O Mary, conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to you.
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The Legion of Mary is a lay catholic organisation whose members are giving service to the Church on a voluntary basis in almost every country.

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Allocutio at January 2016 Concilium Meeting by Fr. Bede McGregor OP

04 February 2016

The Legion and the Miraculous Medal (2)
At our last meeting we introduced the topic of the place of the Miraculous Medal in the spirituality and apostolate of the

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Extension Projects in Ireland in 2016

04 February 2016


A team will visit Moate, Co. Meath on Saturday13th February and Sunday 14th February, when the legionaries will speak at all the Masses in three Churches and do

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Concilium Bulletin January 2016

04 February 2016

Senatus of Abidjan: Three praesidia and eight Comitia reported during this period. Their combined membership is: 7,424 active, of whom 1,108 are Praetorian; 2,507 Auxiliaries, of

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Quote of the Day
The over 2000-year-old history of the Church shows that the battle between the forces of good and evil has raged with various intensity in the Church at large and in individuals. The saints, in particular, have felt the impact more fully, thus confirming what St. Paul wrote to Timothy, that: “those who want to live piously in the Lord will suffer persecution” (2 Tm 3:12) and, in our case, persecution from the devil.

Take, for example, St. Patrick, who overcame so many difficulties and bore many sufferings in order to plant the Gospel in this country, and you are his heirs. And Jean-Marie Vianney, the saintly Curé of Ars, who led hundreds of thousands of persons to God through his ministry at the confessional and in the pulpit, but was tormented in different ways by Satan, especially when he wanted to rest for just a few hours at night.
His Eminence, Ivan Cardial Dias, Prefect, Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, Vatican