O Mary, conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to you.
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The Legion of Mary is a lay catholic organisation whose members are giving service to the Church on a voluntary basis in almost every country.

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Allocutio at October 2015 Concilium Meeting by Fr. Bede McGregor OP

09 November 2015

The Gift Of The Rosary To The Legion

The Legion Handbook is like a good jeweler’s shop that is full of precious gems. Sometimes these gems are hidden in

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Another Talk sponsored by An Realt

21 November 2015

Idir Trom agus Eadrom 2
(Between Serious and Amusing, Part 2)

Caint dhátheangach/ Bilingual Talk le Colm Ó Tórna, author of ‘Quo Vadis,a chreidmhigh?’

Friday 4th December 7.30pm


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Concilium Bulletin September 2015

12 October 2015


The Curia in Karachi is working towards progression to Comitium status. Visiting homes, hospitals and institutions are mentioned in reports. Youth ministry and apostolate to the ghetto

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Quote of the Day
It is easy to forget about the Holy Spirit, perhaps because it is hard to picture him. We have the image of the dove, of course, which surmounts the Legionary vexillum. But Mary is also given to us as the human icon of the Spirit. In her we see someone who has let the Spirit enter into her life so as to make her fruitful in an extraordinary way.

We should never look at Mary without thinking of the Spirit and what he can do in our lives also, if we let him, if we say yes. In these days we ask the Holy Spirit to come on us afresh. We ask him to make us, like Mary, receptive to God’s will and grace.

We ask him to fill us, as he filled her, with the joy of salvation. As the Holy Spirit made Mary the cause of our joy, may he make us all, both priests and laity, humble apostles of that joy.
Fr. Gerard Deighan, Lecturer in Scripture