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Frank Duff Prayer Groups
Frank Duff Prayer Groups St. Joseph's, 191 Rathgar Road, Dublin 6 Second Wednesday of each month at 2.30pm to 3.45pm Organisers: Annunciate Curia St Luke's Social Service Centre, Kilmore West, Dublin 5 First Wednesday of each month at 3.30pm Organisers: Porta Coeli Curia Pastoral Centre, Beaumont, Dublin 9 Fourth Thursday of each month at 10.45am Organisers: Porta Coeli Curia Star of the Sea Church, Sandymount Fourth Tuesday of each month at 4.00 pm Organisers: Ancilla Domini Curia Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Centre, Booterstown Avenue Third Tuesday of each month at 2.45pm Organisers: Assumpta Curia

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Quote of the Day
Frank Duff himself always carried in his heart a positive disposition of friendship to all people and he in his way really lived out those words of Our Lord, “Whatever house you enter, let your first words be: Peace to this house!”

If people find in us a spirit of genuine friendship and goodwill towards them, even if they are odd as two left feet or if they be negative souls who moan and gripe about things, we can already begin to open doors to their hearts.

Once we keep in mind that this other person—no matter how deformed or disfigured—is a child of God whom the heavenly Father loves surely we must greet them with love and peace.
Fr. Paul Churchill, Archdiocese of Dublin