidente asistieron a una recepción en la Nunciatura en el cumpleaños del Papa Francisco. Un Praesidium montó una librería ambulante antes y después de la Misa diaria en una playa de un suburbio. Los 8 socios de este praesidium son Pretorianos, mientras que 11 de sus 28 auxiliares son adjutores. Hubo informes de extensión de 7 zonas, con praesidia establecidos en 6, dos de ellos en la Regia de Oporto. La Regia de Coímbra organizó 2 extensiones por el método columbano. Los praesidia juveniles del Comitium de las Azores tuvieron un día de retiro. Su Director Espiritual está realizando un programa de extensión.
Senatus de Roma: Acta de febrero. Se ha establecido una nueva Curia en Taranto. El Senatus perdió a uno de los pilares de la Legión en Italia, con la muerte el 20 de noviembre del hno. Giovanni Monti, conocido en los círculos civiles y militares como el general Monti, quien se unió a la Legión de Roma, en sus primeros días y fue fiel hasta el final. Él fue oficial en diferentes ocasiones en el Praesidium, Curia y en el Senatus, y llevó a cabo la extensión en Cerdeña y en el sur de Italia. Tenía un gran interés por los ortodoxos y había establecido contacto amistoso con todos los sectores de la ortodoxia en Italia. Hay una foto de él y de su Praesidium en compañía del hno. Duff durante el Concilio Vaticano II y también en medio el hno. Sergio Grotoff, de la Iglesia Ortodoxa Rusa. Cuando ya no podía salir, su Praesidium se reunió junto a su cama y él falleció una hora o así después de su última reunión. Monseñor. La Rosa, Director Espiritual del Senatus presidió la misa funeral a la que asistieron un gran número de legionarios. Su Esposa y compañera legionaria de Monti se reunió con él en la vida eterna unas semanas más tarde.
Regia de Milán: El Obispo de Acqui Therme pronunció la homilía sobre Frank Duff en el Acies. Ha habido un aumento de las actividades que se ha atribuido a la intercesión de Frank Duff. Un grupo de Patricios tiene una rotación de 3 sacerdotes para sus reuniones. En las visitas realizadas se destaca el regreso a los sacramentos de un joven feligrés. Se ha producido un aumento del número de socios pretorianos y Adjutores. Se continúa con los esfuerzos de extensión.
Comitium de Padua: En Verona se hace difusión con nigerianos para formar un praesidium. Un nuevo praesidium juvenil ha sido formado por los nigerianos. Un Praesidium en Lana Curia visita a las familias de los recién bautizados, y a los nuevos residentes se les invita a la misa dominical.
Hay tres Praesidia en Nicosia y uno en Limassol. Las actas están al día para dos de los praesidia. El Praesidium Nuestra Señora del Rosario informó de contactos en un parque público donde la mayoría de las personas contactadas eran alejadas. Se les animó a volver a la misa y a la confesión. A petición del párroco un Praesidium está entrenando a los niños a rezar el Santo Rosario en la misa del domingo por la tarde: Limassol Acta de diciembre. Su apostolado incluye la Entronización del Sagrado Corazón, visitas domiciliarias, visitas a los ancianos, enfermos y solitarios. También colaboran en trabajos de la parroquia.
Regia de Malta: Acta de febrero. Un nuevo praesidium tiene 11 miembros, otro de seis, enseña el catecismo a los niños y tiene retiros de medio día para los auxiliares. Una persona joven y su prometida están siendo instruidos para su incorporación a la iglesia, también están ayudando a un católico no practicante. Los informes de trabajos de otros tres praesidia incluyen contactos con turistas y drogadictos, visitas a hogares, dirección de Praesidia juveniles, Llevaron la Estatua Peregrina a una planta de energía y a las escuelas primarias, donde se reparten rosarios a cada niño. En una Exploratio Dominicalis se reclutaron seis nuevos auxiliares, se hicieron contactos con ateos y católicos no practicantes. Destacan el contacto con una pareja con la que hablaron sobre el aborto. Tres praesidia emprendieron Exploratio Dominicalis. Una Curia informó sobre la consagración de los hogares y de contactos con católicos alejados que regresaron a los Sacramentos después de varios años. Después de muchas visitas, una pareja acepto que su niño fuera bautizado. En otra área los socios trabajan en la cárcel, y en visitas a hogares, y hacen el Apostolado del Mar. Otro informe habla de un retorno a los sacramentos después de un lapso de 50 años, y la consagración de seis familias al Sagrado Corazón. Jóvenes de una Curia juvenil contactan con sus compañeros de estudios y los animan a ir a la misa dominical y a la Confesión. También visitan los hogares de ancianos. Los oficiales del Comitium de Gozo tuvieron una reunión con el obispo de Gozo. Un Praesidium de adultos jóvenes se creó en octubre; sus actividades incluyen una peregrinación mariana y un acercamiento a los refugiados. Se organizó una fiesta para todos los legionarios juveniles, 36 asistieron a una barbacoa.

PAÍSES bajo el cuidado DE MALTA

GRECIA: Los Praesidia en Salónica y Rodas llevan a cabo su apostolado. Los Directores Espirituales de ambos praesidia están siendo muy útiles y una fuente de estímulo para los legionarios. En Atenas, el Praesidium está trabajando en difíciles condiciones por la lejanía.
ALBANIA: Con motivo de la visita de la imagen de Nuestra Señora de Fátima, se celebró una Misa en la catedral de Shkoder. El apostolado incluye la enseñanza del catecismo, visitas a las familias, hospitales y asilos. En los pueblos, los legionarios enseñan a los niños el catecismo, limpiar iglesias y tumbas, asisten a los funerales y visitan a las familias con la estatua de Nuestra Señora. Los oficiales de los dos praesidia en Tirana están asistiendo a las reuniones de la Curia de Lezhe.

Comitium de Dromore.- Hay 7 adultos y un Praesidia juvenil y una Curia adjunta. El Praesidium juvenil en Burren tiene 6 socios que asisten a los servicios de la iglesia, coro de niños, ayudar en misa, fomentar la oración en familia y hacer cruces de Santa Brígida. Su praesidium principal también tiene 6 socios y 50 auxiliares. A parte de llevar el praesidium juvenil, hacen visitas a hogares, llevan la Virgen Peregrina, visitas al hospital, la promoción de la Asociación Pionera de la total Abstinencia, rama de los juveniles, reparten DVD's de la Medalla Milagrosa en las escuelas, organizaron una jornada de oración por las vocaciones y una procesión del Rosario.
Comitium de Navan: Los socios de un Praesidium hablaron a 200 personas de la Misa, la oración familiar y el Rosario y animaron a los alejados a ir a la confesión. Animaron a un hombre lituano que no es católico a unirse al curso del R.I.C.A (Rito de Iniciación Católica para adultos). Visitaron a las familias que viajan con la estatua de Fátima. Los 5 socios de otro praesidium trabajan en visitas a hogares, hospitales, ancianos y organizan la procesión del Corpus Christi. Un Praesidium de 12 visitó 543 hogares y llevaron la Estatua de la Virgen Peregrina a 231 hogares. La carreta de Legión de María para el desfile del día de San Patricio en Navan fue galardonado con uno de los premios. Curia de Trim Un Praesidium de 4 socios haciendo visitas domiciliarias se encontró con algunos problemas de drogas Otro Praesidium hacen visitas a los hogares y contactos callejeros. El praesidium Mullingar, también con 4 socios promovió la Causa de Alfie Lambe en Tullamore.
Comitium Down & Connor: Hay 11 Praesidia y 3 Curiae afiliadas. Los trabajos de los 5 socios del praesidium de Lisura incluyen la visita a 2 escuelas parroquiales, la organización de un retiro para las mujeres, la circulación de la estatua de Fátima y la promoción de la Entronización del Sagrado Corazón en los hogares. El Praesidium de Derriaghy tiene 5 socios y 42 auxiliares. La población de la zona es principalmente protestante. El Apostolado de la estatua Fátima se promueve a través del boletín de la parroquia. Semanalmente organizan un grupo de Rosario para niños en una escuela con una asistencia de unos 12 alumnos. Praesidium Ligoniel tiene 9 socios y 43 auxiliares. Dieron una charla sobre Fátima a los alumnos en la escuela primaria local. Praesidium Poleglass trabaja en una parroquia en una zona conflictiva. Hay 14 socios, 6 de los cuales son Pretorianos, y 45 auxiliares. La visita domiciliaria se realiza con regularidad y distribuyen 10 estatuas de Fátima. Dos socios dan charlas sobre la fe en una escuela primaria. El Comité de Extensión está en contacto con algunos sacerdotes de parroquias, con miras a la creación de nuevos praesidia. Curia Down: El Praesidium cuenta con 9 socios y 145 auxiliares. Los trabajos incluyen visitas para actualizar el censo parroquial. 10 Estatuas de Fátima están en circulación. Se informa a los no católicos acerca de la Legión y se les ofrece la Medalla Milagrosa. Como resultado de una campaña de difusión en la parroquia de Dundrum se inició un Praesidium con 6 socios potenciales. Curia Norte Antrim: Los 2 praesidia que informaron tienen 6 y 4 socios y un total de 43 auxiliares. Visita los hospitales y hogares de ancianos y a las familias se les da la Estatua de Fátima. Se creó un nuevo praesidium en Loughguile tras una campaña de difusión en diciembre.
Comitium Derry: Hay 4 Curiae afiliadas. Los trabajos de los 5 socios del Praesidium en la parroquia de Templemore consisten en las visitas a hogares, residencias y contactos en 2 escuelas. Una mujer de las visitas domiciliarias solicitó la visita de un sacerdote para confesar, pues hacía 30 años desde que se había confesado. En la visitas 4 personas solicitaron la visita de un sacerdote y ahora están en la lista de enfermos. Praesidium Long Tower cuenta con 4 socios y 25 auxiliares. Se contacta con muchos alejados en las visitas domiciliarias. Visitan regularmente a enfermos y ancianos y se les apunta para la lista de enfermos a visitar por el sacerdote. Se hicieron buenos contactos en la visita del camping Fleadh Ceoil en Derry. Los organizadores del camping estaban encantados de recibir folletos con los horarios de Misas, tanto en la lengua irlandesa como inglesa. Curia Nuestra Señora Reina de la Paz tiene 27 socios y unos 371 auxiliares en sus 5 praesidia. Curia Inishown tiene 8 Praesidia y un total de 50 socios. Visitan la Prisión de Magilligan durante los meses de verano, cuando opera el ferry.
Comitium Raphoe: Hay 9 praesidia de adultos, 2 juveniles y una curia afiliada. El Praesidium Stranorlar tiene 7 socios y 145 auxiliares. Su trabajo principal es la visita domiciliaria en las zonas rurales en el verano y en la ciudad durante el invierno, también ayudan con el programa de extensión que se inició recientemente en la parroquia. Visitaron dos escuelas y repartieron Medallas Milagrosas a los niños de la Primera Comunión. Su Praesidium juvenil cuenta con 10 socios. Los legionarios recitan el Rosario en el lugar donde 2 hermanas perdieron la vida en un incendio en Letterkenny. El Praesidium de Raphoe tiene 3 socios y 27 auxiliares. Dan catecismo a 3 niños que asisten a una escuela que no es católica. Las trabajos de los 2 praesidia de la Curia del Sudoeste consisten en visitas al hospital, hogares de ancianos y la venta de periódicos católicos.

Curia Leitrim: El Obispo Francis Duffy asistió a la reunión de Curia en enero. Praesidium Mohill tiene 4 pretorianos entre sus 6 socios y 20 auxiliares. En la visita domiciliaria se anima a la gente a regresar a Misa y a los Sacramentos. El Praesidium en Granard tiene 5 socios y 25 auxiliares. Visitan 2 hospitales, un hogar de ancianos y a personas que viven solas. El corresponsal del Concilium recientemente nombrado, junto con el corresponsal anterior visitaron la Curia en enero. Curia Mid Clogher El pasado lunes 17 de febrero Sor Yvonne Newell y el Padre. Owen Gorman llevaron a un grupo de 11 niños de la escuela secundaria Juan Pablo II a visitar la sede del Concilium Legionis y la casa de Frank Duff. El Acies lo celebraron el domingo 23 de marzo.
Curia West Clogher: Acta de enero. Dos praesidia informaron que tenían nuevos socios El Praesidium de Ivinestown tiene 5 socios 4 de los cuales son pretorianos. El 8 de diciembre el sacerdote bendijo las medallas milagrosas y las distribuyeron entre la gente.
Curia Kilmore: El praesidium Drung de esta curia, tiene 4 socios que visitan hogares de ancianos, enfermos y personas solas en casa. Llevan el Rosario antes de la Misa de la vigilia del sábado y están involucrados en trabajos parroquiales.
Curia Clonmacnoise: Hay 3 praesidia afiliados. El Praesidium Athlone tiene 7 socios que visitan hogares, hospital y residencias de ancianos. Visitaron 7 escuelas de primaria antes de la confirmación. Un profesor de una de las escuelas, les dijo que recordaba cuando era estudiante a los legionarios visitando su escuela y que recibió una Medalla Milagrosa que le resultó de gran ayuda durante toda su vida.
Curia Armagh: Tienen previsto hacer extensión en un futuro inmediato.
Curia Drogheda: Se inició un nuevo praesidium con 5 socios en Collon. Organizaron la vigilia anual que tuvo lugar en la Iglesia Mell por la noche en la víspera de Año Nuevo de 23:00 a 01
a.m. y estuvo muy concurrida. Praesidium Ardee Se reúne en las noches del domingo a las 19:30, tiene 14 socios, 43 auxiliares, 3 pretorianos y 8 adjutores. Se llevan a cabo muchos trabajos, incluyendo visitas a los hogares y patricios. Organizan una Hora Santa semanal en un complejo residencial para jubilados con cerca de 20 asistentes. Organizaron un Rosario Viviente para escolares con la participación de nueve escuelas primarias de la zona. El Rosario se recita en la Iglesia durante la Exposición del Santísimo Sacramento, los niños llevan el Ave María en su propia lengua. Cerca de 40 personas estuvieron presentes en el Rosario anual con la luz de las velas recitado en la Fiesta de Cristo Rey ante la estatua de Cristo Rey en Ardee. Un Praesidium en la parroquia de San Pedro cuenta con 4 socios que participan en muchos trabajos apostólicos. Curia Dundalk: El Praesidium que informó tiene 8 socios. Los trabajos incluyen llevar la comunión a los personas solas en casa, colaboran en las eucarísticas, Horas Santas y ayudando en un Club de Ciudadanos Mayores.


En la reunión de Directores Espirituales de las curias de Dublín del pasado 6 de marzo se debatió sobre la exhortación apostólica Evangelii Gaudium con posterior almuerzo. Al evento asistieron 9 sacerdotes.
Curia Assumpta Tuvieron una asistencia promedio del 79%. 22 patricios y 6 legionarios asistieron a dos reuniones. El Praesidium de 8 socios en Merrion Road tiene cubiertos los 4 cargos de oficiales. En la Parroquia Repository, se hacen muchos y buenos contactos. Un viajero alcoholizado agradeció a los legionarios por escucharlo. Se distribuyen prensa católica en consultas médicas y peluquerías. La reunión de Patricios mensual atrae un promedio de 20 asistentes.

Curia Esposa del Espíritu Santo: El Praesidium Saggart tiene 3 socios y un oficial. Sus trabajos incluyen visitas a hogares y hospitales. Llevan una reunión de Patricios y un grupo de oración de Frank Duff.
Curia Gloriosa: El Praesidium Leixlip hizo su segundo informe; tienen 2 socios fijos y uno en período de prueba; dos socios de Celbridge también asisten. Las visitas con la estatua de la Virgen peregrina, las visitas de personas mayores y los hogares son los principales trabajos. El Praesidium de la parroquia de Maynooth tiene 8 socios y 1 en prueba, 109 auxiliares y 13 socios Adjutores. Ellos han relanzado su Praesidium juvenil después de un año. Hogares y visitas domiciliarias de ayuda de enfermería son sus principales trabajos.
La Curia Inmaculada organizó un día de "La fe es la diversión" con la asistencia de una familia. Patricios: 34 legionarios y 43 patricios asistieron a 9 reuniones. La fusión temporal de un praesidium con el praesidium Mount Argus se ha hecho permanente. Uno de los socios fue reclutado en marzo durante una campaña de difusión en Walkinstown La preparación de 33 días para la Verdadera Devoción se inició el 22 de marzo en Brookfield por 5 legionarios y 5 feligreses, la mayoría de los cuales llegaron después de la reunión del Praesidium. Los 4 socios del Praesidium Clogher Road son pretorianos; tienen 3 oficiales y 1 en prueba. Sus principales trabajos son las visitas a hogares, se encargan de la librería de la parroquia y la celebración de una reunión de Patricios. El nuevo Praesidium en Greenhills dio su segundo informe; 3 de los 4 socios son oficiales. Se visitaron cuatro escuelas. Durante la visita domiciliaria se promueve la Liga Eucarística. Se ha celebrado una reunión de oficiales de Praesidium y una velada social.
Curia Mater Ecclesiae: 18 asistieron a una velada de oración por la PPC, 19 asistieron a una reunión de Patricios y más de 30 asistieron a otra titulada 'Viaje al Diaconado'. Los 4 socios del praesidium Monkstown tienen uno en período de prueba. Dos socios trabajan como parte de un equipo de la parroquia llevando a los residentes de un hogar de ancianos a misa todos los domingos. Otros trabajos incluyen la promoción de la Misa anual por la Venerable Edel Quinn y un Rosario público semanal. 4 socios del praesidium Johnstown tiene 130 socios auxiliares. Enfermería, visitas a los hogares y ayudar con comidas a domicilio son los principales trabajos del praesidium.
Curia Nuestra Señora de Fátima, Wicklow: El Praesidium en Johnstown cerca de Arklow tiene 10 socios fijos y 1 en prueba. Han enseñado a 23 monaguillos; 5 socios son ministros de la Palabra. Entre otras trabajos, Visitan la prisión de de la Abadía Shelton que esta sin capellán, dos veces por semana y se mantiene contacto con un ex preso que ha cambiado su vida.
Las reuniones de la Curia Benedicta tienen una asistencia de 71%. Uno de los socios dio su testimonio a más de 3.000 personas en la Conferencia de la Misericordia Divina en febrero y recibió un fuerte aplauso en su apoyo a la Legión de María. Un Praesidium de 2 socios fijos y 1 en prueba distribuye Medallas Milagrosas a los niños en la escuela del Loreto, Contactan con el personal y los pacientes del Hospital de St. James.
Curia Ancilla Domini: El praesidium Clondalkin tiene 6 socios y uno en prueba, un oficial y 70 socios auxiliares. Distribuyen 100 Maria Legionis. Trajeron 44 feligreses a la peregrinación al Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Knock. El Praesidium Alegría de Israel tiene 5 socios fijos y uno en prueba. Dos socios llevan una librería ambulante en Temple Bar todos los sábados. Organizan mensualmente el Circulo Paulino donde invitan a protestantes; la reunión de febrero tuvo una asistencia de un protestante y 7 católicos. La reunión de marzo tuvo 3 protestantes y 5 católicos. Curia Anunciata En las 4 reuniones de Patricios asisitieron 45 de los cuales 15 legionarios. Un Praesidium de 6 socios tuvo 3 visitas durante el año. Hay 40 auxiliares y 14 socios Adjutores. De 70 Maria Legionis que distribuyen, una copia se queda en una comunidad de 17 religiosas, otra en la Biblioteca, baños públicos y una en la escuela de música. En las visitas a hogares entregan una relación de las 27 organizaciones de la parroquia; como resultado una dama se unió a la Asociación de Jóvenes Sacerdotes y ahora es secretaria de esa organización. Cada domingo por la mañana promueven la Asociación Pionera de Total Abstinencia y 3 personas hicieron la promesa de por vida durante el último año. Han visitado a 59 ciegos y deficientes visuales de los cuales 21 asistieron a un retiro y 17 fueron a Knock, uno de los cuales regresó a los sacramentos después de 20 años. En febrero la curia organizó una campaña sobre la confesión mediante folletos y un horario de las confesión locales.

Senatus de Boston: A pesar de mal tiempo en este invierno se llevaron a cabo todas las reuniones. Los trabajos de Promoción del Catecismo, Rosario y La confesión en 3 centros penitenciarios dieron como resultado una conversión, una confirmación, y el regreso de un alejado. Un nuevo praesidium de 18 socios organizó una peregrinación mariana. Una Curia lleva un Crucifijo a los hogares para el aumento de las vocaciones. Voluntarios de Legión colaboran en el funcionamiento del Albergue Santa Maria para personas sin hogar.
Senatus de Filadelfia; En el informen cuentan la visita a campamentos de emigrantes, prisiones, librería ambulante en el paseo marítimo Ocean City y contactos en los concurridos mercados.
255 personas asistieron a un retiro. 100 personas celebraron el 50 º aniversario de la Legión en el Condado de Bucks El Comitium coreano consiguió 9 socios activos y 8 auxiliares activos. Se informó de 4 conversiones y 8 volvieron a la práctica de la fe. Scranton extendió la Legión en 3 parroquias. Un Praesidium de 15 consiguió a 30 participantes en la preparación de 33 días para el "TDM". El Miércoles de Ceniza, 25 legionarios invitaron a los transeúntes a visitar la Iglesia Católica. Un legionario seminarista dio una charla sobre la Legión de María a 465 personas.
Senatus Cincinnati: La Curia de Dayton, Ohio, organizó un puesto de libros en una feria agrícola, la inscripción de una persona para el RICA (Instrucción católica) y un socio auxiliar. La difusión se realiza a través de los Boletines de Iglesia, carteles en ferias y contactos personales. Legionarios promueven la Confesión en las visitas domiciliarias y en los hogares de ancianos.
Senatus de Chicago: Reparten prospectos de la Parroquia y de la Legión en las ferias. El Comitium coreano llevó a 10 no cristianos a hacer el curso de RICA (Instrucción católica) y que más tarde serían bautizados. En el Condado de Lake, Illinois tiene un nuevo Praesidium en Waukegan. Una Curia con 32 praesidia se dividirá. Sus muchos grupos étnicos dan un apoyo vital en sus parroquias. Sioux Falls informa que 24 volvieron a la fe debido a las visitas de la Estatua de la Virgen Peregrina.
Senatus de Houston: Muchos consejos informan de extensión, visitas a hogares, hospitales, residencias de ancianos e impedidos en casa, entronización del Sagrado Corazón y los cursos de CCE (enseñanza del Catecismo Católico) ocupan un lugar destacado en los informes.
Senatus St. Louis: Un praesidium nuevo en Steelville reclutó a 9 personas para el R.I.C.A Distribuyeron rosarios y literatura católica en las Ferias Estatales y del Condado. Trabajos: visitas a la cárcel, algunos católicos han vuelto a los sacramentos. Informaron de cinco conversiones: 3 presos y 2 están recibiendo catequesis.
Senatus de Nueva York: 21 legionarios llevaron a cabo una campaña de difusión de la que resultó un nuevo Praesidium de 10 socios. Un segundo Praesidium se inició en la Parroquia de la Sagrada Familia. Una reorganización de praesidia de la Curia Nuestra Señora del Valle dio dos praesidia nuevos. Los oficiales agradecieron la reciente visita de Enda Dunleavy en nombre del Concilium.
Regia de Arlington: El Comitium coreano en Fairfax sigue con el contacto a los no católicos. Un curso sobre los patricios se lleva a cabo para fomentar el crecimiento del movimiento de Patricios. Esto lo están haciendo todos los consejos. El Comitium de Fairfax tiene 7 grupos de Patricios. La extensión continúa para establecer praesidia en una serie de consejos. 106 legionarios asistieron al retiro anual.
Senatus de Los Ángeles: Entre los trabajos incluyen las oraciones en los funerales. Curia Tijuana continúa con los esfuerzos de extensión a través de visitas a los hogares, a pesar de la creciente violencia en la ciudad. Tienen planeado un congreso, un seminario general y un aumento en el número de grupos de Patricios.
Senatus de San Francisco: Los legionarios consiguieron reclutar más sacerdotes para las confesiones debido a las largas colas para confesar en la Peregrinación anual del Rosario. Se establecieron En Stockton, 2 nuevos praesidia de habla española. El Comitium San José tiene Curias en Inglés, español y vietnamita. En Idaho, un Praesidium de 16 socios se dividirá. La Curia Anchorage ganó 4 socios. 2 parejas bautistas se convirtieron al catolicismo. Una Curia vietnamita en Seattle ayuda a los moribundos para recibir los últimos sacramentos y está trayendo a los alejados de nuevo a la Iglesia. Nuevos Praesidia se establecieron en San Francisco y en la Curia Norte de San Mateo.

El Senatus de Toronto consiguió 5 nuevos socios y 3 nuevos praesidia, incluyendo un Praesidium juvenil. En Ottawa visitan las prisiones, los hospitales, hacen contactos callejeros y consiguieron 11 nuevos socios con la difusión por el método Columbano. Un Praesidium de siete socios con 4 Pretorianos hizo 893 contactos en una librería ambulante. Comitium Mississauga tiene 66 pretorianos, 1.916 auxiliares y 69 adjutores.
Comitium Vancouver: Un Praesidium con 4 socios visita 769 internos de la prisión y 5 recibieron los Sacramentos. Ellos ayudaron al capellán poniéndose en contacto con 531 católicos en 39 barcos en el puerto de Vancouver. Un Praesidium de 16 socios activos hace visitas a los hogares, promueve la Cruzada del Rosario en Familia, y enseña la doctrina cristiana a 19 niños. La difusión en las paradas de autobús y en el tren-cremallera dio un socio activo y 20 auxiliares.
Senatus de Montreal Un reciente censo del Senatus muestra 352 activos y 2.145 auxiliares. Un sacerdote solicita a inmigrantes que son ex legionarios para iniciar un praesidium. Un nuevo praesidium de 4 socios comenzó en Cartierville. Un Director Espiritual ayudó a 16 socios activos y 8 auxiliares para preparar la consagración a la Verdadera Devoción. En St. Hyacinthe el trabajo incluye el contacto de jóvenes, visitas al hospital, trayendo enfermos a misa y la realización de reuniones de oración.


Senatus de Santo Domingo: El 10% de aumento del número de socios da un total de 6.000 socios activos. También un aumento del 70% en los adjutores eleva el número total a 632. Todos los praesidia se dedican a la visita de los hogares, la catequesis de los niños, visitar a los enfermos y a los presos.
Senatus de Santiago de los Caballeros: Los Legionarios prepararon a 86 individuos para el Sacramento de los Enfermos, 8 niños y 3 adultos para el Bautismo, 10 jóvenes para la Sagrada

Comunión Un total de 36 adultos recibieron la Confirmación. Se realizaron visitas a los hospitales psiquiátricos, además de 348 visitas a las cárceles.
Trinidad y Tobago Regia: Acta de diciembre. Una Curia con 8 Praesidia cuenta con 71 socios activos y 268 auxiliares. Su apostolado incluye la enseñanza del catecismo en las escuelas y la librería ambulante, 11 adultos fueron bautizados, 16 recibidos en la Iglesia Católica, 7 católicos volvieron a los sacramentos y 6 a misa. Se establecieron 2 nuevos praesidia.
Senatus de Haití: El presente informe abarca 4 Comitia, 3 Curiae y 3 praesidia. Todos los informes se centran en el contacto con los ancianos, los afligidos, los huérfanos, los presos y las personas con discapacidad. En las visitas domiciliarias encuentran gente de muchas religiones. Algunos consejos tienen praesidia juveniles, otros organizan cursos de catecismo. 1.500 personas se prepararon para el Bautismo, 270 para la Sagrada Comunión, 990 para el matrimonio y 700 para el Sacramento de los Enfermos. 387 alejados regresaron a la Iglesia.
Senatus Puerto Rico: Ayudan a los pacientes con SIDA, limpian hogares de personas enfermas y organizan el transporte. A los estudiantes se les ayuda con las tareas escolares y la educación cívica. Un Praesidium juvenil comenzó en un hospital de niños. Los legionarios visitaron una prisión acompañados de un sacerdote y 9 prisioneros se confesaron. Informaron que muchos regresaron a los sacramentos, incluyendo a 9 personas que estaban cerca de la muerte. Una Curia informó de socios que trabajan en una zona peligrosa dominada por las drogas.


Las hermanas Sile Ni Chochlain y Mary Murphy recuerdan el evento.

El jueves 27 marzo 2014 el grupo de la Legión de María llegó a las oficinas del Consejo Pontificio para los Laicos para la ceremonia de inicio a las 11 de la mañana.
Los legionarios fueron calurosamente recibidos por el personal del Dicasterio y llevados a la sala en la que la ceremonia iba a tener lugar. Después de una oración de apertura, se cantó el himno "Cuando se inició la Creación", seguido por la lectura del Evangelio leído por el P. Churchill y que había sido elegida por el Padre. Bede McGregor. A continuación habló el obispo Josef Clemens, Secretario del Dicasterio en italiano (cada visitante tenía una copia en Inglés). El abogado canónico, el Sr. Philip Milligan leyó la consignación del Decreto de Reconocimiento. Después de esto, Sile Ni Chochlain, Presidenta del Concilium se dirigió a la asamblea. Terminó el acto con una oración seguido por el canto de "Salve Regina".
Fue una ceremonia encantadora y hermosa marcando una ocasión histórica, cuando la Legión de María fue reconocida como asociación privada internacional de fieles, con personalidad jurídica de conformidad con las normas canónicas vigentes y de acuerdo a los cánones 298-311 del Código de Derecho Canónico.
Los Estatutos fueron aprobados por un período de 5 años y el documento original está expuesto en la vitrina de Frank Duff en la sala Nazaret de las oficinas del Concilium. Los Estatutos serán traducidos a las diversas lenguas.
Son merecedores de un gran agradecimiento el Padre Paul Churchill de la Archidiócesis de Dublín, Fr. Bede McGregor (D.E. del Concilium) y el Sr. Philip Milligan, así como los Oficiales del

Concilium que participaron en la elaboración de los Estatutos, basados en gran parte en el contenido del Manual de la Legión.
Los oficiales del Concilium desean celebrar esta concesión con un evento especial más adelante.

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Allocutio de Marzo 2014 – Reunión de Concilium por el Padre Bede McGregor OP
April 2014
El Papa Francisco - Reflexiones sobre la Virgen.

Pronto llegaremos, una vez más, a la Solemnidad de la Anunciación del Señor, momento en que la Legión del mundo entero renueva su consagración a María en la ceremonia que llamamos el Acies. Nuestro Fundador, Frank Duff, ha escrito algunas palabras contundentes en el Manual sobre el lugar del Acies en la vida del legionario individual y de la Legión como un cuerpo. Pienso que sería de ayuda recordar estas palabras una vez más: “Puesto que el Acies es el gran acto central del año para la Legión, es necesario subrayar la importancia de que acudan todos los socios. La idea fundamental de la Legión -en que estriba todo lo demás- es que se trabaja en unión con María, su Reina, y bajo su mando. El Acies es una declaración solemne de dicha unión y dependencia, la renovación -individual y colectiva- de la declaración legionaria de lealtad. Si algún legionario, pues, pudiendo acudir a la función, no acude, da a entender manifiestamente que no tiene nada o muy poco del espíritu de la Legión, y que no la beneficia gran cosa con haberse alistado en sus filas”. Cuandoquiera y dondequiera que hay continuos malentendidos, conflictos o problemas sin resolver entre los miembros de la Legión, a cualquier nivel, es casi siempre debido fundamentalmente a un fracaso en el espíritu de nuestra consagración a María. El Acies debería ser realmente un tiempo para la curación, para el gozo espiritual y la renovación. Debería marcar un nuevo impulso para todas las formas de nuestro apostolado.

El Manual también nos aconseja no pronunciar la breve fórmula de consagración: “Soy todo tuyo, Reina mía, Madre mía y cuanto tengo tuyo es” de una forma mecánica o irreflexiva. Sugiere que podría ser una preparación de ayuda estudiar una vez más la Síntesis Mariana que se encuentra en el apéndice 11 del Manual. ¿Podré este año, para variar, compartir con ustedes unos pensamientos del Papa Francisco que pueden ayudarnos a renovar nuestra consagración con mentes mejor informadas y corazones más abiertos?

En su peregrinación a Brasil, al precioso santuario de Nuestra Señora de Aparecida, él dijo: “La Iglesia, cuando busca a Cristo, llama siempre a la casa de la Madre y le pide: «Muéstranos a Jesús». De Ella se aprende el verdadero discipulado. He aquí por qué la Iglesia va en misión siguiendo siempre la estela de María”. Es una hermosa forma de expresar la enseñanza de San Luis María de Montfort, la enseñanza de la misma Iglesia desde el principio: A Jesús por María. Este es el plan eterno de Dios: dar a Jesús al mundo a través de María, y nuestra consagración a Ella es un reconocimiento profundo de ese hecho histórico y teológico.
En su Exhortación Apostólica Evangelii Gaudium, La Alegría del Evangelio, hay una bella sección sobre María, Madre de la Evangelización. Las palabras de apertura me parece que expresan la espiritualidad legionaria clásica. Escribe: “Con el Espíritu Santo, en medio del pueblo siempre está María. Ella reunía a los discípulos para invocarlo (Hch 1,14), y así hizo posible la explosión misionera que se produjo en Pentecostés. Ella es la Madre de la Iglesia evangelizadora y sin Ella no terminamos de comprender el espíritu de la nueva evangelización”. Primero, estas palabras parecen ser un eco de la sentencia de S. Luis María de Montfort: “Donde está María, está el Espíritu Santo”. Por supuesto, también para la Legión la absoluta inseparabilidad de María y el Espíritu Santo es una convicción fundamental. Muchas personas fuera de la Legión –y tal vez algunas dentro- no terminan de darse cuenta de que el legionario hace la promesa legionaria al Espíritu Santo. No podemos tener a una sin el otro. Esta es una importante verdad que debemos celebrar en el Acies. María nunca olvidaría las palabras del Ángel en la Anunciación: “El Espíritu descenderá sobre ti y el poder del Altísimo te cubrirá con su sombra”. No es extraño que María condujera a la naciente Iglesia apostólica a abrirse a la venida del Espíritu Santo. Y no puede sorprender que una organización que lleva el nombre de María deba comenzar cada reunión invocando al Espíritu Santo para volver a encender la experiencia del cenáculo entre ellos.

El Papa Francisco nos dice que “sin Ella no terminamos de comprender el espíritu de la nueva evangelización”. La Legión ha apreciado esta verdad desde los mismos comienzos. De hecho, siempre ha creído que no hay apostolado verdadero, nuevo o antiguo, de ninguna clase, sin María. Ella es la Madre de toda evangelización.

Desafortunadamente, puedo sólo raspar la superficie de esta Exhortación Apostólica del Papa Francisco en el curso de una Allocutio relativamente corta. Pero permítanme terminar con un último pensamiento simple del Papa Francisco. Él escribe: “Es allí, en los santuarios, donde puede percibirse cómo María reúne a su alrededor a los hijos que peregrinan con mucho esfuerzo para mirarla y dejarse mirar por Ella. Allí encuentran la fuerza de Dios para sobrellevar los sufrimientos y cansancios de la vida. Como a san Juan Diego, María les da la caricia de su consuelo maternal y les dice al oído: «No se turbe tu corazón… ¿No estoy yo aquí, que soy tu Madre?»”. Sé que cuando renovamos nuestra consagración a María en el Acies, podemos estar predominantemente atentos a qué queremos darle a María; somos conscientes de que estamos emprendiendo y los esfuerzos que intentamos hacer para expresar nuestro amor a María. Pero es de importancia suprema que recordemos su compromiso absoluto con nosotros como nuestra Madre y amiga más querida. Como el Señor, Ella nos ha amado primero y nunca abandona nuestro lado. Que este año el Acies sea un tiempo de gracia especial, alegría y luz para todos nosotros. Amén.

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Allocutio at March 2014 Concilium Meeting by Fr. Bede McGregor, OP
March 2014
Pope Francis – Reflections on Our Lady
We are soon coming once more to the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord when the Legion throughout the world renews its consecration to Mary in the ceremony we call the Acies. Our founder, Frank Duff has written some forceful words in the Handbook on the place of the Acies in the life of the individual legionary and the Legion as a whole. I think it would be helpful to recall these words once again: ‘The Acies is the great central annual function of the Legion, so it is necessary to stress the importance of attendance on the part of every member. The essential idea of the Legion, upon which all else is built, is that of working in union with and in dependence on Mary, its Queen. The Acies is the solemn expression of that union and dependence, the renewal –individual and collective – of the legionary declaration of fealty. Hence it is manifest that any legionary who can attend, and yet fail to do so, have little or none of the spirit of the Legion in them. The membership of such persons is not an asset to the Legion.’ Whenever and wherever there is continuous misunderstanding, conflict or unresolved problems among members of the Legion at any level, it is nearly always fundamentally due to a failure in the spirit of our consecration to Mary. The Acies should really be a time for healing, spiritual joy and renewal. It should mark a fresh impetus for all the forms of our apostolate.

The Handbook also counsels us not to pronounce the short formula of consecration: ‘I am all yours my Queen and my Mother and all that I have is yours,’ in a mechanical or thoughtless manner. It suggests that it might be helpful preparation to once more study the Marian Synthesis found in appendix 11 of the Handbook. This year may I share with you for a change some simple thoughts from Pope Francis that may help us to renew our consecration with better informed minds and more open hearts?

On his pilgrim journey to Brazil at the lovely shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida, he said: ‘When the Church looks to Jesus, she always knocks at her Mother’s door and asks: ‘Show us Jesus.’ It is from Mary that the Church learns true discipleship. This is why the Church always goes out on mission in the footsteps of Mary.’ That is a lovely way of expressing the teaching of St. Louis Marie de Montfort, indeed the teaching of the Church from the very beginning: To Jesus through Mary. This is God’s eternal plan to give Jesus to the world through Mary and our consecration to her is a deep recognition of that historical and theological fact.

In his Apotolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, the Joy of the Gospel, there is a lovely section on Mary, Mother of Evangelisation. The opening words seem to me to express vintage Legion spirituality. He writes: ‘With the Holy Spirit, Mary is always present in the midst of the people. She joined the disciples in praying for the coming of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:14) and thus made possible the missionary outburst which took place at Pentecost.. She is the Mother of the Church which evangelises, and without her we could never truly understand the spirit of the new evangelisation. ‘First, these words seem to be an echo of St Louis Marie de Montfort’s dictum: ‘where there is Mary, there is the Holy Spirit.’ Of course, also for the Legion the absolute inseparability of Mary from the Holy Spirit is a fundamental conviction. Many people outside the Legion and perhaps even some within the Legion do not fully realise that the legionary makes the Legion promise to the Holy Spirit and not to Mary. But it is with Mary and in her deepest spirit that we make a total commitment of ourselves to the Holy Spirit. We cannot have one without the other. This is an important truth we should celebrate at the Acies. Mary would never forget the words of the Angel at the Annunciation: ‘The Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you.’ It is no wonder that Mary led the infant apostolic Church to openness to the coming of the Holy Spirit. And it can be no surprise that an organisation that carries the name of Mary should begin every meeting by invoking the Holy Spirit to reignite the cenacle experience among them.

Pope Francis tell us that, ‘without her we could never truly understand the spirit of the new evangelisation.’ The Legion has cherished this truth from its very beginning. In fact she has always believed that there is no true apostolate, new or old of any kind without Mary. She is the Mother of all evangelisation.

Unfortunately, I can only scratch the surface of this Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis in the course of a relatively short allocutio. But let me leave you with one last simple thought from Pope Francis. He writes: ‘There in these many shrines we see how Mary brings together her children who with great effort come as pilgrims to see her and be seen by her. Here they find strength from God to bear the weariness and sufferings in their lives. As she did with John Diego, Mary offers them maternal comfort and love, and whispers in their ears: ‘Let not your heart be troubled…Am I not here, who am your Mother?’ I know that when we renew our consecration to Mary at the Acies, we may be predominantly aware of what we want to give to Mary; we are conscious of what we are undertaking and the efforts we are intending to make in expressing our love for Mary. But it is supremely important that we remember her absolute commitment to us as our mother and dearest friend. She, like the Lord has first loved us and never leaves our side. May the Acies this year be a time of special grace, joy and light for all of us. Amen.


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Concilium Bulletin - March 2014
March 2014

Senatus of Accra
: The Vicar General was the main celebrant of the Frank Duff Anniversary Mass, celebrated at the grotto, Archbishop’s Garden, Accra Cathedral. 296 students from twenty six tertiary institutions participated in the 4th Biennial Legion three day Youth Conference at Cape Coast University. The theme was, “In the Service of Mary, Model of the Church.” The Rosary procession and keynote address were covered by the Catholic T.V. Broadcaster and excerpts were shown on a Catholic programme on national television.
Sunyani Regia: A Nigerian Legionary established a new senior and a junior Praesidium at Walewale in the Northern Region.
Cape Verde Regia: January Minutes received. The Legion is the principal instrument of catechesis for the Church in Cape Verde with 77 catechists in one Comitium and 50 in a Curia. This Comitium has 23 junior praesidia. As a result of Exploratio Dominicalis projects, 500 children were recruited for Catechism classes and 114 youths prepared for Baptism. In spite of a constant loss of members through emigration and other factors, numbers continue to increase. The monthly newsletter goes to six Portuguese-speaking countries in three continents.

ZimbabweKadoma Curia held a combined meeting with Harare and Chegutu Curiae.
Hwange Comitium: Elections were held in February for all four officers in Hwange Comitium.

Luanda Senatus: January minutes received. The 25th May has been chosen for the formal inauguration of the Senatus. Two new Curiae have been set up. A praesidium established in 1962 has 26 active and ten auxiliary members. A praesidium with 30 active members and 4 auxiliaries made contact with 436 persons on home visitation; they visited 613 people in hospital and 180 in a home for the elderly.

Benguela Senatus: September minutes received. More than 2,000 legionaries took part in a Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace in May to mark the Year of Faith. In September, the Comitium in Ndunde was divided and a new Comitium formed in Kamela with five Curiae and 12 praesidia directly attached. Two new Curiae have been set up, one in Benguela and the other in Lobito.

Cape Town Senatus: February 2014 minutes received. His Grace the Archbishop will attend the Acies which will be held in the Cathedral. The correspondents group meets regularly and report to the Senatus meeting. New praesidia have been established and it is hoped that this will give new life to the Senatus.

Johannesburg Senatus: Works undertaken include, visiting a Squatter Camp, teaching catechism, home and prison visitation. A new praesidium was set up and another is planned. Lapsed Catholics and people of other faiths were contacted; some have joined the catechism classes.
Esogodeni Comitium: There are 16 curiae attached to this Comitium. Works include home and hospital visitation, teaching catechism and helping the elderly with their medication. A meeting with the young adult legionaries was planned for 22nd February. This year each curia will hold its own Acies. In the past they had one for the Comitium and many legionaries were unable to attend.

Lesotho Senatus: February minutes received. Average attendances were 23% for council officers and 39% for praesidium officers. An attached curia reported that attendance at their monthly meeting is poor due to distance and lack of public transport. The correspondent is getting details of attached councils; some Comitia have no curiae and few praesidia. On the other hand, another Comitium has four curiae and nine praesidia. 26 colleagues of a legionary were instructed in the Catholic faith.

The Legion in Namibia is under the caretakership of Cape Town Senatus. Two Senatus Officers will visit in May.

Egypt: Prayers are asked for legionaries in Egypt who are experiencing great difficulty at this time.

Mindanao Senatus: Many Muslims in the Aurora area converted to the Catholic faith. One such convert is now President of a praesidium. Muslims also donated towards maintenance of a Catholic Chapel. Many marriage validations preceded by Catechesis of the relevant couples is reported. Several couples who converted from Sects were baptised and married during a wedding ceremony centred round the Mass. A seriously ill Muslim husband of a Catholic lady converted to the church and received the sacraments shortly before he died. A campaign was undertaken to recruit young legionaries to visit mountain villages The average attendance of the four praesidia reporting in September was 82%. Two Curiae attached to a Regia had 100% attendance. Visitation to attached councils has resulted in an increase in the number of curiae and Comitia.

Bicolandia Senatus: Last minutes November 2013 A praesidium with 12 active members visit the sick and elderly in hospital, encouraging them to go to confession and be anointed. A campaign for the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in homes is on-going. Legionaries in a praesidium with 14 active and 6 probationers teach catechism to 35 pre-school children. Visitation to attached councils is undertaken.

Western Visayas Senatus: Last minutes December 2013. Councils and praesidia attendance average 70%. Quarterly reports to Senatus are regular and very encouraging. Home and Hospital visitation feature, with numerous reports of Baptisms, Catechesis, validation of marriages and conversions.
Kabaukalan Comitium: This council reported the visitation of 144 Prisoners and the building of a Prison Chapel with the help of legionaries.
North Negros Comitium reported the Legion looking after an abandoned child and sending him to school.
Tigbanan Comitium: Due to legionary efforts, a 93 year old woman received her first Holy Communion.

Cebu Senatus:.After the November meeting the total Senatus area suffered appalling devastation by Typhoon Haiyan. Yet they reconvened again in December. Many people suffered grievously, but not one single meeting was deferred. Communications were impossible for quite a time The Audit for 2012 is being done. A junior praesidium organised a prayer group with 40 members aged between five and thirteen, who were taught the basic prayers and how to pray the Rosary. One Regia has 6 Comitia, 12 Curiae and 20 directly attached praesidia, with over 7,000 active members, 556 on probation, 747 praetorians, 65 adjutorians and over 9,000 auxiliaries. Visitation to attached Councils is undertaken regularly and the three causes are promoted with vigour.

Northern Philippines Senatus: The average attendance of Senatus officers is 100% and attached praesidia 66%. The Columban method of recruitment and vocation promotion was carried out in September. There were 3 conversions to the Catholic faith.
Tuguegarao Comitium: Members travelled 12 hours to render their report.
San Pedro Comitium: Four junior members graduated to senior ranks and are preparing to form a new senior praesidium. Lipa Regia established 19 new Junior praesidia and 2 Patrician groups, one of which is in a Jail. Councils reported many returns to the sacraments, Muslims converting, children in school being taught catechism, new praesidia starting up and over 70 new Patrician units organised.
Guam Comitium: This council supervises 2 affiliated senior curiae, a junior curia with 9 praesidia and 17 directly attached praesidia. The Comitium plans to continue extension to parishes presently without the legion.

Melbourne Senatus
: January minutes to hand. Reports were taken from 5 directly attached praesdia, 8 attached curiae, 2 Comitia on the mainland and a number of councils in the Pacific Ocean region. Visits were made to Darwin curia, Horbart curia in Tasmania and councils in the Vanuata Islands group. Perth Comitium covers a very extensive area in Western Australia. Bishop Hilton Deakin celebrated the November Mass for the Servant of God Frank Duff.

Sydney Senatus: Many extension drives were carried out. Mass was celebrated for the three Causes. A praesidium of 19 members teaches catechism, circulate the Pilgrim Statue and carry out visitation to homes and hospitals. Membership in general is small. An Indonesian praesidium has an apostolate to fellow country-men. East Timor has 5 senior and 2 junior praesidia, with many more in the pipe line. The extension worker arrived with 150 Rosary Beads. The apostolate is home visitation and distribution of Mass times to the hostels.
Brisbane Comitium: January minutes to hand. Each praesidium was encouraged to hold its own anniversary Mass in November for the Servant of God Frank Duff. A Columban drive was held in Carina parish on 14/15th.February and much interest was generated. Reports included visitation to homes, hospitals, teaching catechism in state schools, praying the rosary at funerals, church duties and Holy Communion distribution in nursing homes. An information Legion gathering was held.

New Zealand
Auckland Senatus
: The Senatus has 28 praesidia attached. Reports were received from Wellington Comitium, plus Hamilton and Christchurch Curiae. Some extension has been undertaken. The Auckland area is relatively strong with two senior and two junior curiae. Bishop Peter Brown is the new Bishop of American Samoa. Western Samoa is home to Apia Comitia with 6 curiae and 2 Comitia. Tonga has 2 curiae. The Legion Handbook has been printed in two languages.

Senatus of Asuncion
: The Comitium of San Lorenzo promotes three catholic radio stations. In Asuncion itself, a leper colony is visited. In prisons where praesidia exist, legionaries help their fellow prisoners to rehabilitate, often resulting in early release. Hospitals, homes and nursing homes are visited in all areas, with a variety of tasks carried out, such as shopping for the elderly and washing clothes. A member of a Sect, who received guidance from Legionaries, converted while in hospital and received the Sacraments including Extreme Unction, before passing to Eternity.

Senatus of La Paz:
Legionaries work in a hostel for recovering alcoholics, where they have long conversations with residents. Many reports put home visitation as their number one priority. Alfie Lambe is remembered on his anniversary; present day legionaries were delighted to hear personal testimonies of some of the legionaries who had the privilege of working with Alfie in Bolivia.

Senatus of Santiago
: Many reports tell of contact with non-catholic families. Visits to the many distant affiliated councils is usually done by a Senatus officer and the correspondent. One council says that many of their legionaries walk more than 10km to do their weekly work assignment. Others do their Legion work in spite of having to use crutches. Night meetings are rare in the Senatus area, but some Praesidia now meet at night in order to cater for those who cannot attend a day meeting. Some families requested that legionaries visit them at night when the whole family is at home.

Senatus of Medellin
: Comitium Nuestra Senora del Carmen de Bello reports visitation of homes, hospitals, clinics, prisons and educational institution including pre-school, primary and secondary schools. Street contact is also done. The main works of one praesidium are bringing the sick to the doctor, consoling the grief-stricken and terminally ill and teaching catechism to children.

Senatus of Bogota: At the January meeting the Spiritual Director of the Senatus spoke about the Pope’s encyclical, Evangelii Gaudium and encouraged legionaries to study the document. There are 11,000 active legionaries in the attached Regia of Bucaramanga; 309 are between the ages of 18 and 40. In rural areas where there are no priests, the legionaries bring families together for Liturgy of the Word and Eucharistic services. An attached comitium has 42 parishes in its area; all but 7 have a Legion presence.

Havana Comitium
: A visit by four legionaries from the Senatus of Merida in Mexico is being considered by the Comitium of Havana; the visitors would help train the local legionaries in the apostolate and in administration.

Lima Senatus
: There are 33 curiae in the Archdiocese area. The Senatus is proposing to set up a new Comitium. In January 134 out of 214 officers were present. Legionaries visit a Drug Rehabilitation Centre where they speak to the inmates, completing their visits with prayer. A curia attached to the Comitium of Trujillo works in a difficult area where the sects are active. They have set up a number of Rosary Groups, which have been very successful. As a result of their apostolate, one person returned to the practice of the faith, three marriages were regularised and four children were Baptised.

Senatus of Montevideo
: October minutes received. Three Columban Drives were organised to strengthen weak praesidia.

Senatus of Caracas: Average attendance is 74%. Members expressed delight at the formation of a new Regia in Merida, decided upon at the December Concilium meeting. Mention is made of jail visitation, the use of a book barrow, outreach to indigenous peoples and the conversion of a family of Jehovah Witnesses.

Senatus of Quito: Minutes received to December. Works include the teaching of personal hygiene, cookery, jail visitation, catechesis and organising public Rosaries.

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Boletín de marzo 2014
March 2014
Senatus de Accra: El Vicario General fue el celebrante principal en la Misa de Aniversario de Frank Duff, que tuvo lugar en la gruta del Jardín Arzobispal, Catedral de Accra. 296 estudiantes de veintiséis institutos terciarios participaron en la 4ª Bienal Legionaria, un encuentro de jóvenes de tres días en la Universidad de Cape Coast. El tema fue: "Al Servicio de María, Modelo de la Iglesia". La Rosario procesional y el discurso de apertura tuvieron cobertura de una emisora de TV Católica y se transmitieron extractos en un programa católico de la televisión nacional.
Regia Sunyani: Un legionario de Nigeria estableció un nuevo Praesidium de adultos y un juvenil en Walewale, en la Región Norte.
Regia de Cabo Verde: Se recibió el acta de enero. La Legión es el principal instrumento de catequesis para la Iglesia de Cabo Verde con 77 catequistas en un Comitium y 50 en una Curia. Este Comitium tiene 23 Praesidia juveniles. Como resultado de Exploratio Dominicalis realizadas, 500 niños fueron reclutados para las clases de catecismo y 114 jóvenes fueron preparados para el Bautismo. A pesar de una pérdida constante de socios debido a la emigración y otros factores, el total de socios continúa creciendo. El boletín informativo mensual llega a seis países de habla portuguesa en tres continentes.
La Curia Kadoma celebró una reunión conjunta con las Curiae de Harare y Chegutu.
Comitium de Hwange: hubo elecciones en febrero para los cuatro oficiales.
Senatus de Luanda: Se recibió el acta de enero. Se ha elegido el 25 de mayo para la inauguración formal del Senatus. Se han fundado dos nuevas Curiae. Un praesidium fundado en 1962 tiene 26 miembros activos y diez auxiliares. Un Praesidium de 30 miembros activos y 4 auxiliares contactó a 436 personas en las visitas domiciliarias; visitaron a 613 personas en el hospital y 180 en un hogar para ancianos.
Senatus Benguela: Se recibió el acta de septiembre. Más de 2.000 legionarios participaron en mayo de una peregrinación al Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Gracia para conmemorar el Año de la fe. En septiembre, el Comitium en Ndunde se dividió y se formó un nuevo Comitium en Kamela con cinco Curiae y 12 Praesidia afiliados. Se han fundado dos nuevas Curiae, una en Benguela y la otra en Lobito.
Senatus de Ciudad del Cabo: Se recibió el acta de febrero de 2014. Su Excelencia el Arzobispo asistirá al Acies que se celebrará en la Catedral. El grupo de corresponsales se reúne regularmente e informa en la reunión del Senatus. Se han establecido nuevos Praesidia, y se espera que esto dará nueva vida al Senatus.
Senatus de Johannesburgo: Los trabajos realizados incluyen visitas a un asentamiento de ocupantes ilegales, enseñanza del catecismo, visitas a hogares y a la prisión. Se creó un nuevo Praesidium y está previsto otro. Se contactaron católicos no practicantes y personas de otras religiones; algunos se han sumado a las clases de catecismo.
Comitium de Esogodeni: Hay 16 Curiae afiliadas a este Comitium. Los trabajos incluyen visitas a hogares y hospitales, enseñanza del catecismo y ayuda a ancianos con su medicación. Fue planeada una reunión con los legionarios adultos jóvenes para el 22 de febrero. Este año cada curia tendrá su propio Acies. En el pasado tenían uno para todo el Comitium y muchos legionarios se veían imposibilitados de asistir.
Senatus de Lesotho: Se recibió el acta de febrero. El promedio de asistencia fue del 23% para oficiales de consejo y el 39% para los oficiales del Praesidium. Una Curia afiliada informó que la asistencia a su junta mensual es pobre debido a la distancia y a la falta de transporte público. El corresponsal está consiguiendo detalles de los Consejos afiliados; algunos Comitia no tienen Curiae y pocos Praesidia. Por otro lado, otro Comitium tiene cuatro Curiae y nueve Praesidia. 26 colegas de un legionario fueron instruidos en la fe católica.
La Legión en Namibia está bajo el cuidado del Senatus de Ciudad del Cabo. Dos oficiales del Senatus irán de visita en mayo.
EGIPTO: Se pidieron oraciones por los legionarios en Egipto, que están experimentando grandes dificultades en este momento.

Senatus de Mindanao: Muchos musulmanes en el área de Aurora se convirtieron a la fe católica. Uno de estos conversos es ahora presidente de un Praesidium. Los musulmanes hicieron donaciones para el mantenimiento de una capilla católica. Se informan muchas regularizaciones matrimoniales precedidas de catequesis a las parejas. Varias parejas que se convirtieron de sectas, fueron bautizadas y se casaron durante una ceremonia centrada en torno a la Misa. El esposo musulmán de una señora católica, gravemente enfermo, se convirtió a la iglesia y recibió los sacramentos, poco antes de morir. Se desarrolló una campaña para reclutar jóvenes legionarios que visiten los pueblos de montaña. El promedio de asistencia de los cuatro praesidia que informaron en septiembre fue de 82%. Dos Curiae afiliadas a una Regia tuvieron 100% de asistencia. Las visitas a los Consejos afiliados han producido un incremento en el número de curias y Comitia.

Senatus de Bicolandia: La última acta es de noviembre 2013. Un Praesidium de 12 miembros activos visita enfermos y ancianos en el hospital, animándoles a confesarse y recibir la Unción. Está en curso una campaña para la Entronización del Sagrado Corazón en los hogares. Los legionarios de un Praesidium con 14 activos y 6 en prueba enseñan el catecismo a 35 niños en edad preescolar. Se visitan los Consejos afiliados.

Senatus de Bisayas Occidentales: La última acta es de diciembre 2013. El promedio de asistencia de consejos y Praesidia es de 70%. Los Informes trimestrales al Senatus son regulares y muy alentadores. Figuran las visitas domiciliarias y a hospitales, con numerosos informes de bautismos, catequesis, regularización de matrimonios y conversiones.
Comitium de Kabankalán: Este consejo informó la visita a 144 prisioneros y la construcción de una capilla de la prisión con la ayuda de los legionarios.
El Comitium del Norte de Negros informó que la Legión estuvo cuidando a un niño abandonado y enviándolo a la escuela.
Comitium de Tigbauan: Gracias a los esfuerzos legionarios, una mujer de 93 años de edad recibió su Primera Comunión.

Senatus de Cebú: Después de la reunión de noviembre toda el área del Senatus sufrió la devastación espantosa del tifón Haiyan. Aún así, volvieron a reunirse de nuevo en diciembre. Muchas personas sufrieron gravemente, pero ni una sola reunión fue diferida. Las comunicaciones fueron imposibles por bastante tiempo. Se está haciendo la auditoría del 2012. Un Praesidium juvenil organizó un grupo de oración con 40 miembros de entre cinco y trece años, a quienes se les enseñaron las oraciones básicas y cómo rezar el Rosario. Una Regia tiene 6 Comitia, 12 Curiae y 20 Praesidia directamente afiliados, con más de 7.000 miembros activos, 556 en prueba, 747 pretorianos, 65 adjutores y más de 9.000 auxiliares. Se visitan regularmente los Consejos afiliados y se promueven con vigor las tres causas.
Senatus del Norte de Filipinas: El promedio de asistencia de los oficiales del Senatus es de 100% y 66% de los Praesidia afiliados. En septiembre se realizó el método Columbano de reclutamiento y promoción de las vocaciones. Hubo 3 conversiones a la fe católica.
Comitium de Tuguegarao: Los socios viajaron 12 horas para presentar su informe.
Comitium San Pedro: Cuatro socios juveniles pasaron a las filas adultas y se están preparando para formar un nuevo Praesidium de adultos. La Regia de Lipá estableció 19 nuevos Praesidia juveniles y 2 grupos de Patricios, uno de los cuales está en una cárcel. Los consejos informan muchos regresos a los sacramentos, la conversión de musulmanes, enseñanza del catecismo a escolares, fundación de nuevos Praesidia y la organización de más de 70 nuevos grupos de Patricios.
Comitium de Guam: Este consejo supervisa 2 Curiae de adultos afiliadas, una curia juvenil con 9 Praesidia, y 17 Praesidia directamente afiliados. El Comitium planea continuar la extensión en las parroquias que actualmente no tienen Legión.
Senatus de Melbourne: Acta de enero recibida. Se recibieron informes de 5 Praesidia directamente afiliados, 8 Curiae afiliadas, 2 Comitia en el continente y varios consejos en la región del Océano Pacífico. Se realizaron visitas a la Curia de Darwin, Curia de Hobart en Tasmania y a los consejos en el grupo de las Islas Vanuatu. El Comitium de Perth cubre un área muy extensa en Australia Occidental. El Obispo Hilton Deakin celebró la Misa de Noviembre por el Siervo de Dios Frank Duff.
Senatus de Sydney: Fueron realizadas muchas campañas de extensión. Se celebró la Misa por las tres Causas. Un Praesidium de 19 socios enseña catecismo, circula la Virgen Peregrina y realizan visitas a hogares y hospitales. En general son pocos miembros. Un Praesidium indonesio tiene un apostolado hacia los compatriotas. Timor Oriental tiene 5 Praesidia adultos y 2 juveniles, con muchos más proyectados. El extensionista llegó con 150 rosarios. El apostolado es visitas domiciliarias y la distribución de horarios de Misas en albergues.
Comitium de Brisbane: Acta de enero recibida. Se animó a cada Praesidium a celebrar su propia Misa de aniversario en noviembre por el Siervo de Dios Frank Duff. Se realizó un reclutamiento Columbano en la parroquia de Carina el 14 y 15 de febrero y generó mucho interés. Los informes incluyeron visita a hogares, hospitales, enseñanza de catecismo en escuelas públicas, rezo del rosario en funerales, tareas parroquiales y la distribución de la Sagrada Comunión en hogares de ancianos. Se celebró un encuentro informativo sobre la Legión.
Senatus de Auckland: El Senatus tiene 28 Praesidia afiliados. Se recibieron informes del Comitium de Wellington, más las Curiae de Hamilton y Christchurch. Se ha llevado a cabo alguna extensión. El área de Auckland es relativamente fuerte con dos Curiae de adultos y dos Curiae juveniles. El Obispo Peter Brown es el nuevo obispo de Samoa Americana. El Comitium de Apia está establecido en Samoa Occidental con 6 Curiae y 2 Comitia. Tonga tiene 2 Curiae. El Manual de la Legión ha sido impreso en dos idiomas.

Senatus de Asunción: El Comitium de San Lorenzo promueve tres estaciones de radio católicas. En la propia Asunción, se visita una colonia de leprosos. En las prisiones donde existen Praesidia, los legionarios ayudan a sus compañeros de prisión a rehabilitarse, lo que suele ayudar a que se anticipe su liberación. En todas las áreas se visitan hospitales, hogares y geriátricos, con una variedad de tareas que se llevan a cabo, tales como hacerles las compras a los ancianos y lavarles la ropa. Un miembro de una secta, que recibió la orientación de los legionarios se convirtió mientras estaba en el hospital y recibió los sacramentos, incluyendo la Extremaunción, antes de pasar a la eternidad.
Senatus de La Paz: Los legionarios trabajan en un albergue para alcohólicos en recuperación, donde tienen largas conversaciones con los residentes. Muchos informes ponen las visitas domiciliarias como su prioridad. Se recuerda a Alfie Lambe en su aniversario. Los legionarios presentes ese día se deleitaron oyendo testimonios personales de algunos legionarios que tuvieron el privilegio de trabajar con Alfie en Bolivia.
Senatus de Santiago: Muchos informes hablan de contactos con familias no católicas. Por lo general las visitas a los numerosos consejos afiliados distantes son efectuadas por un oficial de Senatus y el corresponsal. Un consejo dice que muchos de sus legionarios caminan más de 10 km para hacer el trabajo semanal asignado. Otros hacen su trabajo legionario, a pesar de tener que usar muletas. Las reuniones nocturnas son poco frecuentes en la zona del Senatus, pero algunos Praesidia ahora se reúnen de noche en vistas a proveer un horario a aquellos que no pueden asistir de día. Algunas familias solicitaron que los legionarios los visiten en la noche cuando toda la familia está en casa.
Senatus de Medellín: El Comitium Nuestra Señora del Carmen de Bello informa visitas domiciliarias, a hospitales, clínicas, cárceles e instituciones educativas –incluyendo preescolares, y escuelas primaria y secundaria. También se hacen contactos callejeros. Los principales trabajos de un Praesidium son llevar a los enfermos al médico, consolar a los desconsolados y enfermos terminales, y enseñar catecismo a los niños.
Senatus de Bogotá: En la reunión de enero, el Director Espiritual del Senatus habló sobre la encíclica del Papa, Evangelii Gaudium, y alentó a los legionarios a estudiar el documento. Hay 11.000 legionarios activos en la Regia afiliada de Bucaramanga; 309 están entre los 18 y 40 años. En las zonas rurales donde no hay sacerdotes, los legionarios reúnen a las familias para la Liturgia de la Palabra y servicios eucarísticos. Un Comitium tiene 42 parroquias en su zona; todos menos 7 tienen presencia de la Legión.
Comitium de la Habana: está considerando que cuatro legionarios del Senatus de Mérida en México visiten el Comitium; los visitadores ayudarían a entrenar a los legionarios locales en el apostolado y en la administración.
Senatus de Lima: Hay 33 Curiae en el área de la Arquidiócesis. El Senatus está proponiendo la creación de un nuevo Comitium. En enero, 134 de 214 oficiales estuvieron presentes. Los legionarios visitan un centro de rehabilitación de drogas donde hablan con los internos, completando sus visitas con la oración. Una Curia afiliada al Comitium de Trujillo trabaja en un área difícil, donde las sectas están activas. Ellos han establecido varios Grupos de Rosario, que han sido muy exitosos. Como un resultado de su apostolado, una persona volvió a la práctica de la fe, tres matrimonios fueron regularizados y cuatro niños fueron Bautizados.
Senatus de Montevideo: Se recibió el acta de octubre. Se organizaron tres reclutamientos Columbanos para fortalecer Praesidia débiles.
Senatus de Caracas: La asistencia promedio es del 74%. Los miembros expresaron su satisfacción por la formación de una nueva Regia en Mérida, decidida en la reunión del Concilium de diciembre. Se hace mención de visitas a la cárcel, el uso de una librería ambulante, contacto con personas indígenas y la conversión de una familia de Testigos de Jehová.
Senatus de Quito: Se recibió el acta de diciembre. Los trabajos incluyen la enseñanza de la higiene personal, cocina, visitas a la cárcel, la catequesis y la organización de Rosarios públicos.

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Allocutio de febrero 2014 - Padre Bede McGregor
February 2014
La Legión y los Grandes Problemas y Males de Hoy

Recientemente celebramos la fiesta de Nuestra Señora de Lourdes. Los eventos y el mensaje de Lourdes corresponden a la categoría de revelación privada y toman su completo valor e influencia del hecho de que son una suave pero sublime proclamación del mensaje del Evangelio y llevan a millones de personas al contacto con la Persona de Jesucristo. Si una revelación privada no está arraigada en el Evangelio, si no ilumina alguna verdad del Evangelio, es mejor ignorarla, y puede ser una grave distracción en la vida espiritual. En Lourdes, María revela y nos recuerda la misión central de la Iglesia: la salvación de las almas. Esa es también la razón última de la existencia de la Legión de María. Tenemos que seguir haciéndonos a nosotros mismos la pregunta desafiante: ¿estamos realmente preocupados por el lugar donde pasará la gente su eternidad, especialmente aquellos que parecen estar en mayor peligro? ¿Cuál es la evidencia de nuestro compromiso en la salvación de las almas –en la práctica, más que en las aspiraciones? Permítanme citar un pasaje de la Escritura de los muchos posibles textos para recordarnos el retrato evangélico de Jesús, y la identidad esencial de su misión: “Mientras Jesús estaba comiendo en la casa, acudieron muchos publicanos y pecadores, y se sentaron a comer con él y sus discípulos. Al ver esto, los fariseos dijeron a los discípulos:
„¿Por qué su Maestro come con publicanos y pecadores?‟. Jesús, que había oído, respondió: „No son los sanos los que tienen necesidad del médico, sino los enfermos. Vayan y aprendan qué significa: Yo quiero misericordia y no sacrificios. Porque yo no he venido a llamar a los justos, sino a los pecadores‟” (Mt. 9, 10-13).
Esa imagen y esas palabras de Jesús están incorporadas en el corazón de la Iglesia desde sus mismos inicios. También fueron marcadas a fuego en el alma de Frank Duff y de la Legión de María. Es en este contexto que quiero sugerir algunas orientaciones preliminares sobre cómo la Legión debe involucrarse en los grandes problemas y males de hoy. De vez en cuando algunos legionarios me preguntan por qué la Legión no es más activa y alza su voz en las grandes cuestiones de hoy. Por ejemplo, por qué la Legión no se involucra más en el movimiento pro-vida, por qué no entra en el debate público sobre los “matrimonios” del mismo género, o por qué no se opone públicamente a la eutanasia de niños y ancianos enfermos, por qué no se une a la lucha contra la legislación que no sólo ataca a la Iglesia sino que también socava el bien común y la cultura. La lista de tales preguntas sigue y sigue. Antes que nada, el legionario debe estar tan bien informado como sea posible de todos estos temas importantes, mediante el estudio del Catecismo de la Iglesia o del Compendio y las orientaciones provistas por tantos documentos del Magisterio. Deberíamos también estar preparados para compartir la enseñanza de la Iglesia con los otros, cuando ellos nos preguntan y siempre que surja la oportunidad. Por supuesto, la Legión comprende que el pecado es el mayor mal en el mundo y no minimiza la enormidad de este mal. Pero también está comprometida a amar, y a servir humildemente al pecador en cada forma que le sea posible. La Legión busca ser un instrumento de gracia y no simplemente un vehículo de condenación y confrontación.
Nuestra Señora pidió a Bernardette que rezara por los pecadores, y pidió a los niños de Fátima que hagan lo mismo. Y Ella nos pide también a nosotros rezar por los pecadores. La oración no es una forma de escaparse de la rutina, el trabajo y a veces el agotamiento del trabajo apostólico, sino más bien un involucrarse en el más profundo nivel de cooperación con el amor redentor de Dios y la misión de la Iglesia. Al contemplar a Nuestro Señor en la Cruz, vemos la suprema manifestación de la sed inagotable de pecadores que tiene Dios. Su amor misericordioso por los pecadores no tiene límites en absoluto. Y María es la Madre del corazón de Dios que tanta sed tiene de pecadores. Por supuesto, hay una enorme diferencia entre la sed de Dios por las almas y la de María. La sed de Dios es infinita y la de Ella sólo puede bordear lo infinito. Pero su sed por la salvación de los pecadores define su inmaculado y maternal Corazón. El propósito de la Legión y de cada miembro es aplacar la sed de pecadores de Dios y de su Madre. Pedimos el don de compartir la sed de pecadores de María.
Frank Duff, nuestro Fundador estuvo de modo increíble al corriente de los grandes problemas y males que enfrentaba la Iglesia. Pero como ya he dicho, grabada a fuego en su alma había una gran sed por la conversión de los pecadores. Para ponerlo en otras palabras, él amó y reverenció a la gente tanto que quería que cada uno que conocía o podía alcanzar, entrara al Cielo. Él fundó la Legión por este mismo propósito. Pero lo que yo quería enfatizar hoy son los métodos que él usaba para alcanzar esta meta. ¿Cómo hizo para involucrarse en las crisis y problemas de su tiempo?
Permítanme citar uno de los muchos pasajes apropiados del Manual que responden a esta pregunta: “La Legión debe guardarse del peligro de caer en manos de reformadores sociales de entusiasmos desmesurados. El trabajo de la Legión es esencialmente callado: comienza en el corazón de cada legionario, para desarrollar en él un espíritu de celo y caridad; y luego, por medio del contacto personal - establecido directamente, uno a uno, y con perseverancia-, los legionarios cifran todo su empeño en elevar el nivel espiritual de la sociedad entera. Pero esto se hace sin ruido, sin llamar la atención, suavemente: no se dirige tanto a la supresión directa de grandes males cuanto a saturar el ambiente de principios y sentimientos cristianos, para que así, sanadas las causas, disminuyan y desaparezcan los males de por sí. La Legión cree que el verdadero triunfo consistirá en el desarrollo continuo -aunque a veces sea lento- de la vida y de los principios netamente católicos entre el pueblo.
Importa guardar celosamente el carácter íntimo que distingue a la visita legionaria; se desvirtuará ese carácter si los socios adquieren fama de fiscales, que van a descubrir y denunciar los abusos. Si fuera así, sus visitas a domicilio -como todos sus pasos en general- inspirarían suspicacia, y, en vez de ser mirados como amigos dignos de la mayor confianza, esos legionarios pasarían a los ojos de muchos como una especie de agentes de policía secreta, al servicio de una organización; con el resultado seguro de que su presencia seria mal vista, y eso pondría fin a la utilidad de sus servicios.
Por eso, los encargados de dirigir las actividades de la Legión tendrán buen cuidado de no asociar el nombre de la misma Legión con otros fines que, por muy excelentes que sean en sí, funcionan con métodos ajenos a los de la Legión de María. Hay ya organizaciones para combatir los mayores abusos, sírvanse de ellas los legionarios cuando fuere menester, y préstenles su apoyo como individuos particulares. Pero dejen a la Legión continuar fiel a su propia tradición y a sus propios métodos de trabajo”.
Me doy cuenta de que puede haber otros modos válidos y efectivos de confrontación y participación en los grandes problemas de este tiempo y que puede haber a veces una comprensible tentación de parte de algunos miembros de que la Legión adopte estos métodos, pero estoy convencido de que hacerlo socavaría gradualmente todo el espíritu y carisma de la Legión, cuyos valor y sabiduría han sido tan
excepcionalmente probados a través de tantos años de experiencia.

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Allocutio at Concilium - February 2014 - Fr. Bede McGregor, OP
February 2014
The Legion and the Great Problems and Evils of Today

Recently we celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. The events and message of Lourdes belong to the category of private revelation and get their whole value and influence from the fact that they are a gentle but sublime proclamation of the Gospel message and bring millions of people into contact with the Person of Jesus Christ. If a private revelation is not rooted in and illuminates some Gospel truth it is best ignored and can be a grave distraction in the spiritual life. At Lourdes Mary reveals and recalls us to the central mission of the Church: the salvation of souls. That is also the only ultimate reason for the existence of the Legion of Mary. We have to keep on asking ourselves the challenging question: are we really concerned about where people will spend eternity especially those who seem to be in most danger? What is the evidence for our commitment to the salvation of souls in practice rather than just by way of aspiration? Let me just quote one passage of Scripture from many possible texts to remind ourselves of the Gospel portrait of Jesus and the essential identity of his mission: 'then it happened that as Jesus was reclining at the table in the house, behold, many tax collectors and sinners came and were dining with Jesus and His disciples. When the Pharisees saw this, they said to His disciples, "Why is your Teacher eating with the tax collectors and sinners?" But when Jesus heard this, He said, "it is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick." "Go and learn what this means, I desire mercy and not sacrifice. For I came not to call the righteous but sinners." (Mt 9:10-12)

That image and those words of Jesus are embedded in the heart of the Church from its very beginning. They were also branded on the soul of Frank Duff and the Legion of Mary. It is against that background that I want to suggest some preliminary orientations as to how the Legion should be involved in the great problems and evils of today. From time to time some legionaries ask me why the Legion is not more vocal and active in the great questions of today. For instance, why the Legion is not more involved in the pro-life movement, why does she not enter the public debate on same gender 'marriages' or why does she not publicly oppose the euthanasia of sick children and the elderly sick, why does she not join the fight against legislation that not only attacks the church but also undermines the common good and culture. The list of such questions goes on and on. First of all the legionary must be as well informed as possible on all these important issues by studying the Universal Catechism or the Compendium and the guidelines provided by so many of the Documents of the Magisterium. We should also be prepared to share the teaching of the Church with others when they ask us and whenever an opportunity arises. Of course, the Legion realises that sin is the greatest evil in the world and she does not soft pedal the enormity of this evil. But she is also committed to love, and to humbly serve the sinner in every way possible to her. The Legion seeks to be an instrument of grace and not simply a vehicle of condemnation and confrontation.

Our Lady asked St. Bernadette to pray for sinners and she asked the children at Fatima to do the same thing. And she asks us also to pray for sinners. Prayer is not a form of opting out of the humdrum, the slog and sometimes the exhaustion of apostolic work but rather an opting into the deepest level of cooperation with the redemptive love of God and the mission of the Church. In contemplating Our Lord on the cross we see the supreme manifestation of the inexhaustible thirst of God for sinners. His merciful love for sinners has absolutely no limits. And Mary is the Mother of the heart of God that so thirsts for sinners. Of course there is a huge difference between God's thirst for souls and that of Mary. His thirst is infinite and hers can only border on the infinite. But her thirst for the salvation of sinners defines her immaculate and maternal heart. The purpose of the Legion and of every member is to slake the thirst of God and his Mother for sinners. We ask for the gift of sharing in Mary's thirst for sinners.

Frank Duff, our Founder was incredibly well informed on the great problems and evils facing the Church. But as I have already said that branded on his soul was a great thirst for the conversion of sinners. To put it in other words he loved and reverenced people so much that he wanted everyone he ever met or could reach to get into heaven. He founded the Legion for this same purpose. But what I wanted to stress today was the methods he used to try and achieve this goal. How did he go about being involved in the crises and problems of his day?

Let me quote just one of many appropriate passages in the Handbook that answer this question: "The Legion must guard against the danger of being made use of by too ardent social reformers. The work of the Legion is essentially a hidden one. It commences in the heart of the individual legionary, developing therein a spirit of zeal and charity, by direct personal and persevering contact with others, the legionaries endeavour to raise the spiritual level of the whole community. The work is done quietly, unobtrusively, delicately. It aims less at the direct suppressing of gross evils than at the permeation of the community with Catholic principles and Catholic feeling, so that the evils die of themselves through lack of soil favourable to them. It will consider its real victory to lie in the steady, if sometimes slow, development among the people of an intense Catholic life and outlook.
It is important that the intimate nature of the Legion visitation should be jealously safeguarded. It will not be preserved if legionaries gain the reputation of seeking out abuses for public denunciation. The visits of legionaries to people's homes, as well as their general movements, would tend to be looked on with doubt. Instead of being regarded as friends, in whom complete confidence could be reposed, the suspicion would attach to them that they were engaged on detective work for their organisation. Inevitably their presence would be resented, and this would mark the end of real legionary usefulness.

Therefore, those in charge of Legion activities will be chary of associating the name of the Legion with ends which, though good in themselves, presuppose methods which have little in common with those of the Legion. Special organisations exist for the purpose of combating the glaring abuses of the day. Let the legionaries avail of them when the need arises, and lend their support in their private capacities, but let the Legion itself continue to be true to its own tradition and its own methods of work.'

I realise that there may be other valid and effective ways of confronting and participating in the great issues of the day and there may be an understandable temptation at times for some members of the Legion to adopt these methods but I am convinced that to do so would gradually undermine the whole spirit and charism of the Legion that has so outstandingly proved its worth and wisdom through many years of experience.


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Concilium Bulletin - February 2014
February 2014
Senatus of Gitega
reports 304 young people enrolled as juniors by Kanyinya Comitium and 3 new Comitia formed, one at Buraniro in Ngozi Diocese and 2 in Rutana Diocese in Gilharo and Mpinga respectively. Support is given at parish level to the basic Christian Communities. Works include, encouraging children to faithful attendance at school. There is an apostolate to people involved in prostitution.

Central African Republic
Bangui Senatus:
Last minutes was in January 2013. Reports otherwise received indicated a flourishing Legion apostolate, with many troubled marriages and family disputes resolved. Legion nurseries are feeding junior praesidia and they in turn are feeding senior ranks.

Democratic Republic of Congo
Katanga Senatus
has been asked to attend to arrears in sending minutes.
Bukavu: Last minutes received covered the period up to September 2011

Senatus of Butembo: Minutes are up to date to the end of December 2013. In spite of great political unrest, 65 legionaries attended the November meeting, including 5 Senatus officers, 2 delegates from Beni and Lubero Regiae, 37 from various Comitia and 6 from junior Curiae. 2 Comitia gave reports, totalling 1034 active members over 13 Curiae and 95 praesidia. December minutes called on all families to care for each other, taking the Holy Family of Nazareth as their role model. Of the 90 members present, 7 officers came from the Diocese of Bunia. 4 Comitia gave reports: active legionaries, 30,952. Works include, visitation of homes to teach people how to say the Rosary, mothers given cookery and dress-making lessons, troubled families counselled, pagans baptised, widows, orphans and refugees helped. Many returns to practice of the faith were reported. Several Peregrinatio Pro Christo projects were organised. In his letters, Bro. Kambale asked for prayers for peace in the North Kivu region. The Senatus hopes to celebrate its 25th Jubilee next year.

Mauritius, (Rodrigues): Recent reports show the Legion working well. Plans for the year shows all the usual functions – Acies, November Mass for the dead, annual retreats and reunions, regular visitation of councils, including juniors. Notice is given of visitation of the island of Rodrigues, a formation day for officers and an Exploratio Dominicalis project. Praesidia report visitation of hospitals and homes, praying with bereaved families in mortuaries, accompanying priests on visits to the sick, bringing invalids and elderly people to Mass and helping with parish activities.

Kigali Senatus
: September 2013 minutes received. A three-day Congress was held by officers of the secondary and third-level colleges, at which 305 legionaries attended. One of the topics was the apostolate in the schools. Many councils have junior praesidia and Curiae at various levels. Councils without junior praesidia are encouraged to start them; emphasis is also put on recruiting auxiliary members. Various new Curiae have been set up.
Osaka Senatus
: Minutes to July 2013 received.Fr. Son, a Korean priest working in Japan has set up new praesidia in his two parishes in Sopporo City. He has asked for prayers for the growth of the Legion. Virgin Most Faithful praesidium, Kohri Church help with parish works of service to the newly-Baptised, First-Communicants and in the Homeless Centre. Legionaries accompany the priest on his Holy Communion calls. Mother of Mercy praesidium members write to and telephone the house-bound, assist at Mass and other Liturgies. Tokyo Regia members read and record books for the visually impaired. They keep in contact with Fr. Michael Coleman, an Irish priest met in Dublin, who is willing to help in any way he can. Extension to the Hirado district is relatively successful.

Kuala Lumpor Regia
: The report covers August - October 2013. Attendance, August 60%, September 74%, October 42%. Four praesidia with an active membership of 40 presented their reports. Works included, home, hospital and nursing home visits. For the Year of Faith some members went on a pilgrimage journey to local Churches. As a result of Legion contacts, a four-year-old girl and a two-year boy were Baptised. A couple who had their marriage regularised had their two children Baptised; they now attend Sunday Mass. Quarterly reports were taken from one Comitium with 7 praesidia and 11 Curiae attached. Two legionaries attended YouCAT meetings and participated with youth in an outreach to a leprosy home. A candle-lit Rosary procession took place on 8th September. Catholic literature was given to the aged, the sick and the lapsed.

Taiwan Senatus: Minutes to January received. Eleven new praesidia were established in the past year, but three had to close down due to unrest in the area. It is hoped that this is only temporary. Most praesidia in Taiwan have many auxiliary and praetorian members. A Curia which recently celebrated its 60th anniversary set up two new praesidia. 49 people were Baptised after instruction by legionaries. Help of Christians praesidium on an outlying island re-established links with the mainland.

Singapore Senatus: September to December minutes received. Average attendance is 68% for Curia officers and 58% for praesidium officers. A former legionary has been ordained to the priesthood. A talk on, “The Role of the Legion in the Context of the New Evangelisation”, given by His Grace, Archbishop Goh had an attendance of 300 legionaries. The Korean Curia organise a shuttle bus to take people to Mass; during journeys, prayers are recited. A Day of Recollection took place. 29 legionaries went on pilgrimage to 7 Churches. In Kuching,“Mother Most Glorious” Curia members were trained to teach at Sunday School.

Hong Kong Comitium: Minutes of March to June 2013 received. Attendance, Curia officers 90%, praesidium officers, 70%. Works recorded include, “Home of Love” care for the elderly, parish works, street contact, home visitation, catechism classes, Sunday School, community care for the poor, prison visitation and visiting the Addiction Treatment Centre.

Malang Senatus
: Minutes September to December received. Average attendance of officers is 83%, members 54%. A Curia in Bali formed a new praesidium. Kupang Regia has been preparing to set up a Comitium in Atambua and arranged a Youth Conference. A Curia report from Indonesian Papua visited all its praesidia and reported training of legionaries, teaching Catechism in an orphanage and a prison. One senior and four junior praesidia were set up. A Curia in Madura is helping in the development of junior praesidia.

Jakarta Senatus: September 2013 minutes received. Attendance, officers 83%, members 44%. Three praesidia in the Bogor Comitium conduct vigils on Fridays, with Mass and Stations of the Cross. A Seminary praesidium has 23 members. The Comitium was asked to encourage the members by showing Catholic videos. Palangkaraya Curia in Kilimantan is said to be extending rapidly in a huge area with, “almost one new praesidium every month.” A Kamping for Youth programme approved by the Bishop had 200 participating students. The Senatus Spiritual Director invited legionaries to volunteer to live in Papua for some months and get involved in Papuan life, teaching, reading, writing, farming and so on.

Seoul Senatus
: October 2013 minutes received. One Curia was commended on having an increase of 26 members. Daejon Regia reported 30,794 Catechumens, 3,699 Baptised and 4,513 people returns to the Sacraments.
Gwanjgiu Senatus: Novenmer 2013 minutes received. One Curia was commended on having an increase of 26 members.
Daegu Senatus: December 2013 minutes received. Sangyok Comitium reported a new Curia and several new praesidia, including one junior praesidium. They recruited 221 active members during the year and had 359 returns to the Sacraments. A Comitium in Taejon had 30 returns to the Sacraments. Most reports from councils show recruitment of Catechumens, Baptisms and returns to the Sacraments, plus the recruitment of new legionaries. Uksoo Comitium reported 68 Catechumens recruited, 30 Baptised, 33 returns to the Sacraments, 35 active and 7 auxiliary members recruited in a single month.
Buenos Aires Senatus
: The Alfie Lambe graveside ceremony in January was an all-day event, with continuous Rosaries, midday Mass, street contact and finishing in the evening with a gathering of visiting legionaries. This year, a total of 60 legionaries from the Senatus of Asuncion, Paraguay and the Senatus of Cordoba Uruguay attended. Guadalupe Morad and Sister Isabel keep in close contact with the Senatus on all matters relating to Alfie Lamb’s Cause. Visits to outlying councils and the organising of open-air Masses in shanty towns showed the terrific spirit and hard work of the legionaries. Three monthly reports at Senatus meetings are proving very effective.

Cordoba Senatus: The Senatus held a Mini-Workshop on New Age Practices and Angels. An attached Curia holds a new praesidium meeting in a members’ home, as there is no Chapel. Over 2,600 people were contacted on the streets.

Salta Senatus: An 18-strong delegation of Salta legionaries made the long journey to Rosario to take part in the third National Conference of Young Legionaries. The Conference incorporated street contact. At each Senatus meeting there are always reports of the setting up of new councils and the conversion of families from the sects and reports are taken on the Young Legionaries committee, which is similar to Deus et Patria.
Corrientes Regia: A praesidium helps in a Soup Kitchen. Members teach the clients to pray and sing with them and organise a Mass once per month.
Rosario Regia: The Regia is doing extension in the Catholic University of Argentina. The legionaries had talks with Deans and Chaplains besides visiting all Faculties.

Belem Senatus
: Legionaries in a Belem parish have been entrusted with the Sunday Eucharist celebration and preparing parents and god-parents for their children’s Baptism. The Spiritual Director of the Senatus and a Deacon from the attached Regia of Castanhal, attended the Spritual Directors’ Conference in Recife. The Regia reported 85 returns to the Church.

Belo Horizonte Senatus: Several praesidia do hospital visitation in cooperation with the Chaplains. Contact was made with more than 1,100 patients and visitors by one praesidium, resulting in about 200 requests for Holy Communion. At a Youth Detention Centre, two youths were baptised. Paracatu Comitium reported a couple cured of cancer through the intercession of Frank Duff. Statistics of the Regia of Uberlandia show 3,000 active members.

Fortaleza Senatus: A Curia in Maranguape reported 1,108 visits to homes and 114 children being prepared for First Holy Communion. Most reports show many visits to homes and to the sick, elderly and bereaved.

Ponta Grossa Senatus: Legionaries prepared 87 young people for First Holy Communion. Hotels were visited with the times for Masses in nearby Churches. Prisoners were also visited and employment was obtained for three street-dwellers.

Recife Senatus: The Senatus is to resume publication of the Legion journal after a lapse of two years. An attached Comitium reported the setting up of two junior praesidia. 30 adults were prepared for Baptism. 300 legionaries, including four Spiritual Directors took part in the Legion Retreat. Another Comitium reported 26 returns to the Church and had an attendance of 400 legionaries and two Spiritual Directors at a formation session. The Regia of Maceio reported visitation of almost 30,000 families and an apostolate among university students, helped by members of a junior praesidium.

Rio de Janeiro Senatus: Two Spiritual Directors attended the August meeting, including the newly-appointed director, Fr. Fabio Siqueira. Fr. Fabio succeeds Bishop Dom Edson Castro Homem, Auxiliary Bishop of Rio and representative to the Legion National Bishops’ Conference. Hospital visitation involves inviting not only patients, but also medical and nursing staff to take part in the celebration of the Blessed Eucharist. A legionary from the distant state of Acre has been sent to set up a new Curia in the Amazonian town of Tefe. The Regia of Espirito Santo reported 343 visits to the hospital for Aids patients. A Comitium in Volta Redonda Diocese set up a university students praesidium. In Petropolis, a youth drug residence was visited as well as families affected by flood waters.

Salvador Senatus: In the city of Salvador the Legion has been entrusted with directing the monthly procession at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, one of the most historic Churches in Brazil, dating back to the 17th century. A junior praesidium reported visits to Protestants, accompanying Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the sick and accompanying the priest to administer the Sacrament of the Sick.

Sao Luis Senatus: The principle work of the Senatus is promotion of the Sacraments; for example, 51 children were prepared for Baptism, 406 for First Communion and 273 for Confirmation. Care for 26 older people involves bringing them for medical consultations and tests. In the state capital of Sao Luis, each Curia organises a Rosary in a public square.

Sao Paulo Senatus: The Regia of Campo Grande in the state of Mato Grosso reported 3,000 families visited. A Comitium in Santo Omaro made 2,276 home visits, 913 visits to the elderly and 982 visits to the sick at home and in hospital. The Senatus plans to reprint the Tessera and Handbook in a larger and wider size, without changing the pages.

Brasilia Regia was represented by two Spritual Directors at the Recife Conference. Almost four and a half thousand children, youths and adults were prepared by catechesis to receive the Sacraments. After a Novena to Frank Duff by a couple, a serious financial problem was resolved.
Austrian Senatus:
The report covers 4 praesidia, 8 directly-attached Curiae and 10 Comitia. True Devotion to Mary is strongly promoted throughout the councils. Two African and 23 Croatian praesidia presented reports; these revealed that as a result of Pilgrim Statue visitation, two people returned to practice of the faith, two co-habiting couples received the Sacrament of Marriage and 30 people went to Confession. The amalgamation of Youth Vienne and South-East Vienna Curiae is being considered.
Linz Comitium: records the Baptism of a Muslim. An afternoon for those who had left the Church organised by the Heiliga Kreuz Curia in Wienerwald Comitium had an attendance of 260.

Czech Republic
Prague Comitium:
This council comprises 12 praesidia and Kletovy Curia with 4 praesidia. Two new praesidia are working well. Legionaries invite people to meditations at the Marian Column, which dates back to 1642.
Olmuetz Comitium comprises 6 praesidia and Bruenn Curia with 4 praesidia. They conduct an apostolate to children and encourage parents to have their children Baptised.

Zseliz Comitium
has 13 praesidia and 3 Curiae. Egyhazelle Curia organises bicycle tours for young people. Komaron Curia works with Radio Maria.

The Senatus of Austria approved the visit of Sr. Elizabeth Kriss and Fr. Joseph to Harkov to attend a Spiritual Directors’ day.

Belarus Comitium: Minutes to December received. Our Lady of Scapular praesidium, Minsk, with 7 active 14 auxiliary members do home visitation and compile a census of Catholics in the parish. They visit a hospital, a clinic and sick parishioners in their homes. They also do crowd-contact in parks and at a bus station and visit a Boarding School in conjunction with another praesidium. Extension efforts by Soly Comitium produced 22 auxiliaries. Lida Curia has established a new praesidium in Ivye, with 8 members. Molodechno Curia reported that two former legionaries from Vileika have been ordained Deacons. Borisov Curia: Zhodino legionaries help their parish priest with Evangelisation. They share their faith and prepare people for the Sacraments of Confession and Marriage.
Glubokoye Curia: Every Sunday, legionaries visit a hospital and invite the patients to Holy Mass in the Hospital Chapel. Some patients have received the Sacrament of Confession after absences of 20-30 years. Legionaries also helped to build a parish house and care for the tombs of priests.
Mogilev Curia: Legionaries visit hospitals, an abortion clinic and do street-apostolate. Every Friday they organise religious classes in a school for Catholic and Orthodox children. Two junior praesidia have 20 members. 100 legionaries attended the 8th December celebrations in Budslav.

Zabreg Regia:.A school for legionaries had an attendance of 110. The theme for discussion was, “The Legionary Promise” A meeting for Spiritual Directors had an attendance of 15. On 11-13 October, 150 legionaries took part in a pilgrimage to the Vatican and three of the group spoke about it on Vatican Radio. Membership of reporting praesidia was, 5, 7 and 10. They carry out a very fruitful apostolate by means of home visitation and crowd-contact. 13 people returned to the Sacraments and two received Confirmation. One praesidium organised Confession and Holy Communion for elderly parishioners. Three received Anointing of the Sick and 70 went to Confession and Holy Communion. News from the attached Curia and Comitia tell of two new praesidia and numerous people returning to the Sacraments, one after 50 years. Junior legionaries carry on an apostolate in a students’ residence and at school.

Bosnia Herzgovina
Sarajevo Curia has 7 praesidia with 53 active members and 205 auxiliaries. Seven people received the Sacraments.

The Senatus report covers 7 praesidia, 8 Curiae and 4 Comitia. All minutes report on extension efforts. Four new praesidia were set up. The Budapest Regia has 4 attached praesidia. The Diocese of Vac has 10 praesidia. Works include visitation of hospitals and the sick in their homes, visitation with the Pilgrim Virgin Statue, recitation of the Rosary before burials, care of neglected tombs and work with Radio Maria. The Kistareau Curia has 2 Youth Groups, one among the physically and mentally handicapped and the other among young people leaving State Orphanages. Nagybatomy Comitium and Pee Curia each set up a new praesidium.
Riga Comitium: A praesidium of 6 members in the city of Riga has commenced an apostolate to women involved in prostitution. The new work started in September and to date, 17 girls have been met; All have accepted Miraculous Medals and religious literature. Two girls went to Confession. This is the first time such work has been done in Latvia.
Jelgava Curia has three praesidia and 10 legionaries.
Rezekne Curia has 7 praesidia. A praesidium of 6 members organised talks on Our Blessed Lady during September and the attendance averaged 10-15.

Kaunas Comitium
: Recruiting efforts during October resulted in 5 people taking on active membership and 8 becoming auxiliaries. A praesidium of 7 members in the course of street-contact have noticed a great increase in the number of homeless. They help these people to find accommodation and arrange for a celebration of Holy Mass in a Night Shelter once per month.
Vilinus Curia: A praesidium of 8, who work with the disabled and those living alone have obtained an increase in the attendance at the daily Rosary, which they recite in the Day Care Centre. A lot of people met in the Centre have no religion, or have been lapsed for years. Legionaries promote the Miraculous Medal and distribute the times of Masses in local Churches.
Telsiai Comitium has 11 praesidia and 2 affiliated Curia. A new praesidium in the parish of Silale has 12 members and 5 auxiliaries. Praesidia are doing a tremendous amount of home visitation. Three contacts received the Sacraments after a lapse of 60 years and three others after lapses of, 50, 35 and 6 years. Visitation of a Flat Complex resulted in an 80-year-old man going to Confession after a 50 years absence and his wife learning to pray the Rosary. A praesidium of 5 members, with 39 auxiliaries visit their auxiliaries on their birthdays and on other occasions. In the affiliated Curia, hospital visitation brought 154 patients to reception of the Sacraments.

Our Lady of Mercy Comitium minutes are up to date. Good progress has been made towards the setting up of a Curia in Gdansk.
Our Lady of Victories Comitium: Our Lady of Good Counsel Curia gave its report. They have 8 praesidia, with 136 auxiliaries attached to the Comitium. Most of the praesidia are engaged in the usual works of visitation of the elderly in their homes and in hospitals and they also conduct an apostolate to people suffering from alcohol abuse.

Oradeu Comitium
is organising Eucharistic Adoration as a prelude to starting praesidia in new parishes. Legionaries in all praesidia are involved in many parish activities, including work with the homeless, teaching them to pray and encouraging them to return to the Sacraments.
Bucharest Curia. Minutes received, but not translated. A letter from the president indicates that praesidia are functioning.

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Boletín de febrero 2014
February 2014
Senatus de Gitega. Informa que 304 jóvenes se ingresaron como juveniles en el Comitium de Kanyinya y se formaron 3 nuevos Comitia, uno en Buraniro en la Diócesis de Ngozi y 2 en la Diócesis de Rutana en Gilharo y Mpinga respectivamente. Les dan respaldo a nivel parroquial en las Comunidades cristianas de Base. Los trabajos incluyen animar a los niños a la asistencia fiel a la escuela. Hay un apostolado con gente involucrada en la prostitución.
Senatus de Bangui: La última acta es de enero de 2013. Por otra parte, los informes recibidos indican un apostolado legionario floreciente, con muchas disputas matrimoniales y familiares resueltas. Los semilleros proveen a los Praesidia juveniles y estos a su vez a los de adultos.
Senatus de Katanga: Se les ha pedido que se pongan al día en el envío de las actas atrasadas.
Bukavu: Las últimas actas recibidas abarcaban el período hasta septiembre de 2011.
Senatus de Butembo: Las actas están actualizadas hasta finales de diciembre de 2013. A pesar de la gran agitación política, 65 legionarios asistieron a la junta de noviembre, incluyendo 5 oficiales del Senatus, 2 delegados de las Regiae de Beni y de Lubero, 37 de varios Comitia y 6 de la Curia juvenil. Informaron 2 Comitia, sumando 1.034 socios activos en 13 Curiae y 95 Praesidiae. El acta de diciembre hizo un llamamiento a todas las familias a cuidarse entre sí, tomando a la Sagrada Familia de Nazaret como su modelo. De los 90 socios presentes, 7 oficiales vinieron de la Diócesis de Bunia. Informaron 4 Comitia: legionarios activos, 30.952. Los trabajos incluyen visita a hogares para enseñar a la gente cómo rezar el Rosario, a las madres se les da lecciones de cocina y corte y confección, se aconseja a familias con problemas, han sido bautizados paganos, se ayuda a viudas, huérfanos y refugiados. Informaron que hubo muchos retornos a la Fe. Se organizaron varios proyectos de Peregrinatio Pro-Cristo. El hno. Kambale, en sus cartas, pidió oraciones por la paz en la región del Norte de Kivu. El Senatus espera celebrar su Jubilieo de 25º aniversario el próximo año.
MAURICIO (Rodrigues)
Los recientes informes muestran que la Legión trabaja bien. Los planes por el año son todos los actos públicos usuales (Acies, misa de difuntos en noviembre, retiros y encuentros, visitas regulares a los consejos, incluyendo juveniles. Se notificó la visita a la isla de Rodrigues, un día de formación para oficiales y un proyecto de Exploratio Dominicalis. Los Praesidia informan visita a hospitales y hogares, rezo con las familias de duelo en los velatorios, acompañamiento de sacerdotes en las visitas a enfermos, transporte de personas inválidas y ancianas a Misa y ayuda en las actividades parroquiales.
Senatus de Kigali: Se recibió el acta de septiembre de 2013. Se llevó a cabo un congreso de tres días para dirigentes de colegios secundarios y terciarios, al que acudieron 305 legionarios. Uno de los temas fue el apostolado en las escuelas. Muchos consejos tienen Praesidia juveniles y Curiae en varios niveles. A los Consejos sin Praesidia juveniles son alentados a empezarlos; también se pone énfasis en el reclutamiento de socios auxiliares. Se han establecido varias Curiae.

Senatus de Osaka: Se recibieron las actas hasta julio de 2013. El Padre Son, un sacerdote coreano que está trabajando en Japón, ha fundado nuevos Praesidia en sus dos Parroquias, en la ciudad de Sapporo. Pidió oraciones por el crecimiento de la Legión. El Praesidium “Virgen Fidelísima”, ayuda en la Iglesia Kohri con la tarea parroquial de servicio a los recientemente bautizados, a los que recibieron la Primera Comunión y en el Centro de Personas sin Hogar. Los legionarios acompañan al sacerdote en sus visitas para llevar la Sagrada Comunión. Los socios del Praesidium “Madre de la Misericordia”, escriben y llaman por teléfono a las personas que no pueden salir de casa y ayudan en Misa y en otras Liturgias. Socios de la Regia de Tokio leen y graban libros para personas con dificultades de visión. Siguen en contacto con Michael Coleman, un sacerdote irlandés que conocieron en Dublín, quien está desea ayudar en todo lo que pueda. La extensión en el distrito de Hirado es relativamente exitosa.
Regia de Kuala Lumpor: El informe abarca desde agosto a octubre de 2013. Asistencia: en agosto 60%, en septiembre, 74% y en octubre, 42%. Cuatro Praesidia con 40 socios activos presentaron sus informes. Los trabajos incluyeron visita a hogares, hospitales y geriátricos. Durante el Año de la Fe, algunos socios peregrinaron a iglesias locales. Como resultado de contactos legionarios, fueron bautizados una niña de cuatro años y un niño de dos. Una pareja que había regularizado su matrimonio bautizó a sus dos niños; ahora van a Misa los domingos. Se recibieron informes trimestrales de un Comitium con 7 Praesidia y 11 Curiae afiliadas. Dos legionarios asistieron a reuniones de "YouCat" y participaron con otros jóvenes de la extensión en un leprosario. El 8 de septiembre tuvo lugar una Procesión del Rosario con velas encendidas. Se dio literatura católica a los ancianos, los enfermos y los no practicantes.
Senatus de Taiwan: Se recibieron las actas hasta enero. El año pasado se establecieron 11 nuevos Praesidia, pero 3 tuvieron que cerrar debido a la agitación social en la zona. Es de esperar que sólo sea algo temporal. La mayoría de los Praesidia en Taiwan tienen muchos miembros auxiliares y pretorianos. Una Curia que celebró recientemente su 60º aniversario fundó 2 nuevos Praesidia. Se bautizaron 49 personas después de ser instruidas por legionarios. El Praesidium “Auxilio de los cristianos”, en una isla lejana, restableció sus vínculos con el continente.
Senatus de Singapur: Se recibieron las actas de septiembre a diciembre. La asistencia promedio es de un 68 % para los oficiales de la Curia y de 58% el de oficiales de Praesidia. Un otrora legionario ha sido ordenado sacerdote. Una charla dada por S.E. Arzobispo de Goh sobre “El rol de la Legión en el contexto de la Nueva Evangelización” tuvo una asistencia de 300 legionarios. La Curia de Corea organiza un servicio de autobús para llevar a la gente a Misa; durante el viaje rezan las oraciones. Tuvo lugar un “Día del Recuerdo”. 29 legionarios fueron en peregrinación a 7 Iglesias. En Kuching, se instruyó a los miembros de la Curia “Madre Gloriosa”, para enseñar en la escuela dominical.
Comitium de Hong Kong: se recibieron las actas de marzo a junio de 2013. Asistencia: oficiales de Curia, 90% y oficiales de Praesidium, 70%. Los trabajos registrados incluyen la “Casa del Amor”, para el cuidado a los ancianos, trabajos parroquiales, contactos callejeros, visita a hogares, clases de catecismo, escuela dominical, asistencia social a los pobres, visita a las cárceles y visita del Centro de Tratamiento de Adicciones.
Senatus de Malang: Se recibieron las actas de septiembre a diciembre. El promedio de asistencia de los oficiales es del 83% y de los socios del 54%. Una Curia en Bali formó un nuevo Praesidium. La Regia Kupang ha estado preparando para establecer un Comitium en Atambua y organizó un Encuentro de Jóvenes. Una Curia informa desde Papúa, Indonesia, que visitó todos sus Praesidia e informó instrucción de los legionarios, enseñanza del catecismo en un orfanato y una prisión. Se establecieron un Praesidium de adultos y cuatro Praesidia juveniles. Una Curia en Madura está ayudando en el desarrollo de Praesidia juveniles.
Senatus de Yakarta: Se recibió el acta de septiembre 2013. Asistencia: oficiales 83%, miembros 44%. Tres Praesidia en el Comitium de Bogor conducen vigilias los viernes, con Misa y Vía Crucis. Un Praesidium en el Seminario tiene 23 socios. Se pidió al Comitium alentar a los socios mediante la proyección de videos católicos. Se dijo que la Curia de Palangkaraya en Kilimantan se está extendiendo rápidamente en un área enorme con “casi un nuevo Praesidium cada mes”. Un programa Camping para la Juventud, aprobado por el Obispo, tuvo participando a 200 alumnos. El Director Espiritual del Senatus animó a los legionarios a ofrecerse como voluntarios para vivir en Papúa por algunos meses e involucrarse en la vida, la enseñanza, la lectura, la escritura, la agricultura, etc., de Papúa.
Senatus de Seúl: Se recibió el acta de octubre 2013. Se felicitó a una Curia por tener un incremento de 26 socios. La Regia Daejon informó 30.794 catecúmenos, 3.699 bautismos y 4.513 personas vueltas a los Sacramentos.
Senatus de Gwanjgiu: Se recibió el acta de noviembre 2013. Se felicitó a una Curia por tener un incremento de 26 socios.
Senatus de Daegu: Se recibió el acta de Diciembre 2013. El Comitium de Sangyok informó una nueva Curia y varios nuevos Praesidia, incluyendo un Praesidium juvenil. Reclutaron 221 socios activos durante el año y tuvieron 359 vueltas a los Sacramentos. Un Comitium en Taejon tuvo 30 vueltas a los sacramentos. La mayoría de los informes de los consejos muestran reclutamiento de catecúmenos, bautismos y regresos a los sacramentos, más el reclutamiento de nuevos legionarios. El Comitium de Uksoo informó 68 catecúmenos reclutados, 30 bautizados, 33 regresos a los Sacramentos, 35 miembros activos y 7 auxiliares reclutados en un mes.

América del Sur (Argentina y Brasil)
Senatus de Buenos Aires: La ceremonia junto a la tumba de Alfonso Lambe en enero fue un evento de todo el día, con continuos rosarios, Misa al mediodía, contactos callejeros y terminando por la tarde con una reunión de los legionarios visitantes. Este año, asistió un total de 60 legionarios del Senatus de Asunción, Paraguay y los Senatus de Córdoba y Uruguay asistieron. Guadalupe Morad e la Hna. Isabel se mantienen en estrecho contacto con el Senatus en todas las cuestiones relativas a la Causa de Alfonso Lambe. Las visitas a los consejos distantes y la organización de las misas al aire libre en barrios humildes mostraron el espíritu fantástico y el trabajo duro de los legionarios. Los informes trimestrales en las juntas del Senatus están probando ser muy efectivos.
Senatus de Córdoba: El Senatus llevó a cabo un Mini-Taller sobre Prácticas New Age y Ángeles. Una Curia afiliada tiene las juntas de un nuevo Praesidium en la casa de un socio, ya que no hay capilla. Más de 2.600 personas fueron contactadas en las calles.
Senatus de Salta: Una delegación de 18 jóvenes legionarios de Salta hizo un largo viaje a Rosario para participar en el 3º Encuentro Nacional de Jóvenes Legionarios. El Encuentro incorporó contactos callejeros. En cada reunión del Senatus hay siempre informes de fundaciones de nuevos consejos y de la conversión de familias que estaban en sectas; se presentan informes del comité de jóvenes legionarios, que es similar a "Deus et Patria".
Regia de Corrientes: Un Praesidium ayuda en un comedor. Los socios enseñan a los clientes a orar y cantar con ellos y organizan una misa una vez al mes.
Regia de Rosario: La Regia está haciendo extensión en la Universidad Católica Argentina. Los legionarios tuvieron conversaciones con los decanos y los capellanes, además de visitar todas las Facultades.
Senatus de Belem: A legionarios de una parroquia de Belem se les ha confiado la celebración de la Eucaristía dominical y la preparación de padres y padrinos para el bautismo de sus hijos. El Director Espiritual del Senatus y un diácono de la Regia afiliada de Castanhal, asistieron al Encuentro de Directores Espirituales en Recife. La Regia informó de 85 retornos a la Iglesia.
Senatus de Belo Horizonte: Varios Praesidia hacen visitas a los hospitales en cooperación con los Capellanes. Un Praesidium estableció contacto con más de 1.100 pacientes y visitantes, resultando en alrededor de 200 pedidos para recibir la Sagrada Comunión. En un Centro de Detención Juvenil fueron bautizados dos jóvenes. El Comitium de Paracatu informó que una pareja curada de cáncer por la intercesión de Frank Duff. Las estadísticas de la Regia de Uberlandia muestran 3.000 activos.
Senatus de Fortaleza: Una Curia en Maranguape informó 1.108 visitas a hogares y 114 niños preparándose para la Primera Comunión. La mayoría de los informes muestran muchas visitas a los hogares y a los enfermos, ancianos y afligidos.
Senatus Ponta Grossa: Los legionarios prepararon a 87 jóvenes para la Primera Comunión. Se visitaron hoteles con los horarios de Misa de las iglesias cercanas. También se visitaron a los presos y se consiguió empleo para tres personas que vivían en la calle.
Senatus de Recife: El Senatus ha reanudado la publicación de la revista de la Legión después de un lapso de dos años. Un Comitium afiliado informó la fundación de dos Praesidia juveniles. 30 adultos fueron preparados para el Bautismo. 300 legionarios, incluyendo cuatro Directores Espirituales participaron en el Retiro de la Legión. Otro Comitium informó de 26 retornos a la Iglesia y tuvo una asistencia de 400 legionarios y dos Directores Espirituales en una sesión de formación. La Regia de Maceio informó visitas a cerca de 30.000 familias y un apostolado entre los estudiantes universitarios, ayudados por socios de un Praesidium juvenil.
Senatus de Río de Janeiro: Dos Directores Espirituales asistieron a la reunión de agosto, incluyendo al director recién nombrado, P. Fabio Siqueira. Fr. Fabio sucede al obispo Dom Edson de Castro Homem, Obispo Auxiliar de Río y representante de la Legión en la Conferencia Episcopal Nacional. Las visitas al hospital incluyen invitar no sólo a los pacientes, sino también al personal médico y de enfermería, a tomar parte en la celebración de la Sagrada Eucaristía. Un legionario del distante estado de Acre ha sido enviado para establecer una nueva Curia en la ciudad amazónica de Tefe. La Regia de Espírito Santo informó de 343 visitas al hospital para enfermos de SIDA. Un Comitium en la Diócesis Volta Redonda estableció un Praesidium de estudiantes universitarios. En Petrópolis, se visitó una residencia para jóvenes drogadictos, así como a las familias afectadas por las inundaciones.
Senatus de Salvador: En la ciudad de Salvador, se ha confiado a la Legión la dirección de la procesión mensual en la Basílica de la Inmaculada Concepción, una de las iglesias más históricas en Brasil, que se remonta al siglo 17. Un Praesidium juvenil informó visitas a los protestantes, acompañando a los Ministros Extraordinarios de la Comunión a ver a los enfermos, y acompañando al sacerdote para administrar la Unción de los Enfermos.
Senatus de Sao Luis: El principal trabajo del Senatus es la promoción de los Sacramentos, por ejemplo, 51 niños fueron preparados para el Bautismo, 406 para la Primera Comunión y 273 para la Confirmación. El cuidado de 26 personas mayores incluye llevarlos a consultas médicas y exámenes. En la capital del estado de Sao Luis, cada Curia organiza un rosario en una plaza pública.
Senatus de Sao Paulo: La Regia de Campo Grande, en el estado de Mato Grosso, informó 3.000 familias visitadas. Un Comitium en Santo Omaro hizo 2.276 visitas domiciliarias, 913 visitas a ancianos y 982 visitas a enfermos en sus hogares y en el hospital. El Senatus planea reimprimir la Tessera y el Manual en un tamaño más grande y amplio, sin cambiar las páginas.
La Regia de Brasilia fue representada por dos Directores Espirituales en el Encuentro de Recife. Casi cuatro mil quinientos niños, jóvenes y adultos fueron preparados por la catequesis para recibir los sacramentos. Después de una novena a Frank Duff, una pareja resolvió un grave problema financiero.

Senatus de Austria: El informe abarca 4 Praesidia, 8 Curiae directamente afiliadas y 10 Comitia. Se promueve fuertemente la Verdadera Devoción a María en todos los Consejos. Dos praesidia africanos y 23 croatas presentaron informes; ellos revelaron que como resultado de las visitas con imagen, dos personas regresaron a la práctica de la fe, dos parejas en concubinato recibieron el sacramento del matrimonio y 30 personas se acercaron a la Confesión. Se está considerando la fusión de las Curiae juvenil de Viena y la de Viena Sudeste.
El Comitium de Linz registra el bautismo de un musulmán. La Curia de Heiliga Kreuz, en el Comitium de Wienerwald organizó una velada para aquellos que habían abandonado la Iglesia; tuvieron una asistencia de 260.
Comitium de Praga: Este consejo cuenta con 12 Praesidia y la Curia Kletovy con 4 praesidia. Dos nuevos Praesidia están funcionando bien. Los legionarios invitan a la gente a las meditaciones en la "Columna Mariana" que se remonta a 1642.
El Comitium de Olmuetz tiene 6 Praesidia y la Curia Bruenn con 4 Praesidia. Conducen un apostolado con los niños y animan a los padres a que sus hijos sean bautizados.
El Comitium de Zseliz tiene 13 Praesidia y 3 Curiae. La Curia de Egyhazelle organiza excursiones en bicicleta para los jóvenes. La Curia Komaron trabaja con Radio María.
El Senatus de Austria aprobó la visita de la Hermana Elizabeth Kriss y el P. Joseph a Harkov para asistir a una reunión de Directores Espirituales.
El Comitium de Bielorrusia: Se recibieron las actas hasta diciembre. El Praesidium Nuestra Señora del Escapulario, de Minsk, con 7 socios activos y 14 auxiliares hace visitas domiciliarias y compilaron un censo de católicos en la parroquia. Visitan un hospital, una clínica y a parroquianos enfermos en sus hogares. También hacen contactos con la multitud en los parques y en una estación de autobús y visitan un colegio de internos en conjunto con otro Praesidium. Los esfuerzos de extensión del Comitium de Soly produjeron 22 auxiliares. La Curia de Lida ha establecido un nuevo Praesidium en Ivye, con 8 socios. La Curia de Molodechno informó que dos ex legionarios de Vileika han sido ordenados diáconos. Curia de Borisov: legionarios de Zhodino ayudan a su párroco con la evangelización. Comparten su fe y preparan a las personas para los Sacramentos de la Confesión y del Matrimonio.
Curia Glubokoye: todos los domingos, Los legionarios visitan un hospital e invitan a los pacientes a la Santa Misa en la Capilla del Hospital. Algunos pacientes han recibido el Sacramento de la Confesión después de ausencias de 20 a 30 años. Los legionarios también ayudaron a construir una casa parroquial y cuidan las tumbas de los sacerdotes.
Curia Mogilev: Los legionarios visitan hospitales, una clínica de aborto y hacen contactos callejeros. Cada viernes organizan clases de religión en una escuela para niños católicos y ortodoxos. Dos Praesidia juveniles tienen 20 socios. 100 legionarios asistieron a las celebraciones del 8 de diciembre en Budslav.
Curia de Zabreg: Una escuela para legionarios tuvo una asistencia de 110. El tema de discusión fue: “La promesa legionaria”. Un encuentro de Directores Espirituales tuvo una asistencia de 15. Los días 11-13 de octubre 150 legionarios participaron de una peregrinación al Vaticano y tres del grupo hablaron de ello en Radio Vaticano. El número de socios de los Praesidia que informaron era: 5, 7 y 10. Llevan a cabo un apostolado muy fructuoso mediante la visita domiciliaria y los contactos con la multitud. 13 personas regresaron a los sacramentos y dos se Confirmaron. Un Praesidium organizó la Confesión y la Sagrada Comunión para los parroquianos de edad avanzada. Tres recibieron la Unción de los Enfermos y 70 fueron a la Confesión y a la Sagrada Comunión. Las noticias de la Curia y el Comitium afiliados hablan de dos nuevos Praesidia y numerosas personas regresando a los Sacramentos, una después de 50 años. Los legionarios Juveniles emprenden un apostolado en una residencia de estudiantes y en la escuela.
La Curia de Sarajevo tiene 7 Praesidia con 53 socios activos y 205 auxiliares. Siete personas recibieron los Sacramentos.
El informe del Senatus abarca 7 Praesidia, 8 Curiae y 4 Comitia. Todas las actas informan sobre esfuerzos de extensión. Se establecieron cuatro nuevos Praesidia. La Regia de Budapest tiene 4 Praesidia afiliados. La Diócesis de Vac tiene 10 Praesidia. Los trabajos incluyen la visita a hospitales y a enfermos en sus casas, visitas con la imagen peregrina de la Virgen, el rezo del Santo Rosario antes de los entierros, el cuidado de las tumbas abandonadas y trabajo con Radio María. La Curia de Kistareau tiene 2 grupos de jóvenes, uno entre discapacitados físicos y mentales y el otro entre los jóvenes que dejan los orfanatos estatales. El Comitium de Nagybatomy y la Curia Pee establecieron cada uno un nuevo Praesidium.
Comitium Riga: Un Praesidium de 6 socios en la ciudad de Riga ha comenzado un apostolado con las mujeres que ejercen la prostitución. El nuevo trabajo se inició en septiembre y a la fecha se han contactado a 17 chicas. Todas han aceptado la Medalla Milagrosa y literatura religiosa. Dos chicas se acercaron a la Confesión. Esta es la primera vez que se ha realizado un trabajo así en Letonia.
La Curia Jelgava tiene tres Praesidia y 10 legionarios.
La Curia Rezekne tiene 7 Praesidia. Un Praesidium de 6 socios organizó charlas sobre la Santísima Virgen durante septiembre y la asistencia fue de 10 a 15 personas.
Comitium Kaunas: Los esfuerzos de reclutamiento durante octubre resultaron en 5 personas que se hicieron activos y 8 auxiliares. Un Praesidium de 7 socios ha notado, en el curso de los contactos callejeros, un gran aumento en el número de personas sin hogar. Ayudan a estas personas a encontrar alojamiento y hacen los arreglos para una celebración de la Santa Misa en un Refugio Nocturno una vez al mes.
Curia de Vilinus: Un Praesidium de 8, que trabajan con los discapacitados y los que viven solos han obtenido un aumento en la asistencia al Rosario diario, que se recita en el Centro de Día. Muchas personas contactadas en el Centro no tienen religión, o la abandonaron hace años. Los legionarios promueven la Medalla Milagrosa y distribuyen los horarios de las misas en las iglesias locales.
El Comitium de Telsiai tiene 11 Praesidia y 2 Curiae afiliadas. Un nuevo Praesidium en la parroquia de Silale tiene 12 socios y 5 auxiliares. Los Praesidia están haciendo una enorme cantidad de visitas domiciliarias. Tres personas contactadas recibieron los sacramentos después de un alejamiento de 60 años y otros tres después de lapsos de 50, 35 y 6 años. La visita a un complejo de departamentos resultó en que un hombre de 80 años de edad se acercó a la confesión después de una ausencia de 50 años, y su esposa aprendió a rezar el Rosario. Un Praesidium de 5 socios, con 39 auxiliares, visitan a sus auxiliares en sus cumpleaños y en otras ocasiones. En la Curia afiliada, las visitas al hospital trajeron 154 pacientes a recibir los Sacramentos.
Varsovia: Las actas del Comitium Nuestra Señora de la Merced están al día. Se han hecho buenos progresos en vistas a la creación de una Curia en Gdansk.
Comitium Nuestra Señora de las Victorias: Nuestra Señora del Buen Consejo Curia dio su informe. Tienen 8 Praesidia con 136 auxiliares afiliados al Comitium. La mayoría de los Praesidia se dedican a los trabajos habituales de visitas a ancianos en sus hogares y en hospitales y también realizan un apostolado con personas que sufren por el abuso de alcohol.
El Comitium de Oradeu está organizando la adoración eucarística como un preludio para comenzar Praesidia en nuevas parroquias. Los legionarios en todos los Praesidia están involucrados en muchas actividades parroquiales, incluyendo el trabajo con las personas sin hogar, enseñándoles a rezar y alentándolos a volver a los Sacramentos.
Curia de Bucarest: Se recibió el acta, pero no traducida. Una carta del presidente indica que los Praesidia están funcionando.

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news | Allocutio
Allocutio at Concilium - January 2014 - Fr. Bede McGregor, OP
February 2014
Baptism and Legion Spirituality
One of the great gifts that God gave to the Church through Blessed John 11 was his teaching on the Rosary and specifically his adding of the five Mysteries of Light to its recitation. It is obvious now that it is an enormous enrichment of the Rosary to meditate on the public life of Jesus because every word of his preaching and his deeds is full of light and grace. It must have been difficult to decide which mysteries of Jesus to include in these Luminous Mysteries, but it is difficult to see how the Baptism of Jesus could have been omitted. Here the mystery of the Trinity and the personal identity of Jesus and his Mission are explicitly revealed. Indeed our own Christian identity and mission is also revealed.

‘This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased,’ says everything about the identity of Jesus. In this Gospel episode we also learn the specific purpose of the Incarnation. God becomes incarnate not only to be among us and near to us and indeed for us, but he becomes one of us even though we are sinners and he is absolutely free from sin. He joins in the long line of sinners to be baptised by John. Here we have a perpetual reminder not only of the infinite love of God for us, but also his infinite humility. God loves us poor sinners and that is the ultimate reason for the Incarnation. No wonder it was said of Him: ‘He is a friend of sinners and publicans, and eats and drinks with them.’ As he lived among sinners, so he would die on the Cross among them.

Now the Baptism of Jesus is a paradigm of our baptism. In baptism we become in all reality the children of God. In and through Christ we become immersed in the mystery of the Trinity. We become members of the Mystical; Body of Christ, the Church, temples of the Holy Spirit, and Mary becomes our Mother through grace in a new and deeper way. Also, we share in the mission of Christ, namely, in the redemption of each other and the whole world. The last words of the Risen Lord to us sum up his whole life and what he asks us to do: ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all I have commanded you, and lo I am with you always, to the end of the age.(Mt.28: 18- 20).

Let us see now how the Legion appropriates the rich teaching of the Church on Baptism. Let us begin by quoting the Handbook: ‘The Legion’s purpose is to help its members and all those in contact with them to live out their Christian vocation to the full. That vocation has its source in baptism. By baptism one is made another Christ. “We have not only become other Christs, but Christ Himself (St. Augustine). So we affirm that our Christian identity is utterly Christocentric through baptism and the purpose of the Legion is to help everyone it meets to live more fully their baptismal consecration. This teaching of the Handbook reflects very precisely the explicit and often repeated teaching of St Louis Marie de Montfort, namely, that the practice of the True Devotion to Mary is geared to enabling us to live more fully and effectively our baptismal vocation.

First of all let us recall a basic principle in the teaching of our great Legion tutor. He says: “If devotion to Our Lady distracts us from Our Lord we would have to reject it as an illusion of the devil. (TD62). Of course it is impossible for Mary to do anything else but lead us to Our Lord.

Now let St Louis Marie de Montfort explain in his own words the role of Mary in the Sacrament of Baptism: ‘As our whole perfection consists in being conformed, united and consecrated to Jesus Christ, it follows that the most perfect of all devotions is clearly the one which conforms, unites and consecrates us most perfectly to Jesus Christ. Now as Mary is of all creatures the most conformed to Jesus Christ, it follows that of all devotions, the one that most consecrates and conforms a soul to Our Lord is the devotion to the Blessed Virgin, his Mother, and that the more is a soul consecrated to Mary, the more will it be consecrated to Jesus Christ.

It is for this reason that the perfect consecration to Jesus is nothing else than a perfect and entire consecration of oneself to the Blessed Virgin, which is the devotion I teach. In other words it is a perfect renewal of the vows and promises of Baptism.’ (TD120) It is this teaching of St. Louis de Montfort that is the basis of the statement in the Handbook that the purpose of the Legion is to enable its members and all those it comes into contact with, to live more fully the multiple graces of their Baptism. We cannot properly understand de Montfort’s True Devotion to Mary, or the spirituality of the Legion without profound reference to our baptismal vocation. In recent decades we have recovered to some extent our awareness of the presence and the role of Our Lady to the Sacrament of the Eucharist. We now invoke her as the Woman of the Sacrament of the Eucharist. It would be a source of great grace if we can recover our awareness of the role of Mary in our Baptism as one who most effectively helps us to live out our baptismal vows and promises.

Let me conclude with some words of Bl. John Paul 11, quoted in the Handbook: ‘Marian spirituality, like its corresponding spirituality, like its corresponding devotion, finds a very rich source in the historical experiences of individuals and of various Christian communities present among the different peoples and nations of the world. In this regard I would like to recall, among the many witnesses and teachers of this spirituality, the figure of St. Louis Grignion de Montfort, who proposes the consecration to Christ through the hands of Mary, as an effective means for Christians to live faithfully their baptismal commitments.’ (RMat. 45)

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news | Bulletins
Concilium Bulletin - January 2014
February 2014
Senatus of Abidjan
: These reports give an account of an immense amount of apostolic work. Usually a praesidium and two Comitia give their Annual Reports at the meeting of the Senatus. Those reporting on this occasion have in all a membership of 7,581 legionaries of whom 848 are praetorians. Works included contact with members of other Christian Churches, Muslims and those with no religion. The result of this work was families reconciled - 113; marriages regularised - 91; returns to Mass - 133; Catechumens enrolled - 1,684; baptisms - 589; Sacrament of Reconciliation - 414; Sacrament of Confirmation - 990; Sacrament of the Sick -296. A National Marian Day was held at Gagnoa on the 7th September 2013 in which a large number of Legionaries from six Dioceses took part.

Senatus of Lomé
: The news of the Lome Regia becoming a Senatus was received with great joy and was seen as a beautiful Christmas present and also a great encouragement to all the legionaries in Togo. The Spiritual Director, who has not been able to attend the Regia meetings for several years because of his work in the Parish, attended the January Senatus meeting and congratulated the legionaries. The November minutes were received. A Congress, Exploratio Dominicalis, the Patricians and extension are widely reported on in the minutes. A PPC was organised to Anlongan, Ghana with 36 participants from Togo and 3 from Ghana (there were 2 seminarians). The PPC report was given on a visit to the Senatus of Accra, while the Regia of Cotonou and the Senatus of Abidjan were visited in November.
They also reported on a special day for Legion couples and the Spiritual Director encouraged this to take place on a yearly basis on or around 15th August. Following extension work by two legionaries in the region of Touhou, a new Curia was set-up.

The two extension workers have visited Joal, Ziguinchor and Casamence, they worked with the local legionaries. Two new Curiae are expected to be set-up in Dakar this month. Two legionaries were invited to speak on the Legion at a Youth gathering in Kaolack, to young people from Senegal, Gambia, Mauretania, Mali, Guinea Bissau and Guinea Conakry.

No minutes or report since our last report. It is suggested that our Togolese visitators in nearby Senegal be asked to visit Conakry Comitium before they return home.

Douala Senatus
: November minutes received. Work has started on the building for the Legion house in Douala. It should only take 2 months to complete. There is a shortfall of about €7500 on the total cost. Every Catholic movement is asked to contribute to the centennial celebrations of the Church in the Cameroon by the Archdiocese and the Legion was asked for €280. A Congress was held in Douala last October. The previous one was held 12 years ago. The Comitium in Limbe is in the process of setting up a junior Curia.
The Regia of Yaoundé was commended on the work they do in the prison. With a high number joining the prison praesidia, these have to split into smaller praesidia. They also do after care apostolate. Two new Comitia were set up with the permission of the Bishop of Bafia, one in Somo and one in Bokito. Contact is ongoing with Tchad.

October minutes received from Brazzaville Regia. Reports include teaching catechism, organising the Liturgy, home visitation and street contact, many contacts with lapsed Catholics, Muslims, Protestants, members of sects and atheists. The first ever Congress of the Legion of Mary in the Congo took place in Brazzaville on the 5th – 8th September 2013 with the theme ‘The Legion of Mary at the service of the Church: appraisal, spirituality and vision’. In attendance were His Excellency, Msgr. Mbuyu, Bishop of Kinkala Diocese, and Msgr. Monot, Bishop of the diocese of Ouesso, eight spiritual directors from six dioceses in the Congo and 600 legionaries, including three legionaries from the Senatus of Kinshasa. Arising from the Congress discussions, the Regia intends to focus particularly on catechesis in parishes in order to attract the young to the Legion, to improve liaison with the clergy, plus translation of the Handbook and Legion allocutios into the local languages.

There is good contact by mail and telephone with Bata Comitium. A group of 3 distant Curiae seem to offer the possibility of a second Comitium.

Nicaragua Regia Managua
: The Regia is taking extension very seriously since the visit of the Concilium representatives. The attached Comitium of Leon set up one senior and two junior praesidia and the attached Comitium of Granada has initiated extension in a neighbouring province. The Regia will send a group of extension workers to Matagalpa. Junior legionaries in Managua (the capital) work in the market area contacting young drug addicts; they share the Word of God and if possible a little prayer for them and their families.

El Salvador: The legionaries are helping other legionaries and non-legionaries to learn to read and write; this is proving very successful. An attached praesidium worked hard in preparation for Mercy Sunday. Over 700 people went to Confession, some of them after a long absence. from the Sacrament. Two street girls, who left the street-life are now good practicing Catholics. One of them, by way of providing an income, bought a stall in the local market.
Honduras: The Legion in Honduras has not been working well for a long time. Up to about six months ago when they had a visit from Concilium by two legionaries from Madrid, they hadn’t been in touch with the Concilium at all. Minutes have been received since then. An email was also received from the Spiritual.Director, The different praesidia and Curiae affiliated are working well.

Panama Regia: An attached praesidium organises and facilitates small prayer groups meetings in different neighbourhoods. Attendance at the Regia meeting has gone down over the past three months. They explain that it was due to bad weather. A legionary is studying to be a Permanent Deacon. A Curia is planning to set up another Curia with 5 praesidia. The Curia is growing and these praesidia are distant. There is also the possibility that they can set up more praesidia in the area.

Mexico City Senatus
: The Regia of Leon, which was transferred from the Concilium to the Senatus has been visited by two legionaries, including the President of the Senatus and steps are being taken to resolve the problems which were reported to Concilium. Almost half of the members of a Curia with 61 members, are praetorians; they also have a large number of auxiliaries. A group said the Rosary in different homes each day in the month of October. They placed an altar in the doorway and invited neighbours to participate. Five former members returned to the Legion.

Merida Regia: The officers of the Senatus visited Concilium in November. They were very pleased with the visit, but while the weather was reasonable by European standards, they did not think so! The visit was very valuable both to the Concilium and to the Senatus Officers; it was worth more than a hundred letters. As the months progress they will be putting the new ideas and suggestions into practice. Recent correspondence indicates that a Curia with 22 praesidia invited 900 contacts to the Legion and only 11 accepted the invitation. A Curia set up two new Patrician Groups with an attendance of 15 and 20 respectively.

Durango Regia: Correspondence is received regularly now and the correspondent is insisting on the compliance with the four Standing Instructions. The Legion work in the Social Rehabilitation Centre is proving more difficult due to the work of the sects, who give material aid.

Guadalajara Regia: The attached Comitium of Aguascalientes reported pre-marriage talks given by legionaries. 37 couples received the Sacrament of marriage. A praesidium with 35 members was closed because they did not adhere to the Legion system. A celebration of Light was organised to counteract the pagan customs of Halloween. A lady who was very ill recovered quickly after she received the Miraculous Medal from the legionaries.

Monterrey Regia:
The Legion had a stand at an event for Catholic Lay Organisation. The Archbishop of Monterrey visited the stand, signed the Visitors book and spoke with the legionaries. They had contact with, priests seminarians, religious and lay people and hope that a follow up will result in many active and auxiliary members. Minutes indicate that legionaries carry out an apostolate to children with cancer.

Hermosillo Regia: The attached junior Curia is carrying out extension in three different areas. Children between the ages of 7 and 15 are showing interest. They are setting up little prayer meetings with the very young and junior praesidia with the older children. An attached Curia reported 19 probation members, but 6 full members had to retire due to illness. Three couples received the Sacrament of Baptism and a number returned to the practice of the faith; all continue to practice.

Thailand: 400 Catholic students were gathered for catechesis, visiting the sick, the aged and participating in wakes and funerals. Taxi drivers and their relatives were evangelised. A school praesidium has 10 members and 118 auxiliaries. One Curia has 16 senior and 9 junior praesidia attached. The Rosary was recited house-to-house in October and isolated Catholics in remote areas and jails are visited.

Sri Lanka: Three Curiae, two Comitia and two praesidia reported in this period. A new Curia of five praesidia started in July. An Awareness Day for juniors had 74 present. The Cardinal proclaimed a Marian Year, starting on 1st December. The Legion has been encouraged to have a greater presence in the schools. 80 homes in one area and 177 in another area were enthroned to the Sacred Heart. The annual Rosary Rally took place with the Cardinal, 7 Bishops, many priests, religious and laity among the 20,000 in attendance.

Kazakhstan: News reached us from Elisabeth Kriss: A year-old praesidium in Jasnaja Pol-jana tells us that 10 legionaries took the Legion Promise; the praesidium has 22 auxiliaries. A legionary from Ozornoe visiting Switzerland gave news that the Legion continues there, as does the praesidium in Petropavlovsk. They are hoping to start a men’s praesidium. They keep their link with the Legion by way of the daily recitation of the Catena.

Holy Land: Minutes to December received. The Comitium Treasurer, Bro. Samir Ziedan died unexpectedly. R.I.P. The Legionaries have great support from the Patriarch and Bishop. The Patriarch and Vice Patriarch of Nazareth met the praesidium members, discussed their activities and thanked them for their hospitality. Works include visiting the sick at home and in hospital. Jaffa village legionaries invited 158 people to undertake fasting during Lent, succeeding in the case of 94 of them! One Ramallah praesidium prepares children for First Holy Communion, while another visits the jails. A Praesidium in Nazareth assisted students with studies, brought 112 back to the Sacraments and helped 66 bereaved families.

Karnataka Senatus
: Minutes received to December. They have 5 Comitia, 15 Curiae and 9 praesidia attached. Extension, recruitment and Evangelisation are given high priority. There is much outreach to Hindus and Moslems. Nine of the eleven suffragen dioceses have the Legion. At the Concilium’s request they are also helping the Legion in the Archdiocese of Hyperabad to become stronger.

Mumbai Senatus: Minutes received up to December. Prison visitation has good success; a prayer service for mothers was held. A Legion Formation Day took as its theme, Chapter 9 of the Legion Handbook. Miraculous Medals, Rosary Beads and prayer cards were distributed.

Kottar Regia: Minutes received to September. Five new praesidia were established. Alcoholics were helped. A suicide attempt was aborted and many were instructed in the Sacrament of Confession.

Chennai Comitium reports that 31st of August had been allocated to the Legion to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady. 800 legionaries assembled in the Church. A procession was held, finishing at 9.30 p.m. Red Hills Curia; Legionaries teach catechism to 45 Hindu children. They arranged for 25 marriages to be rectified. They are also dealing with 146 families where there are constant quarrels.

Coimbatore Comitium: Latest minutes, August. Much work done in home and hospital visitation, also family counselling. Four Hindus became Catholics; marriages were regularised.. They have a committee promoting the three causes. About 50% of the parishes have Legion praesidia and extension continues.

Visakhapatnam Comitium: Latest minutes August. Enthronement of homes to the Sacred Heart was undertaken in seven different areas in one Curia and in six villages in another Curia. Six new praesidia were formed. Much work is done encouraging separated couples to reunite. Seven couples had their marriages blessed in the Church. Prisons, Orphanages, HIV and leprosy patients are visited.

Palayamkottai Comitium:.Minutes to August received. A newly-appointed Spiritual Director, Fr. Rajesh, was welcomed to the meeting. There are 6 Curiae and 21 directly-affiliated praesidia; most were represented at the Comitium meeting. Much work is done among Hindus and Muslims and with family reconciliations, preparation for the Sacraments, home and hospital visitation.

Nilgiris Comitium sent word in August to say they were setting up a website to mark their Golden Jubilee. They seek more regular contact from the Concilium.

Port Blair Comitium works in several parishes on the Andaman Islands far out in the Indian Ocean. They send a synopsis report every six months, currently up to November. They appear to organise weekly Liturgical Services and have been giving talks on the Year of Faith each Sunday. They visit homes and are rebuilding praesidia that had ceased to function.
Brussels Senatus
: Sixteen legionaries and their Spiritual Director took part in a crowd contact apostolate at Zaventem Airport. The PPC team of 12 to Beaurang resulted in 12 students of different religions assembling for prayer every Friday and consecration to Our Lady.

Antwerp Regia: This Council has a total of 115 active members, 228 auxiliaries. Recruiting continues among people of different nationalities.

Denmark: The latest news came in September. The praesidium celebrated September 8th with a Rosary before Sunday Mass, many coming early to take part. A junior praesidium set up in June last hasn’t yet found its feet.

Birmingham Senatus
: Minutes to December received. Crowd contact At the Bull Ring continues and extension is ongoing. Two praesidia undertook Exploratio Dominicalis to the Travelling Community and good contacts were made. Youth Patricians had an attendance of 14. A couple agreed to be married after their home had been blessed. A recruiting drive in Bristol yielded two new members. A Church Open Day at Mount Carmel, Redditch marked the close of the Year of Faith. In Coventry, an apostolate to homosexuals continues, with many good contacts.

Northampton Curia: A new praesidium was set up in Slough.
Swansea Curia: This Council reports two Exploratio Dominicalis projects.
Leeds Curia: The four attached praesidia carry out instruction of children attending non- Catholic schools.
Wirrel Curia: Mary Burgin, now a resident in a nursing home, joined legionaries for their outing to Birkenhead Park. In the Birkenhead Market, where legionaries look after a book barrow, there is great interaction between legionaries and stall-holders.

Middlesborough Comitium: Placing a statue of Our Lady outside St Peters Church and praying the Rosary leads to very good contacts with passers-by

Newcastle Comitium: Some praesidia are merging, while two are thriving in North West. Durham. An interesting discussion took place on whether very young Juniors should be asked to say the full Rosary, with lots of answers for and against.

Manchester Comitium: There is a new praesidium in Kirkhold (Rochdale and Oldham Curia). At the Blackburn Market the Rosary and carols brought the real spirit of Christmas to busy shoppers. The praesidium at Salford Cathedral has university graduates among its members.

Central London Curia: Legionaries took a man to Confession after a lapse of 30 years. He is now a regular at Mass. The praesidium in Soho Square has 3 active, 3 probationary ,2 praetorian ,I adjutorian and 9 auxiliary members. Along with home visitation they do street-contact and visit brothels in the Red Light area as part of their apostolate. A recruiting drive at the University of London Chaplaincy resulted in a Rosary group being set up at Newman House, at which full Legion prayers are said at 9.30 am every day.

Brentwood Comitium: Three children were instructed for Holy Communion, one of whom is now an altar boy. Miraculous Medals were given to the First Holy Communion class. Bereaved families were visited.

Brent and Harrow Curia: Members of this Council joined with legionaries in in Enfield and Harringey for a very successful Congress, which was attended by the correspondent.

Southwark Comitium: Two PPC projects took place and 4 recruiting drives, one a good success in Guernsey resulting in 8 new members. Croydon Curia has closed 3 praesidia, leaving 5 senior and 1 junior praesidium attached. DBS (vulnerable adults and child-safeguarding) clearance is awaited to resume home visitation. Juniors in Camberwell number 8 and the Surbiton Curia has a president, but no other officers.
Hammersmith Curia reports vacancies for Vice-President and Secretary; hopefully these will soon be filled. Minutes were received up to October.

West Middlesex Curia: One praesidium with full officership reports 22 members, 4 of whom are probationers. A Junior praesidium formed during the year has 5 members. Works include a 24 hour chain-Rosary vigil. Rosaries are organised on Our Lady’s Feast-Days. East Acton praesidium has 6 members, but no officers

Cardiff Comitium
: Warm sunshine blessed the Corpus Christi procession, but torrential rain and gale force winds challenged the legionaries who braved the mountain-top at Penrhys.

Wrexham Curia: Membership is down to fourteen. Recruiting is difficult, but the latest report on recruiting was up-beat and optimistic.

SWEDEN: The Legion in Sweden is in the caretakership of Liverpool Senatus. Translation of the Swedish Handbook is nearing completion. Fr. Nielson is working on the proof. Extension work has been carried out and a new praesidium has been set up in Norshipping. A detailed report on extension there has been given to Concilium.

Aire et Dax Regia
: No minutes have been received for over a year.

Valence Regia: Attendance at Regia meetings has been poor, but recruiting is ongoing, with a new member in Montelimar and interesting visitors in Valence itself. In Chateauneuf de Galaure, the junior boys praesidium has not restarted since the New Year. Home and nursing home visitation has been reported.

Paris Regia: The election for Regia President was not carried out correctly and has been re-scheduled for February. On-going discussions are taking place regarding the renewal of the lease on the Legion house due to expire at the end of the year. The Vietnamese Curia has 8 praesidia attached, showing regular contacts with Buddhists and Muslims. One person returned to the Sacraments after an absence of 50 years. A Congolese praesidium in St. Dennis, established in 2012 now has 21 members. The praesidium in Juvisy has 14 members and Immaculate Heart of Mary praesidium has 10 members

Strasbourg Comitium: Undertook a successful PPC project to Dijon last summer. The attached Curia of Colmar has 20 members. The reporting praesidium comprises mainly Potuguese members whose work is helping in the parish and with a movement for retired Christians. The Europe-wide PPC conference, held for a long number of years in Strasbourg, has moved this year to the Senatus of Brussels. Two members worked in Lourdes Permanance visiting campsites, despite flood damage to the Legion house.

Frankfurt Senatus
: Frankfurt, Cologne and Munich Regia held a summit meeting in August. ‘Improving contact between young people,’ ‘The Legion website’ and ‘Celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Legion in Germany in 2014’ were all considered. 12 priests attended a two-day Conference in Haroldsback. The closure of the Year was marked by an Apostolic day at Frankfort Airport. The Cologne Regia has a total of 266 active and 1570 auxiliary members.
The Comitium of Essen held a Children’s Bible weekend. The Legion had a stand at the Eucharistic Congress in June. The Korean Curia participated in a European-Korean Retreat.

Munich Regia: The Regia has established a new Curia in Regensburg.

Freiburg Comitium: The Comitium hosted a mini PPC Project. Works include, Patricians, Camping Park Apostolate and prison visitation.

Saarlous Curia: This Curia undertook a Media Apostolate over the internet.

Zurich Comitium
: Street contact was made during an Erotic Fair in Regensdorf, in the Zurich Red Light area. Five legionaries from Zurich did extension work in Liechtenstein in June.

Luxembourg: This zone comes under the caretakership of Cologne Regia and has presently one praesidium. Efforts continue to establish another praesidium.

Siberia: Sr. Metzler and Sr. Flatscher spent ten days in Siberia during September and formed a new praesidium with the presence of Bishop Werth. Two new members attended the Curia meeting in Krasnojarsk.

The Netherlands: Amsterdam Regia has two Patrician groups and efforts are being made to start a Spanish-speaking praesidium.

Norway: The praesidium in Tonsberg has no Spiritual Director. Extension efforts were made at Kongsberg. Works include, teaching Catechism and promoting the Rosary. A procession to celebrate St. Olav, Norway’s national saint was organised. The praesidium in Drammen has 8 members, 2 probationers and 14 auxiliaries. Great contact is done at a monthly parish get-together with new immigrants.

Dundee Curia
has reopened. Greenock and District Curia marked the Year of Faith by widely distributing Holy Water. A praesidium twice brought a Legion Vexillum to Corpus Christi Primary School and explained it to the children. Our Lady of the Wayside praesidium had 13 visitors during the year, two of whom stayed. The praesidium looked after the Wayside Club every day of the year, including Christmas Day and Hogmanay. They receive great support from the Bishop, clergy and local companies.

Gibraltar: Gibraltar is under the caretakership of Scotland. In May the Legion meeting was attended by Bishop Hesketh. Legionaries visit homes, nursing homes, prisons and schools. They also participated in the Three Kings Cavalcade and the ceremony in the Cathedral afterwards, the outdoor procession and the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday.


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news | Allocutio
Allocutio de enero 2014
January 2014
Bautismo y Espiritualidad legionaria

Uno de los más grandes regalos que Dios ha dado a la Iglesia, a través de Juan Pablo II, fue su enseñanza sobre el Rosario, y específicamente su agregado de los Misterios de Luz en su recitado. Es obvio ahora que es un enorme enriquecimiento del Rosario la meditación de la vida pública de Jesús, porque cada palabra de su predicación y de sus obras está llena de luz y gracia. Debe haber sido difícil decidir qué misterios de Jesús incluir en estos Misterios Luminosos, pero cuesta ver cómo hubiera podido omitirse el Bautismo de Jesús. Aquí el misterio de la Trinidad y la identidad personal de Jesús y su Misión son reveladas explícitamente. Ciertamente, nuestra propia identidad y misión cristianas son también reveladas.

“Este es mi Hijo muy querido, en quien tengo puesta toda mi predilección”, dice todo sobre la identidad de Jesús. En este episodio del Evangelio también aprendemos el propósito específico de la Encarnación. Dios se encarna no sólo para estar entre nosotros, cerca de nosotros, y ciertamente para nosotros, sino que se vuelve uno de nosotros incluso aunque somos pecadores y El está absolutamente libre de pecado. El se suma a la larga fila de pecadores para ser bautizado por Juan. Aquí tenemos un perpetuo recordatorio no sólo del infinito amor de Dios por nosotros, sino también de su infinita humildad. Dios nos ama a nosotros pobres pecadores y esa es la razón última de la Encarnación. No extraña que se dijera de Él: “Es amigo de publicanos y pecadores, y come y bebe con ellos”. Así como vivió entre pecadores, así moriría en la Cruz entre ellos.

Ahora bien, el Bautismo de Jesús es un paradigma de nuestro bautismo. En el bautismo nos convertimos realmente en hijos de Dios. En y por Cristo nos vemos inmersos en el misterio de la Trinidad. Nos hacemos miembros del Cuerpo Místico de Cristo, la Iglesia, templos del Espíritu Santo, y María se convierte por la gracia en nuestra Madre, de un modo nuevo y más profundo. Además, participamos de la misión de Cristo, esto es, en la redención de cada uno y del mundo entero. Las últimas palabras que nos dirige el Señor Resucitado resumen su vida entera y lo que nos pide que hagamos: “Yo he recibido todo poder en el cielo y en la tierra. Vayan, entonces, y hagan que todos los pueblos sean mis discípulos, bautizándolos en el nombre del Padre y del Hijo y del Espíritu Santo, y enseñándoles a cumplir todo lo que yo les he mandado. Y yo estoy con ustedes hasta el fin del mundo” (Mt. 28, 18-20).

Veamos ahora cómo la Legión se apropia de esta rica enseñanza de la Iglesia sobre el Bautismo. Comencemos por citar el Manual: “La finalidad de la Legión es ayudar a sus miembros y a todos aquellos que están en contacto con éstos a vivir desarrollando su vocación cristiana para con los demás. Esa vocación tiene su origen en el bautismo. Mediante el bautismo uno se hace otro Cristo. ‘No sólo nos convertimos en otro Cristo, sino que somos el propio Cristo’ (San Agustín)”. Por lo tanto afirmamos que nuestra identidad cristiana es enteramente cristocéntrica a través del bautismo y el propósito de la Legión es ayudar a todo el que contacta a vivir más plenamente su consagración bautismal. Esta enseñanza del Manual refleja de modo muy preciso la enseñanza explícita y frecuentemente repetida de San Luis María de Montfort, a saber, que la práctica de la Verdadera Devoción a María está orientada a capacitarnos para vivir más plena y eficazmente nuestra vocación bautismal.

Antes que nada, recordemos un principio básico en la enseñanza de nuestro gran tutor en la Legión: “Si la devoción a la Santísima Virgen apartase de Jesucristo, habría que rechazarla como ilusión diabólica” (VD 62). Por supuesto, es imposible para María otra cosa que conducirnos a Nuestro Señor.

Ahora, dejemos a San Luis María de Montfort explicar en sus propias palabras el rol de María en el Sacramento del Bautismo: “La plenitud de nuestra perfección consiste en asemejarnos, vivir unidos y consagrados a Jesucristo. Por consiguiente, la más perfecta de todas las devociones es, sin duda alguna, la que nos asemeja, une y consagra más perfectamente a Jesucristo. Ahora bien, María es la creatura más semejante a Jesucristo. Por consiguiente, la devoción que mejor nos consagra y hace semejantes a Nuestro Señor es la devoción a su santísima Madre. Y cuanto más te consagres a María, tanto más te unirás a Jesucristo.

La perfecta consagración a Jesucristo es, por lo mismo, una perfecta y total consagración de sí mismo a la Santísima Virgen. Esta es la devoción que yo enseño, y que consiste -en otras palabras- en una perfecta renovación de los votos y promesas bautismales” (VD 120). Esta enseñanza de San Luis de Montfort es la base de la afirmación del Manual de que el propósito de la Legión es habilitar a sus miembros y a todos con los que entren en contacto a vivir más plenamente las múltiples gracias de su Bautismo. No podemos entender apropiadamente la Verdadera Devoción a María según Montfort, o la espiritualidad de la Legión sin una profunda referencia a nuestra vocación bautismal. En décadas recientes hemos recobrado en cierta medida nuestra conciencia de la presencia y el rol de la Virgen en el Sacramento de la Eucaristía. Ahora la invocamos como la Mujer del Sacramento de la Eucaristía. Sería una fuente de grandes gracias si pudiéramos recobrar nuestra conciencia del rol de María en nuestro Bautismo como una de las más efectivas ayudas para vivir nuestros votos y promesas bautismales.

Permítanme concluir con unas palabras del Beato Juan Pablo II, citadas en el Manual: “La espiritualidad mariana, así como su correspondiente devoción, encuentran una fuente muy rica en la experiencia histórica del individuo y de las diversas comunidades cristianas presentes entre los diferentes pueblos y naciones del mundo. A este respecto, me gustaría llamar la atención, entre los muchos testigos y maestros de esta espiritualidad, sobre la figura de San Luis María Grignion de Montfort, quien propone la consagración a Cristo a través de las manos de María como un medio eficaz para los cristianos de cumplir fielmente con sus compromisos bautismales (RMat, 48)”.

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Boletín de enero 2014
January 2014


Senatus de Abidjan. Estos informes dan cuenta de una inmensa cantidad de trabajo apostólico. Normalmente un Praesidium y dos Comitia dan su informe anual en la reunión de Senatus. Los que informaron en esta ocasión tienen un total de 7.581 legionarios, de los cuales 848 son pretorianos. Los trabajos incluyen contactos con los miembros de otras iglesias cristianas, con musulmanes y aquellos sin religión. El resultado de este trabajo fue de 113 familias reconciliadas, 91 matrimonios regularizados, 133 volvieron a Misa, 1.684 catecúmenos inscriptos, 589 bautismos, 414 Confesiones, 990 Confirmaciones, 296 recibieron la Unción de enfermos. Se celebró un Día Nacional Mariano en Gagnoa, el 7 de septiembre de 2013, del que participó un gran número de legionarios de 6 Diócesis.
Senatus de Lomé. La noticia de que la Regia de Lomé fue elevada a Senatus fue recibida con gran alegría y fue vista como un hermoso regalo de Navidad, así como un gran aliento para todos los legionarios en Togo. El director espiritual, que no había podido acudir a las reuniones de la Regia durante varios años, debido a su trabajo en la Parroquia, asistió a la reunión del Senatus de enero y felicitó a los legionarios. Se recibió el acta de noviembre. En el acta se informa ampliamente sobre un congreso, Exploratio Dominicalis, Patricios y extensión, Se organizó una PPC a Anloga (Ghana), con 36 participantes de Togo y 3 de Ghana (hubo dos seminaristas). Se dio un informe de PPC en una visita al Senatus de Accra, mientras que la Regia de Cotonou y el Senatus de Abidjan fueron visitadas en noviembre.
También informaron de un día especial para las parejas legionarias y el Director Espiritual animó a que tenga lugar anualmente alrededor del 15 de agosto. Después del trabajo de extensión de dos legionarios en la región de Touhou, se fundó una nueva Curia.
Los dos extensionistas han visitado Joal, Ziguinchor y Casamence; trabajaron con los legionarios locales. Se espera fundar dos nuevas Curiae en Dakar este mes. Invitaron a dos legionarios a hablar de la Legión en un encuentro de jóvenes en Kaolak, a jóvenes de Senegal, Gambia, Mauritania, Mali, Guinea Bissau y Guinea Conakry.
Desde nuestro último informe no ha habido actas ni informes. Se sugirió que se le pida a nuestros visitadores de Togo en el cercano Senegal, visiten el Comitium de Conakry antes de volver a casa.
Senatus de Douala. Se recibió el acta de noviembre. Se comenzó a trabajar en la construcción de la casa de la Legión en Douala. Debería tomar sólo dos meses completarla. Hay un déficit de unos 7.500 euros en el costo total. La Archidiócesis pidió a cada movimiento católico que contribuya en las celebraciones del centenario de la Iglesia en Camerún, y a la Legión se le pidieron 280 euros. En octubre pasado se celebró un Congreso en Douala. El anterior se había celebrado hace 12 años. El Comitium en Limbe está en proceso de fundar una Curia juvenil.
Se elogió a la Regia de Yaoundé por el trabajo que hacen en la cárcel. Debido al alto número de socios que se unió a los Praesidia de la cárcel, estos han tenido que dividirse en Praesidia más pequeños. También hacen apostolado asistiendo a los liberados. Se fundaron dos nuevos Comitia con el permiso del Obispo de Bafia, uno en Somo y otro en Bokito. Hay contactos en curso con Chad.
Se recibió el acta de octubre de la Regia de Brazzaville. Los informes incluyen catequesis, organización de la Liturgia, visita domiciliaria y contactos callejeros, muchos contactos con católicos no practicantes, musulmanes, protestantes, miembros de sectas y ateos. Se celebró el primer Congreso de la Legión de María en el Congo, del 5 al 8 de septiembre de 2013 en Brazzaville, con el tema: "La Legión de María al servicio a la Iglesia: valoración, espiritualidad y visión”. Asistieron S. E. Mons. Mbuyu, obispo de la Diócesis de Kinkala y Mons. Monot, obispo de la Diócesis de Ouesso, 8 directores espirituales de seis diócesis del Congo y 600 legionarios, incluyendo tres legionarios del Senatus de Kinshasa. Como fruto de las discusiones del Congreso surgió del debate del Congreso, la Regia intenta enfocarse particularmente en la catequesis parroquial con vistas a atraer a los jóvenes a la Legión, mejorar la relación con el clero, y también la traducción del Manual y de las Allocutios legionarias a lenguas locales.
Hay buen contacto por correo electrónico y por teléfono con el Comitium de Bata. Un grupo de 3 Curiae distantes parece ofrecer la posibilidad de un segundo Comitium.


Regia de Managua. La Regia ha tomado muy seriamente la extensión desde la visita de los representantes del Concilium. El Comitium de León fundó un Praesidium de adultos y dos juveniles, y el Comitium de Granada ha iniciado la extensión en una provincia vecina. La Regia enviará un grupo de extensionistas a Matagalpa. Legionarios juveniles en Managua (la capital) trabajan en la zona del mercado, contactando con jóvenes drogadictos; comparten la Palabra de Dios y si es posible, una pequeña oración para ellos y sus familias.
Los legionarios están ayudando a otros legionarios y no legionarios a aprender a leer y escribir; está resultando muy exitoso. Un Praesidium afiliado trabajó duramente en la preparación del Domingo de la Misericordia. Se confesaron más de 700 personas, algunas de ellas después de una larga ausencia del Sacramento. Dos chicas de la calle, que dejaron esa vida, son ahora unas buenas católicas practicantes. Una de ellas, al obtener unos ingresos, compró un puesto en el mercado local.
La Legión en Honduras no ha estado trabajando bien por largo tiempo. Hasta hace 6 meses, cuando los visitaron en nombre del Concilium dos legionarios de Madrid, no habían tenido contacto alguno con el Concilium. Se han recibido las actas desde entonces. También se recibió un correo electrónico del Director Espiritual. Los diferentes Praesidia y Curiae afiliados están trabajando bien.
Regia de Panamá: Un Praesidium afiliado directamente organiza y facilita reuniones de pequeños grupos de oración en diferentes barrios. La asistencia a la reunión de la Regia ha ido bajando en los tres últimos meses. Explicaron que fue debido al mal tiempo. Un legionario está estudiando para ser Diácono permanente. Una Curia está planeando fundar otra Curia con 5 Praesidia. La Curia está creciendo y estos Praesidia están lejos. También existe la posibilidad de que puedan establecerse más Praesidia en la zona.
Senatus de ciudad de México. La Regia de León, que fue transferida del Concilium al Senatus, ha sido visitada por dos legionarios, incluyendo al Presidente del Senatus, y se están siguiendo los pasos para resolver los problemas que fueron informados al Concilium. De una Curia con 61 socios, casi la mitad son pretorianos; también tienen un gran número de auxiliares. Un grupo reza el Rosario en diferentes casas cada día en el mes de octubre. Colocaban un altar en el umbral e invitaban a los vecinos a participar. Cinco antiguos socios volvieron a la Legión.
Regia de Mérida. Los oficiales del Senatus visitaron el Concilium en noviembre. Estuvieron muy complacidos con la visita, pero mientras que el clima fue razonable para los estándares europeos, ¡ellos no pensaron lo mismo! La visita fue muy valiosa tanto para el Concilium como para los oficiales del Senatus; valió más que cien cartas. A medida que transcurran los meses pondrán las nuevas ideas y sugerencias en práctica. La correspondencia reciente indica que en una Curia con 22 Praesidia invitó a 900 contactos a la Legión y sólo 11 aceptaron la invitación. Una Curia fundó dos nuevos grupos de Patricios, con una asistencia de 15 y 20 respectivamente.
Regia de Durango. Ahora se recibe regularmente la correspondencia, y el corresponsal está insistiendo sobre el cumplimiento de las cuatro Ordenanzas Fijas. El trabajo de la Legión en el Centro Social de Rehabilitación está demostrando ser más dificultoso debido al trabajo de las sectas, que dan ayuda material.
Regia de Guadalajara. El Comitium de Aguascalientes informó que los legionarios dan charlas prematrimoniales. 37 parejas recibieron el Sacramento del Matrimonio. Un Praesidium con 35 socios fue cerrado porque no adherían al sistema de la Legión. Se organizó una celebración de la Luz para contrarrestar las costumbres paganas de Halloween. Una señora que estaba muy enferma se recuperó rápidamente después de recibir la Medalla Milagrosa que le dieron los legionarios.
Regia de Monterrey. La Legión tuvo un stand en un evento de la Organización de Laicos Católicos. El arzobispo de Monterrey visitó el stand, firmó el libro de visitas y habló con los legionarios. Estos tuvieron contacto con sacerdotes, seminaristas, religiosos y laicos y esperan que un seguimiento resultará en muchos socios activos y auxiliares. Las actas indican que los legionarios llevan a cabo un apostolado con los niños con cáncer.
Regia de Hermosillo. La Curia juvenil afiliada está llevando a cabo la extensión en tres áreas diferentes. Los niños entre 7 y 15 años están mostrando interés. Están fundando pequeños grupos de oración con los muy pequeños y Praesidia juveniles con los niños mayores. Una Curia afiliada informó 19 socios en prueba, pero 6 de los socios profesos tuvieron que retirarse por enfermedad. Tres parejas recibieron el Sacramento del Bautismo y varios volvieron a la práctica de la Fe; todos continúan practicando.


Se reunieron 400 estudiantes católicos para catequesis, visitan enfermos, ancianos y participan en velatorios y funerales. Se evangeliza a los conductores de taxi y sus parientes. Un Praesidium en un colegio tiene 10 socios activos y 118 auxiliares. Una Curia tiene afiliados 16 Praesidia de adultos y 9 Praesidia juveniles. El Rosario se rezó casa por casa en el mes de octubre y visitan a los católicos aislados en zonas remotas y cárceles.
En este período informaron tres Curiae, dos Comitia y dos Praesidia. En julio empezó una nueva Curia con 5 Praesidia. Un “Día de la Conciencia” para juveniles tuvo 74 asistentes. El Cardenal proclamó un “Año Mariano”, empezando el 1 de diciembre. La Legión ha sido animada a tener una mayor presencia en las escuelas. 80 hogares en una zona y 177 hogares en otra han entronizado al Sagrado Corazón. Tuvo lugar la anual Caminata del Rosario, con el Cardenal, 7 obispos, muchos sacerdotes, religiosos y laicos entre los 20.000 asistentes.
Nos llegaron noticias de Elisabeth Kriss. Un Praesidium que cumple un año, en Jasnaja Pol-jana, nos dice que 10 legionarios han hecho la promesa legionaria; el Praesidium tiene 22 auxiliares. Un legionario de Ozornye (Rusia) que visitó Suiza, nos dio noticias de que la Legión continúa allí, así como el Praesidium en Petropavlovsk (Rusia). Tienen la esperanza de empezar un Praesidium de hombres. Mantienen su unión con la Legión mediante el rezo diario de la Catena.
Se recibió el acta de diciembre. El tesorero del Comitium, hermano Samir Ziedan, murió inesperadamente. R.I.P. Los legionarios han tenido un gran apoyo desde el Patriarca hasta el Obispo. El Patriarca y el Vice Patriarca de Nazaret se reunieron con los socios del Praesidium, hablaron de sus actividades y agradecieron su hospitalidad. Los trabajos incluyen visita a los enfermos en sus casas y en el hospital. Los legionarios de la localidad de Jaffa invitaron a 158 personas a emprender el ayuno durante la Cuaresma, teniendo éxito en ¡94 casos! Un Praesidium en Ramallah prepara a los niños para la Primera Comunión, mientras otro visita las cárceles. Un Praesidium en Nazaret ayudó a alumnos con sus estudios, trajo a 112 personas de vuelta a los sacramentos y ayudaron a 66 familias en duelo.
Senatus de Karnataka: Se recibió el acta de diciembre. Tienen afiliados 5 Comitia, 15 Curiae y 9 Praesidia. Se da alta prioridad a la Extensión, reclutamiento y Evangelización. Hay mucha llegada a los hindúes y musulmanes. Nueve de las once diócesis sufragáneas tienen la Legión. A pedido del Concilium, también están ayudando en la arquidiócesis de Hyperabad, para que se vuelva más fuerte.
Senatus de Mumbai: Se recibieron las actas hasta diciembre. La visita a la cárcel tiene mucho éxito; se realizó un servicio de oración para madres. Un “Día de Formación Legionaria” tuvo como tema el capítulo 9 del Manual de la Legión. Se distribuyeron Medallas Milagrosas, Rosarios y estampas.
Regia de Cotar: Se recibieron las actas hasta septiembre. Se establecieron 5 nuevos Praesidia. Se ayudó a los alcohólicos. Fue abortado un intento de suicidio y muchos fueron instruidos en el Sacramento de la Confesión.
Comitium de Chennai: informa que el 31 de agosto se destinó a la Legión para celebrar la fiesta de la Virgen. Se congregaron 800 legionarios en la Iglesia. Se realizó una procesión, terminando a las 9.30 de la noche. Curia de Red Hills: Los legionarios enseñan catequesis a 45 niños indios. Arreglaron que 25 matrimonios se regularicen. También están trabajando con 146 familias que sufren constantes peleas.
Comitium de Coimbatore: Las últimas actas son de agosto. Hacen mucho trabajo visitando hogares y hospitales, también aconsejando a familias. Se han hecho católicos 4 hindúes; fueron regularizados matrimonios. Tienen un comité que promueve las 3 Causas. Alrededor del 50% de las parroquias tienen Praesidia de la Legión y la extensión continúa.
Comitium de Visakhapatnam: Las últimas actas son de agosto. Se emprendió la entronización del Sagrado Corazón en los hogares, en 7 zonas diferentes en una Curia y en 6 localidades en otra Curia. Se formaron 6 nuevos Praesidia. Se ha hecho mucho trabajo, animando a las parejas separadas unirse otra vez. Se han casado por Iglesia siete parejas. Se visitan las cárceles, los orfanatos, los pacientes con Sida y los leprosos.
Comitium de Palayamkottai: Se recibieron actas hasta agosto. Se dio la bienvenida en la junta al recientemente designado Director espiritual, Fr. Rajesh. Hay 6 Curiae y 21 Praesidia directamente afiliados; la mayoría estuvieron representados en la reunión del Comitium. Se hace mucho trabajo entre hindúes y musulmanes, y con las reconciliaciones familiares, la preparación para los sacramentos, y las visitas a hogares y a hospitales.
Comitium de Nilgiris: enviaron noticias en agosto, para decir que estaban creando una página web para festejar sus Bodas de Oro. Buscan contacto más regular de parte del Concilium.
Comitium de Port Blair trabaja en varias Parroquias de las islas de Andaman, lejos, en el Océano Indico. Envían un informe resumido cada seis meses, actualmente hasta noviembre. Parecen organizar semanalmente los servicios litúrgicos y han estado dando charlas por el Año de la Fe cada domingo. Visitan hogares y recuperan Praesidia que han dejado de funcionar.


Senatus de Bruselas: Dieciséis legionarios y su Director Espiritual tomaron parte en el en el apostolado de contactos con la multitud, en el aeropuerto de Zaventem. El equipo de PPC de 12 legionarios a Beaurang, resultó en 12 estudiantes de diferentes religiones reuniéndose para rezar todos los viernes y hacer la Consagración a Nuestra Señora.
Regia de Amberes: Este Consejo tiene un total de 115 socios activos y 228 auxiliares. El reclutamiento continúa entre personas de diferentes nacionalidades.
Las últimas noticias vinieron en septiembre. El Praesidium celebró un acto el 8 de septiembre con un rosario antes de la Misa, muchos llegando temprano a tomar parte. Un Praesidium juvenil se formó en junio pasado y todavía no está consolidado.
Senatus de Birmingan: Se recibieron las actas hasta diciembre. Continúan los contactos callejeros en el Bullring (centro comercial) y la extensión está en curso. Dos Praesidia emprendieron la Exploratio Dominicalis a la Comunidad Itinerante, y se hicieron buenos contactos. Los Patricios para jóvenes tuvieron una asistencia de 14. Una pareja acordó casarse después de que su hogar fue bendecido. Una campaña de reclutamiento en Bristol produjo dos nuevos socios. Una Jornada de Puertas Abiertas de la Iglesia en Monte Carmelo, Redditch, señaló el cierre del Año de la Fe. En Coventry, continúa al apostolado con los homosexuales, con muy buenos contactos.
Curia de Northampton: Se fundó un nuevo Praesidia en Slough.
Curia de Swansea: Este Consejo informa dos proyectos de Exploratio Dominicalis.
Curia de Leeds: Los 4 Praesidia afiliados llevan a cabo la enseñanza a niños que asisten a colegios no católicos.
Curia de Wirrel. Mary Burgin, que ahora vive en una Residencia de ancianos, se reunió con los legionarios para una excursión a Birkenhead Park. En el mercado de Birkenhead, donde los legionarios ponen una librería ambulante, hay una interacción grandiosa entre los legionarios y los puesteros.
Comitium de Middlesborough: Poner la imagen de la Virgen fuera de la iglesia de San Pedro y rezar el Rosario permite hacer muy buenos contactos con los transeúntes.
Comitium de Newcastle: Algunos Praesidia se están fusionando, mientras que dos están prosperando en el Noroeste. Durham. Tuvo lugar una interesante discusión sobre si se debería pedir a los juveniles más pequeños que recen el Rosario completo, con un montón de respuestas a favor y en contra.
Comitium de Manchester: Hay un nuevo Praesidium en Kirkhold (Curia de Rochadle y Oldham).En el mercado de Blackburn el Rosario y los villancicos trajeron el verdadero espíritu de la Navidad a los vendedores. El Praesidium en la Catedral de Salford tiene graduados universitarios entre sus socios.
Curia Central de Londres: Los legionarios llevaron a un hombre a confesarse después de 30 años. Ahora asiste regularmente a Misa. El Praesidium en Soho Square tiene 3 socios activos, 3 en prueba, 2 pretorianos, 1 adjutor y 9 auxiliares. Junto con las visitas domiciliarias, hacen contactos callejeros y visitan burdeles en la zona roja, como parte de su apostolado. Una campaña de reclutamiento en la Universidad de Chaplaincy de Londres, resultó en el establecimiento de un grupo del Rosario en Newman House, en el cual se rezan las oraciones de la Legión completas, todos los días a las 9.30 de la mañana.
Comitium de Brentwood: Se preparó a tres niños para la Primera Comunión, uno de los cuales es ahora monaguillo En la clase de Primera Comunión se entregaron Medallas Milagrosas. Visitaron familias de duelo.
Curia de Brent y Harrow: Socios de este Consejo se unieron a los legionarios de Enfield y Harringey para un muy exitoso Congreso, al que asistió el corresponsal.
Comitium de Southwark: Tuvieron lugar 2 PPC y 4 campañas de reclutamiento, una con mucho éxito en Guernsey, resultando 8 nuevos socios. La Curia de Croydon ha cerrado 3 Praesidia, quedando afiliados 5 Praesidia de adultos y 1 juvenil. Están esperando el permiso DBS (adultos vulnerables y Protección de Niños) para reanudar las visitas domiciliarias. Tienen 8 juveniles en Camberwell y la Curia de Surbiton tiene presidente pero ningún otro oficial.
Curia de Hammersmith informa vacantes en la vicepresidencia y secretaría; es de esperar que sean cubiertas pronto. Se recibieron las actas hasta octubre.
Curia de Middlesex oeste: Un Praesidium con todos sus oficiales informa 22 activos, 4 de los cuales están en prueba. Un Praesidium juvenil formado durante el año tiene 5 socios. Los trabajos incluyen una vigilia de cadena de Rosarios de 24 horas. Se organizan los Rosarios en las fiestas de Nuestra Señora. El Praesidium de Acton Este tiene 6 socios, pero no ningún oficial.
Comitium de Cardiff: Un cálido sol bendijo la procesión de Corpus Christi, pero la lluvia torrencial y vientos huracanados desafiaron a los legionarios quienes afrontaron la cima de la montaña en Penrhys.
Curia de Wrexham: El número de socios ha bajado a catorce. Reclutar es difícil, pero el último informe sobre reclutamiento fue positivo y optimista.
La Legión en Suecia está bajo el cuidado del Senatus de Liverpool. Está casi terminada la traducción del Manual al sueco. El P. Nielson está trabajando en la corrección. Se ha llevado a cabo trabajo de extensión y se fundó un nuevo Praesidium en Norshipping. Han dado al Concilium un informe detallado sobre la extensión.
Regia de Aire y Dax. Hace más de un año que no se reciben actas.
Regia de Valence. La asistencia a las reuniones de Regia ha sido pobre, pero el reclutamiento está en progreso, con un socio nuevo en Montelimar y e interesantes visitas en Valence misma. En Chateauneuf de Galaure, el Praesidium juvenil de varones no ha reiniciado desde Año Nuevo. Han informado visitas a hogares y a residencias de ancianos.
Regia de París. La elección del nuevo Presidente de Regia no se realizó correctamente y se ha re-programada para febrero. Están teniendo lugar discusiones que continúan en relación con la renovación del arrendamiento de la casa de la Legión, dado que expira a fin de año. La Curia vietnamita tiene 8 Praesidia afiliados, exponiendo contactos regulares con budistas y musulmanes. Una persona volvió a los sacramentos después de una ausencia de 50 años. Un Praesidium congoleño en St. Dennis, establecido en 2012, ahora tiene 21 socios. El Praesidium en Juvisy tiene 14 socios y el Praesidium Inmaculado Corazón de María tiene 10 socios.
Comitium de Estrasburgo. El verano pasado emprendieron una exitosa PPC a Dijon. La Curia afiliada de Colmar tiene 20 socios. El Praesidium que informó comprende principalmente socios portugueses, cuyo trabajo es ayudar en la parroquia y a un movimiento para cristianos jubilados. La reunión anual de PPC para Europa, celebrada durante muchos años en Estrasburgo, se ha trasladado este año al Senatus de Bruselas. Dos legionarios trabajaron en la Permanencia de Lourdes visitando los campings, a pesar del daño ocasionado por las inundaciones en la casa de la Legión.
Senatus de Frankfurt: Frankfurt y las Regiae de Colonia y Munich tuvieron una cumbre en agosto. Los temas considerados fueron: “Mejora de los contactos entre la gente joven”. “El sitio web de la Legión” y “Celebración del 70º aniversario de la Legión en Alemania en 2014”. 12 sacerdotes asistieron a un encuentro de dos días en Haroldsback. La clausura del año fue signada por un Día Apostólico en el aeropuerto de Frankfurt. La Regia de Colonia tiene un total de 266 socios activos y 1.570 auxiliares.
El Comitium de Essen celebró un fin de semana de Biblia de los Niños. La Legión tuvo un stand en el congreso eucarístico de junio. La Curia coreana participó en un Retiro de coreanos-europeos.
La Regia de Munich: La Regia ha establecido una nueva Curia en Regensburg.
Comitium de Freiburg. El Comitium recibió a una mini PPC. Los trabajos incluyen Patricios, apostolado en los campings y visita a las prisiones.
Curia de Saarlous: Esta Curia emprendió por Internet el Apostolado de los Medios.
Comitium de Zurich: Se hicieron contactos callejeros durante una “Feria Erótica” en Regensdorf, en la zona roja de Zurich. Cinco legionarios de Zurich en junio hicieron trabajo de extensión en Liechtenstein.
Esta zona está bajo el cuidado de la Regia de Colonia y tiene actualmente un Praesidium. Continúan los esfuerzos por establecer otro praesidium.
La hermana Metzler y la hermana Flatscher pasaron 10 días en Siberia durante septiembre y formaron un nuevo Praesidium con la presencia del Obispo Werth. Dos nuevos socios asistieron a la reunión de Curia en Krasnojarsk.
Regia de Amsterdam tiene dos grupos de Patricios y se están haciendo esfuerzos para empezar un Praesidium de idioma español.
El Praesidium en Tonsberg no tiene Director Espiritual. Se han hecho esfuerzos de extensión en Kongsberg. Los trabajos incluyen catequesis y promoción del rezo del Rosario. Se organizó una procesión para celebrar el santo nacional de Noruega, San Olaf. El praesidium en Drammen tiene 8 socios activos, 2 en prueba y 14 auxiliares. Se hacen excelentes contactos en una reunión fraterna parroquial mensual parroquia con nuevos inmigrantes.
Curia de Dundee se ha reanudado. Curia de Greenock y District celebraron el Año de la Fe mediante una amplia distribución de Agua Bendita. Un Praesidium llevó dos veces el Vexillum de la Legión al Colegio Primario Corpus Cristi y se lo explicaron a los niños. El Praesidium de Nuestra Señora del Borde del Camino, tuvo trece visitantes durante el año, de las cuales se quedaron. El Praesidium se encargó del club Borde del Camino todos los días del año, incluyendo el día de Navidad y la Nochevieja. Reciben un gran apoyo del Obispo, el clero y las compañías locales.
Gibraltar está bajo el cuidado de Escocia. En mayo asistió a la reunión de la Legión el Obispo Hesketh. Los legionarios visitan hogares, residencias de ancianos, cárceles y colegios. Participan también en la cabalgata de los Reyes Magos y en la ceremonia que hay después en la Catedral, la procesión al aire libre y el Vía Crucis el día del Viernes Santo.

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Visit to Brazil by Tadhg McMahon
January 2014

The central event was Celebration of the Eucharist by 70 Spiritual Directors, presided over by Recife’s Archbishop, Dom Fernando Saburido. The conference spirit was one of joyful commitment to developing the Legion, mainly through Legion formation, including Handbook study. Also, attention was given to the Legion’s role in facing today’s spiritual challenges and involving youth in the Church’s apostolate. The central theme of the Congress was Legion discipline and in that context, three main points were stressed. (1) Standing Instruction. (2) The Order of the Praesidium. (3) The placing of the Legion at the disposal of the Bishop and Parish Priest. All of the higher councils in the southern region – 4 Senatus, the Regia in the capital Brasilia, the Regiae in the far-west and Senatus of Belem in the Amazonian region, were represented. The whole event was dominated by a spirit of joy, gratitude and warm friendship. Bro McMahon also visited ten Legion councils, including three Senatus, two Regiae, several Comitia, Curiae and praesidium meetings. Many hours were spent with individual groups and Legion officers.


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Raising of Councils in Venezuala and Togo
January 2014

The Legion exists in all 10 Archdioceses and 26 Dioceses in Venezuala and the junior Legion is much stronger than in most South American or Central American countries. The Senatus in the capital, Caracas governs the Legion in the whole country, with 12 praesidia directly attached, plus 12 Curiae, 18 Comitia and 1 Regia. This proposal concerns the Regia, with its seat in Barquisimeto, the Archdiocese of Merida and the corresponding suffragen Dioceses.
The proposal is to detach the Legion in the Archdiocese of Merida and its suffragen Dioceses of Trujillo, San Cristobal and Barinas and raise a new Regia in Merida to govern the Legion in that area. In all, there would be 8-12 praesidia directly attached to the new Regia and 8 Comitia.
It is also proposed to affiliate the Curiae in the Archdiocese of Valencia with its suffragen Dioceses of Carora, San Felipe, Acaigua-Araure and Guanare to the existing Regia of Barquisimeto. The Regia of Barquisimeto would then govern 10 praesidia directly attached, a, 3 junior Curiae, 14 senior Curiae and 8 Comitia.
Both Regia to be affiliated to the Senatus of Caracas.
The overall situation would then be: 1 Senatus in Caracas, with 2 Regia, 15 Comitia, 18 Curiae and about 12 praesidia attached.
Both proposals were agreed to by Concilium.



A proposal was put forward to raise the Regia of Lome Togo to Senatus status in order to administer the Legion of Mary in the Archdiocese of Lome and in the other five Dioceses of Togo; the dioceses of Aneho Kpalime, Atakpame, Sokode and Dapaong. The Senatus will have 22 praesidia directly attached, 21 senior Curiae, 1 junior Curia and 13 Comitia. This submission was proposed and seconded and the Concilium body gave agreement.


A second proposal was put forward to elevate the Comitium of Kara Togo to Regia in order to administer the Legion in the Diocese of Kara. The Regia in Kara will administer 26 praesidia directly attached, 9 senior Curiae and 2 Comitia (Pagouda and Niemtougou). Ecclesiastical approval has been obtained. This submission was proposed and seconded and the Concilium body gave its agreement.

Sile Ni Chochlain, President of Concilium extended her thanks and congratulations to the new councils.


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Election of Assistant Secretary of Concilium
January 2014

An election took place for Assistant Secretary of Concilium, in charge of the Bulletin, among other duties. Nominations were taken and Michael Walsh was proposed and seconded for this office. As there were no other nominations, Michael Walsh was declared elected for a term of 3 years.

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Allocutio at December 2013 Concilium Meeting by Fr. Bede McGregor OP
January 2014
St. John the Baptist and the Legion
St. John the Baptist is one of the key figures in the Season of Advent. Indeed, he is one of the major figures in the whole history of salvation. He introduces the New Testament to us as specifically he introduces Jesus to us. In fact he has no other purpose except to present Jesus to the world and to each of us. His whole identity is tied up in pointing to Jesus. He prepares the world for Christmas and the unsurpassable mystery of the Incarnation. So there is no surprise that he has such a special place in the Legion and the devotional life of each individual legionary. As the Handbook puts it: ‘he is more intimately bound up with the devotional scheme of the Legion than any of its other patrons, with the exception of St. Joseph.’ Of course, St. John is not just a figure in the past, but is alive in the Church and would be of special assistance to all those who share his mission of preparing the way for Our Lord in coming into the lives of contemporary men and women. The Handbook states categorically: ‘he was the type of all legionaries, that is, a forerunner of the Lord, going before Him to prepare His Way and make straight His path.

At first sight we might find it less than obvious that John is the type of all legionaries. He is sometimes portrayed as being too severe and quick to condemn than being the kind of person that would be an encouraging friend. But the reality is that he gives us the best possible message. He points us to Jesus with the greatest possible clarity and enthusiasm. ‘Behold the Lamb of God; behold Him who takes away the sins of the world.’ We can’t hear a better message than that.

Besides, we are deeply struck by the sheer humility of the man. This is a quality most dear the Legion. He proclaims that he is not worthy even to undo the sandals of Our Lord. And he insists that the Lord must increase and he must decrease. This is surely a basic principle for every form of apostolate and especially the Legion apostolate. We remember how dearly Our Lord loved St. John and so we cannot do less. ‘Truly I say to you, among those born of women there has risen no greater than John the Baptist.’

The Handbook gives us another reason for seeing John the Baptist as the type of all legionaries. ’Moreover, he was formed for his work by Our Blessed Lady herself, as all legionaries are supposed to be.’ We remember the words of Elizabeth to Mary: ‘For behold, when the voice of your greeting came to my ears, the babe in my womb leaped for joy.’ There must be a deep joy too in the legionary who allows himself to be formed by Mary for discipleship and mission. It is worth reflecting deeply on the striking words of the Handbook: ‘That episode of the Visitation exhibits Our Lady in her capacity as Mediatrix for the first time and St. John as the first beneficiary. Thereby was St. John exhibited from the first as a special patron of legionaries and of all legionary contacts, of the work of visitation in all its forms, and indeed of all legionary actions – these being but efforts to co-operate in Mary’s mediatorial office.’ We are called too, like St. John the Baptist to respond to the voice of Mary always and everywhere.

The Handbook gives us one more compelling reason why the Legion has a special place for John the Baptist in its scheme of things. ‘He was one of the essential elements in the mission of the Lord. All those elements should find a place in any system which seeks to reproduce that mission.’ The Handbook then goes on quote Cardinal Danielou: ‘If Jesus is perpetually, ‘He who comes,’ likewise St. John is he who ever precedes Him, for the economy of the historical Incarnation of Christ is continued in His Mystical Body.’

Finally, there is another close connection between St. John the Baptist and the Legion and although it is not explicitly made in the Handbook, it is all pervasively there. The whole teaching of John can be summed up in his opening words: ‘Repent; the Kingdom of God is close at hand.’ The English word, repent comes from the Latin, repensare, to think again, to change direction, to do an about-turn. The underlying Greek word is metanoia, which means conversion, to make a radical new start. Conversion is the key word in the preaching of John the Baptist. And the New Testament is full of conversion stories. What is common to all these stories is the fact that conversion means meeting Our Lord and making Him the centre of the person’s life. This is the purpose of all forms of evangelization – to facilitate a meeting between Christ and another person. This was the essential mission of John the Baptist and it is also the basic reason for the existence of the Legion. If we were to draw up a list of the top ten key words in the vocabulary of the Legion conversion would be very high. On one of his visits to Rome, Frank Duff was asked what he would say to the worldwide Legion if he had an opportunity. Without any hesitation, he summed up everything he wanted to say in one word: Convert. May the Legion turn once more to John the Baptist and our founder, Frank Duff in preparing a way for the Lord in every part of the world and in the minds and hearts of all our contemporary men and women. Amen.


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Concilium Bulletin - December 2013
January 2014

Portugal: Lisbon Senatus: Latest minutes, September. Nine praesidia and two curiae were visited on the island of Medeira by the Senatus President and correspondent. Extension visits were made in Castelo Branco. A praesidium in Lisbon with 8 praetorians and 9 adjutorians visits auxiliaries on their birthdays and to inform them of the Acies. They also prepared 100 sick persons for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion, the Sacrament of the Sick and taught four ladies how to recite the Breviary. Several praesidia have an apostolate to the bereaved in mortuary chapels. Attendance of directly attached praesidia officers averages about 40%.

Madrid Senatus:
Senatus minutes are sent 10 days after the monthly meeting which allows the Concilium correspondent’s letter to reach them in time for the next meeting. It is hard to gain access to those living in high-rise apartments. Parish Priests give legionaries letters of introduction, which help to open doors. The Curia of Granada visits hostels for homeless. Monthly reports on extension are taken. Last month all the praesidia of a curia took part in a Columban recruiting drive in preparation for setting up of a new praesidium. True Devotion to the Nation ventures include, cooking, sewing, reading and writing classes for the many immigrants in the Senatus area.

Barcelona Senatus: September minutes received. One praesidium has many Nuns, formerly legionaries in Kenya, as adjutorians. Another praesidium also has a convent of Nuns as adjutorians. They hold a monthly Mass in a residence. One member is a Catequista (Catechist). A praesidium in Majorca has members from France, Venezuala and Chile A praesidium reported 21 First Holy Communions and 4 Baptisms. Both groups have a representative on the Parish Council.

Bilbao Senatus: Average attendance is 72%. In June, Basauri Curia celebrated its golden jubilee. The curia does a lot of work with youth and got a “favourable report in the local Newspaper”. It has a junior praesidium and a group of pre-juveniles. A praesidium in Bilbao also celebrated its 50th anniversary; this praesidium has members from Guinea Equitorial and Columbia. They promote the True Devotion, visit the blind, Alzheimer’s sufferers and former prostitutes. The curia in Oviedo helped two deaf boys to learn sign language. An ex-drug prisoner is being helped and they sent Legion books to Paraguay. The curia in Durango is helping a family from Senegal – they work with Caritas, Mental Health and run formation meetings for immigrants, in conjunction with the Council.

Rome Senatus
: November minutes received. Following the Holy Father’s consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart on October 13th, the Senatus is considering a suggestion of Br. Duff’s to go from house to house offering a visit of the Pilgrim Statue to any home that would accept it for one day. A Chinese legionary had won many converts in this way; he was one of the first to be executed in Tientsin.

Milan Regia: Over 100 persons, plus legionaries attended Catechesis sessions for the Year of Faith on, ‘The Faith of Mary, Mother of God’ and ‘The Faith of Frank Duff’.
Padova Comitium: Ongoing efforts are being made to extend the Legion in Bressanone, Voltabrusegana and Mandria. True Devotion to Mary features in reports. An active member was recruited at a railway station.

September minutes received. The average attendance at the weekly meeting is twenty. Home visitation, visits to the sick and dying, plus a number of church activities are included in the apostolate.

Nicosia has three praesidia. Minutes are fairly up to date for two of these. The apostolate includes works of service, church activities, hospital visitation, plus street and park contact. Many lapsed and those of other faiths and no faith are contacted. The legionaries were instrumental in the return of two people to the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Malta Regia
: October minutes received. A praesidium of nine, four of whom are praetorians, held two retreats for Auxiliaries, with 55 in attendance. Three members of the praesidium teach Catechesis to children. They also organise the renewal of consecration of families to the Sacred Heart during a Mass, twice per year. As an initiative for the Year of Faith, a praesidium organised a Rosary before the Blessed Sacrament, to encourage spending time in prayer in the presence of Our Lord.

Hope of the World Curia: Legionaries reported the return of five persons to the Sacraments. One woman was persuaded not to have an abortion. Contact work is ongoing with tourists and refugees. A book barrow was set up in one parish with the aim of recruiting new members.

Mother of the Maltese Nation Curia: Over the summer months this council organised Eucharistic Adoration on the seafront, during which legionaries did contact work. Confessions were available. As a result of this apostolate, 30 youths went to Confession. The apostolate of a junior Curia with 12 praesidia includes contacting fellow students, with whom they promote the Sacrament of Confession and attendance at Sunday Mass. Two members gave a short talk to twelve-year-olds, who were about to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. One of the junior praesidia organised an open-air Mass and weekend retreat.

Gozo Comitium: Weekend retreats for males, females and families had attendances of twelve at each retreat.


The praesidium in Athens has difficulties because of the continual unrest on the streets, but meetings have continued throughout the summer. The praesidia in Rhodes and Kos have not yet taken up regular correspondence.
Correspondence with Thessalonica has improved, but the summer months proved difficult to hold regular meetings.

Shkoder Comitium
: This council carries out regular visits to praesidia, usually two, or more per month. The apostolate includes visits to the old and lonely in their homes, especially in the city, taking part in funerals, bringing people to the Sacraments and notifying the priest about housebound parishioners, who would like to receive the Sacraments. The sale of the new edition of the Handbook is going well. Frank Duff prayer leaflets are accessible in Albanian, but the prayer leaflets for Edel Quinn and Alfie Lambe are not yet available.


Boston Senatus: The Senatus promotes Legion membership after Masses and Adoration after other events. Extension yielded one senior and one junior praesidium. A jail ministry conducts a follow up apostolate to ex prisoners’ families. Three lapsed Catholics and a non-Catholic were received into the Church; the latter joined the Legion. A new senior praesidium was started in Vermont.

Philadelphia Senatus: A Congress theme, ‘Grant us a Lively Faith,’ had 65 present. The Senatus Spiritual Director, Fr Lendacky retired after years of faithful service. He contributed many articles to Maria Legionis and the Senatus has compiled his allocutios in book-form. Fr. Giuffre succeeded him. A Seminary praesidium with eleven members, engage in parish apostolate, ‘E’ days (Extension) and recruiting drives. Pittsburgh Regia and attached councils do extension. Greenburg Comitium has a prison praesidium. 25% of Metuchen Comitium members are praetorians. Camden Comitium had an attendance of 90 at their Congress. They do book barrow work on Ocean City boardwalk.
The Korean Comitium gained 9 active members.

Chicago Senatus: Mankato and two other councils staffed Legion booths at well-attended fairs. A new Korean Comitium, with 2 Curiae was established. Two expanding Hispanic Curiae in Rockford and Joliet subdivided and formed a Comitium. A pastor sought legionary’s help with parish hospitality at Christmas and Easter. Milwakee Comitium joined with Green Bay Curia to organise a Legion booth. Exploratio Dominicalis and crowd contact at the Navy Pier also feature.

Houston Senatus: A praesidium of 15 active and 40 Auxiliary members do home visitation. A bereaved couple and another family returned to the Church due to the loving concern of legionaries. A seventeen-year old was baptised. 226 male and 205 female prisoners were visited by legionaries. A PPC Conference with the theme, ‘Spreading the Light of Faith’, had 600 attendees.

St. Louis Senatus: Eleven new members were recruited and six new praesidia established. A Catholic Centre at University in Tulsa had six students return to the Faith. Elsewhere, 84 lapsed were contacted. A seventeen-year-old was received into the Catholic faith. Legionaries visit 431 prisoners.

New York Senatus: The Senatus officers thanked Concilium for the hospitality and guidance received on a recent visit to Ireland; they hope to implement the many suggestions. Legionaries invited passers-by to visit their local church during Lent. Retired priests in nursing homes are asked for prayers and kept informed about the Legion apostolate.

Arlington Regia, Virginia: Five Patrician groups have been established in Washington Comitium area to increase knowledge of the Faith. Fairfax Comitium has three new junior praesidia. Fairfax Spanish Curia had 1,000 at a Retreat.

Miami Regia: Dade Boward junior Curia do Nursing Home visitation, make Rosary Beads, string Miraculous Medals, do booth duty at Youth Fair, make visits to the sick and teach the Rosary to classmates. A praesidium of 19 active and 247 Auxiliaries list 7 activities including, Junior work, Pilgrim Virgin visits and maintaining the Regia website. Savannah Curia has 1 junior and 2 senior praesidia. South Carolina has 18 senior praesidia. Jacksonville Comitium was visited. The Archbishop of Miami has directed his priests to consider the Legion of Mary as a response to Pope Francis’ appeal, “to go out into the streets”.

Los Angelus Senatus: Long Beach Curia, with ten praesidia, has four Patrician groups. The number of first-term officers taking responsibility is encouraging. The Los Angelus Korean Comitium has five senior, five junior praesidia and five Patrician groups. Their works comprise prison ministry, book barrow and contact of youth groups with the purpose of recruitment to the Legion.

San Franncisco Senatus: A praesidium of five members was formed in St Paul’s. North San Mateo, has a new senior and junior praesidium. The North West Korean Comitium continues to expand, with 11 praesidia and 5 Curiae attached. It has 418 active members in 48 praesidia. The Bishop of Portland is an auxiliary member. Extension work by Sacramento Comitium resulted in 2 new praesidia. Portland Curia held a True Devotion to Mary retreat. Legionaries do door-to-door visitation, crowd contact and run a junior group. Stockton Comitium works include promoting Catholic radio. San Jose Comitium hosted the Year of Faith Conference. Three junior praesidia thrive. People wanting RCIA and marriage validation were met during evangelisation to 696 homes.

Toronto Senatus
: The visit of legionaries to Newfoundland and New Brunswick greatly enthused those distant councils. In Scarborough Comitium, a stroke victim contacted by legionaries received the Sacraments and his wife began RCIA. Columban Drives showed promise in Ottawa and Hamilton. Our Lady of Lourdes Parish has 12 legionaries, with 4 praetorians doing Pilgrim Statue visitation and enthronement to the Sacred Heart. They also organised a TDM talk. Juniors in Holy Cross Parish do crowd contact. A school praesidium of 12 members recruited 9 new members and run a Catechism quiz.

Vancouver Comitium: Cloverdale Parish praesidium established a, “Kids of Jesus” club for 30-40 children. For the Year of Faith, 15 returns to the Church resulted from 480 homes visited by the praesidium doing the, “Catholics Come Home,” project in June/July2013. In its first year, the Chinese Martyrs Praesidium active membership reached eleven.

Montreal Senatus: Attendance ranged from 44% to 70% between July and October. Pilgrim Statue visitation, organising pilgrimages, Exploratio Dominicalis and outreach to students feature. A Curia with 6 praesidia in one parish gives invaluable assistance to the priest, registering new arrivals, helping with Church services, Church cleaning and preparing people for Baptism. Good visitation of attached praesidia, councils and correspondence with distant councils is evident.

Senatus of Santo Domingo
: All praesidia visit homes, prepare children for the Sacraments, bring Holy Communion to the sick, arrange with a priest for confessions and anointing. Some legionaries visit prisons and psychiatric hospitals. The Comitium, ‘Santa Maria Madre de Dios,’ with 13 Curiae and 6 praesidia, has 2,471 active members, 1,657 auxiliaries, 328 adjutorians and 229 praetorian members. The council recruited 60 active members, including 5 of the 8 couples whose marriages were regularised. One praesidium gave catechesis to 125 ex-prisoners in the Penetentiary Pastorate.

Senatus of Santiago de los Caballeros: There were many returns to the Sacraments, conversions from evangelical sects and marriages regularised. A Curia in Trinidad with 10 praesidia, 117 members, 122 auxiliaries and 20 praetorians, had a young evangelical received into the Church on his death bed. A young drug addict was rehabilitated and became a Catholic. A number of people leading dissolute lives were instructed in the faith, baptised and now frequent the Sacraments.

Trinidad and Tobago Regia: The works done are home, hospital and prison visitation. Religious instruction resulted in one lapsed Catholic returning to the Sacraments. Eight people received Baptism. A Baptist lady recites the Rosary with Legionaries. Other works include, counselling taxi drivers and at-risk young men. Extension to Tobago was undertaken in August, with 6 legionaries taking part.

Senatus of Haiti: Minutes to September 2013 received, covering reports from 4 Comitia and 2 praesidia, one of the latter being in a Seminary. Youth and juniors feature. One Curia works for street children. Four extension missions were very well received.

Puerto Rico Senatus: A man of 70 made his first Holy Communion. The sick are minded in their homes. In the Virgin Islands, the Rosary is recited in notorious areas of drugs and violence. During Lent, the Stations of the Cross were enacted through the streets. Curia, ‘Toa Alto’ reported juniors training as catechesis. Enthronement of the Sacred Heart has brought 14 people back to practice.

Blantyre Senatus
: October 2013 minutes received. A copy of the annual report was sent to the country’s two Archbishops and six Bishops. Training workshops for council officers continued during the Year of Faith. A conference for the Senatus Officers and Spiritual Directors had, ‘elections’ among its topics and it was agreed that Spiritual Directors would explain election procedure to their fellow-priests and highlight the need for the Legion to be allowed govern its councils as prescribed in the Handbook. During the period under review, reports were taken from Regiae in the Archdiocese of Lilongwe and four other Dioceses which govern 58 Comitia. A Comitium in Blantyre reported a number of couples married in Church and returns to the Sacraments. A small number of youth praesidia visit the sick and lapsed and also help in Church.

Senatus of Kenya: October 2013 minutes received. The Senatus advised all its councils to organise a Mass to mark the death of the Servant of God, Frank Duff.

Kisumu Regia visited the Diocese of Lodwar and set up two praesidia. The praesidium in Nairobi University has 25 members. A new College praesidium has 30 members. Works include home, hospital and prison visitation, resulting in many returns to the Sacraments and a large number undertaking instruction. The Correspondents meet on a regular basis.

Uganda Senatus
: July and August minutes received; these showed a strong emphasis on youth as the five reports included those from the Tertiary Institutions Curia, City Schools Curia and a University praesidium. One of the other praesidia was commended on its efforts to start junior groups. An increase in membership and the setting up of four praesidia has led to lengthy meetings of the Tertiary Curia, which plans to split. The importance of this level of youth activity in the present, as well as in the future, was borne out by a comment made by a Brother attending Senatus for the first time, who said he learned about the Legion from his Primary School son. As a follow up to the National Spiritual Director’s Conference, Kabale and Mbarara Regiae were due to hold Spiritual Director’s Conferences in August and November.

Enugu Senatus
: One Comitium has 19 attached praesidia, 18 senior and 11 junior Curiae. As a result of Exploratio Dominicalis projects, 191 people were prepared for First Holy Communion. Eight lapsed Catholics returned to the Sacraments. 52 couples got married in Church and many more Legion contacts were prepared for the various Sacraments. A praesidium in Enugu Prison has nine members and as a result of their work, three adults were baptised. An Anglican was received into the Roman Catholic Church.

Abuja Senatus: Minutes received to October 2013. Average attendance for council officers was 61% and praesidium officers 64%. 43 new praesidia were formed in one Comitium over a period of two years. A University praesidium split and also started a second group as a result of a Columban Drive. A praesidium of 19 full members, plus 7 probationers, 9 of whom are praetorians, reported three marriages rectified, six lapsed returned to the Sacraments and one conversion.

Ibadan Senatus: Minutes to October received. Average attendance for council officers was 68% and praesidium officers 59%. Six senior Curiae and seven junior praesidia were set up in Benin City Regia area. One praesidium had 119 contacts in a brothel, seven of whom are Catholics. A Comitium reported eight conversions, including an old Muslim lady, who died soon afterwards and had a Catholic burial.

Lagos Regia: Minutes to August received. Average attendance for council officers was 62% and praesidium officers 48%. A Curia with 428 members has only 7% over 40 years of age. One Comitium reported 17 marriages rectified and 44 conversions, while another Comitium reported 25 marriages rectified. 88 people received Baptism and Confirmation through the RCIA.

Jos Regia: This Regia and many of its attached councils have suffered greatly due to the political upheaval in Northern Nigeria. Many people, including legionaries have had to leave their areas. Prayers are requested.

Onitsha Regia: One Comitium prepared 395 people for Baptism, 1,296 for Holy Communion, and 718 for Confirmation. 112 couples were helped towards getting married in Church. Eight senior and twelve junior praesidia were set up. The Comitium has 15 praesidia, plus 26 senior and 3 junior Curiae attached. The junior Curiae have in excess of 2,700 members.

Ikot Ekpene Regia: There has been great improvement in sending monthly minutes. The correspondent has asked that more detail be included in the minutes.

Dar-es-Salaam Regia
: Praesidia set up following a recruiting drive by the Seminary Legionaries continue to be monitored and it was hoped to honour Our Lady in a practical way by recruiting as many Legionaries as possible in her special month. Plans are in the pipeline to hold a Junior Congress in June and a PPC project to Zanzibar in July. The importance of following the rule on material relief was again stressed.

Mtwara Comitium: August minutes received. The correspondent is following up on some problems with recent elections of Legion officers.

Mbeya Comitium has five curiae and a membership of 1,691. Works include caring for youth praesidia, visiting the sick at home and in hospital and helping those with marriage difficulties.

Mbinga Comitium: A report covering a two year period to June 2013 was received. A General Assembly was held in April, where the Year of Faith figured prominently. They also discussed administrative matters. In October 2012 they decided to establish a praesidium in every Secondary School. Six schools now have a praesidium. One Curia marked its Golden Jubilee with Mass, celebrated by Bishop Emeritus Emmanuel Mapunda. No news from Songea, Njombe and Kilema for a considerable time.

Hai Moshi Comitium: Reports include home/hospital visitation, looking after junior praesidia, visitation of schools, contact with drug and alcoholic addicts, helping to settle marriage disputes, preparing adults and children for the Sacraments and teaching children Catechism. Many returns to the Sacraments and marriages blessed, were reported.

Lusaka Regia
: Very comprehensive reports were received on visits to Monze Diocese in September and Chipata Diocese in November by three Regia officers and a correspondent. The aims in both cases were to listen to the legionaries and discuss the running of the organisation; also to establish the strength of the Legion, with a view to some reorganisation, as distance is a big problem with some curiae 150kms apart within Comitia. In Monze they briefly met the Bishop and Pastoral Co-ordinator and held a workshop on True Devotion. In Chipata they supervised the Comitium elections. It was hoped to raise a Curia to Comitium status, but further steps are needed before this is finalised.

A brief e-mail from the Secretary indicates great difficulties in the area; literature sent by Concilium, which they badly need, has not arrived.

The growth in a praesidium with a weekly attendance of 14-16 is being attributed to prayer to Frank Duff.


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Boletín de diciembre 2013
January 2014



Senatus de Lisboa: Las últimas actas son de septiembre. El presidente del Senatus y el corresponsal visitaron 9 Praesidiae y 2 Curiae en la isla de Madeira. Se hicieron visitas de extensión en Castelo Branco. En Lisboa un Praesidium con 8 pretorianos y 9 adjutores visita a los auxiliares en sus cumpleaños y les informa del Acies. También prepararon a 100 personas enfermas para recibir el sacramento de la Reconciliación, la Sagrada Comunión y la Unción de los Enfermos y enseñaron a cuatro señoras a rezar el Breviario. Varios Praesidia tienen como apostolado el consolar a familiares en los velatorios. La asistencia de los oficiales de los Praesidia afiliados directamente promedia el 40%.
Senatus de Madrid: Las actas del Senatus son enviadas 10 días después de la reunión mensual, lo que permite que la carta del corresponsal del Concilium les llegue a tiempo para la próxima junta. Es muy difícil acceder a aquellos que viven en apartamentos de edificios altos. Los Párrocos dan a los legionarios cartas de presentación, que les ayudan a abrir puertas. La Curia de Granada visita albergues para los sin-techo. Se brindan informes mensuales sobre la extensión. El mes pasado todos los Praesidia de una Curia tomaron parte en una campaña de reclutamiento columbano, en preparación para establecer un nuevo Praesidium. Los trabajos de Verdadera Devoción a la Nación incluyen clases de cocina, costura, lectura y escritura para los muchos inmigrantes del área del Senatus.
Senatus de Barcelona: Se recibieron las actas de septiembre. Un Praesidium tiene muchas religiosas, anteriormente legionarias en Kenia, como adjutoras. Otro Praesidium también tiene un convento de religiosas como adjutoras. Celebran una Misa mensual en un domicilio. Una socia es catequista. Un Praesidium en Mallorca tiene socios provenientes de Francia, Venezuela y Chile. Un Praesidium informó 21 Primeras Comuniones y 4 Bautismos. Ambos grupos tienen un representante en el Consejo Parroquial.
Senatus de Bilbao: El promedio de asistencia es de 72 %. En junio la Curia de Basauri celebró sus Bodas de Oro. La Curia hace muchísimo trabajo con la juventud y obtuvo un “informe favorable en el periódico local”. Tiene un Praesidium juvenil y un grupo de pre-juveniles. Un Praesidium en Bilbao también celebró su 50º aniversario; este Praesidium tiene socios provenientes de Guinea Ecuatorial y Colombia. Ellos promueven la Verdadera Devoción, visitan ciegos, personas con Alzhéimer y a ex prostitutas. La Curia de Oviedo ayudó a dos chicos sordos a aprender el lenguaje de señas. Se está ayudando a un recluso ex-drogadicto. Enviaron Manuales a Paraguay. La Curia de Durango está ayudando a una familia de Senegal - trabajan con Caritas, enfermos mentales y organizan reuniones de formación para inmigrantes, en unión con el Consejo.
Senatus de Roma: Se recibieron las actas de noviembre. Después de la consagración del mundo al Inmaculado Corazón que hizo el Santo Padre el 13 de octubre, el Senatus está considerando una sugerencia del hermano Duff de ir de casa en casa ofreciendo una visita de la Virgen Peregrina a cualquier hogar que quiera aceptarla por un día. Un legionario chino consiguió muchas conversiones de esa manera; él fue uno de los primeros en ser ejecutados en Tientsin.
Regia de Milán: Más de 100 personas, además de los legionarios, asistieron a encuentros de catequesis por el Año de la Fe sobre “La fe de María, la Madre de Dios” y “La Fe de Frank Duff”.
Comitium de Padua: Se están desarrollando esfuerzos por extender la Legión en Bressanone, Voltabrusegana y Mandria. En los informes figura la Verdadera Devoción a María. Se reclutó un socio activo en la estación de tren.
Limassol. Se recibieron las actas de septiembre. El promedio de asistencia a la reunión semanal es de veinte. Su apostolado incluye visitas a hogares, enfermos y moribundos, más un gran número de actividades parroquiales.
Nicosia tiene tres Praesidia. Las actas de dos de ellos están bastante actualizadas. El apostolado incluye trabajo de servicio, actividades parroquiales, visita a hospitales, más contactos callejeros y en los parques. Se contactan muchos no practicantes, y a aquellos de otra fe o sin fe. Los legionarios fueron instrumentos para la vuelta de dos personas al Sacramento de la Reconciliación.
Regia de Malta: Se recibieron las actas de octubre. Un Praesidium de 9, cuatro de los cuales son pretorianos, tuvieron dos retiros para auxiliares, con la asistencia de 55. Tres socios del Praesidium dan catequesis a los niños. Organizan también la renovación de la consagración de las familias al Sagrado Corazón durante una Misa, dos por año. Como iniciativa por el Año de la Fe, un Praesidium organizó un Rosario frente al Santísimo, para animar a pasar tiempo en oración en presencia de Nuestro Señor.
Curia Esperanza del Mundo: Los legionarios informaron la vuelta de cinco personas a los sacramentos. Se convenció a una mujer de que no abortara. Hacen trabajo de contactos con turistas y refugiados. Se estableció una librería ambulante en una Parroquia con el objetivo de reclutar nuevos socios.
Curia Madre de la Nación Maltesa: Durante los meses de verano este Consejo organizó la Adoración Eucarística en el paseo marítimo, durante la cual los legionarios hicieron contactos. Hubo posibilidad de confesarse. Como resultado de este apostolado, se confesaron 30 jóvenes. El apostolado de una Curia juvenil con 12 Praesidia incluye el contactar a los compañeros estudiantes, entre los que promueven el sacramento de la Confesión y la asistencia a la Misa dominical. Dos socios dieron una breve charla a niños de 12 años que estaban por recibir el sacramento de la Confirmación. Uno de los Praesidia juveniles organizó una Misa al aire libre y un retiro de fin de semana.
Comitium de Gozo: Retiros de fin de semana para hombres, mujeres y familias tuvieron una asistencia de 12 en cada uno.
El Praesidium en Atenas tiene dificultades por la continua agitación en las calles, pero las reuniones han continuado durante el verano. Los Praesidia en Rodas y Kos no tienen todavía una correspondencia regular.
La correspondencia con Tesalónica ha mejorado, pero los meses de verano se mostraron difíciles para celebrar reuniones regulares.
Comitium de Shkoder: Este consejo realiza visitas regulares a los Praesidia, normalmente dos o más por mes. El apostolado incluye visitas a personas mayores y solas en sus casas, especialmente en la ciudad, tomando parte en funerales, trayendo gente a los Sacramentos y notificando al sacerdote acerca de los feligreses que no pueden salir de casa, y a quienes les gustaría recibir los sacramentos. La venta de la nueva edición del Manual está yendo bien. Las estampas de Frank Duff son accesibles en Albania, pero las de Edel Quinn y Alfonso Lambe no están todavía disponibles.


Senatus de Boston: El Senatus promueve la pertenencia a la Legión después de las Misas y la Adoración y después de otros actos. La extensión produjo un Praesidium de adultos y uno juvenil. Un ministerio carcelario dirige un apostolado de seguimiento a las familias de ex–prisioneros. Tres católicos alejados y un no-católico fueron recibidos en la Iglesia; este último se unió a la Legión. En Vermont empezó un nuevo Praesidium de adultos.
Senatus de Filadelfia: Un tema de Congreso “Concédenos una Fe viva” tuvo 65 asistentes. El director espiritual del Senatus, P. Lendacky se retiró después de años de servicio fiel. Él contribuyó con muchos artículos para Maria Legionis, y el Senatus ha recopilado sus Allocutios en forma de libro. Lo ha sucedido el P. Giuffre. Un Praesidium en Seminario, con 11 socios, está comprometido en el apostolado parroquial, días de Extensión y en campañas de reclutamiento. La Regia de Pittsburg y sus consejos afiliados hacen extensión. El Comitium de Greenburg tiene un Praesidium en la cárcel. El 25% de los socios del Comitium de Metuchen son pretorianos. El Comitium de Camden tuvo una asistencia de 90 personas a su Congreso. Pusieron una librería ambulante en el paseo peatonal de Ciudad Océano.
El Comitium Coreano consiguió 9 socios activos.
Senatus de Chicago: Mankato y otros dos Consejos instalaron stands legionarios en ferias de muy buena asistencia. Se estableció un nuevo Comitium coreano con dos Curiae. Dos Curiae hispanas en expansión en Rockford y Joliet se subdividieron y formaron un Comitium. Un pastor buscó ayuda legionaria para la hospitalidad parroquial en Navidad y Pascua. El Comitium de Milwakee se unió con la Curia de Green Bay para organizar un stand legionario. También figuran Exploratio Dominicalis y contactos callejeros en el complejo Navy Pier.
Senatus de Houston: Un Praesidium con 15 socios activos y 40 auxiliares hacen visitas a hogares. Una pareja de duelo y otra familia volvieron a la Iglesia debido a la cariñosa preocupación de los legionarios. Una persona de 70 años fue bautizada. Los legionarios visitaron a 226 hombres y a 205 mujeres prisioneros. Una conferencia de PPC con el tema “Propagar la luz de la fe” tuvo 600 asistentes.
Senatus de San Luis: Se reclutaron 11 nuevos socios y se establecieron 6 nuevos Praesidia. Un Centro Católico en la Universidad de Tulsa tuvo 6 estudiantes que volvieron a la Fe. En otra parte, se contactó a 84 católicos alejados de la Iglesia. Se recibió a un joven de 17 años en la fe católica. Los legionarios visitaron a 431 presos.
Senatus de Nueva York: Los oficiales del Senatus agradecieron al Concilium por la hospitalidad y la orientación recibida en una reciente visita a Irlanda; ellos esperan implementar las muchas sugerencias. Los legionarios invitaron a los transeúntes a visitar sus iglesias locales durante la Cuaresma. Se pide oraciones a sacerdotes retirados que viven en asilos y se los mantiene informados sobre el apostolado legionario.
Regia de Arlington, Virginia: Se han establecido 5 grupos de Patricios en la zona del Comitium de Washington para aumentar el conocimiento de la Fe. El Comitium de Fairfax tiene tres nuevos Praesidia juveniles. La Curia hispana de Fairfax tuvo 1000 personas en un Retiro.
Regia de Miami: La Curia juvenil de Dade Boward visita Hogares de Ancianos, arman Rosarios, ponen los cordeles a las Medallas Milagrosas, atendieron un stand en la Feria de la Juventud, visitan enfermos y enseñan a rezar el Rosario a sus compañeros de clase. Un Praesidium de 19 socios activos y 247 auxiliares lista 7 actividades que incluyen: trabajo con juveniles, visitas con la Virgen Peregrina y el mantenimiento de la página web de la Regia. La curia de Savannah tiene un Praesidium juvenil y 2 de adultos. Carolina del Sur tiene 18 Praesidia de adultos. Se visitó el Comitium de Jacksonville. El arzobispo de Miami ha orientado a sus sacerdotes a considerar la Legión de María como una respuesta al llamamiento del Papa Francisco a “salir a las calles”.
Senatus de Los Ángeles: La Curia de Long Beach con 10 praesida, tiene cuatro grupos de Patricios. El número de oficiales para un primer trienio tomando responsabilidades es alentador. El Comitium coreano de Los Ángeles tiene 5 praesidia de adultos, 5 praesidiae juveniles y 5 grupos de patricios. Sus trabajos comprenden pastoral carcelaria, librería ambulante y contacto de grupos de jóvenes con el propósito de reclutar para la Legión.
Senatus de San Francisco: Se formó un Praesidium de 5 socios en San Pablo. San Mateo Norte, tiene un Praesidium de adultos y un Praesidium juvenil. El Comitium coreano del noroeste continúa su expansión, con 11 Praesidia y 5 Curiae afiliados. Tiene 418 socios activos en 48 Praesidia. El obispo de Portland es socio auxiliar. El trabajo de extensión del Comitium de Sacramento produjo 2 nuevos Praesidia. La Curia de Portland tuvo un Retiro sobre la Verdadera Devoción a María. Los legionarios hacen visitas casa por casa, contactos con la multitud y dirigen un grupo juvenil. Los trabajos del Comitium de Stockton incluyen promocionar la Radio católica. El Comitium de San José fue anfitrión de un Encuentro por el Año de la Fe. Prosperan tres Praesidia juveniles. Durante la evangelización de 696 hogares se encontraron personas que desean el RICA (Rito de Iniciación Cristiana para Adultos) y regularización de matrimonios.

Senatus de Toronto: La visita de legionarios de Newfoundland y New Brunswick entusiasmaron grandemente a los consejos distantes. En el Comitium en Scarborough, la víctima de un derrame cerebral contactada por los legionarios recibió los Sacramentos y su esposa empezó el RICA. Los reclutamientos columbanos son prometedores en Ottawa y Hamilton. La Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Lourdes tiene 12 legionarios, con 4 pretorianos, haciendo visitas con la Virgen Peregrina y entronización del Sagrado Corazón. También organizaron una charla sobre el Tratado de la Verdadera Devoción a María. Los juveniles en la Parroquia Santa Cruz hacen contactos con la multitud. Un Praesidium escolar, de 12 socios, reclutó 9 nuevos socios y realizaron un concurso sobre el Catecismo.
Comitium de Vancouver: En la Parroquia de Cloverdale, un Praesidium estableció un club “Niños de Jesús” para 30-40 niños. Por el Año de la Fe, el Praesidium desarrolló el Proyecto “Los Católicos Vuelven a Casa” (en junio/julio 2013), visitando 480 hogares, lo cual resultó en 15 retornos a la Iglesia. En su primer año el Praesidium Mártires Chinos llegó a 11 socios activos.
Senatus de Montreal: La asistencia entre julio y octubre osciló entre el 44% y el 70%. Aparecen visitas con la Virgen Peregrina, organización de peregrinaciones, Exploratio Dominicales y acercamientos a estudiantes. Una Curia con 6 Praesidia en una Parroquia da inestimable asistencia al sacerdote, inscribiendo a los recién llegados, ayudando con los servicios litúrgicos, limpiando la iglesia y preparando gente para el Bautismo. Son evidentes las buenas visitas que se hacen a los Praesidia y consejos afiliados y la correspondencia con los consejos lejanos.


Senatus de Santo Domingo. Todos los Praesidia visitan hogares, preparan niños para los sacramentos, llevan la Sagrada Comunión a los enfermos, arreglan con un sacerdote para confesiones y unciones. Algunos legionarios visitan cárceles y hospitales psiquiátricos. El Comitium “Santa María Madre de Dios”, con 13 Curiae y 6 Praesidia, tiene 2471 socios activos, 1657 auxiliares, 328 adjutores y 229 pretorianos. El consejo reclutó 60 socios activos, incluyendo 5 de las 8 parejas cuyos matrimonios regularizaron. Un Praesidium dio catequesis a 125 ex-presidiarios en la Pastoral Penitenciaria.
Senatus de Santiago de los Caballeros: Ha habido muchas vueltas a los sacramentos, conversiones de quienes pertenecían a sectas evangélicas y matrimonios regularizados. Una Curia en Trinidad con 10 Praesidia, 117 socios, 122 auxiliares y 20 pretorianos, tuvo a un joven evangélico que fue recibido en la Iglesia en su lecho de muerte. Un joven drogadicto se rehabilitó y se hizo católico. Varias personas que llevaban vidas disolutas fueron instruidas en la fe, bautizadas y frecuentan ahora los Sacramentos.
Regia de Trinidad y Tobago: Los trabajos que hacen son visitas a hogares, hospitales y cárceles. Como resultado de la instrucción religiosa, un católico no practicante volvió a los sacramentos. Se bautizaron 8 personas. Una señora bautista reza el Rosario con los legionarios. Otros trabajos incluyen asistencia a taxistas y a jóvenes en peligro. En agosto se emprendió una extensión en Tobago, tomando parte 6 legionarios.
Senatus de Haití. Se recibieron las actas de septiembre 2013, abarcando los informes de 4 Comitia y 2 Praesidia, uno de estos en un Seminario. Figuran jóvenes y juveniles. Una Curia trabaja con los niños de la calle. Cuatro equipos de extensión fueron muy bien recibidos.
Senatus de Puerto Rico. Un hombre de 70 años hizo su Primera Comunión. Se ocupan de los enfermos en sus casas. En las Islas Vírgenes se reza el Rosario en zonas famosas por la droga y la violencia. Durante la Cuaresma se representaron las estaciones del Vía Crucis por las calles. La Curia “Toa Alto” informó de la formación de juveniles en catequesis. La entronización del Sagrado Corazón trajo a 14 personas de vuelta a la práctica.



Senatus de Blantyre. Se recibieron las actas de octubre de 2013. Una copia del informe anual se envió a los dos arzobispos y 6 obispos del país. Durante el Año de la Fe continuaron los talleres de formación para oficiales de consejo. Hubo un encuentro para oficiales de Senatus y Directores Espirituales, que tuvo “las elecciones” entre los temas. Se acordó que los Directores Espirituales explicarían el procedimiento de elecciones a sus compañeros sacerdotes, resaltarían la necesidad de permitir a la Legión gobernar sus consejos, como prescribe el Manual. Durante este periodo, informaron las Regiae en la arquidiócesis de Lilongwe y otras 4 diócesis, las cuales regulan 58 Comitia. Un Comitium en Blantyre informó que varias parejas se casaron por la Iglesia y volvieron a los Sacramentos. Un pequeño número de Praesidia de jóvenes visitan a enfermos y a no practicantes y también ayudan en la Iglesia.
Senatus de Kenia. Se recibieron las actas de octubre de 2013. El Senatus aconsejó a todos sus Consejos organizar una Misa en memoria de la muerte del Siervo de Dios, Frank Duff.
Regia de Kisumu visitó la Diócesis de Lodwar y fundó 2 Praesidia. El Praesidium en la Universidad de Nairobi tiene 25 socios. Un nuevo Praesidium en un colegio tiene 30 socios. Los trabajos incluyen visita a hogares, hospitales y cárceles, que resultan en muchos volviendo a los Sacramentos y otros instruyéndose para eso. Los corresponsales se reúnen regularmente.
Senatus de Uganda. Se recibieron las actas de julio y agosto; mostraron un fuerte énfasis en la juventud, como los 5 informes que incluían aquellos de la Curia de las Instituciones Terciarias, Curia de los colegios de la ciudad y un Praesidium universitario. Uno de los otros Praesidia fue elogiado por sus esfuerzos por empezar grupos juveniles. Un incremento en el número de socios y la fundación de 4 Praesidia ha derivado en prolongadas reuniones de la Curia Terciaria, la cual tiene planes de dividirse. La importancia de este nivel de actividad juvenil en el presente, así como en el futuro, surgió por un comentario hecho por un hermano que asistía al Senatus por primera vez, quien dijo que él aprendió sobre la Legión de su hijo, que está en la Escuela Primaria. Como continuación del Encuentro Nacional de Directores Espirituales, las Regiae de Kabale y Mbarara llevaron a cabo Encuentros de Directores Espirituales en agosto y noviembre.
Senatus de Enugu. Un Comitium tiene afiliados 19 Praesidia, 18 Curiae de adultos y 11 Curiae juveniles. Como resultado de las Exploratio Dominicalis, prepararon a 191 personas para la Primera Comunión. 8 católicos no practicantes volvieron a los Sacramentos. Se casaron por la Iglesia 52 parejas y se prepararon muchos más contactos legionarios para los variados Sacramentos. Un Praesidium en la cárcel de Enugu tiene 9 socios y como resultado de su trabajo 3 adultos se bautizaron. Un anglicano fue recibido en la Iglesia Católica Romana.
Senatus de Abuja. Se recibieron las actas de octubre de 2013. El promedio de asistencia de los oficiales del Consejo fue del 61% y de los de Praesidia del 64%. Se formaron 43 nuevos Praesidia en un Comitium durante un período de dos años. Un Praesidium universitario se dividió y también empezó un segundo grupo como resultado de un reclutamiento columbano. Un Praesidium de 19 socios más 7 en prueba, 9 de los cuales son pretorianos, informó de 3 matrimonios regularizados, 6 no practicantes que volvieron a los Sacramentos y una conversión.
Senatus de Ibadan. Se recibieron las actas de octubre. El promedio de asistencia de los oficiales del Consejo fue del 68% y de los de Praesidium, del 59%. Seis Curia de adultos y 7 praesidia juveniles se fundaron en la zona de la Regia de la ciudad de Benin. Un praesidium hizo 119 contactos en un prostíbulo, siete de los cuales son católicos. Un Comitium informó de 8 conversiones, incluyendo una anciana musulmana, la cual murió poco después y tuvo un entierro católico.
Regia de Lagos. Se recibieron las actas de agosto. Un promedio de asistencias para los oficiales de consejo fue del 62% y para los de Praesidium, del 48%. Una Curia con 428 socios tiene sólo el 7% de personas de más de 40 años. Un Comitium informó de 17 matrimonios validados y 44 conversiones, mientras otro Comitium informó 25 matrimonios validados. 88 personas recibieron el Bautismo y la Confirmación a través del RICA.
Regia de Jos. Esta Regia, y muchos de sus consejos afiliados, han sufrido mucho debido a la agitación política en el norte de Nigeria. Mucha gente, incluidos los legionarios, han tenido que dejar sus zonas. Se piden oraciones.
Regia de Onitsha: Un Comitium preparó a 395 personas para el Bautismo, 1296 para la Primera Comunión y 718 para la Confirmación. Ayudaron a 112 parejas a que se casaran por Iglesia. Se fundaron 8 Praesidia de adultos y 12 Praesidia juveniles. El Comitium tiene afiliados 15 Praesidia, más 3 Curiae juveniles y 26 Curiae de adultos. La Curia juvenil tiene más de 2700 socios.
Regia de Ikot Ekpene. Ha habido una gran mejoría en el envío mensual de las actas. El corresponsal ha pedido que se incluyan más detalles en ellas.
Regia de Dar-es-Salaam.
Los Praesidia que se crearon a raíz de una campaña de reclutamiento de legionarios del Seminario, siguen siendo supervisandos. Se espera honrar a Nuestra Señora en una forma concreta reclutando tantos legionarios como sea posible en su mes especial. Se está planeando celebrar un Congreso Juvenil en junio y una PPC a Zanzíbar en julio. Se subrayó de nuevo la importancia de cumplir con la regla de la ayuda material.
Comitium de Mtwara: Se recibieron las actas de agosto. El corresponsal está haciendo el seguimiento de algunos problemas con las recientes elecciones de oficiales de la Legión.
Comitium de Mbeya: tiene cinco Curiae y 1691socios. Los trabajos incluyen el cuidado de Praesidia juveniles, la visita a los enfermos en el hogar y en el hospital y la ayuda a personas con dificultades maritales.
Comitium de Mbinga: Se recibió un informe que abarca un período de dos años hasta junio de 2013. En abril se celebró una Asamblea General donde el Año de la Fe ocupó un lugar destacado. También se discutieron asuntos administrativos. En octubre de 2012 decidieron fundar un Praesidium en cada escuela secundaria. Seis escuelas ahora tienen un Praesidium. Una Curia celebró su Jubileo de Oro con la Misa, celebrada por el Obispo Emérito Emmanuel Mapunda. Hace un tiempo considerable que no hay noticias de Songea, Njombe y Kilema.
Comitium de Hai Moshi: Los informes incluyen las visitas a hogares y hospital, el cuidado de Praesidia juveniles, las visitas a escuelas, contacto con adictos a las drogas y al alcohol, ayuda para resolver conflictos matrimoniales, la preparación de adultos y niños para los Sacramentos y la enseñanza del catecismo a los niños. Se informaron muchos regresos a los sacramentos y matrimonios regularizados.
Regia de Lusaka: Se recibieron informes muy completos sobre las visitas a la Diócesis de Monze en septiembre y a la Diócesis de Chipata en noviembre por tres oficiales de la Regia y un corresponsal. Los objetivos en ambos casos eran escuchar a los legionarios y discutir el funcionamiento de la organización; también para establecer la fuerza de la Legión, con miras a algún tipo de reorganización, ya que la distancia es un gran problema, con algunas Curiae apartadas hasta 150 km de los Comitia. En Monze se reunieron brevemente con el Obispo y con el Coordinador de la Pastoral y realizaron un taller sobre la Verdadera Devoción. En Chipata supervisaron las elecciones del Comitium. Se esperaba elevar una Curia a Comitium, pero se necesita dar algunos pasos más antes de que esto se logre.
Un breve e-mail del secretario indica grandes dificultades en el área; la literatura enviada por el Concilium, que necesitan desesperadamente no ha llegado todavía.
El crecimiento de un Praesidium con una asistencia semanal de 14-16 es atribuido a la oración de Frank Duff.

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news | Concilium News
Noticias del Concilium de diciembre 2013
January 2014
Elección de Secretario Asistente del Concilium

Tuvo lugar la elección de Secretario Asistente del Concilium, a cargo del Boletín, entre otros deberes. Se presentaron las nominaciones, siendo propuesto y secundado para este cargo Michael Walsh. No habiendo otras propuestas, Michael Walsh fue declarado electo por un término de 3 años.

Elevación de consejos en Venezuela y Togo

La Legión existe en las 10 Arquidiócesis y 26 Diócesis de Venezuela, y la Legión juvenil está mucho más fuerte que en la mayoría de los países de Sudamérica y Centroamérica. El Senatus en la capital, Caracas, gobierna la Legión de todo el país, con 12 Praesidia directamente afiliados, más 12 Curiae, 18 Comitia y 1 Regia. Esta propuesta concierne a la Regia, con su sede en Barquisimeto, la Arquidiócesis de Mérida y las correspondientes diócesis sufragáneas.
La propuesta es separar la Legión de la Arquidiócesis de Mérida y sus Diócesis sufragáneas de Trujillo, San Cristóbal y Barinas y elevar una nueva Regia en Mérida para gobernar la Legión en esa área. En total, serían 8-12 Praesidia directamente afiliados a la nueva Regia y 8 Comitia. También se propone afiliar la Curia en la Arquidiócesis de Valencia con sus Diócesis sufragáneas de Carora, San Felipe, Acaigua-Araure y Guanare a la ya existente Regia de Barquisimeto. La Regia de Barquisimeto gobernaría entonces 10 Praesidia directamente afiliados, 3 Curiae juveniles, 14 Curiae de adultos y 8 Comitia.
Ambas Regiae serían afiliadas al Senatus de Caracas. La situación completa sería: 1 Senatus en Caracas con 2 Regiae, 15 Comitia, 18 Curiae y alrededor de 12 Praesidia ailiados.
Ambas propuestas fueron aceptadas por el Concilium.

Propuesta de elevar a Senatus la Regia de Lome, Togo.
Se presentó una propuesta para elevar la Regia de Lome, Togo, a Senatus, en orden a administrar la Legion de María en la Arquidiócesis de Lome y las otras cinco Diócesis de Togo: las Diócesis de Aneho, Kpalime, Atakpame, Sokode y Dapaong. El Senatus tendrá 22 Praesidia directamente afiliados, 21 Curiae de adultos, 1 Curia juvenil y 13 Comitia. El proyecto fue propuesto y secundado y la asamblea del Concilium dio su aval.

Propuesta para elevar a Regia el Comitium de Kara, Togo.
Se presentó una segunda propuesta para elevar el Comitium de Kara, Togo, a Regia, en vistas a administrar la Legión en la Diócesis de Kara. La Regia en Kara administrará 26 Praesidia directamente afiliados, 9 Curiae de adultos y 2 Comitia (Pagouda y Niemtougou). Se ha obtenido la aprobación eclesiástica. El proyecto fue propuesto y secundado y la asamblea del Concilium dio su aval.
Sile Ni Chochlain, Presidente del Concilium, agradeció y felicitó a los nuevos consejos.

Visita de Tadhg McMahon a Brasil

El evento central fue la celebración de la Eucaristía con 70 Directores Espirituales, presidida por el Arzobispo de Recife, Dom Fernando Saburido. El espíritu del encuentro fue de compromiso gozoso por desarrollar la Legión, principalmente a través de la formación legionaria, incluyendo el estudio del Manual. También se prestó atención al rol de la Legión en hacer frente a los desafíos espirituales de hoy, y en involucrar a la juventud en el apostolado de la Iglesia. El tema central del Congreso fue la disciplina legionaria, y en ese contexto, se enfatizaron tres puntos: (1) Las Ordenanzas Fijas. (2) El Orden del Praesidium. (3) El poner a la Legión a disposición del Obispo y del párroco. Todos los más altos consejos en la región estuvieron representados -4 Senatus, la Regia en la capital Brasilia, la Regia en el lejano oeste y el Senatus de Belem, en la región amazónica, estuvieron representados. Todo el evento estuvo dominado por un espíritu de alegría, gratitud y cálida amistad. El Hno. McMahon también visitó diez consejos de la Legión, incluyendo reuniones de tres Senatus, dos Regiae y varios Comitia, Curiae y Praesidia. Se dedicaron muchas horas a grupos individuales y a oficiales legionarios.

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news | Allocutio
Alocutio de diciembre 2013
January 2014
San Juan Bautista y la Legión

San Juan Bautista es una de las figuras claves en el tiempo de Adviento. Ciertamente, es una de las figuras fundamentales en toda la historia de la salvación. Nos presenta el Nuevo Testamento, así como nos presenta específicamente a Jesús. De hecho, no tiene otro propósito más que presentar a Jesús al mundo, y a cada uno de nosotros. Toda su identidad está ligada a señalar a Jesús. Prepara al mundo para la Navidad y el insuperable misterio de la Encarnación. Por lo tanto, no sorprende que tenga un lugar tan especial en la Legión, y en la devoción de cada legionario individual. Como señala el Manual, “es el que está relacionado más íntimamente con la espiritualidad legionaria, si exceptuamos al glorioso San José”. Por supuesto, san Juan no es sólo una figura del pasado, sino que está vivo en la Iglesia y puede asistir especialmente a todos aquellos que comparten su misión de prepararle el camino a Nuestro Señor en su venida a las vidas de hombres y mujeres contemporáneos. El Manual declara categóricamente: “fue el prototipo de todos los legionarios: como precursor, fue delante del Señor para prepararle el camino y enderezar las sendas”.
A primera vista podría resultarnos no tan obvio que Juan es el prototipo de todos los legionarios. A veces es retratado más como demasiado severo y pronto a condenar, que como la clase de persona que sería un amigo alentador. Pero la realidad es que él nos da el mejor mensaje posible. Nos señala a Jesús con la mayor claridad y entusiasmo posibles. “Este es el Cordero de Dios, que quita el pecado del mundo”. No podemos oír mejor mensaje que ese.
Además, somos profundamente impactados por la absoluta humildad de este hombre. Esa es una de las cualidades más queridas de la Legión. Él proclama que no es digno ni siquiera de desatar las sandalias de nuestro Señor. E insiste en que el Señor debe crecer y él debe disminuir. Este es seguramente un principio básico para toda forma de apostolado, y especialmente para el apostolado de la Legión. Recordamos cuán entrañablemente nuestro Señor amó a San Juan, y entonces no podemos amarlo menos. “Les aseguro que no ha nacido ningún hombre más grande que Juan el Bautista”.
El Manual nos da otra razón para ver a Juan el Bautista como el prototipo de todos los legionarios: “Además, su formación espiritual la recibió de la misma María, como la deben recibir todos los legionarios”. Recordamos las palabras de Isabel a María: “Apenas oí tu saludo, el niño saltó de alegría en mi seno”. Debe haber un profundo gozo también en el legionario que se permite ser formado por María para el discipulado y la misión. Amerita reflexionar profundamente en las notables palabras de nuestro Manual: “El episodio de la Visitación presenta por primera vez a nuestra Señora en su calidad de Medianera de la divina Gracia, y a San Juan como el primero en beneficiarse de dicha mediación. No es extraño, pues, que a San Juan se le mirara desde un principio como patrón especial de la Legión y de cuanto la Legión emprende, en sus contactos personales, visitas, etc., porque todo ello no es más que un esfuerzo para colaborar al oficio mediador de la Santísima Virgen”. Nosotros también estamos llamados, como San Juan Bautista, a responder a la voz de María siempre y en todas partes.
El Manual nos da otra convincente razón de por qué la Legión tiene un lugar especial para Juan el Bautista en su esquema general: “San Juan -elemento integrante de la misión de nuestro Señor- tiene que entrar necesariamente en cualquier organización que busque perpetuar dicha misión”. El Manual cita entonces al Cardenal Danielou: "Si Jesús es siempre ‘El que ha de venir’, San Juan es igualmente ‘el que va delante’; pues la economía de la Encarnación histórica de Cristo continúa en Su Cuerpo Místico".
Finalmente, hay otra conexión estrecha entre San Juan Bautista y la Legión, y aunque no se hace explícita en el Manual, en líneas generales está todo ahí. Toda la enseñanza de Juan puede ser resumida en sus palabras iniciales: “Arrepiéntanse, porque el Reino de los Cielos está cerca”. La palabra “arrepentirse” viene del latín “repensare” , pensar de nuevo, cambiar de dirección, dar media vuelta. La palabra griega subyacente es “metanoia”, que significa conversión, hacer un nuevo y radical comienzo. Conversión es la palabra clave en la predicación de Juan el Bautista. Y el Nuevo Testamento está lleno de historias de conversión. Lo común a todas estas historias es el hecho de que la conversión significa encontrarse con Nuestro Señor y hacer de Él el centro de la vida de la persona. Este es el propósito de todas las formas de evangelización –facilitar un encuentro entre Cristo y la persona. Esta fue la misión esencial de Juan el Bautista, y es también la razón de la existencia de la Legión. Si tuviéramos que escribir una lista de las diez palabras claves en el vocabulario de la Legión, “conversión” estaría bien arriba. En una de sus visitas a Roma, le preguntaron a Frank Duff qué le diría a la Legión de todo el mundo si tuviera la oportunidad. Sin dudarlo, resumió todo lo que quería decir en una palabra: Conviertan. Que la Legión se dirija una vez más a Juan el Bautista y a nuestro fundador, Frank Duff, para preparar el camino al Señor en cada parte del mundo y en las mentes y corazones de todos los hombres y mujeres contemporáneos. Amén.

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Boletín de noviembre 2013
January 2014
Boletín del Concilium - Noviembre 2013


Senatus de Visayas Oeste: Los informes trimestrales al Senatus son alentadores. Los trabajos que realizan son: visita a las cárceles, validación de matrimonios, bautismos, enseñanza del catecismo, visitas a hogares y a enfermos. Los informes de 5 Comitia incluyen: la conversión de 6 musulmanes, 76 matrimonios validados y 10 ciudadanos adultos catequizados que han vuelto a los sacramentos. Se fundaron 2 Praesidia juveniles y 2 Curiae, ascendieron a Comitia. Un aglipayano (natural de Aglipay, municipio de Filipinas) se convirtió y es ahora un legionario. El Comitium de Bacolad fue ascendido a la condición de Regia y tiene 6 Comitia, 8 Curiae y 12 praesidiae directamente afiliados con un total de 5.764 socios.

Senatus del Norte de Filipinas: El Senatus celebró su 73 aniversario en julio. El 25 de agosto tuvo lugar un Congreso. La promoción de las Causas está en un primer plano. Las reuniones de patricios están animadas tanto por adultos como por juveniles.

Regia de Antipolo: Se fundaron 9 Praesidiae juveniles y 7 Praesidiae de adultos. 16 socios juveniles pasaron al rango de adultos y dos socios entraron en la vida religiosa.
Comitium de Manila hicieron multitud de contactos y abordaron a 2400 personas, de las cuales se incluyen personas que viven en las calles, conductores de bici-taxis, guardias de seguridad y marineros. Comitium de Makati tiene 619 familias que han entronizado el Sagrado Corazón.

Senatus de Mindanao: Un Praesidium da catequesis a 29 chicas y otro Praesidium trajo a muchos a la Iglesia, algunos de estos han sido rescatados de las sectas. Un padre no practicante y la familia, han vuelto recientemente a la fe.

Senatus de Bicolandia: Un Praesidium en la Regia de Lagazpi tiene 10 socios en un hospital de rehabilitación. Los socios juveniles dan seguimiento a los nuevos socios auxiliares, invitan a los niños a visitar el Sagrario y participan en el rezo del Rosario en los edificios con los legionarios adultos.

Comitium de Libmanan organizó un Congreso en septiembre. Muchos consejos enseñan el catecismo en las escuelas elementales y preparan a los adultos para el bautismo y la confirmación. Las visitas a los consejos están asumidas y alentadas para que se impliquen en cubrir los cargos de oficiales.

Senatus de Cebu: Un Comitium informó de 55 personas que se habían confesado y recibido la unción de enfermos, 6 niños y 7 adultos fueron bautizados, 300 estudiantes se confesaron y 8 parejas se casaron por la Iglesia. Promueven la devoción de la Alianza de los Dos Sagrados Corazones, catequesis de adultos y catequesis en el patio trasero, fueron los informes de una Curia. Un Praesidium juvenil organizó un grupo de oración con 40 socios de 5 a 13 años, donde les enseñaron las oraciones elementales y el Rosario. Otro grupo emprendió la visita a hogares y la visita a hospitales con adultos, hicieron contactos callejeros, llevaron a 112 jóvenes a Misa, 82 se confirmaron y se validaron 102 matrimonios. Se promueven las Causas. Por favor rezar por todos aquellos afectados por el tifón de Halayan.


Regia de Mount Hagan: La Regia bajo el cuidado de Manila planea enviar a 100 legionarios a visitar Manila en septiembre de 2014. La Regia tiene 14 Comitia con 6.226 socios adultos. Regia de Madang: Esta Regia tiene 5.490 socios activos pero el transporte es un problema y es caro así que los Praesidiae son pequeños.

Senatus de Sydney: La extensión es llevada a cabo con buenos resultados. La mayoría de las parroquias tienen un pequeño porcentaje de católicos y ellos asumen muchas tareas del párroco. El apostolado que hacen es la visita a hogares, contactos callejeros con la librería ambulante en los centros comerciales, en la estación de tren y en frente de la iglesia después de la Misa. Dan catequesis y mencionan a los Patricios.

Islas Salomon: Hay contacto pero las actas no son regulares.
Timor este: Se han fundado 3 Praesidia y hay 2 más en formación. La pobreza es evidente en el país y como el correo es caro ellos dependen de sus amigos de Indonesia para suplir sus necesidades.

Senatus de Melbourne: Desde el último informe han informado 5 praesidia, 10 Curiae, 4 Comitia en el continente y 6 consejos en las islas del Pacífico. Los Praesidiae de la ciudad son pequeños; ellos están comprometidos en varios apostolados, visitando enfermos y ancianos, visita de la Virgen Peregrina y contactos callejeros en el centro comercial.

Comitium de Perth informó de una procesión de las antorchas en honor de Nuestra Señora de Lourdes asistiendo 450 personas.
Comitium de Flemington comprende 14 praesidia y 3 están directamente afiliados a la Curia con 539 socios vietnamitas activos. Los socios juveniles están bien preparados. La primera reunión de un Praesidium que se fundó en noviembre de 1932 como el resultado directo del Congreso Eucarístico en Dublín, dejó de funcionar pero otro celebró su 80 aniversario el 8 de septiembre con una Misa y una fiesta. Los contactos con los consejos en el Océano Pacífico son difíciles así como el transporte a las islas es limitado y las comunicaciones son problemáticas.
Comitium de Brisbane: Los Praesidiae en Ayr, Cairns y Gordanvale se visitaron por dos oficiales. Hay pocos socios en cada Praesidium. Informaron dos Praesidiae vietnamitas. Están en contacto con Melbourne y algunos socios asistieron allí a un Retiro. Van a enviar a legionarios vietnamitas a visitarlos en diciembre para ayudarles con el reclutamiento. En el informe de los trabajos incluyen la inscripción al Escapulario de la Virgen del Carmen, visitas a no practicantes y no creyentes, estatua de la Virgen peregrina y un sacerdote va a la Residencia de ancianos cuando se le requiere.

Senatus de Auckland: La Curia juvenil va progresando en cuanto al número de socios y está muy activa en sus trabajos de Legión. Una Curia tiene 6 praesidia con 86 socios. En el informe de trabajos incluyen la visita a enfermos, llevan a los niños a Misa, dan catequesis y varias labores en la iglesia. Se reza el Rosario en el colegio Marista a la hora de la comida. El Senatus está organizando una Misa para el 8 de noviembre con motivo de la finalización del Año de la Fe.


Senatus de Asunción: Un Comitium en San Lorenzo promueve 3 emisoras de radio católicas. Otros apostolados que mencionan incluyen la preparación al Bautismo para 319 personas, visita a leprosos, visita a mujeres en la cárcel y ayuda a los alcohólicos, para que se abstengan de beber. En las cárceles donde existen Praesidiae, los legionarios ayudan a sus compañeros presos a rehabilitarse, a menudo resulta que los ponen muy pronto en libertad, debido a su buena conducta. Una Curia informa de 5 legionarios que dan catequesis a jóvenes marineros en los barcos de la armada; tanto es así que dos de los contactados se bautizaron, 5 recibieron la Primera Comunión y 18 se confirmaron. Un Comitium juvenil tiene 10 Curiae y 19 Praesidia afiliados, con un total de 2.100 socios activos y aproximadamente 2000 Auxiliares. Un socio de una secta se convirtió al catolicismo mientras estaba en el hospital y recibió varios sacramentos antes de fallecer.

Senatus de La Paz: El Comitium de Oruro, donde Alfonso Lambe fundó la Legión en medio de los mineros, recientemente organizó un Congreso al cual asistió su obispo. Este Comitium muchas veces al año realiza la Exploratio Dominicalis. Una Curia de la ciudad regularmente hace contactos callejeros, encontrándose con muchos, a quienes no sería posible encontrarlos en la visita a hogares.

Senatus de Santiago: El corresponsal del Senatus escribe a sus consejos afiliados cada mes con noticias del Senatus y noticias con el corresponsal del Concilium. El Obispo de Punta Arenas, en el extremo sur de Chile, ha pedido a sus legionarios que vayan en parejas a propagar el rezo del Rosario. Todos los años los legionarios organizan una ceremonia alrededor del Escapulario de la Virgen del Carmen, para celebrar Nuestra Señora del Monte Carmelo, la patrona de Chile.

Senatus de Medellin: Mencionan los esfuerzos por la extensión. Los trabajos incluyen la visita a hogares, contactos callejeros y visita a un centro psiquiátrico. La Curia Inmaculada de Firontino, ayuda a poner en marcha el plan de pastoral para la Archidiócesis; ellos también mencionan un caso especial de una casa donde 3 adultos de mediana edad, no tenían creencia religiosa, pero debido al contacto y seguimiento de la Legión, ellos recibieron la Primera Comunión y la Confirmación. La Regia Nuestra Señora de la Pobreza, mencionan entre sus trabajos, el conseguir un tratamiento hospitalario para un señor pobre que dormía debajo de un puente; el también recibió los sacramentos, después de lo cual el murió pacíficamente.

Senatus de Bogotá: Un Comitium afiliado, fundó 2 nuevos Praesidia y hay otros dos en formación, otro Comitium fundó una nueva Curia mientras un tercero informó de los esfuerzos de extensión sin resultados. Un Praesidium visita un hogar de niños con cáncer, donde les organizan juegos y terminan rezando. Muchos niños se prepararon para la Primera Comunión. Un Comitium informó del gran número de personas que volvieron a la práctica religiosa, ya que ellos hicieron visitas regulares sistemáticamente.

Comitium de la Habana: No hay actas de Cuba desde el último informe en un correo del director espiritual en el que dice que las actas se enviarán vía Nunciatura, como suelen hacer.

Senatus de Lima: 300 jóvenes asistieron a la Conferencia Nacional de la Juventud, de la cual ellos dijeron que fue muy buena. Un Comitium en Cuzco tiene unidas 8 Curiae. Estas regiones montañosas atraen a miles de turistas cada año; se les aconsejó a los hermanos legionarios que asumieran el apostolado hacia estos turistas. La visita a hogares es muy Buena con muchos retornos a la práctica religiosa. Hay 4 praesidia en la cárcel. Se han llevado a cabo 3 Peregrinatio Pro Christo en distintas ciudades de la Diócesis, se fundó un nuevo Praesidium en cada ciudad, antes de que los hermanos la dejaran.

Senatus de Montevideo: La hora de la reunión del Senatus se ha cambiado para mejorar la asistencia. Ellos contactan con las madres de los indígenas y sus niños en la calle (el fútbol se utiliza para animar a los niños en la catequesis. Una extensión con el método columbano dio como resultado que 5 personas estaban dispuestas a unirse a la Legión en Montevideo. Ellos pidieron oraciones para el trabajo con la juventud en Maldonado. Se visitó el hospital militar en junio y un legionario en la “Agencia Pastoral de la cárcel” va semanalmente a visitar a los reclusos con problemas.

Senatus de Caracas: Se fundaron muchos Praesidiae y hay más en formación. En Caracas 5 testigos de Jehovah, un protestante y un ateo se convirtieron. Pueden acceder a los apartamentos, a través del conserje. Mencionan que han hecho extensión con el método columbano, Exploratio Dominicalis y han organizado un millón de Rosarios para niños. Han visitado la Guardia Nacional y tienen un Praesidium en el hospital de leprosos, donde a jóvenes pacientes indígenas se les enseña a rezar.

Senatus de Quito: Han solicitado una visita del Concilium para asesoramiento de algunas cuestiones. En Saruma se han fundado 2 Curiae y un Praesidium juvenil. Dicen que han pedido a los profesores a que les ayuden para preparar a los niños para la Primera Comunión.

Senatus de Accra: El Senatus y muchos Consejos afiliados, continúan en promover la causa de Frank Duff con gran entusiasmo y cada mes ellos organizan una “Sesión de oración para la beatificación de Frank Duff”. La Legión de María durante una semana realizó varios proyectos en Ghana del 1 al 8 de septiembre y los legionarios contactaron con los feligreses. Tuvieron estandartes, exhibiciones de fotos, etc y organizaron varios deportes para jóvenes y concursos. La pretensión era el aumento del conocimiento y el reclutamiento para la Legión de María. Julius Kwasitsu informó al Senatus en su trabajo de extensión en la diócesis de Ho. El Comitium de Tema organizó un proyecto para empezar un nuevo praesidium en Aveyime con 60 participantes, muchos de ellos de la zona local. Los contactos fueron muy fructíferos; algunas visitas de los legionarios resultaron bienvenidas y algunas personas vuelven a la Iglesia.

El principal apostolado que han emprendido los legionarios de la Curia de Kadoma, es la visita a

hogares, hospitales, ancianos y personas solas. Los legionarios de Mutare celebraron el cumpleaños de Nuestra Señora con una reunión de legionarios para hablar y la Santa Misa.

Senatus de Johannesburg: EL Senatus celebró su 80 aniversario con una ceremonia el 12 de octubre de 2013 y asistieron aproximadamente 140 legionarios. El Padre Jeremias de los misioneros combonianos habló de los orígenes de la Legión de María, basados en la verdadera devoción a María. EL también habló de Frank Duff, Alfonso Lambe, y la venerable Edel Quinn. Los trabajos que realizan son visita a hogares, a hospitales y a las cárceles. Bautizaron a 15 bebés con la ayuda de los legionarios.

Comitium de Soweto planean visitar todas las parroquias de Soweto donde no hay Legión. Senatus de Ciudad del Cabo: Se han fundado unos cuantos Praesidiae que se han unido a los consejos. Algunos Praesidia se reúnen en unas zonas muy difíciles, pero ellos continúan con su trabajo. En las actas de Ciudad del Cabo se mencionó que se recibió la correspondencia de Namibia del Norte.
Comitium de Marianhill: En una carta fechada el 25 de junio, describen brevemente su peregrinación y Acies. Continúan con la visita a las parroquias y organizan talleres y como empezar la Legión de María. El corresponsal ha solicitado que envíen mensualmente las actas. Comitium de Durban informó de un Praesidium con 20 socios activos, 100 auxiliares, 4 pretorianos y 20 adjutores. Sus trabajos incluyen la visita a los enfermos con sida, catequesis y la visita a 159 no católicos durante el año.
Comitium de Matatiele informó de 48 jóvenes y 8 adultos en una reunión de patricios. Comitium de Esigodeni tiene 16 Curia unidas con un total de 4.245 socios activos y 1300 socios auxiliares. El trabajo emprendido: son los hogares, los hospitales y la cárcel

Regia de Luanda: Flávio António da Silva y Alessandro Pereira de Carvalho, del Senatus de Recife, Brasil, visitaron la Regia en representación del Concilium, asistieron a la reunión de julio. Las actas registran las visitas que ellos hicieron, acompañados de algunos legionarios de la Regia, y dieron un resumen detallado de sus útiles comentarios en la reunión. Un Comitium afiliado a la Regia fundó 2 nuevas Curiae. Otro Comitium también está planeando fundar 2 Curiae. La Regia está organizando una celebración por el 62 aniversario de la fundación de la Legión en Angola, la cual será en la Diócesis de Ndalatando.

Senatus de Lesotho: Las características de muchos informes son el trabajo con la juventud. Un Praesidium tiene 405 niños en catequesis. Dos legionarios están activos con la extensión y la recuperación de los Praesidia débiles.

Regia de Cabo Verde: Varios informes cuentan que varios Praesidiae han sido rescatados con la ayuda especial de los párrocos. Los resultados de las visitas incluyen el traer a 36 jóvenes para prepararlos para el bautismo. El Comitium de Isla del Fuego informa de 279 niños reclutados para el catecismo principalmente a través de 40 Exploratio Dominicalis. La Curia de la isla de Sao Antao hace hincapié en la conversión de 120 jóvenes y adultos preparados para el Bautismo.

Egipto: Se piden oraciones para los legionarios en Egipto en estos tiempos difíciles.

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Varias noticias del Concilium de noviembre
January 2014
Visita de legionarios del Senatus de Nueva York al Concilium
En la junta del Concilium de octubre se dio la bienvenida a los oficiales del Senatus de Nueva York: el Presidente, Julio Cho; la Secretaria, Bernadette Soberon; el Secretario Asistente, John Kinney; la Tesorera, Maria Tena y otro legionario, Carlos Tena.
Un par de días de la semana siguiente al Concilium tuvieron lugar reuniones con los Oficiales del Concilium para hablar sobre la Legión en el Senatus de Nueva York. El Senatus Regional de Nueva York tiene un total de 5.203 miembros activos, con 15 Curiae y 7 Comitia. Se mantuvieron muy fructíferas discusiones.

Visita de legionarios de México al Concilium
Se dio la bienvenida al Concilium a legionarios del Senatus de Mexico DF -el Presidente Marcelino Trujillo Méndez, la Vicepresidente Antonia Croz Barcenas, la Secretaria Elena Austria Basilio, la Tesorera Alondra Flores, la Tesorera Asistente Rosa Maria Reynosa Teran- y del Senatus de Mérida (México) -la Presidente Sandra Argaez Sanchez, la Secretaria María Jesús Zuñiga, la Tesorera Celia María Angulo, Olivia Recio Garrido Garrido, la Tesorera Asistente Magdaleine Magalay, y la extensionista Laydy Buenfil Managa.
Se mantuvieron reuniones con ellos y los oficiales del Concilium, a quienes encontraron muy serviciales y enriquecedores. En la junta del Concilium, Marcelino –Presidente del Senatus de Mexico DF- dijo que era un gran privilegio estar en Dublin, e informó que hay 7 praesidia, 14 Curiae, 7 Comitia y 3 Regia afiliadas al Senatus. En el área del Senatus hay una población de 75 millones de habitantes, y 2.728 parroquias. Dijo que su compromiso era poner todo en manos de la Virgen e implorar la ayuda de Frank Duff, Edel Quinn y Alfie Lambe al emprender trabajos difíciles.
Sandra, Presidente del Senatus de Mérida, nos contó que allí tienen 16 praesidia, 14 Curiae, 1 Curia juvenil, 17 Comitia y 1 Regia afiliada, tienen la Regia de Guatemala a su cuidado. También visitaron Cuba, cuyo Director Espiritual está comprometido con la Legión. Durante los tiempos difíciles, la Legión de María fue la única organización que sobrevivió. Ella expresó su agradecimiento a todos aquellos que los ayudaron durante su semana en Dublín.
Síle Ní Chochláin, Presidente del Concilium, dijo que ella estaba muy agradecida a los legionarios por venir de tan lejos y que era evidente que conocían bien la Legión, lo cual quedaba expresado en un espíritu de gozo y risa.

Propuesta de elevar a Senatus la Regia de Luanda, Angola.
Se presentó una propuesta para elevar a Senatus a la Regia de Luanda, Angola, para gobernar el área que ya posee. Esta comprende 3 arquidiócesis y 9 diócesis sufragáneas. La Regia de Luanda tiene un total de 10 Praesidia, 9 Curiae de adultos, 2 Curiae juveniles y 13 Comitia. El área del Senatus sería la mitad norte del país. Se ha otorgado la autorización eclesiástica. Esta presentación fue propuesta y secundada y la asamblea del Concilium dio su aprobación.

Propuesta de elevar a Senatus la Regia de Maula, Malawi.
También se propuso en la junta del Concilium elevar la Regia de Maula, en la Arquidiócesis de Lilongwe, a Senatus, y que su territorio sea la Arquidiócesis de Lilongwe y las diócesis de Mzulu, Karonga y Dedza (todas estas diócesis sufragáneas de Lilongwe). El propuesto Senatus de Maula tendría 15 Praesidia, 6 Curiae, 19 Comitia y 1 Regia directamente afiliados. Esta propuesta está sujeta a la aprobación eclesiástica. Esta solicitud fue propuesta y secundada y la asamblea del Concilium expresó su acuerdo.
Síle Ní Chochláin, Presidente del Concilium, extendió su agradecimiento y felicitaciones a los dos nuevos Senatus.

Conmemoración del Siervo de Dios, Frank Duff
El sábado 16 de noviembre de 2013, en la Pro-Catedral Sta. María de Dublín, tuvo lugar la Misa por el 33º Aniversario del Siervo de Dios Frank Duff. El celebrante principal, y predicador, fue el Rev. Paul Churchill, Promotor de Justicia para la Causa. Concelebraron la Misa 23 sacerdotes; entre ellos, el retirado Obispo James Moriarty, el P. David Fenot, Director Espiritual de la Regia de Valence, Francia, y Directores Espirituales de la Legión de María, actuales y anteriores. El Rev. Damian O’Reilly, Administrador de la Pro-Catedral también concelebraron, y él y su personal fueron extremadamente serviciales para la preparación de este evento. El P. Churchill agradeció al Alcalde Mayor suplente por su presencia. En su homilía el P. Churchill habló del Papa Benedicto XVI, a quien él conoció personalmente, como un hombre gentil y orante, y de nuestro actual Santo Padre, el Papa Francisco, cuya amistosa simplicidad es famosa, y quien nos urge constantemente a “no tener miedo y orar incesantemente”. La asistencia estimada fue de 700.
Síle Ní Chochláin, Presidente del Concilium, agradeció a los miembros de la Curia de Belén, Dublin, y a todos aquellos que ayudaron de algún modo en la excelente organización de este evento.

Extensión en Holanda del 5 al 19 de octubre de 2013

Anne y Eddy Evers, de Dublin y Sally Chan, de Hong Kong representaron al Concilium en el trabajo de extensión en Holanda. Ocurrieron muchos eventos, tales como una entrevista sobre la Legión con Radio María, que es emitida en Holanda y Bélgica; también los legionarios tuvieron una entrevista con el periódico El Católico Holandés. Se dio una presentación sobre la Legión de María a 8 seminaristas; se emprendió un reclutamiento después de la Misa del domingo, en Velo, y 3 parejas de legionarios hicieron visitas domiciliarias.
En Amsterdam se hizo reclutamiento antes y después de las Misas diarias y dominicales en todas las iglesias del centro de la ciudad. Se invitó a los contactos interesados a unirse a los grupos existentes, para formarse. Un párroco quería establecer un Praesidium y se le dejaron 4 manuales holandeses.
Una visita a las Hermanas de la Madre Teresa para discutir la posibilidad de visitar chicas en la zona roja junto a los legionarios resultó en acordar que ayudarán con un retiro y proveerán alojamiento gratuito a cualquiera que desee dejar esa vida.
Mons. Van Burgestenden, Obispo Auxiliar dijo que le gustaría que se establezcan presidia en habla hispana, polaca y filipina, y prometió incluir detalles de la Legión en el website diocesano y la newsletter, que ahora está disponible. El P. Ojeda estuvo de acuerdo con una plática promocional y una campaña de reclutamiento.
En conjunto, fueron bienvenidos dondequiera que iban, y los legionarios estuvieron deseosos de ayudar. Los legionarios expresaron su agradecimiento al Concilium por la oportunidad de emprender esta extensión, y Síle Ní Chochláin, Presidente del Concilium, les agradeció por tan grandioso trabajo.

Visita a Roma

Representando a la Legión de María, Moira y Liam Hayden asistieron a la reunión de la Asamblea Plenaria del Pontificio Consejo para la Familia, en Roma, el 24 de octubre de 2013. La asistencia de 200 fue dividida aproximadamente en 50% clero y 50% parejas casadas.
Muchos ponentes dieron su visión, entre ellos Mons. Jean Lafite habló sobre los ataques a las familias mediante órganos de los medios de comunicación y el gobierno, y las serias consecuencias que esto tundra en el futuro. Hungría es una notable excepción, donde una reciente enmienda a su constitución da protección especial a la familia. El Prof. Karl Anderson, de los Estados Unidos, dijo que la Iglesia necesita promulgar sus verdades en un lenguaje fácilmente comprensible para el público. La plática final fue dada por el Economista Stefano Zamagni, quien habló de la necesidad de formar a los niños para ser miembros productivos de la sociedad mientras disfrutan de la seguridad de una familia amante, y que los aprueba.
Hablaron con muchas personas de diferentes partes del mucho, que alabaron a la Legión de sus países, como ocurrió con dos Cardenales, SER Cardenal Luis Antonio G. Tagle, Arzobispo de Manila y SER Cardinal John Olorunfermi Onaiyekan, Arzobispo de Abuja, Nigeria, a quienes conocieron.
Moira y Liam Hayden dijeron que estaban más que agradecidos al Concilium por darles la oportunidad de asistir a este evento, que no sólo los afirmó en su propia fe, sino que les permitió conocer a otras parejas para quienes el catolicismo es el centro de sus vidas. Síle Ní Chochláin, Presidente del Concilium, les agradeció por asistir a este encuentro.

Peregrinación legionaria annual al Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Knock, Condado de Mayo, Irlanda

La Peregrinación Legionaria Anual al Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Knock tuvo lugar el domingo 29 de septiembre de 2013. Fue un día colmado de espíritu de unidad. Hubo una asistencia estimada de 10.000 legionarios y sus amigos, que llenaron la capacidad de la Basílica. El celebrante principal y predicador fue el Obispo de Ossory, Reverendísimo Seamus Freeman DD.
Se extendió un agradecimiento especial a todos aquellos que organizaron ómnibus, y a Catherine Murphy por organizar este evento.

Reunión del Concilium de Abril 2014
Debido a que el Domingo de Pascua es el 20 de abril de 2014, tercer domingo del mes, la junta del Concilium ha sido adelantada al domingo 13 de abril de 2014.

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Alocutio de noviembre 2013
January 2014
Las almas de nuestros legionarios difuntos

Una de las más antiguas y más básicas cuestiones que los seres humanos se siguen planteando es: ¿existe la vida después de la muerte? A lo largo de los siglos se han dado muchas diferentes respuestas, e incluso ahora, en nuestros días. Pero la resonante respuesta de nuestra fe católica, sucintamente expresada en el Credo, es: Creo en la resurrección de la carne y la vida perdurable. Es esta afirmación de nuestro Credo la que centra y da el sentido último a nuestras vidas. Necesitamos pensar seriamente y con frecuencia sobre nuestra muerte y sobre la vida después de la muerte. El Papa Francisco lo expone en una críptica frase, al decir: “el más allá nunca debe ser un pensamiento de último momento en nuestras vidas”. La resurrección de Cristo cambia todo. Es la razón fundamental para nuestra esperanza cristiana frente a la cruda realidad de nuestra muerte.
Frank Duff, nuestro Fundador, pensó largo y tendido sobre los novísimos (las cuatro cosas últimas): la muerte, el Juicio, el Cielo o el infierno. Su preocupación obsesiva era dónde pasarían las personas su eternidad. Uno podría decir verdaderamente, sin exageración, que él pasó toda su vida adulta tratando de lograr que la mayor cantidad posible de personas pasen su eternidad en el Cielo. Este es también el objetivo último de la Legión de María. Básicamente, los legionarios no tenemos otro propósito fuera de la salvación de las almas. No debemos perder de vista esta meta, en medio de los asuntos y la complejidad y los detalles de nuestras reuniones y trabajo diario. Necesitamos mantener continuamente la mirada en la eternidad.
Noviembre es una buena época para pensar en los novísimos y para profundizar nuestra conciencia de los transitorios de la vida y nuestro fin último. El capítulo 17 del Manual titulado “Nuestros Legionarios Difuntos” nos da una serena e incluso gozosa meditación sobre la muerte de un legionario y sobre cómo la Legión debe ocuparse de ella. El párrafo de apertura resume el profundo espíritu de la Legión sobre el fin de una vida legionaria en este mundo: “La campaña ha tocado a su término. He aquí un legionario muerto noblemente. Por fin llegó la hora de ser confirmado en el servicio: por toda la eternidad será legionario, porque la Legión es quien le ha forjado su eterno destino, ha sido el núcleo y el molde de su vida espiritual. Es más: en su larga y dificultosa travesía por este mundo siempre encontró seguridad y fuerza en esa súplica unánime que diariamente brotaba de los labios fervorosos de los legionarios, activos y auxiliares, pidiendo que, tras la lucha de esta vida, se vuelva a juntar la Legión, sin faltar uno solo, en el Reino de la Paz. ¡Qué consuelo para los legionarios todos, para él y para nosotros! Pero, por un momento, dolor también: la dolorosa pérdida de un amigo y de un hermano; y, por tanto, la necesidad de orar para que ese legionario difunto se vea sin dilación liberado de las penas del Purgatorio”. Es realmente formidable pensar que el mundo legionario entero estará rezando por nosotros cada día después que hayamos muerto.
Obviamente, es importante que observemos todas las directivas del Manual con relación a la oración por nuestros legionarios difuntos, no sólo porque bien podemos necesitarlas cuando llegue nuestra hora, sino también por los profundos lazos de amor que nos atan a las almas del Purgatorio. Son miembros preciosos del Cuerpo Místico de Cristo, y María es también la Reina y Madre de las almas del Purgatorio, y así debemos intentar participar de igual modo de su maternidad de estas almas. La Iglesia es una vasta comunidad de personas que se ayudan unas a otras a entrar al Cielo. Sería una pena si sólo nos viéramos a nosotros como necesitados de ayuda, y no hiciéramos nuestra parte en ayudar a otros. Así que los aliento a todos a cumplir la directiva especial del Manual que dice: “Cada año, en el mes de noviembre, todos los Praesidia harán celebrar la Eucaristía por todos los legionarios muertos en el mundo entero. En esta oración litúrgica -como siempre que se reza por los legionarios en general- quedan comprendidos todos los socios, tanto activos como auxiliares”. Pienso que este capítulo del Manual nos permite comprender mucho mejor el amor y el compromiso de Frank Duff no sólo con los legionarios en esta vida, sino eternamente. Los legionarios están siempre cerca de su corazón.

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April 2014 Concilium Meeting
December 2013
Because Easter Sunday falls on 20th April 2014, the third Sunday of the month, the Concilium meeting has been brought forward to Sunday 13th April 2014.

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Annual Legion Pilgrimage to Our Lady’s Shrine, Knock, Co. Mayo, Ireland
December 2013

The Annual Legion pilgrimage to Our Lady’s Shrine, Knock took place on Sunday 29th September 2013. It was a day filled with a spirit of unity. There was an estimated attendance of 10,000 legionaries and their friends who filled the Basilica to capacity. The principal celebrant and homilist was the Bishop of Ossory, Most Rev. Seamus Freeman DD.
A special word of thanks was extended to all those who organised buses and to Catherine Murphy for organising this event.


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Visit to Rome
December 2013

Representing the Legion of Mary, Moira and Liam Hayden attended a meeting of the Plenery Assembly of the Pontifical Council of the Family in Rome on the 24th October 2013. The attendance of 200 was divided roughly 50% clergy, 50% married couples.

Many speakers gave their views among them Mgr. Jean Lafite spoke on the attacks being conducted on the family through the organs of media and government and the serious consequences this will have into the future. Hungary is a notable exception where a recent amendment to their constitution gave special protection to the family. Prof. Karl Anderson from the U.S.A. said that the Church needs to promulgate its truths in language easily understood by the public. The final address was given by Economist Stefano Zamagni who spoke on the need to train children to be productive members of society while enjoying the security of a loving, approving family.

They talked with many people from different parts of the world who were in praise of the Legion in their countries as were two Cardinals, H.E. Cardinal Luis Antonio G Tagle, Archbishop of Manila and H.E. Cardinal John Olorunfermi Onaiyekan, Archbishop of Abuja, Nigeria, whom they met.

Moira and Liam Hayden said they were most grateful to the Concilium for giving them the opportunity to attend this event which not only affirmed them in their own faith but allowed them to meet with other couples to whom Catholicism is at the centre of their lives. Síle Ní Chochláin, President of Concilium, thanked them for attending this meeting.


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Extension in the Netherlands from 5 to 19 October 2013
December 2013

Anne and Eddy Evers from Dublin and Sally Chan from Hong Kong represented the Concilium on extension work in the Netherlands.

Many eventful happenings occurred such as an interview about the Legion with Radio Maria which is broadcast in the Netherlands and Belgian; also the legionaries had an interview with the Dutch Catholic newspaper. A presentation about the Legion of Mary was given to 8 seminarians, recruiting was undertaken after Sunday Mass in Venlo and home visitation was done by 3 pairs of legionaries.

In Amsterdam recruiting was done before and after daily and Sunday Masses in all city centre churches. Interested contacts were asked to join existing groups for training. A Parish Priest wanted to set up a praesidium and was left 4 Dutch handbooks.

A visit to the Sisters of Mother Teresa to discuss the possibility of visiting the girls in the red light district together with legionaries resulted in an agreement that they would help with a retreat and provide free accommodation to anyone wishing to leave the life.

Mgr. Van Burgestenden, Auxiliary Bishop said he would like a Spanish speaking, Polish and Filipino praesidia set up and promised inclusion of Legion details on Diocesan website and newsletter, which is now available. Fr. Ojeda agreed to a promotion talk and recruiting drive.

Overall, they experienced a welcome everywhere and legionaries were most willing to help. The Legionaries expressed thanks to the Concilium for the opportunity to undertake this extension work and Síle Ní Chochláin, President of Concilium, thanked them for their great work.


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Commemoration of the Servant of God, Frank Duff
December 2013

On Saturday 16th November 2013, the 33rd Anniversary Mass for the Servant of God, Frank Duff, took place in St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, Dublin. The principal celebrant and homilist was Rev. Paul Churchill, Promoter of Justice for the Cause. 23 priests concelebrated the Mass; these included retired Bishop James Moriarty, Fr. David Fenot, Spiritual Director of the Valence Regia, France and present and former Spiritual Directors of the Legion of Mary. Rev. Damian O’ Reilly, Administrator in the Pro-Cathedral also concelebrated and he and his staff were extremely helpful with the preparations for this event. Deputy Lord Mayor Councillor Henry Upton was thanked by Fr. Churchill for his presence at the Mass.

In his homily Fr. Churchill spoke of Pope Benedict XVI whom he knew personally as a gentle, prayerful man and of our present Holy Father Pope Francis whose friendly simplicity is renowned and who urges us constantly “not to be afraid and to pray ceaselessly. The estimated attendance was 700.

Síle Ní Chochláin, President of Concilium, thanked the members of the Bethlehem Curia, Dublin and all those who helped in any way for their excellent organisation of this event.


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Proposals to raise Regiae to Senatus Status in Angola and Malawi
December 2013
A proposal was put forward to raise Luanda Regia, Angola to Senatus status to govern the area which it has already. This comprises 3 Archdioceses and 9 Suffragan Dioceses. The Luanda Regia has a total of 10 praesidia 9 senior Curiae, 2 junior Curiae and 13 Comitia. The area of the Senatus would be the northern half of the country. Ecclesiastical sanction has been given. This submission was proposed and seconded and the Concilium body gave its agreement.
Also proposed at the Concilium meeting was a proposal to raise Maula Regia in Lilongwe Archdiocese to Senatus and its territory to be the Archdiocese of Lilongwe and Mzulu, Karonga and Dedza Dioceses (all these are suffragen dioceses of Lilongwe). The proposed new Maula Senatus would have 15 praesidia, 6 Curiae, 19 Comitia and 1 Regia directly attached. This proposal is subject to Ecclesiastical approval. This request was proposed and seconded and the Concilium body gave its agreement.

Síle Ní Chochláin, President of Concilium, extended her thanks and congratulations to the two new Senatus.


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Visitation to Concilium by Legionaries from Mexico
December 2013
Visit to Concilium by Legionaries from Mexico
Legionaries from Mexico City Senatus Marcelino Trujillo Mendez President, Antonia Croz Barcenas Vice-President, Elena Austria Basilio Secretary, Alondra Flores Treasurer, Rosa Maria Reynosa Teran Assistant Treasurer and from Merida Senatus, Mexico Sandra Argaez Sanchez President, María Jesús Zuñiga Secretary, Celia Maria Angulo Treasurer, Olivia Recio Garrido Garrido, Magdaleine Magalay Assistant Treasurer, Laydy Buenfil Managa Extension Worker were welcomed to Concilium.
Meetings were held with them and the Concilium officers, which they found very helpful and enriching. At the Concilium meeting Marcelino, President of Mexico City Senatus, said it was a great privilege to be in Dublin and reported that there were 7 praesidia, 14 Curiae, 7 Comitia and 3 Regia attached to Mexico City Senatus. In the Senatus area there is a population of 75 million and 2,728 parishes. He said that it was their commitment to put all in the hands of Our Blessed Lady and implore the help of Frank Duff, Edel Quinn and Alfie Lambe when undertaking difficult works.

Sandra, President of Merida Senatus, told us that there were 16 praesidia, 14 Curiae, 1 junior Curia, 17 Comitia and 1 Regia attached and they caretake Guatemala Regia. They also visited Cuba whose Spiritual Director is committed to the Legion. During the difficult times the Legion of Mary was the only organisation that survived. She expressed her thanks to all who had helped during their week in Dublin.

Síle Ní Chochláin, President of Concilium, said she was very grateful to the legionaries for coming such a distance and it was evident that they knew the Legion well and had expressed it with a spirit of joy and laughter.


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Visitation to Concilium by Legionaries from the New York Senatus
December 2013
Welcomed to the October Concilium meeting were the officers of the New York Senatus: Julio Cho President, Bernadette Soberon Secretary, John Kinney Assistant Secretary, Maria Tena Treasurer and Carlos Tena a Legionary.

A couple of days in the week following the Concilium, meetings took place with Concilium Officers to review the Legion in the New York Senatus. The New York Regional Senatus has an active membership of 5,203 with 15 Curiae and 7 Comitia. Very fruitful discussions took place.


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Allocutio at Concilium - November 2013 by Fr. Bede McGregor, OP
December 2013
The Souls of Our Departed Legionaries
One of the oldest and most basic questions that human beings continue to ask is: Is there life after death? Many different answers have been given to this question down through the centuries and even still in our own day. But the resounding answer of our Catholic faith succinctly expressed in the Apostles Creed is: I believe in the Resurrection of the Body and life everlasting. It is this assertion of our Creed that gives ultimate meaning and focus to our lives. We need to think seriously and often on our death and life after death. Pope Francis puts it in a cryptic turn of phrase when he says: ‘the afterlife must never be simply an afterthought in our lives.’ The resurrection of Christ changes everything. It is the fundamental reason for our Christian hope in the face of the stark reality of our death.

Frank Duff, our Founder, thought long and often on the four last things: death, judgment, heaven or hell. His obsessive concern was about where people would spend their eternity. One could truly say without any exaggeration that he spent his whole adult life trying to get as many people as possible to spend their eternity in heaven. That is also the ultimate objective of the Legion of Mary. Basically, we legionaries have no other aim apart from the salvation of souls. We must not lose sight of that goal in the midst of the busyness and complexity and organizational details of our meetings and daily work. We need to keep a continual eye on eternity.

November is a good time to think on the four last things and to deepen our awareness of the transitories of life and our last end. Chapter 17 of the Handbook entitled “The Souls of our Departed Legionaries” gives us a serene and even joyful meditation on the death of a legionary and how the Legion should deal with it. The opening paragraph sums up the deep Legion spirit on the end of legionary life in this world: ‘The end of the campaigning has come and a legionary lies nobly dead. Now at last he is confirmed in legionary service. Through all eternity he will be a legionary, for the Legion has shaped that eternity for him. It has been the fibre and the mould of his spiritual life. Moreover, the might of the united petition, uttered daily and earnestly by active members and auxiliaries alike, that the Legion should reassemble without the loss of anyone, has helped him through the dangers and the difficulties of the long way. What a joyful thought for all legionaries – on his account and on their own! But for the moment there is sorrow at the loss of a friend and comrade and there is need of prayer so that the deliverance of the departed soldier from the realm of Purgatory may be speedily accomplished.’ It really is a tremendous thought that the whole Legion world will be praying for us every day long after we have died.

Obviously, it is important that we observe all the directives of the Handbook concerning prayer for our departed legionaries, not just because we may well be in need of them when our time comes but because of the deep bonds of love that bind us to the souls in purgatory. They are precious members of the mystical Body of Christ and Mary is the Queen and Mother of the souls in Purgatory too and so we must try to share in her maternity of these souls as well. The Church is a vast community of people who help each other into heaven. It would be a pity if we only saw ourselves as ones to be helped and not do our share of the helping. So I would encourage you all to carry out the particular directive of the Handbook that says: ‘In the month of November each year, each praesidium shall have a Mass celebrated for the souls of the legionary dead, not of that praesidium alone but of all the world. In this, as on all other occasions where prayer is offered for departed legionaries, all grades of membership are comprised.’ I think this chapter of the Handbook gives us a great insight into the love and commitment of Frank Duff not only to legionaries in this life but eternally. Legionaries are always close to his heart.

Just a final word to Legionaries who despite a life time in the service of Mary, however imperfect they may think this service to be, are still apprehensive about their final judgment. There is a little passage in the handbook that could well give them justified hope. It is found in the Chapter encouraging Legionaries to practice de Montfort’s True Devotion to Mary. It goes as follows: ‘Some persons appear to reduce their spiritual life very simply to a matter of selfish gain or loss. These are disconcerted by the suggestion that they should abandon their treasures even to the Mother of our souls. Such as the following is heard: “If I give everything to Mary, will I not at the hour of my departure from this life stand empty-handed before my Judge, and therefore perhaps have to go for a vast time into Purgatory?” To this a commentator quaintly answers: “No, not at all, since Mary is present at the Judgment!” The thought contained in this remark is profound.’ It is good for us Legionaries to always remember that Mary will be present at our dying, death and Judgment.


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Concilium Bulletin - November 2013
December 2013
Western Visayas Senatus: Quarterly reports to the Senatus are encouraging with work including jail visitation, marriage validations, baptisms, teaching catechism and visitation to homes and the sick. Reports from 5 Comitia include 6 Muslims converted, 76 marriages validated and 10 senior citizens catechesised and returned to the sacraments. Two junior praesidia were set up and 2 Curiae elevated to Comitia. An Aglipayan person was converted and is now a legionary. The Bacolad Comitium was raised to Regia status and has 6 Comitia, 8 Curiae and 12 directly attached praesidia with a membership of 5,764.

Northern Philippines Senatus: The Senatus celebrated its 73rd anniversary in July. A Congress was held on the 25th August. The promotion of the Causes is very much to the fore. Patrician meetings were encouraged for both adults and juniors.

Antipolo Regia: Seven senior and 9 junior praesidia were set up. 16 junior members graduated to the senior ranks and 2 members entered religious life.
Manila Comitium carried out crowd contact and 2,400 people were met which included street dwellers, pedicab drivers, security guards and seafarers. Makati Comitium had 619 families enthroned to the Sacred Heart.

Mindanao Senatus: One praesidium has 29 girls under catechetical instruction and another praesidium has brought many into the Church, some of these being rescued from the sects. A lapsed father and the family has recently returned to the faith.

Bicolandia Senatus: A praesidium in Lagazpi Regia has ten members in a training hospital. Junior members follow up on new auxiliaries, invite children to visit the Blessed Sacrament and participate in block Rosaries with senior legionaries.
Libmanan Comitium arranged a Congress for September. Many councils teach catechism in elementary schools and prepare adults for baptism and confirmation. Visitation to councils is undertaken and encouragement is given to take on officerships.

Cebu Senatus: A Comitium reported 55 receiving the sacrament of reconciliation and anointing of the sick, 6 infants and 7 adults were baptised, 300 students went to confession and 8 couples were married in Church. The promotion of the Alliance of Two Hearts devotion, adult catechism and backyard catechesis were reported by a Curia. A junior praesidium organized a prayer group of 40 members for 5 to 13 year olds where they were taught the basic prayers and the Rosary. Another group undertook home and hospital visitation with seniors, did crowd contact, brought 112 young people to Mass, 82 were confirmed and 102 marriages were validated. The Causes are promoted. Please pray for all those affected by the Halayan typhoon.

Mount Hagan Regia: The Regia under the caretakership of Manila plan to send 100 legionaries to visit Manila in September 2014. The Regia has 14 Comitia with a membership of 6,226 seniors.
Madang Regia: This Regia has a membership of 5,490 active members but transport is a problem and expensive so praesidia are small.

Sydney Senatus: Extension is carried out with good results. Most parishes have a small percentage of Catholics and they undertake many tasks for the parish priest. The apostolate carried out is home visitation, contact work with a book barrow at shopping centres, a Railway Station and in front of the Church after Mass. Teaching Catechism and Patricians are mentioned.
Solomon Islands: Contact is made but the minutes are not regular.
East Timor: 3 praesidia have been set up and there are 2 more in formation. Poverty is evident in the country and as mailing is expensive they depend on friends from Indonesia to supply their needs.

Melbourne Senatus: Since the last report 5 praesidia, 10 Curiae, 4 Comitia on the mainland and 6 councils in the Pacific Islands have reported. The city praesidia are small; they are engaged in various apostolates, visiting sick and elderly, pilgrim statue visitation and crowd contact work at a shopping centre.

Perth Comitium reported a torchlight procession in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes with an attendance of 450.
Flemington Comitium comprises 14 praesidia and 3 directly attached Curiae with 539 Vietnamese active members. Junior members are well trained. The first meeting of a praesidium set up in November 1932 as a direct result of the Eucharistic Congress in Dublin ceased to function but another one celebrated its 80th anniversary on 8th September with a Mass and social. Contact with the councils in the Pacific Ocean is difficult as transport to the islands is limited and communications beset by problems.
Brisbane Comitium: The praesidia in Ayr, Cairns and Gordanvale were visited by 2 officers. Membership is small in each praesidium. Two Vietnamese praesidia reported. They are in touch with Melbourne and some members attended a Retreat there, and they are sending Vietnamese legionaries to visit in December to help them with recruiting. Works reported include enrolment in the Brown Scapular, visits to lapsed and non-believers, pilgrim statue and a priest is brought to the Nursing Home when required.

Auckland Senatus: The junior Curia is very progressive in terms of membership and very active in their Legion work. One Curia has 6 praesidia with 86 members. Works reported are visiting the sick, bringing children to Mass, teaching catechism and various church duties. The Rosary is recited at the Marist College at lunch-time. To end the Year of Faith the Senatus is organising a Mass on the 8th November.
Asuncion Senatus: A Comitium in San Lorenzo promotes 3 Catholic radio stations. Other apostolates mentioned include 319 people prepared for baptism, visitation of lepers, visitation of a woman’s prison and helping alcoholics refrain from alcohol abuse. Where prison praesidia exist, legionaries help their fellow inmates to rehabilitate, often resulting in early release for good behaviour. A Curia reports that 5 legionaries teach catechesis to young sailors on navy ships; two such contacts were baptised, 5 received Holy Communion and 18 were confirmed. A junior Comitium has 10 Curiae and 19 praesidia attached, with a total of 2,100 active members and almost 2000 Auxiliaries. A member of a sect converted to Catholicism while in hospital and received several sacraments before passing away.

La Paz Senatus
: The Comitium of Oruro, where Alfie Lambe set up the Legion amongst the miners, recently held a Congress which their Bishop attended. Exploratio Dominicalis is done in this Comitium many times during the year. A city Curia regularly does street contact, meeting many who might not be met on home visitation.

Santiago Senatus
: The Senatus correspondents write to their attached councils each month with news from the Senatus and news taken from the Concilium correspondence. The Bishop of Punta Arenas, in the extreme south of Chile, has asked his legionaries to go out in pairs to propagate the Rosary. Every year legionaries organise a ceremony around the Brown Scapular to celebrate Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the Patroness of Chile.

Medellin Senatus
: There is mention of extension efforts. Works include home visitation, street contact and visiting a psychiatric centre. Inmaculado de Firontino Curia helps to implement the pastoral plan for the Archdiocese; they also mention a special case of a house where 3 middle-aged adults had no religious belief but following Legion contact they received First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Nuestra Senora de la Pobreza Regia, amongst their works mention getting hospital treatment for a poor man sleeping under a bridge; he also received the sacraments after which he died peacefully.

Bogota Senatus: An attached Comitium set up 2 new praesidia and there are two others in formation, another Comitium set up a new Curia while a third reported extension efforts with no results. A praesidium visits a home for children with cancer where they organise games and conclude with prayers. Many children were prepared for First Holy Communion. A Comitium reported large numbers returned to the practice of the faith because they did systematic and regular visitation.

Havana Comitium
: There are no minutes from Cuba since the last report despite an email from the Spiritual Director that minutes were forwarded via the Nunciature, as is the practice.

Lima Senatus: 300 youths attended a National Youth Conference which they say was very successful. A Comitium in Cuzco has 8 Curiae attached. This mountainous region attracts thousands of tourists each year; they are being advised to undertake an apostolate to them. Home visitation is highly successful with many returning to the practice of the faith. There are 4 prison praesidia. 3 Peregrinatio Pro Christo projects were carried out in distant towns in the diocese, a new praesidium being established in each town before they left.

Montevideo Senatus: The time of the Senatus meeting has been changed to improve attendance. They contact indigenous mothers and their children on the street – football is used to encourage the children into the catechism class. A Columban Drive resulted in 5 people willing to join the Legion in Montevideo. They ask for prayers for the work with youth in Maldonado. The Military Hospital was visited in June and a legionary on the “Jail Pastoral Agency” goes weekly to visit problem prisoners.

Caracas Senatus: Many praesidia were set up with more in formation. In Caracas 5 Jehovah’s, a Protestant and an atheist were converted. Access to the apartments is obtained through the concierge. Mention is made of Columban Drives, Exploratio Dominicalis and the organising of one million children’s Rosaries. The National Guard is being visited, and they have a praesidium in the Leper Hospital where young indigenous patients are taught to pray.

Quito Senatus: A visit from Concilium has been requested to assist with some issues. In Saruma 2 Curiae and a junior praesidium were set up. Talks have been given to teachers to help them prepare children for First Holy Communion.
Accra Senatus
: The Senatus and many attached Councils continue to promote the Cause of Frank Duff with great enthusiasm and each month they organise a “Frank Duff beatification prayer session”. Legion of Mary week projects were held in parishes throughout Ghana from the 1st to the 8th September and the legionaries contacted parishioners. They had banners, photo exhibitions etc. and organised various youth sports and quizzes. The aim was to raise awareness of and recruit for the Legion of Mary. Julius Kwasitsu reported to the Senatus on his extension work in Ho Diocese. Tema Comitium organised a project to start a new praesidium at Aveyime with 60 participating, many of them from the local area. Contacts made were very fruitful; some welcoming follow-on visitation from the legionaries and some returning to the Church

The main apostolates undertaken by the Kadoma Curia legionaries are visitation of homes, hospitals and the old and lonely. The legionaries of Mutare celebrated Our Lady’s birthday with a gathering of legionaries for talks and Holy Mass.

Johannesburg Senatus
: The Senatus celebrated its 80th Anniversary with a function on the 12th October, 2013 and approximately 140 legionaries in attendance. Fr. Jeremiah of Comboni Missionaries spoke on the origins of the Legion of Mary based on True Devotion to Mary. He also spoke on Frank Duff, Alfie Lambe, and Venerable Edel Quinn. Works include home, hospital and prison visitation. 15 babies were baptised with the help of legionaries.
Soweto Comitium plan to visit all parishes in Soweto where there is no Legion.
Capetown Senatus: A number of new praesidia have been set and attached councils are being visited. Some praesidia are meeting in very tough areas but they continue with their work. In the minutes of Cape Town it was mentioned that correspondence was received from Northern Namibia.
Marianhill Comitium: In a letter dated 25th June, they describe briefly their pilgrimage and their Acies. They continue to visit parishes and organise workshops on how to start the Legion of Mary. The correspondent has requested that they send in monthly minutes.
Durban Comitium reported a praesidium of 20 active, 100 auxiliary, 4 praetorians and 20 adjutorians. Their work includes visiting aids patients, teaching catechism and the visiting 159 non-Catholics during the year.
Matatiele Comitium reported 48 youths and 8 adults at a patrician meeting.
Esigodeni Comitium has 16 attached Curiae with a total of 4,245 active and 1300 auxiliary members. Home, hospital and prison visitation is undertaken.

Luanda Regia
: Flávio António da Silva and Alessandro Pereira de Carvalho, from the Recife Senatus, Brazil, visited the Regia on behalf of the Concilium, attended the July meeting. The minutes record the visits they made, accompanied by some legionaries from the Regia, and give a detailed summary of their helpful comments at the meeting. A Comitium attached to the Regia set up two new Curiae. Another Comitium is also planning to set up two Curiae. The Regia is organising a celebration for the 62nd anniversary of the foundation of the Legion in Angola which will be held in the Diocese of Ndalatando.

Lesotho Senatus
: Work for youth feature in many reports. One praesidium has 405 children in the catechism class. Two legionaries are active in extension and reviving weak praesidia.

Cape Verde Regia
: Several reports tell of praesidia being restarted with special assistance from the parish priests. Results of visitation included bringing 36 youths to be prepared for baptism. The Comitium on Ilha do Fogo – Island of Fire – reports 279 children recruited for catechism mainly through 40 Exploratio Dominicalis. On Sao Antao Island the Curia’s emphasis is on conversion with 120 youths and adults prepared for baptism.

EGYPT Prayers are asked for the legionaries in Egypt at this difficult time.

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Visitation by Concilium to Nicaragua and Honduras
November 2013
Maribel Guzman and Agustin Luje likewise received a warm welcome from the legionaries in both countries. The works undertaken by juniors are impressive. Many questions were answered. Many legionaries requested a return visit and asked not to leave it so long before the next visit. It was a very successful event.

Síle Ní Chochlain, President of Concilium, thanked the legionaries for undertaking these visit, which bore many good results and Ann Murray was thanked for the preparation beforehand.

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Visitation by Concilium to the Dominican Republic
November 2013
Javier de Frutos and Consolacion Tello, legionaries from the Senatus of Madrid, visited the Dominican Republic on behalf of the Concilium. They were warmly welcomed and the legionaries found the Legion to be vibrant and active with home to home visitation being undertaken. When visiting councils they discovered that often there were 3 generations of families in the Legion and members were anxious to learn and improve more and appreciated the answers given to their questions. They visited the Cardinal and Bishops who had a great knowledge of the Legion and found that many Spiritual Directors had been legionaries as was the Spiritual Director of the Senatus.

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Young Adults Conference in Ireland
November 2013
The conference for young adults took place in All Hallows, Drumcondra, Dublin, on the 31st Aug and 1st Sept 2013. The theme was the ‘Need for a Lively Faith’. The idea of faith and action was spelt out over the weekend and promoted effectively. In addition to helping young adults, it also gives much needed yearly boost to Legion members in this age bracket.

There were 225 young people, 13 priests and 7 speakers in attendance. Fr. John Harris OP tied the weekend together and focused very much on Legion spirituality. The Conference was very honoured to have the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Charles Brown in attendance on the Sunday. There was a panel discussion, chaired by Fr. Harris, with David Quinn, Breda O’Brien and the Nuncio.

A trip was organised to the Legion hostels, Legion Headquarters and Frank Duff’s house. On the Saturday there were very interesting workshops on pornography, the occult, True Devotion to Mary, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Frank Duff himself. A new young adults mixed praesidium has started arising out of the Conference. Thanks were expressed to all who helped to make the weekend a success.

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World Youth Day - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
November 2013
Fiona Hodge and Maria Keaveney represented the Concilium at World Youth Day and Youth Conference for legionaries in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from the 22nd to 29th July 2013. The opening Mass of WYD was celebrated by Dom Orani Joao Tempesta, Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro.

Each day the legionaries attended catechesis; the first day it was given by Bishop Lawrence Subrata Howlader, CSC of Bangladesh who spoke about the strength and the influence of the media in the world and of new technologies. Another day they had catechesis with Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia. He spoke on chastity and regular confession. Bishop James Conley of Nebraska said he had spent two weeks working in the Morning Star hostel in 1978 and remembers being with Frank Duff when the news came that Pope Paul VI had died. The two legionaries from Ireland also spoke with Fr. Matthew Eickhoff from Nebraska. He was a classmate and friend of the Papal Nuncio in Ireland, Archbishop Charles Brown. They were able to hear the Holy Mass in English. The legionaries of Brazil and other Legion councils throughout South America were commended for all they did during WYD in Brazil.

Monday 29th July 2013 – Youth Conference
There were legionaries from many countries in attendance including Brazil, Argentina, USA, Columbia, Belarus, Peru, Mexico, Angola, Myanmar and Ireland. Over 1200 were in attendance. The day started with an address from the Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, Dom Orani João Tempesta, and Holy Mass was celebrated by Bishop Dom Edson de Castro Homem who cares for the Legion of Mary in Brazil. There are over 200,000 active legionaries in Brazil. In his homily, he reminded them of the Pope´s words to the young people at this World Youth Day, go out into the streets with the Rosary in your hands, the Gospel on your lips and the testimony of your life.
The Irish legionaries gave a short talk at the end of the conference and thanked all the legionaries for their membership and for all the hard work they had done preparing for this wonderful youth conference.

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Proposal to Raise Comitia to a Higher Status, Ibadan Senatus, Western Nigeria
November 2013
A proposal was put forward to raise Warri Comitium to Regia status to govern Warri Diocese. Attached to the Regia would be 2 Comitia (Bomadi and Ughelli). Warri Comitium has 22 directly attached praesidia, 17 senior Curiae and 12 junior Curiae. The new Regia is to be affiliated to the Senatus of Ibadan.

A second proposal was put forward to raise Akure Comitium to Regia status to govern the Dioceses of Ekiti and Ondo. Attached to the Regia would be 2 Comitia (Ondo and Ado Ekiti Comitia). Akure has 17 directly affiliated praesidia, 6 senior Curiae and 1 junior Curia. The new Regia will be affiliated to the Senatus of Ibadan.

Both proposals were agreed to by the Concilium, both are subject to Ecclesiastical approval, and Síle Ní Chochlain extended congratulations and blessings to the new Regiae.

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Proposal to Raise Comitium of Bacolod, Philippines to Regia Status
November 2013
The Senatus of Western Visayas sought permission to raise the Comitium of Bacolod to Regia status. The new Regia would consist of 6 Comitia, 8 Curiae and 12 directly affiliated praesidia and have a membership of 5,764 and would be affiliated to the Senatus. This would leave the Senatus of Western Visayas with 9 Comitia, 15 Curiae and 15 directly affiliated praesidia. Ecclesiastical permission has been granted.

This submission was proposed and seconded and the Concilium body gave its agreement. Síle Ní Chochlain, President of Concilium, congratulated the new Regia and wished them every grace and blessing for the future.

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Election of Assistant Treasurer - October 2013
November 2013
An election took place for Assistant Treasurer of Concilium, in charge of Vexilla and Foreign Literature. Nominations were taken and Rose Caulfield was proposed and seconded for this office. As there were no other nominations, Rose Caulfield was declared elected for a term of 3 years.

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news | Allocutio
Allocutio at Concilium - October 2013 by Fr. Bede McGregor, OP
November 2013
Mary and the Year of Faith
On Sunday the 13th of October 2013 Pope Francis consecrated the Church and the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as part of the celebration of the Year of Faith. So following the example of the Holy Father let us reflect in this allocutio on the connection between Mary and faith and what it really means to consecrate ourselves to her. It is Mary who brings the most radical and well founded hope into the world when she brings Jesus among us. There cannot be any greater gift that the world and each one of us can receive than the gift of Jesus and there is no greater gift that we can give to another than Jesus. True devotion to Mary basically consists in sharing in Mary’s maternal vocation to bring Jesus into the lives of all those whom the providence of God brings us into contact with. But at the deepest centre of Mary’s vocation and ours is faith. We are called not only to deepen and renew our faith but also to share it with others. Sharing our faith will lead to deepening it. That is the experience of the Legion all over the world. The opposite is also true: if we don’t share our faith we will be in real danger of losing it.

But what is this faith that legionaries keep on praying for every day and talking about among themselves and with others? Let me paraphrase the words of Pope Francis that he spoke in a homily during the world youth day in Brazil. Faith accomplishes a revolution in us, it removes us from the centre and puts God at the centre; faith immerses us in God’s limitless and personal love for us and gives us security, strength and hope. Seemingly nothing has changed; yet in the depths of our being everything is different. In Christological terms faith means that the most fundamental reality in our lives is our relationship with Christ, our friendship with Jesus. Everything else in our lives stems from Christ, our Lord and God, our best and intimate friend and Saviour. Faith penetrates the whole of our existence and not just one or other department.

And where do we find such faith in all its fullness and magnificence? We find it sublimely in Mary. Her relationship to Jesus is absolutely primary in her very heart and soul. It is this faith of Mary that inspires the Church and is a central focal point of Legion spirituality. We meditate on the ‘yes’ of her faith in the Incarnation and the total plan of God; she believed that her child was God and continued to believe in his Divinity during the long years at Nazareth despite the human ordinariness of the outward appearances of their daily lives. She believed in him when he was being bludgeoned to death on Calvary; she was the only one who believed in Him on Holy Saturday when he was dead and buried in the closed tomb; she believed in Him with exultant joy in the Resurrection and Ascension. We simply do not know Mary at all if we do not know her faith: her total and all embracing conviction that Jesus her Son is her God and Saviour and the greatest friend of her heart. The prayer of the Legion and indeed of every Christian is to ask Mary for some share in her faith in Jesus.

The faith of Mary leads us on to the question of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. What is the real meaning of Pope Francis consecrating the world to the Immaculate heart of Mary or indeed what is the significance of the annual consecration we legionaries make to the Heart of Mary at our Acies ceremony? Well, if we look into the heart of Mary what do we find? We find nothing but Jesus and she sees every one of us and everything else only in Him. As Pope Francis puts it so bluntly, simply and profoundly: ‘it is a fact: Mary always brings us to Jesus.’ So if we entrust ourselves totally to the heart of Mary we are giving her the opportunity of introducing us directly to Jesus because there is nothing else in the heart of Mary except Jesus and with him the Father and the Holy Spirit. As St. Louis Marie de Montfort would say: Mary is the infallible and most effective way of entering into an habitual relationship of friendship with our Lord. We give everything we are and that we have to Mary and she purifies and elevates it and gives it necessarily and immediately to Jesus. Indeed we cannot be truly Christians without Mary.

It is precisely because of her relationship to Jesus that Mary is the Mediatrix of all graces. There is no grace whatsoever apart from our Lord and his paschal mystery and it is Mary who gives Jesus to each and every one of us. During this year of faith and in all the years ahead let us give Mary her God given place in our journey of faith. Let me conclude by quoting once more that tremendous passage in the Handbook on Mary’s place in the economy of salvation: ‘The Legion’s trust in Mary is limitless, knowing that by the ordinance of God, her power is without limit. All that he could give to Mary, he has given to her. All that she was capable of receiving she has received in plenitude. For us God has constituted her a special means of grace. Operating in union with her we approach him more effectively, and hence win grace more freely. Indeed, we place ourselves in the very flood-tide of grace, for she is the spouse of the Holy Spirit: she is the channel of every grace which Jesus Christ has won. We receive nothing which we do not owe to a positive intervention on her part. She does not content herself with transmitting all; she obtains all for us.’ We can never really know the spirituality of the Legion without making our own this doctrinal insight concerning Mary and her place in our lives.


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Concilium Bulletin - October 2013
November 2013
Taiwan Senatus: Many works are church related but there are signs of increased home visitation and crowd contact been undertaken. Two mobile book stands are the means of contact near bus stations. A praesidium on a remote island has resumed its meetings and is now in regular contact with the Senatus. A new praesidium mainly of aboriginals has been established and 8 other praesidia were set up during the year with 3 closing in the same period. Auxiliary and Adjutorians are being recruited among the older generation. Bible study was organised for the Year of Faith. Since the Eucharistic Congress legionaries have arranged and sustained Eucharistic adoration in many churches.

Kuala Lumpur Regia
: The theme of the Annual Retreat was “Biblical Journey through Mass” given by Fr. Manickam. A Filipino praesidium of 20 members and 4 probationers has 35 auxiliaries, doing home and hospital visitation and run classes for migrants. A recruitment day was held; however, due to work commitments not all members could do this work. 14 council reports were taken in this period involving 918 members and 9 probationers. Sunday schools, RCIA, Youth groups and BEC gatherings all feature, in addition to the usual works of contacting lapsed, sick and lonely people.

Osaka Senatus: Tokyo Regia celebrated its 100th meeting in December. One praesidium visits the sick and housebound bringing Holy Communion; another praesidium visit with the priest on his Communion calls and also visit mentally ill. In Our Lady of Lourdes praesidium, legionaries gather aluminium cans and bottles for recycling as a true devotion to the nation exercise, and also visit handicapped people.

Malang Senatus: A Curia in East Java visiting its praesidia emphasised juniors and Exploratio Dominicalis. A Comitium in Northern Sulawesi formed a junior praesidium and one in the prison works in 2 languages and pray and visit sick prisoners. Surabaya Comitium has visited parishes without the Legion, visited orphanages, houses for old and poor and the homeless victims of the Merap volcanic eruption.

Jakarta Senatus: Mother of Hope Curia promotes Eucharistic Adoration, teaching of catechism and visits the sick. One praesidium has been nurturing a praesidium in an orphanage. Kilamantan (formerly Borneo) has set up a number of praesidia. Medan Regia in Aceh has been urged to expand. 10 prisoners were instructed by Holy Family Comitium and 8 have been baptised.

Seoul Senatus: Suwon Regia gave its annual report showing an increase of 358 senior and 100 junior members, bringing its total membership to 33,902. Auxiliary and praetorian membership has also increased. 92,808 catechumens were recruited, of which 9,906 were baptised. There were 12,143 returns to the sacraments. Wongu Regia has a total of 3,919 seniors a decrease of 106 and 3,161 auxiliaries a decrease of 122. 9,757 catechumens were recruited of which 853 were baptised and 1,172 lapsed returned to the sacraments.

Daegu Senatus: 2500 legionaries attended Our Lady’s Night ceremony, organised by the Senatus in May, the Archbishop was the chief celebrant. Also in May the Legion of Mary was introduced to newly ordained Deacons in the Archdiocese. Gyorgsan Burmeo, Daehae Comitia all provided details of numbers of catechumens and others recruited. Over a 5-month period a Curia recruited 21 active and 19 auxiliary members, while the second Curia recruited 16 active and 20 auxiliary members. There was a discussion on material relief at the July Senatus meeting.

Singapore Senatus: Two Curiae were formed; one a junior Curia in Kenningau and the other a senior Curia in Kuching. A former legionary was ordained a priest.
Buenos Aires Senatus: A good number of legionaries and non-legionaries participated in the annual walk to Alfie Lambe’s grave to celebrate his birthday. Homes of non-Catholics are visited and legionaries have been instrumental in many returning to the Church. Three Evangelical families asked the legionaries for spiritual advice with their problems. A junior Curia reported that three of its legionaries entered the seminary. A meeting was held to plan the summer extension and fill the teams that will go to many distant councils of the Senatus.
Cordoba Senatus: A local Curia reported amongst other works they have 8 Patricians groups. In another Cordoba City Curia legionaries bring an image of Our Lady to businesses, and one praesidium organised a ‘Mariology Conference’. The Comitium of San Juan reported a praesidium was set up in the Seminary. Staff in prisons appreciate the visit of legionaries and the prison chaplain supports the Legion very much.
Salta Senatus: Junior legionaries are very prominent in the Senatus; many of them do street contact with the 100,000 pilgrims and tourists who flood the city each year for the Novena of Our Lord and Our Lady of the Miracle. One Curia reported that apart from assigned works 4,691 people were invited to be legionaries and 1,536 personal contacts were made.
Corrientes Regia: A praesidium reported visiting parents of sick children where they stay next door to the paediatric hospital. The Comitium of Posadas had a planning meeting and has an extension plan in place.
Rosario Regia: In Parana Comitium, statue visitation is among the works. Legionaries meet many people of other religions and talk to them about the Catholic Faith. Legionaries visit an area with serious problems of security. This area is only visited by legionaries.

Belem Senatus: The newly appointed Senatus Spiritual Director intends to visit all the parishes to promote the Legion. A Comitium reports that visitation has resulted in 7 returns to the Sacraments and 4 returned from the Protestant sects. Another Comitium reports the preparation for baptism of 14 youths, 439 visits to auxiliaries and distribution of 90 short breviaries.
Belo Horizonte Senatus: Home visitation to families separated from the Church involves Gospel readings. Street sweepers are contacted on street apostolate. Hospital visitation by a praesidium that works in close partnership with the Chaplain involves promotion of prayer and the Sacraments among the patients as well as works of comfort. Another praesidium brings Holy Communion to the old and housebound. The Legion in the town of Nova Granada is involved with the parish priest in planning the pastoral work of the parish council. Ten seminarians are auxiliary members. The Regia of Uberlandia reports 4 new praesidia set up.
Fortaleza Senatus: A Comitium in Fortaleza, in a 3-month period, had 1,618 visits to homes and Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in 31 homes. Hospital visitation and preparation of people for the sacraments was also done.
Ponta Grossa Senatus: Reports show great numbers of visits to homes and hospitals. Five families returned to the Church after novenas and invitations. Fifteen young people received their First Holy Communion. People living on the streets are evangelised and employment was obtained for some of them. Seven young people of others faiths were baptised in the Catholic Church and received the Eucharist.
Recife Senatus: The Senatus is eagerly awaiting the two-day National Spiritual Directors’ Conference. The sick are helped with housework and in other ways. The Regia of Maceio reports the preparing of 568 youths and adults for First Communion. One Curia in this Regia area, the State of Alagoas, set up 8 praesidia.
Rio de Janeiro Senatus: Two Spiritual Directors attended the August meeting including the newly appointed Director, Fr. Fabio Siqueira. Fr. Fabio succeeds Bishop Dom Edson Castro Homem, Auxiliary Bishop of Rio and representative to the Legion of the National Bishop’s Conference. At the Legion stand at the World Youth Day exhibition 2,257 signed the visitors’ book. An older member commented to the special Legion gathering after WYD that she could, like Simeon, die in peace, having seen the future of the Legion guaranteed by so many young members. The visit of the two legionaries from Concilium was greatly appreciated and the Senatus felt truly honoured. Bishop Edson is looking forward to a Legion Day in Poland in three years time.
Salvador Senatus: The August meeting had the presence of 14 young visitors fresh from the World Youth Day and Legion Day. They told the meeting the events in Rio gave them a more determined spirit and commitment to the Church and Our Lady.
Sao Luis Senatus: Reports show 86 recruited for active membership in one month and 40 in another month. Visitation of homes frequently involves Bible study, cenacles and recitation of the Rosary. The principal concrete results are the reception of the Sacraments. An annual Bible procession is held through the streets of Sao Luis with prayers and readings.
Sao Paulo Senatus: The death of Mercedes Silva Modero marked the end of an era for the Sao Paulo Senatus; she gave great legionary service over many years, helping with extension and the development of the Legion and participating in a great many PPC projects. May her generous soul rest in peace. Reports to the Senatus show works include home and hospital visitation, visits to the elderly, bringing Holy Communion to the sick at home, and visits and return visits to people of other religions.
Brasilia Regia: In the presence of the Spiritual Director, Bishop John Evangelist Terra and the newly appointed assistant Spiritual Director, Fr. Isaias, elections were duly and properly conducted for 3 vacant officerships. The new president had formerly been a President of the Regia and has visited Dublin.
Austrian Senatus: Good attention appears to be given to visitation of homes throughout the councils. The report records visits made to 3,300 homes, 800 of these were student homes visited by a student praesidium in Vienna. Most of the councils organised retreats. The Filipino Curia in Vienna had an attendance of 60 at their retreat. It was recommended that extension efforts around Austria should involve local legionaries. There were 120 participants at a retreat organised by Wienerwald Comitium and the lectures were carried on EWTN. Zwetti Comitium started a new Patricians meeting and Innsbruck Comitium set up 2 new groups. Klagenfurt Comitium distributed “Words of Life” by Venerable Edel Quinn during three pilgrimages organised in May. The Curia in Vienna reported that legionaries arranged for a Moslem man’s 4 year-old son to be baptised a Catholic in fulfilment of the wish of the child’s deceased mother. Hollanbrunn Comitium reported the baptism of 3 children from a Moslem family with the permission of their parents. PPC teams went to Lourdes, Bratislava in Slovakia and to Hamburg and Erfurt in Germany. Cardinal Schoenborn praised the work of the Legion in the parishes he visited.

The Legion now exists in 2 of the 3 dioceses. There are 8 praesidia with a total of 70 active legionaries and many auxiliaries. “Can we be Saints” has been printed in Bulgarian and the Handbook translation is almost complete.

Prague Comitium did extension in 9 areas and started 2 new praesidia. The praesidium in Kyje had to close after 32 meetings as no one would take the Promise.

Retreats were held in 3 centres. Parish works include visitation of the sick and elderly and assisting at funerals. Legionaries also help with a children’s centre and run a children’s group of 16.

Trnava Curia started a new praesidium and a contact returned to the sacraments after 37 years.

Elisabeth Kriss along with a correspondent from the Austrian Senatus spent 6 weeks visiting councils in Ukraine. They visited the Curiae in Berditschew and Norvograd, Woliknsk and the Comitium in Schitmir. They met 2 Greek Catholic Bishops in Donetsk and Schowkwa and contacted a third in Odessa by e-mail. Other issues discussed included a meeting of Spiritual Directors for Holy Week 2014 and a new translation of the Russian Tessera. Short visits were made to Lemberg, Kamenets, Harkow and the Curia in Nikolaew.

Visitation of attached councils by the Comitium is faithfully undertaken. The annual 3-day retreat was held in Baranovichi. Every praesidium is engaged in extension but finding sufficient Catholics in a region to start a praesidium can be difficult. Smorgon praesidium, directly attached to the Comitium, has set up another praesidium. Works include visitation of hospitals, asylums and orphanages and bringing the Priest to administer the Sacraments, preparing children for First Communion and Confirmation, organising first Saturday and other devotions, praying at funerals, street and park contact and visiting women’s consultation clinics. Junior legionaries make contacts in their school play yard. One girl organised a talk in her school about the birth of Jesus. Archbishop Kondrusevich met with legionaries and thanked them for their work and suggested they organise work with young people and children.

Zagreb Regia: A praesidium of 15 members visits a hospital for prisoners accompanied by a psychologist and a prison guard. Many prisoners go to Confession and attend Holy Mass following the visits of the legionaries. Very good work programmes are undertaken by the attached Curiae. The Curia at Bjclovar-Krizevei carried out 4 Exploratio Dominicalis projects. Dugo Selo Curia has 12 praesidia and a junior Curia with 6 praesidia. In addition to other works they conduct 7 Nazareth groups and 5 Patricians. Zagreb South Curia gained 16 new auxiliary and 15 adjutorian members.

Sarajevo Curia has 7 praesidia, 200 auxiliary and 11 adjutorian members. As a result of home visitation 3 people received the Sacraments after a long time.

There are 2 praesidia in Ljubljana. A legionary in one of the praesidia recently took the Legion promise.

Budapest Regia: A new praesidium of 5 members was set up. Jazbereny Curia visited 10 parishes in a 6-month period and set up praesidia in 3 of them. Legionaries in one praesidium provided spiritual support to patients with cancer and helped them convert to Catholicism. Csiksomlyo Curia in Romania invited people to a 3-day preparation for Easter. Kistaresa Curia distributed medals and pictures of the Mercy of God which had significant results. Sick people asked to receive the Sacraments after 30 to 40 years.

Riga Comitium has 12 directly attached praesidia and 3 Curiae with a total of 14 praesidia. Rezekne Curia legionaries had a Legion Stand during the weekend pilgrimage to Our Lady of Aglona. It attracted great attention and many names and addresses for follow up were given. Liepija Curia: This Curia has 2 praesidia attached; 2 Curiae closed despite a lot of effort to keep them functioning. Curia has received permission to start a praesidium in Priekule. Jelgava Curia: Bishop Anton Justs has written an article about the Legion for the 2014 Church Calendar.

Kaunas Comitium has 7 attached Curiae. Visitation of praesidia and extension efforts feature in all minutes. In the course of home visitation legionaries promote the Cause of Frank Duff and encourage non-Catholics to consider coming into the Catholic Church. The priest was brought to meet 5 families and a family of 4 is under instruction. Assumpta curia started a junior praesidium of 6 girls in a local school. Telsiai Comitium has increased the number of their attached praesidia from 10 to 11. In the course of visitation legionaries encourage attendance at Mass and the Sacraments. One person went to Confession after 20 years. Queen of the Family Curia reported the visitation of 1,420 families during the period February to May 2013.

Lublin Regia: In the course of their visitation legionaries promoted the Rosary through Rosary Circles, they distribute the Catholic Press and invitations to enclosed retreats. Czestochowa Comitium pray the Rosary on Radio Fiat. 9 legionaries went on PPC. The question of extension into the 10 remaining dioceses in the Lubelski region which are without the Legion has been raised.
Warsaw Comitium: Warsaw Praga has 3 Curiae and 14 praesidia, 500 active and 820 auxiliary members. 2 new praesidia have been started in Warsaw Zoliborz Curia. A written request has been sent to the Archbishop of Gdansk for permission to create a Curia from the 3 praesidia in the North of Poland. The 19th National Pilgrimage of the Legion of Mary to Jasna Gore gathered 6,000 legionaries. H.E. Roman Marcinkowski, Bishop Protector of the Legion and National Spiritual Director, Fr. Janusz Wegszecki concelebrated the Mass with 80 Spiritual Directors.

Satu Mare Regia: All praesidia reporting have good membership and are engaged in solid apostolate. Some of the works mentioned are teaching children to pray, visiting a centre for the homeless and much attention to promoting and organising adoration. Oradea Comitium evangelises on the street, in the parks as well as in the surgery and oncology departments of the hospital where Miraculous Medals are offered to all.

Two new Comitia in the Diocese of Ngozi, one at Gisenya and the other at Buraniro reported at the May and June Senatus meetings respectively and two other Comitia from the Diocese of Rutana in August. Reports gave details of covering spiritual encouragement to children staying away from school, to alcoholics, to families with un-baptised children and to troubled couples. Recruiting is done among adults, in primary schools and in the higher level colleges.

Kigali Senatus: The Senatus has the prayers of Frank Duff and Edel Quinn in the local language Kinyarwanda approved by the Spiritual Directors; they hope that Alfie Lambe’s prayer will be approved in the near future. The Senatus organised a youth conference in July lasting 3 days at which 320 young people participated. It was classed as being a great success and got the blessing of the Bishop of the Diocese.

The National Spiritual Director, Abbe Giscard-Donald Assang, speaking at a recent Senatus meeting, referred to the countrywide distress: the power failures, the bridges destroyed, the persons driven from their homes and the lives lost. He urged the legionaries to hold fast to the Commandments of God and of the Church, to have each family imitate the Holy Family, even in the midst of troubled situations.

Butembo Senatus: Three Comitia were set up at Vatase, Lume and Kaliro since July 2013 and a young people’s Curia was set up in the parish of Mukuna. Works include marriages blessed and reconciliation carried out; large numbers of baptisms; alcoholics and drug addicts giving up the habit; advice to children and teaching them prayers. The Spiritual Director asked them to do the Stations of the Cross every Friday for peace in the region and for children doing exams. Also for the Feast of the Assumption of Our Blessed Lady invited contacts to participate in processions carrying Our Lady’s statue to the Lourdes shrine. Recitation of the Rosary during the month of October was emphasised and blessed Rosary beads were distributed. 51 legionaries from the Senatus are preparing to make a pilgrimage to Rome to participate in the closure of the ‘Year of Faith’. Prayers were requested for the captive priests missing since September 2012.

Kinshasa Senatus: The Senatus continues to combine with Brazzaville Regia for extension and other purposes. Kinshasa officers visited its affiliated Regia of Kisangani.

Kananga Senatus: This Senatus governs the Regia at Mbuji Mayi in East Kasai. Minutes indicate that the visitation of attached councils is being carried out and Curia and praesidia reports show solid work

Rose-Hill Comitium, attached to Immaculate Virgin, Mediatrix of all Graces Regia, is composed of 200 members and 150 auxiliaries. They organised a weekend retreat, the theme being, importance of Baptism. Praesidia reports mention visits to the sick and elderly, bringing Holy Communion to invalids, catechising the young, organising prayer groups, etc. The Regia organised their annual visit to the island of Rodrigues where there are many legionaries. They also hosted a 2-day visit for legionaries from Reunion, having a special Mass, finishing up at the beach called Le Plage de Morne to join in festivities afterwards.

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Tribute to Liam Herlihy, R.I.P.
October 2013

Liam Herlihy was born in Knocknagree, Co Cork, a member of a family of four. He got a scholarship to New Ross College for his secondary education. Worked in the Civil Service mostly in the Department of Defence and cared for his mother and handicapped sister during their lives. He married a fellow legionary Joan Collins and they had three children.

During his membership of the Legion of Mary he held Curia Officerships in Predicanda and Immaculata Curiae; helped set up a religious library in Immaculata Curia; corresponded with Austria during which time he visited the Senatus a number of times; was editor of Maria Legionis for many years; and attended the Concilium meeting where he made many valuable contributions to the meeting. The highlight in his daily life was to attend Mass. Over a span of 60 years he gave a very dedicated service to the Legion.

He died in Cedar Nursing Home on Wednesday 4th September and was buried on the anniversary of the Legion, Saturday 7th September.
May his gentle soul rest in peace.


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Election of Assistant Secretary - September 2013
October 2013

An election took place for Assistant Secretary of Concilium, in charge of Ireland and Europe, as Rose Caulfield had completed her second term in this Office. Nominations were taken and Liam Hayden was proposed and seconded for this office. As there were no other nominations, Liam Hayden was declared elected for a term of 3 years.

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Election of Concilium Treasurer - September 2013
October 2013

An election for Concilium Treasurer took place as Mary Murphy’s first term of office had expired. Nominations were taken and Mary Murphy was proposed and seconded for this officership. As no other nominations were put forward Mary Murphy was declared elected for a second term of 3 years.

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Allocutio at Concilium - September 2013 by Fr. Bede McGregor, OP
October 2013
The Universal Call to the Apostolate

Two of the great themes of the Second Vatican Council and of the Legion of Mary are the universal call to holiness and the universal call to the apostolate. The very first published words of Frank Duff were as follows: ‘In the heart of every right thinking Catholic, God has implanted the desire to become a Saint.’ Then he goes on to say with utter conviction: ‘Every person that is born is called to be a saint.’ So inevitably the first purpose of the Legion of Mary was to help people to become saints. That is still the primary and explicit aim of the Legion. If this is not in fact the deliberate and overwhelming objective of the individual legionary and every legionary grouping then the essential spirit of the Legion is no longer present. It is basic catholic and therefore Legion conviction that every one without any exception is called to be a saint that is to enjoy eternal life with God and each other through a genuine relationship with Christ. In other words the Legion was founded to help people to get into heaven or to put it more simply for the salvation of souls.

Now the immediate and inseparable consequence of the universal call to holiness is the universal call to the apostolate. There is no true sanctity without apostolate. Let us first quote from the Second Vatican Council as found in the Handbook: ‘From the fact of their union with Christ the head, flows the layman’s right and duty to be apostles. Inserted as they are in the mystical Body of Christ by baptism and strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit in Confirmation. It is by the Lord Himself that they are assigned to the apostolate.’ Or ‘The individual apostolate, flowing generously from its source in a truly Christian life ... admits of no substitutes. Regardless of status, all lay persons (including those who have no opportunity or possibility for collaboration in associations) are called to this type of apostolate and obliged to engage in it.’

Frank Duff incessantly spoke and wrote about the possibility and necessity of a universal mobilisation to the Apostolate. So he says: ‘The doubter may question if such a universal mobilisation is a possible proposition. But if not, why did the Vatican Council order it? No Council would ever prescribe an unrealisable idealism. Very deliberately the Council proclaimed it is an essential duty of every Catholic that he must be apostolic and it made no exceptions. It went on to insist that it formed a primary part of her Episcopal and priestly duty that they organise the people to that apostolate. In fact unless that absolutely universal mobilisation be accomplished there is no chance of touching the un-approached millions of the earth.’ In other words if the universal call to apostolate were not a fundamental truth of our catholic faith, then it would not be realistically possible to fulfil the great commission of the Risen Lord to preach the Gospel to every creature.

Why am I stressing so much the universal call to apostolate? Well, the Legion was founded to help people fulfil this Gospel mandate. A Christian who is not engaged in the apostolate in some form or other is radically and essentially deficient in their Christian identity and is therefore not on the way to holiness. It is surely very tragic if a catholic shows no interest in where other people will spend eternity. The question arises: is it possible to save one’s own soul if one is not interested in the salvation of others. Can one be saved alone? It is these simple but profound truths that are at the heart of extension work and recruiting. We are inviting people to become seriously engaged in the salvation of souls. We are inviting them to take part in the task of evangelisation. I think we need to reflect often and deeply on the spiritual roots of our privilege of recruiting new members young, old and middle aged. Souls are at stake. Many people may never fulfil their Christian vocation and identity unless they join the Legion or some analogous organisation or movement. It is surely one of the best indicators of the spirit of the legion in any praesidium or higher council that they enthusiastically and habitually seek new members. We need to really believe that membership of the Legion is a most precious gift from God and from Mary and has tremendous consequences for happiness and fulfilment both in this life and for all eternity.

Let me conclude with some works from Blessed John Paul II, soon to be canonised, to young people but applicable to all of us: ‘Christ’s call leads along a way which is not easy to travel, because it can also lead us to the Cross. But there is no other way which leads to truth and which can give life. Nevertheless we are not alone on this path. Mary, through her fiat, opened a new way for humanity. By her acceptance of, and total dedication to the mission of her Son, she is the prototype of every Christian vocation. She will walk with us, she will be our travelling companion and with her help we will be capable of following the vocation which Christ offers us. Dear young people, let us set out upon our way with Mary, let us commit ourselves to Christ, the Way, the Truth, and Life. Thus we will be zealous bearers of the message of the new evangelisation and generous builders of the civilisation of love.’

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Concilium Bulletin - September 2013
October 2013


Mumbai Senatus continues to grow in membership with the raising of Comitia and Curiae and many new praesidia being established. Youth Day 2013 was held with an attendance of 150. The theme was Faith decides Fate and Bishop Rodriguez celebrated Holy Eucharist giving the message Fire and Faith. 3 legionaries from Mumbai went to Nepal for 3 weeks visiting all the praesidia and re-started the Curia. Officers of the Curia and 3 new praesidia were given training and shown how to do home and jail visitation and the Jesuit seminary was visited.

Pondicherry Senatus: The Senatus President when visiting family in the UK made a visit to the Concilium to meet the Correspondent and officers present on the day as well as visiting Frank Duff’s grave.

Kottar Regia asked for prayers for the Regia Vice President requiring kidney dialysis and the Treasurer was involved in a road accident. A Comitium and Curia are in formation and an average of 3 praesidia are set up each month. 3 non-Christians became Catholics and marriages were rectified.
Visakhapatnam Comitium: One Curia split and 8 new praesidia were formed over 3 months. Works include preparation for Sacraments, catechism, visiting AIDS, Cancer and Leprosy patients, as well as home, hospital and prison visitation. 250 attended the Acies.
Coimbatore Comitium: Territory covers 81 parishes, 34 have the Legion. Their Youth Motivation committee organised a singing competition for girls. They also have Extension, 3 Causes and Gospel Propagation committees. 400 attended the Acies.
Nilgiri Comitium asks to whom they should be affiliated. The Legion started in the diocese in 1942, raised to Curia in 1949 and to Comitium in 1958. They said they have been sailing like a ship without a captain and have been asked to send their minutes to Concilium for the time being.
Palayamkottai Comitium sent word that an election is due at the August meeting. Tirichy Comitium: There are 1 junior and 16 senior praesidia and 1 Curia attached. A wide variety of works including helping newly baptised, 65 marriages rectified, 91 homes consecrated to the Sacred Heart and 30 addicts helped. In October a talk on Frank Duff was organised with 160 attending.
Port Blair Comitium has 11 praesidia affiliated; 1 each Tamil and Malayalam speaking, the remainder Hindi. Burial services were carried out for 96 Catholics, 40 Hindus, 4 Muslims and 22 other Christians. They also have 3 Curiae attached.
Calcutta Comitium 2 Comitium officers, 17 members representing 8 praesidia and 5 visitors attended. 100 attended the Acies. 3 active and 4 auxiliaries were recruited. 92 took part on the Curia outing in January. The reporting praesidium has 6 active and 35 auxiliaries. Works include visiting the sick, families of deceased, hospital where Catholics, non Catholics and non Christians are met and homes were consecrated to the Sacred Heart.
Chennai Comitium sent minutes of the first meeting held in July. 4 officers were elected. 5 Comitium officers were present along with 39 officers from Curiae and 24 from praesidia. The reporting Curia has 390 active, 450 auxiliary, 78 praetorian and 42 adjutorian members. 1 non-Christian became a Catholic. The praesidium reporting has 15 members visiting homes and hospitals, 35 homes Enthroned to the Sacred Heart, 25 brought to confession and 5 received the last sacraments. As a result of prayers in a non-Christian family the husband gave up his drinking habit and the family became Catholics. 3 new praesidia were set up in one Curia and 4 in another.

THAILAND: Contact is done among students, Catholics and those of no Faith are met. Personal hygiene is attended to in a home for elderly and for blind people. Catholics living in remote areas are visited and encouraged to share the Faith. Legionaries pray at wakes and funerals, despite being a small minority of the population.

SRI LANKA: Works done among Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Catholics. In one case after 85 visits a couple agreed to have their marriage sanctified. A reporting praesidium mentioned among its works visiting people in slums and arranging block rosaries.

MYANMAR: The Bishop of Myitkyina wrote to express his appreciation at receiving Maria Legionis. He says there are 3 groups in his dioceses doing well and faithful to their mission, and a new group were to take their Promise in August. He says he prays for legionaries all over the world because like Mary they bring Jesus to the world.

VIETNAM: One set of minutes for April were received. 3 Curiae reported with 9, 23 and 22 praesidia. Family reconciliations, adult baptisms, regularisation of marriages, lapsed Catholics return to the sacraments featured. Much support is given by priests and there is an emphasis on trying to start junior praesidia. The praesidium reporting has 7 members and it was stated having a great love of studying the handbook.


KAZAKHSTAN: This news comes to us via Sr. Elisabeth Kriss. The praesidium in Korneewka said their members attend reliably and come to understand more the Legion mandate. They are visiting the sick and lonely and their fear to be looked at as sectarian has disappeared. 2 legionaries go to a nearby village to conduct a prayer meeting; 10 took part in a summer camp which has led to some candidates coming for baptism and other sacraments.

ARMENIA: Recently ordained Fr. Bernardo de Nardo reports the praesidium in Yerevan has 8 members but are losing members due to emigration to the US, Russia and Poland, however new members are coming to take their place. Preparation for the sacraments, catechism, visiting sick and families continues while a new work of training altar servers is underway.

GEORGIA: The praesidium is no longer meeting and the need for someone to go there to extend the Legion is pointed to. Bernardo was ordained to the priesthood in the Armenian Catholic Church on 18 July for the diocese of Isfahan, Teheran.

HOLY LAND: Annunciation Curia, Nazareth, reported with 7 praesidia. Visiting the aged, the sick at home and in hospitals, sharing the Gospel for the Year of Faith. Nativity Curia, Bethlehem, reported with 8 praesidia doing similar works and in addition reciting the Rosary at funerals. Queen of Peace praesidium in Jerusalem with 20 business men gave its annual report; they visit the elderly, those with disabilities and a home for poor children.

Antwerp Regia: PPC to Beauraing from 16th-23rd August and evangelisation at a Youth Festival were mentioned in the reports.
Brussels Senatus: On visitation to prostitutes Miraculous Medals “were very gently accepted by them”. 40 religious communities were visited seeking prayers for PPC and to recruit Auxiliaries. 4 members are helping the new praesidium in the Permanence in Lourdes.

Paris Regia: Members attended the Marian Festival in Lyon. The Vietnamese Curia with 74 active and 355 auxiliaries, reports 6 adults and 1 infant received baptism and 6 people lapsed for many years received the sacrament of penance.
Valence Regia: Montelimar Curia recruited 3 members recently and the Vietnamese Curia in Lyon has 4 praesidia. They visit the sick at home and in hospital, held evenings of prayer, retreats and an outing to Ars to commemorate the Vietnamese martyrs. In Chateauneuuf de Galaure, where the Legion started in 1951, there are now 2 praesidia with a founder member still active. The Eucharist is brought to sick people, Nursing Home residents are brought to Mass and run a junior boys’ praesidium.
Strasbourg Comitium: This Comitium covers a wide area with aging membership. A newsletter is sent to praesidia that do not travel. A new young adults’ praesidium has been set up in the city of Strasbourg and 4 officers appointed. PPC to Dijon and Lourdes and the festival in Lyon were mentioned.

Birmingham Senatus: 5 praesidia have been transferred from South Birmingham Curia to Senatus in order to strengthen the number of praesidia directly affiliated. A non-catholic brought into the Church, street evangelisation enabled a 45-minute talk with 2 Mormons. A new junior praesidium was set up in Coventry Curia. Bristol Curia continues the book barrow apostolate in the city centre. South Birmingham Curia reports 4 Rosary groups in schools and a Patrician group. A family of 5 children have all been baptised with the support of the Legion.
Northampton Comitium has 10 praesidia and 1 curia. A new praesidium was set up in Slough in March. 1 praesidium runs an ANCHOR programme to help parents understand and pass on the faith to their children.
Leicester Curia has 3 praesidia and 43 auxiliary members. Works include the Pilgrim Statue, Baptism instruction, and preparation for First Holy Communion, a book barrow in the city centre contacts University students, and as a result of visiting a bereaved family 4 lapsed Catholics returned to the Church.

Liverpool Senatus: The junior praesidium in Newcastle Comitium has 7 members. Leigh Curia reported visiting the schools. Extension in the Warrington Curia area continues.
Brent and Harrow and Enfield and Haringey Curiae are having a joint Congress on September 21st and the theme is “Grant us a Lively Faith”.

Central London Curia: One praesidium has doubled in the past year following a change of time and day; they do street and park contact work. Another praesidium does crowd contact at Portobello Market and Ladbroke train station. A praesidium visits “resting” Catholics to arrange baptisms and members are learning prayers in foreign languages to help immigrants.
Hammersmith Curia: The praesidium in Shepherd’s Bush undertakes visitation to the sick, elderly and housebound bringing them parish newsletters, holy water and Catholic newspapers. It is well supported by the priests and works well with other organisations.
West Middlesex Curia: Report covered three praesidia with membership of 6, 11 and 4 and all the traditional works of the Legion are done. A recent recruiting drive resulted in 4 new members.
Brentwood Comitium: Brentwood East Curia was saddened this year by the deaths of their Spiritual Director and Curia Treasurer killed in a road accident. Extension and recruiting is on-going, and PPC, Maria Legionis, and preparation for First Holy Communion was mentioned.

Frankfurt Senatus: A 2-day summit meeting between the Senatus Officers and the Officers of Munich and Cologne Regiae was held in August and the Senatus had a study day on Christianity/Islam in April. Extension efforts are on-going in the Eritrean and Filipino communities.
Cologne Regia: The new praesidium in Essen cares for 2 Prayer Groups for children. 9 members took the promise in Dusseldorf. Of the 500 people who took part in the consecration to Our Lady in Cologne, half were legionaries; following a 33-day preparation.
Munich Regia has a total of 430 active and over 4000 auxiliary members; the Regia looks after the Legion website for Germany. Extension continues with a new praesidium in Munich Ramersdorf.
Berlin Comitium has a new praesidium and the Korean Curia has 6 praesidia. The Croatian praesidium does contact work at railway stations and promotes Eucharistic Adoration. The 3 German-speaking praesidia helped with PPC projects this year.
Freiburg Comitium has an apostolate to camping parks and prisons. Saarlouis Curia has 3 praesidia, organise Eucharistic Adoration and carry out an apostolate over the Internet. Darmstadt Curia has an apostolate to the sick and dying, and the Frankfurt Korean Curia visits the sick and elderly.

The following 3 countries are under the care of Germany
Liechtenstein: The praesidium in Schaan now has 3 members from Liechtenstein itself.
Luxembourg: A 5-day extension drive held in April by Cologne Regia resulted in the recruitment of 4 active and 10 auxiliaries.
Siberia: The praesidium in Novosibirisk visits the old and sick. Birgit Metzler will visit the Curia there for 10 days during September.

Sweden is caretaken by Liverpool Senatus: Pat Bowler became very ill while visiting Sweden; local legionaries have been visiting her. The Swedish Handbook is practically ready for printing.

Zurich Comitium is planning a PPC project for Norway in 2014 and has a new flier on the benefits of Legion membership. The Legion group in Zurich which does not adhere to the Legion system has been asked to cease using the name Legion of Mary.

Amsterdam Regia: A new president was elected in June. In Amsterdam a new Portuguese praesidium has been set up with assistance from the Cape Verdian Curia in Rotterdam. 4 legionaries from Birmingham have completed an extension project in Groningen. Anne and Eddie Evers and Sally Chan will do extension in October.

The praesidium in Tonsberg has 7 members, 4 probationers and 14 auxiliaries. Good contact is maintained with the auxiliary members through house and telephone calls to help them say the Rosary and the Legion prayers. Drammen praesidium has 8 members and 14 auxiliaries. They visit the sick and pray the Rosary during home visitation. Extension to the southern part of Norway is planned.

Since 2009 Edinburgh Curia has increased in membership from 11 to 14 praesidia and now has 105 members. The Curia has gained access to 6 new Primary Schools. A Marian Evening in Stirling had an attendance of 85. Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Praesidium and its Spiritual Director Fr. John Keenan, tackles home visitation, street contact work, the Wayside Club, and a book barrow-cum-coffee stall, together with contact among university students.

Scotland cares for Gibraltar. Bishop Hesketh attended the May meeting and will attend when possible until a new Spiritual Director is appointed. Works include visitation to a Nursing Home day centre, St. Bernard’s Hospital, a psychiatric ward, and a prison. Home and school visitation is done and children prepared for the sacraments.

This country is also under the care of Scotland. In August 14 legionaries took part in a PPC project led by Fr. Michael Kennedy to St. Mary’s parish, Helsinki; over 1200 contacts made, of many religions and nationalities. One young man, a Lutheran, is seriously considering coming into the Church.

Under the care of Liverpool.
Wrexham Curia: The Year of Faith and auxiliary membership mentioned in all reports. A number of legionaries have had to retire because of failing health.
Cardiff Comitium reports the closure of Merthyr Curia. Cardiff and Abergavenney will cover the area between them. 2 members of the Youth praesidium have both entered religious life, although the praesidium itself has now closed.
Swansea Curia: (in the care of Birmingham Senatus) The Curia has 5 praesidia with 29 active members, 4 probationers and 36 auxiliaries. Works include street rescue, crowd contact and an apostolate to homosexuals.

Bata Comitium: No correspondence from Bata since the last report. News has been received that a third Comitium was set up in Ebebiyin, a good distance from Bata.

Malabo Comitium: The Comitium is preparing for a Congress. The Vice-President was on official business in Madrid recently and took advantage to get in touch with the Senatus and attended a correspondence meeting. It made her more aware of the value of correspondence and the need to keep up to date.

Abidjan Senatus: A Curia with 9 praesidia attached gave its annual report. They have 243 active members of whom 52 are praetorians, and 34 auxiliaries of whom 19 are adjutorians. There were 1,500 visits to various locations and made 12,114 contacts of which 6,015 were Catholics and 6,099 of other religions and sects. They also visited 1,643 sick people in hospitals and 2,231 in their own homes. As a result of these contacts, 8 marriages were regularised, 2 returned to practice of their faith, 45 catechumens were recruited bringing the total number of catechumens to 245; 26 were baptised and 5 received the sacrament of Confirmation. The praesidium of 30 members was split and a new praesidium was formed. A retreat for all officers was held from the 26-28 July. Their planned Mission to Mali was deferred until September because of tensions in that country.

Douala Senatus: In Kumba they are in the process of setting up a junior Curia, and aiming to recruit more auxiliary members. Douala Senatus and Yaounde Regia reported on the Acies ceremonies, one was also held in the prison, where a Curia is in the process of being set up with 200 inmates. Marie Digne de Louange Comitium has a junior Curia with 9 praesidia and a total of 125 members. One legionary, after having left prison, joined the local praesidium. A young man who was originally from Benin and came from a voodoo family, converted to Catholicism after 3 years of efforts. Now a legionary; after many trips back home to Benin, his mother became a convert herself at the age of 95 and in turn convinced other members of the family to do the same.

Lome Regia: After making great efforts with extension, 3 Curiae have been elevated to Comitia: Adidogome, Tabligbo and Vogan. The Regia will visit Senegal. A Peregrinatio Pro Christo to Anlogan in Ghana had a team of 36 legionaries from Togo and 3 from Ghana from 16-27 August. Nearly all councils report on having junior praesidia and a new junior Curia was set up in Be-Kpota. A booklet combining the 2012 Concilium allocutios by Fr. Bede has been printed. Some of those have been sent to other councils. 1500 French Handbooks have been sent to Brazzaville.

Our Lady of Congo Regia: Visitation of councils and praesidia is undertaken regularly. Reports include large numbers undertaking catechetical instruction and many returns to the sacraments, marriages regularised and requests for baptism. A Curia with 25 praesidia including 2 junior praesidia reports teaching catechism, preparing liturgies and look after the Church. One member acts as sacristan in the parish. For ongoing formation legionaries are reading extracts on ‘Freedom from Witchcraft’ and ‘The Faith of Mary’.

Camotan Regia: (Under the caretakership of the Senatus of Merida). Two legionaries including the correspondent visited the country recently and a detailed report will be given when the officers come to Dublin in November.

Panama Regia: A rural Curia reported that it plans to set up praesidia in new areas where Churches are under construction. A Legion retreat for the Curia/Regia was held with very good attendance and all were very pleased with the day. Attendance at the Regia meeting over the last three months has been in decline, the point was made in the Concilium letter to the Regia.

Costa Rica Senatus: There are 10 Comitia, 18 Curiae and 11 praesidia attached to the Senatus. A retreat is being organised for September. Among other Legion works jail visitation is carried out. They make contact at Agricultural shows, distribute Catholic papers and approach taxi drivers.

Managua Regia has 2 Comitia, 4 Curiae, 2 junior Curiae and 17 praesidia attached. The correspondent indicates that the visit by Maribel Guzman and Agustin Luque has strengthened the link between the Concilium and the Regia. The Regia has started putting some of the suggestions into practice e.g. Regia officers working as a team, shorter reports from councils to the Regia meeting, solid apostolate and better participation in the Regia meeting by the body.

San Salvador Senatus: A senior Curia with 13 praesidia has 9 junior praesidia. People met on street contact are encouraged to make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament. Two families who had joined the sects returned to the practice of the faith and one joined the Legion. The Archbishop attended a Mass where 130 children received their First Holy Communion and Confirmation, all had been prepared by the legionaries.

Tegucigalpa Senatus: The Senatus is back in touch again with Concilium since the visit of the two legionaries from Madrid.

Mexico City Senatus: 2 Regiae, 5 Comitia, 18 Curiae and 2 praesidia reported. A youth was diagnosed as needing a kidney transplant but after much prayer and accepting the Miraculous Medal, a new kidney was no longer deemed necessary. A number of councils hosted an “Auxiliary Day” on the recommendation of the Senatus. 350 auxiliaries attended one gathering and there were 200 in the Morales Comitium. During street contact apostolate a number of Protestants were met.

Merida Senatus: A Comitium reported 10 new members resulting from street contact and a Curia reported setting up two new praesidia. Members of the sects with whom the legionaries have a friendly exchange of views are met regularly on Legion work, a number of them have returned to the practice of the faith and some have joined the Legion. The Miraculous Medal is used extensively.

Hermosillo Regia: An attached Comitium reported the consecration of homes to the Sacred Heart and they finished by inviting them to receive the Sacraments. A praesidium reported extension in a neighboring diocese.

Monterrey Regia: The Curia Estrella de la Manana continues to help and support 6 new praesidia set up in Zacatecas. 4 new praesidia are in formation in other areas. A young man from Tijuana was prepared for First Communion and is now an active member of the Legion. A Curia reported that they take part in adult catechesis classes with a very good attendance.

Guadalajara Regia: A praesidium reported that they promote the Miraculous Medal Novena and distribute medals after the novena Mass. Another praesidium reported that it helps with the construction of a Church – a type of True Devotion to the Nation work. A junior praesidium of 6 members visits a nursing home with a senior member; they bring a statue of Our Blessed Lady to pray with the residents.


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Visitation to Ukraine by Elisabeth Kriss
September 2013

In 2007/2008 Elisabeth Kriss of the Austrian Senatus, took a year’s leave of absence from her teaching job to spread the Legion in a number of counties including the Ukraine.

This year during her summer holidays, Elisabeth spent 6 weeks visiting the various praesidia and councils she had set up. As she says, “Legionaries here are longing for the news from all over the world and for Fr. Bede’s allocutios.”

She will send us a summary of her work when she returns to Austria. Please keep Elisabeth and her work in your prayers.


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Extension Worker in Amsterdam - Sally Chan
September 2013

Since the end of July Sally Chan, a legionary from Hong Kong, has been visiting councils in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Groningen. She has found some of the praesidia to be strong and doing substantial works such as home visitation Patrician meetings, book-barrow apostolate and a praesidium does contact work in the red light district; there are also some praesidia not working according to the Legion Handbook. She has also been involved in encouraging recruiting drives in order to expand the Legion; some with and others without success.

On Sally’s return to Ireland, a more detailed report will be forthcoming. Please do pray for Sally’s work and for the Legion in Holland.


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Visitation to Angola by Concilium
September 2013

Two legionaries, Alessandro Pereira de Carvalho and Flavio Antonio da Silva, Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces Senatus, Recife, Brazil accepted the invitation of the Concilium Legionis for a mission of visitation as delegates to Our Lady of Graces Regia, Luanda, Angola from 18th June to 8th July 2013. They found it a marvellous experience to visit that Council and to see the Legion of Mary alive, active, big, strong and faithful to its beginnings. As is known, this country passed through a long period of war, but the faith, courage and determination of the legionaries was able to assure the existence of the Catholic Church in the country, according to the bishops whom they visited and contacted.

Five Dioceses, including two Archdioceses, were visited: in the Archdiocese of Malange, the birthplace of the Legion in the country, there is a Comitium, Our Lady Queen of the Missions. They visited affiliated praesidia and councils; distance is the biggest obstacle; praesidia and councils are very large and structured. They were received in audience by Archbishop Dom Benedito Roberto. In the Diocese of Ndalatando, Province of Kwanza Norte they visited a Comitium and praesidia. They were also received in audience by Dom Almeida Kanda and visited the Diocese of Cabinda where a Comitium has 17 praesidia and 24 Curiae affiliated. They also met with Bishop Dom Filomeno and took part in a meeting with the 3 junior Curiae in the diocese. They held a meeting in the Seminary with the officers of the Comitium and the Spiritual Director, Father Jose Bassansa and took part in Adoration in the Seminary Chapel with 42 seminarians.

In the Archdiocese of Luanda, they met with the Auxiliary Bishop Dom Anastacio Cohango, who was a legionary in the Seminary and also met Auxiliary Bishop Dom Zeferino Zaca Martins. The legionaries visited praesidia and councils and took part in a meeting with junior Curiae and attended the Regia and had a meeting with the Regia and council officers. It was suggested that praesidia and councils be divided so that new ones can arise and be able to continue collaborating in evangelisation. The Legion of Mary helps the country in the social health mobilisation. The jurisdiction of the Regia Our Lady of Graces coordinates 12 Dioceses and 11 provinces. As it is an extensive area, there needs to be higher councils arising to help the administration of the Legion. A large legionary meeting was held in Mulenvos, a space for legionary activities; 3,000 legionaries, more or less, came together. After the meeting, Mass was celebrated by the Spiritual Director of the Regia, Father Cândido.

The two legionaries thanked Our Lord and Our Lady for the graces to carry out the visitation, to the Concilium Legionis, to the legionaries of the Regia in Luanda and for the support of the Bishops, Priest and Religious and also for the prayers of the legionaries of Brazil.

Sile Ni Chochlain, President of the Concilium, expressed gratitude to the two legionaries and their families for releasing them to go on this mission and our appreciation of the great work undertaken by the two legionaries.


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Allocutio at Concilium - August 2013 - Fr. Bede McGregor, OP
September 2013
The Light of Faith

On the feast of St. Peter and Paul on the 29th of June 2013 in the Year of Faith Pope Francis gave us his first encyclical letter on the Light of Faith. The theme of faith is central to Christian existence and is certainly fundamental to the life of the individual legionary and the Legion as a whole. There is no Christian life without faith and certainly no Legion life without faith. So it would be important for us to read, study and pray this new encyclical letter.

The Handbook tells us that the Legion aspires to imitate Mary above all else in her faith: ‘Blessed is she who has believed.’ Let me quote just one of the many passages in the Handbook on Mary’s faith and ours: ‘She pronounced that consent which, though we cannot fully understand, common sense nevertheless tells us that her fiat must have been inconceivably the most heroic act ever performed in the world – such that in all ages no other creature but she could have performed it. Then to her came the Redeemer; not to herself alone, but through her to poor helpless humanity, on behalf of whom she spoke. With him, she brought everything that the faith means, and the faith is the real life of men. Nothing else matters. Everything must be abandoned for it. Any sacrifices must be made to get it. It is the only thing in the world of any worth. Consider, therefore, that the faith of all generations: those that have passed away up to the present and the uncountable millions yet to come: the faith of all has depended on the words of that maiden.’

We have to constantly ask ourselves as legionaries: Is our Catholic faith in practice the most precious gift in our lives? Is our faith the absolute priority in our lives? Every day we pray in our concluding prayer from the Tessera for the great grace to be able to answer ‘yes’ to those challenging questions about faith. We pray: ‘Confer O Lord on us who serve beneath the standard of Mary that fullness of faith in you and trust in her to which it is given to conquer the world.’ And then we repeat six more times our request for faith under various aspects.

But what is this faith that we are talking about? Let us start with some lines from Pope Benedict XVI that great teacher of faith: ‘Christian faith is not only a matter of believing that certain things are true, but above all a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is an encounter with the Son of God that gives new energy to the whole of our existence. When we enter into a personal relationship with Him, Christ reveals our true identity and, in friendship with Him, our life grows towards complete fulfilment.’ I think that in one way or another the whole encyclical of Pope Francis is simply a further elaboration of that teaching of Pope Benedict.

The heading for Chapter One of the Letter is: ‘We have believed in Love.’ Now there is surely nothing more interpersonal than love. Love is the most precious of all relationships. Faith has its origin in the infinitely personal and intimate love of God for each one of us. It is unmerited and indeed underserved and there can be no greater gift than faith in this personal love of God. Faith is always rooted in the fact that God first loved us. Pope Francis writes: ‘Christian faith is thus faith in a perfect love, in its decisive power, in its ability to transform the world and to unfold its history. “We know and believe the love that God has for us” (1Jn 4:16). In the love of God revealed in Jesus, faith perceives the foundation on which all reality and its final destiny rest.’

Let us look once more on the faith of Mary. Her very identity is defined in terms of her relationship to Jesus. As mother and disciple of Jesus, she is totally focused on Him. There is absolutely nothing more precious to her than her relationship to Jesus. And it is precisely this relationship that she wishes to share with all her other children. The spirit of Mary is quintessentially the spirit of faith and therefore the spirit of the Legion must be above all to seek the spirit of faith too.

I have taken only one simple idea from the encyclical letter of Pope Francis on the gift of faith but I do suggest very earnestly that you read the whole letter.

Let me say a word about Frank Duff and the place of faith in his life. He writes of his dear friend Joe Gabbett: ‘He was a person whose like I had never before encountered. For him there existed only one thing: his faith. For this, no sacrifice was too big for him. But what he demanded from himself he also asked from others.’ Those words could be applied to Frank Duff with absolute accuracy. It would surely be a great blessing for the Legion if it could be said that like our Founder that our Catholic faith in every deed is the most precious reality in the life of every Legionary and each one of us has an all consuming desire to share it with others in the spirit of Mary.

Let us conclude in the same way Pope Francis concludes his encyclical letter: ‘Let us turn in prayer to Mary, Mother of the Church and Mother of our faith.

• Mother help our faith!
• Open our ears to hear God’s word and to recognise his voice and call.
• Awaken in us a desire to follow in his footsteps, to go forth from our own land and to receive his promise.
• Help us to be touched by his love, that we may touch him in faith.
• Help us to entrust ourselves fully to him and to believe in his love, especially at times of trial, beneath the shadow of the cross, when our faith is called to mature.
• Sow in our faith the joy of the Risen One.
• Remind us that those who believe are never alone.
• Teach us to see all things with the eyes of Jesus, that he may be light for our path. And may this light of faith always increase in us, until the dawn of that undying day which is Christ himself, your Son, our Lord. Amen.’


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Concilium Reports - August 2013
September 2013

Boston Senatus: Providence Comitium has 18 praesidia and 3 Curiae with 83 active and 217 auxiliary members; New Haven Comitium has 7 praesidia including 1 junior with 47 members. Two Curiae with 8 praesidia and 47 members and another with 35 active members also reported. The Merrimack Korean Curia has 9 praesidia with 76 active and 84 auxiliary members. The works include Sunday school, contacting parents of newly baptised, and home, hospital and prison visitation. A priest who regularly invites parishioners to join the Legion recruited 9 members.

Philadelphia Senatus: All 3 volumes of Gems of Wisdom are very popular. Works in Camden Comitium include book barrow, prison visits and Patricians. Migrant work camps were visited resulting in 14 returns to sacraments and 2 conversions. Another praesidium had 5 conversions and 3 returns to the sacraments. Harrisburg Comitium report 345 non-Catholics met at a Jubilee Day Booth.

Chicago Senatus: The annual May gathering features a conference, crowd contact and the Senatus meeting at which many legionaries from distant councils attended. Noel Lynch was the guest speaker. The Hispanic Curia with 12 praesidia do door to door visitation, teach catechism and evangelise families at funerals. The Korean Comitium recruited 10 active and 8 auxiliaries since their last report. They also had 4 conversions and 3 returns to the sacraments.

Houston Senatus: On behalf of Concilium 3 legionaries from the Senatus visited Belize and gave a report on the visit. They were well received, attended the Acies and visited all 6 praesidia. Archbishop Sheehan presided at Albuquerque Comitium Acies. The Chinese Curia attached to the Senatus had 100 parishioners at a May Crowning ceremony. Another praesidium reports 2 conversions.

St. Louis Senatus: 87 people returned to the Church and 31 active and auxiliary members were gained as a result of legionaries staffing booths at country fairs. 2 prison inmates visited came into the Church and 2 others became auxiliary members.

New York Senatus: Our Lady of Martyrs Curia gained 6 new members in the last quarter. One praesidium does sidewalk book barrow and undertook Exploratio Dominicalis, while another reported contact after Sunday Masses resulting in 3 attending the meeting, 5 becoming auxiliaries and 8 going to Confession.

San Francisco Senatus: North San Mateo Curia has 17 praesidia which includes 3 juniors. It also has a family praesidium giving its 8th report. 5 junior and 15 seniors (including parents) visited 1,411 homes, do book barrow and crowd contact, teach catechism and has 2 Methodists receiving instruction. The parents feel this praesidium greatly aids the formation and religious instruction of their children. The Seminary praesidium one of 13 attached to South San Mateo has 8 members and 1 auxiliary. They do youth ministry, teach catechism and had a barbeque for fellow seminarians.

Arlington Regia: A new praesidium brings to 13 the number attached to the Regia. A new Curia comprising 5 French speaking praesidia was set up by Washington Comitium. The members are immigrants from different French speaking countries. A 2-day Evangelisation project had 80 legionaries contacting 1,000 homes. Much follow up work is undertaken by legionaries in the Regia and Baltimore and Fairfax Comitia who hosted booths at Summer Fairs.

Miami Regia: 37 and 10 visitors attended the April meeting. Visitation of attached praesidia and councils is underway, including Jamaica.

Vancouver Comitium: A reporting praesidium of 8 visited 30 new homes as part of their Family Rosary Crusade. Many families report special graces after hosting the statue of the Virgin in their homes. Another praesidium reported helping in a Nursing Home, hosting a video and book lending library which has led to increased interest in religious matters.

Edmonton Comitium: reports a new Korean praesidium in Holden and a Curia of 11 senior and 1 junior praesidia organised a well-attended Corpus Christi procession and leading lay-led liturgies.

Montreal Senatus: All councils were encouraged to undertake annual audits. Works of consolation, promoting adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and extension featured.

Toronto Senatus: The Korean Comitium has 6 Curiae attached with 75 praesidia with 778 active members. Winnipeg Comitium reported a retired teacher became a legionary due to the exemplary behaviour of students who were junior legionaries. Praesidia of 9 and 11 members reported on crowd contact, visiting bus shelters and shopping malls, as well as doing door to door visits and running junior praesidia.

Santo Domingo Senatus: Concilium visitors Conso Tello and Javier de Frutos were welcomed to the meeting. Reporting praesidia and Curiae were visiting prisons, preparing people for the sacraments of Baptism and Matrimony and children for 1st Holy Communion as well as visiting homes, hospitals and prisons. 2 couples, one after 20 years and another after 54 years had their marriages blessed by the Church. Maria Immaculata Curia has 50 members in 3 praesidia. In Arca de la Alianza Curia with 7 praesidia, 130 members, 69 auxiliaries, 24 adjutorians and 8 praetorians evangelised 1600 prisoners and 265 children were prepared for 1st Holy Communion.

Santiago de los Caballeros Senatus: heard reports with homes, hospital and prisons being visited. Catechism taught to children and preparation for all Sacraments including pre-Baptismal courses for parents and godparents. A young drug addict was helped to leave a life of drugs and prostitution is now a active member and daily communicant.

Haiti Senatus: 2 Comitia, a Curia and a seminary praesidium reported. The councils had celebrated their 50th and 60th anniversaries this year. Works include home visitation, including those still living in tents, the sick and elderly at home and accompany the priest on sick calls. Hospitals, orphanages, prisons and the bereaved are visited; junior praesidia are being set up, catechism and counselling feature widely in reports.

Puerto Rico Senatus: Manati Comitium report having 10 Patrician groups, 2 young couples returned to their faith and are now evangelising among other young couples. Youth and adults are instructed and prepared for the Sacraments. A recently revived praesidium is working in a dangerous area. A Pentecostal convert is now an active member. Those who can’t are helped to fill in official documents.
Madrid Senatus:
The Senatus has a very active website and also publishes a monthly bulletin. The Bishop of Alcala de Henares has asked legionaries to work in the red light area and is also to recommend the Legion to parish priests. The Seville Curia does home visitation and street contact work and Tenerife Curia uses the book barrow and promotes Radio Maria. Pacita Santos, the envoy who set up the Legion in Spain is still remembered; the current Senatus bulletin carries many of the suggestions she made to the first Spanish legionaries over 50 years ago. Four Senatus legionaries carried out two Concilium visits to Central America.

Bilbao Senatus: Legionaries in Oviedo learned the sign language and help 2 deaf boys. The Basauri Curia celebrated its 50th anniversary. They work with youth and run a Patrician group with a nun as the Spiritual Director as there is no priest available. Durango Curia has a junior praesidium and a pre-juveniles group. An ex drug prisoner is being helped.

Barcelona Senatus: Members of a praesidium reported learning the sign language in order to help deaf people. They visit multiple sclerosis patients and teach them to paint. The Curia in Zaragoza helps refugees. Two legionaries are catechists. Legionaries have found employment for some people. Works reported are acting as Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, helping in a laundry for the homeless and refugees and giving them language lessons in Spanish and Catalan. A Curia in Reus helps to keep the Church doors open.

Lisbon Senatus: A new praesidium was set up in Benfica and another praesidium of 13 members has 6 praetorians. Work is undertaken with destitute families and people with drug related problems. Trained catechists prepared 18 children for the Sacraments including 2 for baptism. Schools are visited to enrol children for catechetical instruction; 3 catechists teach 65 children. The Oporto Regia with 16 praesidia has 4 Comitia and 2 Curia attached. The Regia is working at extension in 6 areas. 3 priests have agreed to Columban Drives in their parishes. Braga Comitium is to set up a junior Curia and in the Azores families are visited seeking children for baptism.

Rome Senatus: On behalf of the Concilium two experienced members of the Senatus, Antonietta Della Manna and Franco Morra, represented the Legion at a special meeting of the Pontifical Council of the Laity to discuss the holding of a Congress of ecclesial movements in 2014 with the theme “A New Pope, a New Beginning”. In his June allocutio, the Spiritual Director Mgr. La Rosa spoke of Frank Duff’s devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and urged the consecration of families to the Sacred Heart and the use of the Miraculous Medal.
Milan Regia: Genoa Comitium has a new praesidium. The Filipino praesidium in Turin reported the aftercare of parents and children, 12 of whom received 1st Holy communion and 22 Confirmation. In Milan work is done at Central Station and in Parco Nord. Most praesidia have some praetorians. There is good rapport with Hospital Chaplains and visits to mental patients are welcomed.
Padova Comitium: In Verona the Nigerian praesidium with over 30 members divided and formed a new praesidium of 18 members and 4 probationers. They visit the prison, distributing bibles and Rosaries and hope to start a junior praesidium.

The praesidium in Limassol has 20 members; they visit homes and hospitals and promote devotion to the Sacred Heart. A convert has joined the Legion. The 3 praesidia in Nicosia have good membership. Works include block Rosaries, hospital visitation, street and park contact. Larnaca was visited to seek permission to start a praesidium.

Malta Regis: The new Auxiliary Bishop of Malta attended a combined Acies for all the Maltese legionaries. An Italian speaking praesidium with 9 members and 42 auxiliaries has an apostolate to the Italian community. Two retreats were organised for auxiliaries. A praesidium of 8 members has a monthly Rosary in a red light district followed by contact work. This praesidium also has an apostolate of the sea and organises masses and confessions. Over 100 Masses were celebrated on different ships. Monthly talks on the life of Frank Duff have an attendance of 15 to 20. Works in some of the Curiae are recitation of the Rosary in clubs, flats and outdoor places; 11 families were consecrated to the Sacred Heart. An attached praesidium organises daily Mass in a home for the elderly.
Gozo Comitium: The Bishop of Gozo attended the Annual General Reunion. He asked legionaries to pray for religious vocations and asked for more commitment to recruiting. A meeting was held for Spiritual Directors and a mid-week retreat for legionaries who cannot attend on a Sunday.

Legionaries from Malta visited Albania. The Legion is in 4 of the 5 Dioceses. Skhroder Comitium has 27 directly attached praesidia, 3 Curiae and 2 distant praesidia. Separate meeting were held with the Officer of the 3 Curiae and the Comitium. A praesidium of 15 members visited is functioning well and carrying out the apostolate in pairs. The Bishop of Pristina in Kosovo was asked for permission to establish the Legion in his Diocese and given a Legion Handbook. A young priest there is ready to assist.

There are 2 praesidia in Thessalonica, one Greek speaking which includes some Italians and the other English speaking. There are 2 senior and 1 junior praesidia in Rhodes.

Kenya Senatus:
Young legionaries walked from the city to Venerable Edel Quinn’s grave for the anniversary Mass on 12 May. Legionaries from Uganda and Tanzania and all parts of Kenya attended. Rt. Rev. John Oballa Owaa, Bishop of Ngong Diocese was chief celebrant. Machakos Comitium set up 3 councils and had 878 returns to the sacraments, 91 marriages validated, 940 adults prepared for Confirmation, 296 lapsed legionaries returned to the apostolate and 101 joined the catechism class. Kisumu Regia had 2035 returns to the sacraments, 1334 adults prepared for baptism and 433 marriages validated. Prisoners, disabled people and the aged are visited regularly and 197 alcoholics and traditional brewers were contacted and 37 left the trade and became sober. 5 Praesidia were set up.

Blantyre Senatus: Six of the 12 praesidia which reported have an average of 20. Works include teaching catechumens, encouraging lapsed Catholics to return to the sacraments, visiting the sick and helping in Church. The Senatus has 12 praesidia, 8 Curiae and 17 Comitia in Blantyre Archdiocese and 4 Regiae governing the Legion in Lilongwe Archdiocese and in the dioceses of Mangochi, Dedza, Mzuzu and Karonga and 9 Comitia in Zomba and Chikwawa. The Senatus works efficiently with help from correspondents and does regular council visitation. Workshops held during the Year of Faith had attendances from 100-500.

Uganda Senatus: 2013 has been a special year for anniversaries as in May the Church celebrated the centenary of the first priest ordained in Uganda. In May also the Senatus celebrated 50 years in existence. While in July the Legion marked the 75th anniversary of the arrival of Edel Quinn in Uganda and on September 14th celebrations will take place in Lugazi Diocese where she set up the first praesidium. This praesidium, in a Teachers’ Training College, is still working away and there are many other praesidia and councils in Tertiary Institutions, throughout Uganda. In planning these events the Senatus has put much emphasis on simplicity and spirituality.

Ibadan Senatus: The 5 seminary praesidia are not included as they are on standing apology due to seminary commitments. The officers hope to discuss this with the rector soon. One Comitium reported 3 conversions and a Jehovah Witness under instruction, while another Comitium had 385 marriages rectified, 1200 legionaries at an Alfie Lambe Mass and 1450 at a Frank Duff Mass. Most of the work of junior members involves cleaning, but some hospital visitation is done.

Abuja Senatus: A Comitium reported that some prisoners, who had converted, were released early. A praesidium in a police barracks had 2 conversions, 3 lapsed returned, 3 marriages rectified and 5 members took the Promise.

Enugu Senatus: A Regia with 17 attached praesidia, 14 Curiae, 4 junior Curiae and 5 Comitia have 7296 seniors of whom 1610 are Praetorians and 1193 juniors. As a result of Exploratio Dominicalis projects, 48 people were prepared for First Holy Communion, 7 lapsed returned, 11 family disputes were settled, 24 couples married in Church and 14 members were recruited. Among the works reported were 915 adults prepared for Baptism, 2399 for Holy Communion, 2264 for Confirmation and 405 couples were helped marry in Church, 1058 members recruited and 2 Comitia and a senior Curia were established.

Jos Regia: A Curia with 12 senior praesidia and 1 junior Curia has 144 probationers and reported 3 marriages blessed, 66 prepared for Sacraments, and 15 lapsed returned.

Onitsha Regia: One Comitium prepared 340 for Baptism, 407 for Holy Communion, 25 for Confirmation and 131 couples were helped marry in Church, 136 members were recruited and 4 senior and 2 junior praesidia were set up. An attached Students’ Curia has 10 Praesidia

Ikot Ekpene Regia organised a successful officers’ training course in Port Harcourt. The Major Seminary in Ikot Ekpene has a Curia.

Kaduna Regia: Works include home, prison, orphanage, hotel and hospital visitation, the latter included visits to those badly injured as a result of the bomb blasts last year. They report 3082 Baptised, 3615 received first Holy Communion, 460 had their marriages blessed in Church, 295 marriage cases were settled, 329 lapsed returned and 158 were converted. Juniors, council visitation, Exploratio Dominicalis and Peregrinatio Pro Christo type projects figure in many reports and polygamy is a big problem encountered during the projects.

Lagos Regia: A new Curia was formed to help improve attendance, but the opposite has been the case. Apparently, many arrive late for the meeting and if it’s after the Catena they are not marked present. A Comitium with 2579 members, 83% of whom are under 40, reported 145 couples had marriages blessed. Another Comitium formed a new Curia and 12 praesidia were started in the area. Nearly 7,000 were contacted on crowd contact. The Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Dr. Martins has restored the 3-year term for officers of councils in the archdiocese.

All Curia Officers were present at the January meeting and 9 Praesidia were represented. A new praesidium reported in November visited homes and 2 clinics praying with the patients. It was reported that a lady met on visitation who converted, died soon after receiving Baptism. On Pentecost Sunday Archbishop Michael Francis died following a long illness, he had struggled for Justice and Peace for almost 30 years.

Dar-Es-Salaam Regia: A report heard of the promotion of the Legion carried out at Masses on 24th February by Legionaries from Segerea Senior Seminary. There was very good co-operation from priests and approximately 700 were recruited including 182 youth. 9 praesidia were set up, are being monitored and are doing well. A seminar on Legionary duties was held in April and praesidia undertook a Novena to Edel from 3-11 May concluding with Mass on 12th.
Mtwara Comitium: In January concern was expressed that as the constitution of the country was undergoing a review, freedom of worship could be endangered while at the March meeting Legionaries were asked for continued prayer for Peace in their region and country as there had been riots and burnings and some attacks on priests.
Mbeya Comitium: A new Curia has been set up and the membership is now 1641. Their youth effort is drawing new members and they included a detailed timetable on recruiting in parishes. Other works include visiting sick people at home and in hospital and helping married couples in difficulties.
Hai Moshi Comitium: Reports include home/hospital visitation and looking after juniors, helping settle marriage disputes, preparing adults and children for the Sacraments and teaching children Catechism. There were many returns to the Sacraments and marriages blessed.
Kahama Comitium: After a long silence a letter in June gave full details of the Acies ceremony in May. There were 166 present and the ceremony went very well. During the Acies the priest praised the role of the Legion in serving the Church worldwide.

Lusaka Regia: Works include visitation of homes, hospitals, orphanages and prisons and supervising juniors. They report one family returned to the Church, a couple had their marriage blessed, a Jehovah Witness couple with marital problems were reconciled and one person received the Sacrament of the Sick.

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Quote of the Day
As priests we are called to lead people to holiness: this is what we are called to do: it is at the heart of the Legion’s teaching and system, and is what we see first of all in Edel’s life.

She got it right. At the heart of her day was prayer, and at the heart of that was the Eucharist – Mass and Adoration.
Fr. John Hogan, Diocese of Meath