O Mary, conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to you.
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The Legion of Mary is a lay catholic organisation whose members are giving service to the Church on a voluntary basis in almost every country.

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Allocutio at September 2016 Concilium Meeting by Fr. Bede McGregor OP

17 October 2016

The Vocation and Mission of the Auxiliary Member
of the Legion of Mary

The Handbook has some very compelling statements concerning the place and value of the

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Elections of Concilium Treasurer and Concilium Assistant Secretary

17 October 2016


An election took place for Treasures of Concilium. Nominations were taken and Patrick O’Donoghue was proposed and seconded for this office. As there were no other

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Concilium Bulletin September 2016

17 October 2016


Fr. Bernardo de Nardo reports that the visit by Pope Francis was a great blessing. Visits to Georgia and Azerbaijan may also yield opportunities for the Church to grow. A former

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Quote of the Day
Now I wish to speak briefly of the most fundamental of all models Frank Duff uses for explaining the nature of the apostolate: it is the union of the Holy Spirit and Mary that gives Jesus, the eternal Word made flesh to the world. We have already said that there is nothing in Mary that is not a reference to Christ.

She is totally Christocentric and if our devotion to her were to terminate in her it would not be a true devotion. We go through and with Mary to Jesus. There is a similar movement in Mary to the Holy Spirit. She is totally open to the Holy Spirit, completely under his influence. He is the primary agent in her mothering of Jesus and His mystical Body. He is the primary agent in all evangelisation. And the position of the Holy Spirit in relation to Mary is the principal paradigm for the Legion of Mary.

The Legionary makes his promise to the Holy Spirit. Everything in the Legion is subject to his influence and overshadowing. It is because the spirit of the Legion is the spirit of Mary that the Holy Spirit has the absolute primacy in the life of the legionary. And it is the combination of Mary and the Holy Spirit that makes the apostolic person most adapted to bringing Jesus into the lives of others.
Rev. Fr. Bede McGregor, O.P., Concilium Spiritual Director